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CyberGhost VPN Review

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Review Of CyberGhost VPN You know, I never felt very safe surfing in public environments, be it an Internet Café, be it a Hotspot. Not necessarily due to the persons running around, but due to the fact, that nearly everybody could have a sneak at my transactions without even the need to look directly over my shoulder. Some nice and easy to handle program, freely available on every dark corner in the Internet, would be enough to enable people spying on my online shopping and banking. While looking for some tips for more security I stumbled upon CyberGhost VPN – more by accident, I have to admit, since before I found, the software exactly fits my needs, I located it unconscious somewhere between ‘only needed in China’ (since it anonymizes one’s identity on the Internet) and ‘just for movie freaks’ (since it enables you to watch blocked content like videos). But it does much more than this: It does, what neither my firewall nor my antivirus is capable of: It really secures my Internet connection in public Hotspots and WLANs and keeps my data out of sight of hackers and those just-for-fun script kiddies.

So what is CyberGhost VPN? It’s a so called anonymizer . Once started, it establishes a strong encrypted connection between your PC , notebook, iPad or Android device and one of the CyberGhostservers located in many different parts of the world. There it takes away your IP address (which otherwise identifies you very clearly wherever you might roam on the Internet), provides you with a different one and releases you to the Internet, free to do whatever you want to without the fear of being monitored. What interested me most in CyberGhost VPN , had been the strong encryption, which should prevent me in public places from being spied on. And it does. Now lurkers can wait at every corner, I don’t mind, cause not even my provider can have a sneak behind my encrypted connection and my transactions will only be noticed by my bank account or shopping platform and me. Like it’s meant to be. And the rest, that’s making up this software? Works as well, even though it’s of no big interest for me. Taking some simple rules into account (like never giving out your real name) it anonymizes you pretty well, so if you feared companies or even your government might monitor you, they will get a wrong ‘you’ with no trace to the real person behind it. And if I’m lucky and one day will have a nice little holiday abroad, I would be able to connect to all my favorite video and music platforms – even though they are blocked in the country I will visit at the time. Cheers up! Visit CyberGhost VPN Official Site Here:

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CyberGhost VPN Review  

CyberGhost VPN Review, Review Of CyberGhost VPN, what is CyberGhost VPN? What interested me most in CyberGhost VPN, had been the strong encr...