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Review Of Cure Your Hea rtbu rn: How To Cure Hea rtbu rn Yes there is a cure! There is no reason to suffer from heartburn, acid reflux, gerd anymore that you would have to suffer from a headache. For a headache you can take an aspirin or a pain reliever which lowers the volume on the pain signals getting through your nerves to your brain. However stopping reflux is quite a different problem which requires looking at what is causing the reflux instead of taking an antacid. Antacids work for some people in the short term but you don’t want to be taking them for the rest of your life. Reflux is the acidic stomach gases that have breached the Lower Esophageal Sphincter valve and entered the esophagus. I know that you hear commercials on the TV saying that the acid is splashing up into your esophagus but this is not the total explanation. It is stomach pressure that forces the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) open and allows the reflux to occur. This pressure can be caused by many things including an Acidic body, H pylori, stomach ulcers, gas producing foods, or eating a large meal which can cause bloating and stomach pressure. When the stomach has too much pressure it will force the LES open and allow you to reduce the pressure by refluxing.

When you are refluxing the acidic stomach gases enter your esophagus and start to build up pressure in your esophagus causing chest tightness. This can also cause chest pains if some damage has occurred to the esophagus and it comes in contact with the refluxed acidic gases. Once the pressure in your esophagus over rides your upper esophageal sphincter valve it will be forced open allowing you to burp or belch which lowers the pressure. Drinks containing carbonation (bubbles) are good for increasing stomach pressure and once you burp it lowers stomach and esophageal pressure. Try a glass of Ginger Ale and it will reduce the pressure. Or baking soda in a glass of water because it is alkaline and reduces acidity. Even swallowing saliva a few times will reduce the acid effects because your saliva is alkaline so it reduces the acidity in your esophagus. As a matter of fact we swallow approximately 1 qt of saliva and it keeps the stomach acidity in check Drinking a glass of water will wash the acidic gases back into the stomach which will help relieve your esophageal pain. These are all temporary fixes if you are in discomfort and they will not cure your reflux problems but they will certainly help.

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