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Review Of AffiLinker Affiliate WordP ress Plugin Want to quickly monetize and make long term profits from your WordPress blog ? Then you must own a copy of AffiLinker WordPress plugin. AffiLinker is premium quality Affiliate WordPress Plugindeveloped with all the problems of WordPress bloggers and affiliate marketers in mind. It has various features which helps a wordpress blogger to quickly monetize the blog and to make money effectively without much hard work for the long term.

Automatically Show I n teractive Affiliate Lin ks The idea is to convert the given keywords into profitable Interactive Affiliate Links through out the blog in minutes. You can change the link color, background color, link hover color, hover background color, font size, font style, add bold italics etc. to make a normal affiliate link into an Interactive Affiliate Link. This WordPress pluginmakes your visitors “Love-To-Click” each and every affiliate link in your blog.

Show Affiliate Link Cloud on Sidebar, Footer Further, with AffiLinker you can show Affiliate Link Cloud a new innovate feature first released by AffiLinker as of today. With this feature, you can just drag-n-drop the Link Cloud widget to your blog’s sidebar, footer and it shows collection of affiliate links same like regular Tag Cloud. Interestingly, the link cloud shows

interactive links with different colors, font name which grabs the visitors attention.

Take Maximum control on Link Placement With AffiLinker, you can take maximum control on link placement. You can add nofollow tags to the affiliate links to make it search engine. Hide the junk looking affiliate link into a professional link which definitely builds the trust to click on every affiliate link in your blog. You can also hide/show affiliate links on a specified blog post or pages and also, on comment section, home page of your blog. You can also specify the minimum word count required to monetize a particular blog post or page.

I n tegrated Affiliate Link T racker There is a Link Tracker integrated into this WordPress pluginwhich keeps track of Unique clicks, Total number of clicks as well as the Referral URL from where the users are clicking the affiliate links. All these statistics helps you to effectively manage the affiliate links in your WordPress blog and to monetize it effectively every time than before.

Lets quickly summarize the major features of AffiLinker: 1. Convert keywords into profitable Interactive affiliate links throughout the blog post, pages in minutes. 2. Show Affiliate Link Cloud on sidebar, footer – an innovative feature which shows collection of affiliate links as Tag Cloud. 3. Uniquely Customize link color, background color, hover color, hover background color, font size, font style of each and every affiliate link. 4. Integrated link tracker to analyze Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, Referral URLs 5. Take maximum control on link placement, hide/show in specific blogs posts or pages. 6. Prioritize the keywords and AffiLinker converts priority keywords into affiliate links first. Hide junk affiliate links and show professional links Hide/Show affiliate links on comment section Hide/Show affiliate links on blog homepage 7. Specify minimum word count required for a blog post, page to monetize 8. Add/Remove nofollow tag for each and every affiliate link 9. Select the target window of affiliate link (either to open in same window or new window) for each link 10. And much more features that you Love-to-use.

Watch AffiLinker Wordpress Plugin Demo Video

Overall, with AffiLinker you can put your blog monetization on auto-pilot and concentrate on other activities of your blog like content generation, marketing etc. and make profits for the long term. Download AffiLinker WordPress Plugin He re:

AffiLinker WordPress Plugin Review  
AffiLinker WordPress Plugin Review  

Review Of AffiLinker Affiliate WordPress Plugin Want to quickly monetize and make long term profits from your WordPress blog ? http://www.t...