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Book Description Being ditched at the altar is the least of Lizzie Mancini’s problems. Sitting in a Caribbean jail cell accused of murdering her “pretend” husband, however, is at the top of the list.

After her real groom jilts her, Lizzie decides to go solo on their Belize honeymoon and meets handsome Michael Garcia, who is nursing his own heartache. To avoid the bleakness of dining and sightseeing alone, as well as questions from nosy, if well-meaning, fellow guests at the couples-only resort, the two agree to pose as newlyweds for the week—no strings (or sex) attached.

The plan runs smoothly until Lizzie enjoys the attentions of the local scuba instructor and Michael’s body washes ashore. Suddenly the “Mrs.” is mistakenly ID’d as suspect numero uno. With the Polizia Nationale ready to close the case and cook her goose, Lizzie will have to solve the crime herself.

Unexpected romance and international intrigue are center stage in Beth Orsoff’s mystery caper that takes “’til death do us part” to a whole new level.

Reviews Honeymoon for One by Beth Orsoff

This book is a lovely, funny, sweet and reasonably priced e-book that successfully combines chick- it, mystery, and slapstick comedy a la Lucy and Ethel! Ms Orsoff's descriptions of the Caribbean make me wish I were there!

Lizzie Mancini is dumped just before her wedding and since the honeymoon has been well research to get the best and most romantic bang for her buck, she decides to go on her honeymoon alone! On the day of Lizzies departure, she meets a gold chain wearing antiquities dealer who hears her story and offers to pretend to be her husband so she won't be too embarrassed to show her face in this hotel which happens to be a honeymooners' haven. And everything is sort of working out ok until Lizzies meets her hot scuba instructor and then her pretend `husbands' dead body is found on the beach. When Lizzie becomes the only suspect in the murder, she finds that she has to take matters into her own hands. Well, her own hands and those of her best friend Jane and a reluctant Jack the hottie scuba instructor!

This book had me chuckling and wishing I had a frosty tropical fruit drink near at hand whilst sunning myself by the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean. However, since I cannot have that, this book was a great alternative! This book is a perfect for a vacation or beach read, especially for when you want to forget the daily grind and just relax.

The characters are well fleshed out, the descriptions lovely, the plot interesting and the mystery just difficult enough that you may be surprised by finding out who- done- it, like I was.

A great book at a very reasonable price. You can not go wrong!

Ms Orsoff---Please, please, please write a book for a secondary character, she was just great and deserves her own mystery and happy ending. And please include Fred the turtle...;-)

About the Author Beth Orsoff is the author of Romantically Challenged, Disengaged, Girl in the Wild, Honeymoon for One, and Vlad All Over. She was born in New York City and has never lived more than an hour’s drive from the ocean— even spending her formative years toiling as a lifeguard where she was “paid to work on her tan.” When her parents forced her to get a “real job,” she went to law school and forged a career as an entertainment attorney in Los Angeles. Currently, when she’s not writing humorous or suspenseful women’s fiction, Orsoff can be found at her desk drafting Hollywood contracts. Sadly, she no longer sports a tan.

To download now please click the link below.

Honeymoon for One eBook  

Book Description Being ditched at the altar is the least of Lizzie Mancini’s problems. Sitting in a Caribbean jail cell accused of murderin...

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