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MGT 411 Entire Course (UOP)


MGT 411 Final Exam / Test- Use As Study Material MGT 411 Week 1 Creativity and Innovation Table MGT 411 Week 1 DQs MGT 411 Week 2 Managing Innovation Summary MGT 411 Week 2 Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography MGT 411 Week 2 DQs MGT 411 Week 3 DQs MGT 411 Week 3 Innovation Planning and Design Paper MGT 411 Week 4 DQs MGT 411 Week 4 Organizational Ecosystem Case Study MGT 411 Week 4 Innovative Technology Worksheet MGT 411 Week 4 Innovative Thinking in a Business Measurement and Reward System MGT 411 Week 5 Training Session Handouts MGT 411 Week 5 DQs MGT 411 Week 5 Innovative Thinking in a Business Theory-Based Strategic Experiment Powerpoint Presentation =================================

MGT 411 Final Exam Study Guide


MGT 411 Final Exam 1. Technology pushes society when: 2. Technology’s impact: 3. Technology’s impact is: 4. The goal of management of technology and innovation in an organization should always be to: 5. There are several definitions of technology in the text; all the definitions have some common elements. Each definition implies: 6. Technology can be broadly defined as: 7. Evaluation and control of technology is the: 8. The management of technology is defined as the linking of different disciplines to: 9. Innovation can be defined as: 10. All of the following are elements of strategic management EXCEPT: 11. __________ are the monitoring of technology to ensure that it meets the desired outcomes. 12. Firms that manage innovation well have which of the following characteristics? 13. Technology is defined to include ____ employed in producing a good or service. 14. Benefits of innovation include all of the following except: 15. Drawbacks of innovation include all of the following except: 16. The first question that should take place as the firm conducts it innovation strategy planning is ____? 17. Systems integration: 18. Process innovation focuses on ____. 19. Reengineering’s goals include all of the following except: 20. To create an environment for innovation a manager must understand all of the following except? 21. How should you describe the innovation process? 22. Which one of these statements is a myth about innovation? 23. Which is not one of the four critical elements to implementing innovation as a strategy in the organization? 24. For successful innovation implementation leaders need to ensure; 25. Innovative organizations typically are founded and lead by; 26. Informal power comes from: 27. A leader should ask all of the

following questions in the implementation process except: 28. The three methods that can help to establish the view by employees that they are part of the organization or system are all of the following except: 29. Mentoring can be ____ to be successful: 30. Benchmarking involves the: 31. Extension occurs when _____ and _____ competencies are understood sufficiently so that ideas lead to action. 32. One of the primary reasons firms have difficulty being innovative is: 33. The strategic reasons a firm would look to use a merger or acquisition include all of the following except: 34. The key element of planning externally focused technology acquisition efforts is to: 35. A _______ is defined as a partnership of two more corporations to achieve strategically significant objectives that are mutually beneficial. 36. Mergers and acquisitions can allow a firm to accomplish a variety of strategic goals. Which one is not associated with the purchasing firm? 37. The outright purchase of a firm or some part of that firm is known as: 38. The keys in planning for a merger or acquisition includes all of the following except: 39. Key expectations should take priority in the integration effort except in which area. 40. The three elements that need to be considered in integration are: 41. The reasons that training and development are so important in the execution of an alliance or merger/acquisition include: 42. The losses an employee can feel during integration typically can include all of the following except: 43. The basis for competitive advantage of a technology focused firm ___. 44. All of the following are strategic capabilities that a firm needs for success except __. 45. When a company is developing its capabilities, it should do all of the following except: 46. The key sustainable competitive advantages for a firm using an internal innovation strategy include 47. The result of a competitive advantage should focus on ___. 48. For technology oriented firms, it is important for managers to understand that value must be 49. The ___ view of the firm argues that industry structure is the principal determinant of profitability. 50. All of the following would be intangible resources except ___. 51. The most common sources of competitive advantage would be ____. 52. Each of the following is a step in the value creation process except ___. 53. The foundation which must be present before an organization can effectively conduct implementation is ___ 54. Learning in the

organization is the ___. 55. Explicit knowledge is ____. 56. Organizational learning is the ____. 57. The type and the amount of learning that must take place for the firm to compete successfully depends upon 58. The firm’s ability to learn 59. The greater organizational learning will occur when ___. 60. Organizations that are structured for learning are characterized by all of the following except ____. =================================

MGT 411 Week 1 Creativity and Innovation Table (UOP)


Creativity and Innovation Table Complete the Creativity and Innovation Table located in the Materials section in Week One. Describe creativity, innovation, and the rules of innovation in your own words. Include the following in your response: One real-life management example of using creative intelligence One real-life management example of innovation All of the rules of innovation and at least one sentence describing each rule Format your response and references consistent with APA guidelines =================================

MGT 411 Week 1 DQ 1 and DQ 2


MGT 411 Week 1 DQs Week 1 DQ 1 Of the seven innovation rules listed in Ch. 1 of making Innovation Work, which two rules are the most important to successfully managing innovation? Explain your answer. Week 1 DQ 2 What are some of the most effective and least effective ways to introduce innovative and creative change into an organization? How is the process of innovative management enhanced, or diminished, by contemporary business practices including widespread use and access to the Internet and other communication and media technologies? Explain your answer. =================================

MGT 411 Week 2 DQ 1 and DQ 2


MGT 411 Week 2 DQs Week 2 DQ 1 Adventuring, confronting, and creating a portfolio of skills are all ways to encourage creative thinking among employees. What are the pros and cons of each strategy? What strategy do you believe is most effective? Why? Week 2 DQ 2 What are the most important resources that might be employed in order to communicate and propagate an innovation plan in an organization? What factors must be considered when developing a communication plan regarding innovation? Why? =================================

MGT 411 Week 2 Innovation and Strategic Management Annotated Bibliography


Write an annotated bibliography of three references on innovation and strategic management. Your annotated bibliography must complete the following: Include three APA-formatted references that are not from the same author. Contain an abstract of at least 200 words for each reference. Focus on the relationship between innovation and strategic management, specifically on the way innovation is shaping traditional strategic management. Answer the following in at least 200 words after you complete your annotated bibliography: Based on your literature review, what are the current strategic management trends that are being shaped by innovation? What specific aspects of innovation are the most influential in shaping strategic management? Explain your answers =================================

MGT 411 Week 2 Managing Innovation Summary (UOP)


Discuss the characteristics of managing innovation listed on p. 23 of The Management of Technology and Innovation. As a team, rank the six factors in order of most important to least important to the innovation process. Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your discussion that includes the following: Your team’s rankings with a brief description of each characteristic A description of how the team approached the assignment and arrived at a final decision for your order =================================

MGT 411 Week 3 DQ 1, DQ 2 and Team Reflection


Week 3 DQ 1 Describe a time when you used heuristic thinking to solve a problem at work. What steps did you take to solve the problem? What was the outcome? Is there anything you might have changed about your problem-solving process? Week 3 DQ 2 Leadership, engagement, extension, and alignment are four key issues related to implementation. Which of the key implementation issues do you feel is most important? Which is least important? Explain your answers. Learning Team Reflection Week Three =================================

MGT 411 Week 3 Innovation Planning and Design Paper


Write a 1,250- to 1,500-word paper on the innovation planning and design process addressed in Week Two. Include the following in your paper: Analyze the internal and external factors related to designing innovation strategies. Describe how they relate to one another and to the overall innovation process. Describe the factors involved in innovation systems design. Explain the importance of innovation systems. Describe the steps involved in the innovation planning process. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines and incorporate at least four scholarly references in addition to your texts. =================================

MGT 411 Week 4 DQ 1 and DQ 2


Week 4 DQ 1 What are two advantages of merger or acquisition? What are two disadvantages of merger or acquisition? List two examples or situations when merger or acquisition would be more beneficial to a company than developing technology internally. Week 4 DQ 2 What are the key issues that must be considered when implementing externally obtained technology? Do these issues differ from implementing internal technology? Why or why not? =================================

MGT 411 Week 4 Innovative Technology Worksheet (UOP)


Innovative Technology Worksheet Complete the Innovative Technology Worksheet =================================

MGT 411 Week 4 Innovative Thinking in a Business Measurement and Reward System (UOP)


You are a management team in a selected virtual organization. Your business is shifting its focus and has indicated innovation as a high priority. To integrate innovation into the culture of the company even further, an employee measurement and reward system is being developed by your team. Access the Virtual Organization on the student web page to select either Kudler Fine Foods, Riordan Manufacturing, or Huffman Trucking as the basis for your team assignment. Write a business proposal. Determine how you might measure and reward employees for innovative thinking and write an informal proposal of your ideas to the organization’s CEO or founder Your proposal must be at least 500 words and include the following: Define how success will be measured. Describe how the system will affect the hiring process. Describe how employees will be rewarded for innovative thinking. Describe how the system might affect financial management, investor relations, and market perceptions among shareholders. =================================

MGT 411 Week 4 Organizational Ecosystem Case Study (UOP)


Organizational Ecosystem Case Study Complete the Organizational Ecosystem Case Study assignment =================================

MGT 411 Week 5 DQ 1 and DQ 2


Week 5 DQ 1 What is the role of leadership in a creative and innovative culture? What tasks and qualities must leaders focus on to

create and maintain an innovative culture? Week 5 DQ 2 How might a leader generate employee motivation to maintain creativity during times of organizational change? What are two effective strategies to generate motivation? What are two ineffective strategies to generate motivation? =================================

MGT 411 Week 5 Innovative Thinking in a Business TheoryBased Strategic Experiment Powerpoint Presentation (UOP)


Create a 7- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with detailed slide notes, on your strategic experiment. Incorporate the following into your presentation:  Present two innovative ways to solve the problem. Address the following six changes involved with theory-based planning in your process and presentation: Level of detail: Focus on the most critical market, technology, and unknown costs. Communication of expectations: Base your predictions on theory and include a description of the theory used to generate your predictions. Nature of predictions: Predict the trends, rather than the specific numbers. Frequency of strategic reviews: Set a strategic review schedule.

Perspective in time: Consider the history of the organization when devising the experiment. Focus on long-term history, rather than just recent changes in the organization. Use information available through the virtual organization to gain insight on the historical background of the organization. Some examples of helpful documentation are a strategic plan, company history, employee handbook, sales plan, or internal memos. Nature of measures: focus on leading indicators  Based on your theory-based planning, state what other factors need to be analyzed and what other steps must be completed to determine the best solution for the organization. Include three to four scholarly references. =================================

MGT 411 Week 5 Training Session Handouts (UOP)


You are the director of an organization and you are tasked with training your management team on creative problem solving, leadership, and employee motivation. Create three bullet-point handouts to distribute during your training session. The handouts must address the following topics:

Creative problem solving: Describe approaches to creative problem solving and ways to encourage creative problem solving among employees. Employee motivation: Identify ways to generate motivation during times of organizational change. Leadership: Identify the role of the leadership in the innovative culture of an organization. Note. Each handout must contain at least five main points or topics and must not be more than one page in length. There are no stipulations on how to format the handouts. Be creative with fonts, styles, and formatting. If you include images, keep the images small to limit the size of your document. Cite your images and references according to APA standards. Submit your handouts as one MicrosoftÂŽ Word attachment. =================================

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