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Customer Service Sales Guide

Service you can Trust! 3 Categories of products and services 1. In-shop Services Description goes here… Malware Removal/Tune-up Services: Description goes here… Computer Repair Services: Description goes here… Add-on Services: Description goes here…

2. On-Site Service (Field Service) Description goes here… Residential Field Service: Description goes here… Commercial Field Service: Description goes here…

3. Solutions that Click! Description goes here…

Honest John Service Information System (HJSIS) Go to and enter your username and password. When you logon, you will be directed to the MY CONNEXIT page where you may find customer service tasks assigned to you.


Find or Create a Client Record The search field located in the upper right corner can be used from any screen in HJSIS. Enter the customer’s name (all or a portion) to search for the Client record. It is possible that a residential customer may be listed under the name of a spouse.

If found – Verify Client information Detail Tab: Verify address and other relevant information. Contacts Tab: Verify names and phone numbers.

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If not found – Create a Client Record Click on then the New Client button: Enter client information on the detail tab. Red asterisks indicate required fields. For residential customers enter the both names and the last name if applicable (e.g., John and Jane Smith). After all information is entered, click the Save button. Click on the Contacts Tab: Add at least one contact with phone and e-mail address information. Click the Save and Return button.

Create a Work Request There are several tabs associated with each client record. The Work tab displays all the projects, tasks, and work requests associated with the client. Click on the Work tab and then click on the New Request button. Fill out the fields on this form as follows. A red asterisk indicates a required fields. *Request: Enter a summary of what the customer wants us to do (e.g., Virus Clean-up). *Description: Describe in detail what the customer wants us to do. Create a list if necessary for clarity. *Client: Client will be auto-filled if you enter the request from the work tab. *Reported Date: Filled automatically. Notes: Enter additional notes if necessary Due Date: Enter a due date if requested. Click the Save and Return button when complete. Honest John Computer Services Interview Form

Retail IQ Procedures for Honest John Computer Services. Retail IQ SKUs for Honest John Computer Services are listed under Computer Services in the Inventory Tree. There are four subcategories, Deposits, Labor, Fees, and Parts. Note: There are taxable and non-taxable labor items. • • • •

When a customer brings a computer to a BWW store for repair, charge a $75 deposit. When the Honest John returns the computer for customer pick-up, an Honest John Computer Services Sales Order will be provided. Simply create a Retail IQ invoice by duplicating the charges on the Sales Order. There will be a quantity of -1 (negative 1) entered to credit the deposit previously taken. Note: Deposits are taken because it is common for customers to find out that repair is cost prohibitive. When this happens, the deposit remains as a non-taxable service (diagnostic fee). Diagnostics when stand-alone are not charged sales tax, but when combined with repair the entire transaction is taxable.

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Honest John Customer Service Sales Guide  

Honest John Customer Service Sales Guide

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