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(I wrote this article for the Dec. 15th issue of The Odyssey. No, I don’t compile lists of my favorite songs complete with cheap-humored reviews on a regular basis.) In the spirit of Christmas, I thought I'd compile a list of my top twelve favorite Christmas songs (in honor of the twelve days of Christmas, a song that will fortunately not appear on this list). Enjoy. 12. "Run Rudolph Run" -Chuck Berry ! Being a rock 'n roll fan, I'm a little biased here. Chuck Berry was the godfather of rock music, and although all of his songs pretty much sound the same, the guy found a simple formula that worked and stuck to the game plan through and through. What do you want for Christmas, Chuck? "All I want for Christmas is a rock 'n roll electric guitar." Amen. 11. "Feliz Navidad"- Jose Feliciano ! This is a go-to after the egg nog's run dry and the holiday wine is flowing smoother than Santa's beard. What are there, maybe four total lyrics to the whole song? Not to mention the song makes you think you're bilingual. 10. "All I Want For Christmas is You"- Mariah Carey ! Can't say that I listen to this song a whole lot on my own time, but you can't go to a Christmas party without hearing Mariah at least once. It's gotta be those Stilettos that help her reach those high notes‌ ! Terrible joke. 9. "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"- Bruce Springsteen ! This song always kept me in line growing up as a kid--if The Boss tells you to be good, you damn well better listen. What I really love about this song is not only Bruce's voice but the saxophone that comes in about half way through. Nothing like a mean sax solo to get you in the holiday spirit. 8. "Santa Baby"- Taylor Swift ! Merry me. 7. "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas"- Frank Sinatra ! "From now on, our troubles will be miles away." I like to think that Frank was alluding to his own rendition of this song when he sang that line. 6. "Christmas in Hollis"- Run DMC ! If you're a fan of old school rap but feel that it's unfitting to play during the holidays, Run DMC has your cure. If you've never heard of this one before, you're probably thinking: "a rap song about Christmas? It's probably cheesier than that stupid inflatable snowman my redneck neighbor's got spotlighted in the middle of his front yard." But you'd be wrong. 5. "White Christmas"- Bing Crosby

! Who doesn't love a little Bing Crosby during the holidays? Sure, his music sounds like it's been around since the very first Christmas, but I say the older the better when it comes to holiday classics. If there's snow falling come Christmas morning, this song goes straight to number one. 4. "Silent Night"- my dad ! He's a terrible singer and possibly tone-deaf, but some of my fondest Christmas memories feature my dad struggling to make it through the second verse of the song at midnight mass. He's been trying for forty years, but still can't remember even one lyric after the first chorus. Keep trying old man, you'll get it someday. 3. "Happy Christmas (War is Over)"- John Lennon and Yoko Ono ! Initially, I was torn between putting the Lennon or McCartney Christmas classic on the list. The dilemma forced me to ask the age-old question: Lennon or McCartney? Tough decision. 2. "Blue Christmas"- Elvis ! This song proves one thing: that Elvis was the man. He gave it all he had in all of his songs, and this one's no exception. You can hear the melancholy in his voice--it's Christmas time, and the King's missing his girl. He most likely wrote the song to comfort himself, but what he really made was a great remedy for the troubled holiday soul. There have been times when I've listened to this song in July, and it's still great. Definitely give this one a listen. 1. "The Christmas Song"- Nat King Cole ! For some reason, I hear this guy's name and I instantly think Christmas. Not to mention his voice--one word out of Nat's mouth and you're ready to dust off your favorite Christmas sweater and get those chestnuts roasting. You gotta love the simplicity of the song as well; "It's been said many times, many ways," but it's said best by King Cole. So, in my best Nat King Cole voice: Merry Christmas -Ryan

Top 12 Christmas Songs  

N*Sync barely missed the cut.

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