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The Tradition Of Using Silver Candle Holders Jewish Candle Holders _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Gaon Rin -

Lighting candles is a tradition from Jewish people. They will do this on Jewish and Shabbat holidays. This tradition brings some benefits to the house. For example, the house will be bright and the rooms will look elegant, peaceful and convenient. In the ancient time, women will light up the candles when there is no man around the house. The number of candles should follow certain rules too. For example, they will light up two candles on the Sabbath day and one candle on the Shamor day.

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A Jewish mother will light up the candles. If she has any daughter, she will allow the daughter to light up another candle. Different households might have different rules regarding the number of candles. However, they will generally light up two candles on the silver candleholders. Other than this, they will also light up candles as many as the number of the family. One of the Jewish traditions is the Bat Mitzvah. It is the celebration of a young Jewish girl, who is entering maturity. The girl will receive a Jewish law called as Mitzvoh. The guess will normally bring presents to the girl. If you want to give something elegant, you can consider to give her a silver

candleholder. You may think that it will be too fancy for a 12 years old young girl. However, this kind of present is the essence of the celebration.

There are different kinds of candles available in the market. Jewish people will normally use white candles for Shabbat. Other than Jewish tradition, people have a tradition to use oil as the candle. They will commonly use olive oil. One of the reasons is because olive is the best kind of oil. Some other traditions might use the combinations of lighting two different kinds of candles. They are wax and olive oil candles.

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