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Get the highlights of Copenhagen Pride Week. Free concerts, performances , shows, movies, debates and so much more.

Serious reasons why pride is still necessary, famous rainbow marketing campaigns, the importance of extra colors and the rise of pride.

Our two wonderful cover boys who are both LGBTQ activists and the chairperson of Copenhagen Pride who shares a few words about this year's pride.




it's pride time. bring out your best mood, send a smile to your neighbour and share some love


A look inside 06 Cover boys: Still battles to fight Meet two LGBTQ+ activists with very different backgrounds: Martin Eskerod, board member of Copenhagen Pride and Abdurrahman Oskan from Turkey who recently participated in a very hostile Istanbul Pride. 12

The rise of pride Take a trip back in history to the 1960s when the pride movement was born. It all began with the Stonewall Riots.


Corporate pride More and more corporate brands show their support of the LGBTQ+ community and in the segment as a consumer group of interest. We have picked out some amazing marketing campaigns from the past until today.


8 reasons why we need pride If you ever wonder if pride is still important the answer is: Yes, absolutely. We have picked 8 good reasons for why we need pride.


Pride flag with extra colors Philadelphia (US) expanded the colors of the rainbow flag to include black and brown to put focus on racism and discrimination within the LGBTQIA community.


Theme: Copenhagen Pride Week 2017 All you need to know about activities, themes, concerts and performances during Copenhagen Pride Week from 15. - 20. August 2017.

CONTENT Thomas K. Rasmussen (editor in chief) Helle Bjørnstrup Martin Xaver Dover Lars Henriksen

COVER Martin Eskerod Abdurrahman Oscan Photo by Sebastián Roblero Arellano

PRINT Johansen Grafisk A/S

DISTRIBUTION Homotropolis is a free magazine available at cafés, shops, restaurants, bars and organisations in Copenhagen. The magazine is targeted at LGBTQ tourists and citizens in the Greater Copenhagen region. For a complete distribution list please contact All articles are available online at

HOMOTROPOLIS Issue #3 2017


Dear reader

Welcome to this Pride Issue of Homotropolis which comes out just as Copenhagen Pride Week 2017 is around the corner and the Danish capital is gearing up for a week full of love, rainbows, parties and human rights debates. Inside you will find lots of information about what’s happening during Copenhagen Pride Week and we have also handpicked events especially for you so you don’t miss out on anything. One of the highlights in this year’s program for Pride Week in Copenhagen is definitely the incredible queer singer and performer Peaches who will be headlining the Pride Show on Saturday 19 August. And fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will surely be pleased to see that Katya will go on stage for Drag Night on Friday, 18 August. And while we are on the subject of the program for Copenhagen Pride Week: It has never been bigger and more diverse than it is this year. Debates, workshops, quirky events and special exhibitions with themes ranging from the Moomins over queer photography to historical drag queen outfits are just some of the experiences you can take part in from 15-20 August. Now take a closer look at what we have selected for you in this Pride Issue. The full program is available in Copenhagen Pride’s infotent, selected bars and cafés in Copenhagen - and of course online at Homotropolis wishes you a HAPPY PRIDE.


cover boyS still battles to fight

Gracing the beautiful cover of this pride issue of Homotropolis are two LGBTQ+ activists with very different backgrounds sharing the same rainbow umbrella: Martin Eskerod is Danish and a board member of Copenhagen Pride while Abdurrahman Oskan is Turkish and recently took part in a very hostile Istanbul Pride. What they share is a genuine wish to change things for the better. 6

MARTIN ESKEROD 33 years old, Copenhagen

Photo: Sebastiรกn7Roblero Arellano

MARTIN ESKEROD 33 years old, Copenhagen “I came out during Copenhagen Pride 2007. My mom and my best friend - a girl - were the first to know. Telling it was a combination of fear and relief. Fear of the reactions, and at the same time a sense of relief because the secret I had been keeping for more than 10 years was finally out. Luckily I have only felt support and love from family and friends. With time I have learned that being gay is simply WHAT I am - but not WHO I am”, says Martin, who grew up on the island of Bornholm but has been living in Copenhagen for the last 12 years. Still battles to fight Being an LGBTQ person in Copenhagen is not a big deal at all, and most certainly not compared to many other places around the world. “I feel good belonging to the LGBTQ community in Copenhagen. It feels safe and I have never really had any problems besides the occasional derogatory comments flying across the street, but I never let that get to me. I do feel, though, that we still have battles to fight in Denmark. The few times I have felt unsafe or uncomfortable being gay, has been outside of Copenhagen”, Martin explains. Equality and human rights Martin is a member of the board at Copenhagen Pride and therefore directly involved in planning and executing Copenhagen Pride Week. “When I decided to get involved with Copenhagen Pride it was mostly to fight alongside all of those who are not as privileged as we are in Copenhagen. Lots of people simply see Copenhagen Pride as a big party. I even did that myself prior to joining the board. But it is so much more than that. We fight for equality and human rights not only in Denmark but also globally. We are part of a bigger movement”. An inclusive festival for everyone When asked what he mostly looks forward to during this year’s Copenhagen Pride Week, Martin has no doubt in mind:

“I look forward to an inclusive festival where everyone can feel safe. And I can’t wait to see all the happy people, both guests as well as volunteers, and then of course I hope to find time to see Katya on stage for Drag Night. But mostly I have to say, that I feel honoured and proud to be a part of such an amazing festival as Copenhagen Pride Week”.

ABDURRAHMAN OSKAN 24 years old, Istanbul “I didn’t come out till I was around 15. At that time I realized that there was a gay scene in a number of seemingly “normal” cafes in the Taksim area of Istanbul, and I began to go there. I met people, who were also gay, and they were the first people, I opened up to. When I was around 18, I confided in my sister, who tried to explain it to my family for me. They didn’t accept or understand and the following years were pretty bad. For them, it was like a disease, and they were convinced, that there was medication, that could cure me, and they took me to a few doctors”, says Abdurrahman, who comes from a big Turkish family with 9 brothers and sisters. “Last September I upped and left home one morning. I told everyone, I was going to work, and left the house and everything I owned. I was in the street with only the clothes on my back. Unfortunately I also lost my job as a consequence, because it wasn’t possible to hold on to it, if I was going to manage to stay clear of the family. The good thing is, that my younger brother is also gay, and we found an apartment to share together. Of course the situation hasn’t been the easiest, but I know that leaving was the right thing to do. I have to be true to myself”, Abdurrahman explains. Turkey vs. Denmark Turkey and Denmark are worlds apart when it comes to LGBTQ+ equality and the way society looks upon you if you are different from the rest. “In Turkey, when you are gay, you feel that you are very different. Here in Denmark, you are just like everybody else, and you can be what you are, without thinking much about it. In Turkey, you always try to keep some things secret – to Continues on page 10

8 Roblero Arellano Photo: Sebastián

ABDURRAHMAN OSKAN 24 years old, Istanbul


In Turkey, when you are gay, you feel that you are very different. Here in Denmark, you are just like everybody else, and you can be what you are, without thinking much about it. In Turkey, you always try to keep some things secret. Abdurrahman Oskan

not allow people to know, that you are gay, but here, you can be open. You can say everything you want, and do what you want, without that impeding your life”, says Abdurrahman and continues: “Being open in the workplace is virtually impossible in Turkey because you will get fired, if people find out you are gay. In many areas in Turkey, finding a place to live can also be difficult, because many landlords do not want to rent to gay or transgender people”. Istanbul Pride banned Back in June Abdurrahman took part in Istanbul Pride along with other LGBTQ+ activists, even though the governor banned the pride from taking place and the police were present with both tear gas and water cannons. “The police blocked large areas of the Taksim neighbourhood, and if you were assumed to be gay, you were not even allowed to enter. We always tried – throughout the day - to find places, that were safe from the police, and we knew, that if the police caught us, they would take us away directly. It made me really angry towards the police and to our government. Other people were allowed to walk freely, and they made me feel as if I should be ashamed to be gay and not be allowed to walk”, Abdurrahman explains. While lots of LGBTQ+ people


stayed at home for Istanbul Pride, fearing the consequences of going against the government, Abdurrahman was one of those who decided to show up anyway. “I joined, because I was angry with my family and with the government, and I tried to simply be part of changing something in my country. Even if it may seem a lot to take on, I believe it does make a difference, that we are there and that we are open and visible. It also allowed me to meet with new people who think like me, and who do not believe in keeping our lives a secret. That made me feel good. I also learned, that even if you are different, being gay also means being part of a community. And I liked that”. Looking forward to Copenhagen Pride Abdurrahman is in town to take part in Copenhagen Pride Week, and this is something that he looks very much forward to: “Most of all I look forward to the freedom – that the limits, I normally experience to my behavior and public comportement, will be liberated. I think that I will get the feeling, that everything I dream of is possible. That I can be me 100% and enjoy that with others, without having to think about whether it is dangerous or wrong to do or not. I am on the Copenhagen Pride float, and I will be dancing from start till finish in the parade”, says Abdurrahman.



the rise of pride The history of the pride movement goes back to the 1960s when some brave people stood up for our community. It all began with the ‘Stonewall Riots’...

Some might say that LGBTQ+ activists of the past belong in the past, but in this Pride Edition of Homotropolis we're dusting off the old history books to take you on a trip down memory lane to the rebellious 1960s while sending a loving thought to the people who helped us get to where we are today. Greenwich Village, New York City. Like today, in the 1960s the neighbourhood had a large concentration of sexual minorities. It was a time when the New York State police force would arrest you for being gay and in the early 1960s local authorities set out on an official witch hunt for homosexual men as the mayor, Robert F. Wagner Jr., was becoming worried about the city's image. Alcohol became forbidden in bars frequently visited by gay men and as part of a new campaign launched by the mayor the police force was assigned a special task; to arrest as many gay men as possible.


Photo: Š Lesbian Herstory Archives

New York City Pride Parade - 1970s

Policemen used themselves as bait in the mission; an undercover police officer would walk into a bar or public park and approach a man. If the conversation turned "steamy" or if the man approached accepted a drink from the undercover police officer he would get arrested. The witch hunt takes us to Christopher Street to a pub named Stonewall Inn that has become a significant part of the pride movement history referred to as the Stonewall Riots. A late night in June of 1969, the police targeted Stonewall Inn, and demanded that the bar closed for the night. The music stopped play-

ing, lights were turned on and more than 200 guests were asked to get in line to show their ID before being escorted out the door. The atmosphere was tense and the combination of angry, frustrated guests and violent police officers made the situation escalate within minutes. People gathered outside of Stonewall Inn and loudly protested against the police officers’ violent behavior. It didn't take long before bricks and bottles were flying through the air and the increasing number of angry protesters had the police seek shelter at the bar that they had just shut down while waiting for backup.


The clock struck 4 am before Christopher Street was once again quiet that night.

One year after the Stonewall Riots, 28 June 1970, the first pride parade was organised in New York City, USA. The first organised pride parade had a domino effect and other US cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago quickly followed in the footsteps of New York City. One year later the trend had reached Europe where the LGBTQ+ community marched in the streets of London, Paris, Berlin and Stockholm.

Photo: © Lesbian Herstory Archives

Protests went on the following nights uniting the LGBTQ+ community in a way that was not experienced before. The Stonewall Riots was a historic moment referred to as the start of the gay rights movement and the beginning of organised pride parades still evolving each year on a global basis.

top four women at pride highlighting bisexuality Bottom New York City Pride Parade 1983; gay nurses alliance


Photo: © Lesbian Herstory Archives

In Denmark the first pride parade took place in 1996 in Copenhagen; the same year as the city hosted Europride. In 1995 the first pride parade marched the streets of Malmö.

Stolt hovedsponsor af



CORPORATE PRIDE Each year more and more corporate brands show their support of the LGBTQ+ community and interest in the segment as a popular consumer group still on the rise. While some brands are newcomers, some go way back to a time when the pink dollar was still a “currency” in the making and only few companies had the courage to invest in the LGBTQ+ segment.

1994 DIESEL The Kissing Sailors printed ad showing real-life couple Bob and Rod Jackson-Paris kissing on a pier back in 1994 is considered one of the most recognizable gay-themed advertisement campaigns in history. The photo was shot by Andy Warhol protégé David Lachapelle. Diesel has shown their interest in the LGBTQ+ segment for years and their most recent campaign film from 2017 Make Love not Walls was directed by the very same David Lachapelle who shot the Kissing Sailors in 1994. Photo by David Lachapelle


1981 ABSOLUT VODKA The Swedish spirit brand, Absolut, was one of the very first commercial brands to target the LGBTQ+ community back in 1981 by placing ads in the American magazines The Advocate and After Dark. Many people are familiar with the popular LGBTQ+ targeted campaigns pushed by Absolut throughout time such as Absolut Pride (1996), Absolut OUT (2003), Absolut First (2004), Absolut Colors (2008), Absolut No Label (2009), Absolut OUTrageous (2011) and Absolut Colours (2015). Throughout time Absolut has been a proud sponsor of several LGBTQ+ events including numerous prides, GLAAD Media Awards and RuPaul's Drag Race.

2007 Paris Ile-de-France Prior to the Rugby Union World Cup coming to France in 2007 the French regional tourism committee, Paris Ile-de-France, made a campaign to promote Paris as a place where rugby and love come together. The controversial print campaign featured rugby union players kissing passionately on the field with the catch line: Enjoy rugby in the capital of love. The campaign was created by the agency BDDP & Fils, Paris.


2009 Ben & Jerry's One of the world's most renowned ice cream brands, Ben & Jerry's, has been working internally to improve the working conditions for employees since 1989 when they became one of the first companies in the US to offer domestic partner benefits to its employees. In 2009 they began their external campaigns to bring awareness to equal rights for LGBTQ+ people by renaming their ice cream flavour Chubby Hubby to Hubby Hubby as a celebration of the gay marriage bill passed in Vermont, USA. In 2012 Ben & Jerry's showed their support of samesex marriage legislation in England and Wales by renaming Oh! My! Apple Pie! to Apple-y Ever After and in 2013 they renamed flavours to Engagemint Party and I Dough I Dough to show their support of same sex marriage in Ireland and Australia. In 2017 they banned serving two scoops of the same flavour in its 26 Australian stores to push for marriage equality in Australia.

2016 Skittles Skittles tagline Taste the Rainbow and the candy's burst of colors are reasons enough to use the rainbow as a trademark in marketing campaigns. However, in 2016 and 2017 the Skittles brand gave up it's colors for London Pride producing an all white edition of the Skittles candy. In 2016 Skittles sent an open letter to London Pride: "So this is kind of awkward, but we're just gonna go ahead and address the rainbow-colored elephant in the room. You have the rainbow … we have the rainbow … and usually that's just hunkydory. But this Pride, only one rainbow deserves to be the centre of attention—yours. And we're not going to be the ones to steal your rainbow thunder, no siree. That's why this weekend, we're giving up our rainbow. But don't worry, we'll still be there to celebrate every colourful minute with you, we'll just be completely starkers while we do it. Have a great day, Pride. From Skittles”.




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Hotel D’Angletere



Kongens Nyt

Ny Østergade




Kristen Bernikows Gade



Lille Kongensgade



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Kong e Nytorvns




Lille Kirkestræde


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Højbro Plads


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ILLUM A/S Østergade  DK– KøbenhavnlenK +     Monday-Sunday 10am-8pm





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Gammel Strand

Nikolaj Kunshal

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Nikolaj Plads



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Passage Jorcks



e ærtegad


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de t ræ ødres r åbr







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æd gerstr







eb lar


Visit ILLUM and get 10% discount at all items (not Chanel) at ILLUM Beauty Hall and 10% discount Tivoli in many departments at the Women and Mens floor, see the list at The discount is exclusive for bracelet holders, from August 14.-20. 2017. Enjoy the Copenhagen Pride 2017 – we look forward to welcoming you in ILLUM. v





de rga

ILLUM supports Copenhagen Pride Frue



nik Kan

L ak s e g a de


ræ est


Købe Univ nhavns ersit et



Around the world

USA / Donald Trump bans trans people from military service

United Kingdom / Ban reduced on donating blood The UK Government has reduced the one year ban on blood donation for men who have sex with men to three months. The new guidelines were announced 23. July and are based on the latest scientific evidence and medical advances. The new guidelines will offer more people the opportunity to donate blood and will not affect the safety of the blood supply. The changes will come into affect in early 2018.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has banned trangender people from serving in the military. The ban is referring to 'any capacity' in the US military and is explained by the ‘medical costs and disruption’ trans people cause to the armed forces.


Germany / Full marriage equality Germany recently passed a historic legislation legalising same-sex marriage. The German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, signed the legislation on 20. July meaning that same-sex couples in Germany can walk down the aisle as early as 1. October 2017.

Chechnya / President defends honour killing of gay relatives The murdering of family relatives due to the belief that the victim has brought shame to the family or so-called ‘Honour killings’, are illegal in Russia and Chechnya. However, the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov states that he would defend the rights of families to murder their gay relatives.

Syria / LGBTQ+ guerilla group fights back against ISIS

In an interview with the television network HBO, Ramzan Kadyrov stated: “If we have such people here, then I’m telling you officially, their relatives won’t let them be, because of our faith, our mentality, customs and traditions.

Photo via Twitter

“Even if it’s punishable under the law, we would still condone it.”

A new LGBTQ+ guerilla sub-group has been formed as a consequence of the killing of numerous accused gay men in Syria over the past 3 years. The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army, or TQILA, is the name of the group who was established to fight back against ISIS. ”TQILA’s members have watched in horror as fascist and extremist forces around the world have attacked the queer community and murdered countless of our community members citing that they are ‘ill’, ‘sick’ and ‘unnatural’,” the group said in a statement. ”The images of gay men being thrown off roofs and stoned to death by Daesh was something we could not idly watch.”

Australia / Most Australian Christians support marriage equality A new poll shows that 54 percent of Australian Christians are in favour of same-sex marriage and 77 percent want parliament to hold a free vote on the marriage equality issue. 1,000 Christian Australian adults took part in the poll carried out by Galaxy Research.





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Pride n e g a h en pport Cop Proud to su



why we need pride If you're looking for reasons to mark pride, look no further. We still have plenty of battles to fight — we have collected 8 good reasons for you to take part in the Copenhagen Pride Week 2017.





It is still illegal for men who have sex with men to donate blood.

The Danish health system is still discriminating trans people.

Young intersex children still undergo gender corrective surgery.

50% of LGBTs are still closeted at their work place.





The City of Copenhagen does not have an LGBT health policy.

It is not legal for HIVinfected gay men to become parents through artificial insemination.

20% of all physical assaults are based on the victims' sexual orientation or gender identity.

The discrimination clause in the Danish Constitution does not protect trans people.






ede kt P

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t Ves


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d Stu



tr ies

de og på Rådhus pla d

ræ sst





Homoware Larsbjørnsstræde 11 1454 København K

69 69 66 66

H. C. rs



Photo Courtesy More Color More Pride

Pride Flag with extra colors This year, Philadelphia expanded the colors of the rainbow flag to include black and brown, and the revised version of the traditional pride flag is also welcomed in Denmark by several organisations who see a need for even more inclusion.

When the City of Philadelphia decided to add a black and a brown stripe to the pride flag back in early June this year, it sparked a debate within many LGBTQIA communities around the world. Some find it unnecessary and divisive while others feel that more focus on racism and discrimination within the LGBTQIA community is needed. In Denmark the “Philadelphia flag” has been welcomed by Sabaah, the Copenhagen-based association who works to support minority ethnic LGBT+ people. “It would be a mistake to think that minorities do not discriminate or suppress other minority groups. The LGBT+ community is therefore not exempt from racism and discrimination, and this is why the Philadelphia rainbow flag is welcomed in the battle for minority rights ”, said Mateen Hussain, Chairperson of Sabaah.


“It would be a mistake to think that minorities do not discriminate or suppress other minority groups. The LGBT+ community is therefore not exempt from racism and discrimination, and this is why the Philadelphia rainbow flag is welcomed in the battle for minority rights ”, said Mateen Hussain, Chairperson of Sabaah. The extra stripes have also been criticised by some who find it unnecessary to suddenly have the rainbow flag showing certain skin colors. “There is a presumption among gay white men that the rainbow flag already represents everyone”, said Amanda Hikes, executive director of the office of LGBT Affairs at the City of Philadelphia. “When other variations of the pride flag have been introduced, such as striped flags representing bisexual or transgender pride, there was significantly less criticism”, Hikes said.

Mateen Hussain from Sabaah points out that the extra stripes help bring necessary attention to the special challenges that people of color face. “It is really all about visualising a minority within a minority and that is best done by showing that minority ethnic groups in the LGBT+ community exist and that their experiences are just as important and real. It all happens through representation”, said Mateen Hussain. It seems likely that the Philadelphia pride flag will be waved by groups marching in Copenhagen Pride Parade this year, and this pleases the chairperson from Copenhagen Pride: “I welcome it and I applaud it. I believe that people should march with whatever flag they feel represent themselves and their battles in the best possible way. And there is no doubt that discrimination and racism inside our own community is an extremely important subject”, said Lars Henriksen, Chairperson of Copenhagen Pride.

AdvokAtfirmAet AdvokAtfirmAet krarup krarup juridiskrådgivning rådgivning juridisk kØbAf AffAsT fAsTejeNdoM ejeNdoM&&ANdeLsboLig ANdeLsboLig kØb strafferet strafferet kontaktadvokat advokatkim kimkrarup krarupfor foren en uforpligtende uforpligtende kontakt snakom omdine dinejuridiske juridiskeforhold forholdpå på3313 3313 4567. 4567. snak advokatfirmaet krarup • VodroffsVej 61 • 1900 frederiksberg advokatfirmaet krarup • VodroffsVej 61 • 1900 frederiksberg WWW.krArUP.As • • 3313 4567 WWW.krArUP.As • • 3313 4567






Know your way around Copenhagen & Malmรถ

ade Nyropsg

rV ol







rd Ny

ad e

st Ve





to M



de ga lls he itc





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Br d

de ga lls he itc



d rga



6. MASKEN BAR Studiestræde 33 1455 Copenhagen 7. MEN´S BAR Teglgårdsstræde 3 1452 Copenhagen 8. MY FAIR LADIES Mikkel Bryggers Gade 11 1460 Copenhagen 9. never mind bar Nørrevoldgade 2 1358 Copenhagen nevermindbar.dK






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Ga oc ks Br




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5. KISS KISS BEAR BAR Studiestræde 41, basement 1455 Copenhagen



Ni els

Vester Fa ri


Nø rr


ga te r Ve s

hsg ade er i c mm Ha



ade Nyropsg ade Nyropsg


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gade Vester S ø gade Vester S ø

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5. KISS KISS BAR & CAFÉ Studiestræde 41 1455 Copenhagen




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4. JAILHOUSE CPH Studiestræde 12 1455 Copenhagen

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de træ s l e nd ve 19 gade de r La ræ 10 Farve sst g an ng Lø

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3. G*A*Y COPENHAGEN Vester Voldgade 10 1552 Copenhagen




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Sla E N rn A G ode N H Høkerb




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de ga us eh gt Sla

de sga ild



2. COSY BAR Studiestræde 24 1455 Copenhagen

t ge rø St

t ge rø St


t ge rø St 8







orv el T


Tivoli Gardens

e ad ilsg d r ve Re de sga pe m a St lb Co


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n K an





BARS & NIGHTLIFE 1. CENTRALHJØRNET Kattesundet 18 1458 Copenhagen


l. eP Fru







ve rks svæ






ste Ve

ade wsg ntlo Reve

de dsga



s jørn Colb


r Vikto



d ar lev





Central Station






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e æd 18



San niver age h U 4+13 de pen Co iestræ d Stu

m Trom









Kon mel


ld Vo

en ers

Sankt Jørgens Sø (the Lakes)

r ste Ve




en ngård Rose

de træ rs S of e d e kt P sity


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e æd str rds lgå Teg

7 9 H.


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Nø rre Vo ldg ad e






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Li n né sg ad

e gad


Fari ma gs



Israels Plads

e træd Fiols


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Na ns en s


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Nø rre Søg ad

Ew ald sga





10. OSCAR BAR CAFÉ Regnbuepladsen 7 1550 Copenhagen 11. VELA Viktoriagade 2 1655 Copenhagen


CRUISING 20. Ørstedsparken Nørrevoldgade 1 1358 Copenhagen

14. KAFÉ KNUD Skindergade 21 1159 Copenhagen 10. OSCAR BAR CAFÉ Regnbuepladsen 7 1550 Copenhagen 15. restaurant kronborg Brolæggerstræde 12 1211 Copenhagen

SHOPPING 16. HOMOWARE Larsbjørnsstræde 11 1454 Copenhagen 17. MEN´S SHOP Viktoriagade 24 1655 Copenhagen

theatre & events Bøssehuset Mælkevejen 69D 1440 Copenhagen 21. Warehouse9 Halmtorvet 11C 1700 Copenhagen


information 22. Checkpoint København Vestergade 18e, 4 1210 Copenhagen 23. Copenhagen Pride Knabrostræde 20, st 1210 Copenhagen


Please visit Copenhagen Pride Headquarters located in the heart of Copenhagen for more information about what our beautiful city has to offer. We´re nice and offer free coffee and wifi. Visit for more information.



18. AMIGO SAUNA Studiestræde 31 1455 Copenhagen

Do you belong on one of our maps? Please contact us at to get a spot on the LGBTQ city map of Copenhagen and Malmö.

BODY BIO Kingosgade 7 1623 Copenhagen 19. SLM COPENHAGEN Lavendelstræde 17 1462 Copenhagen


13. JAILHOUSE RESTAURANT Studiestræde 12 1455 Copenhagen


CAFEs & RESTAURANTS 12. cock’s & cows Sankt Peders Stræde 38 1453 Copenhagen


BARS & NIGHTLIFE 1. BEE BAR Södra Förstadsgatan 36 211 43 Malmö 2. Red Shoe Drottninggatan 36 211 41 Malmö WONK

4 c, OpenStreetMap contributors. Skeppsbron  Map data April 18, 2016. 1:14400 (1 cm = 0.14 211 20 Malmö


Photo: Wilfred Gachau

Words from the Chairperson: Lars Henriksen

Copenhagen Pride week is just around the corner, and as we, throughout the year, strive to influence our stakeholders and society at large to focus strongly on all the advantages and gains of inclusivity, this is naturally at the top of our own agenda as well. In our value and mission statements, Copenhagen Pride is an organization, based on feministic beliefs and we are all the time struggling to be aware of the blindness we, as individuals, all suffer from, when it comes to our own privileges and interests. We are not in the world to make a Copenhagen Pride week, that merely caters to our own tastes, interests or vantage point, but to attempt, through our activities, to bridge the obvious gaps, that exist amongst the various groups in the diverse family that gather under the LGBTI+ acronyme.


We could choose to play the ball back to the groups that are not presently represented on our board or very numerously amongst our volunteers, or we can decide to understand this underrepresentation of certain groups as a structural problem, which we must try to tackle in order to ensure, that all groups under the rainbow feel included and that they have a legitimate space, in the festival and within our organization. The strong focus on eg. transgender lives in the past years has payed off, and more and more transidentified individuals tell us, that they have come to find an inclusive and safe space in Pride week and to perceive Copenhagen Pride as an organization, that is clearly also determined to improve conditions for transidentified individuals in Denmark and abroad. This focus, we will do our utmost to maintain – also in the years to come where we, as hopefully will be tangible already from this year, we will focus also on people who are intersex, and the large and often somewhat invisible group of women who have sex with women. A group that not only have expressed frustration over not being able to see themselves sufficiently represented in the programme of Pride Week in previous years, but which is also grossly under-

represented on boards and committees across the LGBTI+ community. We are certain, that we can ensure greater visibility and inclusivity without making other groups feel attacked on their privileges. We have this focus in all aspects of this year’s festival – from the artists on our stages, to the debaters in the debates, we ourselves control, to main speakers etc. A balanced festival – on and off stage should be a threat to no one, but enrich us all. We have still lots of work ahead of us to reach a fully inclusive festival. We constantly strive to improve and be aware of our shortcomings. But we hope, that you will recognize and share in our determination to increase the diversity and inclusivity of Copenhagen Pride – and as participants in Copenhagen Pride Week do yours to work towards this aim. With these high hopes and this confidence in our LGBTI+ community, I welcome all – of all genders and sexual orientations to Copenhagen Pride Week

Copenhagen Pride week Copenhagen Pride has announced a program for Pride Week 2017 that is far bigger than previous years and it seems that the whole capital of Denmark is ready to light up in rainbow colors and celebrate love, pride and diversity from August 15 - 20.


what's going down in pride week?

Tuesday 15 August — Sunday 20 August Copenhagen Pride Week keeps expanding and growing both when it comes to representation, participation and the number of events catering to the LGBT+ community. Never before have this many organisations, companies, brands and venues joined the rainbow, gotten themselves actively involved and thrown in their full support for pride and inclusion. Both the Danish Prime Minister, The National Museum, Copenhagen Zoo, 7-Eleven, Copenhagen City Hall, Starbucks, ILLUM and the US Embassy are involved along with a very long list of other public institutions, NGO’s, unions and businesses. True to tradition Copenhagen City Hall Square will be transformed into Copenhagen Pride Square from August 15 - 19, offering free concerts every night and rainbow activities, pop-up shops and quirky happenings during the day. The human rights program includes talks, workshops and debates and they take place in the debate tent or downstairs at the restaurant Steak Royal - both located right on Regnbuepladsen (The Rainbow Square) just across from the City Hall Square. Stars on Pride Stage By announcing the Canadian singer and queer icon Peaches as the headliner for the Pride Show on Saturday August 19, Copenhagen Pride are loudly and proudly signaling that the festival wants to be in the very top of the European pride chart and make the Danish capital one to be seriously reck-

oned with when it comes to choosing international rainbow destinations. This goes very well with the ambitions of winning the bid for hosting World Pride in 2021. On Friday August 18 one of the biggest drag shows in Europe is put on stage for the annual Drag Night which will be headlined by the hugely popular RuPaul’s Drag Race star, Katya. Thursday night - on August 17 - one of Denmark’s best singers, Nabiha, will be performing on Pride Stage alongside a handful of up-and-coming LGBTQ artists for the “Under the Rainbow” concert , while Wednesday night is dedicated to Norway when Oslo Pride takes over the stage and presents stars from further up North. Pride Parade with changes Copenhagen Pride Parade takes place on Saturday August 19 departing from Frederiksberg Town Hall Square at 13:00. Due to road construction the route has been changed a bit this year, meaning that the parade will go down Frederiksberg Allé and enter Vesterbrogade from there. Copenhagen Pride are expecting yet another record-breaking parade in terms of participants, and somewhere between 30.00035.000 people are estimated to join the parade this year. On the following pages you can read much more about what’s on during Copenhagen Pride Week and what we at Homotropolis believe that you should not miss out on.

Take me back Tuesday Tuesday — 15 August The opening night on Copenhagen Pride Square will be a joyful and swinging trip down memory lane with big band music, disco, Madonna hits and unforgettable musical classics proudly served by some of the greatest singing talents in town.

Copenhagen Pride Week’s opening night on Pride Stage will be all about revisiting some of the most renowned songs from the past within various genres. Your host of the evening is Leo Kristensen. Big Dipper Big Band lead by Ole Kock Hansen kicks the show off with vocalists Niels Bull, Jesper Brun Pajor and Sanne Amanda Sommer in front to make sure that your evening is off to a swinging start. Following the big band, a concert orchestra conducted by Swedish Fredrik Gustafsson will take the stage serving musical highlights sung by Kim Hammelsvang Henriksen, Simone Sand Victor, Djina Mai-Mai and Annemette Vedel Augustesen. After some hours of swinging, singing, crooning and swooning it is time for We Do Madonna who will (not surprisingly) be giving you some of Madonna’s most wanted hits. When you are done singing along to Holiday, Like a Prayer and Express Yourself, the local all-girls band Me Jane will continue the party and finish the night off with a good hour of carefully selected disco classics. 36

LINEUP 18.30-19.15: Big Dipper Big Band lead by Ole Kock Hansen. Solo artists: Niels Bull, Jesper Brun Pajor and Sanne Amanda Sommer. 19.15-19.30: Sanne Amanda Sommer 19.30-20.00: Big Dipper Big Band 20.10-21.20: Musical Highlights by Fredrik Gustafsson and his concert orchestra Solo artists: Kim Hammelsvang Henriksen, Simone Sand Victor, Djina Mai-Mai and Annemette Vedel Augustesen. 21.25-21.45: We do Madonna 21.55-23.00: Me Jane Pride Square Copenhagen City Hall Square, 1599 Copenhagen

Our support wristband Copenhagen Pride Week is out ... main events on Rainbow Square

50,The Copenhagen Pride Support Wristband is in stores from 17/7 - 20/8-2017. For more information go to

From Oslo with Love Wednesday — 16 August

For the last couple of years Copenhagen Pride Week has included a Swedish night on stage, but this year it is Oslo Pride who has been invited to take over Pride Stage and spread some Norwegian music, love and glitter all over the city.

LINEUP 19.00-20.00: Sam&Sky 20.00-21.00: KUUK 21.00-22.00: Nils Bech 22.00-23.00: Cloudbusting Pride Square Copenhagen City Hall Square 1599 Copenhagen

Ever since the extremely popular TV series Skam conquered the hearts of not only the Danes, but pretty much the whole world, Norway (and Norwegian phrases used in the show) has been on almost everybody’s lips. Introducing a Norwegian night during Copenhagen Pride Week this year could hardly be better timing, and many fans of the critically acclaimed teen drama are to be expected on Pride Square when Nils Bech - yes, you heard it right….the guy who sang O Helga Natt while Isak ran to Even in Skam’s season 3 - goes on stage at 21.00. Other acts coming from Oslo with love include the electropop duo Sam&Sky, the very explicit hip hop duo KUUK and DJ duo Cloudbusting who is made up of the Norwegian Eurovision star Margaret Berger and her musical partner Marie Komissar.

Nils Bech will perform on Pride Stage on 16. August.


Nabiha is the headliner on 17 August.

Under the Rainbow Thursday — 17 August Under the Rainbow is the big LGBTQ+ open-air concert night during Copenhagen Pride Week where up-and-coming talents and an amazing headlining act conquer Pride Stage to give you an unforgettable night of fantastic live performances in all the colours of the rainbow. Nabiha in concert True to tradition Copenhagen Pride dedicate one evening on Pride Stage to all the talents and rising pop stars out there that you might have not heard of yet. This year Under the Rainbow is even headlined by one of Denmark’s absolute best singers, the incredible Nabiha who will take the stage at 21.15 for a spectacular live performance including some of her most loved songs.

LINEUP 18.30 - 19.00 Sada Vidoo (DK) 19.00 - 19.30 Rest in Beats (DK) 19.30 - 20.00 Bryan Rice (DK) 20.00 - 20.30 Shelly & Rotem (IL) 20.30 - 21.00 Royal Feet Factory (DK) 21.15 - 22.00 Nabiha (DK) 22.00 - 23.00 DJ Undress(CL) Pride Square Copenhagen City Hall Square 1599 Copenhagen

Rainbow talents galore Under the Rainbow will be kicked off in style at 18.30 when Sada Vidoo, aka “the living doll”, enters the stage. Sada Vidoo is famous not only for her looks, but also for her remarkable voice that got her to the Six-Chair Challenge on the British X Factor in 2016 and also secured her a spot in the Danish national selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2017 with her song Northern Lights. At 19.00 Danish electronic duo Rest In Beats will continue the evening with a set full of poetic lyr-

ics delivered in Danish by talented lead singer Rezwan Farmi to the haunting beats of her musical partner Sebastian Rønde Thielke. Bryan Rice, well-known by many Danes for his hit single “No Promises” and for his participations in the Danish national selections for Eurovision Song Contest, will go on at 19.30 and is followed by Shelly & Rotem who have flown in from Tel Aviv to perform a very special live set under the rainbow. Warming up to Nabiha is Copenhagen-based queer disco band Royal Feet Factory who is already famous for their incredible energy on stage as well as their catchy disco tunes that are bound to make you dance. To finish off the evening in latin rainbow style DJ Undress from Chile will play a special pride set. Under the Rainbow 2017 is hosted by singer-songwriter Karen Sangvin who also reveals that there will be special surprises during the evening. As usual the concert night is totally free and open to everyone. 39

Drag Night #80sLadies Friday — 18 August After last year’s unforgettable Drag Night which featured Alaska Thunderfuck, Copenhagen Pride have once again looked into the very best of the best from RuPaul’s Drag Race. This year drag hags of all ages and genders can look forward to KATYA.

The Danish internet was pretty much boiling when Copenhagen Pride announced Екатерина Петро́вна Замоло́дчикова aka Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova - or simply just KATYA as the headliner for Drag Night 2017. Katya quickly became a fan favourite (and was voted Miss Congeniality) on season 7 of RuPaul’s Drag Race – and became a finalist on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2. As usual the Drag Night also features a voluptuous lineup of talented Danish queens who are ready to serve you 1980s realness. The 3-hour show will be hosted by local supertalent Miss Megan Moore.


Katya from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 will be headlining Drag Night

LINEUP Katya Megan Moore Harley Queen Di Di Cancerella Jezebelle May Daniels Denise DeLight Jaxie Belle Blurr Scarletta Jackson V.I.D. Miss OTB Roxy Thyrune Lucciana Brynhildr Morgana LeFay Tinus Disturbing Business Uriel Pride Square Copenhagen City Hall Square 1599 Copenhagen

Photo: Jonas Bjørn Worup

Disturbing Business will perform on Pride Stage at Drag Night 2017.

Parade, pride show & parties Saturday — 19 August After a fully packed week of rainbow glam, human rights debates, concerts, parties and activities the big proud Saturday has finally arrived. Copenhagen Pride Parade, Pride Show and street parties all across the city centre marks the final night of Copenhagen Pride Week. Copenhagen Pride Parade From early Saturday morning parade groups start gathering on Frederiksberg Town Hall Square to decorate their floats and trucks as well as themselves. From 11.00 legendary Danish DJ Master Fatman will be in charge of the warm-up party and at 13.00 the parade will depart from Frederiksberg Town Hall Square. More than 30,000 people are estimated to take part in the parade and 200,000 people are expected to be on the streets

watching, following and cheering the parade as it moves towards Copenhagen City Hall Square (Pride Square). Copenhagen Pride have had to make some changes in the parade route this year due to road construction. This means that the parade will follow the romantic tree-lined avenue Frederiksberg AllĂŠ (commonly known as the Champs ElysĂŠes of Copenhagen) and from there continue via Vesterbrogade, Hammerichsgade and Vester Voldgade until it reaches Pride Square at around 15.00.

LINEUP 14.00 - 15.15: DJ Gul (DK) 15.15 - 16:00: Official Pride Speeche

Peaches (CA) is headlining the Pride Show on 19 August.

Pride Show & street parties When the parade has arrived safely to Copenhagen City Hall Square it is time for the traditional Pride Show featuring names such as Canadian queer singer Peaches, DJ Robin Skouteris, Danish singers Aura and Nabiha and much, much more. The Pride Show kicks off at 16.00 - after the annual official pride speeches have been held - and the show continues on Pride Square until 23.45, when the music usually stops right at the same moment when fireworks from Tivoli light up the night sky. Throughout the afternoon and evening there are numerous outdoor street parties centered around the City Hall Square. Both Studi-

Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen Carl Christian Ebbesen, Mayor of Culture & Leisure Mary Consolata Namagambe, Founder of UVU & attorney Sedef Çakmak, Turkish activist & city council member of Beşiktaş Michele Irimia-Bernabe, Development Director at NYC Pride Lars Henriksen, Chairperson of Copenhagen Pride

estræde, Sankt Peders Stræde, Regnbuepladsen (The Rainbow Square) and the streets around legendary gay bar Centralhjørnet will be closed for all traffic and transformed into colourful party zones. Official party at Søpavillonen If you haven’t had enough outdoor partying during the day and evening, this year’s official Copenhagen Pride Party is bound to make you keep dancing through the night. This year the Pride Party takes place at Søpavillonen, just a short walk from the City Hall Square, and DJ’s such as Glitter Boys, Bronx & Ashibah and Kings of the Universe are ready to serve you loud and proud music until 5.00 in the morning. Tickets for the Pride Party are 150 DKK at the door or 100 DKK in presale via

16.00 - 17.00: Thanks (DK), Aliium (DK), Ida Kudo (DK) 17.00 - 18.00: DJ Entree (DK), Tinus (DK) AWARDS: Salmon of the Year + Parade Awards 18.00 - 19.00: Disturbing Business (DK) 19.00 - 20.00: Aura (DK), Nabiha (DK), Anja Nissen (DK) 20.00 - 21.00: OHarasound & Ramona Macho (DK), DJ's Witzansky & Madvig (DK), Malte (DK) 21.00 - 22.30: DragDaddy and the C.U.N.T. Collective (DK), Peaches (CA) 22.30 - 23.45: DJ Robin Skouteris (GR) Pride Square Copenhagen City Hall Square 1599 Copenhagen


Debates, talks & workshops Tuesday 15 August — Sunday 20 August

Throughout Copenhagen Pride Week from August 15 - 20 you will find plenty of opportunities to learn something new, listen to inspirational talks and take part in workshops. We have selected some here, that you can attend without mastering the Danish language.

TUESDAY 15. AUGUST Film: ABU + Shame AKS Festival invites you in for a screening of the documentary “ABU” which portrays the gay, muslim director Arshad Khan and a family struggling with sexuality, religion, migration and colonialism. Afterwards the short film “Shame” will be shown followed by a Q&A with the director Summer Pervez and Tawseef Khan from Queer Muslim Network in Manchester.

When: 19.00 - 20.30 Where: Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55 1123 Copenhagen K

Wednesday 16. AUGUST Transgender in Pakistan

Join Nadia Horsted Narejo and Alice Minor in a conversation about transgender activism in Pakistan. What are the ethics of reporting about people who are so often misrepresented and disrespected in media and do not have equal access to sharing their stories? How do transgender people in Pakistan experience media representation? Nadia will share her photos from the past five years of involvement with trans communities primarily in 44

Lahore. Nadia is a documentary photographer who focuses on LGBTQ and women's rights in the global south. Alice is active in queer and trans communities and politics in Denmark and joined Nadia in Pakistan this summer. When: 14.00 - 14.45 Where: Steak Royal, Regnbuepladsen 3, 1550 Copenhagen V

The global battle for LGBT rights Being LGBT is criminalized in 71 states, and at the global level, the situation seems to be deteriorating; President Putin is responsible for stigmatization, discrimination and persecution of LGBT persons in Russia. In Chechnya, gay men are detained and placed in concentration camps, and in the USA, president Trump is rapidly rolling back progressive policies introduced by president Obama. In this debate, national and international experts on LGBT rights will discuss how conservative forces have been able to gain such strong momentum, how we most efficiently fight this trend, and work towards a world where LGBT persons are no longer persecuted, discriminated against and killed. Participants: Representatives from international LGBT

organisations, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Institute for Human Rights and Sex & Samfund. When: 18.00 - 18.45 Where: Debate Tent, Regnbuepladsen, 1550 Copenhagen V

Thursday 17. AUGUST Human Rights in Pride

Human Rights become more and more important within the Pride movement. Many Prides, big and small, are trying to find ways to include a Human Rights program. Debates, exhibitions and movies are a number of tools to fulfill this objective. Nevertheless, how can we do more than just inform the public? How can we have an impact on the legal or/and social climate regarding LGBTI themes on local as well as international levels? Participants: Frank van Dalen, Liberal International, Michele Irimia-Bernabe, Co-Chair of InterPride's Human Right and Development Director of NYC Pride.

When: 14.00 - 14.45 Where: Steak Royal, Regnbuepladsen 3 1550 Copenhagen V

FRIDAY 18. AUGUST PrideRadar Pride Radar is the flagship report of InterPride showcasing hundreds of Prides around the world. In this workshop Pride Radar will be discussed in depth. While discussing the report and the outcomes we try to answer the question what a global pride movement is and how it needs to develop further. Can we for instance identify key factors for success and how should success be measured? Lastly, the challenges for the future of sustainable Pride movement will be brought to the table. Participants: Frank van Dalen, Liberal International,

Michele Irimia-Bernabe, Co-Chair of InterPride's Human Right and Development Director of NYC Pride. When: 14.00 - 14.30 Where: Steak Royal, Regnbuepladsen 3, 1550 Copenhagen V

SUNDAY 20. AUGUST Film: Lipstick Under My Burkha AKS Festival invites you in for a screening of the Indian comedy film “Lipstick Under My Burkha”. The film centers around four women: Rihanna who seeks the freedom to be who she wants, Leela, a two-timing beautician


ejendomsadministration administration af fast ejendom juridisk og økonomisk rådgivning byggeteknisk rådgiVning kontakt advokat kim krarup for en uforpligtende snak om administrationen af din ejendom på 3313 4567. online ejendomsadministration • VodroffsVej 61 • 1900 frederiksberg • 3313 4567

who seeks to escape the claustrophobia of her small town, Shireen, a housewife with three children who seeks the alternative life of a saleswoman and Usha, a 55-year-old widow, who finds sexual reawakening through a telephone romance with a young swimming coach. The film is followed by dialogue and debate with Uzma Ahmed from the Network of Brown Feminists in Denmark and queer feminist artist and activist Iram Sana from Pakistan. When: 16.45 - 19.30 Where: Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen K

Photo: Tobias Jørgensen

Photo: Tobias Jørgensen

Photo: Tadeusz Hynek

do you Remember last year's pride?


47 Photo: Oliver Kielstrup

Photo: Tobias Jørgensen Photo: Tadeusz Hynek

Photo: Sebastián Roblero Arellano

Show your proud support

The perfect way to flash your pride and at the same time support Copenhagen Pride is by wearing this year’s official support wristband, which also gives you great pride deals throughout Copenhagen Pride Week. Copenhagen Pride is still managing to give you a Pride Week loaded with absolutely free concerts and events for everyone - which is quite an accomplishment when you think about it. A festival this big costs a lot of money, and while corporate sponsors and financial support from the City of Copenhagen might help a great deal, your support is still needed in order to keep the rainbows flying. One of the easiest ways to show your support - and at the same time get great discounts in Pride Week - is by buying 48

this year’s official support wristband for 50 DKK. The wristband is available in all bars and the infotent on Pride Square, and can also be bought in 7-Eleven stores, Joe & the Juice cafés and Panduro shops all over Copenhagen. You can also drop by Oscar Bar & Café, My Fair Ladies or Homoware’s shop and get your wristband there. You should also bear in mind that the bars on Pride Square are run by volunteers from Copenhagen Pride, which means that every time you buy your beers, shots or drinks from one of those bars you are supporting your local pride organisation. For more information on the support wristband, discounts and benefits, go to

PaRT y EEK W l l a

we open every day at noon

pride week Monday Tuesday

SHoW MonD ay– 14th from 9pm Tine & Torben – Gay Hits FRIDay 15th from 9pm Ricky & Irma – Drag show

Wednesday 16th from 9pm Two Fat Trannies – Drag show Thursday

17th from 9pm Sound – Dance Duets


18th from 9pm 3 Flirty Fellows – Energetic band


19th from 3pm Pride Street Party – DJs More info at

T n a I G

T E E R ST y T R PaaTuRDay S

Kattesundet 18 DK–1458 Copenhagen K +45 33 11 85 49

CELEBRITIES WILl MARRY YOU IN PRIDE WEEK Love will be in the air during Copenhagen Pride Week when the City of Copenhagen invites couples in love to put a ring on it and get married by famous LGBTQ+ personalities. Both Danish as well as international same-sex couples are given a unique opportunity to celebrate their love by getting married during Copenhagen Pride Week in carefully selected locations in the Danish capital.

Gifford, author and debater Leonora Christina Skov and Danish TV host and journalist Hans Pilgaard have accepted the loving challenge of making sure your marriage will be something very special and unforgettable.

The wedding locations you can choose from are Ă˜rstedsparken, Cirkelbroen (Circle Bridge) and the City Hall Garden depending on which of the three handpicked celebrities you prefer to be there with you on the big day and give the wedding speech.

Couples in love who feel like getting married during Copenhagen Pride Week by one of the chosen LGBTQ+ celebrities need to register and choose the date and time on

Both former US Ambassador to Denmark, Rufus


A marriage officiant from Copenhagen City Hall will also be present to officiate the weddings and validate the marriages.

EVERYBODY DESERVE THE RIGHT TO <3 ... AND TO EAT! VISIT KØDBYENS MAD & MARKED DURING COPENHAGEN PRIDE WEEK 2017! 19.08.17 – KISS & FISH Get one of 500 servings of Fish’n’chips + a beer or a Lemonaid for only 45 kr. 20.08.17 – AFTER PRIDE CHILL-OUT + SMØRREBRØDETS DAG Cure your Parade-hangover with food, rainbows, more drinks and music at Kødbyens Mad & Marked or buy a ticket for 10 small servings of smørrebrød! See Facebook for Smørrebrød-tickets and more info. Flæsketorvet, 1711 Copenhagen V.

baking for pride made easy rainbow cupcakes It's pride, so why not put a bit of rainbow into your baking? Homotropolis presents to you the easiest rainbow cupcake recipe to date. This is all you need ...

A box of white cake mix batter, store bought. We used AMOs Cupcake Mix, but others will do the trick as well. Fruit color: red, blue, green, yellow Cupcake baking cups


Mix your cake batter as described on the box and divide the batter into 6 bowls. Add fruit color to each bowl to color the batter. Red: 18 drops of red Orange: 12 drops of yellow and 4 drops of red Yellow: 12 drops of yellow Gren: 12 drops of green Blue: 12 drops of blue Purple: 9 drops of red and 6 drops of blue Put an equal amount of each colored batter into your baking cups in the right order: Purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red - and bake them as described on the package. Mix 250 grams of unsalted butter and 250 grams of powdered sugar as topping and Voilรก: Rainbow Cupcakes!

All you need is love #IdoCPH

Get married in Copenhagen Check out the wedding hot spots during Copenhagen Pride Week 2017

PostBox Bernstorffsgade 34, 1577 Copenhagen V

Slowroom Contemporary premieres the new exhibition â&#x20AC;&#x153;Queerâ&#x20AC;? on the occasion of Copenhagen Pride Week 2017. The exhibition features queer art with artworks by Bruce LaBruce, Florian Hetz, Pete Lamberto and several more.

THURSDAY 17.08 / 16.00 - 19.00 PostBox

Vernissage: Queer

Steak Royal Regnbuepladsen 3, 1550 Copenhagen V

Human Rights become increasingly important within the Pride movement. How can we do more than just inform the public? How can we have an impact on the legal or/and social climate regarding LGBTI themes on local as well as international levels?

THURSDAY 17.08 / 14.00 - 14.45 Steak Royal

Human Rights in Pride

The National Museum of Denmark Ny Vestergade 10, 1220 Copenhagen K

A night with music, talks, guided tours, food and lots of rainbowcolored cocktails. The National Museum of Denmark celebrates Copenhagen Pride focusing on forms of sexual expression through history.

FRIDAY 18.08 / 18.00 - 23.00 The National Museum of Denmark

Rainbow History

Steak Royal Regnbuepladsen 3, 1550 Copenhagen V

Pride Radar is the flagship report of InterPride showcasing hundreds of Prides around the world. In this workshop Pride Radar will be discussed in depth. Also, challenges for the future of sustainable pride movement will be brought to the table.

FRIDAY 18.08 / 14.00 - 14.30 Steak Royal


10 things to do in pride week



Fælledparken, 2100 Copenhagen Ø


ZULU Sommerbio (open-air cinema) is showing the beautiful award-winning movie “Moonlight” under the stars in Fælledparken. Free entrance. You can buy snacks and drinks there - you are also welcome to bring your own.

THURSDAY 17.08 / 21.00 - 23.00 Fælledparken


Søpavillonen, Gyldenløvesgade 24, 1369 Copenhagen K

After the Pride Show the party continues at Søpavillonen. Here you will find a big bar, a smoking terrace, a huge dance floor and a lounge area. DJ’s: Glitter Boys, Bronx & Ashibah and Kings of the Universe. Tickets are 100 DKK through 150 DKK at the door.

SATURDAY 19.08 / 23.00 - 05.00 Søpavillonen

Copenhagen Pride Official Party

Sankt Peders Stræde, 1453 Copenhagen K

Celebrate love and diversity - with dance off, DJ Ashibah &amp; friends, street food and cold drinks, when Brøchner Hotels transform Sankt Peders Stræde into a LOVE FEST.

SATURDAY 19.08 / 15.00 - 20.00 Sankt Peders Stræde


Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen K

AKS Festival invites you in for a screening of the award-winning Brazilian documentary “Waiting for B” which follows young, struggling gay people in Sao Paulo who find strength and hope in Beyoncé and wait for months in front of a stadium to get front row tickets for her concert.

THURSDAY 17.08 / 21.30 - 23.00 Cinemateket,

Waiting for B

SLM Copenhagen, Lavendelstræde 17 (back building), 1462 Copenhagen K

After the Pride Parade SLM opens up the doors for Pride Party. Dresscode: Masculine outfit. Doors are open until 02.00. Entry fee is 100 DKK and membership is not required this night. Men only.

saturday 19.08 / 22.00 - 04.00 SLM Copenhagen

SLM Pride Party 2017

Studiestræde, 1455 Copenhagen K

True to tradition Studiestræde is closed to all traffic and the street will instead be full of music, rainbows and parties all through the afternoon and evening.

SATURDAY 19.08 / 13.00 - 00.00 Studiestræde,

Street Party / Studiestræde

Photo: Nick Levin

Danish drag queens Di Di Cancerella and Harley Queen represented Copenhagen during World OutGames 2017 in Miami as part of Happy Copenhagen's marketing efforts to win the bids for WorldPride and EuroGames in 2021.


Copenhagen2021 What to expect of WorldPride and EuroGames It might be four years out, but the planning for WorldPride and EuroGames in Copenhagen is starting to gear up. Although still in the process of bidding to host these two events, the organizers reveal high ambitions when lifting the veil for some of their ideas ahead of this year’s Copenhagen Pride.

Copenhagen is currently bidding to host WorldPride and EuroGames in 2021 for one global mega event named Copenhagen 2021. - Hosting WorldPride and EuroGames in the same city, for the first time ever, is going to be spectacular, says Lars Christian Østergreen from Happy Copenhagen. – It will be a spectacular celebration of sportsmanship, LGBTQ rights and love – wrapped up in a rainbow-colored pride party where you are included. World class sporting events The organizers hope to feature over 25 sports disciplines for LGBTQ athletes and their allies to compete in, making it one of the largest EuroGames ever. Traditional disciplines such as football, tennis and handball will be featured,

while emerging sports such as dodgeball, roller derby and floorball are also being envisioned as part of the program. - We aim to attract athletes of all levels; professional, elite and recreational to break down the barriers facing LGBTQ athletes. And we want to do so in the world-class sporting facilities that Greater Copenhagen offers. Many of the finals will be open for the public and the participating athletes will be guaranteed lots of social events, cultural activities and parties with Copenhagen hosting WorldPride at the same time. Rainbow-colored city A Pride House will be set up for the full eleven days of Copenhagen 2021. This Photo: Bartenderand at Malmö's will serve as registration information new gay bar, Red Shoe


hub, venue for the human rights conference and a cultural center with arts exhibitions and movie screenings. Among many other cultural events and activities, Rainbow Villages will pop up around the city and the organizers envision that the main shopping street of Copenhagen will be dubbed Pride Mile to lead people to the Pride Square, which will play host to five days of open air, free of charge stage shows. - And of course, Copenhagen 2021 will sport an incredible opening ceremony, a massive WorldPride march with thousands of marchers, and parties that will cater to all parts of our community. Inclusion front and center With the tagline of Copenhagen 2021 being #YouAreIncluded, the event promises to put inclusion front and center. To ensure this, a set of advisory committees have been set up to consult the organizers on issues regarding inclusion of women, intersex people, asexual people, trans people and those with intersectional identities. - We have joined forces with several activists from the LGBTQ community, which will make sure that Copenhagen 2021 includes all parts of our community and serves to elevate the agendas and challenges of all letters of the acronym.

We have joined forces with several activists from the LGBTQ community, which will make sure that Copenhagen 2021 includes all parts of our community and serves to elevate the agendas and challenges of all letters of the acronym. Lars Christian Østergreen Managing Director, Happy Copenhagen

This inclusivity will also be clear in the sporting events, which will be organized according to the principles of fair play rather than using gender as the line of division. The organizers hope that this will make trans and non-binary people feel more welcome. - We hope for everyone to join us on this transformative journey along with athletes, activists and party-goers from all over the world to alter the DNA of Greater Copenhagen and every one of us, says Lars Christian Østergreen.

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café Petersborg | bredgade 76 | 1260 København | 3312 5016 café Petersborg | bredgade 76 | 1260 København | 3312 5016

Fuck n’ Dance at SLM Copenhagen

September 23 Entrance 10pm-2am Dresscode: Masculine



SLM Copenhagen - Lavendelstræde 17 C - Back Building - 1462 Copenhagen C -



Hele Danmarks pilsner er selvfølgelig i alle regnbuens farver. Skål, og god Pride…

Homotropolis | Pride Issue 2017  

Welcome to this Pride Issue of Homotropolis which comes out just as Copenhagen Pride Week 2017 is around the corner and the Danish capital i...

Homotropolis | Pride Issue 2017  

Welcome to this Pride Issue of Homotropolis which comes out just as Copenhagen Pride Week 2017 is around the corner and the Danish capital i...