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7/19/05 4:11:48 PM

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Handjobs August 2005 Letters The Smell of a Man by Big Al Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy

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part 2 by Rick Horsmann

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Despite the terms such as “boy”, “kid” or “son”, all characters in the fiction of Handjobs are 18 years of age or older. It may be against the law to have sexual intercourse with people under the age of 18, but we do print memoirs of men talking about their own boyhood experiences. This magazine is in compliance with the so-called “Child Protection Act of 1995”.

HJ August 2005 3

7/18/05 4:20:18 PM

Letters Dear Handjobs: What a great story sent in by, We Like it Rough. It was nice to see a new writer, and the pictures were hot to look at. It got me hard and excited! I hope you can add them to your magazine once in a while. You guys always seem to cum up with something new. • Dickent, DE Dear Handjobs: I still enjoy reading your magazines and I always look forward to the next issue. I like very much whenever you make a new magazine like Dad’s Bedtime Tales Volume 4. I can’t wait to receive it and read it. Many thanks. • George, MA Dear Handjobs: As usual, your quality and service are top shelf. And as always, your subject matter is HOT! A survey, several, actually, shows that 10 to 12 personal ads indicate an interest in W/S. As we all know, you have been addressing that interest recently. I would encourage you to increase your inclusion of watersports in your stories. I would enjoy a continuation of the Josman story of the two wet brothers and the park ranger (Wet in the Woods in the August 2003 issue of Handjobs) where they get together with the rangers wet and wild friends, and a hotter story where the boys’ dad joins his sons for some kinky, soaking wet fun! • John, NJ Dear Handjobs: Great books and service. • Larry, NY Dear Handjobs: Please – less comics, more stories. • Frederick, CA Dear Handjobs: Josman forever! Foreskin! Foreskin! • Charles, NY Dear Handjobs: Keep up the great work! I love the color feature in the middle of each issue. My all-time favorite story is Caught by the Janitor by Emmet Lyon in the November 1994 issue of Handjobs. I’ve read it more than 100 times. • Chris, OH Dear Handjobs: I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy your magazine. I would like to see stories in upcoming issues of Handjobs about sons and fathers wearing panties. • Gerald, MO Dear Handjobs: At 70, your monthly publication keeps me alive and frisky. Keep up the great job. • Peter, CA 4 • Letters

HJ August 2005 4

7/18/05 4:20:21 PM

Dear Handjobs: You guys f-ing rock! • John, WA Dear Handjobs: Keep up the great work and please have more interracial stories. • H. K., TN Dear Handjobs: You guys are number one. You’ve got all the bases covered. • George, CT Dear Handjobs: Thanks guys. Keep up the good work and we’ll keep cummin’ back. • Mark, OH Dear Handjobs: I have been reading Handjobs since 1996. It is a FANTASTIC magazine. In fact, it is the only magazine I buy each and every month. I keep my back issues and reread them from time to time. Thank you for doing such a fantastic job. I really like the continuing series, My Wild and Raunchy Son. I look forward to its continuation. Josman does an excellent and hot comic! I also like the stories where the boy tops the dad. Daddy topping the boy is so predictable. Keep up the good work. • Bud, GA Dear Handjobs: I love the magazine and all the cocks and balls! • Leon, NY Dear Handjobs: It wouldn’t be a new month with out my copy of Handjobs! More hot watersports scenes, please. • P. J. K., IL Dear Handjobs: You guys are fantastic. Thanks. • Michael, CA Dear Handjobs: Great work! • David, WA Dear Handjobs: My favorite story so far is from the March 1997 issue of Handjobs – Family Vacation by A Chicago Friend. I think it is because Dad used the video arcade to seduce his son. WHAT A FANTASY THAT WAS! • John, MI Dear Handjobs: I’m a new reader of your magazine. I just discovered it a few months ago in a most unusual way. I was taking out my recycling, and of course, the bin behind my apartment building was full. As I was moving things around, trying to make some space, I discovered four or five issues of Handjobs. Just by looking at the covers, I could tell this was the type of magazine I was going to like. You have a subscriber for life! Now, I just wish I could figure out who the other Handjobs fan is in my building. • Terry, CA Letters • 5

HJ August 2005 5

7/18/05 4:20:22 PM

The Smell of a Man by Big Al “Who fucked you today?” I whispered into my son Robert’s ear as I slowly thrust my big, hard, hairy cock into his horny, upturned ass. He lay beneath me on his belly, and I pressed the full weight of my powerful, hirsute body against his smooth backside as we settled into our usual biweekly fuck. “What?” Robert said, turning his head back as I nibbled and tickled his neck with my thick, black mustache. “Who fucked you?” “Huh? Nobody, Dad. Nobody.” I paused for a moment with my cock up his ass. “I’m gonna ask you again, and you better give me a straight answer. Who fucked you today?” “Nobody, Dad. I promise. Nobody.” “Who fucked you?” I yelled, slamming my thick, throbbing cock deep up his shitter. “Ouch, Dad! Nobody … nobody!” Robert whimpered as I pressed my groin tight against his smooth, round buttocks. “Stop it! Now tell me the truth! When I picked you up after school today, I could smell sex on you. I can smell another man a mile away. I could smell his cologne. I could smell his sweat. I could smell his cock, his cum! You showered as soon as you got home, but I can still smell him on you! Who fucked you, boy?! Your ass doesn’t feel too tight; some man rammed his cock up there! Who was it?” I quizzed as he struggled beneath me. “OK! OK! Don’t get mad,” Robert snapped. “I’m not mad at you, son, but you’re not a liar. Tell me the truth,” I sighed as I cooled my jets. “Mr. Patterson. It was Mr. Patterson, my algebra teacher.” “Mr. Patterson? Was he the man talking to you in front of the school this afternoon?” “Yeah, Dad. That was him.” I have to admit I had been checking Mr. Patterson out when I picked Robert up. He was a slightly balding middle-aged man with a thick goatee, square jaw, broad shoulders, and as far as I could tell from a distance, a nice bulge and a hairy chest. “Who was that good looking young man standing next to him?” “That was Winslow, his son. He’s the same class I’m in.” 6 • The Smell of a Man

HJ August 2005 6

7/18/05 4:20:23 PM

I slowly pulled my cock halfway out of his ass and slid back in. We both sighed and settled into a leisurely fuck. “Tell me, how did all this get started?” I whispered gently into his ear as I felt the velvety friction of his ass against my throbbing shaft. “I have study hall last hour. Mr. Patterson called me into his office to discuss my algebra grades this semester. I didn’t want you to know, but I’m failing. This is my last semester and I can’t graduate without passing algebra.” “Go on …” I coaxed as I blew into his ear. “Well, Mr. Patterson suggested he tutor me in one lesson, right then and there. He said he would give me a passing grade if I …. Then he pulled me closer to him. I looked up; he gazed down at me. Our lips met. He pressed his tongue down my throat, grabbed my ass, and started humping. Before I knew it, he had me bent over his desk with his cock buried up my ass. When he finished, he said I fucked as good as Winslow.” “Well, I guess you’ll be graduating after all,” I laughed. “Yeah,” Robert sighed. I got hornier and hornier as visions of Mr. Patterson fucking my son raced through my mind. There I was, my cock buried up my son’s ass where another man’s cock had so recently been. I wondered …. “Did you suck his cock? Did he suck yours?” “No, Dad. It happened real fast so he wouldn’t get caught. He knelt down in front of me, undid my belt, and yanked my pants down. My cock popped right out. I watched as he undid his belt and yanked his pants down to his ankles. His big cock flopped out as he spun me around and bent me over his desk. I heard him spit into his palm, and seconds later, I felt his flared cock knob pressing against my asshole. He fucked me hard and fast and called me his boy-whore. I creamed all over the front of his desk as his cock throbbed and he shot inside me. It happened so fast – two, three minutes at most. Then he pulled out and licked my ass clean. We pulled our drawers up and he walked me out to the front of the school. That’s when you arrived.” “Man that’s hot! How big was his cock? Was it bigger than your daddy’s?” I pressed for more details as my cock throbbed. “His cock has a big head, but not bigger than yours. He’s a little longer, but you have more girth. You’re much thicker at the base.” Robert moaned as I thrust more aggressively. “How hairy is he?” The Smell of a Man • 7

HJ August 2005 7

7/18/05 4:20:23 PM

“He never unbuttoned his shirt, but his groin is buried in a thick forest of black, curly hair, and he has very hairy thighs.” “More hair than me?” “Yeah, Dad, somewhat, but not by much.” My head was spinning. We fucked for several minutes without speaking. Visions of that hot bastard fucking my son was getting my nut. I was excited, yet jealous at the same time. My son was growing up. I always knew some day he would get fucked by another man. I shook my head to clear my mind and pressed on. “His balls. How big were his fucking balls?” “As big and heavy as yours, Dad. But they hung lower. I could feel them slapping my nuts when he plowed me. I think they’re shaved.” My mind reeled. I sank my cock and balls to the hilt as Robert braced himself. I fucked him in long, deep, violent thrusts. My manly flesh slapped against his straining buttocks. “Who’s the hottest fuck, boy? Daddy or that fucking Mr. Patterson? Who’s the hottest fuck?” I grunted and gasped for more air. I fucked him savagely. I was gonna cream his fucking ass with a big fuckin’ load of hot daddy cum! I plowed deeper and harder as sweat dripped from my forehead. “Fuck me harder. You’re the hottest fuck, Dad! Fuck me, Dad! Fuck Mr. Patterson – you turn me on! Cream my fucking ass!” my son pleaded. His assring clamped tight against the base of my throbbing cock as I took the final plunge. “OH, FUCK! That’s my boy – my horny fucking boy!” I groaned through gritted teeth. My cock pulsed and throbbed. Six, seven, eight volleys of cum squirted up his tight throbbing ass. Hot cum back-splashed out his hole, down the base of my veiny, hard shaft and trickled down my hairy man balls. I collapsed on top of my son, then rolled off of him as he whimpered a sigh of relief. When he rolled over, his smooth stomach was slimy with hot cum. “Who’s the hottest fuck?” I smiled to my son as I rolled him into my arms. 8 • The Smell of a Man

HJ August 2005 8

7/18/05 4:20:24 PM

“Dad, you’re always the best!” my son beamed. §



All I could think of the next day at work was Mr. Patterson and how hot it would be to watch Mr. Patterson fuck Robert. Then I recalled that Robert had mentioned that Mr. Patterson said Robert fucked as well as Winslow. So he was into fucking his son. My mind raced. Winslow was a hot number, just like his dad. I always fantasized about hooking up with another father/son team, and I bet Mr. Patterson would like to watch me fuck his son. My cock grew hard and strained in the confines of my tight dress pants. I closed my office door and pulled out my cock and balls. I had to stroke it, I was so fucking horny. I decided when I picked up my son after school, I would pay Mr. Patterson a visit. The Smell of a Man • 9

HJ August 2005 9

7/18/05 4:20:25 PM

There was a knock at my door. I struggled to get my cock back into my pants as I called my secretary in. She reminded me I had a meeting down the hall. I finished the day and headed to my son’s school. How do I get to Mr. Patterson’s office?” I asked, as Robert hopped in the car. “No, Dad. You’re not going to see him?!” My son shook his head in disbelief. “I have to, Robert. Don’t worry, there won’t be any trouble,” I reassured him. “Well, OK. Go in the front door, make a right, and his office is the third door down on the left.” “Great. I won’t be long.” I knocked on Mr. Patterson’s door and introduced myself. I closed the door behind me and moved toward him. He took a few steps back, and soon I had him backed into the wall. He became nervous as I stared into his eyes. “How can I help you? I’m Dan Patterson, Robert’s algebra teacher,” he stammered. “Yeah, I know.” I stared into his eyes as I moved my lips closer to his. “You’re here for a reason; what is it?” He stared back in confidence, a little angry I had trespassed his personal space. I grabbed his collar in my strong fists and cocked my head. My dense mustache brushed against his thick, black goatee. I could feel his hot breath on my lips. He grew wise to me, realizing I was playing head games. “You fucked my son yesterday. That turns me on, you hot fucking bastard. I gotta suck your cock … the cock that fucked my boy!” I grabbed his head as I savagely locked my lips against his. Then I abruptly broke our kiss, and we gazed at each other while I ripped his shirt open. Buttons went flying as I worked my tongue and bristly ’stache through the coarse, dark hair of his sexy chest. My tongue swirled into his hairy armpits, and I inhaled his manly scent. I slowly worked my way down his pleasure trail to his belt, where I struggled to release his monster. I savagely gripped the sides of his pants and briefs and yanked them down to his ankles. His cock slapped my face. I opened wide and buried his bone to the balls down my throat, inhaling the musky scent of his manhood. I was finally getting what I 10 • The Smell of a Man

HJ August 2005 10

7/18/05 4:20:25 PM

wanted, finally getting what I had come here for. I was finally sucking the cock that fucked my son. His smooth, shaved low-hangers banged my chin as he began to thrust. I struggled to get my cock out of my pants as he pushed me down and back onto the floor. He kicked his shoes and pants all the way off and straddled my face in the sixty-nine position as he slid my pants down past my hairy thighs. His cock and heavy balls swung above my face. I raised my head and suckled his heavy hangers into my hungry mouth. He pulled and stretched my balls as he sucked my big, hairy, throbbing cock. “Oh, yeah, fucker! I can’t wait to see you cram this big cock up my son’s fuckin’ ass!” I moaned as his slick balls slid out of my mouth with a pop. I grabbed his big cock and guided it back into my mouth as he plunged deep into my throat. My nose was buried in the wrinkles of his heavy scrotum, and I almost suffocated. I slapped his ass as I admired the thick, black hair that ran up his asscrack. I had never sucked a more fantastic cock. I had just begun to thrust my cock into his mouth when I felt him shove his middle fuck finger up my hairy hole. “Uhhh!” I groaned around the thick shaft that was filling my mouth. My ass stretched and tingled as he drove his finger all the way up inside me. My cock pulsed as he choked and swallowed my hot manseed. I crammed my own fuck finger up his ass, causing him to drown my gullet in hot, steamy cum. I swallowed and swallowed as his musky, nutty seed continued to fill my mouth. Our body tremors subsided as he rolled off of me. We had gotten lost in our sex-play, and I remembered that Robert was still waiting in the car. We looked at each other kinda dazed, each giving a self-concious laugh as we shook our heads back to consciousness. “Wow, what happened?” Dan moaned as he looked past his deflating cock at my face. “Just two cocksuckers sucking cock!” I chuckled. “Hey, Dan. I gotta go. Robert’s waiting in the car. And I’m sure you need to get home to Winslow, too,” I said as we stood and put our clothes back on. “You know I have a son?” “Robert told me. I saw you both yesterday when I picked up Robert after school. Dan, I was serious earlier. I need to watch you fuck my son,” I said as I scribbled our address on a notepad. “Robert says you The Smell of a Man • 11

HJ August 2005 11

7/18/05 4:20:26 PM

fuck Winslow. It’ll be great. Bring him along. Two plus two equals four. I know you can do the math,” I winked. “Man, you got me all figured out,” Dan replied. “How about tomorrow night at eight?” “Great,” I smiled as I exited his office. §



Dan and Winslow came over a little earlier than eight. I offered Dan a beer and told the boys to go downstairs and shoot some pool. I decided I should get to know him better if he was going to fuck my son again. “So how did you and Winslow start fucking?” I asked. “Actually, it never entered my mind until my ex-father-in-law suggested it to me,” he said. “He fucked all of his sons and said it would be great if I started fucking his grandson. I agreed, so I started fucking him. And you?” “Oh, much the same, only my dad fucked me for years, still does. It’s an unspoken family tradition. I enjoy the strong relationship I have with Robert. All men should be so lucky.” “And your wife?” “I divorced that bitch years ago. She lives outta state and I got sole custody. We never see her. I stood up and slipped my hand down Dan’s shirt and felt his furry chest. “Let’s go downstairs and get started,” I suggested. Dan and I stripped and headed down the stairs. The boys had just finished their game, and we peeled them outta their clothes. I bent Robert over the pool table and spread his buttocks wide to show Dan my son’s tight hole. “Ya gotta fuck him, Dan. I can’t wait any longer,” I teased as Dan leaned in and munched on Robert’s butt hole. “Robert has one tasty ass!” Dan said as he wiped his goatee against his hairy forearm. “C’mon, man, fuck him,” I pleaded as I stroked my stiffening fuck rod. Dan aimed his big, hairy, throbbing cock at Robert’s eager fuckhole while I spread my son’s buttocks wide. Winslow moved in closer to get a better look. Dan’s red, throbbing cockhead pressed against my son’s straining hole. Robert whimpered. Dan pressed on, and I spat on his cockhead to lube him up. 12 • The Smell of a Man

HJ August 2005 12

7/18/05 4:20:27 PM

Dan’s cockhead popped in. Robert yelped, but Dan held steady. I had never seen anything hotter. I bent my knees slightly to spread my thighs as Winslow knelt beneath me and sucked on my hairy bull balls. Dan slowly sank the rest of his nine inches deep into my son’s twitching hole. His thick forest of black curly cock hairs mashed tightly against Robert’s smooth butt. My son was getting FUCKED! Dan and I savagely kissed as Robert rotated his ass on Dan’s fat cock. Dan pulled out slowly and thrust back in. His pace quickened. He grunted, and Robert moaned. Dan’s cock and Robert’s ass had become one. I reached down behind Dan’s legs and slapped his swinging balls while I looked over his shoulder at his thrusting cock. Winslow was sucking my cock. I pushed him off and shoved Dan off of my son. I rammed my cock up Robert’s ass and briefly pounded his pud as I shoved him to the floor on all fours. “Get down and fuck him like a dog!” I said to Dan as I slapped Robert’s ass. Dan pounced on Robert and fucked him hard. Robert slammed his ass against Dan’s savage thrusts. “Fuck him, you mother fucking bastard!” I yelled as I smacked Dan’s hairy, thrusting ass. Winslow was in front of Dan and Robert on his hands and knees, ass in the air, fingering his asshole. The boy needed to get fucked. I spread his ass wide, spat on his hole and shoved my throbbing cock at his entrance. “Fuck him, Rick! Cram his fucking ass with your big hairy cock! He can handle it!” I looked back under my right arm and saw Dan humping Robert. The echoes of their fucking and grunting bounced off the cement walls as I thrust my cock deep into Winslow’s fuck hole. His yelps of pain turned into groans of pleasure. We fucked like madmen. We fucked and fucked and fucked! “Take it boy! Take Dan’s fucking cock!” I encouraged Robert as I fucked Winslow. “Fuck me harder, Rick! Fuck me!” Winslow cried while I plowed his fucking ass. “I’ll fuck ya boy! Right in front of your daddy! Right in front of your fucking daddy. I’m gonna rip your ass wide open. Fuck ya all night, then your daddy’ll fuck ya too !” I teased. The Smell of a Man • 13

HJ August 2005 13

7/18/05 4:20:28 PM

I fucked Winslow harder. His ass clamped against my cock. I could hear Dan fucking Robert faster and moaning louder. I could tell that Dan was about to blow his load. And I wanted him to. I wanted him to coat my son’s guts with his big, creamy spunk load. “Fucking shit, man! Fucking shit!” Dan yelled as he blew his big fucking load into Robert. Robert’s eyes rolled back into his head as he blew his load onto the floor. Dan’s body heaved in convulsions as he pumped my son full of his man cream. I slammed Winslow faster and faster, my heavy, hairy balls slamming his buttocks. My cock tingled as I huffed and puffed. “I’m breedin’ your boy, Dan; breedin’ your boy! Oh, fuck, yeah! Fuck, fuck, fuck, yeah!” I yelled as I popped hot seed into Winslow’s straining gut. We both collapsed onto the boys, then rolled over to our respective sons to check out the damage we had done with our cocks. The boy’s got back on their hands and knees while we checked them out. I spread Roger’s buttocks wide. His hole was red, swollen and battered. As I licked his hole, it winked and Dan’s creamy load began to leak out. The smell of my son’s fucked hole dripping with Dan’s cum got my slowly deflating cock to put back on the weight. I bristled my way up and down Robert’s crack, and my thick, black mustache was drenched in Dan’s cum as it oozed out of his ass. My cock throbbed. I was ready to do my duty as a father, to fuck my son after he had been fucked by another man. I positioned myself over my son and slowly pushed my cock in deep, licking Dan’s cum from my mustache. Robert’s ass was hot, wet and sloppy. I could feel Dan’s slimy cum trickle down my hairy balls as I pumped my grateful son. “Daddy’s gonna take it nice and easy, son. Nice and easy. Daddy’s gonna make love to your tender ass,” I cooed as slowly fucked him. Dan was lying on his back, and I watched as Winslow slowly lowered his battered hole down his dad’s thick, veiny shaft. My hot man spunk oozed out his ass and down Dan’s slimy, throbbing, hairy mancock. Dan’s hairy legs were spread wide, his shaved, low-hanging balls rested on the cold cement floor as my cum trickled down his smooth nuts and puddled on the floor. I thrust slowly into my son as we both gazed at the slow fuck before us. We were all one happy foursome.

14 • The Smell of a Man

HJ August 2005 14

7/18/05 4:20:29 PM

Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy part 2 by Rick Horsmann I stood in the boys’ bedroom, breathing heavily, my legs trembling slightly from the force of my orgasm while the brothers stayed crouched at my feet, my drying cum glazing their upturned faces. The warmth of the room reminded me that I was supposed to be repairing Mrs. Smather’s A/C, not screwing around with her sons. As the boys got to their feet, I began collecting my clothes and, by the time I was fully dressed, they were lying together on the bed, still naked. The older brother, Tommy, was spooned against his younger sibling, Sammy. I felt like I should say something, so giving the kids a mock salute, I smiled. “Thanks, guys. That was cool. Uh, maybe another time, huh?” Tommy smiled back and nodded. “Sure, any time! That was better than cool. It was fucking hot!” I returned to the utility room and completed the repairs on the unit. Every time I squatted down I could feel the remnants of Tommy’s spunk leaking from my ass, reminding me of what we’d just done and making me replay the experience in my head. By the time I had completed my job, my cock was hard and throbbing again. As I packed up my tools, Tommy entered the room, clad only in his low riding boxers. His cock was fully exposed and erect, protruding invitingly from the fly of his shorts. The teenager slowly ran one hand up and down the shaft of his hardon as he spoke. “Sammy and I were gonna take a shower. Mom’s not due home for a coupla hours yet. We thought maybe you’d like to join us.” My stiff meat twitched in response to his words. I was smelling kinda rank and could have used a shower. But I also knew that this invitation was for much more than that. I began unbuttoning my shirt as I stepped toward the half-naked boy. “Sure,” I smiled. “I’ll shower with you. Lead the way, son.” I shed my clothes as we walked from the utility room to the boys’ bathroom and by the time we arrived, I was naked and ready to play. Sammy had already started the shower and was standing under one of the dual heads, letting the hot water stream over his slim, well-muscled body. He was stroking his boner with one hand and fingering his butt hole with the other. I stepped under the other spray and Tommy joined Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy part 2 • 15

HJ August 2005 15

7/18/05 4:20:30 PM

me, grabbing a bar of soap and lathering my furry chest and belly, then working his way down to my erect cock and heavy balls. I looked around, impressed by the size and setup of the shower. The enclosure was large enough to easily accommodate a fourth person, with two shower heads on one wall and a large glass brick wall on the opposite side to let in lots of natural light. “Nice setup,” I offered. Tommy smiled. “Dad says he bought this house for the shower. We have a lot of fun in here,” he explained. I watched Sammy begin lathering his own body, working soap over his firm, defined pecs and six-pack abs as I took in this information. I wondered what the boy meant by “fun” and who exactly was involved. “Uh, when’s your dad due home?” I asked. “He’s traveling on business. He’s not due home till tomorrow,” was the reply. I relaxed and let Tommy continue to work the lather down from my thighs over my calves and feet. I turned and luxuriated in the feel of the boy’s soapy hands on my lower back and ass. I turned again to rinse my backside and discovered the younger brother leaning forward against the opposite wall, his round, smooth butt thrust out as he fingered his hole with a soapy digit. Tommy began stroking my cock as I watched his brother finger fuck himself. I knew what the boy wanted, and I was happy to fill that need. Tommy released his grip on my soapy meat as I stepped toward Sammy and pressed the head of my stiffy against the boy’s hole. The younger brother pulled his fingers from his soapy tunnel and let my cock replace them, pushing his ass back to take the head and half my shaft in one thrust. I grabbed the boy by his hips and pushed forward, burying the rest of my meat in his hot rectum. Tommy watched as I pumped my thick meat in and out of his brother’s ass, stroking his own stiff cock with one hand and fingering the ridge behind his balls with the other. I continued to hump the younger boy as the water streamed over his firm back and down the crack of his ass to bathe the shaft of my dick as it pistoned back and forth. Sammy tightened his ass muscles to squeeze my dick in rhythm with my fuck and I could feel my meat swell in response, threatening to blow its load. I pulled my cock from Sammy’s hot butt to let the heat subside. Tommy, seeing my cock bobbing between my wet, furry thighs, turned 16 • Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy part 2

HJ August 2005 16

7/18/05 4:20:31 PM

to face the shower wall, mimicking his brother’s position with his arms against the slick tiles. He thrust his butt out, inviting my invasion. I stepped sideways to stand behind the older sibling and grabbed his hips. At the same time, I ran my rod up and down his ass crack, slapping my dripping balls against the back of his firm thighs. Tommy moaned and reached back to spread his cheeks, positioning his stretched hole to engulf the head of my thrusting dick. I increased my grip on his hips to steady him as I pushed forward, sliding my cock deep into his round, firm butt just as the shower door slid open and a baritone voice filled the stall. “Fuckin’ Christ! Go away for a few days and my boys are getting fucked by strangers! What kinda shit is this?” I turned my head to see a tall, heavily muscled man, naked and smiling, standing with his stiff meat in his big fist. Despite his words it was obvious that he was amused, not to mention turned on. Unfazed, the boy squirming on my cock turned his head also and greeted the man warmly. “Hey, Dad. We didn’t expect you till tomorrow. Dad, this is the air conditioner repair guy, Rick. Rick, this is my dad.” The big, sexy stud stepped into the shower and extended his hand. I grasped it in response and we shook as if it weren’t unusual for his son to be impaled on a stranger’s cockmeat. “Glad to meet you. My name’s Jim,” he offered. “And don’t feel guilty, Rick. You’re not the first man these little horndogs have seduced. Last month it was the mailman and two months ago it was the landscape guy. It’s my own fault, I guess. I taught these kids to love cock as soon as they could get it up. Now it seems they’re out of control.” The boy’s dad released my hand and stepped behind me, placing his big hands on my ass as his cock brushed against the small of my back. I thought he was going to fuck me, and I was ready and willing to take his thick meat. But he pushed past me and wrapped his arms around his younger son, pulling the boy’s naked, wet body against his own. Jim bent his face down toward Sammy’s and the two locked lips, grinding their crotches together as father and son engaged in a long, tongue-swallowing kiss. The sight of dad and boy enthusiastically swapping spit was enough to bring me off. I felt the familiar tingle start in my nutsac and move up to the head of my cock. I knew it was coming, and I knew there Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy part 2 • 17

HJ August 2005 17

7/18/05 4:20:32 PM

was nothing I could do to hold it back. Thrusting wildly into Tommy’s ass, I shot my load, filling the boy’s gut with hot man cream. Tommy, responding to my orgasm, grabbed his own dick and jacked it with quick strokes, forcing his jizz to erupt from his cock and paint the tiles in front of him with large splatters of white, sticky juice. Panting, I pulled my cock from Tommy’s butt and milked the last of the cum from my bloated shaft with my fist, creating a long, thick stream of white cream that drooled from the head of my cock toward the shower floor. Jim reached down to finger his son’s butt, and pulling his cum-coated digit from the Tommy’s hole, he held it close to his face, sniffing and then licking at it. His stiff cock twitched as he savored the taste of his boy’s ass juice mixed with my sperm. Growling with lust, Jim pulled Tommy’s pummeled butt toward his hips and ran his thick meat up and down the boy’s cummy crack. “Can you take more dick, boy? Think you can take another fuck for Daddy?” he asked. Tommy nodded his head with surprising enthusiasm, making his father smile. Jim aimed his cock at the boy’s hole and pushed forward, spreading the kid’s cheeks with his large hands to clear the way for his meat. Sammy then positioned himself at Tommy’s head, offering his stiff rod for his older brother’s attention. I slowly wanked my cooling meat, watching in fascination as the boy took his dad’s cock up his fuckedout butt, sucking on his younger sibling’s dick at the same time. Neither Jim nor Sammy spared Tommy’s worked-over body. Both father and son pummeled the boy at both ends in their respective efforts to get off. Sammy came first, spewing his hot spunk into his brother’s belly. I could see Tommy’s throat muscles working convulsively as he struggled to swallow the entire load. My dick began to harden again at the sight of one brother swallowing his sibling’s cream. Jim followed soon after, gripping his son’s hips and shoving his cock deep into the boy’s hole. He froze, his pecs and abs clenched in orgasm. I could see the man’s balls pull up tight as he mixed his sperm with mine in the depths of his son’s gut. By now my cock was fully recovered: hard as rock and aching for a second release. Jim reached forward and pulled me close, keeping his cock imbedded in his son’s hole as he fingered my ass. Slipping his 18 • Air Conditioner Repairman’s Fantasy part 2

HJ August 2005 18

7/18/05 4:20:33 PM

long fingers inside my gut, the man found my prostate and massaged the swollen organ, forcing my second orgasm. I shot my cream over Tommy’s back, my juices sluicing off under the force of the shower and running down the boy’s butt and thighs. As the last of my load drooled from my rod, I sighed deeply, my body trembling with post-orgasmic fatigue. I smiled slowly as I scanned the tableau of father and sons, fucked out and fulfilled, now engaging in friendly horseplay under the shower spray. This was definitely a service call I’d remember and would be glad to repeat!

Breakfast of Champions by Peter I was sitting in the park having my breakfast when I noticed this hot older guy looking real tasty across the way. I was at my favorite picnic table with the bowl of cereal I had gotten from the park pavilion, just like I do every weekend morning, and this really hot guy was resting after his jog on the park bench opposite me. His legs were spread real wide, and I could even see his cock and balls when I looked up his shorts. He was wearing a jock, but it was so worn out that his heavy equipment was weighing on the thing. He was in great shape. He must have been my grandfathers’ age, but he looked real good. He had to be the best looking guy his age I’ve ever seen. My hardon never lies. He must have jogged for miles, because he was sweating and panting like a dog. And I wanted to go over there and lick the sweat off his hard body. I had to adjust my big dick in my shorts, and figured I might as well give the damn thing a squeeze. My asshole was twitching, and my balls were sweating. They had tightened up in my sweaty crotch. I started to think about sucking his cock. He hadn’t noticed me, but I wondered what he’d think if he knew a boy like me was hot for him. I was sure he was available. Any older guy that good-looking and into keeping up his body the way he does must be available. I wanted to swing on that thing between his legs, and I was pretty sure it had to be a long one, and thick, too. He finally looked up and noticed me. Smiled at me, too, unless I was imagining things. But I wasn’t. He grabbed his crotch and gave it a squeeze. Then he pushed his tank top aside and gave one juicy nipple a nice, healthy tug. I wished those were my fingers pinching his nipples. And what a handsome face – rugged and strong with piercing Breakfast of Champions • 19

HJ August 2005 19

7/18/05 4:20:34 PM

blue eyes, and a strong jaw – he was strong all around. He was a lot older than me, but I could tell he was hot and horny. Then he got up and started coming my way. I nearly choked on my spoon. “Nice day,” he said. The sun was in my eyes. I look up at him and squinted. “Yes, sir. You out for a jog?” “Just finished,” he answered easily. “I’m on my way home. They even serve cold cereal here?” he asked, referring to the pavilion. “Yeah, I have it here every weekend. They have lots of good stuff here,” I told him. “I see,” he said looking at me as though I was on the menu. I pulled my shorts taut across my thighs so he could see the outline of my hardon, and my cockhead slipped out the leg. His eyes lit up, revealing his interest. “Mind if I join you … for something to eat?” he added, thrusting his hands into his shorts pockets and pulling them tight in the crotch. I saw he was playing with himself with one hand. I could tell how big and thick his cock was. He had a whopper! I could even see the outline of his big, fat cockhead. “Here, sit down,” I said, scooting over. “What will you have?” “I’ll have what you’re having. It seems to be keeping you fit.” As I went running off to get him his bowl, I could feel him checking me out. I’d been chased before. And I’d been fucked before. And there was nothing I’d rather do than get this guy’s dick up my butt. When I returned I could see that the old man was eager, but relaxed and smiling. I wondered how many young guys had chased him. He might have been a lot older but he still had it. Accidentally, I dropped his spoon, and when I went under the table to get it, I saw his piss slit staring at me. His cock has escaped his jock and his shorts and its foreskin, too. He was even leaking precum. He sure looked tasty. I’d have blown him right there if we hadn’t been in the middle of the park. I got him another spoon, and we sat down and had our breakfast. He told me he was new to the neighborhood, long a widower, but had two sons and three grandsons who didn’t live that far away. “It’s just my dad and me,” I told him. “Do you get your good looks from your dad?” he asked, squeezing my thigh under the table. “I don’t know. My dad’s really hairy.” 20 • Breakfast of Champions

HJ August 2005 20

7/18/05 4:20:36 PM

“Oh?” he sat back, “You don’t like hairy guys?” I could see he was really hairy, too, even if it was practically all white. “Please don’t take offense, mister. Actually, I really do like hairy guys – a lot. It’s just that I’m not very hairy myself.” “You’re still young,” he answered, gently putting his hand back on my thigh. He squeezed nice and tight then ran his hand way up into my crotch. “And what do you think of your dad?” he inquired. “Well ….” I began, but I was too embarrassed to go on. “And do you have grandfathers?” He also wanted to know what I thought of them. “Yes, I have both, and although they’re really nice, in fact kind of great, they’re not quite like you. You seem pretty phenomenal,” I said respectfully. “I eat right and exercise. Isn’t that why we’re having this breakfast? By the way, do you know I’ve discovered a gym behind this place?” “Oh, yeah, the owner of the pavilion recently set up a gym in the back. Not many people know about it yet. You want to go see? I’ll introduce you to him if he’s there.” I ran ahead and he quickly followed. “Come on in,” I waved to him, opening the door and turning on the lights. Nobody was there, and the door shut behind us with a bang. We were all alone, and suddenly the place seemed very small and quiet. “Do you think we can be here alone like this?” the man said. “Mr. Caffre lets me work out here on my own all the time.” “There’s a lock on the door. Shall we lock it?” he said with a glint in his eye. “Can we?” “Would you like that?” he asked, and when I nodded, he did. Then he turned to me and smiled. “Now, tell me honestly, what would you do with your daddy if you could?” He moved closer. He sat down on a beanbag and spread his legs. I sat in his lap facing him, my legs on either side of his, and I said, “This!” He hugged me, and I hugged him back. Then he kissed me lightly and asked, “What would you do with your grandfathers if you could?” He started to feel me up with his hands in my shorts. His cock was hard up against his belly. So was mine. His throbbed next to mine. I moaned. He moaned and we kissed again, more passionately, our tongues playing in each other’s mouth. “Kiss me some more, boy, and call me Daddy.” “Daddy, can I play with you?” Breakfast of Champions • 21

HJ August 2005 21

7/18/05 4:20:36 PM

“Nothing would please me more,” he answered. My hands felt his chest. His tank top shrank to nothing for me. I pinched his big nipples, making him moan. He kissed me harder and deeper. His cock throbbed right up against mine, and I ran my fingers into his armpits. They were full of hair, dripping and sweating. He was sweating as much as my daddy does. “You like that, boy, don’t you? You want to sniff them? Go ahead.” He lifted his arms. “You want to lick them?” And I did. “Suck my tits, too, boy. That’s it, son. Bite them. Uh, harder. Yeah!” They tasted so ripe. “Now I’ll suck yours,” he said. He pulled my tank top over my head and pulled my shorts down my thighs. Oh, how his eager hands wanted to get into my sweaty ass and finger my hot hole. I wondered if I was going to get fucked. He grabbed our cocks with his sweaty hands, and holding the undersides together he jerked us off as his precum mixed with mine. “Let me suck it,” he pleaded, lifting me up, and when my stif f cock was pointed at his mouth, he 22 • Breakfast of Champions

HJ August 2005 22

7/18/05 4:20:37 PM

took it between his lips and slurped it up. His tongue started playing all around it, driving me half crazy. Gradually, he eased me down and I found myself slipping between his muscular thighs until my face was deep in his hairy crotch. His balls were hanging low, but his prick was cur ved up toward the skylight. Oh, Grandpa, I thought, what a big cock you have. And in my imagination, he answered, The better to stuff your mouth with. His cock was so wicked – fleshy and veiny and pink, red, blue, and purple. His cockhead had that mushroom shape my dad’s has, big and fat (and inviting) and his foreskin was thick and wrinkly. I licked over and under it, to the slit and down under the crown. I was moaning like a maniac, and he was moaning even more. In no time, I was lapping at his heavy balls in their low-hanging sack and tossing them around on my tongue. I sniffed his crotch and took in all his smells. I thought I would pass out, Breakfast of Champions • 23

HJ August 2005 23

7/18/05 4:20:38 PM

I was so happy and overwhelmed. Geez, I wanted to do this with my dad. “Now, get up here, Champ. There’s one more thing I’ve got to do,” he said, hoisting me onto the bench press. Lifting my ankles over my head he sniffed and licked my damp ass and tongued out my asshole. “I’ve got to get my thing up your ass. That cute butt of yours is too hot to pass up. I’m too horny not to plug you right now.” And laying his huge cockhead against my hole, he reached for his shorts. Damn, if he didn’t have a little tube of some creamy stuff to smear on my pucker. His finger really felt good probing inside me and stretching me to the limit. Then his cockhead slipped right inside my pink hole. Slowly, he forced his way in. I reached down behind me and grabbed the bench press legs. His joint felt so hard up my butt that I was practically screaming. He put a hand over my mouth and whispered to me, still forcing another inch up my hole, “Shhh, it won’t be long and you’ll have every inch of my fat cock up your ass, son.” He moaned when at last his bushy pubic hair brushed up against my smooth butt. “Bubble butt,” he declared. “What a beautiful boy. Take it, son. Take every inch of Grandpa’s stiff dick in your ass. Now grip it and massage it real nice. Oh, yeah. Just like that. Fuck back, son. Draw the cream right out of me. Oh, yes!” On and on we went, fucking and fucking some more. We fucked for so long I was sure someone would try to get into the gym. But we were undisturbed, and this older man fucked me with so much energy, I got the greatest workout of my life. “Fuck me, Grandpa. Fuck me. Fuck my hole with your big dick!” Finally, when I was on my stomach with my ass high in the air, he shouted, “I’m going to cream, boy! I’m going to fill your ass with cum, son!” Of course, I came immediately – all over his hand. He had been jerking me off mercilessly. Then when he brought his hand to his mouth and licked up a load of my cream, he shot and shot and shot. It was so intense I nearly fell off the bench. Thick, hot, gooey daddy cream filled my ass to overflowing. Huffing and puffing he eased his sweaty body off me and licked my sore little ass, lapping up his own salty cum. Then he leaned over me from behind, turned my head and kissed me, sharing our jizz in a deep, lingering kiss. “Forget that fucking cold cereal, boy. You needed something hot.” Tonguing me some more with the last drops of our 24 • Breakfast of Champions

HJ August 2005 24

7/18/05 4:20:38 PM

mixed cream he insisted, “Now this, my boy, is what you need to eat. This is the breakfast of champions.” With his big cock still hard, shiny and dripping in front of my eyes, he smiled and laughed. And I leaned forward and licked the last drops of jizz off his prick.

Southern Nights part 2 Daniel, Max and the Boys by Robert Glynn See Southern Nights in the April 2005 issue of Handjobs That warm southern night when I saw my two son having sex will always be caught in my memory. Every action, every movement, every word, every sensation – forever clear in my recollection. I saw my youngest, Max, sucking his older brother, Daniel, who then went on to eat out Max’s ass and then to fuck him. Later, when I confronted Daniel, things spun out of control, and Daniel ended up naked, on his knees, between my legs, sucking my cock. You cannot imagine the thrill of having your first born son swallow your cum. Then, almost as if in a dream, I followed my naked son up the stairs to the boys’ bedroom. My eyes were riveted to his firm young ass and all I could think of was the fact that he had said, “Sure, Dad. I’d love for you to fuck me,” and, “You’re going to love Max’s ass.” In spite the fact that I had already cum twice that evening, my cock thrust obscenely from the open fly of my jeans. Daniel opened the bedroom door and we walked in to find my youngest son naked and masturbating on the bed, obviously waiting for his brother’s arrival and more sex. When Max saw me standing there behind his brother, he was surprised and tried as best he could to hide his hard little cock. “It’s OK, Max.” Daniel said. “Dad knows. He just finished cumming in my mouth.” “Dad knows?” Max parroted. “Yeah,” I said, “I saw you sucking Daniel in the shed. I watched him fuck your ass.” “You sucked Dad’s cock?” Max asked his older brother. “Yeah,” Daniel answered. “It was great. He shot in my mouth. I told him he could fuck your ass, OK?” Southern Nights part 2 • 25

HJ August 2005 25

7/18/05 4:20:39 PM

“You want to fuck me, Dad?” Max looked at me. I could only nod my head. Max rolled over on his belly and spread his legs like a perfect little whore. He reached behind himself and spread his asscheeks wide, exposing his beautiful, pink, hairless shit hole. Like a man possessed, I heard myself moan as I got down on the bed between his spread legs and placed my mouth on my boy’s puckered hole. How can I describe what it feels like when a father first slides his tongue up into his son’s shit chute: exciting, thrilling, mind blowing. That and so much more. His moist, funky, smell and taste, the incredible heat of his boy pussy and the feel of his asscheeks pressed against my face as I struggled to get further up inside him were electrifying and arousing. Had I not already blown my cum wad twice that evening, I know I would have spattered my spunk on the boy’s bed right then, without even touching my own desperately hard fuck stick. As I sucked my youngest boy’s pink hole, I felt Daniel, my eldest, behind me. With his hand on my hips, he urged me up on my knees. When I complied, I felt his hands under me, fumbling with my belt buckle. Daniel shoved my jeans down around my thighs exposing my asshole. He spit on my bung hole, and I felt him place his cockhead up against the portal of my rectum. It had been many years since I had felt a cock up my ass. Daniel, with the over-eagerness of a horny youth, slammed his hard cock up into me in one hard, brutal thrust. It hurt, but I welcomed the pain and endured his rough fucking till I opened up and began to enjoy the hard piston of my boy’s cock in my ass. The combination was incredible, my youngest son wiggling his cunt against my mouth, trying to get even more of my tongue in his rectum, while my oldest used me like a whore, playing the stud, fucking the shit out of his father. Daniel fucked me like a demon, all the while saying filthy things to me and his brother, “Gonna fuck you, Dad. Fucking your asshole. Eat Max’s butt while I fuck you. Get him wet, so you can fuck him after I cum up your ass. Eat his boy pussy. Oh, God, I’m cumming, Dad! Take my sperm load; take my cum, Dad!” With a mighty thrust, Daniel shoved deep inside me and fell across my back, pumping his young sperm up my ass. It was incredible. After a few moments I felt my son pull his slime-covered joy rod out of my throbbing butt hole. “Come on, Dad. It’s your turn to fuck Max. He loves taking it up the ass.” 26 • Southern Nights part 2

HJ August 2005 26

7/18/05 4:20:40 PM

Daniel took a jar of petroleum jelly from his bedside table, and he greased my cock while I greased Max’s shit chute. Nothing in my life was as exciting as the feeling of greasing my youngest boy’s ass in preparation to fuck him. Nothing had ever felt as good as when I slowly slid my cockhead into his rectum. I went in slow, not wanting to hurt my baby, but the little whore was ready for it. He was eager for his Daddy’s cock, hungry to be fucked. “Fuck me, Daddy,” Max whispered. “Fuck me.” While I butt fucked his brother, Daniel pushed his still hard cock into my face. Wet with his cum, and reeking with my butt juices, Daniel pushed it into my mouth and began to face fuck me. The fuck went on for a long time. Max, writhing below me, impaled on his Daddy’s dick, took the cock that had bred him into life, while Daniel rode my mouth with an impassioned frenzy that could not be denied. Daniel, with the vigor of youth, came first, pouring his slimy sperm deep down my throat. That set me off, and I blasted my own scum wad up my younger son’s pussy. We all collapsed in a pile and lay there till Max said, “Who’s going to get me off?” Daniel and I looked at each other and laughed. “You take care of him, Dad,” Daniel said. “I’ve done the little fucker enough tonight.” As I lay on my back on the bed, Max straddled my chest and fucked my face. I loved being a mouth cunt for my baby boy. His hot, hard penis used my face just like a grown man uses a whore’s cunt. He yelled out loud when he started pumping his love juice into me, and I swallowed every slimy, drop of jizz. §



The next few weeks were like a honeymoon. The boys and I couldn’t get enough of each other sexually. We were always naked, always hard, and always exploring each other’s sexual needs. Daniel took charge. He was the top, and showed great imagination in using me and his younger brother as his more than willing bottoms. In turn, while I played the wimp to my eldest boy, surrendering my eager man cunt to his desperate needs, my youngest boy was always more than eager to let me use his boy pussy. He enjoyed fucking his old man, too. And I discovered my long-repressed need to be a cunt. I loved bottoming for the boys. Southern Nights part 2 • 27

HJ August 2005 27

7/18/05 4:20:41 PM

Then one Saturday, Daniel and Max showed up with a couple of their friends. “You know Tommy and Dale, don’t you, Dad?” Daniel asked. I nodded. “I told them that they could fuck you in the ass. They’ve never fucked a man before, so take off your pants, OK?” I was stunned. I looked at my eldest boy with my mouth opened. “Come on, Dad, get naked. You are going to let us gang bang you, aren’t you?” I knew Daniel wanted to demonstrate his sexual control over me to these two leering, adolescent, wolf-friends, who stood staring hungrily at me. I also knew my cock had sprung up rock hard at the thought of having four of these beautiful studs fuck me. Without a word I kicked off my shoes, unbuckled my jeans, and pushed them down. Since I was not wearing underwear, my hard cock was immediately revealed. As was the fact that I was my boy’s fuck hole. Tommy and Dale grinned and high fived each other. I stepped out of my jeans, and took my t-shirt off. I stood there naked in front of the four boys. “Turn around, and show us the hole you’re going to let us fuck,” Daniel demanded. I turned, spread my legs wide, bent over, and reached behind myself to spread my ass cheeks and expose my fuck hole to the whooping boys. “Now isn’t that a pretty cunt?” Daniel asked his friends. “Shake it for the boys, Daddy.” I wiggled in a lewd, perverted way for the howling, whistling youths. “Now get upstairs, grease that cunt, and be in bed, ready to get fucked.” As I hustled upstairs, I heard Daniel offer the boys beer from the refrigerator. I was face down on the bed with my lubed ass spread wide when the boys came into the bedroom. I had put a couple of pillows under my stomach to give them easy access to my hungry hole, and pushed my hard cock back between my legs, so it, too, was exposed. “All right,” I heard Daniel say, “you guys get naked while I get the cunt ready.” He opened my closet and took out several neckties, which he proceeded to use to tie me spread eagled to the bed. When he had me helplessly bound, he took another tie and gagged me. “OK,” he said, “who wants to fuck him first?” The boys decided it would be hot to watch Max play the stud to his father’s cunt. So Max, never the shy one, got in the saddle and 28 • Southern Nights part 2

HJ August 2005 28

7/18/05 4:20:42 PM

proceeded to ride my pussy. As always, it was hot to get fucked by my youngest boy. But being incestuously fucked in front of these other boys, while they fondled their own cocks and made nasty, humiliating comments, was such a turn on, that I thought I would cum without even touching my raging hardon. Max shouted and then dumped his scum load up my ass while the boys hooted and laughed. Then Tommy, who had the biggest cock of the crew, took his turn in my hole. He shoved his massive, uncut cock into my cunt hole in one hard shove – all the way in, balls deep. It hurt, and I was thankful for not only the grease I had used, but the sperm wad Max had deposited in me. Tommy was no virgin, but rather an accomplished, practiced, fucker. He knew what butt holes were for and how to use them. He used a wonderful mix of long, slow strokes; sharp, jabbing, thrusts; and lots of pelvic gyrations that put his meat into every part of my pussy. He regularly pulled all the way out and took a moment to slap my ass a few times before he slammed back up into me. It was a long and through fucking. When at last he came, he pulled out and splattered his spunk all over my back. He obviously wanted the other boys to see his wad. Daniel, inspired by Tommy’s stud show, claimed his right to be the next to use my fuck hole. Watching Tommy slap my butt roused Daniel to take the belt from his pants and use it, as he said, “to warm my ass.” The boys and I had been experimenting with bondage and discipline, which I really liked, and we had gone so far as to practice a bit of cock and ball torture on me, but never before had I been spanked in front of an audience. It was exciting, both to me and the watching boys, to see a father sexually punished by his son. Their excitement and lewd comments urged Daniel to go even further. After he had striped my ass a blistering red, he got Max to spread my asscheeks wide. Then he used the belt to spank my puckered shit hole directly. A dozen painful blows right on my burning bung left me writhing on the bed with tears streaming down my face. Then Daniel moved down and used the belt on my cock. I had taught the boy that, of course, you can’t use a belt on a cock the same way you can on an ass, so Daniel knew what to do. He choked his grip up on the belt, using only the last eight inches or so to slap my hard, throbbing member. Still, with his friends urging him on, he whipped my cock harder than ever before. Slap, slap, slap – my son Southern Nights part 2 • 29

HJ August 2005 29

7/18/05 4:20:43 PM

beat my meat with his belt. To my amazement, after a dozen stinging slaps aimed right at the sensitive head of my hard cock, I orgasmed, blasting wad after wad of cream onto the bed. The boys gasped to see me cum from having my cock whipped, and as I spurted, Daniel landed a final, hard blow right on my exposed balls. I howled behind the gag, enraptured in a shocking blend of pain and pleasure. Daniel, in a mad lust, tossed the belt aside and impaled me with his hard cock, fucking my hole with a teenage fury until he climaxed. When Daniel pulled his still oozing peter out of my gang-banged hole, I felt the boys’ combined fuck slime pour out of my gaping, abused cunt. Dale was the next one to plug his teen dick into my shit pussy and quickly added his sperm to the gooey mix. Then I heard Tommy say, “Shit! I’m still horny. Can I fuck your dad again?” “Sure,” Daniel answered. “That’s what his cunt’s for. But his hole’s too sloppy. Max, clean Dad’s pussy.” My youngest son, the little cum hound, got between my legs and proceeded to eat out my sperm-slimed fuck hole. I pushed out as much of the boys’ fuck sauce as I could into my son’s hungry mouth. When the little sperm eater had me cleaned up as best as he could, Tommy entered me for round two. When Tommy shot his second load up my shit chute and pulled out, he was replaced by Max, then Dale, and finally Daniel had his way with me again. As the boys got dressed Tommy and Dale talked about what a good cunt I was and thanked Daniel for letting them fuck me. “Any time guys,” Daniel said, “That’s what the wimp is for. Next time you come over, I’ll make him suck your assholes and take your piss.” With that, he slapped my butt, and leaving me gagged and tied to the bed, the boys left. About a half hour later Daniel returned, and without saying anything, he stripped off his clothes. He mounted me while I was lying on my back. He hunched on me a few times, rubbing his erect rod between the cheeks of my cum-slopped ass. Then he entered me, sliding his cock into my much-abused fuck hole. It was the ninth time I had been fucked that day, and this time it was a long, slow fuck. After Daniel dumped his cock snot up my pussy, he just lay there, soaking his joy stick in the mingled sperm all the boys had left in me. Suddenly, I felt a strange warmth spreading through my guts. Daniel was pissing up my ass – a golden enema from my son. When he was 30 • Southern Nights part 2

HJ August 2005 30

7/18/05 4:20:44 PM

done, he whispered in my ear, “That was great, Dad. Thanks for letting me do that. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. I love you. Next week, can I bring Tommy, Dale, and Billy, and the guys from the basketball team?” Gagged and tied down naked in bed with my own son’s cock still in my sperm- and piss-filled ass, there was simply no way I could say “No.”

Day Off with Dad by Rick It didn’t take me long after waking up to realize that Dad and I both had the day off together. Still half asleep, I glanced over at my bedside table. It was 6:15, the time I usually get out of bed for school. I waited for the usual sounds in my parent’s bedroom next to mine. Suddenly I heard a few loud yawns, and the creaking of the bed springs told me that Mom and Dad were awake. I lay still, waiting to hear the familiar sounds I had heard so many times before. “That’s it,” Dad said in his deep, sexy voice, “open up for my cock.” I soon heard Mom begin to moan and pant as Dad began his early morning fuck. My teen-age cock quickly hardened and throbbed as I heard Dad fucking Mom’s tight pussy. Then it seemed to be over before it started. “Oh … fuck!” Dad shouted, telling me he had just flooded Mom’s cunt with a load of his creamy man juice. Within minutes, Mom was out of bed and in the bathroom. Twenty minutes later I heard her tell Dad, “I’ll see you and Rick this evening. I’m late for work already,” before running out of the house. My bedroom was still semi-dark when I heard Dad’s footsteps move down the hall, closer to my door. He quietly entered my room, slipped under the covers, and snuggled his naked, manly body next to mine. I felt his large, stiff cock rub stickily against the crevice of my ass. His right hand quickly found my own hard rod, gripping it tightly and giving it a few slow strokes. He whispered softly into my ear, “You like to listen when I fuck your mother, don’t you?” He didn’t wait for me to answer before whispering again, “Why don’t you clean my cock with your wet tongue? You can taste my cum and your mother’s pussy at the same time. Go ahead, Rick. Get your mouth on Daddy’s cock.” Day Off with Dad • 31

HJ August 2005 31

7/18/05 4:20:45 PM

Dad knows I like the smell and taste of his manhood, especially after a fuck. Slowly, I made my way to his cock, stopping off to tongue each of his nipples on my way. His crotch smelled musty, a mixture of sex smells, and that was a real turn-on for me. Dad moaned quietly as I devoured his moist shaft in one gulp. “Yes, that’s it, son. Clean your dad’s big cock. Wash me real good with your wet tongue!” he said quietly. He ran his fingers through my hair, alternately pulling me down on his stiff cock and pushing me back, until only the fat head was drooling in my mouth. Several minutes later, we were each sucking on the other’s stiff cock. I didn’t know how long we had been at it, but streaks of sunlight had begun to lighten the room. Diving behind our cocks, we began to lick the puckered holes of each other’s moist ass, enjoying the aroma of our maleness. While my hole was smooth and hairless, Dad’s was covered with a fine, thick mat of light brown hair that I had fantasized about for years. I licked it over and over again, as he did the same to me, getting my hole wet and slick. In no time, he had me moaning and sighing for his big cock. “Get up on all fours,” Dad soon said. “It’s time for your morning fuck. Time for you to take your dad’s big rod up that tight little butt of yours.” Positioning his body behind me, he aimed his cock at the entrance to my waiting hole. It was all I could do to keep from backing up onto his stiff pole. We were well practiced at this. Since Dad had done it so many times before, he knew how to insert his nine-inch rod all the way into my ass as quickly and painlessly as possible. Within minutes my hole became a piston with Dad’s shaft boring in and out at a fast pace. His big, blunt cockhead thumped back and forth across my prostate, sending my own shaft into fits of pleasure. Precum was pouring out of me almost like I was pissing the bed. “That’s it, Dad,” I said between groans of ecstasy. “Give your son the fucking he wants!” With a firm slap on my ass, Dad pounded my hole hard and fast, fulfilling my every fantasy. Our moans and groans seemed to go on forever, but our deep breathing told us the end was near. With the sun now brightly lighting my room, my cock began throbbing wildly. A continuous stream of cum shot onto the bed sheet below. Moments later, Dad pulled his shaft from my spent hole, and with a loud, “Oh, fuck, son!” he dumped a few good loads of his man cream 32 • Day Off with Dad

HJ August 2005 32

7/18/05 4:20:46 PM

onto my back. His hot slime coated me from my shoulder blades down to my asscheeks. I could feel it dripping into my crack and oozing across my stretched out fuckhole. We collapsed into each other’s arms, kissing deeply and tenderly. With another firm slap on my ass, he pulled me up off the bed, and we headed for the bathroom. Dad and I enjoy showering together. I love the feel of his body as he flexes his biceps for my enjoyment. There isn’t a part of his body that I don’t concentrate on, so our showers always take a long time. After our shower, Dad and I spent a few hours in our briefs and sweat socks watching fuck films and relaxing in each other’s arms on the sofa before going down to the basement for a father and son workout with weights. Being an ex-Marine, Dad had kept his body in great shape. He wants me to have a hard body like his, so he always makes me do a few extra sets of reps with the weights. After the fuck films and watching Dad pump iron, we stripped down to our jocks and spent about twenty minutes on the wrestling mat. It’s not easy taking down a one hundred and ninety pound ex-Marine, but with lots of sweat, I did it. Before we knew it, Dad and I were wrestling stark naked with our cocks pointing towards the ceiling and leaking plenty of precum as usual. Our naked wrestling matches always ended with us on the mat and our drooling cocks in each other’s mouth. “That’s it, son. Lick the precum from my piss hole,” Dad said before he worked my cockhead back into his mouth. Since Dad and I both like to eat ass and suck cock, we always take our own sweet time. Before long, we were both finger fucking each other’s hole and enjoying a warm, creamy load of cock juice. As the afternoon wore on, we headed back upstairs to my bedroom for one last fuck before a refreshing shower. Once on my bed, Dad and I enjoyed some more playful wrestling holds. As we ground our bodies together, we did a lot of finger fucking and deep kissing until we were both ready to dump yet another load. This time it was my turn. Dad willingly got up on all fours and presented his hairy hole for my enjoyment. The only thing I liked more than licking my dad’s hairy hole was fucking it. He had a great ass: high, tight, and hard. Even though my rod was a little smaller than his, Dad knew he was going to get a good ass fucking from his Day Off with Dad • 33

HJ August 2005 33

7/18/05 4:20:47 PM

son. I gave one hard thrust, Dad shouted, “Oh, shit!” and then I was in all the way and ready for an erotic ride. “OK, son,” Dad said in a strict voice, “give me a good ass pounding!” Starting slow and speeding up quickly, I slammed my rod in and out of Dad’s ass as fast as possible. Just having my shaft deep in his hairy hole was all it took for me to reach a boiling point real fast. “I’m close, Dad. Real close!” I shouted out as his ass muscles clamped tightly around my shaft. A full load of my teen-age cum began to boil. “Do it, son. Fill my ass with your warm cream!” Dad said. “Give your dad a good load!” Within seconds, volley after volley of my warm cum filled Dad’s hole until I was completely drained. As for Dad, once my limp cock slipped from his hole, he had me on my back with my legs held tightly to my chest as I looked into his deep blue eyes. “It’s my turn, son,” he said, positioning his oozing shaft at my puckered hole. With one swift thrust, Dad began fucking my smoothmuscled hole with gusto. As the bed springs creaked loudly, Dad fucked at a quickening pace. My rod stiffened to another hardness while the afternoon sun began to exit my bedroom. Faster and faster Dad pounded his rod into my hole as I beat my shaft in unison with his fucking. “Oh, fuck!” Dad shouted as his cock began to unload a large, warm load deep into my bowels. Seconds later, my cock exploded with its own load of cream. We savored the moment in each other’s warm arms; hugs and deep kisses were exchanged. Then Dad looked at my bedside clock and said, “Holy shit! Your mother will be home within the hour.” We quickly headed for the shower, and I stopped to make a quick use of the toilet. Dad’s cum always works like an enema for me, and it always gives him a big smile. By 6:00 PM, Dad and I were sitting in the kitchen when Mom walked in. “Did you do the laundry today?” She asked Dad. “Sorry dear,” Dad replied. “Rick and I felt very lazy today, so we just moped around the house.” Dad winked at me as Mom shook her head and started upstairs. After all, it was our day off. 34 • Day Off with Dad

HJ August 2005 34

7/18/05 4:20:48 PM

I just don’ get all that – here I cum, Unk – philosophy stuff. AAAHHH! I sure was surprised t’find I was doin’ okay in all my college classes – ’ceptin’ one.

HMMM. … An’ I’ll do anything if’n you can help me.

Get yer Prof to – MMMMMM – tutor you. He’s an egghead, but he sure does like extracurricular – MMMMMM – activities. So that was how my Uncle Hank passed Philosophy 101! Your uncle and Coach Horne have both mentioned you to me, young man. Quite favorably. Gosh, Really?

Be in my office at five, and I’ll try to stimulate your … thinking processes.

Barny the Frat Boy • 35

HJ August 2005 35

7/18/05 4:20:49 PM

Come 5 o’clock, I learnt that a tutor didn’ wear nothin’ but an ol’ curtain, which was okay by me.

Enter and drink deep.

The Greeks were the greatest philosophers, so we must study as they did …

You got it. Young man, bare yourself to learn.

I hid m’ ignorant erection until I noticed the Prof was havin’ a hard time too.

You must be ready to strip off every preconception.

… Naked.

Sure, even m’ socks.

You must rise to every chance for learning.

36 • Barny the Frat Boy

HJ August 2005 36

7/18/05 4:20:51 PM

And grasp the root of opportunity.

Okie dokie.

As a philosopher, my every pore is open wide, young man. FUCK ME!

Ahem. Ulp! Dean Whitman!

Whenever a philosopher is shouting “Eureka!” it’s a sure sign he’s got a bone up his butt.

Barny the Frat Boy • 37

HJ August 2005 37

7/18/05 4:20:53 PM

But th’ dean weren’t mad at us – far from it.

You teach this young man Greek, Henry. I shall instruct him also – in French!

Henry – we have here the makings – aw, suck it! – of a fine scholar.

Heartily I concur, Dean – yeah! Deeper! Deeper! – Most heartily!

Turns out I was a whiz at being tutored!

An’ a natchural born student. So, you see, Just ‘bout anybody kin excel in college. If’n they work HARD.

38 • Barny the Frat Boy

HJ August 2005 38

7/18/05 4:20:54 PM

Spread for Dad by Robby Appleby My dad was a big guy: way over six feet tall, broad shoulders, and a big beer belly. Everything about him was big, and I mean everything. His hands, his feet, everything right down to his big, fat, uncut cock. I knew all about my dad’s cock. We had lived alone together ever since Mom ran off with our next door neighbor. So, since it was just us guys, we weren’t too shy around one another. My dad joked that we lived like we were living in the locker room at the Y. There weren’t any ladies around, so why not let it all hang out? Lately I had taken a new interest in Dad’s big cock. When I was younger, I was fascinated with it just because it was so much bigger than my own. I would look at his big meat, then at the little pud hanging between my legs, and wonder if mine would ever be anywhere near as big as his. Of course, this was back when I thought that a guy’s dick was just for peeing. When I got older and found out how much fun a guy could have with his cock, I began to be a little jealous of my dad. If I was having a good time with my dick, he must be having a ball with all the flesh hanging between his legs. One day over breakfast, I finally got the nerve to ask him about it. “Dad,” I said, “do you think my penis will ever be as big as yours?” I thought if I said “penis” instead of “prick” or “cock” he might not be shocked at the question. I was wrong. Dad nearly choked on his coffee before he cleared his throat and said, “Well, son, … er … you know, they come in all different sizes. Yours might get to be as big as mine someday. I mean, I imagine that heredity does have something to do with it and all … but even if you never grow another inch of cock, I think you’ll find you’ve got plenty.” When I got home from school that afternoon, I stood naked in front of the mirror in my bedroom. My cock wasn’t as long as dad’s but it was pretty big. It was also kind of thick. As I was staring at it, it began to grow. It seemed like lately I was always throwing a bone. I didn’t mind so much at home, but at school, it got kind of embarrassing. I wrapped my hand around it and started to tug on it while I watched my reflection in the mirror. I thought about Dad’s big piece, and wondered what it would be like to touch it. He had a hood of skin that covered his cockhead, and I didn’t. I wondered what it would feel like to play with that skin and if it felt better to have it or not. The more Spread for Dad • 39

HJ August 2005 39

7/18/05 4:20:56 PM

I thought about it, the more curious I got. I made up my mind that I should go ask Dad about it. 40 • Spread for Dad

HJ August 2005 40

7/18/05 4:20:56 PM

I knew he was in the living room, because I could hear the TV. I pulled my briefs up in an attempt to cover my hardon, and went to find him. Sure enough, he was sitting in front of the TV in his recliner. He was drinking a can of Bud and wearing an old bathrobe that hadn’t closed across his big belly in years. His big, hooded pole was slung across his left thigh. “Dad?” I said cautiously. He turned to look at me. “Yeah, Robby? What’s up, son?” “You remember what we were talking about this morning; about how my dick isn’t as big as yours?” Dad’s face flushed a little bit. “Uh … yeah. Sure, son. I remember.” He shifted a little bit in his chair. “Well … can I ask you another question?” “Of course.” “You know how you’ve got that skin that covers the end of your dick? How come I don’t have it?” Maybe it was the beer, but Dad seemed to be a little more relaxed about the topic of our dicks this afternoon. “Well, son, back when I was born, they didn’t do that so much. Circumcision, I mean. By the time you came around, they were doing it to almost every little boy that was born in a hospital. If I had it to do all over again, though, I would have had you left intact.” My dick was beginning to throb in my underwear. “That’s OK, Dad. I don’t mind. I kind of like the fact that you’re not and I am. It kind of makes us … like … one of each, I guess.” Dad let out a roar of a laugh. He got a big kick out of that. I also noticed that his cock was starting to stir between his legs. “Why all this sudden interest, son? You’ve been looking at your ol’ dad’s equipment for years.” “I don’t know. I guess I’ve just been thinking more and more about sex lately. You know, kinda wondering what it’d be like to touch and play with a big, uncut cock, like yours.” I hadn’t really meant to tell him that, but it came out before I had a chance to stop it. I could tell Dad was surprised to hear it, too. He got all quiet, but that didn’t stop his cock from sticking straight up from his belly. He stood up from his chair and faced me. “You … you want to play with my cock?” he asked. Spread for Dad • 41

HJ August 2005 41

7/18/05 4:20:58 PM

“Sure,” I responded. “But why, Robby. I’m your father.” “I know. I think that’s why. I love you, and you love me. Why wouldn’t I want to do something that would make us both feel good?” Dad was quiet again for a while. We just stood there looking at each other. Finally, he sighed and said, “It has been a long time since your mother left, and I haven’t had much action since then.” His fat cock pulsed in time to his heart beat. “Would you even know what to do?” “I know it’s supposed to feel good to have your cock sucked. And some of the guys at school have talked about how some guys fuck each other in the ass, so I guess we could try that.” Dad rolled his eyes and got kind of a funny look on his face. “Well, I don’t know about butt fuckin’. I think maybe we should start off a little slower ….” Before he could finish the thought, I was on my knees in front of him, running my hands over his big rod and tracing the triangle of dark fur that rose up to his belly button. Dad’s cock was giving off a musky scent that I really liked. It didn’t smell sweaty or dirty, just clean and sexy with kind of a funky undertone. I looked at his pecker just in time to notice a bead of clear juice form at the tip, then drip down in a long, shiny thread. I looked down at my own cock and noticed I was doing the same thing. “Oh, Dad …” I sighed. Then I leaned forward and licked the juice from his piss hole. It tasted sweet and salty and delicious. No wonder guys liked to do this. I lapped around on the end of his bulbous cock for a while before taking the full, plum-shaped head into my mouth. There was a sharp intake of breath from Dad. His hand found the back of my head, and he said softly, “Oh, Robby … oh, my boy. That makes Daddy feel so good, son.” Before I knew what was happening, we were down on the floor. I was lying on my back with my legs spread wide open and Dad was kneeling at my head, slowly feeding me his big sausage. My cock stood straight up in the air. It was so hard it almost hurt. I wrapped my arm around Dad’s thigh and tried to pull more cock into my mouth. I wanted to swallow him whole. He reached down and wrapped his fist around my cock. I shuddered at the touch. He was making me feel so good, I can’t believe I didn’t shoot a geyser into the air right then. 42 • Spread for Dad

HJ August 2005 42

7/18/05 4:20:59 PM

But I held off, and I was glad I did. Dad brought his hand up to his face and licked his palm. Then he reached back down and slicked up my pole. I couldn’t imagine anything that would have felt better than having my father jerk my cock while I sucked on his. Spread for Dad • 43

HJ August 2005 43

7/18/05 4:21:00 PM

He gave me a couple of good strokes, and then brought his hand back up to his face. He stuck a finger in his mouth and then pressed it against my butt hole. There was something about it that felt so good, so right. I felt myself relax and open to his touch. His finger slipped in with no trouble at all. He brought his fingers back to his mouth and this time he slid two up inside me. I had never experienced anything that felt that good. “Baby,” Dad said, “let’s get you in a better position.” He told me to straddle the arms of his chair with my ass hanging over the edge. I got into position and braced myself by grabbing the back of the chair. I sighed as I pushed my ass back over the edge. My butt was wide open, just waiting for my father to fill it up. He moved in behind me. This time he slid three fingers up my hole. I had never felt so full. But I wanted more. I wanted my father’s big cock up my butt. I wanted him to cornhole me. I wanted him to fuck my ass! My cock throbbed against the seat of the chair. “Daddy,” I said, “fuck me. Please put it inside me. Please fill me with your cock.” “You think you can handle it, son?” I nodded my head and said, “I wanna try.” The next thing I felt was my father’s big gut resting against my upturned butt cheeks. The drooling head of his cock nudged against my opening. Dad reached down and spread my asscheeks even farther apart. I felt him press forward. I relaxed and let his cockhead pop inside. I gave a little gasp, but that was all. The rest of his shaft slid in behind the head. I had my father’s cock inside me. The very same cock that had fucked me into existence. Dad slowly pulled back and then pushed all the way in. I was full of his meat. Gradually, he sped up his rhythm and soon he was plunging in and out of my hole at a rapid pace. I loved the feel of it, and I loved the sound of it as his precum-slick rod squished in and out of my hole. It was more than I could take and all of a sudden, I found myself squirting my boyload all over the seat of Dad’s chair. The spasms in my ass soon brought him off as well, and the inside of my butt was coated with Daddy’s thick, creamy spunk, adding to my feeling of fullness. Without unplugging from my sloppy hole, Dad pulled me back down on the floor on top of him. He wrapped his big arms around me as his cock slowly softened and slipped from my butt. 44 • Spread for Dad

HJ August 2005 44

7/18/05 4:21:02 PM

“You really liked that, Robby, didn’t you?” he asked. “Uh-huh,” I said with a nod. “Well, son, I think we’ve both found something else we can enjoy doing together. Now why don’t you get upstairs and spread that ass of yours across Daddy’s bed for a repeat performance?” And that’s just what I did! Spread for Dad • 45

HJ August 2005 45

7/18/05 4:21:03 PM

The latest from Handjobs:

46 • Handjobs August 2005

HJ August 2005 46

7/18/05 4:21:04 PM

Handjobs Anthology Volume 12 Handjobs Anthology 12 collects stories we published in our monthly magazine between March and August 1997. These issues have been out of print for several years, so if you missed them the first time around, here’s your second chance! At lunchtime I met with “Big John”, the school’s huge, hairy groundskeeper. Over the school year Big John taught me a lot about getting down and dirty with nature. I liked his hands-on approach. Today the big gorilla couldn’t wait to

take me to his work shed and show me his favorite tool. Big John asked me if I’d like to try it out. His dirty tool fit just perfectly in my hand. He said he needed some help with his new supply of seed, and I was, of course, happy to oblige. We both got a little carried away and the seed ended up all over everything, including me! Big John didn’t seem to mind and he told me he had plenty more where that came from. Some of the seed got on my letter jacket so John gratefully sent me home with his musky tank top as a substitute.



You’ll also find the very first Handjobs appearance of Just A. Buoy with E. Rex Shawn as well as artwork from some of our favorites from the past: Douglas, Ira Smith, William Given and many others To order:


use the order form on pages 81 & 82 or call toll-free:

1-866-304-7848 or order online at: Handjobs August 2005 • 47

HJ August 2005 47

7/18/05 4:21:06 PM

Join the Club! by Tad St. Martin The first guys I met when Mom and I moved into our new neighborhood were Johnny-Mack and Markie. They were both about the same age as me, and we hit it off really well. We hung around together all the time and started to think of ourselves as a club. Johnny-Mack was the street-smart one in our club. And the best thing he knew was how to avoid trouble. The day I moved into the neighborhood, he made sure I knew which streets to avoid to stay away from the neighborhood gangs. “They see a cute little white blond boy like you, they’ll beat your ass just for the practice!” he warned me. Markie was the rebel on our block. None of us were really bad kids, but if anyone came close, it was Markie. His mother nearly had a heart attack when he came home with a pierced tongue. You could hear her screaming halfway down the block. But I guess eventually, Markie won her over. At least he got to keep the stud in his tongue. “Man, if we’re a club,” Johnny-Mack said one day, “we need a clubhouse.” “Dude, he’s right,” Markie agreed. “Someplace we can meet and hide all our secret stuff.” “We don’t have any secret stuff,” I said. “Well, we might get some,” Markie answered. I guess if we lived in the country, we might have built a tree house or found some hidden cave or old barn or something, but we lived in the city. There wasn’t anything like that around. It was hard enough to get some privacy in out own homes, let alone coming up with a clubhouse. But then one day our luck changed. I had gone down into our basement with Mom to do the laundry. She hated to go down there alone because she said it was dark and creepy, and she was afraid someone might jump out and attack her. So she always took me along for protection. While Mom was folding clothes, I was nosing around the basement, and I noticed a door near the back of the laundry room. There was a trash can sitting in front of it, and it looked like it was never used. I moved the trash can out of the way, and gave the door knob a tug. It was unlocked. I stuck my head inside and saw what was apparently an unused storage room. It wasn’t very big, but it was completely empty. It had only one tiny window in one wall. I could tell from the noise, that the window faced the alley behind our building. 48 • Join the Club!

HJ August 2005 48

7/18/05 4:21:07 PM

Cool! I thought to myself. This would make the perfect clubhouse! All we’d have to do is pull the trash can back in place before we shut the door, and no one would know we were in there. I couldn’t wait to show Johnny-Mack and Markie. I was sure they would think it was just as neat as I did. And I was right. They both agreed it was the perfect place. Over the next few week, we “furnished” the clubhouse with some old blankets and pillows to lie around on, and we even brought in a boom box. The door was pretty thick, but we still had to be careful that no one would hear us when we were in there. The clubhouse became our special refuge, and we did all sorts of things there, but my favorite was when we started comparing dicks. One day, Markie said to Johnny-Mack, “Hey, I hear that you black dudes are supposed to have the biggest whangs. That true?” “Hell, yes it’s true,” he replied with a laugh. “I’m hung like a horse! A big, black, fuckin’ Arabian stallion!” “Shit!” was Markie’s reply, “I bet you’re no bigger than I am!” I could tell where this was going, and I was excited to see what their cocks looked like. I didn’t really care who had the bigger one. I just wanted to see them. “Well, why don’t you flip that li’l ol’ white worm of yours out here and we’ll see if it’s as big as mine.” Markie was famous on our block for taking action before he thought through the consequences. In no time, he shoved his shorts down and revealed what was hanging between his legs. “See,” Johnny-Mack said, “I was right. Mine’s bigger.” “How do I know that?” Markie replied. “You saw mine, now you gotta haul yours out to compare them. You don’t win, just ’cause you say you do, motherfucker! Whip it out. Tad here can be the impartial judge. You’ll tell us who’s got the biggest whang, won’t you, buddy?” “Sure,” I said. “I’ll be glad to.” They didn’t know how glad. Johnny-Mack unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock. He went over and stood side by side with Markie. I carefully looked back and forth between the two. Finally, I had made my decision. “Markie, dude,” I said, “looks like he’s got you. J-M is definitely bigger. It’s easy to see.” “HA! In your face, motherfucker! Told you I was the biggest.”

Join the Club! • 49

HJ August 2005 49

7/18/05 4:21:08 PM

Then Markie got that look on his face that meant the gears in his brain were grinding away and he was thinking of something. Finally, he said, “Yeah, well soft don’t count.” “What the fuck you mean, ‘soft don’t count’?” “We’re both soft. What difference does it make how big your dick is when it’s soft. You don’t fuck with a soft dick.” “Shit!” Johnny-Mack said, mocking Markie. “‘You don’t fuck with a soft dick.’ How much fuckin’ you done, asshole.” “More’n you!” Markie retorted. “Guys, guys!” I said, trying to restore piece. “This is easy to settle. Let’s just get them both hard.” Before either one of my friends could react, I reached out and grabbed both of their cocks and began stroking. They both looked down at me dumbfounded, but neither one of them pulled away. I immediately felt both cocks coming to life. They were hot and throbbing in my hands. 50 • Join the Club!

HJ August 2005 50

7/18/05 4:21:09 PM

“There,” I said when they were both fully erect. “Now … it looks to me … that once you guys are both hard, you’re about the same size. I declare a draw!” “Bullshit!” Markie said. “How about your cock, Tad. I think we should compare yours, too.” “No, no. I’m the judge,” I said with a self-satisfied smile. “Yeah, well the judge just got busted!” Johnny-Mack said, reaching up and pulling down my pants. I immediately spun around and mooned them. That set us all to laughing. But we didn’t laugh long. The contest thing had gotten us all horny, and before long we were all stroking off. “Shit!” Johnny-Mack said. “Which one of you white bitches is gonna come over here and give me some head.” He was joking, but I wasn’t when I said, “Me!” I crawled across the floor and lay down between his legs, taking his thick, black cock in my mouth. His cock tasted great, and I loved lapping up his dick-drool. “Mother-FUCK!” I heard Markie say from behind me. “He’s really suckin’ your fuckin’ cock, dude!” “And doin’ a damn good job of it, too,” Johnny-Mack replied in a husky voice. “To bad you’re missin’ out.” “Fuck that shit,” Markie said as I heard him moving in behind me. Before long, I felt him nosing around in my asscrack. I wasn’t sure what he was up to until I felt his pierced tongue against my butt hole. I don’t know if that’s why he got the stud put in his tongue, but it sure as hell made it feel great. We stayed like that for a while: cock in mouth, tongue up ass, until Markie pulled out and complained, “Ain’t nothin’ happening to my dick. J-M, what-say you and me have us a little sword fight in our buddy’s mouth.” “Fuckin’ A!” They both stood up and moved in close, pressing their cocks together. I got up on my knees and stretched my mouth around the two hard, fat cocks. It was a struggle, but well worth the effort. The best part was that when they shot, they both came at the same time. I ended up with two loads of cum down my throat and all over my face. From then on out, I was happy to judge any contest that JohnnyMack and Markie thought up. And they thought up a lot! Join the Club! • 51

HJ August 2005 51

7/18/05 4:21:09 PM

Scoutmaster Billings by Clay Englewood Because I grew up in a small, rural town, there weren’t a lot of guys in my scout troop. There was just Billy Trenden and Joe Black (who were cousins), Allan Epson and me. And, of course, Scoutmaster Billings. All of us guys had joined way back in third grade and now we were all Eagle Scouts except for Billy, and he was working hard on it. Mr. Billings was the only troop leader we had ever had, and he had always made sure we had something interesting to do at our scout meetings. We had a paper drive every fall. There were always community clean-up days, and every summer, there was our annual scout troop camp out. We always took a big, four-man tent and hiked up into the mountains for three or four days. We fished, cooked over an open campfire, hiked, and (my favorite) skinny dipped. It was a lot of fun, and the highlight of every year. But it looked like we might not get a camping trip this year. Allan’s family was moving away at the end of May, so he’d be gone. Then Joe and Billy’s grandpa died the week before we were set to go camping, and his funeral was scheduled for the day we were supposed to leave. “I guess we’ll have to miss it this year, huh?” I said to Mr. Billings, trying not to let my disappointment show. “What do you mean?” he replied with a smile. “You and I can still go. That is, if you don’t mind not having your buddies along with us.” It would have been nice if the other guys had gotten to go, but I was kind of looking forward to being alone with Mr. Billings. I knew it would be a totally different experience. So we packed up the gear and headed off. Once we got to the base of the mountain, we parked the car, strapped our supplies on our backs and headed up the trail to our favorite spot. It was a good hour’s hike from the road. We had gone about halfway, when Mr. Billings announced, “Gotta take a leak. How ’bout you, son?” “Uh … sure,” I answered. I probably could have made it to our campsite, but I figured if he was going to go, I might as well go, too. We stepped off the trail and unzipped our pants. Mr. Billings fished around and pulled out his long hose. I had seen it every summer when we went skinny dipping for almost as far back as I could remember. But for some reason, this time it was like I had never really looked at it before. It was a lot longer than mine. I was almost embarrassed to 52 • Scoutmaster Billings

HJ August 2005 52

7/18/05 4:21:10 PM

pull mine out in front of him. But as the strong, yellow stream started pouring from his piss slit and splashing against the leaves on the forest floor, I pulled mine out, too, and started peeing. I tried not to look too much at Mr. Billings’ big dick. I knew it was wrong to stare, but I couldn’t help myself. I especially liked watching when he shook the last drops of piss from the end of his cock before stuffing the glistening head back into his pants. As I tucked my own little peter away, I could feel the beginnings of a stiffy starting. I was glad I managed to get it back in my shorts before I got a full blown hardon. I didn’t want Mr. Billings to think I was weird or anything. We continued on up through the foothills until we got to our favorite spot. I suppose it wasn’t much of a secret. I’m sure other people camped there, but it had always been available every year we’d come up with the scout troop, so we thought of it as our secret spot. We got the tent pitched and camp set up in no time. It actually took the two of us less time to set up camp than it did when the other guys were with us. I guess there was not only less to set up, but also a lot less goofing off in the ranks. There was still plenty of daylight left when we had finished, so Mr. Billings suggested we head down to the stream for a swim. There was a natural dam in the river which caused it to swell in one spot to make a deep and wide swimming hole. The water was always cold, but during the hot, sweaty summer days, the cold water was a welcome relief, even if it was a bit of a shock at first. Mr. Billings pulled off his t-shirt, jeans and underwear, dropping them on the ground with his boots and socks before he took a running jump into the center of the swimming hole. I got a brief glimpse of his cock and balls as they flopped from his left thigh to his right and back again when he ran down the bank. I was having trouble getting one of my boots unlaced, so I was still sitting on the shore when his head popped up from under the water and he let out a hoot, followed by, “Man! The water’s cold today!” I looked up as he gave me a wave and said, “C’mon, Clay. Get the lead out!” I managed to finally get my boot untied, then I shucked my clothes and followed his path down to the water. As I jumped in, I aimed for him, trying to let him have the benefit of the big splash as I tore through the surface of the water. Mr. Billings was right, the water Scoutmaster Billings • 53

HJ August 2005 53

7/18/05 4:21:11 PM

was cold. I felt a rush of excitement and shock as I plummeted into the freezing water. Just like Mr. Billings, I surfaced with a shout. In no time we had gotten used to the chilly temperature in the stream. We swam back and forth; dunked each other under the water; splashed and wrestled and grabbed each other. Mr. Billings even dove under water and swam between my legs, trying to knock me off balance. It was a lot of fun, but then I noticed that I was getting a hardon again. My concern must have shown on my face, because Mr. Billings said, “What’s wrong, Clay? You OK, buddy?” “Yeah,” I answered. “It’s just … I … uh ….” “You’re not getting a cramp or anything are you? Maybe we’d better get out of the water for a little bit. Take a rest up on the rocks.” He turned and started for the shore where there were several flat rocks that we liked to lie on. “No!” I said with a note of panic in my voice. “I don’t wanna get out of the water. Not yet!” Mr. Billings turned and looked at me. At first he looked confused, then a big smile spread across his face. “Lemme guess,” he said. “You have a boner, right? You got a boner when we were playing around in the water and you’re afraid I’ll see it. Is that it?” “N – no,” I tried to lie. “Aw, you young guys think you’re the only ones who have ever popped a woody. Would it make you feel any better if I told you that I have one, too?” Completely surprised, I said,“No way!” I couldn’t believe that he had the same problem and wasn’t concerned about it in the least. “Sure I do. I’ve always gotten a boner when we go swimming. Must be the shock of the cold water or something.” He continued up the bank and sat down on one of the big, flat, sun-baked rocks. I followed him, saying, “I never noticed it before.” “Well, you probably weren’t too aware of other guys’ boners until you started having trouble with your own,” he laughed. I hauled myself up on the bank and sat next to him on the warm rock. The heat on my butt was making my cock even harder. Mr. Billings’ rod was still sticking up at an angle from his crotch, too. As I sat down, he put his hands behind his head and lay back in the sun. I could smell the traces of sweat in his armpits mixed with the clean scent of the cool stream. His boner lay flat against his stomach, pointing 54 • Scoutmaster Billings

HJ August 2005 54

7/18/05 4:21:12 PM

up at his chin. I noticed his eyes were shut, so I took advantage of the situation and gave his cock a good, long look. As it lay against his belly, a thin drop of goo began to leak from the tip. I sat and stared at it for the longest time. Finally, I lay back against the rock with my hands behind my head, just like Mr. Billings. My smaller cock stood straight up in the air. I lay there wondering about the difference in the size of our dicks for a while before I got up the nerve to say, “Mr. Billings … can I ask you something?” Without opening his eyes, he replied, “Sure, Clay. Of course you can.” “Well, it’s kind of personal. I just wanted you to know that before I asked.” “Ask away. If I think it’s too personal, I won’t answer.” “OK … Do you think my thing … I mean my … uh … my dick, do you think it will ever be as big as yours?” He was quiet for a few seconds. I looked over at his face. His eyes were still shut and he was smiling like he was trying to suppress a laugh. Finally he said, “Well, Clay, I think you’re probably pretty much done growing by now. I guess it’s possible that your dick might get a little bit bigger, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. It’s a fine size just the way it is.” “You don’t think it’s too little?” “Guys come in all different sizes, Clay. So do their cocks. It doesn’t really matter how big yours is. What counts is what you do with it.” Without thinking, I blurted out, “What do you do with yours?” Mr. Billings opened his eyes and leaned up on his elbows, giving me a curious look. “You really wanna know?” he asked. “Sure,” I said as my dick jumped between my legs. He sat all the way up, crossed his legs Indian style, and faced me. His dick was still standing straight up and belching that clear stuff against his belly. “Well, for one thing, it always feels good to masturbate.” He wrapped his hand around his cock and tugged on it a couple of times to demonstrate. “You do masturbate, don’t you, Clay?” I blushed a little and said, “Sure … I guess so.” “Well then, you know how good that can feel. Do you ever play around with any of the other guys. You know, play with their dicks?” I shook my head. Scoutmaster Billings • 55

HJ August 2005 55

7/18/05 4:21:13 PM

“Well, sometimes it feels good just to have someone else touch you there.” We sat in silence for a few minutes. I watched Mr. Billings stroking his cock, and then I started playing with mine. I liked the way it felt to touch myself like that with him watching. And I like watching him play with his own big cock. “Would you like me to touch you?” he finally asked. My mouth was too dry to say anything, so I just nodded. He scooted over a little closer to me and gently put his hand on my dick. I felt a shiver run through my body. He wrapped his fist around my prong and slowly started moving it up and down. I sat there with my arms at my side, biting my lips as I stared down at what he was doing. “Clay?” he said. I looked up at his face. “Do you wanna touch mine?” “Yeah!” I said in a rasping, croaking voice. We repositioned ourselves to make it easier for us to stroke each other’s cock. We were lying on our sides facing each other, but with our heads down by each other’s crotch. We stayed like that a long time, just gently stroking our cocks. Mr. Billings’ breathing was starting to get heavier, and I guess mine was too, when he let go of my dick and said, “Sometimes it feels good to have someone put their mouth on your cock. Have you ever done that, Clay?” “Nope,” I answered looking back up his body to his face. “But I’ve heard about it. It’s called a blow job, right?” Mr. Billings smiled and laughed a little bit before saying, “Yeah. That’s right. And it feels like this.” Then he leaned over and took my short cock completely in his mouth. It felt so good I thought I was going to pass out. I lay there for a minute or so just staring slack-jawed at what my scoutmaster was doing to me. Nothing had ever felt that good! Then I remembered that his dick was right there level with my face. I could do the same thing to him. I opened my mouth and tried to stuff as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. It wouldn’t all fit, but I got a lot of it in. I could smell how his pubic hair had caught his manly scent and held it in his crotch. It made me a little light-headed. And that stuff 56 • Scoutmaster Billings

HJ August 2005 56

7/18/05 4:21:13 PM

that was leaking out of his piss hole tasted great; kind of sour and salty at the same time. I moved my arm from underneath me and cradled his balls in my hand. I liked the way it felt to hold them while I sucked on him. Eventually he did the same with my balls. I don’t know how long we were like that, but it wasn’t long enough. I suddenly felt a tingle in the pit of my belly that told me I was going to shoot my load. I was sure that Mr. Billings wouldn’t want me to do that in his mouth, so I pulled off of his cock long enough to say, “Mr. Billings, I … I’m gonna squirt!” But instead of pulling off my cock, he buried his face deeper in my crotch, moaned and nodded his head. Then he placed his hand on the back of my head and guided me back to his cock. I wrapped my lips back around his cockhead and moaned as I unloaded in his mouth. Mr. Billings drank my entire wad, and that must have been what set him off. Before I knew what was happening, my mouth was being filled with a warm, salty pudding while Mr. Billings grunted out his pleasure. The first spurt took me by surprise, and I pulled back. The second spurt shot out all over my face, but I managed to get his cockhead back in my mouth and swallow the rest of it. When he was done shooting, I felt his cock going limp in my mouth. Then he heaved a big sigh and rolled over onto his back. He looked down at me and started to laugh. “Clay, look at your face. Looks like I got you good!” Then he stood up, gave me his hand, pulled me up off the ground and led me back down to the stream so I could wash his spunk off of my face. §



Later that night, we were sitting in front of our campfire. We had just finished eating, and Mr. Billings was leaning back against a log. He had me sitting between his stretched out legs, leaning with my back against his chest. He had his arms around me, rubbing my chest, and every so often, he’d give one of my nipples a pinch through my t-shirt. He didn’t pinch hard enough to hurt, just hard enough to send an electric thrill through my body. Needless to say, I had another boner, and if possible, this one was ever harder than the one I had that afternoon. And I could feel a stirring in Mr. Billings’ crotch as well. I think he was getting another hardon, too. Scoutmaster Billings • 57

HJ August 2005 57

7/18/05 4:21:14 PM

“You know, Clay, there are lots of other things guys can do to make each other feel good, too,” he said. “You mean like cornholing?” I asked. Mr. Billings laughed again and said, “What do you know about cornholing?” “Well, the guys talk about it all the time. It’s where one guy puts his cock up the other guy’s butt hole, right?” “Yeah, that’s right. You ever wonder about what that would feel like?” “Only since this afternoon,” I said with a smile. He held me tighter and said, “Yeah? You want me to put my cock up your butt hole?” I nodded. “I’d love to do that, Clay, but I’m pretty big. It might hurt at first, you know that don’t you?” “I guess,” I said. “I know your dick is big, and my asshole does seem pretty small, but it’ll work, won’t it?” “Yeah. You just gotta relax. And we should probably grease you up with something. Did you bring any suntan oil or anything like that?” “Yeah. There’s some in my pack.” “Well, why don’t you go get it. And take your pants off while your at it.” I went and dug the suntan oil out of my pack and shucked my shorts and underwear, like I was told. When I got back to the campfire, Mr. Billings was sitting up on the log, with his big, hard cock standing up out of the fly of his jeans. I had to grab my dick and give it a couple of strokes when I saw that. I tossed him the oil, and as he caught it, he said, “First we want to help you relax. Come over here, turn around and bend over with your ass in my face.” I didn’t know what he was up to, but he was the one with all the experience, so I did what he said. I felt his two big hands on my butt cheeks, spreading them apart. My hole was exposed to the cool night air, but not for long. I felt something warm and wet press against my hole. It took me a minute to realize that it was Mr. Billings’ tongue. He was licking and lapping at my hole, and he was right, it was very relaxing. My hard little cock started to drool between my bent legs. I realized that I was unconsciously moaning and groaning as he sucked 58 • Scoutmaster Billings

HJ August 2005 58

7/18/05 4:21:15 PM

and ate at my virgin hole. Then he began to tentatively force the tip of his wet tongue up inside me. I was blown away. Then he pulled out and I felt something else against my opening. It was one of his fingers. He was able to slip it in with no resistance. It felt incredible. Before I really knew what I was doing, I was pushing back on his finger, trying to get more of it up inside me. “That’s a boy,” I heard him say from behind. “You really do want it, don’t you? You really are eager to get your little hole stuffed.” I made a little whining noise down in my throat and nodded. He pulled his finger out and then tried to slip two fingers up inside me. They didn’t fit as easily as the first one did, so he greased them with some of the tanning oil, then they slipped right in. He twisted them around and scissored them a little bit, trying to stretch me open. I was loving the feel of having my ass stuffed full. After a few minutes of that, he pulled out and said, “Wait right here. I’ll be right back.” He disappeared into the tent for a minute, and then came back out with a sleeping bag. He laid it down on the ground perpendicular to the log, then he had me lie down on it with my head and shoulders propped up against the log. “I wanted to get your cherry out here by the campfire,” he said with a grin. He got down on the sleeping bag with me, and lifted my legs up to his shoulders. He leaned forward, bending me in half and exposing my butt hole. I felt his greasy fingers return to my hole, but this time, he bent down to kiss me while he finger fucked my butt. “Mmm …” he sighed as he worked on my hole. “Tight.” Finally he pulled his fingers out and said, “I think you’re ready, Clay. I’m gonna try to get my cock up inside you now. I want you to push out, just like you would if you were going to the bathroom, OK? And if it hurts too much, tell me, and I promise to stop.” I nodded as he slathered his cock and my hole with more suntan oil. The greasier my butt got, the more eager I was to have him fill me with his manhood. He fumbled around and placed the tip of his cock against my pucker. He pushed forward, and I pushed out. The tip went inside and I gasped more from surprise than pain. “You OK?” Mr. Billings said immediately. “Yeah,” I whispered. “Go ahead.” He smiled at me and pressed forward a little bit more. As his cockhead passed my tight assring, I grimaced. Scoutmaster Billings • 59

HJ August 2005 59

7/18/05 4:21:15 PM

“Hurt too much?” he asked. “You want me to stop?” “No,” I said through gritted teeth. “Keep going.” The head popped all the way inside of me. I gave another gasp, squinted my eyes shut, and then let out a sigh as the rest of his shaft slipped up inside me. When I felt his thick pubic bush tickling my stretched out asshole I opened my eyes. Mr. Billings was staring down at me with a look of admiration on his face. “You’re quite a little trouper,” he said. “You took the whole thing on your first try.” Then he started moving his hips a little bit, side to side, then in and out. “That feel OK?” he asked. “If it’s too much, just say so.” “It feels great!” I said breathlessly. “It feels great to me, too,” he answered. Gradually he picked up speed until he was fucking in and out of my hole like there was no tomorrow. “Oh, baby,” Mr. Billings said. “You’re so tight. Oh, your little hole is gonna pull the cum right up outta my nuts. I’m gonna blow a wad right up your chute.” The combination of his fucking and all his dirty talk pushed me over the edge first. I shot off, whitewashing both of our stomachs with my spunk. Mr. Billings stopped thrusting for a minute, looked down at our sticky bellies, and said, “Very impressive! Without even touching your cock!” Then he started slamming back in and out of me. I gripped his rod with my asshole, trying to jerk him off with it. Apparently it worked. As I massaged his dick up inside me, he grunted and groaned. Then he bent down and pressed his mouth to mine, giving me an almost violent kiss as he pumped my butt full of his spunk. As we lay there by the dying campfire, he wanted me to go down to the stream to clean up my ass. “No,” I said quietly. “I wanna sleep with you up inside me. I wanna sleep with a belly full of your cum.” He pulled me tighter to him and ran his hand down my back to my cum-slick asshole, playing in the juices that were leaking from inside me. Mr. Billings had taught me a lot on the first day of that camping trip. And as it turned out, that was the last “official” scout trip. Allan had moved away, and Joe and Billy both went their separate ways. Lucky for me, Mr. Billings still liked to go camping. Although sometimes, our camping trips didn’t take us much farther than his own house – and his own bedroom. 60 • Scoutmaster Billings

HJ August 2005 60

7/18/05 4:21:16 PM

Trumpet Lips I didn’t care for the way Uncle Harvey talked and looked at me at Sunday dinner. Of all my uncles, he was the sleasiest, and the way he looked at me made me feel all dirty inside. Uncle Harvey wasn’t paritcularly handsome, but even so, I have to admit that at times I had bad thoughts – evil thoughts – about him. It was hard not to because he had something big underneath his trousers. All the men on my mother’s side had rather ample pouches in their trousers, but Uncle Harvey had the largest. Perhaps that’s why when he looked into my eyes the way he did, it made me feel so uncomfortable. It was as if he could see the shameful thoughts that popped up in my mind. At Sunday dinner, I tried to sit as far from him as I could, but often he’d wriggle his way closer to me. I especially hated it when he’d sit next to me. Sunday dinner was a formal affair and Mother and Aunt Wilma kept everyone in line. If the conversation started to get the slightest bit crude, Mother would cough ever so slightly and change the topic to something more enlightening, like that morning’s church service. Excessive noise and commotion were not tolerated. So when Uncle Harvey would sit next to me and his hand would slip onto my thigh or his leg would press against mine, all I could do was quietly move my thigh and try not to make a commotion. I was afraid that if I dared say anything, Mother might think I was the one who instigated the matter. The absolute worse was when Uncle Harvey would whisper something suggestive in my ear. “Been having fun with your girlfriend, Randy?” “Are you having wet dreams yet?” The more wine he drank the nastier he got. One Sunday he whispered something so bad in my ear, it made me, well, swell up between my legs. Just then Aunt Wilma asked me to fill the pitcher with iced tea. Even though I covered myself with my napkin and held the pitcher low to hide my state of excitement, Uncle Harvey noticed how swollen I was and he let me know later. It was always a relief when Mother excused us and I could sneak away. With Uncle Harvey around, I couldn’t stick around home. I had to get far away, some place where he couldn’t follow me. But if I couldn’t escape for some reason, there was only one sure way to get him to lay off. That was to get out my trumpet and start Trumpet Lips • 61

HJ August 2005 61

7/18/05 4:21:17 PM

blaring away. I was the worst trumpet player in school, and I knew just the right keys to grate Uncle Harvey’s ears. Just a few minutes of blaring from my bedroom and Uncle Harvey would practically run out of the house. More than once I heard him moan to Mother, “Martha, you’ve got to get that sweet boy of yours some lessons. One of these days he’s liable to pop someone’s ear drums with that god awful playing.” After repeated pleas by my uncle, Mother finally relented and found me a trumpet teacher. Captain Alder was an ex Marine and an expert trumpet player. He was retired and made money on the side teaching trumpet players. At first I found him intimidating. He was ruggedly handsome, better looking than Uncle Harvey, and he had a commanding presence. Captain Alder taught lessons in his home and just being all alone with him in his house made me tingle. He was very thorough in his instructions, and frequently he would stand right behind me as I practiced so he could feel my hands and move my fingers correctly. “Hold your fingers like this, boy,” he’d say as he positioned my fingers correctly on the keys. He even felt my cheeks and lips with his fingers, guiding them ever so slightly into the proper position. When he stood close behind me and I could feel his hot breath on my neck, and smell his musky body odor, it made me feel so warm inside. At times the swelling in my pants became unbearable, but for some reason I didn’t mind feeling this way with Captain Alder. I knew he could see the state I was in, but nothing seemed to matter to him but my trumpet playing. And unlike Uncle Harvey, he never whispered embarrassing things into my ear. On my fourth lesson, he felt my lips with his fingers and told me, “You need to loosen your lips, boy. You’re too wound up.” He was standing close behind me and my pants were swollen like usual. I jumped when he put his hand on my crotch and pressed against me. “You need to relax, boy. Let go of all this tension,” he said as he ground his hand against my swollen member. “I’ve got just the thing for your lips, something warm and wet and just the right size.” I stood frozen as he took off all my clothes and then stripped mostly naked himself. He sat down on the edge of his bed and aimed his humongous weapon high in the air. 62 • Trumpet Lips

HJ August 2005 62

7/18/05 4:21:18 PM

“Get down here, boy,” he said as he swung his cock back and forth. “Put your lips on this. It will do more for your trumpet lessons than anything.” I took a big gulp and nestled down over his thighs. He put his hand on my neck and pushed my head closer and closer to his protruding cock until my lips grazed his hot, wet glans. “That’s it, Randy,” he moaned. “Press your hungry lips against my dick. Feel how hot and wet it is. Just hold your lips like that and let them relax.” It was amazing how soft and smooth his glans was against my lips. They melted instantly and I felt all my tension melt away. He started humping his hips and pushing his cock between my lips until my mouth parted and he could slip his tool inside. Trumpet Lips • 63

HJ August 2005 63

7/18/05 4:21:18 PM

“That’s it, son,” he said. “Take it in nice and slow. Keep working my cock like that.” The heady smells of his groin and the salty taste of his juices made my head spin. Then when he shot, the thick, hot, steamy richness of his orgasm made my throat burn. I was a confirmed cocksucker after just one lesson. I had lessons just once a week and there was no way I could wait a whole week to get my lips on some hot, juicy cock. The next Sunday dinner, I had a new appreciation for Uncle Harvey. After tasting Captain Alder’s juicy bone, the instant I saw Uncle Harvey arrive, I couldn’t help but wonder if his tasted the same or if he shot as much as Captain Alder. I knew that my emissions tasted sweeter than Captain Alder’s and I wondered if Uncle Harvey’s was more like mine or if they were saltier, like Captain Alder’s. Uncle Harvey was his usual self. Only this time, when he put his hand on my thigh I didn’t pull back. Emboldened by my acceptance, he move his hand up higher and then higher still until it rested on my swollen mound. After Sunday dinner, the family gathered on the lawn to play croquet. I quietly went upstairs to my room and a few minutes later, Uncle Harvey followed me. I was naked and on my bed by the time he entered my room. Without saying a word, he closed the door, undid his shirt and took off his trousers. His white briefs could barely contain his massive equipment. By the time he sat down on the bed next to me he was so swollen his cock was poking out the side of his briefs. The instant he freed his cock, it sprung up and pointed at the ceiling. He grabbed hold of the base of his shaft and waved it in front of me. I was already leaning over to get as close a look as possible. “That’s it, boy,” Uncle Harvey groaned. “Plant your lips on the tip … yeah, right where those juices are trickling out … like that, boy? Want some more?” I had my lips stuck firmly to Uncle Harvey’s head. The rich, sweet taste of his fluids filled my mouth. “Aw, fuck,” he groaned as I rubbed my tongue against his tender glans. “I knew you were a cock hungry boy,” he gasped. All I could thing of was coaxing his load out of his heavy balls. 64 • Trumpet Lips

HJ August 2005 64

7/18/05 4:21:19 PM

My cock was already on the verge of exploding. Every pore on my skin tingled with excitement. I swallowed as much of Uncle Harvey’s massive meat as I could. When it filled my throat I could feel it pulsating. He humped his hips a few times and then let out a deep moan. “Here it comes, boy,” he gasped. “Here it comes.” The initial blasts nearly knocked my head off his cock. I swallowed quickly and forcefully kept my lips planted on his head. Thick strands of white cream bolted down my throat and spilled out the corners of my mouth. We stayed in my bedroom all afternoon feeding each other tasty loads of hot family cream. Trumpet Lips • 65

HJ August 2005 65

7/18/05 4:21:20 PM

66 • The Biker

HJ August 2005 66

7/18/05 4:21:21 PM

Is that your son, sir? ¿Es su hijo, señor?

A very handsome boy... Bonito muchacho...

Yes, he is. And thank you. Sí es mi hijo. Y gracias.

“Full service, please. My son is always slow in the restroom. Everytime we’re on the road, he gets sick to his stomach.” “Servicio completo, por favor. Mi hijo siempre tarda en el baño. Cada vez que salimos a carretera, se enferma del estómago.” Er… what time is it, mister? Eh... ¿qué hora tiene, don?

“He must know every restroom in the state.” “Ya ha de conocer todos los baños del estado.”

The Biker • 67

HJ August 2005 67

7/18/05 4:21:21 PM

The time?? ¿La hora??

…or THIS? …o ESTO?

You must be new at this, kid!! Are you sure you want the time...? ¡Debes ser nuevo en esto, chico! ¿Seguro que quieres la hora...?

“Now WHAT?? It was the first time I ever scored!!” “¿Y ahora QUÉ?? ¡Fue la primera vez que alguien me hacía caso!!”

68 • The Biker

HJ August 2005 68

7/18/05 4:21:22 PM

Are you toying with me, boy? Here! Take it! ¿Estás jugando o qué, chico? ¡Toma!

“And what a score it was! I wanted it to last as long as as possible, and I couldn’t decide what to do first! Luckily, that horny biker really knew what he wanted.” “Quería que durara tanto como se pudiera, ¡y no sabía qué hacer primero! Pero el calenturiento motociclista sí sabía lo que quería.”

The Biker • 69

HJ August 2005 69

7/18/05 4:21:23 PM

“That was the first COCK I had ever had in my very hands… it was so hard, so veiny and huge! And I was still mesmerized.” “Era la primera VERGA que había agarrado... ¡Estaba tan dura, tan venosa y grande! Y yo seguía hipnotizado.”

“I gently I licked the sweet, clear fluid that he was already oozing.” “Suavemente lamí el líquido claro y dulce que ya se le estaba escurriendo.”

“Oh, God! How turned on I was at that time!”

“¡Oh, Dios! ¡Qué excitado estaba yo para entonces!”

70 • The Biker

HJ August 2005 70

7/18/05 4:21:23 PM

“But HE was even hornier than me.” “Pero ÉL lo estaba más que yo.”

“Suddenly, he cursed and made me take all of his meat down my throat! Immediately, endless loads of hot spunk flooded my mouth. I swallowed a lot of it, but I couldn’t take it all!” “De repente, maldiciendo, ¡me hizo engullir todo su chorizo en mi garganta! Y en seguida, interminables chorros de calientes mocos inundaron mi boca. ¡Tantos, que no me dio tiempo de tragar todo!”

The Biker • 71

HJ August 2005 71

7/18/05 4:21:24 PM

“The biker didn’t need me to be experienced. He knew what to do in order to get his balls drained. I was just his flesh and blood toy... and I kinda liked it! I thought his balls would be dry after spurting a gallon of cum, but he had more plans for me.” “El motociclista no necesitaba que yo tuviera experiencia. Él sabía qué hacer para exprimir bien sus huevos y yo fui sólo su juguete de carne y hueso… ¡y me gustó! Pensé que con tanta leche derramada ya nos iríamos, pero él tenía otros planes para mí”.

“That day I learned that I lose my mind when my rosy asshole gets fingered. And I even lose my memory when it gets licked good!” “Ese día supe que cuando me juegan el culito pierdo la razón. ¡Y hasta la memoria si me lo lamen así de rico!”

Hum… That poor biker must be waiting for my son to get off the toilet. Hope Petey doesn’t take too long, we’re almost done here... Mmm... Ese pobre motociclista debe estar esperando a que mi hijo salga del retrete. Ojalá Pedrito no tarde mucho, ya casi nos vamos… To be continued… Continuará…

72 • The Biker

HJ August 2005 72

7/18/05 4:21:25 PM

Handjobs Library

To order: Call 1-866-304-7848 or Go to or Use the order form on pages 81 & 82 Handjobs August 2005 • 73

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Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs Free Personal Ad Order Form Fill out this form, sign it, and mail it to: Avenue Services, Inc. • PO Box 23219 • Seattle, WA 98102-0519 Section – check only one: International National By State Personal ads are free and run for four months. Your personal ad must be less than 125 words in length and may not advertise products, services, groups, or anything which is not personal in nature. Ads are posted on our website as we process them. Feel free to include your email address in your ad so guys can reach you quickly. Photos: To place a photo in your personal ad, you must give us a statement that you wish to be published in Handjobs and that you are at least 21 years of age. We also need a copy of your driver’s license with photo ID and a list of any stage names or aliases you have ever used. This is a legal requirement. I am 18+. Please place the following ad in Handjobs: Ad Title: ________________________________________________ Body of Ad: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ DEADLINES: ________________________________________________ 10/05 issue ________________________________________________ August 15 ________________________________________________ 11/05 issue September 15 ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________

Please give me a box# and forward replies to: name: ________________________________________________ address: ________________________________________________ city/state/zip: ________________________________________________ I am 18+ Signature (required): __________________________________________

How to reply to a Handjobs Box# 1. Put your letter in an envelope. 2. Write your return address on the envelope. 3. Write the box# you are replying to in the middle of the envelope. We will place an address label over this number so you may use a pen. 4. Place sufficient postage on the envelope. When replying to ads in the Nationwide and State sections, the minimum postage is 37¢. When replying to ads in the International Section, the minimum postage is 80¢ and may be more depending on the weight of your letter.

NOTE: Letters with no postage or insufficient postage will not be forwarded. Readers outside the US who can not obtain US stamps, may send US funds or international postage coupons (coupons-résponse international). 5. Place the stamped envelope into a larger one. 6. Place sufficient postage on the larger envelope and mail it to: Avenue Services, Inc. PO Box 23219 Seattle, WA 98102-0519 attn: Ad Forwards

74 • Personal Ads August 2005

HJ August 2005 74

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Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs International 11/2005

Exchange Hot Letters In shape, good looking, healthy, WM, 5’6”, 145 lbs., looking for those interested in writing hot letters, either real or fantasies. I have 101 stories and fantasies to share. Have interest in uncut, but all are nice if clean, healthy and have brains behind them. Photos would be nice. Write to: A. D. Foster, 116 Fleming St, Wausau, WI 54403. 9/2005 Anything Goes GWM, 47 y/o, 5’10”, 175 lbs., short salt and pepper hair, hazel eyes, average build, hairy, versatile, like it wild, anything goes and always willing to try something new, one on one or groups. The more guys and the bigger their cocks the better. Can take orders, bondage and discipline. Love guys in uniform or leather who won’t take no for an answer – cops, military, firemen. Love nude wrestling – winner takes all. Love kissing, sucking cock, licking arse and anything else you can think of. No scat or fisting. I give a really hot full body relaxation massage. Let’s share experiences, fantasies and hot, steamy explicit letters. Write to: Philip, PO Box 37, Annerley 4103, Queensland, Australia. I also love hot phone sex. Phone: 38487590 (Brisbane). A possible place to stay if you visit – 3/31 Cavan St, Annerley 4103, Queensland, Australia.

Nationwide 11/2005

Nasty Bi Phone Sex Do you get boned up when a

new Handjobs Bi Adventures comes out? If so, we need to talk. I’m a 28 y/o foul-mouthed pervert who loves beating off over the phone while talking about bisexual family shit. I especially love a dad teaching his boy about sex – jerking off while watching pussy porn together, double fucking a cunt together or letting his son watch him as he fucks his mom. I can get into all scenes as long as they’re bi and nasty. No fuckin limits. I’m a true god damn masturbator. Call me, day or night, for a phone jerk, (734) 676-6938. If you get the machine, just say you’re HJ and leave a number. No detailed messages because my girlfriend sometimes stays over. Chore Boy Wanted Prefer 18-28. Old devil needs help on woodshed farm near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Sweaty, dirty, hard manual labor. Papa is demanding, strict, perfectionist; boy is obedient, submissive. I will not tolerate whining, laziness or insubordination. Boy must submit to supervision, inspections and get permission to do anything! First, boy will toe the line or Papa will punish by spanking, paddling, whipping and you may be sent to cut a switch. When Papa stands you up after your punishment, you will be surprised that your bare red butt isn’t smoking! Cry, kick, squirm, beg, etc. – Papa gives long, hard spankings – boy! No experience needed – will train on the job ... will send you to school if you want to go. Write box# 4941. (TX)

Sexy Submissive Son ISO Daddy Sexy feminine son submissive to loving fathers. 19 y/o, 5’8”, 115 lbs., eager bottom boy to exchange erotic letters, pictures. All answered. Pen pal and more to Hawaii dads, visitors. Let’s be lovers and I’ll be willing son for sweet incestous sex. Write box# 4229. (HI) Want To Know You BiWM, 50 y/o, 5’2”, 156 lbs., searching for a man for fun times, sucking and fucking. I want that feeling only a man can give me. Hope to hear from you soon. Write to: Joe F, PO Box 333, Wabasso, FL 32970. Telephone (772) 589-4708. 10/2005

Dads And Grandads WM, 45 y/o, loves to suck on chubby men, older dads, grandads, fat old men, etc. Enjoy photo and video fun too. White men only. Love receiving golden showers from men. Also enjoy trading and collecting real homemade and amateur type videos of all kinds: straight, bi, incest, men/men, etc. Would love to find real homemade videos of family fun, older men, chubby men and men pissing. Also, love hearing from anyone with real family experiences. Respond to: M. G., PO Box 43073, Philadelphia, PA 19129. San Francisco Tourists – Cum Eating Cocksucker Wants You! Let me welcome you to town by coming to your room and going down. Load swap is great too but not required. Feel free to cum in my mouth/throat/beard. Got a nice load for you too

Personal Ads August 2005 • 75

HJ August 2005 75

7/18/05 4:21:29 PM

Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs

San Francisco Tourists …

if you want it. Me: muscular, 40 y/o, GWM. Also love to (safe) fuck too or bottom but no bareback. Kiss, affection, foreplay, bears all plusses. Available days but can’t host. Write with pix to: Box 267, 584 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114 or email (no pix) to: goodheadnsf@hotmail. com. Don’t be shy, let’s have some fun! Penpals Wanted Penpals wanted: young, hairy, uncut guys. Tell me your incest stories, fantasies of incest: how old were you when it happened? Let’s exchange hot stories, nude pictures, tapes, magazines, used jockstraps, and underwear. I have an 8” uncut cock that I suck off 4 & 5 times a day and eat my jizz. Let’s get started, your picture a must. Write Bud, PO Box 1536, Mill Valley, CA 94941-3801. Hot Daddy GWM, 62 ,210 lbs. Looking to find a son who wants to come

and show me his talents and give lots of hours of enjoyment to this man-sized, uncut cock. Also I love to be rimmed. I have a nice clean ass. Dan Torneden, 1700 Massachusetts St #505, Lawrence, KS 66044. Or call: (785) 749-0041 Monday through Thursday 1:00PM to 8:30PM, Friday 1:00PM to 9:00PM Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM to 8:30PM CST ONLY. If you get the machine leave a message. Pen Pals I am 78, 6’, 165 brown hair and blue eyes. I am interested in corresponding with you and sharing experiences, fantasies and anything else that comes to mind. Hope to hear from you. Don Madsen, 3605 4th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. 9/2005

Pen Pal and Friendship and LTR I am 58 y/o, white gay male, seeking black, Asian and white gay male, 45-60. I am hairy, 5’8, 240 lbs., bottom, partly deaf, very lonely. Please write and send photo. Areas: Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Write box# 5258. (OH) Hardcore Body Builder Freak Butch marine muscle hustler stud, world class rugged trained monster, tough pecs 60”, ripped abs 31”, baseball biceps 22”, brain fuck hung 10”x7”. Straight God worship. BEG: (702) 203-8761. Cherokee Guy from Skiatook, OK Hopes To Make Friends I am 5’7 1/2”, 155 lbs., zodiac sign of Leo, suntanned, born July 28, 1960, brown eyes. I hope to exchange photos,

Hot Daddy

Cherokee Guy from Skiatook …

thoughts of each other, maybe voice cassette tapes and to hear each other. I like to ride my 26”, 15 speed, Roadmaster brand, Mount Fury model, mountain bike. I lift weights some. I love Leo Young, a cute young former Everman football player and McCavex and McGranthamhead Club. I love Chris Green and his mouse baby. I hope to hear from all who want to be my friend and maybe make it with me. Send all replies with photo to: Everett Cheshewalla, PO Box 811, Skiatook, OK 74070-0811. Looking Hi; I’m a fat old fart who is disabled but able to get around a little. I’m looking for a grandson who is looking for love, support (anythingexcept financial) who is under 25. I do prefer skinny, but not totally important. I own my own home and live alone. I hope to get a dog this spring. I will answer all responses. You can get in touch with me thru Handjobs, or my email. PS I live in SLC, UT, Oh yes I’m 65! Write box# 325. (UT) Hot Cuban WGM, 60 y/o, S&P hair, 5’9”,

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HJ August 2005 76

7/18/05 4:21:30 PM

Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs green eyes. I like meeting and writing friends, maybe LTR. Photo would be nice, but not required. I will answer all letters. Write box# 795. (NV) 8/2005 Raunch Slave Boy Seeks Masters 6’3”, Italian, 218 lbs., great shape, clean shaven, shaved head, crotch and asshole, smooth, hot, beefy ass, handsome, very masculine, HIV+ but very healthy, young looking 50 y/o. I love cleaning out assholes with my tongue and am looking for in-shape, serious, experienced tops, 35-60, any race, who can train me to be the pig raunch bottom that I want to be! Also into drinking piss, getting gang banged, having my talented asshole fisted and getting fucked with gigantic toys. Only the most serious, filthiest letters will I respond to! Write to: Joe Izzo, 460 Charles St Apt 704, Providence, RI 02904 or call: (401) 521-6416. Bears, Kink and Raunch Pen Pals Super hot, handsome, late 40’s, 5’8”, dark brown/brown, 155 lbs., hot man/boy body, sizzling tits, 7” cut, meaty, thick mustache and bush. Seeking exchange or more with raunchy pen pals. Hairy gorillas with mammoth juicy tits jutting out of huge hairy pecs. Thick fur everywhere, especially legs and ass. Woof! Into: hot tit jobs, heavy shooters, nipple orgasms, incest, nursing, sniffing/licking funky crotches and ripe pits, beer piss marathons, deep tongue fucking hairy manholes and piss slits. Possible scat with bear who can make me lust enough for everything out of

him. Small endowed and semihairy raunch men welcome. Let’s share our filth. Pictures appreciated. Write to: Stone VanDamme, 118 Newfield St #2, Middletown, CT 06457. Boo Boo Seeks Yogi Bear GWM, 40 y/o, 200 lbs., tight ass, deep throat, lots of fur, loves to suck, be fucked and eat ass, seeks daddies, bears, chubbys, Sikhs/Indians/Turks. Call Charlie at: (248) 473-5187 or write to: Chuck, 22600 Middlebelt Rd A13, Farmington Hills, MI 48336. Seeking Son/Nephew 45 y/o daddy/uncle, 5’10”, 155 lbs., mature, good looking and hard, seeking son/nephew for hot letters, phone, even LTR. Photo a+. You: 18-30, slim, smooth and passive. For fast response send phone number. Write box# 2394. (ND) Wanted: Houseman/ Slave By middle-aged man in good shape and excellent health! N/S, N/D, HIV–. Must be very oral! Include your name, address and age in reply along with a photo. Live-in? Write to: Mr. Perry, 731 G St Unit A28, Chula Vista, CA 91910. Phone (619) 426-0037. No collect calls or after 10 PM. Full or part-time OK. Limits respected. Easy on the Eyes Accommodating GWM 50’s , 5’9’ 160#, balding, grey stache & goatee, hairy, hung 9”, uncut, masc fit man.Versatile? Can be for the right one. ISO a masc, musc, fit man w/great butt, nice legs, nipwork, light s/m, Affectionate,kiss & cuddle a plus. Hot photo exchange. HIV POZ 20 years, alive &

Easy on the Eyes

well. I shall await your mouth & butt!!!. Dick Noble P. O. Box 854 Rehoboth Bch, DE. 19971. E-mail: DickRock9@yahoo. com. Bears, Daddies - Let’s Fuck! I Need Bear Cum Now! Star of P. R. Simon video; GBM, 6’1” tall, 300 lbs., smooth, juicy tits, ass, belly, 7 3/4” dick, seeks bearded, hairy-chested, very affectionate bears for hot sweaty mansex, poss. LTR. Pluses: deep fucking, assplay, raunch, cheesy dickskin, dirty daddies - nasty grandpas. I need to swallow lots of hot cum and feel it deep up my ass. I also need a bearded suck job and to eat my spunk from your hairy hole. I love sweat, piss, cum and hot bearpussy! Late nite/early A.M. and phone sex. Write to: George, PO Box 1879, New York, NY 10025 or email: Send me your sexy dick-pics! 1-212-663-4159 LATE PM/EARLY AM PHONEFUCKING Looking for Intelligent, Hairy Dad GWM, 50 y/o, 6’1”, 210 lbs., intelligent, good-looking, masculine, athletic, HIV-, tan,

Personal Ads August 2005 • 77

HJ August 2005 77

7/18/05 4:21:32 PM

Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs discreet, 7 1/2” cut, many interests, seeks 60+, intelligent, handsome, masculine, virile, hairy, lots of soft, thick, gray or graying hair on chest, athletic, fun loving, successful, secure, loving, honest, daddy-type for a real loving relationship. Write to: JJK, 1351 Sandtrap Dr, Ft. Myers, FL 33919 or email: Wanted Wanted: Men truckers, construction crew men, telephone pole men, road construction men or men with rough jobs – to live in with me (free rent) – in exchange I want men to severely work me over in pain sex torture + more day and night. Call 1-574-256-9073. Ask for Shane Tacopulos.

California 11/2005

Fuck My White Ass I’m a tall, attractive, SWM, 6’2”, 175 lbs., and I love getting fucked by big (8”+), cum-filled, black dicks. Fuck my shapely white ass doggy style and cum all over it! Call Randy at (323) 850-8786 (Los Angeles, CA). 10/2005

fuck my tight shaved hot ass, while playing with my 11 1/2” X 7” joy stick, at least 3 to 4 times a day. Also like groups. I can also suck a 12” cock down to the balls, lick ass and hopefully take all your cum and piss all over and in me. Call Bob after 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday, after 8 PM Sundays and Mondays, or anytime before 9:30 AM. In Palm Springs, CA. The number is: (760) 864-8556. Write box# 1619.

Georgia 11/2005

Looking For A Compatible LTR Hi! I’m a mature, 6’3”, 240 lbs, brown hair/eyes, hairy bear, Cherokee/German/English mix, looking for a son, grandson or brother (18+) to love. I’m HIV-, non-smoker nor drug user who lives in rural Georgia. I travel a lot, own my own home and live alone with my cats, poultry, books and DVD’s. Why not contact me? Write to: PO Box 13413, Macon, GA 31208 or call: (478) 668-4348 and let’s get acquainted. I will answer all responses. Balls in your court!

Hot Bottom Needs Furry Top Hot bottom looking for very 10/2005 Illinois hairy guys (bears who like Seeking Sons watersports are A+) who can Looking for young 21-28 year olds for good times. I’m 36 y/o, 6’, 150 lbs. I am a bottom looking for young cocks to fill me up. Also, enjoy anal toys, rim jobs and 69ing. Can also fill your man-gina with 8”. All races welcome to reply. Write box# 5335. Let Me Be Your Personal Cocksucker! Muscular, married, BiWM,

mid 50’s, very clean, discreet and nice looking, 6’1”, 215 lbs., brown hair/eyes/mustache. Totally love the art of cocksucking. Looking for a few good men with big dicks to swing on. The bigger, the better. Love to deep throat to completion. Thick cocks are a plus also. Love weight lifters, construction workers, policemen, blue collar types, bad boys. Also, love married men and straight men who totally love their cocks sucked but whose wives and girlfriends don’t want any part of it. I love swallowing a big load of warm cum. Was always bi-curious and never sucked a cock until I was almost 35. I have a place to get together. My nickname is Pete as in Peter. Let me make you see fireworks! Rockford area. Call week day mornings between 8:00 AM and 9:15 AM CST. Saturdays 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Ask for Pete – please be discreet (815) 226-0312. Thanks. Please be HIV negative and have a big cock!

Indiana 8/2005

Wanted: Top Dads/ Any Age By mature GHM with hungry ass, cum freak, bottom son. I like nipple play and to lick balls and ass. Write, maybe include any unwanted XXX gay videos. On my knees. Ruben Flores, 4809 Indianapolis Bvld Apt 1C, East Chicago, IN 46312.

Kansas 10/2005

Kansas City Dad BiWM, 58 y/o, 5’10”, 190 lbs., very clean, seeks son

Hot Bottom Needs Furry Top

78 • Personal Ads August 2005

HJ August 2005 78

7/18/05 4:21:33 PM

Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs 25-40 for discreet relationship. Looking for endowed top who likes to be sucked. Have own place to entertain. Will respond to all who write. Write box# 5293.

Maine 10/2005

Small Cock, Big Heart Nice guy, 28 y/o, looking for big brother. Pen pals are cool, LTR is my goal. Size must not be an issue. I am a large man with a small cock. Write box# 1916.

Massachusetts 9/2005

Son Wants Real Men GWM, 45 y/o, wants real men, daddies 40+, brothers 30+. Must be hairy, horny and love the following: blow jobs, getting fucked, rimming, taking and giving golden showers, eating sperm, jockstraps, outside sex, licking armpits, a man who needs a 7 1/2” cock inside all his holes, truckers, blue and white collar men, any guy who loves and lives for man sex. Barebacking a plus. I’m 45 y/o, 5’9”, slim, swimmer’s build, brown hair slightly greying, hairy chest, crotch, ass and legs, sometimes clean shaven face, sometimes I sport a beard and mustache, 7 1/2” Polish kielbasa, big swollen cock

head, cut. Also, want nude photos of dads/brothers and used, worn, piss and cum stained jocks, piss and cum loads, and porn DVD’s/VHS tapes. For truckers who need to blast off a load of piss and cum, call me (no phone sex) for stop over day and time for pit stop: (413) 796-7507. All other inquiries write to: Matt, 125 Nassau Dr, Springfield, MA 01129. Letters with photos will be answered quickly. No inmates. 8/2005

fun. Tell me your incest and first time stories. Call (402) 558-0778. Hurry, little brother, I’ve got so much to teach you! Write box# 5234.

New York 10/2005

Sex Pig to Use and Abuse 46 y/o, semi-muscular, hairy, 8 1/2” cut cock, bubble butt, black hair, mustache, blue eyes, 5’8”, 190 lbs., seeks hard core and nasty Latin, black, Arabs, rough German dudes, white punks and brutes to use and abuse me! Daddy types, mustaches, tattoos and gang members. Spray paint me, tie me up, rape me. Uniform scenes, father/son, ghetto scenes, beatings, hot wax, taking nasty pictures of me, kidnap scenes. Force jerk me off, sell me to your buddies, keep me naked for as long as you want. You can write to me and even get to meet me as I want to be your sex pig to use and abuse! Send me your hot, nasty and cummy letters, studs! Love to give hot, nasty sex shows by force. Write to me studs, now! Write box# 5136. 9/2005

Middleboro Area Bottom Seeks Top I’m affectionate, submissive, 38 y/o, 5’6”, 150 lbs. and I’m a 100% bottom boy. I’m clean shaven and have little body hair. I have a good job and my own place. I’m straight acting, but I do have a feminine side in the bedroom. I’m just the average guy. I’m safe, sane and I love sucking, swallowing and getting fucked. I’m seeking friendship/relationship with clean, confident, aggressive, affectionate, drug free, single men 25-60 who are in need of oral sex and/or a boy pussy to fuck regularly. You be my daddy/uncle/older brother or a close friend. Race I Like Big Ones not important. Discretion assured. Please live close by. I like to suck big white cocks Correspondence okay too. and lick white asses. I love to do it on the phone. You can Write box# 3374. beat me up if you want to and fuck my ass. Call (212) 873Nebraska 9/2005 9181. Write box# 5248. Looking for Dads and Femme Bottom ISO Brothers Butch Top 30 y/o, 5’8”, 190 lbs., brown WM, 49, true sperm pig. My hair and eyes, 7 1/2” cut, straight brother says I give the looking for dads and younger best head he’s ever had and brothers for play. Like every- that he’s never been in such thing including WS, FF and a tight, welcoming ass. Need dildo play. Also enjoy phone dick, balls and semen in my

Son Wants Real Men

Personal Ads August 2005 • 79

HJ August 2005 79

7/18/05 4:21:34 PM

Personal Ads August 2005 Handjobs mouth; tongues, fingers and dicks up my ass. 5’8”, 180 lbs., untoned, soft body with firm legs and rear. Salt and pepper (short) hair and goatee, brown eyes. Love dirty talk. All ages, races, sizes. Write box# 5177.

Ohio 10/2005

Horny in Ohio Bisexual male interested in meeting local men for safe sex. But also interested in correspondence and phone sex with all everywhere. I am into role playing and can be submissive or dominant. Special turn-ons are: elderly men, clergy, overweight, handicapped and black. Like to receive cum-filled rubbers and underwear in the mail. Send me a photo of your hard-on. I started very young and have many experiences to tell (including incest). Like to rim, lick balls, tongue baths, creamy facials and swallow cum. I love the smell and taste of sperm and the musky smell of a man’s balls, cock and asshole. Into all kinky and taboo subjects (including piss). Send phone number and best time to call. Write to: D. M., PO Box 37, Hartville, OH 44632.

Oregon 9/2005

61 y/o Fat Guy Looking for Eugene/Springfield area Handjobbers to get together for pizza, beer and discussions about our interests. Only legal talk about our boyhood experiences, fantasies, observations and the historical matrix of those interests. Absolutely noth-

ing illegal, only safe and legal discussions. After first meeting, if we click, we can meet at my home. For the record, as an 11 y/o, husky, blue eyed boy, I seduced a 30 y/o bear who was a married daddy. Later, he told me about boy brothels that he was introduced to during his R&R during the Korean war in Tokyo and Kyoto. This all took place from 1955-1956. It was wonderful. All Oregonians welcome to get in touch. Write box# 5204.

Puerto Rico 8/2005

Disney World? No!!! Disney World? No!!! I want to go to Pig Hog Whore World ... can you take me there? Please!!! Write to this filthy, trashy, Putrid Rican 48 year old white gutter slut with no morals at: R.M. PO Box 4821, Carolina, PR 00984-4821.

Texas 10/2005

Rio Grande Valley HM Seeking Friends Southern Texas HM, 60 y/o, 5’11”, 145 lbs., wants to suck your cock to completion. Ages 21-70, race not important, single or groups. Would like for you to grab the back of my head, force your cock as deep down my throat as it can go, and at the same time stuff your balls in my hot, pussy mouth. Later, as you rub, pinch, and pull my big hard nipples, unload your hot cum down my throat, and if you want, flood my mouth with a stream of hot piss. I’m honest and discreet. Write box# 586.

Washington 10/2005

Experienced Handballer Needed I need a man experienced in fisting to help me take a fist for the first time. I’m a handballing virgin and need a man with patience and skill to open me up right. Willing to reciprocate. Spokane area. Write box# 3348.

Wisconsin 11/2005

Let Me Pleasure Your Ripe, Uncut Cock WM, 50 y/o, 6’, 205 lbs., (man-boy) looking to please men and daddies, 40-80, who are smooth, shaved or have mild body hair. Any weight is fine, chubby and fat also a turn-on. I really like daddies with big, low hanging balls. Please, allow this foreskin lover to sniff, smell, stroke, lick and suck on your juicy, ripe, uncut cock. I’ll enjoy your sweaty balls and eat out your ass crack till you shoot your hot load in my mouth or on my face. Make me cum anyway you want. Forced J/O, ass play, or suck on my shaved cock, balls and ass till I feed you a warm load of cum all over your beautiful cock and lick it off. Send descriptive letter. Photo would be appreciated. Write box# 5520.

80 • Personal Ads August 2005

HJ August 2005 80

7/18/05 4:21:36 PM

Handjobs Order Form 08/05 To order by phone call: 1-866-304-7848 USA or Canada Call 9am – 6pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday online at

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Subtotal ________ Continue to page 82 ….

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Handjobs Order Form 08/05 To order by phone call: 1-866-304-7848 USA or Canada Call 9am – 6pm Pacific Time Monday through Friday online at

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