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Handjobs March 2005 Letters After Work by N. M. Smoldering Lust by Mike White Gypsy Boy by Rolando Mérida Cable Repairmen by Gene Richards Reflections of Gary by Sebastian Roe A Work of Art by DeShawn Jackson Naked “Bible Camp” Early Morning Swim by Rick Horsmann Below Deck by Peter Getting Ready for Daddy by Bucky Doctor’s Orders by Bert Lee Pulled Over Personal Ads Handjobs Order Form

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Copyright © 2005 by Avenue Services, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher, Avenue Services, Inc., a gay-owned and operated business. Published by Avenue Services, Inc., PO Box 23219, Seattle, WA 98102-0519. Handjobs is a trademark of Avenue Services, Inc. Safe and sane sexual behavior is encouraged by the publisher. The publisher, editor and contributors to Handjobs cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries or any other misfortunes that results from proper or improper application of information imparted or ideas generated by material in Handjobs. Handjobs is designed to be used only as an aid for masturbation. Any similarity between people and places in the fiction in Handjobs and any real people and places is purely coincidental. No responsibility can be assumed for unsolicited material. All rights in letters sent to Handjobs will be treated unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to Handjobs’ right to edit and comment upon editorially. Printed in the US.

Despite the terms such as “boy”, “kid” or “son”, all characters in the fiction of Handjobs are 18 years of age or older. It may be against the law to have sexual intercourse with people under the age of 18, but we do print memoirs of men talking about their own boyhood experiences. This magazine is in compliance with the so-called “Child Protection Act of 1995”.

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2/19/05 3:13:43 PM

Letters Dear Handjobs: Handjobs is generally very exciting, the illustrations excellent, the customer service excellent. But it is not conducive to having or maintaining a strong spiritual relationship with God – which I have neglected for many years. I want to get back to a close walk with and love for Him. If I ever find it possible to balance that spiritual life with my enjoyment of Handjobs, I will resubscribe then. Thanks for all the pleasure you have provided to me during the past ten years! • Charlie, CA Dear Handjobs: Y’all are just great! Thanks. • Michael, NC Dear Handjobs: More doctor stories, if possible. • J. C., IL Handjobs Reply: Check out Doctor’s Orders on page 65. Dear Handjobs: You put out the hottest, horniest male readers I’ve cummed across over the years. Thanks for livening up my sex life and fantasies. • David, CA Dear Handjobs: I’m happy to renew my subscription. Keep up your good work and service. I enjoy Josman’s artwork and stories each month. Does he have a special book out like Roger? • Ted, CA Handjobs Reply: We’re glad you enjoy Josman’s work. We don’t currently offer a Josman book, but we are encouraging him to put one together. Currently we are offering two downloadable collections of the work he’s done for Handjobs, Josman 2003 and Josman 2004 at www/ And you can also see some of his work online at Any Josman fans should feel free to write him and let him know how much you appreciate his work. He can be contacted at: Avenue Services Inc. Attention: Josman, PO Box 23219 Seattle WA 98102-0519. We will forward your letters on to him. Dear Handjobs: Your magazine is so hot! I love the stories and the illustrations. • Christopher, OH Dear Handjobs: Great job! I’d love to see more coach stories! • Phil, CA Dear Handjobs: Every time I see a Michael Mitchell drawing I have to jack off. Even when I look at some of the older ones, I feel 4 • Letters

HJ March 2005.indd 4

2/19/05 3:13:43 PM

the same. I especially love the scenes he does of black and white men. His drawing on page 40 of the December 2004 issue is great. I jack off every time I look at it. • Ed, OH Dear Handjobs: One damn good, hot magazine. My partner and I love it. Keep up the good work. • Tim, CA Dear Handjobs: You’re great! Josman is wonderful. Just seeing his artwork makes me horny. I have one question: Have you thought of including stories in Spanish? Please never stop your work. Gracias. • Jusqui, VA Handjobs Reply: Each month we publish Rolando Mérida’s comics in both Spanish and English. Dear Handjobs: I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy your magazine. The art and stories are the best. I love the men and boys in Rolando’s and Josman’s art. I can never get enough of the hot fuckin’ stories by Big Al. He is one author who knows how to leave me with a smile on my face and a stomach covered with cum. You guys are the best and I plan to renew my subscription as soon as possible. Please keep up the great work and thank you for all that you do. • Dave, NM Dear Handjobs: Ignore the negative comments. Handjobs is great the way it is! • Bill, CA Dear Handjobs: My hat’s off to Handjobs (and lately, quite frequently, I might add) for creating the best and hottest, sexually stimulating, extra X-rated magazine known to man! My only complaint is that I’ve never been able to finish any of the stories. By the time the story reaches it’s climax, I’ve already climaxed, showered, shaved and taken in a movie. Keep up the good work. • Randy, CA Dear Handjobs: I would like to see stories in upcoming issues of Handjobs about sons marrying their fathers. On the son’s eighteenth birthday, the dad could ask the son what he wants for his birthday, and the son would say, “Will you marry me?” This idea could be written out as a plain page story, or Josman could use the couple from My Wild and Raunchy Son and create a chapter 3 – The Wedding Story. Thanks for the books and stories in 2004. • Anthony, ID Letters • 5

HJ March 2005.indd 5

2/19/05 3:13:44 PM

After Work by N.M. Dad’s mouth was only an inch from my own. His work shirt hung unbuttoned on his body, framing the chest hair that trailed down his torso and disappeared into the waistband of his uniform shorts. I could feel his breath on my mouth as our lips paused, before diving in for the kiss I had been waiting years for. I had stopped by my parents’ house for a surprise visit, only to find my mother not home and my father smoking a cigarette. Dad had quit smoking ages ago – or so I thought – and catching his bad behavior turned out to be a turning point for both of us. He asked me not to tell Mom, and I agreed in exchange for his sharing one of his smokes with me. He didn’t know that I occasionally smoked myself, and our mutual naughtiness broke down some kind of barrier and allowed us to open up to each other as we never had before. For years, our relationship had been stiff, especially after I told my parents I was gay. Dad was not happy about that and worried that I would become an outcast. He told me many times how his coworkers would rag on gay guys and joke about faggots. He once tried to tell me about a gay guy he knew in the army, but I cut him off and wouldn’t allow him to spew his bigotry at me. But now, as we began to see each other as men who could keep each other’s secrets, I asked him to tell me the story. He dove in and relived his military days, or at least the days that involved Pete – a guy in his unit who had a thing for dick. Pete had grown up on a farm and was a fairly typical Midwestern guy, but once he was in the army surrounded by hundreds of men all day and night, he couldn’t hold himself back. He had a loyal few soldiers who would let him drain their loads, and Pete could easily service several in a night, or at the same time. I couldn’t believe it when Dad told me that he was one of Pete’s loyal few! Dad said he had blamed it on the lack of pussy, and fed his dick to the willing Midwestern boy. He even took part in group scenes and would join his fellow soldiers in circle jerks into Pete’s waiting mouth. He described all of his cohorts, from hair color to body type to cock size, even going so far as to describe the size of their loads and how far they shot. I couldn’t believe that my dad was telling me all this! And he certainly didn’t seem disgusted by his memories. There was a twinkle in his eye and a smirk on his face that let me know he had a great fondness for those times. 6 • After Work

HJ March 2005.indd 6

2/19/05 3:13:45 PM

But there was one time that Dad got burned. He was feeding his meat to Pete in the latrine, and Pete was lapping up the precum that flowed from Dad’s tool. (I still couldn’t believe that my dad was telling me this, but he pressed on.) He looked down as Pete milked his juices onto his tongue, shifting his gaze upward to look at Dad’s face. Dad told me that Pete looked so grateful with his cockhead balanced on his tongue, and a warmth surrounded Dad, so he leaned down and kissed Pete, tasting his precum on their mingling tongues. Now, kissing was something that was just not done in the army. Cocksucking was fine, but kissing was for women only. However Dad couldn’t resist, and as he kissed the beautiful, solid, Midwestern boy, he felt no regrets. But when the lights flashed on and Dad’s sergeant After Work • 7

HJ March 2005.indd 7

2/19/05 3:13:45 PM

strutted in saying, “What do we have here? A couple of faggots?” Dad definitely regretted it. Apparently the sergeant had been watching the goings on in the latrine, but once the kissing happened he had to break it up. The sergeant walked up to the two soldiers, who stood side by side half naked with their pants around their ankles, and got in their faces. He went up to Pete first and stared into his eyes, then sniffed hard at Pete’s mouth. “Smells like dick, boy,” he grunted in Pete’s face. Then he moved nose to nose with Dad, staring him down and then sniffing at his lips. “Smells like he got his dick-lips on you, too, faggot.” Dad started to say something, but held back as the sergeant stared hard into his eyes. Then the sergeant stuck his tongue out and ran it hard across Dad’s mouth. “Yup. Tastes like dick, too.” Dad told me he was scared to death – and rock hard at the same time. Needless to say, I was rock hard, too. But I tried to hide my excitement and listen calmly as he continued. The sergeant held Dad’s gaze for several seconds and then said, “Get your faggot ass to bed, soldier. And don’t let me catch you playing house with this cocksucker here.” Dad obeyed, quickly pulling his pants up and heading to bed, grateful to be released.

8 • After Work

HJ March 2005.indd 8

2/19/05 3:13:46 PM

Some of his bunkmates asked what all the commotion was about. Dad tried to avoid their questions, but rumors fly on base and soon everyone had heard some version of what had happened. Oddly enough, the guys weren’t pissed at Dad for fagging out. They still thought of him as straight as an arrow, because he was one tough motherfucker. But they were pissed at him because the sergeant took Pete as his own boy, and the guys could no longer get off in his waiting mouth. Pete’s body became more and more beautiful as training went on, but no one could touch him other than the sergeant. Dad finished telling me his story, and I was in a daze – reeling from the thought of my dad getting off with other guys. I sat bound to my seat, my throbbing dick trapped in my jeans. Dad was obviously aroused, too, judging from the size of the bulge in his pants when he stood up to go to the john and take a piss. I tried to regain my composure while he was in the bathroom, but when he returned with his belt hanging undone and his shirt completely unbuttoned, all bets were off. He relaxed around the house in this state of half-undress all the time, but after telling me the story he had just relayed, his aura was completely different. The bulge in his shorts was rearranged, but still wildly prominent. Somehow we got onto the subject of kissing someone who just smoked a cigarette, and I said I really liked the taste of it on a guy’s tongue – not a heavy smoker who tastes like an ashtray, but the hint of nicotine that tingles as our tongues become one. Dad replied that he had never tasted it because Mom had never smoked. I don’t know where I summoned the courage from, but I told him to taste it on me. I couldn’t believe it when it came out of my mouth. But it was even more unbelievable when Dad said, “OK.” Now here we were standing face to face, about to really kiss for the first time. I thought about how long it had been since my lips touched my dad. We had moved to only shaking hands with each other years ago, and a hug only happened on a graduation or birthday. I wondered if his stubble would still feel the same as it did when I was a little boy. I got my answer as our mouths came together. His stubble felt so much better now as it stabbed my skin while his tongue slid into my mouth, tasting his son for the first time. He let out a moan and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me tightly into him as our tongues continued their incestuous dance. I slid my arms inside his After Work • 9

HJ March 2005.indd 9

2/19/05 3:13:46 PM

open shirt and clutched at the slab of muscle that was his back. He pulled his mouth from mine and hoarsely whispered, “Oh, God, this is so fucking wrong.” I breathlessly overlapped the end of his sentence with my response, “I know.” And then we feverishly dove back into each other’s mouth. We started tearing each other’s clothes off, but couldn’t take the time to unlace Dad’s boots, so they stayed on. We didn’t know if Mom would walk in at any moment, but at this point we didn’t care. We had to have each other then and there. We tumbled inside from the back patio and Dad tackled me onto the laundry room floor. As fate would have it, my head landed right in a pile of his dirty clothes, and I reveled in the scent as he kissed his way down my torso, finally reaching my cock and taking it in his hand. “Just like your old man. Thick, stiff, and ready to fuck,” he crowed, before lapping precum off my cockhead and then sliding his mouth down over my shaft. “Oh, Dad! Fuck! Dad! Wait …,” was all I could manage to cry out, and then I was blowing my load in my own father’s mouth. I stared down at him, clamped onto my meat, drinking his son’s cum, and my voice was of no use. I moaned and growled and became an animal as I watched Dad loving everything he was getting from me. My head spun and my body tensed and my hips thrust until finally the waves subsided and my load was fully fed to Dad. He milked the last drops out of me, and then moved up my body toward my face. His expression was hot with lust, and his body burned red with pumping blood. “You like the taste of a man’s tongue?” he said, and then dove his lips onto my panting mouth. The taste of my father’s spit and my own cum was driving me wild, and I reached down and started pumping Dad’s huge rod. I was always happy with the size of my dick, but Dad’s put me to shame. He was huge! And feeling the heat pour off his cock while he passionately kissed me was almost too much to take. It must have been too much for Dad, too, because he started grunting and moaning into my mouth signaling that he was ready, and then quickly bolted up onto his knees, positioning himself over my chest. I barely got my tongue out of my mouth and under his cockhead when he blasted off, crying out wildly as his cum sprayed into my mouth. “Oh, son! My boy! Oh, God – YES!” he howled as he watched his seed fill the mouth he had created. “Oh, fuck! That’s my boy. Oh, yeah. Oh, 10 • After Work

HJ March 2005.indd 10

2/19/05 3:13:47 PM

my baby boy.” His voice calmed and his body relaxed as he finished wringing cum into his son, and I swallowed all I had received and then took his exhausted meat fully into my mouth. I rolled my tongue around his tool, and drank the remaining drops that oozed out, as Dad stared down at me with relief and gratitude radiating from his face. I ran my tongue around his sensitive head and Dad gave out a pleading laugh, and then I continued down his shaft and onto the balls that had worked so hard to give me the meal I had just received. I thanked them with my tongue, and continued my journey deeper between his legs, my face disappearing under the mass of Dad’s cock and balls. “What are you doing, son?” Dad asked, and then he gasped as my tongue reached the pucker buried between the muscled mounds of his ass. I did my best to force my face between his clenched cheeks and slide my tongue toward its goal. “Oh, my God!” Dad cried as his ass relaxed to accept my hungry mouth. “Your mother never found that spot.” I reached around and felt my father’s tool hardening again, and I knew I wouldn’t be waiting long to be filled with another load of his babymakers.

Smoldering Lust by Mike White When I was a kid, around twelve or so, I fell in love with one of my teachers. His name was Mr. Boaner, and he always gave me one. Back then, he was fresh out of college, so he was about double my age. Mr. Boaner had a beautiful black beard and the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. He was a jock and had the body to prove it. When we had PE, I couldn’t stop staring at the bulge in his shorts. His tight t-shirt showed the swell and curve of every bulging muscle. I jacked off many nights wondering what his cock looked like and if his wife liked sex with him. Did she suck his cock? Did she moan with pleasure as he fucked her? School moved on, and I got older, but I never forgot Mr. Boaner. I pumped out many a load thinking about his hot body and his handsome face. After I discovered the local adult theater, I realized that I didn’t need to jack off so much. I could easily find someone else to help me Smoldering Lust • 11

HJ March 2005.indd 11

2/19/05 3:13:47 PM

shoot my wad. Of course, I was always eager to return the favor. It was only fair. One Saturday night I went to my favorite peepshow, hoping to find some hot cock to suck and someone to suck me. If I was really lucky I might even find an ass to fuck in the big booths they had there. As I walked down the hallway I could hear moans and groans in many of the booths. My cock was already hard. My favorite booths were in the back, and that’s where I headed. “Aw, yeah!” someone moaned behind one of the doors. I ducked into the next booth and looked through the glory hole. I could see a man with his ass pressed against the opposite wall. His pants were around his ankles and his face was screwed up in a grimace of pure ecstasy. Apparently he was getting fucked through the glory hole – and really enjoying it. I continued towards the back booths. My cock throbbed in my pants. Ahead of me I saw someone duck into an open booth. I went into the next booth and looked through the glory hole. The other man already had his hard cock in his hand. He was standing too close to the wall for me to see his face, but I didn’t care what he looked like. I eagerly sucked the cock he offered me. He fucked my face with long, rapid, strokes. His balls slapped against my chin. “Aw, yeah,” he hissed. “Suck that cock.” I eagerly did as he asked, and I was soon rewarded with his spurting cum. He withdrew and ran a finger around the opening, asking for my cock through the glory hole. I immediately sprang to me feet and shoved my drooling cock into his waiting mouth. “MMMMMMMMMMMMM,” he murmured. I looked down and I could see his bearded face around my throbbing tool. I began to fuck his face in slow strokes. It had been a while since I had popped my load down another guy’s throat, and I wanted it to last. There was a pause and I felt the cool air around my cock before it was once again enveloped in moist heat. But now it felt different somehow. I looked down and instead of a furry face I saw hairy asscheeks. I was fucking him through the glory hole!

12 • Smoldering Lust

HJ March 2005.indd 12

2/19/05 3:13:48 PM

Damn, but I had needed a hot ass to fuck. I slammed into his receptive hole. The temperature in the booth went up. Sweat ran down my back. “Yeah, man,” he whispered. “Fuck me. I need a big prick up my ass. Breed me, buddy. Give me that hot load.” I kept pummeling his ass. I could smell his sweat and mine. His gripping hole was getting me off, pulling the cum right up from my churning nuts. “Aw, fuck!” I blasted my balls into the hungry ass pressed against the wall. It felt so damn good. “Yeah, give it to me,” the other man moaned. His ass clamped around my throbbing cock. I pulled my slowly deflating cock from his hungry ass. I could hear him getting his clothes together and quickly shoved my cock into my jeans. I wanted to see who I had fucked. I ducked into the hallway and waited in the dark. The other man finally came out. “Mr. Boaner?” I said in amazement. “Yes. Do I know you?” he replied, looking a little embarrassed. “I was a student of yours several years ago.” He gave me a closer look. “Jimmy? Jimmy Jackson?” “Yes, sir,” I replied. “Shit, are you the stud that just fucked me?” “Yes, sir,” I grinned. “Fuck!” Mr. Boaner looked embarrassed again. “When I was a student of yours I thought about you all the time. I wanted to see you naked.” “You did?” he replied. “Fuck, yeah,” I said. “And you look as good as I remember.” “You married?” he asked. “No. Are you?” I asked. “Not any more,” he grinned. “Found out I liked mansex a lot more than fucking that nasty pussy.” “Maybe we should go someplace and talk about it,” I suggested. “Maybe you’re right,” he said, cupping my crotch in the dim hallway. We walked out into the night and into a new life.

Smoldering Lust • 13

HJ March 2005.indd 13

2/19/05 3:13:48 PM

14 • Gypsy Boy

HJ March 2005.indd 14

2/19/05 3:13:49 PM

Hey, mister! Want me to tell your fortune? ¡Señor! ¿Le leo la mano?

Look! I can show you a trick for only a dime! Just pick a card and… OH! ¡Mire! ¡Si me da una moneda le muestro un truco! Sólo tome una carta y yo le… ¡OH!

Isn’t he cute? ¿No es lindo?

Go away, boy! We’re in a hurry! ¡Lárgate, niño! ¡Tenemos prisa!

Why, honey? The poor thing was just trying to earn some money. ¿Por qué, cariño? El pobrecito sólo quería unas monedas.

Gypsies! All of them a lazy bunch of thieves! ¡Gitanos! ¡Todos son unos vagos ladrones!

Because. Porque sí.

Gypsy Boy • 15

HJ March 2005.indd 15

2/19/05 3:13:49 PM

Humm… And you’re not a very nice person either, Mr… Gibson. Bah: thirty dollars… Mmm… Y usted tampoco es un ejemplo a seguir, Sr… Gurría. Bah: treinta dólares. Who’s there? Dad? Is that you? ¿Quién está ahí? ¿Papá? ¿Eres tú?

What the fuck…? ¿Qué carajos…?

Give that wallet back! I know you took it! I’m counting… One… ¡Devuelve esa cartera! ¡Sé que tú la tienes! Voy a contar… Uno…

…Two… …Dos…

Oh, gimme a break! You’re this upset because of your Daddy’s wallet? He’s a moron, that’s why I took it! ¡Oh, por favor! ¿Todo este escándalo por la cartera de tu papito? ¡Es un idiota, es por eso que lo hice!

16 • Gypsy Boy

HJ March 2005.indd 16

2/19/05 3:13:49 PM

Look, I don’t want the money. Just take the wallet and leave me alone. Mira, no quiero los varos. Sólo toma la cartera y todos contentos.

Ooh, you’re quick, Richie Rich! But sorry… strike one! ¡Oh, eres rápido, Niño Rico! Pero no… ¡strike uno!

Is it really THAT big? ¿TAN grande es? Did you think that bulge was the wallet? ¿Pensaste que el bulto era por la cartera?

Gypsy Boy • 17

HJ March 2005.indd 17

2/19/05 3:13:50 PM

No, I didn’t put it up my ass either! Let’s make a deal, little master! ¡No, tampoco la metí en mi culo! ¡Hagamos un trato, señorito!

If you finish what you’ve started, I’ll give you the wallet right away! Gypsy word of honor! ¡Si terminas lo que empezaste, te daré la cartera sin chistar! ¡Palabra de gitano!

Don’t call me “little master”, moron! ¡No me digas “señorito”, cretino!

Ohh… if you keep doing that… Ohh… si sigues así…

…you’re gonna score! …¡vas a anotar carrera!

“Nobody’s around, go on…” “No hay nadie, sigue…”

18 • Gypsy Boy

HJ March 2005.indd 18

2/19/05 3:13:50 PM

Quick, buddy! My camp is near by and you don’t want my Dad to catch us! ¡Apúrate, amigo! ¡Mi campamento está cerca y mi papá podría vernos!

Ohh, yeaah! YES! Here I go! F-F-FUUCK! If only my Dad could see me now! ¡Asíii! ¡QUÉ RICO! ¡Ahí te voy! ¡PUTAAAA! ¡Si mi papá me viera!

Now… glug… slurp! Give back that wallet! Ahora… glug… ¡Devuelve la cartera!

This one? Sorry. Never trust a gypsy, you little fool! ¿Ésta? Lo siento. ¡Nunca confíes en un gitano, tontito!

Gypsy Boy • 19

HJ March 2005.indd 19

2/19/05 3:13:51 PM

Wrong, Sonny!! A gypsy’s word is sacred!! Give him back his stuff! What else can we do for you, boy? I’ll take care of it, I promise. ¡Muy mal, hijo! ¡La palabra del gitano es sagrada! ¡Dale su cartera! ¿Qué más podemos hacer por ti, chico? Prometo cumplírtelo.

Son, I think it’s time for you to make me proud so I can forget this wallet shit. Hijo, creo que es hora de reivindicar el asunto de la cartera.

Can your son help me with THIS? ¿Puede su hijo ayudarme con ESTO?

D-dad… I… Papá… yo…


20 • Gypsy Boy

HJ March 2005.indd 20

2/19/05 3:13:51 PM

Cable Repairmen by Gene Richards Something had gone wrong with the cable hookup for our TV set. Dad made an appointment with the cable company for Friday morning, and they said someone would be out between eight and noon. As luck would have it, I was off from school that day due to a teachers’ conference. Mom and Dad had left for work, and I was instructed to stay around the house until the cable man had arrived and taken care of the problem. I figured it would be closer to noon before they’d arrive, which meant I had a whole morning confined to the house. Well, fuck! I thought. What am I gonna do? Shortly after eight, I decided to hop in the shower and get that over with before they showed up. During my shower I gave my cock, balls, and ass a lot of attention, but held back from dumping a load of cum. As I was drying off the doorbell rang. Damn! I thought, you might know – the fuckers are early! The doorbell rang a second and a third time. I knew if I didn’t get there fast, they’d take off, and it would be another week before we could get them back! I started to run to the door. Suddenly, I realized I was naked, but luckily, I still had the towel in my hand. I wrapped the towel around my waist, knotting it at my right hip before I opened the door. When I did, I saw two very sexy men, both wearing shorts and the cable company’s blue logo shirts. One was about six feet tall with a shiny, shaved head. His shirt was unbuttoned about halfway down his chest, and thick, black, curly chest hair spilled out of the opening. He sported a goatee that was as black as the hair on his chest, as was the hair on his muscular arms and legs. The other man was shorter and stocky, with shoulder length brown hair and a build like a breeding bull. “Come on in,” I told them. “Sorry about the lack of clothes, but I was just getting out of the shower when you rang.” “You look fine to me, kid,” the taller smooth-headed man said. “Yeah! You look really really fine to me, too!” The shorter man commented. “Well, come with me to the family room, and I’ll show you where the TV is,” I told them. As I led them down the hallway, I overheard one of them say to the other, “God, Al! Look at that ass! To die for!” “Yeah, round, high, and compact,” the other answered. Neither one of them realized I could overhear their comments. Upon entering the Cable Repairmen • 21

HJ March 2005.indd 21

2/19/05 3:13:52 PM

family room, followed by the two sexy cable repairmen, I picked up the remote and handed it to the taller man. He declined it, saying “I prefer to work with the controls on the set itself,” so I laid the remote down as he went to the front of the TV and squatted down. I was now standing behind the taller squatting man, and his partner was standing behind me. I’m sure he was eyeing my towel-covered ass. I thought to myself, OK, guy, you want my ass? I’ll just do a little teasing for you. Moving my arms behind me, and bringing my hands together on the top of my ass, I cupped them together, palms up. I could almost feel the shorter man’s breath on the back of my neck as I stood there innocently and watched the taller man tinker with the TV’s controls. He shifted his position, and my mouth dropped open as his big, hairy balls escaped and slid out the left leg of his cutoffs. Being somewhat mesmerized by the sight of those big, full, hairy balls, I unconsciously took a step backwards to get a better view. My cupped hands came in contact with the shorter man’s crotch, which caused me to gasp. Upon feeling my hands cupping his basket, he thrust his hips forward, and planted his cock and balls firmly in my hands. I started to step forward to break the contact, but he grabbed my hips, held me fast, and pushed harder up against my towel-covered butt. Looking at the taller man’s balls hanging out while he squatted in front of the TV, and feeling the hardness of the shorter man’s cock pressed up against my asscheeks, caused me to throw an instant hardon. I started to say something to the man pressed up against my young ass, but he leaned his mouth close to my ear, and whispered, “Shhh! Be quiet! You like looking at those big, hairy balls of Henry’s, don’t you? Yeah, and I can tell you like the feel of my cock rubbing against your ass.” I opened my mouth, but then snapped it shut again, knowing that any denial would be a lie. Henry, the taller one, was muttering to himself at the TV. When he shifted his position, a big, pink cockhead slid out of the leg of his cutoffs to join those big hairy balls of his. I could see a droplet of shiny precum poised at his cumhole. I let out a low groan and ran my wet tongue over my lips them, thinking of licking that pearl-like droplet from his tasty cumhole. “Oh, oh, oh!” I moaned as the man behind me moved that steel-like cock up and down against my asscrack. I heard him chuckle at my groans of sexual pleasure. His right hand moved to the knot in the towel, and loosened it. I felt it fall away and drop to the floor. Still 22 • Cable Repairmen

HJ March 2005.indd 22

2/19/05 3:13:52 PM

holding one of my hips, he moved the other hand to his fly, and I heard the distinct sound of his zipper being lowered. Within moments I felt the heat and wetness of the man’s cockhead pressing between my asscheeks. When it slid over my virgin asslips, I cried out, which caused Henry, the tall man, to wheel around on his knees to see what was going on. “What the fuck!” he cried out, when he saw me standing naked in front of the shorter man with my stiff, young cock pointing at him. “For Christ’s sake, Al, what are you trying to do to that kid?” “He’s a real beauty, Henry, and seems to be a willing plaything,” Al answered as he rotated his hips to slide his cock around on my naked ass. “Jeez, Al, you’ll get us both fired!” Henry said, never taking his eyes from my hard cock, which was on the same level as his face. He reached down and clamped his hand on his not-quite-hidden cock, sliding several more inches of it out along his hairy thigh. I stood there naked and mute, but very much enjoying these men showing such an interest in my body. Henry was leaking precum onto the carpet as he crawled over to where Al and I stood. His eyes never wavered from my hard, jumping cock. Henry opened his mouth. Holding his cock in one hand, he reached up with the other one and guided my aching cock into the warm wetness of his mouth. Henry had just gotten into a rhythm sucking on my cock when Al pulled away from my ass, released my hips, and came side by side with me. “Suck my cock, Henry,” he begged. “Get it good and wet so I can shove it up the kid’s pussyass!” Henry released my wet, saliva-dripping cock, and sucked Al’s into his hot, talented mouth. “No,” I whimpered when I heard Al’s plan to fuck me. “I’ve never been fucked before,” I cried out. “A virgin boycunt, Henry! Did you hear that?” Then reaching back to finger my virgin asshole, he whispered, “You’ll love it, kid. It will feel so good up your pretty, hot, tight boycunt!” I tried to pull away, but between Henry’s and Al’s hands, I was held fast. Al’s finger pushed against my asshole, and I found myself pushing back on it to take it deeper, even though I was still protesting, “I don’t want to get fucked, you guys! Listen to me!” Gripping Al’s balls in one hand, Henry pulled off his cock. Saliva dripped down his chin and onto the floor. “Jeez, Al, you’ve got enough Cable Repairmen • 23

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precum running out of your cumhole to launch a battleship. You’re more than ready to fuck the kid!” Al wet a couple of his fingers in Henry’s drooling mouth, reached behind me, and shoved them up my boycunt. “Oh, God!” I cried out. Al shoved his two fingers deep and wiggled them inside of my ass, and I began to respond. “Oh, that feels so good!” I moaned, and soon Al was behind me, fingers withdrawn, and hot, wet cockhead pressed against my virgin asslips. Holding my hips and pulling my asscheeks wide to give Al easier access to my boycunt, Henry went back to sucking on my cock. “Oh, God! It’s too big, take it out!” I cried as Al began pushing his big cock up into my tender, untried ass! “Please, please, it’s too big! You’ll tear me with your big cock! Take it out!” “Relax, kid! It only hurts for a minute or two, and I’m almost all the way up in your pussy!” Al crooned to me, trying to get me to loosen up and make his penetration easier. Then he gave a lunge. I cried out and Henry gagged as my cock was shoved deeper down his throat! I felt Al’s coarse cockhairs scratch and tickle up against my young, smooth asscheeks. Henry got his breath back, and as he continued to suck on my cock, he reached between my legs. I felt his fingers exploring my asslips where Al’s cock had them stretched to the limit. My first ass fucking and my first blow job – all at once – and by two complete strangers from the cable company! Suddenly the excitement and pleasure of what I was getting hit me, and I realized just how lucky I was to be broken in by these men. Al moved his hands to my naked hips and slowly began making gentle movements in my boycunt. To my surprise the pain subsided, and I began to enjoy the fullness of his cock deep up inside of me. It was hard to decide what to concentrate on: Henry’s cocksucking or Al’s ass fucking. Both felt so new, exciting, and wonderful. I placed my hands on Henry’s shaved head to hold it steady as Al’s thrusts caused my cock to fuck Henry’s talented mouth. “Oh, God!” I suddenly cried out. “I’m gonna cum! Oh, fuck! I’m going to cum in your mouth! Oh! Oh! Shit! Shit!” I cried out, and began blasting Henry’s throat with shot after shot of my teenage cum. “Jesus, kid!” Al cried out as my hole spasmed and clenched down on his ass-fucking cock. “What are you doing to me? You’re squeezing the 24 • Cable Repairmen

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2/19/05 3:13:53 PM

hell out of my cock! Fuck! Here it comes!!” I could feel the spurting of his hot, wet juices being shot deep up inside my guts. Henry slowly pulled his mouth from my spent, swollen cock, which caused a small rivulet of my cum to trickle down his chin. “Holy shit! That was one sweet load of boycum, kid!” he said as he fingered the cum escaping from his chin and pushed it into his puffy lips. “I don’t know if I want to pull out of the kid’s boycunt, Henry. It feels so hot, tight, and wonderful gripping my cock.” Henry stood up, and said, “Come on, Al. I want a piece of that boypussy! I haven’t cum yet, and I wanna fuck his cute, round ass!” With that, Al popped his cock out of my ass, causing me to cry out at the emptiness I felt within me. As Al moved away, Henry took his position behind me and slowly slid his big cock up where Al’s had just been. “Holy crap!” Henry crooned out. “It’s so hot, wet, and slippery in here – feels like I’m pushing my cock into a bowl of warm pudding. You sure filled him up, Al!” Henry took my earlobe between his teeth and announced, “Al gave your little pussy a gentle, love-fucking, but baby, now you’re going to get a good hard stud ass fucking! I’m gonna fuck you silly, baby! You love a big man’s hard cock fucking your pretty little ass, don’t you?” “Oh, God! Take it easy, man! You’re killing me with your big cock!” I cried out, as Henry slammed his rock hard cock in and out of my boycunt. You could hear the squishy wet sounds coming from my ass as his cock churned Al’s load into a thick cum-butter. Al stood in front of me, his hands on my chest, bracing me to keep me from falling over from Henry’s brutal cock thrusts. His fingers tweaked and pinched my nipples as he steadied me. “Help me get him down on the floor, Al. I’m going to nail him hard and deep like a little fucking bitch. He needs a good, hard fucking!” Al’s hands went under my armpits, and between the two men, I was moved to my hands and knees on the floor. Gripping my young naked hips, Henry continued his brutal fucking of my boycunt. “Oh, God, man!” I cried out. “Cum already, please!” “Plug that whining mouth, Al!” Henry said, and Al dropped to his knees, raised my head, and fed his sticky, cum-coated cock between my lips. Before too much more time passed, Henry threw back his head, opened his mouth wide, and let out a howl like a banshee! His brutal thrust into my guts announced his earth-shaking climax. My Cable Repairmen • 25

HJ March 2005.indd 25

2/19/05 3:13:53 PM

boycunt was bombarded over and over with the force of his ass-filling male cum! Then Al jammed his cock down my throat, and filled it with thick, hot, sweet loads of his cum. When the men withdrew from my ravished body, I collapsed on my belly on the floor, panting from the sexual experience. Henry and Al stood up, picked up my towel, which lay on the floor, and used it to wipe the cum and ass juices from their spent, but still swollen cocks. They methodically dressed as I lay there exhausted, ravished, and full of their cum at both ends! Together they raised me up onto my feet and carefully rewrapped the cummy bath towel around my waist. “I think we have your cable all fixed up, kid, but if you need anything else, call us. We’ll be more than happy to take care of any of your … er … problems.” Henry announced. As I let them out the front door I could taste the flavor of Al’s cum on my tongue and feel the warm, sticky loads oozing out of my wellfucked boycunt. My asscrack was sticky, and I could feel a warm, wet trail of cum between my thighs. I stood watching them leave with a big grin on my face, knowing that I was the one that had seduced those two big studs, while all the time they thought they had taken advantage of a horny, young kid. A couple of weeks later, I sabotaged the cable, and Dad put in another service call. Not so coincidentally, it was when I had another day off from school.

Reflections of Gary by Sebastian Roe I grew up in the rural Midwest, raised by my mother and her parents. I never questioned where my father was. I was born during the war and surmised that he had not made it back from the Pacific. Growing up, I didn’t have everything I wanted, but I certainly had enough to keep me occupied. My greatest pleasure was to be taken for a weekend ride to Grampa’s farm nine miles outside the city limits. Grampa owned a working dairy, and during spring and summer we visited it weekly. The tenant had five sons and four daughters who all helped out with the chores. Gary was the oldest and the lead hand. He assigned the others their jobs. Ron was solid, taller than Gary but he didn’t have the same stocky build. He drove the tractor in the fields and was in charge of milking. Rex was the next oldest and was good at throwing bales of hay onto the wagon. Richard was 26 • Reflections of Gary

HJ March 2005.indd 26

2/19/05 3:13:53 PM

fourth and he was best at calming the cows during the milking and getting them to cooperate. Jeff was the youngest and was just at ease at the wheel of the combine as he was among the cattle in the field. He was also the runt. While his brothers were all 6 feet or taller, Jeff barely topped 5’ 6”. Mary, Peggy, Julie, and Pam tended the hogs and kept busy in the kitchen. I think my good luck began one day when I asked if I could help with the chores. At first Mr. Heater was skeptical. I was nowhere near as big as his boys, but Gary cajoled him into letting me give him a hand preparing the milk parlor for the evening milking. One thing led to another, and I found myself working and living on the farm pretty much full time in the summer. I was ecstatic and anxious to prove myself to the others. I knew staying on the farm would mean more chores and responsibility. I also knew I was up to it. What I didn’t know was how much I would be learning about the facts of life. The morning of my first full day, I was assigned the cleaning of the milk parlor. The others were in the fields doing some of the heavier, dirtier work. About noon, Rex rode up on his horse and asked if I was ready for some lunch. I gratefully hopped up behind him. He was shirtless and I was amazed at the feel of his muscles. The pace of the horse forced me against Rex’s back frequently, so I was pretty grimy by the time we arrived at the lake where the others had set out food to eat. Gary was putting out the sandwiches the girls had prepared while Ron, Richard, and Jeff were washing off the morning’s sweat in the lake. Rex shucked his boots and jeans and dove in among them. Gary looked at me and grinned. He said I should rinse off before eating, too. I ran to join the brothers. They were dunking each other and washing the straw dust off of one another. We were plenty ready to eat when we got out of the water. Since we were wet, and the sun was hot, we just sat naked on the grass and ate. I noticed they were all looking me over. I was pale in comparison to their suntanned torsos, but they were as white as I was below the belt. Ron was stocky and had a hairy chest and belly. Rex was tall and thin and hardly had any hair on his chest at all except a small diamond-shaped patch in the middle of his chest. Richard was chubby and had hair only on his belly. Like me, Jeff had hardly any hair at all Reflections of Gary • 27

HJ March 2005.indd 27

2/19/05 3:13:54 PM

below his neck. I hoped to be as muscular as they were by the time summer was over. While we ate, Gary got up, stripped, and sauntered to the edge of the lake. He dove in and surfaced several feet out. He swam to the opposite shore and by the time he was back, the others were dry and pulling on their pants and boots. As I prepared to do the same, Gary shouted that he needed some help washing the dust off his back. As his brothers rode off, I dropped my clothes, dove in, and surfaced just next to him. The water was too deep for me to touch bottom, so I stood on the backs of his calves and washed the dust off with my hand. I only had one hand to work with, as I was holding onto his chest with the other. When I finished, he swung around, clutched me to his chest and swam in. The sensation of the hair on his chest and the water between us was awesome. Without realizing it, I had developed a hardon. How could something like this happen without my knowing it? Did he think I was some kind of creep? He made no mention of it as we pulled on our pants. I was so ashamed. I wanted to hightail it back to the milk parlor as fast as I could. I ran all the way back without asking for a ride. The next day was Saturday, and I was supposed to go home for a visit. I was avoiding Gary out of shame and looking forward to having some time to myself to sort things out. Just after the morning milking, though, Gary approached and asked if I could stay. The others were going to town to pick up a bull for breeding and he would be shorthanded. Given the circumstances, I couldn’t refuse. I called Mom and told her I would be staying. Gary and I saw the brothers off, and walked back to the barn. Finally, Gary asked what was the matter. When I told him, he broke into the most beautiful grin I had ever seen and gave me a bear hug. I was confused. He said there was nothing unusual about throwing a hardon under yesterday’s circumstances, and hadn’t I noticed that he had come out of the water in the same condition. I had been so involved in my own shame that I couldn’t see how normal the reaction was. Gary told me how good it had felt when we were in the water. He also offered to coach me on the birds and the bees. I was relieved and asked how soon could we start. He was already shedding his duds. I followed suit and soon we were both naked as the day we were born. He was beautiful. His broad chest was covered with hair and tapered 28 • Reflections of Gary

HJ March 2005.indd 28

2/19/05 3:13:54 PM

to hips half its size. His muscles were well defined from hard work. His cock was pointing to his chin from a thatch of black hair and his balls were high up, snuggling at its base. It suddenly struck me that he had no tan line like his brothers. He was dark-skinned all over. We hugged again, and he reached between us and grasped my hard little rod. His callused hands were surprisingly gentle, and soon he had my sprout bubbling. Knowing I was close to shooting, he squeezed the base of my dick and waited until the sensations subsided. Unable to maneuver in his grasp, I braved the unknown and bit his left nipple. I wasn’t ready for his response. He trembled and his cock got even harder. He rolled onto his back, and putting a hand behind his head, gave me full access to his body. I straddled his hips, feeling the blunt head of his cock against my butt while I reveled in raking my fingers in the hair of his chest and belly. After a while, he asked me to sit on his chest. When I did, he caught my pecker in his mouth and sucked me into insensibility. I had never felt anything so good in my life. He continued to suck on me and feel the cheeks of my ass. Then he had me turn around and face his feet. I timidly put his dick head between my lips and tongued it clean. He groaned and began licking my ass. The stubble on his chin was rough but his tongue was soft and smooth. I learned to take half of his cock down my throat while he lavished my ass with attention. When my jaws were tired, he asked if he could show me how to fuck, and I was anxious to please him like he had pleased me. He positioned me on all fours and slowly rubbed his rigid shaft in the crack of my ass. He applied pressure and the head of his dick entered me. We lay quietly until I adjusted to his intrusion. Then he started plunging into me. He reached around and jacked my cock as fast as he was fucking. I started cumming just as he released his load into my ass. He was kissing my neck and back and licking my ear. He spun me around on his hard rod and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue forced itself between my lips and sparred with my own. He held me close, well after his cock had softened in my ass. We were both sweaty and covered with dirt by the time we recovered. He suggested a quick dip in the watering trough. He led the way across the paddock, never bothering to dress. I followed like a puppy, not willing to be left behind. I marveled that as hairy as Gary’s front was, his back and butt were smooth. It made a nice contrast. I know Reflections of Gary • 29

HJ March 2005.indd 29

2/19/05 3:13:54 PM

that Gary noticed me eyeing his butt, but we just cleaned off and set to our chores. §



When the brothers returned from town, it was abundantly clear to them that there had been a change in the mood at the farm. Gary was strutting like the cock of the walk and I glowed with an inner peace. A few days later, Gary’s younger brothers invited me to one of their weekly card games. I was perplexed; they knew I didn’t have a lot of 30 • Reflections of Gary

HJ March 2005.indd 30

2/19/05 3:13:54 PM

money to gamble. They all smiled and confided that they never used money. I was curious as to just what kind of game they played. It was poker, but no money was used. They played strip poker. The loser of the game would be the first one naked and had to submit to the whims of the rest of the players. Looking around the room, I decided I was in for quite a night. Ron dealt the first hand and lost. He took off his shoes, commenting how relieved he was to get them off. Richard lost the second hand and discarded his shirt. He was sweating and the breeze made it more comfortable for him. I noticed he had goose-pimples and his nipples were hard. I was discouraged as I continued to experience “beginners’ luck”, and was soon the only player fully clothed. The rest of the fellows were in their undershorts before I lost my first hand. Jeff was the loser the first game. He stood proudly and dropped his underpants. I was amazed at the size of his dick. It was definitely out of proportion to his small stature. And he sure knew how to use it! When I looked I could see that all of the brothers were sporting hardons in their briefs. Richard had Jeff sit on his lap facing out so he could caress his smooth chest. Jeff spread his legs, making his prick and asshole available for inspection. Ron fondled his balls and massaged his pucker. As luck would have it, Ron was an ass man. He loved to finger and tongue asses as well as have his stretched and licked. Rex tugged on Jeff’s massive appendage. The object was to bring the loser just to the point of climax without pushing him over the edge. That way we could all enjoy “losing”. Redressed and back at the table for the second game, my luck held. Again the others were down to nothing and I was still nearly fully clothed. Rex lost the second game and everyone poked and prodded his body, trying to give him the most pleasure. This time I watched Ron suck both Rex’s balls at the same time until he was begging for him to quit. At that point, Ron started licking Rex’s asshole. Richard and Jeff were each sucking a nipple while Rex massaged their cocks straining in their underwear. The head of Jeff’s dick popped over the waistband of his underwear much to everyone’s delight. Rex eased his hand inside the briefs and manipulated Jeff’s hardon and balls directly. Just as he was inching his way to Jeff’s expectant asshole, time was called. Reflections of Gary • 31

HJ March 2005.indd 31

2/19/05 3:13:55 PM

Back at the table, I lost at least my shirt, shoes, and socks before Richard was declared the loser. He looked delicious in his altogether. His dick was the proverbial bat. It had a backward taper, being thicker at the head than it was at the root. Not satisfied with being an onlooker, I suckled his nipples while Rex and Jeff took merciless advantage of his gonads. Ron straddled his lap and rubbed his hairy chest in Richard’s face. Richard was moaning and dripping something terrible when time was called. Sweating hard now, we decided to shorten the game by only wearing our shorts. Ron lost the hand and was immediately on the floor on his hands and knees in the wrestler’s starting position. He flexed for a few minutes before Rex mounted him. Ron reversed and pinned his brother to the floor, quick as a wink. Chest to chest, Ron ground his aching cock into Rex’s groin. I could see the slick residue of his precum as it stained Rex’s underpants. Ron pinned Rex’s hands over his head and drove Rex crazy by licking the tender flesh of his armpits. Jeff tried his hand at wrestling Ron but lost interest in pinning him when Ron sucked his balls into his mouth. Richard sat on Ron’s face and enjoyed Ron’s attempts to chew his pucker through the thin cotton fabric. I was mesmerized by the scene: Ron stretched out on his back, hands over his head, Richard sitting on Ron’s head jacking on his dick, while Ron ate his ass. Unconcerned that I was changing the rules of the game, I dropped my shorts and sat on Ron’s furry belly, relishing the sensations on my tender pucker. I could almost bury the head of my dick in his navel. He had me twist his nipples and then lean forward and bite them. His cock was the hardest of all the brothers. He locked his legs in front of me, baring his hole for his brothers’ pleasure. His cock was poking my back, drooling copiously. I lay forward on his chest, my cock rubbing in the fur of his gut. Rex was licking from his asshole to mine in one long swipe, catering to Ron’s balls and rigid cock before landing on my wrinkled pucker. He continued his path and licked Ron’s dick drool from my back. My skin felt like it was on fire. A cough drew our attention away from Ron. Gary stood perfectly framed in the doorway, nursing an impressive hardon. One hand was up under his t-shirt, obviously caressing a nipple, and his pants were caught on his thick thighs. His eyes were bright with lust and 32 • Reflections of Gary

HJ March 2005.indd 32

2/19/05 3:13:55 PM

longing. Rex and Jeff withdrew but Richard and I stood our ground as Gary approached with his hardon in hand. A couple of strokes was all it took to get it hard as rock. He knelt down, spit on Ron’s ass, and plunged his dick in to the hilt. Ron went rigid, but did not make a sound. The only indication of Gary’s penetration having an effect was Ron’s cock grew half again as big as it was. It became an angry red and the head turned the color of a plum. I turned and faced Gary’s massive chest. I could feel the heat of Richard’s chest on my back and his hard nipples poking me as I leaned into Gary. I looked eagerly at Ron’s dripping dick. Gary warned me that I would drown if I sucked it now, but I hazarded an attempt anyway. Ron sucked my cock and balls together, and Richard thumbed my asshole. I was doing an admirable head job on Ron and quickly got his nut. It was an effort to keep all his juice in my mouth. As I looked into Gary’s eyes, some trickled out of the sides of my mouth. Gary quickly leaned into me and we shared Ron’s cum. He licked the excess off my chin and plunged his tongue into my mouth to share the rewards of my labors. Gary had not cum in Ron’s ass. Instead, he withdrew, and chucking his clothes in the corner, initiated a daisy chain. Each of us lay between the legs of another and sucked until our cheeks hurt. As it happened, we arranged ourselves by age: Ron tongued Gary’s burgeoning mushroom, Rex swallowed Ron’s randy rod, Richard chewed on Rex’s ample appendage, Jeff nibbled on the head of Richard’s dick, I struggled to get as much of Jeff’s “short arm” in my mouth as possible, and Gary closed the loop by capturing my cock and balls in his enormous maw. I had never felt so close to family. It was so important to me to be a part of this group. After what seemed like a long time, Gary called for a reversal. Each of us swung about and swallowed a new cock. Jeff played with my balls while I sucked my idol. I played with Gary’s erect nipples while I did my best to please his pulsing pole. I also realized I could reach over and feel Ron while he pleasured his brother, Rex, as well as placing my big toe in Richard’s hairy belly button. This must have tickled him because he started humming on Jeff’s turgid toy. It was the best time I had ever had. When it appeared we were all approaching the point of no return, Gary suggested we close the evening with a circle jerk. Reflections of Gary • 33

HJ March 2005.indd 33

2/19/05 3:13:55 PM

We situated ourselves facing the others. I could hardly appreciate all the masculinity in the room I was so hot. Gary declared that Ron, being the last “loser”, would catch all our loads or clean them up. I was the first to shoot. Ron easily caught my spurts. Rex, Richard, and Jeff shot almost simultaneously, making a road map of Ron’s chest. I was giving Gary a hand, and he shot an abundant load on Ron’s belly. As the novice, I got to lick Ron clean. I slurped Gary’s load out of his belly button first, careful to groom each individual hair on his belly. Then I worked my way up his torso. I didn’t miss a drop and wondered if I could distinguish the contributor by the flavor of his cum. I realized that I would have to do a lot of individual testing before I could conclude anything. We collapsed into a heap on top of Ron, culminating in a feel fest. I reveled in the different textures of the different men. In addition to feeling them with my hands, I sampled the wares of each of the brothers with my tongue. Jeff had a clean taste and Richard seemed the most relaxed as I sucked the head of his dick. Rex was a veritable fountain of postcum and Ron was all muscle. But Gary was my still my favorite. After a while, we picked ourselves up and made our way to our bunks. We slept like babies. And no one said anything if they noticed that Gary and I shared a bed.

A Work of Art by DeShawn Jackson I was in trouble at school again. But this time it was the real deal. They had even called my mother down to have a conference with the principal, and she was plenty pissed about it, too. “DeShawn,” she said, with that cross tone she always gets when I’ve done something wrong, “I can’t be taking off work all the time and losing money to go down and meet with your principal just because you wanna go around marking up the entire school building.” All the time? I knew better than to correct her when she was mad, but this was the first time she’d ever been called down to my school. And as for “marking up the entire school building”, I had just been caught doing some graffiti on one of the walls in the boys’ room. It wasn’t even dirty words or anything like that; it was just a picture I drew of some guys hanging out. I actually thought it was pretty good. But all I said to Mom was, “Sorry.” 34 • A Work of Art

HJ March 2005.indd 34

2/19/05 3:13:56 PM

“Yeah?” she responded. “Well, we’ll see how sorry you are tomorrow after our meeting with your principal.” It actually didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. I figured I was going to get expelled or something, but to my complete surprise, Mr. Angelo was really nice about the whole thing. “Mrs. Jackson,” he said to my mother. “We’ve had quite a problem with graffiti here over the years. What DeShawn did is nothing new. The reason I called you down here is that I think perhaps DeShawn needs a different outlet for his … artistic abilities. My brother teaches a drawing class that meets every Wednesday night at the community center. It’s free, and I think it might be good for your son. He seems to have quite a bit of talent. He just needs to learn to keep it off the walls of public buildings.” So it was decided. I was signed up for the art class at the community center. Also I had to scrub my drawing off the wall – and it was a really good drawing, too. As much as I hated to admit it, I guess Mr. Angelo was right. If I had drawn it in a sketchbook, I’d still have it. I was lucky enough to live just down the street from the community center. I could get there from home in no time. At my first class, Marcus (that was Mr. Angelo’s brother’s name) told us we were going to be doing something called “life drawing”. At first I didn’t know what he meant, but then he explained that was just another way of saying “drawing people”. I was cool with that. That’s what got me in trouble in the first place. But the difference was in Marcus’ class we had to draw real people, not just ones we imagined. Each student took turns being the model. We would stand in the middle of the room, and Marcus would pose us. I thought that was going to be the easy part of the class, but I found out it was really hard to stand still for over ten minutes at a time. As the class went on, Marcus taught us how to pay attention to the way the body was made. The bones were a framework, and they were held up by the muscles. Then everything was covered with skin. On top of that were the clothes the model was wearing. So he taught us to draw like that: first the bones, or framework, and so on until we had the drawing completely fleshed out. In the beginning, I hadn’t been too excited about these art classes, but I found myself getting more and more into it. And Marcus said I was beginning to show real talent. Eventually, the Wednesday night A Work of Art • 35

HJ March 2005.indd 35

2/19/05 3:13:56 PM

classes became the high point of my week. I could hardly wait to get there each week. It got to the point where I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of going to class. Not even the big storm. The storm hit one Wednesday right after I got home from school. Mom called to say that she was going to stay at work and try to wait out the storm. She told me to stay in, but I told her I had to go to drawing class, and besides, it was only a couple of blocks down the street. “OK,” was Mom’s skeptical response, “but be careful. I’ve never seen rain like this!” After dinner, I stuffed my sketchbook into a plastic bag and took off for class. By the time I made it down the block, I was soaked! Marcus looked up as I came in the room. “Hey, DeShawn,” he said. “My God! You’re all wet! It must be really coming down out there.” “It is,” I said. “Where’s everybody else?” “Well, I think it might be just you tonight. Everyone else had the good sense to stay in out of the rain.” We waited around for a little while to see if anyone else showed up. No one did. Finally Marcus said, “Well, I guess it’s just you and me. You sure you wanna stay tonight?” “Of course,” I answered. “Well, then, since it’s just us guys tonight, why don’t you get out of those wet clothes? We’ll put them over the heater and try to get them dried out.” “Oh … uh …OK,” I stammered. Marcus had made me feel tingly inside ever since my first class with him. I was a little afraid, but also kind of excited to be naked in front of him. I slowly peeled my wet clothes off and draped them over the heat registers along the wall. I kept my back to him as long as possible, trying to hide my boner. From behind me, I heard him say, “I guess since there are no other students tonight, I’ll have to be the model.” I looked over my shoulder just in time to see Marcus stepping out of his underwear. “Wha …?” I said. “Well, I figured if you were gonna be naked, I should be, too. Besides, it’ll be a good lesson for you in the musculature of the human body. Without my clothes on you’ll be able to see all of my muscles.” And I could. But the one that got the most of my attention was the one that was swinging between his legs. I wished mine would have been swinging, but unfortunately it was standing straight out from my belly. 36 • A Work of Art

HJ March 2005.indd 36

2/19/05 3:13:57 PM

It was even starting to get a little moist at the tip. Fuck! There was no way I was going to be able to hide it, so I just turned around, hoping he wouldn’t notice, or if he did, that he wouldn’t say anything. He did notice, but he didn’t say anything. He started modeling and I started drawing, trying my best to concentrate on his arms, his chest, his shoulders – anything above his waist. But I noticed his eyes kept drifting down to my now dripping hardon. Pretty soon, the big, A Work of Art • 37

HJ March 2005.indd 37

2/19/05 3:13:57 PM

chocolatey head of his cock was bobbing up toward his belly button and dripping its own strand of silvery precum. And I couldn’t stop staring at it. I was still trying to draw, but my hand was starting to shake. It suddenly felt warmer in the room, and my mouth was dry. “You havin’ some trouble, DeShawn?” Marcus’ deep voice echoed through the room, taking me by surprise. I dropped my pencil. When I bent over to pick it up, Marcus said, “Why don’t you take a little break from drawing? C’mon up here, I wanna show you something.” Shakily, I put down my sketchpad and walked over to him. “Sometimes when you want to draw something, it helps to explore it with more than your eyes.” He took my hand and placed it on his shoulder. “See how smooth the skin on my shoulder feels, but underneath you can feel the firm muscle, and under that, the hard bone. Now leave your hand there while I move my arm around. See how the muscles and bone move under my skin? The more you understand about how something feels and moves, the easier it’s gonna be for you to draw it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a person or an inanimate object.” I looked up into his eyes and my hand drifted down over his chest, grazing his dark nipples. “Is there something else you wanna explore?” he asked. I nodded my head and wrapped my hand around his stiff meat. A shudder went right through me, and I thought I was going to shoot my load right there. It felt like a hot, thick iron rod wrapped in silk. At first, I just squeezed it in my hand, then I started stroking it up and down, letting Marcus’ foreskin slide back and forth across his wet cockhead. He put his big hand on my shoulder and pressed down, forcing me down on my knees. His big pecker stared me in the face. Marcus grabbed the back of my head and buried my face in his crotch. It seemed like the art lesson was over, but I was OK with that. I was liking this lesson more, anyway. I inhaled deeply, drinking in the musky scent. I ran my nose around in his curly pubic hair. It was all there: sweat, piss, a hint of cum, and something else, too – some indefinable male smell. Instinctively, I opened my mouth and touched it to the base of his manhood. I had smelled it, and now I wanted to taste it. I stuck my tongue out and licked between his shaft and his big, heavy balls. My dick throbbed between my legs. It had gotten so hard I thought it was going to burst. 38 • A Work of Art

HJ March 2005.indd 38

2/19/05 3:13:58 PM

A Work of Art • 39

HJ March 2005.indd 39

2/19/05 3:13:59 PM

Marcus pulled back a little bit and guided the head of his thick penis into my mouth. A lot of the other boys at school called each other cocksuckers as an insult. Obviously, they’d never tried sucking cock. The more I had, the more I wanted. I tried to cram the whole thing in my mouth, but it wouldn’t fit. I had to be content with just the fat cockhead and a few inches of Marcus’ uncut shaft. “Take it easy,” he told me. “I’ll teach you how to deep-throat later. Right now, just enjoy what you can.” His salty dick drool oozed out onto my tongue. The flavor was making my mouth water. I wanted something more, but I didn’t know what it was. Not yet anyway. “Ooooh, yeah, DeShawn,” he said. “Get it all wet. Slick up my cock real good so I can shove it up your ass.” It was so thick I didn’t think there was any way it would go up my tiny hole. I pulled off his cock, looked up at him, and said, “What?” “I wanna fuck you,” he said. “I wanna put my cock up your butt hole.” “You’re dick’s so big I don’t think it’ll fit up my butt.” I thought about it for a few minutes, then I added, “Will it?” “Only one way to find out, baby,” he answered. Marcus helped me up off my knees, then moved around behind me. “Bend over,” he said, “spread those asscheeks, and show me your pussy.” “Pussy?” I asked. “Sure. Your hot little hole. Your boy pussy. Once you get fucked, you’re always gonna think of it as your pussy.” I wasn’t too sure about that, but I did as he said, anyway. I bent over and reached back to spread my cheeks. “Fuck! You got a beautiful ass!” he said before sticking two fingers in his mouth and getting them all wet with spit. I nearly jumped through the ceiling when he touched those wet fingers to my hole. He rubbed around on the outside for a while, getting me to relax. Then he gently slipped one finger up inside me. I gasped and clamped my sphincter down on it. “Just relax, baby,” his deep, rumbling voice said in my ear. I did my best and then felt the second finger slide in next to the first. He began moving his fingers around in my hole, twisting them and scissoring them to stretch the tight ring. Finally, he squatted down behind me, and I heard him mumble, “Eatin’ pussy.” Then I felt his 40 • A Work of Art

HJ March 2005.indd 40

2/19/05 3:14:00 PM

tongue against my butt hole. That seemed like a kind of a nasty thing to do at first, but then it felt so good that I didn’t care. After a minute or so of this ecstasy, he pulled his face out of my asscrack and said, “I wish we had some grease for your first time, DeShawn, but we’re gonna have to make do with just the spit.” A Work of Art • 41

HJ March 2005.indd 41

2/19/05 3:14:01 PM

He stood up behind me and placed the drooling head of his cock between my asscheeks. It nudged against my hole. I was torn between wanting to get fucked and being afraid of the pain. I looked back over my shoulder at him. He gave me a reassuring smile and said, “When I put it in, baby boy, it’s gonna hurt like a motherfucker. But just bear with me and you’ll get used to it. OK?” I nodded and braced myself. He told me to push back against his cock and try to get the head inside me. I pushed back and he thrust forward. His cockhead pushed past my tight ring. I let out a cry. Tears formed at the corner of my eyes. I bit my lip. I felt Marcus’ strong arms wrap around my chest. His hot breath was against my ear again and I heard his deep voice saying, “It’s OK. Just relax. You got you a pussy now. It’s gonna start feeling real good, just give it a minute.” I shuddered in his arms. One of his big hands moved down over my belly to my cock. I was surprised that I was still hard. Marcus had been right. It didn’t take very long at all for it to start feeling good. He sank all the way inside me. My butt hole felt stuffed full, and the feeling made my dick swell more than it ever had. Marcus held his enormous cock perfectly still inside of me. Slowly, I started moving back and forth on his shaft. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but the feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of me was awesome. “Yeah, baby,” he said from behind me. “You got it now.” I placed my hands against the wall in front of me and pushed my hips back against his crotch. He took over the thrusting, digging deeper and deeper up my hole, nuzzling the back of my neck and covering my back with his hot, muscular chest. His big hand was still squeezing and massaging my balls and the base of my cock. I could feel the explosion building up inside of me. My cock began to twitch in Marcus’ hand. Almost before I realized it, I was spunking out my wad all over the wall in front of me. “OH, YEAH, BABY!” Marcus groaned. His dick thrust all the way into me and I felt it spasming. I knew he was coating my guts with his own load. We stayed pressed together for a long time after that. Finally Marcus’ softening rod slipped from my stretched hole. I felt a little of his cum slipping down the inside of my thigh as he looked over my shoulder at the load I shot against the wall. “Now, that’s what I call a real work of art,” he said. 42 • A Work of Art

HJ March 2005.indd 42

2/19/05 3:14:02 PM

Handjobs Library

To order: Call 1-866-304-7848 or Go to or Use the order form on page 82 Handjobs March 2005 • 43

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Naked “Bible Camp” Mom didn’t trust Grandpa Gilver. “Why doesn’t he come to church on Sundays?” she’d say. Or to Dad she’d complain, “I don’t want Ned going over to your dad’s place. You know he has booze in the house and he’s a bad influence. He even believes in evolution!” But Mom couldn’t keep me away from Grandpa Gilver. There was only so much of Mom’s Bible madness I could take. On weekends I’d hang out at Grandpa Gilver’s place. He had a weight room set up in the basement and he let me work out without wearing anything. There was something about being naked that made me tingle and feel good all over. Grandpa often took off all his clothes, too. When he stood over my head while spotting me on the weights, I loved the way his cock dangled above my head. And if I got a boner, Grandpa just smiled. One day he told me about Stone-Bow Summer Colony on the coast and described the nudist camp to me in detail, I begged him to take me. “Ned, the only way your mother is going to let me take you is if she thinks we’re going to a Bible camp,” Grandpa told me. “I’m going to have to lie … so if we go, you’ve got to keep it a secret.” “I promise, Grandpa,” I said. As we expected, when Grandpa offered to take me out to the coast, Mom put her foot down. There was no way she was going to let her impressionable young son go on a trip with his incorrigble grandfather. But Grandpa managed to convince my folks that we were indeed going to a Baptist Bible Camp. I even heard him say to Mom, “There’s a wonderful minister at the camp. Ned will learn to taste the richness of the scriptures.” After a lot of slick lying, Grandpa Gilver persuaded Mom to let me go. To make sure Mom never found out, Grandpa Gilver stopped by a Christian book store on our way to the coast. He got a stack full of religious literature and told me with a wink, “When we get home, just put these on your desk in your room.” I got a pleasant boner the instant we arrived at Stone-Bow. It was exactly the way Grandpa described. There were naked people on the beach, and even Roland, the director, greeted us in the buff. When I shook his hand, he greeted me with a broad smile. But I barely noticed 44 • Naked “Bible Camp”

HJ March 2005.indd 44

2/19/05 3:14:06 PM

that, because my eyes were glued to the long, soft cock which flowed out between his legs and dangled heavily over his nuts. Everyone at the camp was so relaxed and happy. From the start I knew I was going to have the time of my life. In just minutes I forgot all about home and Mom’s Bible madness. Stone-Bow was spread along the beach with clusters of cottages in the pine groves. Grandpa’s cottage was very private and behind it was a large grassy lawn. We were both naked seconds after dropping our bags in the cottage. Naked “Bible Camp” • 45

HJ March 2005.indd 45

2/19/05 3:14:06 PM

After showing me the cottage, Grandpa took me on a long tour of the entire colony. We trailed through some woods on the way to the beach. There were little side trails winding into the woods and when we saw three guys sneaking off into the bushes, Grandpa nudged me and whispered with a grin, “If you can’t find me, look for me in there.” I looked down one of the side trails and saw a naked guy slipping through the bushes. My eyes popped open wide when I saw that he had a huge boner. “Grandpa,” I gasped. “That guy in there … he’s got a boner!” Grandpa just laughed and put his hand on my shoulder. “We’re not in Bible-land anymore, Ned.” A warm glow blossomed up from my crotch and I felt my dick swelling something fierce. Grandpa saw my boner but just kept right on walking as if everything was fine. We even passed other guys, but no one seemed perturbed or shocked at seeing me so aroused. I was confused, embarrased, and not sure what to do. When we reached the beach and saw women, my boner quickly went away. After a thorough tour of Stone-Bow, Grandpa and I went back to our cottage, had a late lunch, and then Grandpa took a nap. Even though I lay down, too, I was too excited to sleep. With Grandpa snoring lightly, I got up and decided to get some sun in the grassy lawn behind the cottage. When I stepped outside I saw that Roland, the director, had rolled a cot onto the lawn and was lying on his back, enjoying the sun which filtered through the tall shade trees. I’d admired his muscles and his dick when we met that morning, but I was mesmerized when I realized his dick was nearly hard. As he snoozed, his dick slowly lifted its head and moved from side to side. I got down on my knees and silently crawled close to him. That morning, his glans had just peeked out from underneath his ample foreskin, but now that he was erect, his entire glans was exposed. He had his legs spread and his balls hung down toward his butt. They were heavy and damp with beads of sweat. As I crept along the grass, my cock turned rock hard and jutted against my belly. The grass tickled my balls. Off in the distant bushes I heard some moaning and when I looked, I could make out two guys in the brush. One clasped a tree and had his butt sticking out. The other guy was kneeling behind him and even though the brush hid a 46 • Naked “Bible Camp”

HJ March 2005.indd 46

2/19/05 3:14:07 PM

lot, I could tell that he had his face between the standing guy’s butt cheeks. I swear he was licking the other guy’s ass! My dick started drooling and my mind buzzed thinking what it would be like to slip my tongue between Roland’s firm butt cheeks. I was so horny I could have beat off a fiery load right there. Naked “Bible Camp” • 47

HJ March 2005.indd 47

2/19/05 3:14:08 PM

I kept crawling closer and closer until I was just inches from Roland’s cot. I knelt there and quietly squeezed my boner as I watched his hard cock throb in the hot afternoon air. Sweat trickled down his thighs and slid over his lusty balls. Suddenly one of the guys in the bushes cried out, “Fuck me, now!” He cried so loud that Roland popped up. “What … what was that?” he asked in a daze. I pointed to the guys in the bushes and he squinted his eyes. He grinned when he saw what they were doing. When he turned back my way his hand shot out and grabbed my boner. “Are you hungry, Ned?” he asked. “Do you need something to eat, too?” He pulled his legs up and lifted his butt hole high in the air. “Your Grandpa told me you were a horny boy, but he didn’t tell me you were a ass licker.” Grandpa hadn’t told Roland that because up to now I’d never done anything like that. But with his tantalizing, sweaty butt hole up in the air, there was no time to explain that to Roland. I leaned forward and Roland let out a pleasing moan when I stuck my tongue out and grazed the rim of his asshole. The salty, tart, funky, rich tate of Roland’s butt made my head swim. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Grandpa standing in the cottage window watching us. Evidently the cries of the guys in the bushes had woken him up, too. Grandpa was already stroking his boner as he watched me slide my tongue back and forth over Roland’s butt hole. There was no way I could stop. I’d seen enough already to know that at Stone-Bow, doing what felt good was OK, no matter where you were. I stroked my dripping boner as I wormed my tongue deeper and deeper into Roland’s butt. He was soon moaning constantly and telling me what a good boy I was. Grandpa stepped out of the cottage and jacked off in the sun light. Sometimes Grandpa had watched me beat off when I got real horny lifting weights. And sometimes he had beat off with me. But having him watch me slide my tongue into another man’s hole made my nuts fire. I shot a creamy load into my hand. Then I slapped my cum onto Roland’s butt and while I licked it off his bottom, he stroked his thick cock until ropes of white cream coated his belly. With a big smile, he scooped them up and smeared them on his butt, too, for me to lap. 48 • Naked “Bible Camp”

HJ March 2005.indd 48

2/19/05 3:14:10 PM

Naked “Bible Camp” • 49

HJ March 2005.indd 49

2/19/05 3:14:10 PM

By then Grandpa had joined us and when he saw Roland’s cumsoaked butt, he poked at it with his fingers until they were wet and sticky. Then as he licked the fresh cum off his fingers, he aimed his boner at Roland’s glistening butt hole and I watched in amazement as Grandpa’s big cock sank between those two firm butt cheeks. “Suck my dick, boy!” Ned groaned. I leaned over and gobbled his cummy cock. It was still hard, and as Grandpa pumped his cock deeper and deeper into Roland, sweet juices filled my mouth. Watching Grandpa’s cock glide all the way in and out of Roland’s butt got my gonads fired up again. My dick was so hard it hurt. The guys in the bushes couldn’t resist the action on the lawn and they came and joined us. When one of them knelt down and took my dick in his mouth, I exploded. Grandpa had two hard cocks in his mouth when he shot his load up inside Roland’s butt. And I got to taste more butt before supper time. We stayed at Stone-Bow for two glorious weeks. I lost count of the number of butts I tasted and the cumloads I swallowed. When we left, I didn’t care if Mom found out or not. I was going to be leaving home soon, and I could do anything I wanted.



Avenue Services Inc. Our toll free number has changed to:

866-304-7848 Our new Fax number is:

206-407-3793 50 • Naked “Bible Camp”

HJ March 2005.indd 50

2/19/05 3:14:13 PM

Early Morning Swim by Rick Horsmann I woke up about 6:00 AM. The sun was just rising and probing through the blinds of my bedroom window to land on my face, bare chest, and crotch. My cock, stiff with morning desire, tented the sunlit sheet that lay over my thighs and belly. I got up, careful not to wake my wife, and stepped down the hall into the bathroom, hoping that, if I could just piss, my erection would subside. My throbbing meat presented me with a dilemma. I knew that if I tried to engage my wife in sex, I’d be rebuffed. After giving me five sons in seven years, she’d pretty much cut me off. We hadn’t done it in months now. On the other hand, if I whacked off here in the john, she might walk in on me, and I’d take shit for being “dirty and obsessed with sex.” Generally, I didn’t get morning stiffies. I took care of my needs at work, jacking off in my office, often several times a day, while surfing internet porn sites. This time, I attributed my condition to the presence of my son’s best friend, Brett, who’d joined us for dinner the previous evening and who had stayed the night. Even as I stroked my thick, drooling meat, I figured that Brett and my son Jeff were probably still sleeping in Jeff’s bedroom, sharing my boy’s bed. Jeff was a good looking kid: tall and blond with his mother’s green eyes and my lanky build. His buddy, Brett, however, was one of the handsomest boys I’d ever seen: jet black hair with blue eyes and a 5 o’clock shadow already enhancing his teenage jaw line, giving evidence of high testosterone levels. Brett’s broad shoulders and deep chest pulled at his polo shirt, stretching the worn material tightly enough to reveal large, plump nipples and tightly banding the kid’s heavy, softball-sized biceps. Brett had a dazzling smile that he directed mainly at my son. All during dinner the two boys seemed to be sharing a private joke, occasionally leaning into each other or trading affectionate punches. At one point, getting up to get some water, I noticed that one of Jeff’s hands was on Brett’s thigh, gently kneading and stroking his buddy’s thick leg muscles. The aura of sex that surrounded the two boys kept me distracted during dinner and for the rest of the evening. It was no wonder that now my cock was hard and begging for release. I tried to stimulate my bladder by running my finger tip back and forth over my piss slit, without luck. My cock was just too hard. Early Morning Swim • 51

HJ March 2005.indd 51

2/19/05 3:14:14 PM

Then I had an inspiration. This erection was just too good to waste. Pressing my stiff rod against my belly and wrapping a towel around my waist, I headed out of the bathroom and made my way toward the back of the house, intending to jack off in the privacy of our swimming pool. If anyone asked, I could say that I was going for a morning swim. The pool was located about a hundred feet from our house, set deeply amid lush foliage near the rear of our lot. The sun had risen above the tops of the oleander hedge that screened us from our neighbors, and as I approached the rear of the yard, I could see its beams reflecting off the pool’s surface. The rhythmic movement of the light on the water told me that someone was already there. I quietly slipped around to the edge of the decking to scope out the situation. Brett was seated at the edge of the pool, his feet and calves in the water and his head thrown back with his eyes closed. One of Brett’s brawny arms supported his thick, muscular upper body and his opposite hand was pulling and tugging at one of his fat, dark nipples. My son Jeff was up to his chest in the water, between Brett’s solid thighs. Jeff’s blond head and shoulders were bobbing up and down as he deep throated his buddy’s thick, shortish cock, causing the ripples in the pool that had originally alerted me to their presence. I was stunned by the fact that my son was so enthusiastic about blowing Brett’s meat. Totally turned on by the boys’ play, I undid my towel and let it drop to the deck. I grabbed my erection and began stroking it in time with the movements of Jeff’s head. As I fisted my stiff cock, a large pearl of precum formed at the head. It glinted in the sunlight as it slowly stretched into a silvery strand of sexual energy, drooling from the head of my dick down toward the surface of the deck. I inched forward until I could hear Brett moaning in his baritone voice. “Oh, yeah, buddy! Eat my cock! Suck the cum outta my balls! Fuck, Jeff, you’re one excellent cocksucker! Man, I’m gonna give you my load!” Brett released his grip on his erect nipple and grabbed the back of my son’s head, bucking his hips upwards from the rim of the pool to force his cock deeper down Jeff’s throat. Jeff had grabbed Brett’s full ball sack with one hand and was beating his own dick with his other hand. I knew that if I was going to jump into their play, I’d have to act soon, before the boys came. 52 • Early Morning Swim

HJ March 2005.indd 52

2/19/05 3:14:14 PM

Stepping behind Brett’s naked body, I slowly squatted behind him, grabbing his thick, beefy slabs of pec muscle with my hands and pressing my drooling dick against his solid back. Brett opened his eyes in reaction to my touch, but otherwise didn’t miss a beat. “Oh, yeah, Mr. Johnson. Play with my pecs! Fuck, yes! That’s it, pull on my nips as hard as you want! I fuckin’ love it! I saw you starin’ at my tits last night. Well, now they’re yours! Play with ’em all you want!” Alerted by his buddy’s voice, Jeff momentarily pulled off of Brett’s cock to watch me work his buddy’s chest. I gripped the boy’s erect nipples, pulling them until they’d stretched to an inch or more from the rest of his worked out pecs, making him arch against me, driving his stiff cock toward the sky. Looking over the boy’s thick shoulder, I could see that Jeff was still jacking his own cock under the surface of the water. I really wanted to make it with both boys and had an idea. “Get up here, son, and give me your dick!” I ordered. Jeff pulled himself from the pool. Facing me and straddling Brett’s body, he presented me with his long, slender cock. I engulfed Jeff’s dick with my mouth as Brett began tonguing my son’s balls and beating his own meat. Greedily, I sucked more and more of Jeff’s long, stiff dick into my throat as I humped Brett’s muscular back and worked the boy’s meaty chest with my hands. Brett’s mouth was full of Jeff’s nuts, so his groans were muffled, but still unmistakable, as he shot his cumload through the fingers of his clenched fist and onto his rock-hard belly and chest. Set off by his friend’s cumming, Jeff grabbed my head and pumped his sweet boyjuice into my mouth, giving me his morning cream to savor. I continued to suck at my son’s erupting cock as Brett slipped into the pool and turned to face my crotch. I felt the boy’s hand wrap around the base of my twitching rod, quickly followed by his hot mouth on the head as he began nursing my meat. Jeff pulled his cum-dribbling dick from my mouth and knelt beside me to watch his buddy suck my cock. “Feels, good, huh, Dad? Brett’s been sucking my dick for years and I cum every time! Oh, yeah, Dad, that’s it! Give him your sperm! Give him a big load of it!” I began thrusting my pelvis back and forth in response to Brett’s attentions and Jeff’s encouragement, fucking the boy’s mouth as Early Morning Swim • 53

HJ March 2005.indd 53

2/19/05 3:14:15 PM

if I hadn’t cum in days. Sensing my impending load, Brett sucked my entire rod into his gullet and began massaging it with his throat muscles. Jeff fastened his lips to mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth to taste the remains of his own sperm. One more thrust and my balls pulled up tight, propelling volley after volley of my manscum into Brett’s belly. As my lust abated, I pulled my sensitive dick from the boy’s mouth, at the same time breaking the kiss I’d shared with my son. Brett grabbed me by the nape of my neck and Jeff pushed my shoulders forward to leverage me into the pool. As I sputtered and cursed, Jeff dove in to join us, wrapping his arms around our shoulders and hugging us both against his smooth boy’s body. Our dicks, still stiff with excitement rubbed and pushed against each other in the warm water. Before anyone could say or do anything, my wife’s voice called out from the house. “You boys want breakfast, or are you gonna horse around out there all day?” I grinned at my son and shook my head. “Well,” I offered, “at least your mom’s still good for some things.” Reaching under water I grabbed my son by his floating balls and gave them a firm tug, making him squirm half in pleasure and half in pain. “But,” I added, “you’re definitely better for other things.”

Below Deck by Peter My cute cousin Brian had been sent down below deck after getting too much sun. He had begun to glow a bright red. The boat was rocking wildly, and there were already too many hands on deck, so I decided to join him. Despite the fact we were cousins, Brian was years younger than me. Practically from a different generation. His body was as smooth as the water had been a couple of hours ago – a big contrast to my hairy one. But somehow even though he was the youngest on board, and I was the oldest, we had something special. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and he knew it. But he couldn’t keep his eyes off of me, either. “Here, can you rub this on my back?” he asked, offering me the tube of after-tan cream. Man, was he hot. The feeling of his warm, smooth skin under my palm made my whole body shiver. And with his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine, I felt an immediate stirring in my shorts. My cutoffs were so frayed at the hem they seemed to be shredding 54 • Below Deck

HJ March 2005.indd 54

2/19/05 3:14:15 PM

right up my thighs. My big dick would hardly stay in its pouch – not with cute, young Brian literally in the palm of my hands. “Do my chest, too, while you’re at it. Yeah, that feels good,” and he moaned as I felt up his chest and spread the aloe lotion on it. It was all I could do to stay standing when my hand glided over his nipples. I just had to be bad. I began to tweak them in my fingers, getting him all excited. I was bare chested, too, and it seemed to fascinate Brian. “If you’re going to do that,” he said, “then I’m going to do THIS!” He surprised me by pinching my nipples fast, then tickling me until he had me bent over. Then he groped me. He grabbed my big dick through my cutoffs and squeezed it like he was jerking me off. I was half hard already, and in no time I was as stiff as the mast on our boat. “Hey!” I yelled groping him back. I was surprised to feel a rampant hardon in his swimsuit and impressed with how big and stiff it was. I tickled him and he bent over laughing. But then he tackled me and threw me onto the soft, padded bench at the back of the galley. It was as big as a bed, and I had used it often as a great place to jerk off. Immediately he was on top of me tickling me everywhere. “Stop! Stop!” I protested. He was up into my hairy underarms and down under my bare feet. He was everywhere. I couldn’t stop him. He unsnapped my jeans, ”You’ve been waving this at me the whole trip,” he claimed, “and I’m not going let you go without seeing it.” He popped the rest of the buttons on my fly open. My monster cock burst out throbbing. “Man! It’s HUGE!” he yelled. Instantly he grabbed it in his fists and started jerking. I could have cum right there. “I gotta have it,” he insisted. Without a thought to the fact that we could have been discovered, he went down on me. One swell of the ocean nearly rolled us over, but instead it forced my cock deep down his throat right to the fucking root. His lips felt so hot on my aching rod that I grabbed his head in both hands and forced him down on it. His tongue action had me moaning out of control. I couldn’t believe my cousin was giving me head with all the other guys up on deck. They could bust in any minute. But Brian couldn’t be stopped. His tongue licked up one side and down the other. His teeth pulled my foreskin back and forth making me crazy. His tongue lapped all over my crown and deep down inside my foreskin and under it. He licked every curve and every vein, making me buck wildly. Then he took me to the root again and started sucking Below Deck • 55

HJ March 2005.indd 55

2/19/05 3:14:15 PM

madly. While double-fisting my meat, he appeared amazed at how many inches stuck out over his hands. He began moaning as if he was drowning and then murmured, “Massive,” staring at it with his wide eyes. I reached for his bubble butt and found it way too easy to slip inside his swimsuit. He undid the string tie at the waist and it just slipped off of him. Suddenly he was naked, his tan line obvious after a day in the hot sun. With the rocking of the boat, my fingers slipped in and out of his sweaty crack with ease. Getting into his virgin-tight asshole was tough, but damn, was he eager! I stuck my fingers in my mouth to get them wet, then I flicked my fingers over his bud, mixing my spit with his sweat. Slowly I worked one finger in and around making him squirm in my arms. Again and again I finger fucked him, feeling his nice, juicy ass open up after the sweaty day. Then he kissed me. My cousin kissed me. It was light at first, but then he stuck out his tongue and drove it past my lips till he was tonguing me deep inside my mouth. My big dick rubbed up and down his tight stomach, getting a workout equal to his blow job. Gradually he bent down and went back to blowing me. The boat rocked more and he found himself lapping at my hairy balls. From one to the other he licked and lapped and gobbled them up as if he were going to eat them. I thought for a minute he would swallow them whole. Suddenly the boat rolled over some swell, and fuck if he didn’t shoot his tongue straight up my hairy asshole. I love getting rimmed, and Brian was more than eager to thrust his tongue straight up my chute. His tongue probed hard and deep; I felt like I was getting fucked. It felt so good, I pulled him on top of me and returned the favor. You should have heard him howl! As much noise as he was making, I was sure everyone on deck would pop their heads in from up above, but I felt so blitzed I didn’t care anymore. Bring them on! Brian did enough licking and probing for a boatload, and he couldn’t keep his face out of my crotch. He lapped up my wrinkled hole, tongued my bursting balls, and swallowed my hot, throbbing cock. I felt the cum boiling up inside and I know he did, too, because he kept thrusting his lusty meat down my throat. That is, when my tongue wasn’t busy sucking on his cum-filled balls or deep inside his smooth, sweaty crack. He could swim his crotch over my face all he 56 • Below Deck

HJ March 2005.indd 56

2/19/05 3:14:16 PM

wanted. I tweaked his young nipples and jerked his joint and wrapped my arms around him so he’d never get away. “Fuck me, cuz, fuck me!” he pleaded as he bucked his ass up at me. We had sucked on each other forever it seemed, felt each other up, and reamed each other out, but fucking was next on the menu, and Brian was begging to be the next dish. I rummaged around and finally pulled out my trusty tube of lube. Running every finger I had in and out of his ass, I prepared the young stud for a wild ride. The rocking of the boat made it easy. It amplified every poke I made at his tight, little ass. Brian begged me to pierce right through the opening and pound him – and, man, was I hot to fuck him. He waved his hot ass up at me making it as easy and accessible as he could, and boom! I broke through his ass ring and plunged right in. He yelled so loud I had to put my manly hands right over his mouth to keep him quiet. It took him a couple of moments to get used to the size of my thing. He even whimpered a bit. I guess he had never had to open up his ass so wide. But he was pushing back aggressively trying to take every last inch of me and a whole lot more. He wanted me deep inside him, fucking him hard. So we began to fuck, slowly at first, then faster and faster and harder and harder till he was screaming, “Fuck me, Dick. Harder! Yeah, like that! And deeper. Oh, yeah, real deep!” We fucked on and on. On his hands and knees, on his side, on his back with his feet braced against the ceiling of the cabin. I had him plugged so good he’d never want to stop. His ass was open for every thrust. His legs were spread so wide my dick had nowhere to go but in. Then he moaned, “You’re making me cum, Dick. I … I’m gonna shoot,” and a wild spray of boy cum came flying out of his slit. He shot straight up his body, spraying his chest and hitting his chin and face. I saw the shiny stuff strike his lips, and the boy licked up his own cum – and that was the end of me. “I’m shooting up your ass,” I growled. “I’m creaming your buns!” The boat dipped into a swell and my cock popped out of his hole as I was shooting. Yes, I had shot a load up his ass, the creamy stuff was dripping out of his pink hole, but now I was washing his smooth, fleshy ass with my spunk. Then he bent down and I lunged forward. Next thing I knew, I’d sunk my dick down his throat and he was swallowing every last gooey Below Deck • 57

HJ March 2005.indd 57

2/19/05 3:14:16 PM

drop of my seed. He drew every ounce out of me – and three more shots I didn’t know I had in me. My dick was still hard a minute later, and he was still sucking on the damn thing. I turned back to see his young dick all covered in his own silky spunk and his red balls all nestled in their sack, empty and satisfied. His ass looked a little red and sore – his hole pouting from the pounding – but he had a smile going, even if my dick was still filling his mouth. I could tell he was happy. Then, looking up at the cabin door, I saw peering through it the faces of my five other cousins. And they looked like they wanted what we had just had. I had a feeling my dick and ass were going get eaten again. I might as well just throw my naked body on the galley table and say, “Eat me.”

Getting Ready for Daddy by Bucky Way back when I was a boy, I knew I was different from a lot of the other guys at school. They were always coming up with some scheme or another to try and see a naked girl. One of the guys even wanted to drill a hole in the wall between the boys’ locker room and the girls’ locker room. It didn’t make sense to me. Why did they want to go to all that trouble when we were in a roomful of naked boys? Sometimes we even got to see the coach and the assistant coach naked. I finally broke down and decided to discuss my “problem” with my cousin Ricky. He was a couple of years older than me, and we had always been really close. He was also a lot more worldly than me. His parents, my Uncle Brad and Aunt Nancy, had been divorced for years, and he lived alone with Uncle Brad. My other aunts always said that Uncle Brad needed to get married again for Ricky’s sake. “He needs a mother’s influence,” they’d complain. “Brad lets him get away with anything.” That was true, and I guess it was the reason that I had always looked up to Ricky. All the kids in the neighborhood knew that if you wanted to have fun, you went over to Ricky’s house. In addition to being a lot of fun, Ricky was also really easy to talk to. So when I told him it worried me that I wasn’t as interested in seeing naked girls as the other guys were, he just chuckled and said, “That’s nothing to worry about. You just like guys better, that’s all. A lot of guys do. I do, too.” 58 • Getting Ready for Daddy

HJ March 2005.indd 58

2/19/05 3:14:16 PM

I was blown away! “You do?” I asked. “Sure,” he said. “So does Pop.” “Uncle Brad? No way.” “Yeah. That’s why he and Mom ended up getting divorced. But keep that under your hat. He doesn’t want Aunt Betty and Aunt Sarah to know.” I was suspicious. “How do you know Uncle Brad likes guys?” I asked. I thought he might have been pulling my leg. “’Cause I do it with him all the time, stupid.” “Nuh-uh. He’s your dad.” “So?” Ricky replied. “So, you can’t do that with your dad.” “Of course you can. My dad’s real good at it, too. Wanna find out? I bet he’d love it if you wanted to join us.” “No way!” was my initial reaction. But I began to picture Ricky and Uncle Brad in my mind, and my dick started getting hard. Finally, I said, “Well … maybe ….” So Ricky came up with a plan. He was going to fix it so that Uncle Brad would come home from work one day and find us “doing it”. He said that he was sure his dad would get really turned on and want to join in. “OK,” I agreed, “but I’ve never done stuff like that before. You’re gonna have to teach me what to do.” Ricky looked at me with a smirk. “No problem. Pop’ll probably get a real kick outta that. Besides, I have a feeling you’ll learn quickly. I know I did.” Uncle Brad usually had to go into his office for a half day on Saturdays, so Ricky’s plan was for me to go over to their house at about noon on Saturday. When Uncle Brad got home, he’d “catch us in the act”. On Saturday, I woke up with a hardon that just wouldn’t go away. All morning all I could think about was what it was going to be like to do it with Uncle Brad and Ricky. I finally had to jerk off to relieve some of the pressure. I had kind of wanted to save it up, but I figured that if I went ahead and jerked out a load, I wouldn’t spew the minute I saw Ricky without any clothes on. As it turns out, that was a good plan. When I got to Ricky’s house, he opened the door stark naked. He had a broad expanse of chest that was lightly covered in dark brown hair. The hair got thicker and Getting Ready for Daddy • 59

HJ March 2005.indd 59

2/19/05 3:14:17 PM

a little darker as it fanned out over his belly and then narrowed into a trail that led down to his crotch. There it fanned out again into a thick, dark bush that surrounded a long, fat cock and a pair of walnut-sized balls. His ass and legs were really hairy, too, but I thought it was kind of strange that his balls were completely hairless. In no time, Ricky had me naked and we were standing face to face, both with dripping hardons. I felt even more naked than Ricky, because I didn’t have nearly as much hair as he did – just some blond hair around my cock, but I did have a little fuzz on my balls. We started running our hands over each other’s body. I loved the hard feel of Ricky’s muscles underneath his hot skin, and every time he touched me, it sent an electric wave through my body. I had worked my way down to his crotch and was using one hand to stroke his cock while the other one cupped his mysteriously hairless nuts. After a few minutes, I worked up enough courage to ask him, “Ricky, how come you don’t have any hair on your balls?” He just laughed and said, “Oh … I guess that does seem kind of strange to you. Dad likes to keep ’em shaved. He likes ’em like that.” “Really? Why?” “I don’t know. I guess it just reminds him of when I was a kid or something.” I kept rubbing my hand over his hairless sack. I really liked the way it felt. “Will you do it to me? Shave my nuts, I mean.” He got a funny look on his face, and then he looked up at the clock and said, “Sure. Dad’ll be home pretty soon, and I think he’d really get off on that.” So Ricky led me into the bathroom and helped me sit up on the counter by the sink. He filled the sink with hot water and then used a washcloth to wet my balls. Then he lifted them up and swiped at my asshole with the warm, wet cloth. “Let’s shave your hole, too. Then you’ll be just like me.” He turned around and bent over, showing me that between his fuzzy ass globes he had a hairless, pink butt hole. Then he got a mug and a brush from the medicine cabinet and worked some shaving soap into a thick lather. He lathered up my balls and hole, and then picked up the razor. “Try to sit as still as you can, Bucky. I don’t wanna slip and cut your nuts off.” He gently held them in one hand and swiped the razor across my nutsac. My cock stood flat against my belly, belching precum into 60 • Getting Ready for Daddy

HJ March 2005.indd 60

2/19/05 3:14:17 PM

my navel. Ricky had just taken a second swipe with the razor when we heard the front door open and close. Uncle Brad’s voice called out from the hallway, “Ricky! Are you home?” “In the bathroom, Pop,” he answered, giving me a wink. In a few moments, Uncle Brad appeared in the doorway. A look of surprise crossed his face when he saw me sitting naked on the bathroom counter, legs spread wide, hardon dripping onto my belly, and his son shaving my balls. “Well, well,” he said. “What have we here?” “Hey, Dad,” Ricky answered without looking up from my crotch. “Bucky thought he might like to get in on the favorite family pastime around here. I’m just making sure he looks like one of the family.” I blushed bright red, because I wasn’t really sure what Uncle Brad’s response would be. It didn’t take long for me to figure it out, though. As Uncle Brad came up behind Ricky and looked over his shoulder, I could see the big tent his cock was making in his pants. In no time, Uncle Brad was out of those pants, and everything else for that matter. By that time, Ricky had finished shaving my balls and my hole. Uncle Brad grabbed the washcloth and wiped away the last of the shaving soap, causing a surge of pleasure to course through my crotch. “Now that’s what I like to see,” he said, cupping my balls and probing my butt with his middle finger. “Smooth as a baby.” Uncle Brad led both Ricky and I into his bedroom. I lay down on his bed, and Ricky knelt over my head. I had a great view of his hairless, swinging nutsac as he grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs. My uncle crawled between my legs. I could feel his hot breath against my newly-shaved skin. Then I felt something warm and wet. It could have only been Uncle Brad’s tongue. I gasped as he ran it over my hairless balls and then down to my asshole. He kept going back and forth between the two, eventually working his tongue up inside me. In a minute, he pulled away and said, “Can you feel that, Bucky? Can you tell what I’m doing?” “Uh-huh,” I responded. “Well, I want you to do the same thing to Ricky. Lick his nuts and tongue his hole while I’m working on you.” I did as he said, carefully sucking my cousin’s nuts into my mouth and rolling them around, then moving back to his hole, lapping around it, and finally shoving my tongue past his sphincter. The room was filled with our lusty groans. Getting Ready for Daddy • 61

HJ March 2005.indd 61

2/19/05 3:14:18 PM

Then, almost before I realized what was happening, I felt a tingling start in my crotch. I may have never had sex before, but I had sure jerked off plenty. I recognized what was going to happen: I was going to shoot my wad. But with a mouth full of Ricky’s nuts, I couldn’t do anything but grunt and moan. Uncle Brad got the message, though. He pulled his tongue out of my butt and immediately covered my quivering boner with his mouth. His tongue licked up the underside of my shaft and I started dumping my load into my uncle’s mouth. The sight of his dad taking my spunk must have had an effect on Ricky, because no sooner had I started cumming, than he pulled his balls out of my mouth and shoved his cock down my throat. He was filling me with his load as I was emptying my own into Uncle Brad. After we had each finished draining our balls, Uncle Brad got up on the bed between us, his boner sticking straight up. “Well,” he said folding his arms behind his head, “you two youngsters got your nut, but how’s about the old man.” He turned his head to look at me. “Bucky, I’ll bet your cousin would be delighted to show you how to use your mouth to make a man happy. Why don’t the two of you get down there and see what you can suck out of my cock?” Ricky and I crowded into Uncle Brad’s crotch. We took turns sucking his balls and lapping at his cock. I even managed to work my tongue into his hairy ass crevice and was rewarded by hearing my uncle say, “Ooh, Bucky! That’s a good boy!” My cock, which had never gone completely soft, stiffened up again. We continued to work on Uncle Brad, and he had a lot more stamina when it came to holding off his load than Ricky and I did. But when he was finally ready to blow, he said, “Rick, I want you to let your cousin take my load. OK, son.” “Sure, Pop,” Ricky responded. “As long as I get the next one.” Uncle Brad grabbed the base of his hardon and put it up against my lips. I opened wide and took just the head into my mouth. Instinctively, I ran my tongue over the hot, dripping head. Uncle Brad shuddered, groaned and then filled my mouth with his spunk. It was a bigger and thicker load than the one Ricky had dumped down my throat, and I swallowed every drop. Afterwards, Ricky and Uncle Brad gently stroked my hardon as we all lay curled up on the big bed. I was getting close to getting off 62 • Getting Ready for Daddy

HJ March 2005.indd 62

2/19/05 3:14:18 PM

again when Uncle Brad said, “Now you’re ready to take care of your own father, Bucky.” I laughed and said, “No way. My dad would never go in for something like this.” “You might be surprised,” Uncle Brad said. “After all, I’ve known him a lot longer than you have.” He went on to tell me that Dad had fooled around with Ricky and him several times, and that all he could talk about was how he couldn’t wait until I was “ready”. Well, I was ready now, and I planned to let my dad know. But I was going to have to wait until Wednesday night. That was Mom’s bridge night. She’d be gone before Dad got home from work – and when he got home, I’d have a surprise waiting for him. Dad always got home from work at 6:00 PM. So at 5:45, I was ready for him. I had stripped down to my Jockey’s and was lying on the couch in the family room with a boner so hard it was peeking out the waistband of my shorts. I knew Dad would fix himself a drink and then head straight for the family room to read the newspaper. Sure enough, Dad was right on time. He walked into the family room with his drink and found me on the couch, stroking my stiffy through my shorts. At first he seemed confused, like he didn’t know what to think, but then a smile spread across his face and, just like with Uncle Brad, I could see the tent starting to form in his pants. “You’ve been talking to your uncle, haven’t you, Bucky?” he said as he started loosening his tie. In no time he was standing in front of me almost completely naked. His big cock stuck out from a thick coat of fur, looking almost identical to Uncle Brad’s. It was dripping precum, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. I got up on my knees and leaned over the back of the couch to take it in my mouth. While I sucked on Dad, he managed to push my Jockey’s down over my ass, and I kicked them off. It felt good to be naked with my daddy. He ran his hands over my freshly shaved ball sack and butt hole. “Oh, yeah,” Dad sighed. “Looks like your uncle shaved you just like he does Ricky. You’re all nice and smooth down here.” “Uncle Brad didn’t do it, Daddy,” I explained. “Ricky did.” “Mmm … I would have liked to have seen that. But maybe some other time. Maybe you and I and Brad and Ricky can all play together sometime. Maybe go up to the cabin. Would you like that son?” I nodded. Getting Ready for Daddy • 63

HJ March 2005.indd 63

2/19/05 3:14:18 PM

“Show me,” he said, grabbing his cock and waving it at me. “Show Daddy how much you’d like it, baby.” I opened my mouth and started lapping at Dad’s cock again. As turned on as I had been with Uncle Brad and Ricky, I was even more excited to be putting my own dad’s cock in my mouth. My dick was as hard as it had ever been, and I knew if I even so much as touched it, I’d blast my load all over the back of the couch. Daddy thrust forward pushing the entire plum-shaped head of his cock into my mouth. I opened as wide as I could. Dad put his hand on the back of my head and tilted it back. Holding me steady, he 64 • Getting Ready for Daddy

HJ March 2005.indd 64

2/19/05 3:14:19 PM

pushed more cock into my mouth. I felt the head nudge the back of my throat. I opened my eyes and looked up at Dad. “It’s OK, son. Take it nice and slow. We’ve got plenty of time.” I tried to swallow, and to my surprise, Dad’s cockhead slipped down my throat. “Oh, God, baby,” he sighed. “That’s just what Daddy needs. You’re mother won’t do this, son. She says it’s nasty.” I kind of had to agree with Mom on that one. It was nasty, but that’s why I liked doing it. Before long, Daddy was fucking in and out of my throat. I could tell he was getting close. I was too – just from the knowledge that I was bringing my dad off. Dad let out a grunt. The he thrust forward as far as he could, burying his cock down my throat. It began to quiver and vibrate, and then I felt his load sliding down my throat, directly into my stomach. My own cock began to buck and shake between my legs. My hairless balls pulled up against the base of my rod. I could feel it beginning deep inside me. I was gonna shoot. I was gonna blast my wad without even touching it. With Daddy’s spurting cock buried deep down my throat, I spewed my own load against the back of the couch. After he pulled his softening cock from my mouth, Dad grabbed his boxers and wiped up my load. He gave his shorts a deep sniff and said, “Gonna have to hold onto these – Bucky’s first load with Daddy!” My cock was still hard and I was ready for more, but Dad said that first he had to call Uncle Brad. “Why?” I asked. “To thank him for getting you ready for Daddy.”

Doctor’s Orders by Bert Lee “I want you taking better care of this problem,” Doc Harlow nearly yelled at me. I was already almost in tears from embarrassment and shear nervousness. My mom had made the doctor’s appointment for me without telling me ahead of time. She called our school nurse, and I was called to the administration office and given a note that informed me that I was to go directly to Doc Harlow’s office after school. I knew immediately what it was about. My dick had been itching constantly for a week or more, and Mom was tired of seeing me scratch Doctor’s Orders • 65

HJ March 2005.indd 65

2/19/05 3:14:19 PM

my crotch and having to remind me to stop doing it – especially in public or in front of relatives and company. I had been raised by my mother alone. I never knew my father, but Doc Harlow was our family doctor and had been a sort of mentor to me all of my life. Doc was normally friendly, attentive, and easy to be around. I admired his profession, good looks, and tender bedside manner. In fact, part of my embarrassment was because I sort of had a crush on him. “I guess I should have had you in long before this need arose, to explain how to take care of an uncircumcised penis, seeing as how you don’t have a father or brother to learn these things from,” Doc suggested. I was used to disrobing in front of Doc, and even having him touch my privates and peel back the loose skin. He had shown me quite a long time ago how to go about it, even telling me to always clean thoroughly around the ridge of my penis. Over time, I had not always done it as regularly as I should, I guess, and now with the wet dreams I’d been having at night, I had procrastinated long enough to cause myself a lot of discomfort. My dick was itchy all the time and was kind of inflamed. Doc was not pleased that I had waited so long to come to him about this. As he examined my dick, even though it was itchy and hurting, I started getting a boner. “You’re turning into quite a man down here, Bert,” he commented. “You better start taking care of this thing before it rots and falls off,” he added, trying to scare me into paying attention to my hygiene. “I’m sorry,” I said. “What? Don’t be sorry, Bert. Just watch and listen and learn how to keep this from happening again,” Doc said. He was holding my prick and slowly easing the foreskin back to expose the raw, red, irritated flesh. “Jesus, young man, you’ve got a build-up of head cheese here like I’ve never seen before,” Doc said as he gently exposed the inner folds. Again I said, “I’m sorry … I mean I’m sorry my penis is getting so hard, Doc. It does that a lot lately,” I admitted. “I don’t even have to touch it and it gets all tingly and hard. And it leaks, too! Sometimes my sheets get really crusty, and I’m afraid of what Mom will think when she changes my bed,” I blurted out. 66 • Doctor’s Orders

HJ March 2005.indd 66

2/19/05 3:14:19 PM

“Aren’t you masturbating regularly by now, Bert?” Doc said, looking at me with a puzzled look. “Don’t you have friends you jack off with? Ohh … I shouldn’t have said that. I just assumed that by now you had explored some with other boys – boys your age or older ones. Most guys do that, you know.” With his warm fingers wrapped around my dick and his handsome face so close my crotch, I had a mix of new feelings flooding throughout my entire body. Doc stopped what he was doing momentarily, pulled his hand away, and pulled on some rubber gloves. I figured it was because of the crud around my dickhead. “I don’t think you have an infection, Bert, but we’ll be cautious and get you cleaned up down here. Then I’ll teach you how to take care of this important piece of your manhood, so you can have a comfortable pubic region and have normal jack-off sessions without any discomfort,” he said. I blushed and my faced turned red. Doc was holding my prick again. It had started to go soft, but now it was growing rapidly again. This time he wrapped his fingers around the whole thing and gave it a few squeezes. I nearly moaned out loud. Doc proceeded to wipe away the build-up of cheese. I was tender in some areas but the way Doc was holding my penis and the feel of his fingers rubbing against my shaft and even down to my nuts was having an effect on me. I tried not to squirm or wiggle, but the sensations I was feeling were driving me crazy. I had my arms down by my side on the exam table and my hand dangled off the side. Doc leaned in with his crotch right against the back of my hand. I could feel his thick, hard member throb against my flesh. I thought at first I had to be imagining it, but when his cock throbbed again I was sure of it. Just then I saw Doc put his fingers under his nose and smell some of the scum he was cleaning from my prick. Doc licked his lips as if he wanted to taste it as well. He had a dazed look about him that I had never noticed before. My dick swelled and pulsed in his hand. Doc smiled at me. “That feeling good, Bert?” he asked. “Ah … uh huh,” I moaned more from pleasure than as an answer. Doctor’s Orders • 67

HJ March 2005.indd 67

2/19/05 3:14:20 PM

“We’ll have you finished up here in just a few minutes,” he added as his fingers tightened around my stiffy. I automatically raised my butt, pressing my hard penis up inside his closed fist. “Ahhh … ohhh, yeah,” I whimpered. Doc started to stroke me more rapidly, up and down. I was seeing stars and my body tingled all over. I had never felt so alive. Suddenly, Doc leaned down and spit a glob of saliva on the tip of my prick. His fingers spread it all around my sensitive dickhead and shaft. I groaned and ground my butt against the table. His eyes were locked with mine. The look on his face sent chills up and down my spine. Quickly, Doc reached down and inside his lab coat. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a huge hardon. He immediately started to rub his bare, heated member against my hand. “Squeeze it! Play with it, boy!” He commanded, turning my palm up and pressing his overgrown man penis against my open hand. “You’ve become a hot little stud, Bert! You like touching my cock, don’t you, boy?” I felt like I was in a trance. Feeling Doc’s hand stroking my hard shaft, hearing his words, and fondling his big mancock was more than I could handle. “You ready to shoot, boy? Let it fly, Bert. Come on, shoot like the man you’re becoming. That’s right, let go, Bert. Let all that hot juice spurt out of there, boy!” Doc instructed. My breathing became labored. My chest was tight, my body stiffened and tensed. I raised my hips and felt my toes curl. Suddenly and abruptly I was releasing a torrent of cream, shooting and drooling from the tip of my prick. I moaned out loud with intense pleasure. I could feel Doc using some of my warm, gooey release to coat and continue to fist my raging boner. I thought I was going to die from the pleasure of it all. “That’s my man! Come on, Bert. Shoot that first big load, boy! That’s it. Feels great, doesn’t it? Yeah, do it, son! Let it all out!” Then I felt even more pleasure. I opened my eyes to see Doc bent over me with his mouth on my sensitive, dripping penis. His tongue started swirling around as his lips milked my pulsing flesh pole. “Ahh, fuck, Bert! You taste delicious,” Doc mumbled as he licked, sucked, and cleaned my seeping, dribble-coated penis. Doc’s hand wrapped over mine on his throbbing erection as he forced my hand to stroke his bloated member. “Yeah, kid! Jerk me 68 • Doctor’s Orders

HJ March 2005.indd 68

2/19/05 3:14:20 PM

off, boy! That’s a boy. Make ol’ Doc shoot a load, too, huh, boy?” he loudly encouraged me. Again, his fingers started to rapidly stroke my still stiff boner. The feel of a new release filled my body as I helped Doc bring himself off. I had to fight to keep control of another impending release. Shortly, Doc started to whimper and moan. “Ohh, yes. That’s it, boy. Squeeze my cock, son. Come on, stroke it, boy. Make me cum!” His eyes closed and his body shook violently. Suddenly, a jet of white fluid flew from the tip of Doc’s cock and landed on my belly, running down my side. Doc moved quickly and another shot hit my lips and chin and ran down onto my neck. “Taste it, Bert. Lick your lips. Eat my jizz, boy!” Doc commanded. Without warning his hand turned my head to the side and Doc pressed his juicy, cum-coated cock against my lips. “Suck it, Bert! Clean my cock like I did for you boy!” Doc shouted. As his large, pulsing cockhead forced its way across my tongue, I wrapped my lips tight and let Doc slip and slide it in and out of my mouth. The feel of his hot shaft and taste of his seeping man-juice sent shivers all over me. It was all enough to make me spill yet another fresh load. Doc pulled his cock from my lips and smiled down at me. “You know now that you have to keep yourself clean down here, right?” he said. “ Any time you see that cheese starting to build up, you drop by, and Doc will take care of it. You know what I mean?” he said with a wink. I knew exactly what he meant, and I was hoping I would have to come back for another treatment soon.


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HJ March 2005.indd 69

2/19/05 3:14:20 PM

Pulled Over Oh shit! I thought as I saw the flashing lights in my rearview mirror. I knew I shouldn’t have been speeding. Dad had said if I got one more ticket he was going to take the car away from me. But the road had been deserted. I hadn’t seen another car for miles. I figured I was safe, but I guess that’s what the cop wanted me to think. I didn’t even see him pull out from his hiding place. I was completely unaware of him until he turned on his lights and siren. Even if I had thought I could outrun him, I knew better than to try it. I pulled over to the side of the road and figured I’d try to talk my way out of a ticket. I couldn’t lose my wheels. If I did, how would I get to school? The police car pulled up behind me. In my side mirror, I saw the door open and the cop get out. He was older than I had expected him to be, a little thick around the middle, but with a very handsome, rugged face. When he approached my car, his crotch was level with my eyes. I could see a thick tube running down his left thigh. He was standing close enough to the open window that I could smell the funk wafting up from his crotch. He must have been out on patrol all day, working up a sweat in his hot police car. My cock twitched. I needed to be concentrating on how I was going to get out of this ticket, but all I could think about was the big bulge in the cop’s pants. He asked to see my license and proof of insurance, then he walked back to his patrol car. His scent lingered behind him in my nostrils. My cock was becoming fully erect, and I took advantage of his absence to reach down and try to adjust my hardon so it ran down my leg. Finally the cop returned to my window. “Do you know how fast you were going back there, son?” he asked. “No,” I lied. “Well, I clocked you at 65 in a 45 zone.” That didn’t sound right to me. I knew I was going 65, but I was pretty sure the speed limit on that road was 55, not 45. But I was in enough trouble. I wasn’t going to argue with him. “Sorry,” was all I said. “Now, I should write you a ticket. I know it wouldn’t be your first one. I found that out when I ran your license back there.” “Please don’t,” I said. “My dad’ll take the car away from me if I get another ticket. I promise I’ll be more careful.”

70 • Pulled Over

HJ March 2005.indd 70

2/19/05 3:14:21 PM

He glanced down at my lap. My eyes followed his, and I discovered that a dark spot was forming on my jeans where my hardon had begun to leak precum. “You wettin’ your pants, son?” he asked. “No, sir. It’s … uh … it’s precum, sir,” I almost whispered. He rubbed his chin with his hand and said, “I think I need to ask you to step out of the car, son.” He opened the door and I got out. The minute I stood up, my hard dick tented out my pants. The cop made me turn around and put my hands on the top of the car. He patted me down like he was looking for concealed weapons, but he was just using it as an excuse to feel me up. When I was finally allowed to turn around again, I noticed the lump in his crotch had grown considerably, and he also had a small wet spot on the front of his uniform pants. “Well, son, it’s clear to me that I can’t give you a ticket. Don’t want you to lose your car, now do we. However, I think it’s time you learned a valuable lesson about speeding. I’m gonna have to ask you to come with me.” I expected him to lead me to the patrol car. I thought I was going to be arrested, and I didn’t know how I would explain that to Dad. But instead, he lead me off the road and back into the trees. I started to freak out a little bit. I had heard stories about “bad cops” that would take you off somewhere and beat the hell out of you just for kicks. But then I remembered: he had a hardon, too. He led me over to a clearing where a tree had fallen. He told me to sit down on the log, then he said, “Now let’s see about you working off that ticket.” He slowly unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock that looked almost as big as the log I was sitting on. He stroked it a couple of times, pushing the foreskin back and forth over his angry red cockhead. A silvery strand of precum drooled from his pouting piss slit, and instinctively, I leaned forward to lap it up with my tongue. The cop caught the back of my head and pulled me onto his throbbing rod. He pushed his cock into my mouth and down my eager throat until my face was buried in his sweaty, funky bush. I could feel his sweat-damp balls pressing against my chin. I inhaled deeply and sucked some more cock down my throat. I loved the smell of his musky crotch. “Fuck yeah, son! Slobber all over the slab of meat. You wanna get it nice and slimy, ’cause it’s goin’ up your tight little ass here in a minute.” Pulled Over • 71

HJ March 2005.indd 71

2/19/05 3:14:21 PM

I groaned around his big meat. I loved getting fucked in the ass, but I had never taken a rod as big as this cop’s, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to. So I made sure to get his fat cock as wet as I possibly could. Suddenly, the cop pulled his cock from my throat and told me to stand up. “You’re gonna have to get naked, son, if I’m gonna fuck you.” I pulled off all my clothes, and stood there in front of him with a drooling pecker sticking out from my crotch. I could feel the nervous sweat tr ickling down between my asscheeks, and I was grateful for the extra lubricant. Next, he had me bend over the fallen tree and spread my asscheeks for

72 • Pulled Over

HJ March 2005.indd 72

2/19/05 3:14:21 PM

him. “Mmm!” he grunted. “That’s a nice lookin’ hole, son.” he smacked my asscheeks a couple of times with his beefy hands and then continued, “Looks nice and tight. Think you can handle my meat?” “I … I hope so,” I answered uncertainly. “I do, too, son. ’Cause one way or another, it’s goin’ in!” I felt him spit on my hole a couple of times and then spread it around with his fingers. Then one finger entered me, followed by a second and then a third. He was really stretching my fuck hole wide open. When he pulled his fingers out of my butt, it felt cold and empty, but not for long. I soon felt the hot, wet, precum-drooling head of his battering ram against my opening. He pressed forward. I tried to relax. I pressed out with my hole, like I was going to take a crap. The fat head popped inside me. I had to bite my lower lip to keep from crying out. From behind me I heard the cop mumble, “Good boy. That cockhead’s always the hardest part. Now, I’m gonna give you a minute to get used to it, then I’m gonna ride your ass like a buckin’ bronco.” And that’s exactly what he did. He plunged in and out of me liked it was going to be the last fuck he ever got. His staying power was incredible. He must have had me bent over that log for a solid ten minutes before he pulled out. Without saying a word, he dropped his uniform pants and came around to sit on the log. He looked at me and patted his hairy thighs. I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I straddled his lap and lowered myself onto his big cock. He bounced me on his lap until he came like gangbusters up my ass. I reached for my cock to stroke off, but he slapped my hand away, saying, “Not yet!” Then he made me squat over the log and jerk my pud while he watched his jizz drip from my ass. It only took me three strokes before I blasted my spunk all over the ground. In no time, I was back in my car and on my way home. But I knew the next time I came down this road, I was going to do my best to get pulled over again. Pulled Over • 73

HJ March 2005.indd 73

2/19/05 3:14:22 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs Free Personal Ad Order Form Fill out this form, sign it, and mail it to: Avenue Services, Inc. • PO Box 23219 • Seattle, WA 98102-0519 Section – check only one: International National By State Personal ads are free and run for four months. Your personal ad must be less than 125 words in length and may not advertise products, services, groups, or anything which is not personal in nature. Ads are posted on our website as we process them. Feel free to include your email address in your ad so guys can reach you quickly. Photos: To place a photo in your personal ad, you must give us a statement that you wish to be published in Handjobs and that you are at least 21 years of age. We also need a copy of your driver’s license with photo ID and a list of any stage names or aliases you have ever used. This is a legal requirement. I am 18+. Please place the following ad in Handjobs: Ad Title: ________________________________________________ Body of Ad: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ DEADLINES: ________________________________________________ 05/05 issue ________________________________________________ March 15 ________________________________________________ 06/05 issue ________________________________________________ April 15 ________________________________________________

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How to reply to a Handjobs Box# 1. Put your letter in an envelope. 2. Write your return address on the envelope. 3. Write the box# you are replying to in the middle of the envelope. We will place an address label over this number so you may use a pen. 4. Place sufficient postage on the envelope. When replying to ads in the Nationwide and State sections, the minimum postage is 37¢. When replying to ads in the International Section, the minimum postage is 80¢ and may be more depending on the weight of your letter.

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74 • Personal Ads March 2005

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2/19/05 3:14:22 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs International 6/2005

Mr. Ebony ISO Older White Daddies, Fathers, Sons, Pastors

first to most recent issue, let’s be pen pals only? I had a lot of sex and incest, most of both gay, have bi, gay and straight fantasies too, the former in the first person, the latter in the third person and titled so you’ll know which one is which. Your first and last name, business name okay, and address, POB address okay, required on all envelopes addressed to me. My first and last name and address is: John Maxwell, 8 Cowpath, Denver, PA 175179016, USA.

Attractive GBM, 33 y/o, 6’, residing in Richmond, VA. I’m looking for someone who is versatile, 50-70, HIV-, open minded, affectionate, horny, love to cuddle, enjoy singing, jazz, opera, movies, walking, 69ing, sucking and getting sucked, fucking and getting fucked, and foreplay along with a glass of red or white wine. Please write and include Masculine Bearded photo and phone number Bear Seeks Friends, to: Franklin A. Lewis, 3902 Pen Pals Chamberlayne Ave Apt 22, Late 40’s, moderately hairy Richmond, VA 23227. bear with trim beard and 7 5/2005 1/2” cut cock, clean, discreet Hamilton, Ontario would like to hear from other Daddy Bear Looking hairy, or guys with facial hair For Younger (beards are a big turn on but Looking for boy (18+) who is not necessary) to write to, wanting to learn about man- perhaps visit or host from boy sex and is looking to learn around the world. Prefer older all the tricks of being a good men but not necessary. Very daddy’s boy. You must be into oral, disease free, like to give getting spanked, pissed on and massage, rim, suck and feel getting fucked. If you are, then hot cum splash straight from write Daddy a hot letter with the pipe onto my face, body. nude photo of yourself. Ernie, Live close to Toronto but can 77 Tisdale St S Apt 3, Hamilton, travel. Prefer to hear from a ON L8N 2W1 Canada. father figure. I like old movies, 4/2005 Good Looking Chinese mystery, science fiction and some horror, enjoy being out Man Good looking, masculine, in nature, have a soft spot for Chinese man, 24 y/o, 5’11”, animals and wildlife, plants and fair, sincere, helpful, open- gardening. If you like a nice minded and very friendly. Many mature, very manly bearish interests and will answer all type of guy, then write to me letters. Write box# 4877. (West and I will write back! Seeking letters from around the world. Malaysia) Write box# 845. (CANADA) Email Pals Wanted Hot dad seeks confidential 3/2005 Looking for Friends email exchange with guys into and Pen Pals all forms of incest: straight, gay or bi. Write box# 94. (GREAT I’m 35 y/o, 5’10”, brown hair, blue eyes. I like music, theater, BRITAIN) cinema and traveling. I’m a Gay Men Only Who had your gay sex and/or home care manager and like gay incest experiences published meeting (corresponding with in Handjobs Magazine, even friends and pen pals). If you in the letters section, from the can send a photo of yourself

(though not mandatory), I will appreciate that. Write to: Kevin Thomas Smith, 15 Parkfield Rd., Jackman Estate, Letchworth, Garden City, Herts., SG6 2QF, England.

Nationwide 6/2005

Gentle Giant Seeks Smooth Son

BiWM, 6’6”, 230 lbs., 59 y/o, seeks son to discipline, cuddle and love. 18+ only. I have 9” waiting for that smooth tight ass and willing mouth. Email: or write me at: Jack, PO Box 2041, Sandusky, OH 44871. Looking For A Cell Mate

36 y/o, GWM, bottom, seeking dominate tops to fulfill prison rape scenerios. Plow my hungry ass and fill me with thick cum. I’m bent over waiting. Take your time, have a beer and shower me with warm piss. Write to me. Visiting NYC? Even better. Come and see me. Love truckers. Write box# 5013. (NY) Strict Dad

Firm, take-charge Dad, 60 y/o, 210 lbs., 6’, knows boys need correction and dicipline to

Strict Dad

keep focused. Enjoy spanking, flogging my son, then watching him thank me by servicing me. Obedient sons become men with nurturing love and affection. I recycle my beer. We both know you need this. I do it because I care about you.

Personal Ads March 2005 • 75

HJ March 2005.indd 75

2/19/05 3:14:23 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs Write to: B. Houlihan, 3045 Godwin Ter, Apt 1G, Bronx, NY 10463. Daddy Where Are You?

I’m Hispanic, 37 y/o (but look younger), 5’8”, skinny, bottom, horny and erotic. Looking for white daddy taller than me. I love sucking, rimming, fucking Come: Fist Fuck Me and licking. I like to give and receive. Daddy, write me as soon orders in the bed. I weigh 174 as possible. I’m waiting for you! lbs. Write box# 582. (NY) Write box# 4992. (VA) Hope To Meet Right Bobbi Needs Your Discipline, Uncle

Hot Top

54 y/o, GWM, virgin bottom, Yes, Bobbi’s back and disobedi- seeks hot top with very large ent as ever and needs older, cock for a LTR. Write box# cruel uncles to teach me to 115. (NY) be a good little boy-cunt. Men Hot Daddy over 50 y/o only. Phone sex? GWM, 62 ,210 lbs. Looking to Yes, I’ll drive you over the top find a son who wants to come with my sexy voice. You’ll feel and show me his talents and my lips where ever you want. Call me at: (209) 848-8997. Please call, Uncle. Write box# 2318. (CA) Nasty Phone Fuck

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Hot Daddy

give lots of hours of enjoyment to this man-sized, uncut cock. Also I love to be rimmed. I have a nice clean ass.Dan Torneden, 1700 Massachusetts St #505, Lawrence, KS 66044. Or call: (785) 749-0041 Monday through Thursday 1:00PM to 8:30PM, Friday 1:00PM to 9:00PM Saturday and Sunday 8:00AM to 8:30PM CST ONLY. If you get the machine leave a5/2005 message.

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I am 64 y/o and from Puerto Rico. I’m looking for men over 58 y/o to fist fuck my very wide and deep ass. I’m single and live alone. I’m humble, honest and submissive. I will obey your

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Healthy, strong, respectful, obedient, submissive, 18+ boy work slave in tattered shorts, sweaty, dirty, scat. Capt. will train on 71’ steel motorboat, and boy will learn quickly with spanking, caning, paddling and whipping on your bare bottom and legs while you dance and weep like a sissy girl. Bunk, board and pocket money. Capt. is bald, fat, ugly and old with a mean streak Write box# 4941. (TX) Just to Find a Fine Cock-sucking Gentleman

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76 • Personal Ads March 2005

HJ March 2005.indd 76

2/19/05 3:14:24 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs tits, ass, belly, 7 3/4” dick, seeks bearded, hairy-chested, very affectioate bears for hot sweaty mansex, poss. LTR. Pluses: deep fucking, assplay, raunch, cheesy dickskin, dirty daddies - nasty grandpas. I need to swallow lots of hot cum and feel it deep up my ass. I also need a bearded blowjob and to lick my spunk from a hairy hole. I love sweat, piss, cum and hot bearpussy! Late P.M./early A.M. and phone fucks a turn-on. Write to: George, PO Box 1879, New York, NY 10025 or call (212) 663-4159. Email: (Love your dick-pics!) Sex Pig for Use and Abuse

39 y/o, black hair, mustache, 8 1/2” cut cock, semi-muscular (in shape), hairy, 185 lbs., tight ass, hot mouth, wants father/son scenes, rope scenes, ghetto scenes, locker room/coach scenes, gang bangs, kidnapping scenes, uniform scenes, garbage men, truck drivers, cab drivers, nasty men and punks, thugs, gang members to use and abuse me, spray paint me, margic markers, hot candle wax, whip me, tie me up, tit and cock abuse. Keep me naked for your use and abuse for you and your buddies, Blacks, Latins, White dudes, Arab dudes. Video tape me if you wish. Cum and use me as I’m a sex pig! Even send me fucking filthy letters. I’m a real sex pig who needs to be worked over and to use and abuse. Write box# 727. (NY) 4/2005 Daddy Needs A BoyToy!!

What’s up everybody! I’m Rick in Phoenix, Arizona, originally from Gate City, Virginia. I’m 55, just had my birthday on 01/07/2005, a Capricorn. It’s definitely us mountain goats who love sex and I’m looking for younger masculine men

any race. Love blacks, latins and oriental men! Please be height and weight porportioned, no overweight men! Sorry nothing personal it just don’t turn me on! Smooth with a hot sexy butt and a bottom are big pluses. I sound picky, I call it selective! I’m 6’1” and 184 pounds, short dark brown hair and blue eyes. I am very romantic, love to snuggle, kiss, shower together and give and recieve massages. I can travel some and hope you can too! Photos get priority reply! Write Soon! Sincerely, Rick Hammond, 726 W. Hatcher Rd Apt 201 Phoenix, Arizona 85021, USA

to: M. G., PO Box 43073, Philadelphia, PA 19129. Chubby Nipples

BiWM, 54 y/o, chubby, into nipple play, TLC. ISO bears, beer gut chasers, gay/bi, married, handicapped, 3-way, truckers passing thru. Smooth, sensitive chest a plus. No drugs or pain. N/S preferred. No weird stuff. Nipple clamps OK. Your place or van. Central Massachusetts. Call (508) 574-5718. Wanted

Wanted: Men truckers, construction crew men, telephone pole men, road construction men or men with rough jobs – to live in with me (free rent) – in exchange I want men to Wanted: Older Pen severely work me over in pain Pals sex torture + more day and I am a 71 y/o Oklahoma man night. Call 1-574-256-9073. who wishes to correspond with Ask for Shane Tacopulos. and meet other older men who 3/2005 Son Seeks Big Rig have had sexual encounters Truckers similar to those fictionalized in Handjobs. If you are 44 y/o, GWM, top, ISO horny, interested in corresponding hairy truckers to unload man about such experiences and cum and piss into my hungry more, write to me. Write box# 4880. (OK) Daddy Type – Pen Pals Wanted

60 y/o, Bi wants to share my incest stories with others. Have plenty to share. Love older guys too. Write to: JR, PO Box 2242, Poquoson, VA 23662. Dads And Grandads

WM, 45 y/o, loves to suck on chubby men, older dads, grandads, fat old men, etc. Enjoy photo and video fun too. White men only. Love receiving golden showers from men. Also enjoy trading and collecting real homemade and amateur type videos of all kinds: straight, bi, incest, men/men, etc. Would love to find real homemade videos of family fun, older men, chubby men and men pissing. Also, love hearing from anyone with real family experiences. Respond

Son Seeks Big Rig Truckers

mouth. Also, looking for trucker who likes to get fucked by a 7 1/2” Polish kielbasa. Hairy a plus. Also, looking for used jockstraps and nude photos of hairy dads. Love to lick a dad’s hairy pits, chest, groin and ass. I’m 5’9”, 145 lbs., swimmer’s build, hairy, cut cock, hazel eyes, gray/brown hair, unshaven and shaved face. Love mustaches and beards. For truckers only call (413) 796-7507 for pit stop.

Personal Ads March 2005 • 77

HJ March 2005.indd 77

2/19/05 3:14:25 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs All other dads write to: Matt, and anything else that comes to 125 Nassau Dr, Springfield, mind. Hope to hear from you. MA 01129. Don Madsen, 3605 4th Ave, Council Bluffs, IA 51501. Older Mature GWM w/Hungry Ass!

Seeking G/Bi males to correspond with. I love to orally prepare a stud’s cock before he mounts and fills me with his hot thick seed. Let’s tell all to each other. Write to: G. Richards, PO Box 6083, Madison, WI 53716-0083. (I’m Horny! Are you?)

California 6/2005

Looking for a Hole Wrecker

Slender, handsome, Latino in his late 30’s looking for top masculine guys with huge, large, thick, big-headed dicks (a real hole wrecker), 30-50 for Wanted: Houseman/ friendship and sex. Any race, Looking for the Right Guy handsome and healthy. Write Slave box# 4995. 60 y/o, 155 lbs., 5’11” tall, By middle-aged man in good Feet or Knees shaved head, mustache and shape and excellent health! N/S, N/D, HIV–. Must be Versatile, oral, 39 y/o, GWM, beard, blue eyes, an 11 1/2” very oral! Include your name, likes cruising adult bookstores, X 8” cut cock. I like to fuck, address and age in reply along theaters. Likes feeling my dick get sucked, like to be pissed on and in, and with the right with a photo. Live-in? Write to: guy enjoy being fisted. Cum Mr. Perry, 731 G St Unit A28, join me in Palm Springs, CA. Chula Vista, CA 91910. Phone I live alone. Let me take your (619) 426-0037. No collect cock up my ass, eat your cum calls or after 10 PM. Full or and drink your piss. Call Bob part-time OK. at (760) 864-8556. Write Want Black Guys box# 1619. I am white, love to suck, rim 5/2005 and fuck black guys. I am Boy Virgin, Where No both A/P. I will suck and fuck Man Has Gone Before SWM boy, 54, 5’8”, 145 lbs, N/S, high sex drive, seeks Feet or Knees slide down a guy’s throat. daddy 45-65, N/S. I’m tired Likes swallowing a hard dick of the same old, same old. thru a glory hole. Likes tasting Would like to role-play our the first drop of precum from own Handjobs stories. I’m also a guy’s slit, hungry for more. interested in experimenting Send pix and tell me what get’s with toys and other ways of you off. Want to meet Bay Area enhancing the whole sexual men who like to suck and get experience. Prefer LTR. Write 4216. sucked. Mature a plus. Write box# 4/2005 box# 4214. I’ll Worship Your Big Want Black Guys

for hours. Love to rim. Can take a 12” cock up my ass and love it. I love to eat black ass. Ed Coon, 93 N Hester St, Norwalk, OH 44857. Pen Pals

I am 78, 6’, 165 brown hair and blue eyes. I am interested in corresponding with you and sharing experiences, fantasies

Looking for the Right Guy

I’m looking for a humpy, rugged bear over 50 for a possible LTR. Must be reasonably built, with lots of hair (the more the better), a big cock (at least 8” long and fat) who likes to fuck a tight ass, enjoys a really deep to the balls blow job, into water sports and needs to be serviced frequently. I’m

Black Dick!

Slutty White boy, 6’2”, 175 lbs. with long legs and a super-tight white ass-pussy seeks wellendowed Black studs who enjoy having their big black dicks orally serviced. Call Randy at (323) 850-8786. Please hurry – I’m super horny!

78 • Personal Ads March 2005

HJ March 2005.indd 78

2/19/05 3:14:26 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs Subservient Senior Seeks Dominant Action-Hero

Happy, 68 y/o Caucasian seeks masculine, in-shape, dominant Caucasian male. I am your crotch-sucking, asslicking servant. Kick back in your worn-out, skin-tight, pissstained jockstrap/thong/briefs and allow me to soak and worship your crotch with my tongue. Use my face as your saddle/your foot-rest/your urinal. May I lick your balls and slobber all over your cock, ass and crotch? I want to suck your sweaty armpits and worship your chest, torso, thighs and arms. Got spit? Got piss? Watch me sniff and suck your unlaundered briefs. Peel off your sweaty, pissy, cum-caked jockstrap; turn the pouch inside out, stuff it into my mouth and piss on my happy face. Got cum? I have a collar; have you got a leash? Bow-wow; woof-woof. You are Gotham’s action-hero; I am your lucky servant. Please call Alfred at (323) 463-3408 or write to Alfred. Write box# 406. 3/2005 Palm Springs 2 for J/O

Couple in South Palm Springs looking for locals, vistors, military or bi-men for hot J/O sessions or parties. GWM, 45 y/o, 8” cut and Latin, 33 y/o, 8” uncut, thick. Email us (with pics) at: twoinpalmsprings@aol. com. Write box# 4772. Son Seeks Strict Dad

Single White male, 42 y/o, 5’11”, 180 lbs., would like to meet a strict daddy between 55 and 70 years old. Son will be loving and obedient for a dad who is affectionate and a disciplinarian. A daddy who spanks is a real plus. Write box# 4738.

for vacationeers or Florideans. No reciprocation necessary. Have erotic videos to trade. Dad Seeks Son 46 y/o, White masculine man Send photo & SASE to KDS, seeks student-age young PO Box 24-6612, Pembroke man (18+) for dad/son play, Pines, FL 33024. mentoring and possible relaHawaii tionship in Denver area. Email: 4/2005 Fulfill Father Fantasies Write box# 4815. I lust for young men (18+) who want an eager, submissive sex Connecticut 6/2005 toy. Single, discreet, 40 y/o bottom craves only to please Service Dad’s Cock Dad-boy pair, early 60’s, looking young men. All letters answered for another mature “boy” to and all (18+) cocks orally and help service Dad’s juicy prick. anally welcome. Own place for Must be a completely submissive you to make me your whore. hungry sucker boy into heavy Willing to service groups. Write cock worship who loves to feed box# 4229. on Dad’s massive spermy cum Illinois loads. Be prepared to get your suckmouth deep fucked. Email: 6/2005 Let Me Be Your Write Personal Cocksucker! box# 447. Muscular, married, BiWM, mid 50’s, very clean, discreet and nice Florida looking, 6’1”, 215 lbs., brown 6/2005 hair/eyes/mustache. Totally Two Dads Two dads, mid 50’s looking love the art of cocksucking. for son(s) for friendship, play Looking for a few good men and possible LTR in the Florida with big dicks to swing on. The Keys. Must be in shape. Pierced, bigger, the better. Love to deep tattooed, facial hair and/or throat to completion. Thick cocks muscular all pluses. Poz. pre- are a plus also. Love weight ferred. We’re into long, intense lifters, construction workers, sessions involving nipple play, policemen, blue collar types, muscle worship, bb, w/s, kiss- bad boys. Also, love married ing and massage. Send replys men and straight men who to Rich, 3023 Riviera Drive, totally love their cocks sucked Key West FL, 33040 or e-mail but whose wives and girlfriends don’t want any part of it. I love 4/2005 swallowing a big load of warm Hot Cuddly Bear cum. Was always bi-curious and SWBiM, 51 y/o, 6’, 300 lbs, 8” never sucked a cock until I was uncut cock, passionate, clean almost 35. I have a place to get and discreet. Expert cocksucker together. My nickname is Pete as in Peter. Let me make you see fireworks! Rockford area. Call week day mornings between 8:00 AM and 8:45 AM CST. Saturdays 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Ask for Pete – please be discreet (815) 226-0312. Thanks. Please be HIV negative and have a big cock!



Hot Cuddly Bear

Personal Ads March 2005 • 79

HJ March 2005.indd 79

2/19/05 3:14:27 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs 5/2005

Hi – Love Sucking Big Fat Cocks

Anyone in Illinois can call me, but only in Illinois. Call any time. Like men ages 45 to 60 years old. My phone number is (847) 636-8444. Ask for Cocksucker.

Indiana 5/2005

I Know You’re Out There

35 y/o downtown Indianapolis guy looking for younger guys or real dad/boy/brother/uncle couples for friendship and more. I am 6’, 195 lbs., br/bl, mod-hairy w/tats. I am looking for ongoing friendships and buddies. Can/will be descrete if needed. Write box# 3858. 4/2005 Indiana Bottom

Will take all slim tops, any age, race, size. Deep throat – tight ass. Ruben Flores, 4809 Indianapolis Bvld Apt 1C, East Chicago, IN 46312-3477. 3/2005

am 6’1”, 180 lbs. and have 7” – so let’s get it on. Write Bottom Seeking Hung box# 4267.



Top Men

GWM, 5’6”, 165 lbs., brown eyes and hair, shaved head, mid 30’s, masculine bottom boy, seeking top guy with thick meat for regular sex buddy or LTR. Have my own place and discreet. Write box# 4912. 4/2005 Curious – Daring – Willing

To have a gay man show you all you need to know in boy/man sex. 18+, race no problem. Have recently been with Asians. I love to suck, swallow, kiss, fuck and be fucked. If you have a photo (not required), please enclose with your letter. I will answer all who write. Live in Boston. Write box# 215. 3/2005 I Love Sucking Cocks

Hi! My name is Bobbie. I’m 70 y/o and I love to suck cocks. I would like to meet men and young men (18+) who are into daddy/son/incest. I like fucking Wet Trio Holding and getting fucked, sucking Auditions Tri state midwest group looking and getting sucked. I like all for uninhibited, older, mature kinds of sex. Age and race are men into WS. We are 45, 47, unimportant. I love sucking cocks and am very good at it. I would love being a daddy or grandpa to young men (18+). Call Bobbie at 413-786-9073. Write box# 3132.

Nebraska 3/2005


Wet Trio Holding Auditions

63 and in good shape. Join us for a hot, soaking wet session. Must give and take. We are always thirsty, hope you are. We aim to please. Write box# 24.

I am a married discreet retiree, whose children are grown and gone. Am bisexual or as the current terminology is “heteroflexible” and wish to connect with other mature married men who enjoy intimacy with men. I’m a native Fremonter and would like responses from Fremont, Hooper, Valley, Blair, Northbend, Cedar Bluffs and Wahoo. Write to my box number and name a place to meet. I

Nevada 6/2005

Cuban Daddy

I am 59 y/o, 5’9”, 160 lbs., S&P hair, green eyes. Would like to correspond with pen pals especially from Las Vegas, NV area. I will answer all. Write box# 795.

New Hampshire 5/2005


Requesting your help in getting company names, addresses, and telephone numbers for piss films, S&M films, and getting a set of sounds. Please send requested information. Write box# 496.

Pennsylvania 5/2005

43 y/o Looking For Younger Daddy

43 y/o, 5’11”, 240 lbs., in search of 18-30 y/o daddy. I’m into pleasing my daddy like sucking, fucking, rimming, CBT-T, WS, BD, SM, FF, dildo play. Love getting gang banged. Write to: Mike M., 2223 Harmain Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15235 or call (412) 377-0433.

Vermont 3/2005

Leather Dads Need Apply

Seeking leather sons, dads and grandads. If you’re into wearing leather, leather bars, W/S, incest, master/slave, exhibition, rape, bathhouses, then we need to talk. Looking for pen pals then who knows in the future. Pics a plus. Let’s share our experiences and fantasies with each other. Me: BiWM, 36 y/o, mechanic, dom. master, 6’2”, 230 lbs., hairy, bearded, cigar smoker, bit of a

80 • Personal Ads March 2005

HJ March 2005.indd 80

2/19/05 3:14:29 PM

Personal Ads March 2005 Handjobs beer gut but muscled, 8” uncut Washington cock with big low hanging bull 5/2005 balls. Master Dave says to write Dad And Son today. Write box# 3774. White male, 5’6”, 160 lbs., Bi, clean shaven, mature, no Virginia smoke or drink. Want to hear 3/2005 from father and son like in Divorced, Retired, Handjobs. Also to hear from White Daddy singles. Milt. PO Box 473, ISO white submissive boy over McCleary WA 98557. 50 y/o for spanking, paddling, 3/2005 Bottom GWM VA and WS. Boy should have small, uncut cock and hair on 50 y/o, 180 lbs., fit, balding, legs, chest and belly. Located seeks younger males who love 20 miles from Charlottesville, having their cocks sucked to completion. No reciprocation VA. Write box# 4771.

necessary. Good butt for fucking. Poppers OK. Write box# 4724.

Wisconsin 6/2005

Love to Suck Cock and Drink Sweet Cum

Seeking men 18-50 who need to have their balls drained by a hot cock-sucking mouth. I will drink every drop and do repeaters again. Enjoy 2 to 6 men for steady sucking. Write box# 5042.

Don’t Forget!



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