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The new p le dg e has a lot to learn! Join b lo n d recruit R A N D Y D A V ID SO N as he learns the ins and outs of frat life from club pre sident JO E BASILE. R a n dy’s holes never get a rest around Joe, and Jo e ’s m onster dick proves to the "n e w k id ” the reasons w h y Jo e is the biggest man on cam pus. H e ’s not gonna give the p o o r kid a break all sem ester long!

W ow ! Four weeks of bare-ass swats, nekkid shakedowns and basic slavery just to get in this

Jo e ’s horny, heavy gear d ro v e me crazy from the first tim e w e all got naked together. I’ve been d ro o lin g for dick. I p ledge never to de n y him my hot mouth or my th ro b b in g butt hole, and never to let his meat p addle go soft.

Randy, y o u r first chore to d a y will be to slide y o u r mouth d o w n on m y s h a ft. .



Jo e undresses me like the p le d g e slave I am, his p ro p e rty fo r the sem ester. “ Man, l'm gonna have a lot of allnight stu dy sessions w o rk in ' on these tits, and it looks like y o u go t a nice m outhful o ' dick as w ell. W e lco m e to the M eat H ou se !�

* VV

Jo e ’s turning out to be tw ice the man I thou ght he was, h olding back his cum like a real sex cham p. I’ve go t his oversize meat hard as a rock now, licking and sucking ¡t d o w n m y warm throat. He's o rd e rin g me around his pole, shovin’ it d o w n ¡nto me from above, gettin’ even m ore turned on b y m y throaty moans buzzing on his hot dick. H e ’s calling ou t m y ñame now and telling me h ow much fun w e ’re gonna have this year, Pm sucking d o w n his cock like a real friend should, I feel his juice c o m in g . . . now . . . now . . . N O W !


right words. The í men. The right ttyle. Right now! CET THE RICHT STUFF. SUBSCRIBE TO MALE REVIEW. Ñame____________________________________________ Address

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1 year <6 issues) for S19.00 ireg. $23.70) S6.00 is t dass postage & handiing: S25.00 2 vears (12 issues) for $50.00 flncluoes ist dass postage & handiing.) CA residents add 6VS% Total Endose check or money order. Do not send casn FOREiGN ORDERS: Use International Money Orders in U.S. doliars oniy. subscriptions are $40.00 per year Inciudlng first dass postage & handiing. Offer expires oec. 31.1984 i certify under penalty of perjury that i am an aduit, 21 vears of age or over, and i understand that i have tne right to receive sexuaiiy expiidt material for my prívate use. i am not a law enforcement offidai, postal inspector or m em ber of any censorshlp group. i nave not asked the Post Office to protect" me from receiving sexualiy expiidt material, y o u nave my p erm isión to malí such material to me untii you receive written instructlons to the contrary Signature Send to: MALE REVIEW. P.O. BOX 15608, Nortn Hollywood. CA 91615-5608. Deaier inquines to same address or phone (818) 764-1640.



SUBSCRIBE T O T H E M ALE M OVIE M A C A Z IN E A N D SAVE! Ñam e Address C ity / S ta te / Z ip _____________________________ i w o u ld like to subscribe to s k i n f u c k s for

1 v e a r <6 issuest S36.00 ireg. sasi - S6.00 is t class postage S h andilng: $42.00 2 vears (12 Issues) fo r S84 00 Inciuding is t ciass Dostage & hand ling CA residents add 6-/»%

Enciose check o r m o n e v o rd e r Do n o t send cash f o r e i c n o r d e r s : use International M o n e v O rders in U S doilars o n iy. SuDscriptions are S57 0O p e r vear inciuding first class postage 8 nandiing

O ffer expires Oec. 31 1984 i ce rtifv u n d e r p e n a lty o f p e rju ry tn a t i am an aduit. 21 vears of age o r o v e r ano i und e rsta n d tn a t i have th e ríg h t to receive sexuaiiy expilclt m aterial fo r m y príva te use. i am n o t a law e n fo rc e m e n t official. postal inspector o r m e m o e r o f a n v censorship g ro u p . I have n o t asked th e Post O ffice to p ro te c t m e fro m receivin g sexuailv expucit m aterial You nave m y perm ission to m an such m aterial to m e u ntu you receive w ritte n instructions to th e c o n tra ry Sígnáfuré S e n d t o : SKINFUCKS. P.O. Box 15606, N o rth H o llyw o o d , CA 91615 S608 Dealer inauiries to same address o r p h o n e (818» 764-1640

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