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1. ISO 9000 – Set of guidelines for quality management and standards 2. Decentralized organizational structure – Allows decision making authority to occur where the decision are to be made 3. Configuration –Various versions of products manufactured and distributed by a company 4. Supply chain management – Constraint management, concurrent planning, global insight, advance warning, built-in business optimization 5. Operations level decision – Demand forecasting, inventory management, production, procurement, transportation, warehousing 6. Network level decision – Degree of centralization/decentralization, hierarchy, and number of echelons 7. Just-in-time productions or systems – Business should hold slight or zero inventory outside what is necessary for immediate production/distribution 8. Product layout – Groups machines according to their roles in the production process 9. The value chain – The acquisition of raw material, finished goods manufacturing, and distribution channels 10. Productivity – Ratio of output as it relates to input 11. Total quality management – Tool used in managing of the total production process that limites total output 12. Global outsourcing/ KANBAN clusters – Means to enhance the effectiveness of the value chain 13. Principles of total quality – Customer Focus, Participation and Teamwork, Continuous Improvement and Learning 14. Locus of decisions – Decisions controlled by home office or in a foreign location 15. Cross functional teams – Include experts in each technical area within an organization are at horizontal in nature 16. Operational bottleneck – The slowest process in a multistep production process that limits total output 17. Capacity – Total amount of products that can be produced by the entire operation in a given amount of time 18. Theory of constraints – Greater gain comes from identifying which parts of the process is a constraint to the whole 19. 3PLs – Manage noncritical process within an organization and can contribute to nearly all aspects of an organization 20. MRP – Comprises the inventory planning and ordering category of inventory control True/False and Multiple choice

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