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26. People in a _____________ culture share the belief that general rules, codes, values, and standards take precedence over particular needs and claims of friends and relations. a. Universalism b. Individualist c. Particularism d. Internal 27. ____________________ status refers to what an individual does and has accomplished. a. Achievement b. Synchronic c. Ascription d. Independent 28. Synchronic (Sequential) culture tend to do one thing at a time view time as a narrow line of distinct, consecutive, segments. a. True b. False 29. In a _________________ culture, people start with the whole and see each element in perspective of the total; the whole is more important that the sum of its elements. Individuals have a large private sphere and a small public one. a. Communitarian b. Diffuse c. Universalism d. Internal 30. Internalistic cultures have a mechanistic view of nature; nature is a complex machine, and machines can be controlled if one has the right expertise; people do not believe in luck or predestination; a. True b. False

Chapter 3


1. Ownership risk – Risk of a claim from a previously disposed owner and risk that the current owner will be disposed 2. Developed Nation – Greatest wealth and resources; HDI of 0.8 or higher 3. Mixed Economy – System that allows fro the simultaneous operation of public/private owned enterprises

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