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Liberty University BIOL 101 quiz 8 complete solutions

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BUYNOW $25 Question 1 A relationship between individuals of two species in which members of one species are benefited and members of the other species are unaffected is termed Question 2 A fallen, decaying created order still needs to be stewarded carefully because Question 3 At which of the following levels of organization can the Peaks of Otter salamander be studied? Question 4 Your textbook describes two sequential _________ of interaction between organisms and their environments that have existed since God’s creative work began. Question 5 From the Family level upwards toward higher levels of classification, which of the following choices gives the correct order? Question 6 The state of flux in which modern systematic groupings exists is shown by the fact that the largest category in some groupings is the “Kingdom” while in others it is the Question 7 The diatom, Ellerbeckia arenaria belongs to the large "Group" Stramenopiles because it Question 8 Young Balanus barnacles cannot compete with Chthamalus barnacles in higher intertidal regions because Question 9 The convention used for representing scientific names for newly discovered species is that ___________ root words are used in order to name the organism’s ___________. Question 10 The large eukaryote, Pisum sativum belongs to the large "Group" Plants because it Question 11 All members of species Escherichia coli belong to the large "Group" known as Question 12 The large eukaryote, Zonotrichia leucophrys belongs to the large "Group" Opisthokonta because it Question 13 The microbe, Euglena gracilis belongs to the large "Group" Discicristates because it Question 14 A Genus of organisms differs from a species of organisms in what way? The Genus group Question 15 When a species of fly has a bold coloration very similar to that of an unpalatable (stinging) Yellowjacket, the fly’s “strategy” is termed Question 16 An area providing cool, moist conditions with rocks and decaying logs at an appropriate elevation and rainfall level constitutes a good ________ for the Peaks of Otter salamander. Question 17 Baleen whales use _______ to prey on herring fish. Question 18 The microbe, Paramecium aurelium belongs to the large "Group" Alveolata because it Question 19 The phytoplankton of a lake would be found in highest numbers in the ________ zone. Question 20

Seeking to scientifically name each variety of lifeform we find and relate it to other similar species is a discipline known as Question 21 An evolutionary theorist believes that large groups of organisms are related to each other by _________ while a design theorist believes that such groups are related to each other in _________ . Question 22 The functional role of a species within its habitat is referred to as its Question 23 The microbe, Pyrodictium occultum belongs to the large "Group" Archaea because it Question 24 Which of the following is a problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study? Question 25 Which of the following is a problem that confounds attempts to organize the entire living world for study?

Liberty university biol 101 quiz 8 complete solutions  
Liberty university biol 101 quiz 8 complete solutions