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Liberty University BIOL 101 quiz 3 complete solutions spring 2016

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BUYNOW $25 Question 1 During the electron transfer reactions, protons (H+ ions) are pumped (moved) to one side of the inner membrane of the mitochondrion. The value of this pumping is that the proton gradient is then used Question 2 Which of the following features of glycolysis is a value to the cell? Question 3 DNA is stored within the ____________ of a cell in a __________ fiber called chromatin. Question 4 Accessory pigments and chlorophylls work together within the thylakoid membrane in clusters called __________ . They harvest light energy and use it to transfer electrons to _______________. Question 5 DNA contains two chains of nucleotides in which ______ and ______ alternate in supporting each chain structurally. Question 6 The overall process that uptakes energypoor molecules (CO2 and H2O) from their reservoirs in nature and converts them into energyrich molecules is Question 7 Enzymes are important because they Question 8 Light dependent reactions of photosynthesis produce Question 9 If the final end product of a metabolic pathway is continually removed and used elsewhere then Question 10 Autotrophic organisms are supportive of man. They Question 11 The wavelengths of light used in photosynthesis are found in the _________ portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Question 12 Which of the following phrases best describes the role of NADPH in photosynthesis? Question 13 The immediate source of electrons for electron transfer phosphorylation is Question 14

The value of the three stages of aerobic respiration is their ability to break down glucose, a single molecule, with the resultant production of about Question 15 Biological information must exist because Question 16 Which of the following is neither a reactant nor a product of glycolysis? Question 17 Energyreleasing reactions drive biosynthetic ones forward by contributing to a pool of Question 18 The physicist’s definition of energy is _______________ for use in defining energy changes within a living cell. Question 19 The activation energy of a reaction can be lowered if the reaction is catalyzed by Question 20 Photosynthesis and respiration are complementing processes within a global cycle known as the Question 21 The (gene)tic information in a single strand of DNA is found in Question 22 The process of __________ can be defined as about 30 individual, sequential chemical reactions that form three metabolic pathways: one in the cytoplasm and two within the mitochondrion. Question 23 Plants are considered autotrophic because their cells contain Question 24 Energy supplied to break bonds in reactant molecules is known as Question 25 _________ is a reactant in the process of aerobic respiration and _______ is a product of the same process.

Liberty university biol 101 quiz 3 complete solutions spring 2016