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ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 1 DQ 1 Nature of Strategic Planning Nature of Strategic Planning. In a 250-300 word post, answer the following questions: What is strategic planning? How does it differ from other forms of planning? Why is the strategic planning process important to entrepreneurs in starting a new venture? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 1 DQ 2 Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking Strategic and Entrepreneurial Thinking. In a 250-300 word post, respond to the following: Provide a definition of entrepreneurial thinking. What role does entrepreneurial thinking play in strategic planning? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 1 Quiz 1.Question :To make winning moves, managers must find _______ and ______ that meet customer demands. sales, products business models, products profitable patterns, business models business models, sales 2.Question :What a company currently is best at is incorporated into its _____________. vision

mission goals objectives 3.Question :_____________ strategies differ from _______________ ones.

Original, adapted Original, realized Realized, intended Intended, original 4.Question :Changes in the rules of the “game� of strategy occur not only because of variations in the legal and ethical climate, but also because of changes in technology and __________. competition economics laws ergonomics 5.Question :To achieve sustained competitive advantage, a manager must Lower prices Locate in another territory Meet customer demands Have presence on the Internet

6.Question :A strategic inflection point may arise from new technologies transformations in competitor values and preferences

constant regulatory conditions all of the above 7.Question : Which of the following is NOT a mechanism to protect a firm’s sustained competitive advantage (SCA)? The industry structure Peculiar configurations of resources, capabilities, and competencies Continuous positioning and repositioning All of the above are protection mechanisms 8.Question :EVA means Every value available Enhanced value added Economic value advantage Economic value added 9.Question :______________ is the evolution of a general idea through continually changing circumstances.

Vision Mission Strategy Objective 10.Question :The goal of strategic management is sustained customer advantage sustained comparative advantage

sustained competitive advantage sustained collaborative advantage ASHFORD BUS 433 Complete Week 2 Quiz and DQs To Purchase Week 2 Click Link Below:

ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 2 DQ 1 Internal Competencies Internal Competencies. In planning, one component to explore is how an entrepreneurial organization’s internal competencies help to achieve a strategic advantage in the marketplace. In a 250-300 word response, answer the following: What steps/actions would an entrepreneur take to determine whether the entrepreneurial venture has the appropriate internal competencies to achieve competitive advantage? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 2 DQ 2 External Feedback External Feedback. Select a company and in a 250-300 word response, identify what you believe are the company’s “listening posts” (key opportunities) for getting feedback from the external environment. Could the company expand its listening posts? How? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 2 Quiz 1.Question :The strategist should examine the ______ and ______ of an industry. development, evolution development, attractiveness structure, development structure, attractiveness 2.Question :____________ sees the organization as a combination of resources, capabilities, and competencies. IO economics The RBV

The stakeholder view The industrial economics view 3.Question :In a matrix structure, employees have _______ reporting arrangements. multiple single dual triple 4.Question :_________ theory explains how to scrutinize, investigate, and break down an organization’s strengths and weaknesses. Stakeholder IO Management Macroenvironmental 5.Question :The most sensible choice if one’s company cannot be the dominant player in its industry is to _____________. scale economies differentiate product exit increase capital 6.Question :__________ constrain the prices of industry’s products. New entrants Existing rivals Complementors

Substitutes 7.Question :Scale economies relate to per-unit costs selling prices bargaining power of suppliers bargaining power of customers 8.Question :Which of the following is NOT one of Porter’s five industry forces? existing rivals new entrants complementors substitutes 9.Question :By value, Porter essentially meant _______. power logistics strength profit 10.Question :___________ provide access to new markets, give customers benefits, and are difficult for competitors to imitate. Resources Capabilities Competencies Core competencies ASHFORD BUS 433 Complete Week 3 Quiz and DQs

ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 3 DQ 1 New Opportunities New Opportunities. Most successful businesses are focused on existing markets and may not have the vision to spot new products and services. Respond to the following in a 250 -300 word post: Is this happening where you work? Does this lack of vision provide you an opportunity to develop an entrepreneurial venture? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 3 DQ 2 Expansion Expansion. Identify an entrepreneurial venture and in a 250-300 word response, answer the following questions: What circumstances might encourage the entrepreneur to enter into a new business area by acquisition? What different circumstances would encourage the same entrepreneur to merge with another company? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 3 Quiz

1.Question :Corporate strategy deals with __________. how the firm competes the scope of the firm role of each function deciding what functions to perform 2.Question :____________ are critical elements in successful M&As. Management strategies Synergies Portfolio management Diversification 3.Question :According to the BCG matrix, the strategy for _______ is to invest in them and increase their share of the firm’s overall business. cash cows

stars question marks dogs 4.Question :A sensitivity analysis is based on levels of awareness different assumptions about motivations organizational politics all of the above 5.Question :___________ movers take risks in anticipation of high returns. First Second Third Late 6.Question :________ firms diversify to a minor degree, but typically no more than 30 percent. Related-product Conglomerate Dominant-product Single-product 7.Question :The ability to achieve new resource configurations is a _______________________. core competence dynamic capability distinctive competence capability

8.Question :Superior advantage in a ______ position comes from managing critical ________ well. differentiated, cost drivers differentiated, value drivers low-cost, value drivers low-cost, cost drivers 9.Question :Quick strategic moves that remake ________ and do not elicit adequate responses from rivals are crucial for success. corporate strategies business strategies business models value chains 10.Question :______ emphasizes the importance of considering the timing of the moves of one’s competitors with the timing of one’s own moves. Vision Game theory Mission Value chain ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 3 Strategy Change

Strategy Change. In a 2-3 page paper, identify an organization that has changed its strategy (example: moving from differentiation to low cost) in the marketplace. Why do you think the company has made its strategic change? How did it determine the appropriate time to make the change? What have been the results? Use at least three references, two from ProQuest. ASHFORD BUS 433 Complete Week 4 Quiz and DQs

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ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 4 DQ 1 Process of Innovation Process of Innovation. Respond to the following in a 250 -300 word post: Discuss the four main elements needed to bring an innovative idea to the marketplace. What are then some of the difficulties facing successful innovation? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 4 DQ 2 Global Expansions Global Expansions. In a 250-300 word post, answer the following questions: Are there different ethical risks an entrepreneur faces if entering a market in a developed country as compared to a market in an undeveloped country? Identify those ethical risks. What recommendations would you make to such an entrepreneur about ethical risks? Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 4 Quiz 1.Question :According to Porter, the diamond framework affects the competitiveness of ________ and ___________ as well as firms. competitors, complementors nations, regions customers, suppliers suppliers, competitors 2.Question :In new ventures, financial projections and risk analysis are part of a ___________. strategic plan corporate plan business plan loan plan 3.Question :“Conventional wisdom argues that domestic competition is wasteful. It leads to __________ and prevents companies from achieving economies of scale . . .”

duplication of effort higher prices fierce domestic competition downgrading of the sources of competitive advantage 4.Question :In the _____ method of forecasting, successive requisitioning in light of initial answers sharpens the results obtained.

Trend analysis Alternative scenarios Delphi Time series 5.Question :Comparative growth rates of nations in the major industrial nations after World War II was ___________.

normal exceptional negative remained the same 6.Question :A firm that is considering doing business abroad must have a rationale and logic for how it can compensate for and overcome the liabilities and disadvantages that arise from its _______________.

strategies vision mission

foreignness 7.Question :The evolution of ___________ is a critical element in the formulation of a company’s strategy.

resources business strategy corporate strategy industry structures 8.Question :In the __________ stage of industry evolution, there is a shakeout among the competition.

embryonic growth maturity decline 9.Question :_____ ensures _______’s broad application.

invention, innovation innovation, invention innovation, exploitation invention, exploitation 10.Question :The technology-push model of innovation starts with ___________. discoveries in basic science and engineering business venture exploiting new technologies


ASHFORD BUS 433 Complete Week 5 DQs and Final Paper

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ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 5 DQ 1 Challenges to Industry Giants

Challenges to Industry Giants. In your lifetime, do you think companies such as Coke, McDonald’s, or Google will be overtaken by new, entrepreneurial companies? In a 200-250 word response, indicate why you selected your answer. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 5 DQ 2 Industry Change Industry Change. Select an industry. In a 250-300 word response, describe the strategic turning points that caused change in the industry. Identify and describe how one company within the industry successfully reacted to the need for change. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. ASHFORD BUS 433 Week 5 Final Paper Focus of the Final Paper

Imagine that you are the entrepreneur who has created a successful new venture. The venture is posed to expand domestically and internationally. In a 6-8 page paper, excluding title and reference pages, address the following: 1. Identify what strategic leadership skills are needed for your entrepreneurial venture to take it to the next growth level. How will you evaluate the leaders in your venture to determine if they have the strategic leadership skills needed? 2. In planning to take the entrepreneurial venture to another country, identify the challenges/problems the venture may face. What guidelines will you provide for managers to deal with the challenges/problems? 3. What is the current level of entrepreneurial activities in the United States? Overall, is the climate for entrepreneurship improving or worsening? Your evaluation will determine whether strategic moves will be made to expand the venture domestically.

4. As you work on your strategic plan for expansion, what kind of expansion model will you use: internal venturing, acquisitions, mergers, etc? What were the circumstances that influenced your choice?

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