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Lilli Reed is our resident recipe queen and food blogger (, she supplies us with the great recipes we bring to you each month, so we thought you might like to get to know this amazing talent and where she draws her cooking inspiration from. Can you tell us how you got interested in food? My interest and love for food has been passed down for generations on my mum’s side of the family. Grandma is an amazing baker and cook, and my mum is a cooking class teacher, former caterer and self-published cook book author. I was the lucky one to inherit the cooking gene. Growing older, I became more interested in the nutrition side of food as well as cooking which is why a lot of my recipes cater for dietary needs and concerns.

Have you always been passionate about cooking? Yes, for a long as I can remember, cooking has always been a huge part of my life. I used to spend my weekends baking or reading through our million and one recipe books. At the school library, I used to sit reading the same cook books over and over learning recipes off by heart. I made a cake for every one of my friend’s birthdays in high school, carting them on the bus and slicing them up at recess to share.

What is your earliest and fondest food memory? When I was little, I used to sit up at our families kitchen bench making mini jam tarts. They are the simplest recipe, just 2 ingredients - puff pastry and a good quality homemade jam. It was my favourite thing to make and looking back, it was probably a tactic to get me to stop talking for a while!

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