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It’s Christmas Eve and Santa Claus is loading up his sleigh.

He’s heading off to Bristol and he must be on his way!

way g n lo a ’s it ta, (Hurry San rth Pole to Bristol!) o from the N

He tugs upon the reindeer reins and shouts, “It’s time to fly!”

The reindeer all start running and they race into the sky. (Come on r ein you can stildeer, make it to l B by midnigh ristol t!)

He turns round to his helper elf and says, “Jump in the back!

I’ve got a special present and it’s somewhere in my sack.”

ent! s e r p l cia (A spe onder who I w for?) it’s

“Is this the one?” the elf calls out. “It’s very small and round!”

! f o Wo


“That’s for the dog,” laughs Santa Claus, “a ball to throw around!”

er ( Dogs all ovking and e bar Patchway artheir tails!) wagging



“Could this be it?” he asks again, “the box that’s big and blue?” “No, that one’s got bananas in– a present for the zoo!” ( Thos Bristo e naughty down! l Zoo just monkeys in Can y won’t settle ou hea r them ?)

Oo-oo! ! o o Oo-

Bristol ZOO

“Ah yes, I think I’ve found it now. It’s orange and it’s squishy!”

“I think you’ll find that’s for the cat– that’s why it smells so fishy!”

( The cats onwn o Bedminster Dg!) are purrin



And then the elf finds something and holds it in the air, ( The squirrelss d in Leigh Woo at are chucklingts!) Santa’s pan


And Santa bellows, “Ho, ho, ho! That’s my spare underwear!”

The elf pulls out a big red box tied with an orange bow.

“Well done!” says Santa. “That’s the one! Now, hold on, down we go!”

sleigh ’s a t n a S ! y a Y ( ristol!) B o t it e d a m

The sleigh arrives in Bristol where, as quiet as a mouse,

The special gift’s delivered... can you guess where?

for Santa!) y a rr (Hu

To your house!

My First Santa is coming to Bristol  

Santa has a very special present to deliver, but will his little helper be able to find it in time? Join Santa and the little elf as the rei...

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