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Aledo | Hudson Oaks | Springtown | Weatherford | Willow Park Issue 1 | July 2013


! n u F e v a H o t e c a l P A With Katy Keenie and Dana Bowman


Vonnie Kohn

Parker County’s own Sophie Clark and the Southern Heritage Band! July 13th | We are mobile and desktop ready!

Hometowns Cultural & Entertainment magazine My




Movie listings for City Lights Theater in Weatherford.


Local Artist Vonnie Kohn, a nationally recognized awardwinning artist, is a native Texan.


Splash Kingdom comes to the Wild West. Parks, pool, and golf course listings.


Musings by Steven Chamblee.


Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotel or Motel, we can help you decide where to stay.


Life in Parker County Photos by Wyatt Nantz


We got it all! Want to know want’s happening today, check here....


More photos about town!



Shopping maps for Springtown and Weatherford



Texas Opry Theatre and TOTS, Theater off the Square Events.


Music & Nightlife

Listings of Live Music at Local Venues!



2013 Top Chef Competition, Local dining . . . .


Art Activities Country Living Lodging

Splash Kingdom Opening In July!

Western themed Water Park, a cool respite for Parker County.

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Visit the two new additions to the York Ave family and while you’re there check out your old favorites

Get caught up in Charlottes Web!

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Southern Heritage Band Page 22

Sophie Clark, Parker County Native, and her musical “family”.

Issue 1 • July 2013

Parker County

picture perfect

Calendar of Events Parker County

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Cover Photo: Parker County Courthouse Wyatt A. Nantz contributing photographer.

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 3

Welcome to My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine of Parker Countiy

Welcome to a “Sizzlin” Summer! July starts with a bang in Parker County beginning with the Boomin’ 4th festivities and continuing with the County’s annual Peach Festival, the rebirth of Aledo’s First Friday Events, and the Grand Opening of Splash Kingdom Wild West! And you have all the details for these exciting events right at your fingertips in the pages of “My Hometowns Texas Cultural and Entertainment Magazine” for Parker County. Keep our July Calendar of Events close by and don’t miss out on any of the fun! Discover a delicious new eatery or enjoy an old favorite listed in the pages of our Dining Out section. Find out what’s playing at the local movie theatre as well as what’s on stage at the live theatre venues throughout Parker County. Enjoy a visit to one of the many area museums and art galleries or take in the local music scene featured in our Music and Nightlife section. Spend a day exploring beautiful gardens, playing golf or relaxing in the park. Read about local artist Vonnie Kohn and musical legend Gene Watson. And, if a day of shopping appeals to you, we have

Carilyn Hipp - Editor

included an extensive list of stores from antiques to boutiques so you can “shop till you drop!” July is an exciting month in Parker County and we are thrilled to be your guide on the journey to discover the many wonderful options for summer fun and entertainment available for you and your family. Stay tuned as we continue to supply you with valuable and entertaining information each month in “My Hometowns Texas – Parker County!” Stay Cool Parker County!

Carilyn Hipp

4 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Editor: Carilyn Hipp

Art Department: Denise Zitzevancih

Publisher: Joe Adams

Contributing Writer: Steven Chamblee

Sales: Carilyn Hipp

Granbury: Denise Newton

Jim Galley

Contributing Photographer: Wyatt A. Nantz My Hometowns Texas Parker County 1145 Sante Fe Drive, #72 Weatherford, TX 76086 817-304-0443 | 817-219-4166 To list your business or event, email us at:

Seeking local sales representatives! For more information contact: Carilyn Hipp at 817-304-0443






1000 Cinema Drive Hudson Oaks (817) 341-3232

scan for the latest movie information:

The Heat Monsters University White House Down World War Z Man of Steel This Is The End Now You See Me Monsters University 3D World War Z 3D Man of Steel 3D

R G PG-13 PG-13 PG-13 R PG-13 G PG-13 PG-13

Comedy Animation Action Action Action Comedy Suspense Animation Action Action

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2000, Vonnie hit the road doing national shows and selling lots of paintings. In 2006 Vonnie joined WAA and was vice president in charge of all shows, raising the bar from one to as many as six shows a year.

Photo by: WA Nantz

Local Artist Vonnie Kohn, a nationally recognized award-winning artist, is a native Texan specializing in oil painting and sculpture.


s the daughter of a Creek Path Cherokee saddle maker in the historical area of Fort Worth, her background provided the interest in western genre for many of her paintings. Extensive travel has brought diversity to her subject matter which also includes Native American, wildlife, still life, and portraiture. Reflected in her creative process is the theme of “the enduring spirit,” the delicate balance in the relationship between man and his environment. Vonnie and her husband, a Goodyear store manager, have three children who are “nearly as old as I am,” and seven grandchildren. Vonnie’s brother, Jerry Walden, a

In addition to her work being in SWA Art Magazine Collector’s Edition, Vonnie has won many first- place ribbons in national shows. Vonnie was commissioned to do the painting of Texas governor S.W.T. Lanham, a Weatherford native,. The painting hangs at the Doss Heritage Museum. This article mentions only a smattering of Vonnie’s many accomplishments and awards. If everything had been listed, this could have turned into a book. Vonnie has participated as a juror, workshop instructor, and advisory committee member for many art organizations. She is affiliated

with national organizations, including the Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, National Watercolor Society, and the Association of Miniature Artists. She is also listed with the Artists of Texas and Daily Painters International Artists, two online groups. As an educator, she was responsible for the development of “Talking Leaves,” an Indian Heritage art program taught in the Ft. Worth Schools during the 1990’s. Currently, Vonnie teaches at the Firehouse Art Gallery on Mondays (adults) 1-3 P.M. and Saturdays (youth) 10-12. She also teaches in her Walden-Kohn Studio in Springtown. Her WAA booth sign quoting Michelangelo says “…and still I am learning.” Vonnie, too, never stops learning and giving back.

retired Master electrician and cartoonist, is commander of S.W.T. Lanham Confederate Camp, a living history group in Weatherford. Vonnie attended Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth in her 30’s and was already an established artist when she graduated at 43. In addition to her art degree, Vonnie studied oils with Margie Walker and watercolor with Ronald Thomasson. After working five years at Paul Bryant Bronze Foundry as a wax chaser and taking print making for three years in college, Vonnie is a sculptor and a print maker, but primarily a contemporary realistic artist. From 1995 to

6 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Galleries and museums Museum of the Americas 216 Fort Worth Highway Weatherford 817-341-8668 National Vietnam War Museum 12685 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford 940-325-4003

Stone Creek Fine Arts Weatherford 817-599-6757


Firehouse Art Center & Gallery 119 Palo Pinto Street Weatherford 817-599-3278

Doss Heritage & Culture Center 1400 Texas Drive Weatherford 817-599-6168 Springtown Legends Museum 839 N. Main Street Springtown 817-523-5939

Weatherford Art Association


ission Statement: Weatherford Art Association is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of the arts in Weatherford, Texas, and surrounding areas. The purpose of the Weatherford Art Association (WAA) is to promote art appreciation among our members and the general public through educational activities, instructional programs, lectures, class instruction and public display of fine art. The Weatherford Art Association was officially organized on July 14, 1966 as a non-profit organization [501-1(c)] with 32 charter members. Currently located at 119 Palo Pinto Street, known as the “Firehouse Art Center” since it previously was a fire station. Local artists’ works

are available for viewing and purchase. Once-a-week classes include beginners through advanced of all ages. Artists have volunteered to teach children’s art classes this summer ($10 for 3 days a week). At each month’s meeting, artists specializing in various types of art, various mediums (oil, watercolor, pen & ink, etc.) speak and demonstrate their techniques to the members. In addition, each month members bring their paintings for the Artist of the Month contest where the members vote and the winners receive ribbons. The first place winner each month is eligible for Artist of the Year and is further recognized by being allowed to display a sampling of their art on one wall until the next month’s meeting. Annually WAA sponsors the

Peach Festival Art Show, for both members and nonmembers. Prizes totaling at least $1,100 are awarded.

at the Firehouse Art Center. Nonmembers, artists and non-artists are welcome at all meetings.

Meetings are held on the 4th Monday of each month, except December, at 7 p.m. My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 7






elcome to Splash Kingdom Wild West, a family waterpark located in Hudson Oaks, TX. The watery rest is a welcomed site for Parker County and surrounding area residents. The park is built on a western theme that mirrors local communities. Slides and attractions have Wild West themed names while native landscape is preserved to add to the western feel. Guests enter the gate through an old wooden corral where range steers once made their way to the sale auction. The water tower above the gate helped to satisfy the thirst of the dusty bovine. Proceed with caution as you walk by the snake pit. A 5-slide tower with colors representative of native snakes: sidewinder, coral, copperhead, grass snake and a king snake. The open courtyard area will host local entertainment from time to time and allow seating for customers of the ice cream shop and the courtyard

grill. Menu items will range from grilled burgers, hot dogs and chicken to turkey and chicken wraps. Snacks such as pickles, popcorn, cotton candy and funnel cakes will also be available. A retail shop will face the courtyard grill and sell handy items such as sunscreen, sunglasses, sandals, and goggles. Souvenir items will be available as well. And, don’t forget to pick up a tube of pucker powder while in the retail shop. The first aid station, restrooms and lockers all line up beside the retail shop and add to the western feel. Don’t be surprised if a stray tumbleweed rolls through the locker area. As guests mosey on down to the Pizza barn, they will notice a kid’s play area. The kid’s area is 6” deep and scattered with spraying trees and slides. The slide area has an old miner’s feel as kids will notice picks and nuggets of gold in the slide entrance walls.

8 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

A covered wagon slide is the center point of the kid’s spray ground. Zero level water will attract the youngest of children wishing to get wet. Across from the kid’s area is the wave pool. Every ten minutes the waves activate to thrill the riders on free tubes. The lazy river is one of a kind in the industry. The path has been cut into the hilly terrain of the park area. At some points the walls of the lazy river are 20’ high making the tubers feel as if they are in a canyon deep in a Texas desert. The island area of the lazy river is decorated with an abandoned mining camp and an old mine shaft. Johnny Blevins, President and CEO of Splash Kingdom Waterparks, said the park is expected to attract 100,000 to 150,000 visitors this year. “Our nearest competitors are at least an hour away,” Blevins said. “This allows us to develop our territory in Parker County.” Last year, Splash Kingdom Waterpark was awarded the annual International

Industry Leadership Award. “The board of directors for the World Waterpark Association is proud to present this award to Splash Kingdom Waterpark for its consistent operation of a family oriented facility as well as innovation of in-park experience and staff development,” said Ezra, WWA Director of Park Development Services. “We are extremely proud of this accomplishment and humbled by the award presented by the WWA,” Blevins commented on the award. “There were thousands of our peers from all over the world on hand at our annual symposium, and it feels good to have the recognition from the industry. However, our goal is to make sure that the families that visit our parks have that same impression.” Make it your goal to visit Splash Kingdom Wild West Family Waterpark this summer.

[ Country Living By: Steven Chamblee


oy, oh boy, there’s nothing like country living! Last night, I’m out on the porch, admiring the moonlight. The dogs are curled up and snoozing in front of me, as I gently sway back and forth in my massive old rocker. The air glides in from the south, curls around me like an old sofa cat, and my eyes grow heavy and my arms melt right into that worn wood. All too soon, a gentle touch on my hand, and my sweet wife softly tells me it’s time for bed. I arise at 3:30am, after deep dreams and warm slumber. I turn on the coffee pot and it chugs to life. The magic of the porch calls to me, and I silently tip-toe over to the door all sleepy-eyed, cradling my steaming cup, open the door and breathe deeply, inhaling this gift of today. Unfortunately, a pole cat has blown his gas bag nearby. I gag mid-sip, spill half the coffee down my leg, and loudly blurt out a few words that would give my grandmother the vapors. The commotion brings the dogs barreling down the hallway, slamming into the end table as they head out the door, and I watch helplessly as my tipsy tower of books/ magazines and that “artsy” jar of marbles all crash onto the floor.

So here I stand, flashfrozen, bare-footed, and birthday-suited in a dimly lit room with broken glass and marbles separating me from all that I hold dear…when I realize the stupid door is still open, pumping a zeppelin’s worth of pole cat gas into the room every second. So I fling the door shut, gather myself for a moment, and come up with the ingenious man-plan of putting my feet on two books from my within-reach desk and scoot across the luxurious vinyl floor to the kitchen. I lean toward the desk… “Dear Lord, what did I do to deserve this?” The only two books I can reach are Neil Sperry’s Complete Guide to Texas Gardening and Howard Garrett’s Texas Gardening The Natural Way. In this moment, I must create harmony with these two men. Surprisingly, book-surfing is easier than you might think, and I glide somewhat gracefully across the dining room to the kitchen in under a minute. Though I’ve always been partial to Neil Sperry, I must admit Howard’s book surfs quite well. One hour of sweeping and damp-mopping later, I just head back to bed… where, you guessed it, my wife continues to snooze.

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 9




Canyon West Golf Club 160 Canyon West Dr. 817-596-4654

Lost Creek Golf Club 4101 Lost Creek Blvd (817) 244-3312

The award-winning Par 72 golf course that winds through 6,653 yards of the roaming foothills of Parker County.


Crown Valley Golf Club 1204 Mikus Rd 817-441-2222

Split Rail Golf Club 2151 Old Annetta Road 817-441-4653


The 6659 yard, par 70 layout includes the banks of the Brazos River

Squaw Creek Golf Club 1605 Ranch House Road 817-441-8185

Horseshoe Bend Country Club – Semi Private 305 Lipan Trail 817-594-6454


Live Oak Country Club Semi Private 1734 Bethel Rd

Disc Golf

115 E. Lake Drive on the corner of Mikus Road and East Lake Drive at Lake Weatherford. index.aspx?NID=181

Sugar Tree Golf Course 7510 FM 1189 Dennis, TX 76087 (817) 596-0020

Parks & Public Pools ALEDO The City of Aledo currently has four parks that the city maintains.

Meditation Garden Off of Ranch House Road Willow Park, TX 76087

Bearcat Park


Howards Way Park

Springtown Park 201 South Avenue A

Triangular Park in the Downtown Business District Mockingbird Lane Park property.



Chandor Gardens 711 West Lee Ave. 817-613-1700

Bearcat Park 151 FM 5 South Aledo, TX 76008

Clark Gardens 567 Maddux Road 940-682-4856

Cross Timbers Park 105 West Stagecoach Trail Willow Park, TX 76087

Cartwright Park 100 Cartwright Park Road

Paul Balint Jr. Memorial Park 516 Ranch House Road Willow Park, TX 76087

Love Street Park 309 Love Street Lake Weatherford Marina (Lake Weatherford) 210 West Lake Drive Marshall Park 115 East Fifth Street McGratton Park 645 North Main Street Miller Park 1501 Ball Street Soldier Spring Park 200 Thrush Street

Cherry Park 300 S. Alamo

Town Creek Hike & Bike Trail Trail Head Locations: Holland Lake Park, Weatherford Police Dept., First Monday Trade Days 801 Sana Fe Drive

Holland Lake Park 1419 Holland Lake Road

Vine Street Park 700 West Vine Street

Cherry Park Pool Hours

General Swim Monday-Friday: 1:00-5:00pm Saturday & Sunday: 12:00-7:00pm Night Swim Monday & Wednesday: 8:00-10:00 Lap swim lanes no longer available. Lap Swim Only Monday & Wednesday 7:00-7:45 Special Needs Swim Select Friday evenings 5:15-7:45 Call Cherry Park Pool at 817-598-4382 or the Parks and Recreation office at 817-598-4124 on Friday evenings to verify the status of Special Needs Swim. Water Aerobics Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8:309:15 am Tuesday and Thursday 7:00-7:45 pm

Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway Trail Head at Cartwright Park. Total Distance 20 miles 100 Park Road 71 Mineral Wells (940) 328-1171


Renew, Relax, Laugh, Eat! Small Weddings, Reunions, Parties, Yoga Retreats, Youth Groups...

For Reservations Call:


Americas Best Value Inn 1110 Fort Worth Highway 817-599-3800 americasbest

Still WaterS Retreat Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 850 Interstate 20 East 877-865-6578 PET FRIENDLY


Best Western Santa Fe 1927 Sante Fe Drive 817-594-7401 Candlewood Suites 215 Alford Drive 888-223-0369 PET FRIENDLY Comfort Inn & Suites 215 Alford Drive Weatherford, TX 817-599-9999 Cutting Horse Inn & Suites Best Western 210 Alford Drive 817-599-3300 PET FRIENDLY Econo Lodge 2207 Old Dennis Road 817-599-3705 Fairfield Inn & Suites 175 Alford Drive 817-599-4040 Hampton Inn 2524 South Main Street 817-599-4800 PET FRIENDLY

1915 Wall Street Just off Adams Street 817-594-448 PET FRIENDLY Motel 6 150 Alford Drive 817-594-1740 PET FRIENDLY Quality Inn & Suites 2500 South Main Street 877-424-6423 PET FRIENDLY

Sleep Inn & Suites 119 Wall Street 817-594-9699

The Texas Star Ranch & Retreat 5950 FM 920 817-613-1949

NEW Super 8 Motel 720 Adams Drive 817-598-0852

Victorian House Retreat 110 E. 5th Street 817-475-9009

Super Value Inn 111 West I-20 817-594-8702

R.V. PARKS ALEDO Cowtown RV Park 7000 East I-20 817-441-7878

Weatherford Inn & Suites 809 Palo Pinto 817-599-8683 Western Motel 809 Palo Pinto Street 817-599-8683

R.V. PARKS WEATHERFORD Hooves & Wheels RV Park and Horse Motel 4128 Granbury Hwy Weatherford, TX 817-599-4686

Bed & Breakfast Angels Nest 1105 Palo Pinto St. Phone: (817) 596-8295

Oak Creek RV Park 7652 West I-20 Weatherford, TX 817-594-0200 Weatherford KOA 2205 Tin Top Road 817-594-8801

Quality One Motel 2213 Old Dennis Road 817-594-0055 Quest Inn 1106 West Park 817-594-3816 Sleep & Go Motel 1709 East I-20 817-599-0500

The Rose Garden Cottage 212 East Lee Ave. 817-219-3435 Mama’s Wish 414 W. Lee Ave. 817-757-7111 Pecan Bottom Ranch 801 N. Lake Drive 817-797-3477

SPRINGTOWN Outwest Campground and RV Park 4009 West Hwy. 199 (817) 220-0476 Still Waters Retreat Center of Texas 383 Country Road 3672 Springtown, Texas 817-220-2681 WILLOW PARK Knights Inn 5080 E I-20 Service Road S Willow Park, TX 76087 817-441-5443

The Getaway Cabins 2859 Thompson Road 817-596-3528

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 12

PARKER County picture perfect!

Photos by: Wyatt A. Nantz

Cherry Park, Soldier Springs Park, Holland Lake Park Trail, York Avenue, Farmers Market!

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 13




A place to have fun


Parker County Farmers Market 215 Fort Worth Street, Weatherford Mondays - Sundays, 8 AM - 6:15 PM

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd, Weatherford 5 PM Mike McClure, Rock

Chandor Gardens 711 W. Lee Avenue, Weatherford Monday – Friday 9 – 5 PM Saturday 9 – 3 PM & Sunday 12 – 4 PM

Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM Scott Lyle

Open everyday!

Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave, Weatherford Kyle Redd and Bodie Powell 6:30 to 9:30 PM

th Texas Opry Theater 319 York Ave, Weatherford Gene Watson “The Singer’s Singer” 3:00 – 6:00 PM


th East Parker County Library 201 FM 1187, Aledo Storytime Fridays at 10:30 AM, Ages 2 - 12 Kristin Bryan also known as Crawdad Lady

Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street, Weatherford Charlotte’s Web | 8 PM

Doss Heritage 1400 Texas Dr, Weatherford Exhibits: Trail Drivers & Photographing the West-David R. Stoecklein Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am till 5:00 PM | Sun 1:00 till 5:00 PM


th Parker County Peach Festival Historic Downtown | $5.00 Free admission for kids 12 and under 8 AM thru 5 PM | or

Museum of The Americas 216 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford Beads and Rawhide: Heritage of the Plains Indians Tues. – Fri. | 10 – 5 PM Saturday 11 AM

Every Thursday Night

Wild Mushroom | 5-7pm 1917 Martin Drive, Weatherford Free Wine and Cheese Tasting


st Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Deconstructing Fashion | Craft program 2:30-4 PM, for teens aged 12-18


nd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., 6 PM 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 PM Deryl Dodd & Randy Brown


Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM | Kyle Redd


th Light Catcher Winery 6925 Confederate Park Rd. Fort Worth | 817-237-2626 Sunday Jazz - Two Kinds of Pie Jazzy-Eclectic 4 – 7 PM $10 admission and must be over 16 Squaw Creek Golf Club 1605 Ranch House Road, Willow Park Parent/Child 9-Hole Tournament 5:30 - 7:45 PM

Annual Peach Pedal Bike Ride Weatherford High School, 2121 Bethel Road Online Registration and day of event starting at 6 AM | Annual Peach Festival Art Show at the Firehouse Art Gallery | 8 am - 5 pm Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street, Weatherford Charlotte’s Web | 8 PM Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave, Weatherford Kyle Redd and Bodie Powell 1:00 to 4:00 PM

th Boomin’ 4th | 6:00 - 10:00 PM Fireworks show at 9:15 PM Gene L. Voyles PARK 210 N. Lakeshore Drive, Hudson Oaks Shuttle Bus Parking will be located at Hudson Oaks Wal-Mart from 5-10:00 PM







th East Parker County Library 201 FM 1187, Aledo Storytime Fridays at 10:30 AM, Ages 2 - 12 Aledo’s Mayor Kit Marshall Aledo’s First Friday Historic Downtown Aledo July will feature the 2nd Annual Antique Show and Shine Car Show | Sophie Clark & The Southern Heritage Band 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM Davin James

th Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street The Inevitable Zombie Apocalypse, Culture, Literature & Educational program | 2:30-4 PM, teens 12-18 yrs.

th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd. 6PM 95.5 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 PM Randy Brown & Surprise Guest th Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Summer Reading Club Event: Critterman in Texas Tails, two performances: 9:30 AM, 11 AM, All ages, animal education program. Springtown Public Library 626 North Main St Raelund Family will have music, magic and variety | 1pm

14 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM Huslin’ Jack


th Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street, Charlotte’s Web - 2 PM th Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Beyond the Books Club: Hunger Games, 2:30-4 PM for teens aged 12-18

th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd. 6 PM 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 PM Josh Weathers & Steve Helms Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Summer Reading Club Event: Preschool Dance Party | The Que Pastas.


10:30-11:15 AM, for kids from birth to 7 years accompanied by parent. Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave, Weatherford Craig Chambers | 6:30 to 9:30 PM


th Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street Charlotte’s Web | 8 PM www. Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM Brush Fire


th Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street, Weatherford Charlotte’s Web | 8 PM

Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave, Weatherford Song Bird Jones | 6:30 to 9:30 PM


th East Parker County Library 201 FM 1187, Aledo Storytime Fridays 10:30 AM, Ages 2 - 12 Principal Ron Shelton of Stuard Elementary Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM Mike Ryan


th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd. 7:30 PM | Spur 503


th Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Driving on Mars, Science education 2:30-4 PM, for teens aged 12-18


th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd, 6PM | 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 PM | Jamie Richard & Randy Brown


st Squaw Creek Golf Club 1605 Ranch House Rd. Senior 2-Person Partnership 12:00 - 1:30 PM |

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd, Weatherford 5:00 PM Johnny Cooper Rock / Indie / Funk Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd., Willow Park 7:30 PM 3 Fools on 3 Stools


st Theater Off The Square 114 Denton Street, Weatherford Charlotte’s Web | 2 PM Light Catcher Winery 6925 Confederate Park Rd., Fort Worth 817-237-2626 4 – 7 PM $10 admission Must be over 16 | Squaw Creek Golf Club 1605 Ranch House Rd,. Willow Park Couples 9-Hole Play Day 5:30 PM - 7:45 PM |


nd Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Do you speak Shakespeare Culture, Literature & Educational program 2:30-4 PM, Teens | 12-18


rd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Rd. 6 PM 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 PM Kylie Rae Harris, Jeremy Watkins & Randy Brown


th Weatherford Public Library 1014 Charles Street Summer Reading Club Event: all ages Amy Bluemel, Chickasaw Culture and Stories, Culture, Literature & Educational program | 10:30-11:15 AM,

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 15

PARKER County picture perfect!

Photos by: Wyatt A. Nantz

Lake Weatherford Disc Golf, City Lights Cinema 10, Splash Kingdom, Aledo First Friday Event!

16 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine



1. Uncle Money’s Pawn 2. Highland Furniture 3. Chamber of Commerce 4. Springtown Sports 5. Kwik Stop 6. Still WaterS Retreat

Springtown, Texas Where country beings

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 17


Weatherford A 11

Visit our merchants in Weatherford and enjoy ou








Antique Shops

n Historic Downtown ur Parker County Peaches!



1. Texas Opry 2. Back To Yesterday 3. Emmy Lee Boutique 4. A StepBack’N Time 5. Arbor Lane 6. York Avenue Boutique 7. Something Special 8. Just 3 Days +1 Antiques 9. Main Street Mercantile 10. Downtown Cafe 11. Back To Yesterday 12. Razzberry Lane 13. Feather Your Nest


Weatherford Chamber of Commerce

13 East Parker County Chamber of Commerce



Theater Show runs July 12 - 21 Friday & Saturday nights 8:00 pm Sunday matinees 2:00 pm LOTS OF ACTIVITY AT THEATRE OFF THE SQUARE HAS AUDIENCES CHEERING!



illiam Shakespeare once wrote, “the play’s the thing.” Nothing could be truer with all of the activity going on at Theatre Off The Square in Weatherford, Texas. Theatre Off the Square, or “TOTS” as its loyal patrons call it, is the only venue in Parker County with continuous live theater. This fall, TOTS will feature a three show mini season running from September through December, and 2014 will bring the start of TOTS 15th 8-show full season, entertaining audiences from across the Hood, Tarrant, Palo Pinto and Parker County areas. Perhaps the biggest news is the debut of the new two week Theatre Summer Kids Camp beginning July 1st at TOTS. The camp is for kids from Grades 3-12 who may be interested in theater and who want to learn acting, set design, costuming, dramatics and improvisation, in

other words Theater from A-Z!!! At the end of the two week session, the kids will perform the play Charlotte’s Web for audiences at TOTS during a two weekend run that will include Friday and Saturday evening performances as well as Saturday and Sunday matinees. Imagine seeing the joy on the faces of our campers as they take their first bows! TOTS is an all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with an active and growing Guild membership that helps keep the hysterical comedies, thrilling dramas and entertaining musicals on the stage. If you would like to audition for one of the upcoming TOTS performances, become a Season Ticket Holder for a great deal on seats, or even just volunteer with the Guild, visit www. or call 817-341-8687 for more information. TOTS is located at 114 North Denton in Weatherford. We look forward to seeing you in the audience!

The lead character in Stuart Little from the 2013 Children’s production at TOTS (Photo courtesy of Claire Varnon)

The alley cats from the TOTS 2013 Children’s production of Stuart Little (Photo courtesy of Claire Varnon).



erry and Marilyn Carter, owners of The Texas Opry since 2010, bring family entertainment to Parker County in the form of blues, country, gospel and 50’s style music. With a great finale to the long Independence Day weekend, July 6th marks the return of Texas Country Music Hall of Fame inductee, Gene Watson, to the stage of the Texas Opry. This year, Gene celebrates his Golden Anniversary as one of our greatest living country vocalists. It was 1962 when he began his professional career recording his first single, “Love in the Hot Afternoon”. “It’s unbelievable to me that it’s been 50 years,” says Gene. “For most of those years, it seemed like it took everything I could do to keep working as steady as I needed to. Now that I’m older, it seems like everything comes to me without trying. I’m working more shows than I was 15 years ago. It’s quite a compliment. I think a lot of it is because there’s not too

much of what I do around anymore. I think there is still such a hunger out there for traditional country music. I’d like to stay out there as long as I’m able to do the job and do it well. Every time I step out on that stage and see the audience, it’s a new beginning. Being called a ‘Singer’s Singer’ humbles me. It’s flattering, but the good Lord just gave me the voice.” Opening the show for Gene on July 6th will be The Amazing Made in Texas Showtime Band with Sean Mitchell (formerly known as The Granbury Live Band). They will provide the audience with a preview of what’s to come when they headline on August 17th at The Texas Opry. “The goal of The Texas Opry Theatre is to be a dynamic entertainment destination that attracts visitors to Weatherford and Parker County year round”, says Marilyn Carter. With talents like Gene Watson, Jerry and Marilyn are quickly accomplishing that goal! Reserved seats for the Gene Watson Show are on sale at or by calling 817-341-1000. Make your reservations now, tickets are selling fast to this very special evening. See you at the Opry!

101 W Church St.


The Southern Heritage Band Do you want a fantastic time? Do you want awesome musical entertainment?



you haven’t seen the Southern Heritage Band perform, you are missing out. Formed out of a love of all types of music, the members of SHB are pure lovers of good, fun loving tunes of every genre. The members of this musical “family” are: Bobby Clark-aka “Sound God”, takes care of all the bookings, sound and everything else you could possibly need. His wife Sophie calls him “our babysitter”, lol. He is amazing in the fact that he knows what we need before we do! I can’t explain it, he just does. He is constantly honing his craft, studying up on new, better, faster ways to improve our sound, setups etc. He amazes us every day. Sophie Clark, is lead vocalist and resident crazy person on stage. “I never did like to go watch a band ‘sing’, I always wanted to be entertained, so we strive to be part of the audience. We try to get to know them, to be part of them and let them know we do have fun up there and we wanna have them involved in the fun too.” Lou Tielli is lead and male vocals. “You just can’t get any better on lead than this guy,” Sophie says. “He’s a wonderful person, band mate and fantastic player. To watch him get totally into his music

is so fun to watch, but, more importantly I LOVE to watch the reaction of the people in the audience. They will come up and just stand in front of him in awe in response to his art. He’s a pure joy to watch and to be involved with.” Chuck Sullivan, is male vocals and rhythm guitar, mandolin, or bass or any other instrument he wants to try. He can play dang near anything he gets the urge to. “When you hear Chuck sing”, Sophie says, “people feel his words. When he talks about hard lives, hard loves, working too hard for too little, people feel what he says. He’s such a hard working wonderful guy. When you meet him, on the outside, you see a quiet kinda gruff exterior, but when you get to know him, you feel so at ease. His fantastic sense of humor, his big heart just comes pouring out. He’s a great friend, band mate and all around awesome guy.”

AND get applauded for it?” The wonderful thing is, he is awesome at it too -- just an added bonus. Then, last but most certainly not least, Mark Sparks, our drummer. He’s the “newest” member, although even the day he came to us years ago, he fit right in. He always has ideas to make things sound better, flow better, work better. “He is such a wonderful musician and our ‘straight man’ in the group,” says Sophie. “When you get Chuck and Lance going at it, hold on. He takes so much harassment with a grain of salt and throws it right back.” Most of the time, he gets you with a sense of humor even before you know it!! When I am in the midst of ALL these guys, I just am at my happiest. They are so fantastic to be with and perform with. I love them all, and it just gets better every day. To quote Lance, “I get to do all this, get applause, and have fun, IT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER!!” Scan to visit us on Facebook, for latest show information.

Lance Morris is a selfproclaimed ”Bass Player Extraordinaire”. Sophie can hardly talk about him without laughing. “Uh, well you know what I mean,” she says. “He’s just crazy. He lives to play. He would play every gig for free because he loves it so. In his words, “How many jobs can you do what you love, get paid,

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Music/Nightlife LOCAL VENUES Cutting Horse Bar and Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd, Suite 100, Weatherford | 817-599-8667 CuttingHorseTX 6th Mike McClure Band, Rock

5 PM

11th Van Darien, Americana

8 PM

20th Johnny Cooper, Rock

5 PM

Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Road Willow Park | 817-441-2525 2nd Tuesday 6pm 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7pm - Deryl Dodd & Randy Brown 5th Davin James

9th Tuesday 6pm 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 Randy Brown & Surprise Guest 12th Kyle Reed

Friday 7:30

Fire Oak Grill 27th Saturday 7:30 13th Saturday 7:30 114 Austin Avenue Spur 503 Huslin’ Jack On the Square 30th Tuesday 6pm Weatherford | 817.598.0400 16th Tuesday 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 6pm 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party 7:30 Jamie Richard & Randy Brown 11th Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 7:30 Josh Weathers & Steve Helms Kyle Redd and Bodie Powell 19th Friday 7:30 Light Catcher Winery Brush Fire 13th Saturday 1:00 - 4:00 6925 Confederate Park Road Peach Festival 20th Saturday 7:30 3 Fort Worth | 817-237-2626 Kyle Redd and Bodie Powell Fools on 3 Stools 23rd Tuesday 6pm 95.9 The Ranch Pickin’ Party

7:30 Kylie Rae Harris, Jeremy Friday 7:30 Watkins & Randy Brown

21st Live Music 4-7pm $10 admission must be over 16

18th Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 Craig Chambers 25th Thursday 6:30 to 9:30 Song Bird Jones

Friday 7:30


26th 6th Saturday 7:30 Mike Ryan Scott Lyle

7th Sunday Jazz 4-7pm Two Kinds of Pie ~ Jazzy-Eclectic $10 admission - must be over 16

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eric hunter of fire oak grill

By Carilyn Hipp



ne of the more innovative chef’s in the Southwest, Eric Hunter brings his creative culinary talents to the heart of Parker County, at the Fire Oak Grill, located in the historic downtown square of Weatherford. Originally from Fort Worth, Eric got his start at Pullman Hall in Augusta, Georgia, where he worked his way up to Sous Chef. From there, his talents led him to Bistro 491, an intimate neighborhood eatery located in Augusta and known for its excellent menu. Afterward, he moved to Spice Restaurant, where he honed his skills under famous chef Paul Albrecht. Once back in Texas, Eric began a stint at the world famous Lonesome Dove Western Bistro as the Chef D’ Cuisine for renowned chef Tim Love. In May of ’07 Eric played an integral role in Love’s defeat of Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Eric is now competing with several other talented chefs in the area for the Fort Worth, Texas Magazine Top Chef Competition 2013. In the preliminary round, held at

Texas Appliance showroom on June 27th, six chefs competed against each other in two rounds, the top four advancing to the finals which will be held August 15th at Cendera Center in Fort Worth. Eric is now one of four finalists and the only one from Parker County! In July of ’07, Eric and Jennifer Hunter’s Fire Oak Grill opened its doors to bring stellar Southwestern dining to Parker County. With an innovative menu, rustic décor and live music every Thursday evening, The Fire Oak Grill has quickly become the place to enjoy an excellent meal in a relaxing atmosphere. Come join them for dinner and see why the Fire Oak Grill and Chef Eric Hunter are putting Parker County on the culinary map! To purchase tickets for the final round of competition at 6 p.m., Aug. 15, Visit TopChef or scan the below QR Code.

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Dining Restaurants and Bars Parker County ALEDO Agape Coffee Haus and Bookstore 108 Jearl St (817) 441-7770 Aledo Diner 205 N. Front St. (817) 441-9753 Aledo Doughnuts 701 FM 1187 N (817) 441-0011 Aledo Taqueria 100 FM 1187 (817) 441---7940 Chuck Wagon Store & Cafe 613 S Fm 1187 (817) 441-2072 Finish Line 12035 Camp Bowie West Blvd (817) 244-9966 Garden of Eat’n at Agape 108 Jeral St. (817) 441-7770

Joe’s Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant 311 S Fm 1187 Ste 200 (817) 441-2960 Maria Bonita 100 S. Front Street (817) 441-1652 The Bearcat 421 FM 1187 N (817) 441-8981 White Knight Cafe 205 N Front St (817) 441-9753

BROCK / MILSAP Brock Junction 7458 W I-20 (817) 594-6626 Brazos River Catfish Café’ 10771 W I-20 (817) 596-2994 Mikey’s 2100 Fm 1189 (817) 598-9074

HUDSON OAKS BIG BURGER 3322 FORT WORTH HWY (817) 374-4965 Crave Frozen Yogurt 200 S Oakridge Dr Ste 100 (817) 598-9090 Golden Chick 2813 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 599-6646 R & K Cafe 3311 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 594-7701

SPRINGTOWN Chicken Express 502 E Highway 199 (817) 523-0009 Chinese Express 332 E Highway 199 (817) 523-5225 Don Jose’s Mexican Cuisine 104 S. Main Street (817) 523-7501

El Cerrito 407 Old Springtown Road (817) 523-7278 Howell’s Western Cafe 401 W Highway 199 (817) 220-7915 The Tomato Vine Grill 474 Hwy 199 E (817) 523-4900 Shinola’s Texas Cafe 301 Martin Ave (817) 523-0010 The Big Fri 205 W Highway 199 (817) 523-7400 Woody Creek Bar B Q 205 N Avenue A (817) 220-2008

WEATHERFORD Alvin ORD’s Sandwich Shop 914 S Main St (817) 599-5211 Antonio’s Mexicana Restaurant 1900 Santa Fe Dr. 817-594-6183



Dining Applebee’s 208 W Interstate 20 (817) 599-3188

Fuzzy Taco Shop 1217 S Main St (817) 613-8226

Baker’s Ribs Inc 1921 S Main St (817) 599-4229

Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant 809 S Main St (817) 599-4400

Bangkok Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar 314 South Main Street 817-594-7012

Golden Moon Restaurant 1410 S Main St (817) 594-1692

Blind Horse Saloon 1886 Mineral Wells Hwy (817) 599-6501

Grannys Kitchen 1802 Santa Fe Dr (817) 598-9025

Buffalo Wild Wings 320 Adams Dr (817) 598-0432 Buffet City 106 College Park Dr (817) 599-5568

Chick-Fil-A 2525 S Main St (817) 594-3001 Chicken Express 1711 Bethel Rd (817) 598-1555 Chili’s 128 E Interstate 20 (817) 594-1661 China Harbor 1810 Main St. (817) 598-0061 Copper Creek Fine Texas Dining 216 W Interstate 20 (817) 599-3977 Cotton Patch Cafe 1964 S Main St (817) 599-0706


Cracker Barrel 132 E Interstate 20 (817) 598-9070

Joe’s Pasta & Pizza 1115 Fort Worth Hwy Ste 400 (817) 341-2200 Kincaid’s 220 Adams Dr Ste 290 (817) 594-7773 LA Playa Maya 1445 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 613-8686

Peaster Grocery & Grill 6231 Fm 920 (817) 341-4326 Pizza Place The 1218 S Main St (817) 594-0591 Polo’s Mexican Cafe 6239 Fm 920 (817) 594-3732 Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant 304 S Main St (817) 594-0361 Rosa’s Cafe 28 1920 Martin Dr (817) 599-5335 Sake Japanese Steakhouse 114 College Park Dr (817) 598-5955

Wild Mushroom 1917 Martin Dr (817) 599-4935 Yesterday’s 201 N Main St (817) 599-3903 Yogurt Story 325 Adams Dr Ste 315

WILLOW PARK Chicken Express 101 Ranch House Rd (817) 441-7177

Logan’s Roadhouse 325 E Interstate 20 (817) 594-5455

Fish Creek 4899 E I-20 Service Rd N (817) 441-1746

Malt Shop 2028 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 594-2524

Milanos Pizza & Pasta 119 S Ranch House Rd Ste 900 (817) 441-6737

Marys Brazos Cafe 5090 Tin Top Rd (817) 594-0203 Mcalisters Deli 215 Adams Dr Ste 209 (817) 594-3314 Montana Restaurant 1910 S Main St (817) 341-3444 Nizza Pizza Pasta & Subs 1016 S Main St (817) 594-9090 Ohana Japanese Steak House 126 E Interstate 20 (817) 596-2871 Olive Garden 315 E Interstate 20 (817) 599-4207 On The Border 114 Interstate 20 East (817) 594-2174

Crave Frozen Yogurt 1302 S Main St

Outlaw BBQ 3101 Ranger Hwy Unit B (817) 599-3520

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd Ste 100 (817) 599-8667

Pastafina 807 S Main St (817) 599-5861

Downtown Cafe 101 W Church St (817) 594-8717 Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave (817) 598-0400

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Short Chef Creations 136 College Park Drive 817-594-7000 Skinny’s Hamburgers 504 Palo Pinto St (817) 594-3101

Railhead Smokehouse Barbeque 120 S Ranch House Rd (817) 441-2525

Starbucks Coffee Company 2010 S Main St (817) 341-2547 Sunny Street Cafe 1314 S. Main Street (817) 594-2210 The Shed Texas Kitchen and Bakery 4019 Fort Worth Hwy. (817) 594-5533 The Tamale Kid 204 Dennis Rd (817) 341-8543 Tin Top Cafe 7974 Bethel Rd (817) 598-1222 Tokyo Seafood & Steakhouse 126 E I-ww20 Ste 100 (817) 596-2871 Wanda’s By Jr 1503 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 599-7421 Which Wich 220 Adams Dr Ste 230 (817) 598-0200 Whistle Hill Cafe 104 S Walnut St (817) 599-4311

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My Hometowns Parker County Premiere Issue July 2013  
My Hometowns Parker County Premiere Issue July 2013  

My Hometowns Texas Cultural and Entertainment magazine for Parker County Texas. Covering Weatherford, Aledo, Hudson Oaks, Willow Park, Spri...