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Granbury, Glen Rose, Acton, Hood and Somervell Counties FREE TAKE ONE Vol. 2 Issue 3| May 2014

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Brazos River Blues. Plus Local gallery / museum listings.



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Life in Glen Rose.


The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat, the perfect place to HIDE! Plus a full listing of Hotel, Motel, Bed & Breakfasts, Cabins, and Camps.


HOOD County

A tribute to the Brazos by artist and photographer Julie Battle.

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thru the lens

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Bargain Resale House, owner’s passion is to help others.

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If you are looking for a place to HIDE away - well, you have found it.

Cool’s American Idol, amazing photos by local photographer Jake Felts.

Vol. 2 Issue 3 • May 2014


Casey James on tour. Listing of live music venues.

Support your local restaurants, complete listing of dining opportunities.

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Photo Credit: Alexzandria Masters

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Welcome to My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Lupinus texensis . . . the Texas Bluebonnet. Standing just over 12 inches tall, the Texas Bluebonnet is a mighty big flower in the hearts of Texans. Their beauty cannot be denied. The Bluebonnet reflects Texas qualities: proud yet humble, beautiful yet strong, cantankerous yet well mannered. Even though we didn’t think the bluebonnets would be very plentiful this year, they surprised us and came out around here as thick and beautiful as ever. I hope you were able to enjoy these flower gems again this year! Well, this will be my third year to attend the Texas Steak Cook Off in Hico. I’m hooked now, and would not miss it for anything. Even though it is not located in Hood or Somervell county, it is less than an hour drive

from most anywhere in either county, and it is a really FUN event. If you enjoy steak (this year it is Nolan Ryan’s rib-eye steak), specialty hors d’oeuvres, wine tasting, shopping and music, then this is the place to be on May 17. Please note that there are numerous benefit and charity events throughout the month, and also Project Graduation. Please check the center calendar for dates. The State Dulcimer Festival is the 9th -11th in Glen Rose at Oakdale Park. It includes a series of concerts of nationally known performers. There are lots of bands this month, performing at several different venues throughout the two counties, including a Battle of the Bands at Boozers in Granbury. The country bands battle on the 16th and rock bands on the 17th.


Publisher: Joe Adams 817-219-4166

You might ask what in the world is Texas Junkin’ on the Brazos? Well it is Granbury’s first inaugural Spring Market show that incorporates all things antique, shabby, vintage and junk. There will be food, music, and local artists, as well as local wineries and the Sheriff’s Posse Horse Show. All this happens at the Reunion Grounds from May 16-18. The 3rd annual Granbury Paranormal Expo will be held on the 17th at the Granbury Resort Conference Center. One of the guest speakers is Dean Haglund of “The X-Files”. This year the Field of Flags in Granbury will be located at Highway 377 and Pirate Drive. There is a ceremony daily from 10:00-11:30 am

And, let’s not forget to wish our Mothers a very happy day on Sunday, May 11. I hope all of us are thankful for our Mothers and all they do for us. Congratulations to all our upcoming high school graduates!

Joe Adams

Art Department:

Amy Smith 682-229-8884

Denise Zitzevancih 817-596-3151

Esther Schreiber 817-487-8527

My Hometowns Texas, LLC 1413 E. Apache Trail Granbury, Tx 76048 817-219-4166

Athena Harkleroad 817-239-9475

on the 23rd through the 26th. The deadline is May 9 to purchase your flags. Granbury’s Memorial Day Commemoration on the Square is the 24th through the 26th. Come enjoy the parade in Granbury on the 26th at 10:00 am. It starts at Hewlett Park and ends at Pirate Drive at the Field of Flags.

Hood / Somervell / Parker Counties

To list your business or event, email us at:

Photo Contributions: Alexzandria Masters

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in getting your foot in the door, is to know where to look, right? And well… if you’re in the Lone Star State, you don’t have to look far!

Just as the warmer May winds blow in to the Lone Star State, so do new film and production jobs! Many people have asked me over the years as to how one might land themselves a position on a film, television series, or documentary. If you were to ask that question to each person who is currently working on a production, you would be certain to get a different answer from each of the individuals. It is a different journey for each production, cast, or crew member. However, there are some guided and concrete steps I would advise for anyone looking to work in the film industry to follow. As Texans, we are truly lucky with the current quantity of film work that is taking place in our state. As a result of great tax incentives, incredible locales, and talented people, Texas has seen a huge influx in film work over the past decade. Austin Studios in Austin, TX is now a viable option for any major studio to use for production. Dallas, Houston, Ft Worth, and San Antonio are also growing in popularity with major Hollywood studios and will only continue to grow as Texas continues to offer such incredible amenities and talent. The first step

Every major film project in the state trying to find workers (including television networks and documentaries) can be found online with the Texas Film Commission, Office of The Governor. This is a fantastic website with a “job hotline” for both casting and crew members. An easily accessible all-in-one stop shopping for most looking for film work. There you will find a listing of each production, along with the filming location, and contact information. If you already have film work experience, you will definitely want to note that on your resume. If you do not have experience, and want to work on your first production, it is now time for you to intern. You can usually be directed to the production coordinator who will in turn find the needed spot for you. Interning in the film industry takes on many forms depending on whether it’s a feature film, commercial, television series, or otherwise. In each production, you will find several specialized departments for the shoot, ie: editing, hair/makeup, locations, script supervising, wardrobe, accounting, art, props, etc. When first contacting the production, let them know that you wish to intern for the experience. This will greatly increase your odds at landing a spot on the production team. Every department can and will use free interns, sometimes known as unpaid production assistants, during the run of the production. It is during this time that you will learn what type of work is involved and how a film is truly made. (Be sure to be prepared for what might be months without a

steady paycheck) However, the experience is golden for your future resume and you will have a leg up on the next guy, the next time around for a paid position. Interning for free, no matter the type of business, is never an easy or fun experience. You will need to make sure your living accommodations are taken care of prior to starting and have reliable transportation. You will also want to have a very free and flexible schedule, as you will be needed at all hours. Food is usually provided on-set each day for interns and sometimes gas will be reimbursed. The type of and budget for each production will vary greatly, and sometimes more accommodations will be made for you. However, plan for any contingency here. Most importantly, always be prepared to give your best efforts and volunteer for any task needed to be done. Be sure to be pleasant, attentive, and have that can-do-attitude that will set you apart from other interns when the going gets tough. Your name and smiling face will stick with your supervisor a lot quicker if you become a needed and integral part of your department.

Breaking in to any new career is an eye opener. The world of film and television is no different. Some stay with it only for a short while, and others make it a lifelong career choice. The hours are long, the work is stressful and tedious, and the pay at first is almost non-existent. Going from one film job to the next takes flexibility, a willingness to move at any given time, and greatly lacking a social or personal life. Sound fun yet? Well don’t let that discourage you! After your first few professional gigs, you will eventually get paid, some paid very well, you will grow accustomed to the gypsy lifestyle, and soon you can’t imagine living any other way. Jimmy Sorrells

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Scan for the latest movie information:

Hood County Library Movie Night - Tuesdays 6:30 pm

FREE Hip Hop Abs Classes May 5th - 30th Monday - Friday 5:30 pm My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 5





been said before -everything worth saying about the Brazos River has been said quite eloquently before from an iconic man of words…John Graves. He was the original champion of our waters here in the Upper Middle Brazos region of Texas; and I miss him. Saving this river from 5 to 6 more dams gave us a scenic float down some historic country and I canoed it often 17 years ago. The year these “old-timey” un-retouched film photographs were taken had been a wet one. I know…one of those really rare, rainy springs. A true flowing river means the photographs are taken from the river’s point of view, rather than walking alongside dragging my canoe. I sent a few pictures to Mr. Graves of his Glen Rose home stretch and he answered me back with a nice little story about the rock formations there. The pictures had been exhibited first at the Peach Festival and later in the year ended up in the same Southwestern archives as the Brownie snapshots of his famous, Good-bye to a River, canoe trip. As he shoved off from the shore of the Brazos River and put-in at Possum Kingdom with the Passenger ( his little dachshund), his wife, Jane Graves took a few shots. She wouldn’t see him again for about a month as he travelled home by canoe, eating and sleeping and writing. And oh what writing!

6 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

When the photographs had their first exhibition at the Peach Festival I met a lot of people interested in our Parker County history; fellow canoeists and photographers. In Mineral Wells, I met a columnist from the Index who had also been inspired enough by John Graves that he wrote a weekly column about our famous river. Don Price told me, last time I saw him, he still treasures my Fortune Bend photograph that hangs on his wall. Thank you Don, kindred river people we are. Years later the photographic Brazos de Dios series (yes, The Arms of God ) had more to say. They found their way to the downtown Dallas Public Library, hanging in a much enlarged format on the walls of the literary floor, and described by using quotes from Good-bye to a

Artefactz 120 N. Houston Street (817) 573-9446 Brazos Prophetic Arts 313 Ables Street (817) 579-1775 Granbury Doll House Museum 421 East Bridge Street 817-894-5194 Lake Granbury Art Association 224 N Travis Street

(817) 579-7656

Langdon Center Art Gallery 308 East Pearl Street (817) 279-1164 Oak Tree Gallery & Framing 2103 East Highway 377 (817) 573-6252 RAEB Inc 3101 Neri Road (817) 573-5616 The Old Jail Museum 208 N. Crockett Street (817) 573-5135 Uptown Arts 401 Cleveland Rd. (682) 936-2581 U.S. Veterans Museum 601 Thorpe Springs Road (817) 578-3288 Wolf Crossing Art Gallery 1410 Fall Creek Hwy. (817) 326-0232 Your Private Collection 106 North Houston (817) 579-7733 Glen Rose Barnard’s Mill Art Museum 307 SW Barnard Street (254) 897-7494 White Buffalo Gallery 200 SW Barnard Street (254) 897-1988

River. Wow John! Again my pictures meet your words and feel complete. Besides promoting Brazos beauty, that exhibition found a new motivation. The year 2009 was not a rainy one and an environmental scare or two had many worrying about there being enough water in the river down in Glen Rose. Like John Graves’river-changing book, Dallas entrepreneur/ owner of the Celebration restaurant, Ed Lowe, founded Friends of the Brazos to try to save that southern leg of the Upper Middle Brazos from losing water rights to the government, (BRA- Brazos River Authority). We lost John Graves last year, though in his later years he still had the best interests of the River at heart, helping when possible The Friends of the Brazos non-profit organization. Now, when you cross the I-20 bridge over the Brazos coming into Weatherford from the West, you see a sign noting John Graves River Parkway. I would very much like these photographs to meet with his words once again in tribute and find their way home to the Brazos de Dios country with thanks to Mr. John Graves. For more information about the collection or to contact Julie Battle email

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 7


Galleries & MUSEUMS


Photo Credits: Teri Ewing

For further media information contact: Teri Ewing or 817-579-0952

8 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

May 10th & 24th Country At It’s Best: A Collection Of The Greatest Scan QR Code to learn more



The 11th annual Texas Steak Cookoff is just around the corner. On Saturday, May 17, 2014, cooks, vendors, and tourists from around the state will make their way to historic downtown Hico, Texas - rain or shine. Hico is just 30 minutes from Glen Rose and 45 minutes from Granbury

on scenic U.S. 281. Nolan Ryan Beef will provide the featured 12-ounce boneless rib-eye steaks, which are all-natural, 100 percent Texas beef. “Partnering with Kroger, Nolan Ryan Beef, and the Texas Beef Council is a combination that will make the 11th annual Texas Steak Cookoff a great success,” stated Mike James, chairman of the Cookoff. The Texas Steak Cookoff is the largest steak cookoff in the


Southwest, drawing thousands of tourists from all over the country. Food Network Challenge displayed the 2008 Cookoff, and it was highlighted in EveryDay with Rachael Ray! Hico has been featured in numerous publications, most recently in the November 2009 issue of Southern Living magazine. The Cookoff is a competition for the best tasting 12-ounce Nolan Ryan Beef rib-eye steak in Texas. Besides a great steak dinner, attendees and participants

are invited to compete for cash prizes amounting to $2,500 for first place; $1,250 for second; $750 for third; $500 for fourth; and $250 for fifth. A fan favorite, the Hors d’oeuvres competition allows the public to interact with the chefs while sampling amazing food before the big event. The public is invited to enjoy the fun and purchase tickets that include a rib-eye steak dinner with all the fixin’s and a chance to win several door prizes, all for $25. To purchase tickets, please visit or call 254-7964620 ext. 4. Don’t wait, tickets sell out fast. For more information about this daylong event with food, exhibits, shopping, musical entertainment and lots of fun, please visit

enjoy shopping, live entertainment, and a separate wine tasting event and VIP dinner featuring celebrity chef Nicole Davenport, a fourth generation Texas Rancher. Backyard chefs from around the state compete in the Backyard Chef category for the most anticipated prizes of the day. While most of the chefs are from Texas, the event also draws teams from Oklahoma, Georgia, and Louisiana. Amateur grillers

10 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine


Weatherford Texas Opry Theater Just a short drive down Highway 51!




he Bargain Resale Store is owned by Bobby and Mary Conway. They have been in business for over five years, but were closed for a short time due to illness. Soon after Bobby recuperated, they reopened the store because their passion is to help others. The prices are very reasonable, especially on the rare items. Mary prices the items at close to what eBay charges for shipping alone. She will even display the buy now price so you will know what the item is selling for on eBay. Bargains are easy to find, hence the store name. Some items are worth much more than the shipping cost from eBay. Their overhead is low and they receive items for free, so why not help the people that pay their overhead. Some of the local organizations refer people that they know need help to Bargain Resale because of their quality of items and the cleanliness of the store.



When Mary was growing up, her family had very little. People helped her family with clothes and other household items, and made a difference in her life. Therefore, she wants to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. This is a calling that Mary and Bobby have to help people when they are having hard times. The Bargain Resale store is a fledgling business that has more money going out than coming in. Mary cannot do all this on her own, so she has help from the community. Items are donated to the store, and so far the community has been very generous. Since the Goodwill store opened their new store in Granbury, Bargain Resale donations have gone down, but they still have plenty of donations in their storage building to keep going for quite a while. Mary did point out that all her proceeds and gifts stay in the Hood County community.

when an organization needs to get someone help fast, they will send them to Mary and Bobby. They have worked with most of the organizations and churches at one time or another. Bobby is 80 years old and he does not move as fast as he used to and he must be careful not to fall. He said it takes longer to heal. But he is the first one to help you unload or load your vehicle. Let’s not forget to mention that Bobby makes the best peanut brittle in town. He used to make it once a week and

now he runs out nearly every day. So, each day when he gets home, he makes more peanut brittle for the next day. He said it’s not hard to make. But, it tastes a little more special than what you buy at your local restaurant. When talking to the Conway’s, there is no mistake of the love they have for each other and the people they help or to the One they serve. The resale store is open Monday thru Friday. Donations are always needed and welcome .Clothing, books, house wares, crafts and jewelry are some of the things they need in the store. They are located near the city park at 1031 West Pearl Street in Granbury or you can call 817-279-2797.

Mary and Bobby used to work with Mission Granbury and they paid over 350 people’s utility bills. They do not pay utility bills anymore, but sometimes

12 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

HOOD County through the lens Granbury Wine Walk


My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 13


A place to have fun

Open Every Day

Dinosaur World 254-898-1526 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Everyday 1058 Park Road 59, Glen Rose Fossil Rim Wildlife Center 254-897-2960 8:30 am – 5:29 pm Every Day 2155 County Road 2008,Glen Rose Every Monday Hood County Library Music and Motion 10:30-11 am Children 0-5 817-573-3569 Open Tuesday – Saturday US Veterans Museum of Granbury 601 N. Thorp Springs Road 10 am – 4 pm Mon-Sat 817-683-4513 Every Wednesday Hood County Library Stories and crafts 10:30 am Preschoolers 817-573-3569 Open Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Creation Evidence Museum 10 am – 4 pm 254-897-3200 3102 FM 205, Glen Rose


319 E Bridge St., Granbury 1-4 pm 817-573-8810 Free

Barking Rocks Winery--Granbury Tours – 1:00 -5:00 pm FREE 1919 Allen Ct. 817-579-0007 Open Every Saturday and Sunday Barnard’s Mill & Art Museum 307 SW Barnard St., Glen Rose 10-5 Saturday & 1-5 Sunday 254-897-7494


st 63rd Annual National Day of Prayer Breakfast Granbury Resort Conference Center 6 am – 7:30 am No charge ALL are Welcome!


nd Grady’s Line Line Camp – Tolar Greg Reichel& the Big Flats 7 pm

Granbury Opera House Godspell –7:30 pm |817-579-0952


Doc Possums – Granbury Trimmier 8 pm

Granbury Opera House Godspell – 3:30 & 7:30 pm | 817-579-0952

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center-Glen Rose Animal Keeper Tour & Dinner Tour at 3 pm and dinner at 5:30 254-897-2960 Rough Creek Lodge-Glen Rose Jon Young 2 pm Granbury Opera House Godspell –3:30 &7:30 pm | 817-579-0952


th HALO 2nd Annual Chari-Tea (Hood County Animal Lovers Org) Bentwater Activities Center 1800 W Emerald Bend Ct 2-4 pm 817-964-0333 Granbury Opera House Godspell –2 pm | 817-579-0952


th LGMC Senior Circle Chapter 15th Anniversary Party Granbury Resort Conference Ctr 5 – 8 pm 817-579-2979 Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose Expo Jackpot Barrel Race | 3 pm Fossil Rim Wildlife Center-Glen Rose Cheetah or Cheated? Homeschool 10 am - 4 pm | 254-897-2960

Acton Nature Center -- Acton 1st Saturday Bird Walk FREE | 7 – 9:30 am 817-326-6005 | 6430 Smokey Hill Ct.


Open every Friday and Saturday Rock N Bowl – Granbury Lanes 10:00 pm – midnight 817-579-BOWL

33rd Annual Optimist Auction Benefiting the Youth of Hood County Granbury Resort Conference Ctr 11 am-2:30 pm

Granbury Opera House Godspell –7:30 pm | 817-579-0952

Granbury Ghosts and Legend Tours On the Square 7:00 pm & 9:15 pm 817-559-0849 or

GHS Project Graduation-Granbury 5K Fun Run/Walk Hood County YMCA 7-10 am 833 Harbor Lakes Dr 817-269-6635

Last Mile Cemetery Tour Granbury City Cemetery 817-559-0849 10:45-11:45 pmReservations Required

Revolver Brewing Tour: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5650 Matlock Road 817-736-8034 Music: The Venetian Sailors

Open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday Yeats-Duke 1858 Working Museum Demonstrations from 2 – 4 pm 10:00 am – 5:00 pm Friday & Saturday Open Sundays when Flag is flying 214 N Crockett St., Granbury 817-707-1012

Loco Coyote Grill–Glen Rose|CamiMaki 6 pm

Dollhouse Museum 10:00 – 4:00 pm Friday & Saturday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sunday 421 East Bridge St., Granbury Hood County Jail Museum 1:00 pm – 4:00pm 817-573-5135 208 N Crockett St Granbury Open Every Saturday

th Music, Massage & Merlot D’Vine Wine on the square - 6:30 pm

9th - 10th

Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose Texas Breeders’ Classic Bull Show & Sale 903-848-4150

9th - 11th

Lone Star State Dulcimer Festival Oakdale Park – Glen Rose | 254-897-2321 FREE


th Fossil Rim Wildlife Center-Glen Rose - Fossil Dig & Hike Photography Tour Mother’s Day Sunset Safari 254-897-2960

Boot Scootin’ Country-Glen Rose 3 Rivers Shine 8 pm

Friends for Animals Garage Sale Acton Tabernacle |8am-3pm 817-326-3647

Creation Evidence Museum - Glen Rose 1st Saturday Lecture Series — “Fabricated Geologic Column” 11:00 am & 2:00 pm 254-897-3200

Doc Possums – Granbury Double JR Band - 8 pm

Greenwood Saloon-Bluff Dale T Bone Stearns 8 pm Dinosaur Valley State Park-Glen Rose Monarch Butterfly Program 10-11 am Native American Playday 2-4 pm World of Fossils/Walk with Dinosaur Hike 7:30-8:30 pm 254-897-4588

Street History Center 14 Bridge - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Granbury Opera House Godspell –3:30 & 7:30 pm | 817-579-0952 Dinosaur Valley State Park-Glen Rose Nature Walk 10-11 am World of Fossils/Walk with Dinosaur Hike 2-3 pm | 254-897-4588 Super Second Saturday on the SquareGranbury 10 am – 5 pm | 817-573-5299

HOOD & SOMERVELL COUNTY Girls Night Out—Granbury Square 5 – 8 pm 817-573-5299 Revolver Brewing Tour: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5650 Matlock Road 817-736-8034 Music: HR &The Service Reps Big City Music Revue - Granbury At the Granbury Live Theater Country at its Best 3 & 7 pm

Dinosaur Valley State Park-Glen Rose Monarch Butterfly Program 10-11 am Walk across Texas Wildflowers 2-3 pm Park after Dark Hike 8:30-10:00 pm

Big City Music Revue-Granbury At the Granbury Live Theater Country at its Best 3 & 7 pm 855-823-5550

Boozers – Granbury Battle of the Bands - Rock OSM, Waiting for One, August & J, Eyes of Gypsy Starts 5 pm

Dinosaur Valley State Park-Glen Rose Nature Walk 10-11 am World of Fossils/Walk with Dinosaur Hike 2-3 pm 254-897-4588

Boot Scootin’ Country-Glen Rose Jimmy Jones 8 pm

Revolver Brewing Tour: 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm 5650 Matlock Road 817-736-8034 Music: Zach Seth Band

Boozers – Granbury Voodoo Monkey Dust 9 pm

Wild Country – Truck Stop Gamblers 5 pm


Christian Women’s Job Corps-Granbury Annual Golf Benefit - Nutcracker Golf Course, Pecan Plantation 8:30 - 2 | 817-573-6677

29th Annual Duffer’s Delight “UnClassic” Golf Tournament DeCordova Bend Estates Country Club Benefitting Hood County Children’s Charity Fund | 1 pm Shotgun start 817-578-7105

Paluxy River Bluegrass Jam - Oakdale Park Glen Rose1-10 pm 817-776-2131 | Bands at 6:30 FREE

th Granbury Opera House Godspell –2 pm | 817-579-0952

12th 16

th Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose Expo Jackpot Barrel Race | 3 pm

Somervell County Citizens Center-Glen Rose Country & Western Dance Michael Cote 7-9:30 pm

Boot Scootin’ Country-Glen Rose Sam Cox Band 9 pm Randy Ziegler Photographic Workshops Presents: Digital Photography: Learning The Basics (lunch included) 9 am-4 pm

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center-Glen Rose DiscoveryAfter Dark | 254-897-2960

Granbury Paranormal Expo Granbury Resort Conference Ctr. 10 – 5 pm Brandy Herr, Author of Haunted Granbury Guest speaker: Dean Haglund of “The X-Files”

Boozers – Granbury Battle of the Bands-Country Truck Stop Gamblers, Crossfire, Brad Booker & Rocky Lott Band | Starts at 5 pm

Mission Granbury’s Spring Gala: Safari Under the Stars Pony Creek Ranch--Paluxy 5:30-9:00 pm 817-579-6866

16th - 17th

16th - 18th

Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose Millennium Futurity Longhorn Show 254-897-4509

16th - 18th

Texas Junkin’ on the Brazos Reunion Grounds-Granbury 9am-6 pm 325-668-5038

17th Doc Possums – Granbury

Johnson County Line 8 pm

Loco Coyote – Glen Rose Grant Gilbert 6 pm Granbury Opera House Godspell –3:30 & 7:30 pm |817-579-0952


th Somervell County Citizens CenterGlen Rose Country & Western Dance C B Sutton 7-9:30 pm


th Music, Massage & Merlot D’Vine Wine on the square 6:30 pm

Boozers - Granbury Battle of the Bands - Country Winner 9 pm 30st-31st Gypsy Tramps Junk Revival Granbury Resort ConfCtr | 12 – 9 pm 817-219-0320

Boozers – Granbury Battle of the Bands - Rock Winner 9 pm

Godspell –2 pm | 817-579-0952

Fossil Rim Wildlife CenterGlen Rose Vanishing Africa Homeschool 10am - 4 pm 254-897-2960

23rd - 26th


th Celebration Hall – Granbury DW Blues Band 1 pm| 817-573-

Doc Possums – Granbury Truck Stop Gamblers 8 pm

18 19th

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center-Glen Rose 2-day Photo Workshop 254-897-2960


st Dinosaur Valley State Park-Glen Rose Monarch Butterfly Program 10-11 am

th Granbury Opera House

23rd - 25th

Granbury Memorial Day Commemoration on the Square Monday the 26th Parade at 10 am from Hewlett Park to Pirate Dr to Field of Flags 817-573-5299


Hood County News Tennis Festival & Tournament Deadline to enter-May 6 682-225-6930

Texas Steak Cook Off -- Hico Food, exhibits, shopping & music See article on page 11 for details

24th - 26th

Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose AQHA 254-897-4509 Field of Flags -Granbury Display at Hwy 377 & Pirate Dr Ceremony 10-11:30 am daily Deadline May 9 to purchase Flags 817-578-3288/817-308-7427

Last Saturday Gallery Night The Galleries of Granbury Granbury Square – 6 pm – 9 pm

31st - June 1

Somervell County Expo-Glen Rose Greatest Generation Aircraft Gun Show 9am-4pm 254-897-4509

Upcoming Events

June 7 Big City Music Revue-Granbury Only the Hits: The Music that Made Us July 4-6 Granbury’s 40th Annual 4th of July Celebration


th Loco Coyote Grill – Glen Rose Jimmy Jones 6 pm

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 15

Somervell County through the lens Historic Glen Rose Courthouse, Shopping, Somervell Expo Center, Storiebook Cafe

16 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine



business and Becky hopes that God’s light shines through her and that she is as much of a blessing to her customers as they are to her. Sometimes she feels like she ought to put in a couch, because people will come in just to talk.

Stuff ‘N’Nonsense moved into the building they are in now and paid $200 rent per month. Becky only did that for one year and decided that if she was going to put that much work into something, then she wanted it to be hers. So, she bought the building, and the one next door that houses the Jeweler’s Workshop.

Becky and Debbie Patterson next door at the Jeweler’s Workshop have started the annual Bow Wow Trick or Treat event. The benefits go to the Second Chance Farm, an animal rescue/sanctuary, and Halo, who finds homes for abandoned and displaced animals. It is a fun

event and people dress up their dogs, as well as themselves. Sam Winters, manager of Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense loves this store as much as the customers do. After being around Sam and Becky, I felt as uplifted as they try to make their customers feel. There was a lot of laughing and cutting up and fun. When Sam’s husband passed away, she felt that if she could keep busy it would help her, so she asked for a job at Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense and has been there ever since.

The store always has a sale rack out front and also at the back of the store. There are all kinds of women’s clothing and accessories, including jewelry. The store has something for everyone, and you can’t visit the store without leaving with a bag of merchandise and a good feeling.

Because Becky cares about her customers very much, she is open every day except Christmas and Easter. She does not want her customers to drive from Pecan Plantation, Stephenville or Weatherford to find her boutique closed. Stuff ‘N’ Nonsense is a Christian based

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 17



ecky Barton started her business 25 years ago and the first thing she sold was a T-shirt that she had splattered red and green, and sponged with watermelons. It sold for $7.35. For the next 10 years she built her business by painting T-shirts. Becky remembers how she would lay the t-shirts on the floor to dry and the dog and her young children learned to go around them.

Every year in October, Becky sponsors a fashion show for breast cancer. All of her models are breast cancer survivors. The money raised is given to the local cancer care services. She is also involved in the “Bras for the Cause” and was a silver sponsor for Relay for Life and continues to be a sponsor. Becky feels like you have to give back to get. That is also why she asked her customers to bring bags of items to go to the victims of Hurricane Ike. She ended up taking two truckloads and a horse trailer full to the victims.




iann Griffin and her daughter, Jessica Wilson, have recently opened up a rustic/western shop on the Historic Granbury Square called Turquoise Tumbleweed. They purchased the store in February and opened on April 8, 2014. It is located where the Downtown Store used to be at 111 Bridge Street.

Diann is currently into barrel racing and Jessica participates in ranch rodeo.They are from Colorado originally, but when Jessica came to Texas to go to college on a rodeo scholarship, her mother soon followed to be


together with her daughter. Come in and browse around if you’re looking for home decor with the rustic flare. Their inventory is continually changing, so be sure to see what’s new each time you go shopping. Some of the items for sale are pewter, china, furniture, crosses, purses, glassware, leather, and pillows, plus much more.The items they carry are unique to their store and not found elsewhere on the square. So, if you are looking for something different, then Turquoise Tumbleweed is the place to shop.

18 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

1022 Private Road 1250, Bluff Dale, TX 76433 (254) 823-6606


If you are looking for a place to HIDE away for a romantic weekend, a family vacation, a ranch wedding or even a company meeting or picnic, you have found it.

close to Bluff Dale, Texas about 30 minutes south of Granbury. Amazing sunsets can be seen as you look across the hills and the valleys and see the majestic views of the ranch. Hideaway Ranch and Retreat has facilities for family reunions, business retreats, church retreats, weddings, rehearsal dinners and just about anything you can think of. Trail rides, fishing, swimming, hiking and chuck wagon dinners are offered to guests. Additional amenities available are hayrides, campfires, birthday parties, and musicians. The Silver Dollar Restaurant is open to the public whether you stay in the cabins or not. They serve steaks and Mexican food, but the menu is expanding all the time. I was surprised to see so many people arriving at the restaurant from all over the county starting at 5 o’clock and as they reached 7 o’clock the house


When Stacy and Jason Nigella bought The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat ten years ago, it had five cabins. Over the years they have added five more cabins and a small western town including a jail. In the town there is a gift shop, restaurant, jail, stables, and playground. Farm animals including a herd of Texas Longhorns, paint horses and ducks can be seen at the edge of town. The Ranch is located on a beautiful landscape


My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 19



was almost full. It is a great place to take your family or friends to dinner and be out in the country and enjoy the ranch Texas style. What is great about the ranch is that you’re not far away from Glen Rose, with shopping on the square, Fossil Rim Wildlife Park, Dinosaur Valley State Park, and Dinosaur World. Shopping in Granbury on the square is also just a short distance away. If you have children, then this is the ranch to go to for family fun and relaxation away from the fast city pace. All the cabins are in separate locations hidden in the trees, which provide complete privacy. Each cabin also has a hot tub and a patio to sit on and watch the wildlife. The cabins are furnished with western and rustic looks you would expect in the Old West days, but still have all the modern conveniences. The Hideaway Ranch and Retreat is a must for everyone to experience. When you get there, please tell Stacy that Joe sent you. Contact information: Website: (254) 823-6606 1022 Private Road 1250 Bluff Dale, TX, 76433 Email:

Lodging Best Western 1517 N. Plaza Dr 817-573-4239

Classic Inn 1209 North Plaza Drive 817-573-8874 Comfort Suites 903 Harbor Lakes Dr. 817-579-5559 Days Inn 1201 N. Plaza Drive 817-573-2611 or 800-228-5150 Granbury Inn & Suites 1339 North Plaza Drive 817-573-2691 / 800-858-8607 Hilton Garden Inn 635 E. Pearl St (on the Lake) 817-579-3800 Holiday Inn Express & Suites 1515 N. Plaza Dr 817-579-9977 La Quinta Inn & Suites 880 Harbor Lakes Drive 817-573-2007 Nutt House Hotel 119 East Bridge Street 817-279-1207 or 888-678-0813 Plantation Inn 1451 East Pearl Street 817-573-8846 / 800-422-2402 Quality Inn & Suites 800 Harbor Lakes Drive 817-573-4411 / 800-465-4329

GRANBURY BED AND BREAKFAST Angel on the Lake 606 E. Bridge St 817-573-0073 or 800-641-0073 Arbor House B & B 530 East Pearl Street Across from the City Beach 817-573-0073 / 800-641-0073 Arkens Bed & Breakfast 635 June Rose Court (on the Lake) 817-408-6061 Baker Street Harbour 511 South Baker Street (on the Lake) 817-579-8811 / 877-578-3684 Brierhouse Bed & Breakfast 7711 Colony Road Tolar, TX 76476


254-897-3700 or 888-670-1223

Casa Farina (located above Farina’s Winery & Cafe) 202 North Houston St. 817-579-5600

Granbury Cabins & Houses


Dinosaur Trail Cabins 2800 Glen Rose Hwy 817-573-3023 Granbury Gardens Bed & Breakfast 321 W. Doyle 817-573-9010 Heavenhill Guesthouse 620 E. Bridge St. 817-894-2036 www.heavenhill-guesthouse. Ida Belles Cottage 110 Lambert Street 214.796.5016 or 817.279.2889 Inn on Lake Granbury 205 West Doyle Street (on the Lake) 817-573-0046 / 877-573-0046 Iron Horse Bed & Breakfast 616 Thorp Springs Road (817) 993-9847 Lambert Street Guesthouse 215 South Lambert Street 817-579-1876 Manor of Time 121 West Bluff Street 817-579-0212 Nutt House Hotel 119 East Bridge Street 817-279-1207 or 888-678-0813 Pomegranate House 1002 W. Pearl St 817-279-7412 / 888-503-7659 Texas Heritage Cabins 5801 Matlock Road 817-326-3639 The Windmill Farm and Bed & BreaKfast 6625 Colony Road Tolar, TX 76476 | 817-279-2217

Patti’s Last Resort 6495 Smokey Hill Ct Acton, TX 76049 817-326-3287


Bennetts RV Park 3101 Old Granbury Rd 817-279-7500/800-281-1711 377 RV Park 4170 East Hwy 377 Phone: 817-579-1315 Countryside RV Park 2600 West Hwy 377 817-573-7539 Midway Pines RV Park & Storage 9322 Hwy 144 South 817-279-7925 Thorp Spring RV Park 2700 Lipan Hwy #63 817-573-3043 GLEN ROSE HOTELS & MOTELS America’s Best Value Inn & Suites 1614 NE Big Bend Trail 254-897-2111 Best Western Dinosaur Valley Inn & Suites 1311 NE Big Bend Trail 254-897-4818 Comfort Inn & Suites 1615 NE Big Bend Trail 254-898-8900 Glen Rose Inn & Suites Hwy 67 & FM 56 254-897-2940 or 866-393-8037 Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 113 Paluxy Summit Blvd 254-898-9900 Inn on the River 205 SW Barnard Street 254-897-2929 or 800-575-2101 LaQuinta Inn & Suites 101 W. Bo Gibbs 254-898-0679 Rough Creek Lodge 5165 County Road 2013

Bussey’s Something Special 202 Hereford Street 254-897-4843 or 877-426-2233 Cedars on the Brazos 2920 County Road #413 254-898-1000 Country Woods Inn 420 Grand Ave. 817-279-3002 Inn on the River 205 SW Barnard Street 254-897-2929 or 800-575-2101 The Lodge at Fossil Rim 3022 County Road 2010 254-897-2960


Anderson Creek Cabins 1448 Moody Lane 214-868-4318 Barnard Street River House 804 NE Barnard Street 1-800-476-0175



Brazos House Retreat 3142 County Road Rainbow, TX 76077 682-200-7855 CJ’s Country Cabins 3454 FM 56 South 254-898-9533 or 877-898-9533 Country Woods Inn 420 Grand Ave. 817-279-3002 Hideaway Ranch Retreat 1022 Private Road 1250 Bluff Dale, TX 254-823-6606 or toll-free 1-866-609-HIDE Ken’s Kabin 1258 Rugged Oaks CR 321 254-898-9016 or 254-396-1146 Oakdale Park 1019 Northeast Barnard Street 254-897-2321 or toll-free 877-713-2340


My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 21

Lodging Paluxy Riverbed Cabins 1319 FM 205 800-235-2004 Popejoy Haus Cabins 1943 County Road 321 254-897-3521 Riverside Cottages 1140 County Road 315 254-485-5300 Rose Hill Ranch 4771 S. FM 56 254-396-6699 Trickle Creek Cabins County Road 196 254-396-0000

GLEN ROSE TENT CAMPING Camp N Fish 2790 County Road 304 Rainbow, TX 254-898-1069

Dinosaur Valley State Park Park Road 56 254-897-4588 or 512-389-8900 dinosaur_valley.html

Dinosaur Valley State Park Park Road 56 254-897-4588 or 512-389-8900 dinosaur_valley.html

Oakdale Park 1019 Northeast Barnard St. 254-897-2321 or 877-713-2340

Flint Canyon RV Park 1321 FM 56 North 254-898-0700 - 817-933-0571


Jurassic RV Park 4621 Hwy 144 North Granbury, TX 76048 254-897-1223

Camp N Fish 2790 County Road 304 Rainbow, TX 254-898-1069

Oakdale Park 1019 Northeast Barnard Street 254-897-2321 or 877-713-2340

B Street RV Park 1900 SW Barnard Street 254-396-0562

Cedar Ridge RV Park 4475 Hwy 67 254-897-3410 Chamber’s Place RV 1607 W. Hwy 67 254-396-1564

7th Heaven Ranch & RV Park 1516 County Road 313 Spur 254-898-1875 Tres Rios Resort 2322 County Road 254-221-0018


Best Western Cresson Inn 9120 E Highway 377, 877-574-2464



Cool’s American Idol C

made me stop because she was tired of hearing it!” When he was thirteen his mother bought him his first guitar and he spent every day, all day long, with the guitar in his hands practicing. But James didn’t think of it as practice because he loved what he was doing; he and his instrument were inseparable.

who was a nurse, formed a band with some doctor friends. When Casey was a teen, his mother would sometimes ask him to sit in and play with them at various functions. That was James’s first real exposure to the rush of entertaining crowds, and the experience would change his life.

In the fall of 2009, Casey auditioned for the ninth season of American Idol, but only because his mother asked him to. Turns out, the audience had been waiting for someone like Casey; his blues

Both of Casey’s parents were active in music at church and had a tremendous influence on his musical education. His dad played the guitar and sang and his mother,


asey James grew up and fell in love with music in his hometown of Cool, Texas. There Casey spent his childhood, enjoying the freedom of a simple, rural upbringing and surrounded by a tight-knit family with deep musical roots. As a four year old, he found his calling while listening to a Ricky Skaggs album at his Nana and Papaw’s house. “I kept climbing a chair to move the needle on the record over and over again,” he laughs. “My Nana actually came and

By the time Casey was seventeen he and his brother B.C. had formed the Casey James Band and were making a real income playing music. For the artist, this journey with his brother created a philosophy he still lives by, “I can do what I love to do and make enough money to eat and support myself… and then, I never thought about doing anything else. It never even crossed my mind. What else is there in life but being happy?” Then, at age twenty one, another philosophy was created when he was in a motorcycle wreck that nearly cost him his life. “It changed my outlook on life in every way,” says James. “I thought the end had arrived and I just remember a feeling of regret that I had not treated people better. I didn’t think about things the way I do now. There’s a bigger picture than just Casey James. I realize that and keep it in mind minute to minute. I wouldn’t be that person if it wasn’t for the wreck.”

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 23

Music/Nightlife and rock guitar skills were unlike anything that show had ever seen, and the calm confidence he radiated attracted a tremendous following of fans. Although he finished third that season he gained the respect of the judges and critics nationwide. Since then, Casey has signed with Sony Music Nashville and immersed himself in Music Row, learning with some of Nashville’s most legendary songwriters. He released his first album in March of 2012 and has been going strong ever since. Although he never thought in terms of music genres growing up he feels closer to country music stating that, “Country music is where I belong.”

Casey James is not content to rest on his well-earned fame. “There’s no doubt that I’m working harder now than I’ve ever worked in my entire life,” says James. He doesn’t think that things should just be handed to you and says that if you think they should, the opportunities will come around less and less and eventually not at all. “I’ve been working my whole life to get here and I’m definitely not going to slow down or quit now,” … a really cool work ethic from the Cool idol. For concert information and more about Casey James check out his website at www.

BLUFF DALE BLUFF DALE VINEYARDS 5222 County Road 148, 254-728-3540 Greenwood Saloon 208 N Greenwood St. 254-728-3735 greenwoodsaloon

GRANBURY BARKING ROCKS WINERY 1919 Allen Court 817-579-0007 Boozers 211 M & M Ranch Road 817-579-6094 | Diamond D’s 3605 Contrary Creek Road 817-573-2100 Doc Possum’s 3132 Fall Creek Highway, Acton 817-326-2277

REVOLVER BREWING 5650 Matlock Rd. | 817-736-8034 Saddle Bags BBQ 3636 W Hwy 3770 817-579-7200 Jam every Saturday

GLEN ROSE Boot Scootin’ Country 2869 TX Hwy 144 254-897-2160 Hollywood & Vine 101 NE Vine Street 254-898-0250 Loco Coyote Grill 1795 County Rd 1004 254-897-2324

TOLAR Grady’s Line Camp Restaurant & Live Music 4610 Shaw Rd | 254-835-4459

The Dock 1003 White Cliff Road 817-573-9100


“Last May Casey flew me up to Illinois, where I caught his bus to Chicago and Detroit for a few of his performances. He wanted me to shoot him in various concert venues for promotional use, merchandise etc... It was amazing to see how the process works behind the scenes. I had seen Casey a few times live and always enjoyed his performances. Being on the road with him gave me the chance to really study him and his work ethic. I was completely blown away with how much he gives his fans at every show. Amazed! This boy is going places no doubt! "

check our caLendar for a full listing of live music: pages 14 - 15

24 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Dining FIREHOUSE CAFE 1462 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-279-1160 FLAMES SEAFOOD GRILL AND BAR 1030 E Hwy 377, Suite 100 817-573-2998

DINING ON THE SQUARE THE ART OF CHOCOLATE SHOPPE 115 E. Pearl Street | 817-579-0075 BABE’S CHICKEN HOUSE W. Pearl St. | 817-573-9777 CHRISTINA’S BISTRO 110 N. Houston St. | 817-579-1707

GOLDEN CHICK Hwy. 4 in Acton | 817-326-2007 IRBY’S BURGERS & CATFISH 804 E. Pearl St. | 817-579-9402 MONTANA RESTAURANT 1454 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-573-2500 PAM’S 204 S. Morgan | 817-326-8052

FARINA’S WINERY & CAFÉ 202 N Houston St. | 817-579-5300 THE FILLIN STATION 100 N Crockett St | 817-573-1554


PAM’S TOO 5320 Acton Hwy | 817-326-4056 REDNECKS CHICKEN & BURGERS 3605 Contrary Ck, Rd. | 817-573-0555

LINDA’S SOUTHERN KITCHEN Pearl @ Crockett St. | 817-573-1952

RIB SHACK - patio dining 4021 Old Acton Hwy. 4 | 817-326-4752

NUTSHELL EATERY & BAKERY 137 E. Pearl St. | 817-279-8989

SPRING CREEK BARBEQUE 317 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-579-7336

PARADISE COFFEE HOUSE & BISTRO 129 Pearl St. | 817-573-3853

STUMPYS LAKESIDE GRILL 2323 S. Morgan | 817-279-1000

PEARL ST. STATION –patio dining 129 Pearl St. | 817-579-7233

SWANNYS BBQ STEAKHOUSE 1470 E. Hwy. 377 & Business 377 817-573-4471 | patio dining

AMERICAN (off the square) GREAT AMERICAN GRILL Inside Hilton 635 E. Pearl St. | 817-579-3807

THE DOCK 1003 Whitecliff Rd. | 817-579-8200

GRUMPS BURGERS 3503 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-573-5000

WILLIE & DICKS 424 Fall Creek Hwy. | 817-326-6241

HOFFBRAU STEAKHOUSE 315 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-776-4982

COFFEE HOUSES COFFEE GRINDER (inside HEB Market) 3804 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-279-0977

CARI’S RESTAURANT 2113 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-980-1223 CHILI’S BAR & GRILL 1000 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-579-9402 COTTON PATCH 1151 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-579-6461 DEAR OL’ GENE’S COUNTRY COOKING 4426 E Hwy 377 (Old Niesters location) DICKEY’S BARBEQUE PIT 3906-100 Hwy 377 E |817-5732897 DOC POSSUM’S BBQ & BURGERS 3132 Fall Creek Hwy | 817-3262277 EIGHTEEN NINETY GRILLE 115 E. Pearl St. | 817-533-3400

PARADISE COFFEE CO. 129 W. Pearl St. | 817-573-3853 STARBUCKS W/DRIVE THRU 413 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-573-0640 ITALIAN DOMINO’S 1151 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-579-1800 JOE’S PASTA & PIZZA 512 W. Pearl St. | 817-579-5637 LITTLE CAESARS 1421 S. Morgan | 817-573-1411 NIZZA PIZZA PASTA & SUBS 2200 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-573-7575 PAPA JOHN’S 726 E HWY 377 | 817-579-1220 PASTA FINA 1106 S. Morgan | 817-279-8669


FUZZY’S TACO SHOP - patio dining 115 W. Pearl St. | 817-579-8226

Dining PIZZA HUT 1014 S Morgan St. | 817-573-3765

FOSSIL RIM WILDLIFE CAFE 1789 CR 2009 |254-898-4263

MEXICAN AGAVE TAMALE COMPANY 106 N. Lambert | 817-579-7600

GREEN PICKLE - BURGERS 212 NE Barnard St. | 254-898-1611

DON MELQUIAS 5675 N. GATE RD.| 817-326-8344 EL CHICO 1151 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-573-8833

HAMMOND’S B-B-Q Hwy. 67 | 254-897-3008 HOLLYWOOD & VINE 101 NE Vine St. | 254-898-0250

GARCIA’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT 1840 Camp Crucis Ct. | 817 573-4920

INN ON THE RIVER Barnard St. Reservations Required 254-897-2929 or 800-575-2101

FUZZY’S TACO SHOP - patio dining 115 W. Pearl St. | 817-579-8226

LOCO COYOTE GRILL Steaks & Burgers West on Hwy. 67 | 254-897-2324

LA FIESTA 1112 S. Morgan St. 817-579-1275

Los Primos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina 902 NE Big Bend Trl | 254-897-2377

MI FAMILIA 1468 E. Hwy. 377 | 817-279-0382 MONTES BREAKFAST BURRITOS 2202 E Hwy 377 | 817-573-0250 PANCHITO’S 4506 Weatherford Hwy. |817-573-1923 PAPA CHULO’S 1300 S Morgan St | 817-573-3800 SABOR MEXICANO TAQUERIA & GRILL 515 W. Bridge St. | 817-573-6202 TACO CASA 3706 E. Hwy 377 | 817-573-3229 TACO D 206 S Morgan St. | 817-573-6318 ASIAN ASIAN GRILL 1311 N. Plaza Dr. | 817-573-4841 CHINA CAFE BUFFET 1491 S. Morgan St.| 817-579-7888

MR. JIM’S PIZZA Hwy. 67 - Delivery - 254-897-9999 PIE PEDDLERS - 254-897-9228 102 Walnut St. Fresh Baked Pies PIZZA HUT 507 SW Big Bend Trl |254-898-0066 RIVERHOUSE GRILL 210 SW Barnard St. | 254-898-8514 ROUGH CREEK LODGE Reservations CR2013 - 254-965-3700 or 800-8644705 SIMPLE SIMON’S PIZZA Hwy. 67 - Delivery - 254-898-0022 STORIEBOOK CAFE 502 NE Barnard St. | 254-897-2665 SUNSHINE DONUTS Hwy. 67 | 254-897-2827

MIYAKO 715 Autumn Ridge Dr. | 817-579-8668

HAPPY HIPPO - GOURMET COFFEE 608 SW Big Bend Trail | 254-8980181

PANDA EXPRESS 1031 E. Hwy. 377 | 817 573-8988



BARNARD STREET BAKERY 1110 NE Big Bend Tr. | 254-897-3324

GRADY’S LINE CAMP 4610 Shaw Rd. | 254-835-4459


THE BAYOU Cajun/Creole Seafood 539 NE Big Bend Tr. | 254-898-0322 BIG CUP EATERY Mexican & American Hwy. 67 & 56 | 254-897-3841


BOTTLE PLANT CAFE 114 W Walnut St. | 254-897-2256 CHACHI’S MEXICAN RESTAURANT Hwy. 67 | 254-897-7504

SILVER DOLLAR STEAKHOUSE CR 196 & CR 1014 | 254-459-0545

CHINA WOK 109 SW Barnard St | 254-897-2660

LET’S EAT 28602 Hwy 377 | 254-728-3635

DEBBIE’S RESTAURANT Hwy. 67 | 254-897-4399 DONNA’S DONUTS Hwy. 67 | 254-897-7522

26 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

28 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

May issue - Hood and Somervell Counties  

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