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Aledo | Hudson Oaks | Springtown | Weatherford | Willow Park Issue 11 | May 2014


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Hall Ensemble Returns to Parker County with a World Premier

Kelli Hamilton: Puts Her Special “Twist” on Art and Cuisine

Outskirtz Grill Serving Up Burgers to Make you Smile! | We are mobile and desktop ready!

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Kelli Hamilton, puts her special “Twist” on Art and Cuisine

The Brewster Sisters invite you to attend Arsenic and Old Lace

Under new management and building a Beauty Relationship

Issue 11 • May 2014


Film Jive by Jimmy Ray Sorrells, and City Lights Theater in Weatherford.



Kelli Hamilton presents Art with a twist. Local gallery / museum listings.



Theater off the Square and Texas Opry Theater.



Mothers Day Brunch, First Monday, First Friday and Greg Welch Summer Classic Concert and Car Show. Plus local parks, and golf courses.



Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotel or Motel, we can help you decide where to stay.

Parker County

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Calendar of Events Shopping


Life in Parker County


We got it all! Want to know what’s happening today, check here....


Happy Nails of Aledo, Shopping opportunities all over Parker County!


Music & Nightlife

Hall Ensamble UNDELIVERED, plus a listing of live music local venues!


Outskirtz Grill, plus local dining listings.

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Cover Photo by: Wyatt Nantz Art by: Kelli Hamilton

Everyone is HAPPY when they’re eating a cheeseburger!

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Welcome to My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

April Showers Bring May FLowers It’s May, It’s May, The Lovely Month of May! And if you’re like me, you have a bad case of Spring Fever. .. that phenomenon thought to be initiated by a change in the seasons. Some definitions say it is characterized by an increase in energy and vitality and some say it comes with an unexpected loss of energy and a sense of lethargy. As for me, I am always the latter of the two…my “can do” attitude seems to just get up and go this time of year. My preference is to lie around in a hammock most of the day with a cold beverage and the warm sun on my face.

I’ve always envied the people who experience that increase in energy. Those are the ones who take the term “spring cleaning” to heart every year and sweep off the cobwebs of the winter months, tackling every project with an increased vigor and sense of purpose. They mow yards, clean closets, rearrange spice cabinets, plant flowers and vegetables…wow, I feel tired just writing this! No matter what kind of Spring Fever person you are, I know you are enjoying the beautiful changing of the seasons this year. Our May calendar is just chock full of wonderful events and new places to visit. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, check out all

or to any of the other fine restaurants around Parker County offering Mother’s Day brunch or dinner. While you’re at it, purchase the perfect gift for a special lady at one of our unique boutiques or specialty stores.

the great places to take Mom on her special day. She’s sure to enjoy lunch offered by Kelli Hamilton of Indulge Catering and served under a canopy of beautiful old trees at Chandor Gardens. You can also be sure of pleasing Mom when you take her to Fire Oak Grill or The Wild Mushroom in Weatherford

Sales: Amy Smith 682-229-8884

Publisher: Joe Adams 817-219-4166

Megan Schugart 817-363-6261

Rest well Parker County,

P. Boyce Editor

To list your business or event, email us at:

Art Department:

Athena Harkleroad 817-239-9475

Denise Zitzevancih 817-596-3151

Esther Schreiber 817-487-8527

My Hometowns Texas, LLC 1413 E. Apache Trail Granbury, Tx 76048 817-219-4166

4 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

If you find yourself stumped for a Mother’s Day gift idea I say…buy her a hammock! Believe me, she’ll appreciate it after all the spring cleaning.

Hood / Somervell / Parker Counties | 817-219-4166

in getting your foot in the door, is to know where to look, right? And well… if you’re in the Lone Star State, you don’t have to look far!

Just as the warmer May winds blow in to the Lone Star State, so do new film and production jobs! Many people have asked me over the years as to how one might land themselves a position on a film, television series, or documentary. If you were to ask that question to each person who is currently working on a production, you would be certain to get a different answer from each of the individuals. It is a different journey for each production, cast, or crew member. However, there are some guided and concrete steps I would advise for anyone looking to work in the film industry to follow. As Texans, we are truly lucky with the current quantity of film work that is taking place in our state. As a result of great tax incentives, incredible locales, and talented people, Texas has seen a huge influx in film work over the past decade. Austin Studios in Austin, TX is now a viable option for any major studio to use for production. Dallas, Houston, Ft Worth, and San Antonio are also growing in popularity with major Hollywood studios and will only continue to grow as Texas continues to offer such incredible amenities and talent. The first step

Every major film project in the state trying to find workers (including television networks and documentaries) can be found online with the Texas Film Commission, Office of The Governor. This is a fantastic website with a “job hotline” for both casting and crew members. An easily accessible all-in-one stop shopping for most looking for film work. There you will find a listing of each production, along with the filming location, and contact information. If you already have film work experience, you will definitely want to note that on your resume. If you do not have experience, and want to work on your first production, it is now time for you to intern. You can usually be directed to the production coordinator who will in turn find the needed spot for you. Interning in the film industry takes on many forms depending on whether it’s a feature film, commercial, television series, or otherwise. In each production, you will find several specialized departments for the shoot, ie: editing, hair/makeup, locations, script supervising, wardrobe, accounting, art, props, etc. When first contacting the production, let them know that you wish to intern for the experience. This will greatly increase your odds at landing a spot on the production team. Every department can and will use free interns, sometimes known as unpaid production assistants, during the run of the production. It is during this time that you will learn what type of work is involved and how a film is truly made. (Be sure to be prepared for what might be months without a

steady paycheck) However, the experience is golden for your future resume and you will have a leg up on the next guy, the next time around for a paid position. Interning for free, no matter the type of business, is never an easy or fun experience. You will need to make sure your living accommodations are taken care of prior to starting and have reliable transportation. You will also want to have a very free and flexible schedule, as you will be needed at all hours. Food is usually provided on-set each day for interns and sometimes gas will be reimbursed. The type of and budget for each production will vary greatly, and sometimes more accommodations will be made for you. However, plan for any contingency here. Most importantly, always be prepared to give your best efforts and volunteer for any task needed to be done. Be sure to be pleasant, attentive, and have that can-do-attitude that will set you apart from other interns when the going gets tough. Your name and smiling face will stick with your supervisor a lot quicker if you become a needed and integral part of your department.

and others make it a life-long career choice. The hours are long, the work is stressful and tedious, and the pay at first is almost non-existent. Going from one film job to the next takes flexibility, a willingness to move at any given time, and greatly lacking a social or personal life. Sound fun yet? Well don’t let that discourage you! After your first few professional gigs, you will eventually get paid, some paid very well, you will grow accustomed to the gypsy lifestyle, and soon you can’t imagine living any other way. Jimmy Sorrells

Breaking in to any new career is an eye opener. The world of film and television is no different. Some stay with it only for a short while,

Weatherford Cinema 10 1000 Cinema Drive Hudson Oaks

(817) 341-3232

scan for the latest movie information: My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 5



Art children Kelli managed to grow her creative outlets and bring in extra money to the household with her talents. She painted murals and did faux finishes for private homes and businesses. “At one time, I had a three month waiting list!” says the artist.


elli Hamilton is a local gal with a lot of talent. “I came from a very creative and talented mother with an – I can do that – attitude,” says Kelli. Her family lived all over the country and their homes, no matter where they lived, always looked as if they had come from the pages of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She took on the same passion as her mother for decorating, cooking and creating beautiful things, and has turned that passion into a way of life.

After graduating from Weatherford High School in 1982, Kelli married and became a stay at home mom to her four children. Even while raising

6 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

Not content with simply painting beautiful things Kelli had always dreamed of owning her own catering business and set out to make her dream a reality. In 2006 she began catering and continues to supply great food for events from 450 people to small business lunches. “I’ve done breakfasts, lunches, dinners, weddings, and even doggy birthday parties!” Kelli said. She is currently working on providing personal meals throughout the week for individuals. Kelli likes the diverse nature of what she does and says, “One day I’m painting a mural and the next I’m feeding a group of visitors lunch in the beautiful Chandor Gardens – I love it! She is also an instructor at Weatherford’s new Painting With a Twist, a few evenings a week. Kelli loves sharing with others through her teaching whether it’s painting or cooking. “I’ve taught cooking, meal planning, and shopping

and plan to do more of it all.” Recently, Kelli has found another interest and is busy helping others get healthy naturally through the use of DoTerra Essential Oils. This single mom, and soon to be empty nester, says she is just trying to reinvent herself with each new chapter of her life. “Now I have the joy of watching my 8 year old grandson, Asher, growing in his own artistic abilities as did my own children. I have an art gallery in my home with priceless pieces of art all done by my kids and grandson!” exclaims Kelli. “I always tell people that I couldn’t decide which I wanted to do when I grew up so…I decided to do all of it!” You can taste a sample of Kelli’s wonderful food at her next event on Sunday, May 11 when she serves up a “Mother’s Day Lunch” from 11a.m. to 2p.m. at Chandor Gardens. For reservations and more information call Kelli at 817374-2697.

Art Firehouse Art Center & Gallery 119 Palo Pinto Street Weatherford 817-599-3278

Stone Creek Fine Arts 114 Russell Court Weatherford 817-599-6757 Open by Appointment

Museum of the Americas 216 Fort Worth Highway Weatherford 817-341-8668

Doss Heritage and Culture Center 1400 Texas Drive Weatherford 817-599-6168

National Vietnam War Museum 12685 Mineral Wells Highway Weatherford 940-325-4003

Springtown Legends Museum 839 N. Main Street Springtown 817-523-5939

Judge Wayne Hayes has been in several movies and documentaries for many years. He usually plays a Confederate soldier, but he has been in other roles as well, such as when he trained the Mexican Army in the remake of the Alamo in 2003. He was a part of that Mexican Army and in other scenes portrayed a Texian. At our meeting last week he was dressed in his full Confederate uniform with authentic weaponry. He had two saddles that he uses in his re-enactments, both are replicas of the type saddles used. He also welcomes the public to come by his office to visit and to view the original paintings by John Paul Strain. Judge Hayes is in each one of them in the role he was playing at that time. These are wonderful paintings and the work of Mr. Strain can be viewed at

about it at Please give me a call if you would like more information at 817.220.5105. By: Gloria Elam, President Springtown Legends Museum

The Springtown Legends Museum has a web site as well and you can learn more

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Galleries and museums



The Brewster sisters invite you for some “Poisonous” Good Fun! Theatre Off The Square in Weatherford proudly presents the next production in their eight show season, Arsenic and Old Lace, written by Joseph Kesselring, and presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc. This classic in American theatre is directed by Cynthia Daniels, with Julie Campbell as Assistant Director and SelitaSprunger as Stage Manager. The play, originally written in 1939, is a farcical black comedy revolving around the Brewster family. The hero, Mortimer Brewster, is a drama critic who must deal with his crazy, homicidal family and local police, as he debates whether to go through with his recent promise to marry the woman he loves. His family includes two spinster aunts whohave taken to murdering lonely old men by poisoning them with a glass of home-made elderberry wine laced with arsenic, strychnine, and “just a pinch” ofcyanide; a brother who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt and digs locks for the Panama Canal

in the cellar of the Brewster home (which then serve as graves for the aunts’ victims); and a murderous

brother who has received plastic surgery performed by an alcoholic accomplice, Dr. Einstein, to conceal his identity and now looks like horror-film actor Boris Karloff. Members of the cast are Roberta Furman as Abby Brewster; Dan C. Parris as Rev. Dr. Harper and Mr. Witherspoon; Ray Shannon as Teddy Brewster; Patsy Cockrum as Officer Brophy; Betty Wade as Officer Klein; Marilyn Sanderson

8 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

as Martha Brewster; Rachel Cupina as Elaine Harper; Andrew Manning as Mortimer Brewster; Doyle Staley as Mr. Gibbs; Scott Campbell as Jonathan Brewster; Evan Faris as Dr. Einstein; Edwina Himes as Officer O’Hara; and Mabel Reaves as Lt. Rooney. Arsenic and Old Lace begins Friday, May 2, 2014 and runs, weekends, through May 18. Show times are Friday and Saturday at 8p.m. and Sunday at 2p.m. Tickets are $14 for adults and $12 for seniors (60+), students, and children under school age. Matinee tickets are $11 for all ages and no other discounts apply. Tickets may be purchased in advance for $12 at Weatherford Chamber of Commerce. Reserved seating is available and recommended by calling 817-341-8687. You may choose your seats and purchase your tickets to any performance online at their website: Visit their website for more information.

Douglas Jackson “Doug” Brooks born in Newnan, Ga. in 1956 is an American country music artist known professionally as Doug Stone. Doug, a contemporary country star, found his mark in music as a lonesome baritone balladeer, although he was very adept at hardup-tempo country. Doug began at age five learning guitar from his mother, an avid singer and guitarist. At age seven he was given the opportunity, by his mother, to open for Loretta Lynn. As his youthful years passed, Doug played at skating rinks, local bars or any money making project to help his father make ends meet. In the day time Doug worked as a mechanic, something else that came to him naturally. Doug had already passed the age of 30 when a Nashville manager paired him up with Epic, his first record label. He debuted in 1990 with the single, “I’d Be Better Off (In a Pine

Box),” the first release from his 1990 self-titled debuted album for Epic records. This album found Pine Box at a number 4 position on the charts with three more in the top 10 ratings. These singles included, “Fourteen Minutes Old”, number 6 and number 5, “These Lips Don’t Know How to Say Goodbye”. Following these songs was his first number one, “In a Different Light”. In addition, the single was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Country Song. Both this album and its successor, 1991’s “I Thought It Was You”, earned a platinum certification from The Recording Industry Association of America for U.S. shipments of one million copies. Two more albums for Epic, 1992’s “From The Heart” and 1994’s “More Love”, each was certified gold. Stone has charted – twenty-two singles on Hot Country Songs, with his greatest chart success coming between 1990 and 1995. In this time span, he charted four Number Ones: “In a Different Light”, “A Jukebox and a Country Song”, “Too Busy Being in Love”, and “Why Didn’t I think of That”, and eleven more Top Ten singles.

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Mother’s Day Lunch at the Garden Indulge by Kelli Catering Sunday, May 11th / 11a.m.-2p.m. $11 per person / $6 for children 10 and under / Under 2 free with an adult Reservations and information: 817-374-2697 or


Mothers Day Brunch - May 11th - 11am - 3pm Mimosas, Bellinis, Blood Orange Mimosas - for a full menu listing visit Maysara Wine Dinner - May 12th - 7pm Featuring a 4-course tasting paired with biodynamic wines from the Maysara Winery in McMinnville, Oregon.


RAHR Beer Dinner - May 22nd - 7pm Beermaker & Founder of Rahr Brewery, Fritz Rahr, will join us for this special event. He’ll share tales about each beer and how they came to receive their names.

10 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine


Canyon West Golf Club 160 Canyon West Dr. 817-596-4654

The award-winning Par 72 golf course that winds through 6,653 yards of the roaming foothills of Parker County.

Crown Valley Golf Club 1204 Mikus Rd 817-441-2222 The 6659 yard, par 70 layout includes the banks of the Brazos River

Horseshoe Bend Country Club – Semi Private 305 Lipan Trail 817-594-6454 Live Oak Country Club Semi Private 1734 Bethel Rd Sugar Tree Golf Course

7510 FM 1189 Dennis, TX 76087 (817) 596-0020


Lost Creek Golf Club 4101 Lost Creek Blvd (817) 244-3312 Split Rail Golf Club 2151 Old Annetta Road 817-441-4653


Squaw Creek Golf Club 1605 Ranch House Road 817-441-8185 Weatherford

Disc Golf

115 E. Lake Drive on the corner of Mikus Road and East Lake Drive at Lake Weatherford.

Parks ALEDO Bearcat Park

Cherry Park 300 S. Alamo

Howards Way Park

Holland Lake Park 1419 Holland Lake Road

Triangular Park in the Downtown Business District Mockingbird Lane Park property EAST PARKER COUNTY Bearcat Park 151 FM 5 South Aledo, TX 76008 Cross Timbers Park 105 West Stagecoach Trail Willow Park, TX 76087 Paul Balint Jr. Memorial Park 516 Ranch House Road Willow Park, TX 76087 Meditation Garden Off of Ranch House Road Willow Park, TX 76087 SPRINGTOWN Springtown Park 201 South Avenue A WEATHERFORD Chandor Gardens 711 W Lee Ave. 817-613-1700 Clark Gardens 567 Maddux Rd 940-682-4856 Cartwright Park 100 Cartwright Park Road

Love Street Park 309 Love Street Lake Weatherford Marina 210 West Lake Drive Marshall Park 115 East Fifth Street McGratton Park 645 North Main Street Miller Park 1501 Ball Street Soldier Spring Park 200 Thrush Street Town Creek Hike & Bike Trail Trail Head Locations: Holland Lake Park, Weatherford Police Dept., First Monday Trade Days Vine Street Park 700 West Vine Street Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway Trail Head at Cartwright Park. Total Distance 20 miles

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 11

ShoppingLodging - Weatherford Antique & Specialty Shops Online lodging list:


Americas Best Value Inn 1110 Fort Worth Highway 817-599-3800 americasbest

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 850 Interstate 20 East 877-865-6578 PET FRIENDLY

Candlewood Suites 215 Alford Drive 888-223-0369 PET FRIENDLY Comfort Inn & Suites 215 Alford Drive Weatherford, TX 817-599-9999


Cutting Horse Inn & Suites Best Western 210 Alford Drive 817-599-3300 PET FRIENDLY Econo Lodge 2207 Old Dennis Road 817-599-3705 Fairfield Inn & Suites 175 Alford Drive 817-599-4040 Hampton Inn 2524 S. Main St. 817-599-4800 PET FRIENDLY Heritage Inn 1927 Sante Fe Drive 817-594-7401

Weatherford Inn & Suites 809 Palo Pinto 817-599-8683 Western Motel 809 Palo Pinto Street 817-599-8683 Bed & Breakfast Angels Nest 1105 Palo Pinto St. Phone: (817) 596-8295

1915 Wall Street Just off Adams Street 817-594-448 PET FRIENDLY

The Rose Garden Cottage 212 East Lee Ave. 817-219-3435

Motel 6 150 Alford Drive 817-594-1740 PET FRIENDLY

Mama’s Wish 414 W. Lee Ave. 817-757-7111

Quality Inn & Suites 2500 South Main Street 877-424-6423 PET FRIENDLY

Pecan Bottom Ranch 801 N. Lake Drive 817-797-3477

Quality One Motel 2213 Old Dennis Road 817-594-0055 Quest Inn 1106 West Park 817-594-3816 Sleep & Go Motel 1709 East I-20 817-599-0500 Sleep Inn & Suites 119 Wall Street 817-594-9699 Super 8 Motel 720 Adams Drive 817-598-0852 Super Value Inn 111 West I-20 817-594-8702

12 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine

R.V. PARKS WEATHERFORD Hooves & Wheels RV Park and Horse Motel 4128 Granbury Hwy Weatherford, TX 817-599-4686 Oak Creek RV Park 7652 West I-20 Weatherford, TX 817-594-0200 Weatherford KOA 2205 Tin Top Road 817-594-8801

The Cottage at Sugartree 251 Sugartree Drive Lipan TX 76462 817-341-1111

SPRINGTOWN Outwest Campground and RV Park 4009 West Hwy. 199 (817) 220-0476

The Getaway Cabins 2859 Thompson Road 817-596-3528

Springtown RV Park 3080 W. Hwy 199 817-220-4678

The Texas Star Ranch & Retreat 5950 FM 920 817-613-1949

Still Waters Retreat Center of Texas 383 Country Road 3672 Springtown, Texas 817-220-2681

Victorian House Retreat 110 E. 5th Street 817-475-9009 R.V. PARKS ALEDO Cowtown RV Park 7000 East I-20 817-441-7878

WILLOW PARK Knights Inn 5080 E I-20 Service Road S Willow Park, TX 76087 817-441-5443

PARKER County picture perfect!

Photos complements of Amy Smith, Loretta Benham and Wyatt Nantz Photography

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 13

CALENDAR A place to have fun Open everyday!



1st - 31st

Doss Heritage Cultural Center 1400 Texas Dr, Weatherford Trail Drivers-Cartwright Gallery

Weatherford Farmers Market 213 and 217 Fort Worth Street Mondays - Sundays, 8 AM - 6:15 PM


Chandor Gardens 711 W. Lee Avenue, Weatherford Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm Saturday 9 am – 3 pm & Sunday 12 – 4 pm

Lake Weatherford Marina 210 W Lake Dr-Weatherford 7 pm Sand Dollar Rodeo

Clark Botanical Gardens 567 Maddux Rd., Weatherford Monday – Saturday 7:30 am – 6 pm Sunday 10 am – 5 pm Tuesday-Sunday Doss Heritage Culture Center 1400 Texas Dr, Weatherford Tuesday – Saturday 10 am till 5 pm PM | Sun 1:00 till 5:00 PM Tuesday-Saturday Museum of the Americas 216 Fort Worth Hwy, Weatherford Tues. – Fri. | 10 am – 5 pm Saturday 11 am – 4 pm Every Monday &Friday Weatherford Public Library After School for Teens 1014 Charles Street, Weatherford 4:00 – 5:00 pm Every Tuesday & Thursday Night YOGA at Chandor Gardens 5:30pm 711 W. Lee Avenue, Weatherford Every Wednesday Weatherford Public Library 10:30 am Pre-School Storytime 2-5 yr olds Toddler Time – 6 mo-36 mo olds 1014 Charles Street, Weatherford Every Saturday & Sunday Lucky’s Landing MX 11031 W IH20 Millsap Call before you haul. Every Friday East Parker County Library Storytime for 2-5 yr olds 201 FM 1187 North, Aledo 10:30 am

st Fire Oak Grill-Weatherford 114 Austin Ave 6:30 pm Kyle Redd, Bodie Powell


nd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 7 pm Aaron Sandoval Band

2nd - 4th

Weatherford 1st Monday Trade’s Day 9 am-4 pm Corner of Santa Fe & Hwy 180 Weatherford

8th - 10th

“Seussical the Musical” Trinity Christian Academy-Willow Park 7 pm 817-441-5897


th Fire Oak Grill-Weatherford 114 Austin Ave 6:30 pm Van Darien


th Cutting Horse Bar & GrillWeatherford 2132 Tin Top Rd, Ste 100 9 pm John Baumann, Sam Riggs & The Night People

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill-Weatherford 2132 Tin Top Rd, Ste 100 9 pm Kolton Moore & The Clever Few


rd Kid’s Fishing Clinic-Weatherford Love Street Park 9 am - 4 pm

Lake Mineral Wells State Park Wildflower Walk-Reservations Required 9 - 10:30 am and 2-3:30 pm 940-328-1171 ext 227 Parker Paws Pet Adoption 11-2 pm Petsmart Weatherford 13th Annual Ms. Senior Parker County Pageant Weatherford College-Alkek Auditorium 7-9 pm 817-598-0160 Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 7:30 Tori Martin

3rd - 9th

9th Annual North Texas Gospel Grass Festival-Weatherford Harmony Baptist Church-Weatherford 10 am-10 pm 817-901-1700 FREE


th Cinco de Mayo Happy Hour Fundraiser Fish Creek Restaurant-Willow Park 4-7 pm 817-441-1746

14 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine


th 2nd Annual Blooming Car Show at Heritage Park Trade Day Grounds - Weatherford FREE Event / Food Trucks Springtown Lion’s Club Mayfest On the Square 9 am – 4 pm Lake Mineral Wells State Park Wildflower Bicycle Tour 10 am – 12 pm 940-328-1171 Parker Paws Pet Adoption First Monday Trade Days-Heritage Park 9 am-3 pm 817-694-5718 Parker County Family Expo-Weatherford Relay for Life Fundraiser First United Methodist Church 10 am – 3 pm 817-565-2980 Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 7 pm Scott Lyle Band Parker Paws Pet Adoption 11-2 pm Petsmart Weatherford


th Chandor Gardens – Weatherford Mother’s Day Tea Noon to 4 pm 817-613-1700 The Wild Mushroom-Weatherford Mother’s day Brunch 11 am-3 pm Reservations 817-599-4935


th The Wild Mushroom Weatherford Maysara Wine Dinner 7 pm Reservations req 817-599-4935 Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 6 pm Adam Hood


th Hall Ensemble-Chamber Cantata UNDELIVERED Premier Chandor Gardens 817-613-1700 Open 6:45; Concert 7:30

Dreams on Wings 5K and Hemi Jam Parker County Physical TherapyWeatherford 4 – 10 pm 817-312-2265 Texas Opry Theater-Weatherford Doug Stone, Platinum & Gold Recording Artist Amazing Made in Texas Show Time Band 7:30 pm 817-341-1000 319 York Ave


th 3rd Annual Careity Foundation Hats Off to Heroes Proceeds for Breast Cancer services Parker County Sheriff Posse Bldg-Weatherford 6 pm 817-882-4100

th Taste of Parker County Weatherford College Foundation Canyon West Golf Club-Weatherford 5 – 8 pm 817-598-6275

16th - 17th

Weatherford Antique Fair Pythian Home Grounds-Weatherford 10 am-6 pm 817-680-7420


th Friends of the Library Book Sale Weatherford Public Library 10am – 6 pm 817-613-0673 Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 7:30 pm 3 Fools on 3 Stools Steve Stewart Music


th Parker Paws Pet Adoption 11-2 pm Petsmart Weatherford

th Lake Weatherford Marina 210 W Lake Dr-Weather-

ford 3:00 pm Dusty Smirl Band


th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd - Willow Park 8:30 Tori Martin Boots, Bar B Q & Bachelors Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Clubhouse 6 – 10 pm 817-599-4664


st Lake Mineral Wells State Park Night Sounds 8:30 – 10 pm 940-328-1171 Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 7:30 pm Cody Robbins Band The Casey Thompson Band


Lake Weatherford Marina 210 W Lake Dr-Weatherford 7 pm Clint Moody Band


Parker Paws Pet Adoption 11-2 pm Petsmart Weatherford Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 5 pm Max Stalling



Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 8 pm Steve Helms Band

7th Movies in the Park-Weatherford “Frozen” Bring lawn chairs Ballfields at Holland Lake Park At dusk 817-598-4034 FREE

rd Greg Welch Summer Classic Concert & Car Show Weatherford Christian School-Weatherford 4 – 10:30 pm


nd The Wild Mushroom-Weatherford Rahr Beer Dinner 7 pm Reservations req 817-599-7935


th Mickey’s Pub – Mineral Wells 9 pm Taylor Hickey Band

June 6th Aledo First Friday Historic Downtown Aledo 6 - 9 pm 817-441-7844

11th- 14th Parker County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Weatherford

Lake Mineral Wells State Park Cowboy Campfire-Music & Poetry 8 – 10 pm 940-328-1171 Parker Paws Pet Adoption 11-2 pm Petsmart Weatherford Lake Mineral Wells State Park Kid’s Wilderness Survival 8:30 – 11 am 940-328-1171 x 227


th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S Ranch House Rd Willow Park 6:30 Kyle Bennett Band 7 pm Steve Helms Band

Background photos by Wyatt Nantz Photography

My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine - 15

Shopping Parker County a great massage and good company!” The philosophy at Happy Nails is, “Beauty will save the world.” They invite you to relax the body – refresh the soul and revive the mind while the cares of the day slip away at this inviting spa and salon.

Happy Nails 311 FM 1187 South Suite 500 Aledo, Texas 817-441-2773 Open: Monday thru Friday 10a.m. – 7p.m. Saturday 9:30a.m. – 6p.m. Closed Sunday

Bring in the below ad for great savings!


Building a Beauty Relationship Happy Nails in Aledo is under new management and ready to take appointments or walk-ins Monday through Saturdays. Their mission statement states that they are in the business of building a beauty relationship by connecting with women on a personal level, which will inspire every woman to discover the beauty she deserves! They focus on creating a thoughtful balance of substance and style while stressing the importance of nurturing the client inside and out.

With great prices and a variety of wonderful choices for manicures and pedicures, Happy Nails is rapidly becoming the go to place for nail care in Aledo. They also offer kids manis and pedis along with a number of specials during the holidays and various times of the year. Complimentary water, soft drinks, wine and margaritas are available while you are being pampered. “This place is amazing”, notes a recent client, “workers are so sweet and very welcoming when you come in. I would recommend Happy Nails to anyone who wants to be relaxed with

16 - My Hometowns Texas Cultural & Entertainment Magazine


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Music/Nightlife the speech and turns it into a benediction, and the final section is an anthem of celebration, followed by an original poem about the rider less black horse. Librettist, Suzanne Calvin, surrounded the speech with additional texts that comment on or explore ideas suggested by its content, as well as the harrowing events of 1963.


The singers and instrumentalists in the production are worldrenowned leaders in their profession. “Mezzo-soprano Virginia Dupuy sings JFK’s speech in order to separate the words from our deeply ingrained mental images of the late President and allow them to stand or fall on their own merits,” commented the Ensemble’s founder, Karen Hall. The other commentary texts are sung by soprano, Jaquelyn Lengfelder and baritone, Jeffrey Snider, functioning as a Greek chorus. “It is not our intention to present a political commentary,” said Ms. Hall, “UNDELIVERED is intended to be a meditation on the timeless wisdom and warnings contained within the undelivered speech of President John F. Kennedy. We hope that this exploration of what the President had to say will be revelatory, as it reaches across the decades to deliver a message we still need to hear.” On Wednesday, May 14th, the beautiful Chandor Gardens will be host venue for a world premiere performance of a powerful chamber cantata by Gregory Sullivan Isaacs and Suzanne Calvin titled UNDELIVERED. The piece was written for the Hall Ensemble in the wake of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s undelivered speech. The dramatic cantata that resulted was conceived as a means of exploring an apparent contradiction: how a nation that has changed so dramatically over the past five decades continues to grapple with many of the very same questions. Based on excerpts from the speech John F. Kennedy was to have given

at the Trade Mart on November 22, 1963, the day of his assassination, UNDELIVERED is a chamber cantata for mezzosoprano, soprano, bass-baritone, string quartet, horn and bassoon. Gregory Sullivan Isaacs is a Pulitzer Prize nominated composer and winner of a Peabody award for performance as well as an ASCAP award for his commitment to American music. Suzanne Calvin enjoys a distinguished career in media and public relations and is an accomplished non-fiction writer. Composer, Isaacs, divided the piece into five scenes. The first is introductory, the second is based on the actual speech, the third is a caricature of a clueless politician, the fourth takes a portion of

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The first half of the evening’s program will be musical selections by Bach, Roussel, Elgar and Schubert paired with poetry readings by Kipling, T.S. Eliot and others. Guest artists include: Virginia Dupuy, Jacquelyn Lengfelder, Jeffrey Snider, Gary Levinson and Mark Houghton.

UNDELIVERED was written for the Hall Ensemble of Fort Worth for the May 2014 premiere in the wake of the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s undelivered speech. “We are excited to be performing for the second time at Chandor Gardens ,” said Ms. Hall; the talented musicians performed to a sold out crowd at the Gardens in October of 2013. The Ensemble is dedicated to bringing classical music out of the concert hall and into intimate spaces. Their concert series are held almost exclusively in private homes or small venues in the Fort Worth/Dallas area. These performances begin with socializing and feature catered hors d’oeuvres and beverages, setting the stage for a warm, inviting, and moving evening. Chandor Gardens is the only Parker County venue included in the concert series and has the distinction of hosting the grand finale of Hall Ensemble’s phenomenal season! “We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.” President John F. Kennedy October 27, 1963 The Hall Ensemble Wednesday, May 14, 2014 Doors open at 6:45 for socializing and strolling through the Gardens Concert begins at 7:30 p.m. Chandor Gardens 711 West Lee Avenue Weatherford, Texas For more information or to purchase tickets go to: Or call 817-456-3584 or 817-613-1700


LOCAL VENUES Cutting Horse Bar and Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd, Suite 100, Weatherford | 817-599-8667 FIRE OAK GRILL On the Square | Weatherford 114 Austin Ave, 817-598-0400

1st Fire Oak Grill 6:30 pm Kyle Redd Bodie Powell

Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 120 S. Ranch House Road Willow Park | 817-441-2525

Lake Weatherford Marina 7:00 pm Sand Dollar Rodeo

20th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 5:00 pm Max Stalling

2nd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:00 pm Aaron Sandoval Band

23rd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 8:00 pm Steve Helms Band

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 9:00 pm Kolton Moore & The Clever Few

24th Mickey’s Pub—Mineral Wells 9:00 pm Taylor Hickey Band

Light Catcher Winery 6925 Confederate Park Road Fort Worth | 817-237-2626

3rd Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:30 Tori Martin

The Amazing Made in Texas Show Time Band

27th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 6:30 Kyle Bennett Band 7:00 pm Steve Helms Band

5th North Texas Gospel Grass Festival 3:00 pm The Gospel Tradition & 29th BFT Lake Weatherford Marina 3:00 pm Dusty Smirl Band 8th Fire Oak Grill 30th 6:30 pm Van Darien Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:30 pm Tori Martin 9th Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 9:00 pm John Baumann, Sam 31st Riggs and The Night People Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:30 pm Cody Robbins Band 10th The Casey Thompson Band Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:30 pm Scott Lyle Band Upcoming-June 13th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 3rd 6:00 pm Adam Hood Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:00 pm Zane Williams 15th Lake Weatherford Marina 14th 7:00 pm Clint Moody Band The Texas Opry Theater 3:00 pm Bill Anderson 16th Railhead Smokehouse BBQ 7:30 pm 3 Fools on 3 Stools Steve Stewart Music 17th The Texas Opry Theater 7:30 pm Doug Stone Platinum & Gold Recording Artist

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Dining these days. You owe it to yourself to go and check this place out!” Freshly ground beef, sour dough buns, handmade, skin-on French fries and yummy onion rings keep patrons coming back for more. Their most popular burger, according to Brian, is the bacon cheeseburger. This juicy, thick

burger, topped with crisp bacon and melt-in-your mouth cheese is a treat for even the pickiest burger eater. Located one mile south of Lake Weatherford on Azle Hwy. 730, Outskirz Grill serves up great food and good service, all in a homey, friendly atmosphere that your family will love!

Outskirtz Grill 2524 Azle Hwy. #101 Weatherford, Texas 817-598-0009


Open: 11a.m. to 8p.m. Tuesday – Thursday 11a.m. to 9p.m. Friday and Saturday For coupons and specials visit them on Facebook


Owners Brian and Stephanie Zaltsberg believe that statement is true. After owning a computer shop on Azle Highway for a number of years and dealing with their share of disgruntled and disillusioned business men and women, they are happy to see the smiling faces of satisfied customers at Outskirtz Grill. After all…who doesn’t love a good burger? That is exactly what is served up daily at this Parker County mainstay. The menu includes sandwiches, wings, wraps, salads, quesadillas and more but the burgers, fries and onion rings are the stand outs at this establishment. Brian and Stephanie ran a computer shop and on the weekends, at First Mondays, they ran a food truck where they began by serving tacos and quesadillas. When they began adding burgers to the menu an idea began; they realized that serving good food that made people feel good was the path they wanted to take and Outskirtz Grill was born. Today, it remains a dream fulfilled for the Zaltsbergs whose loyal customers are outspoken fans. As one satisfied patron explained, “Best dang burger you will eat in the area… Outskirtz makes a ridiculously tasty burger that’s actually made from good ingredients which is hard to find

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Dining Restaurants and Bars Parker County ALEDO Agape Coffee Haus and Bookstore 108 Jearl St (817) 441-7770 Aledo Diner 205 N. Front St. (817) 441-9753 Aledo Doughnuts 701 FM 1187 N (817) 441-0011 Aledo Taqueria 100 FM 1187 (817) 441---7940 Chuck Wagon Store & Cafe 613 S Fm 1187 (817) 441-2072 Garden of Eat’n at Agape 108 Jeral St. (817) 441-7770 Joe’s Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant 311 S Fm 1187 Ste 200 (817) 441-2960

Maria Bonita 100 S. Front St. (817) 441-1652

Golden Chick 2813 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 599-6646

Chinese Express 332 E Highway 199 (817) 523-5225

The Bearcat 421 FM 1187 N (817) 441-8981

R & K Cafe 3311 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 594-7701

Don Jose’s Mexican Cuisine 104 S. Main St. (817) 523-7501


El Cerrito 407 Old Springtown Road (817) 523-7278

BROCK / MILSAP Brock Junction 7458 W I-20 (817) 594-6626

A & G Bar & Grill 600 E Highway 199 (817) 523-4111

Brazos River Catfish Café’ 10771 W I-20 (817) 596-2994 Mikey’s 2100 Fm 1189 (817) 598-9074

Howell’s Western Cafe 401 W Highway 199 (817) 220-7915 Shinola’s Texas Cafe 301 Martin Ave (817) 523-0010 Woody Creek Bar B Q 205 N Avenue A (817) 220-2008


B & B Burgers 101 E. 1st St. (817) 523-7520

BIG BURGER 3322 FORT WORTH HWY (817) 374-4965

Candlelight Drive-In 638 N. Main St, (817) 523-4182

Alvin ORD’s Sandwich Shop 914 S Main St (817) 599-5211320 Adams Dr (817) 598-0432

Crave Frozen Yogurt 200 S Oakridge Dr. (817) 598-9090

Chicken Express 502 E Highway 199 (817) 523-0009

Antonio’s Mexicana Restaurant 1900 Santa Fe Dr. 817-594-6183



Dining Applebee’s 208 W Interstate 20 (817) 599-3188

Fuzzy Taco Shop 1217 S Main St (817) 613-8226

Peaster Grocery & Grill 6231 Fm 920 (817) 341-4326

Baker’s Ribs Inc 1921 S Main St (817) 599-4229

Garcia’s Mexican Restaurant 809 S Main St (817) 599-4400

Pizza Place The 1218 S Main St (817) 594-0591

Bangkok Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar 314 South Main Street 817-594-7012

Golden Moon Restaurant 1410 S Main St (817) 594-1692

Polo’s Mexican Cafe 6239 Fm 920 (817) 594-3732

Grannys Kitchen 1802 Santa Fe Dr (817) 598-9025

Pulido’s Mexican Restaurant 304 S Main St (817) 594-0361

Joe’s Pasta & Pizza 1115 Fort Worth Hwy Ste 400 (817) 341-2200

Rosa’s Cafe 28 1920 Martin Dr (817) 599-5335

Kincaid’s 220 Adams Dr Ste 290 (817) 594-7773

Sake Japanese Steakhouse 114 College Park Dr (817) 598-5955

Big John’s Burgers & Beer 105 College Avenue 817-999-8932 Blind Horse Saloon 1886 Mineral Wells Hwy (817) 599-6501 Buffalo Wild Wings 320 Adams Dr (817) 598-0432 Buffet City 106 College Park Dr (817) 599-5568 Chick-Fil-A 2525 S Main St (817) 594-3001 Chicken Express 1711 Bethel Rd (817) 598-1555 Chili’s 128 E Interstate 20 (817) 594-1661 China Harbor 1810 Main St. (817) 598-0061 Copper Creek Fine Texas Dining 216 W Interstate 20 (817) 599-3977 Cotton Patch Cafe 1964 S Main St (817) 599-0706 Cracker Barrel 132 E Interstate 20 (817) 598-9070


Crave Frozen Yogurt 1302 S Main St (817) 594-9091

LA Playa Maya 1445 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 613-8686

Mary’s Brazos Cafe 5090 Tin Top Rd (817) 594-0203 Mcalister’s Deli 215 Adams Dr Ste 209 (817) 594-3314 Montana Restaurant 1910 S Main St (817) 341-3444 Nizza Pizza Pasta & Subs 1016 S Main St (817) 594-9090

Short Chef Creations 136 College Park Drive 817-594-7000 Skinny’s Hamburgers 504 Palo Pinto St (817) 594-3101 Starbucks Coffee Company 2010 S Main St (817) 341-2547 Sunny Street Cafe 1314 S. Main Street (817) 594-2210

The Shed Texas Kitchen and Bakery 4019 Fort Worth Hwy. (817) 594-5533 The Tamale Kid 204 Dennis Rd (817) 341-8543 Tin Top Cafe 7974 Bethel Rd (817) 598-1222

Cutting Horse Bar & Grill 2132 Tin Top Rd Ste 100 (817) 599-8667

Wild Mushroom 1917 Martin Dr (817) 599-4935

WILLOW PARK Busy Berri Yogurt Shop 108 S Ranch House Rd (817) 441-1100 Chicken Express 101 Ranch House Rd (817) 441-7177 Fish Creek 4899 E I-20 Service Rd N (817) 441-1746 Milano’s Pizza & Pasta 119 S Ranch House Rd Ste 900 (817) 441-6737 Railhead Smokehouse Barbeque 120 S Ranch House Rd (817) 441-2525

Olive Garden 315 E Interstate 20 (817) 599-4207

Outlaw BBQ 3101 Ranger Hwy Unit B (817) 599-3520

Whistle Hill Cafe 104 S Walnut St (817) 599-4311

Yogurt Story 325 Adams Dr Ste 315

Ohana Japanese Steak House 126 E Interstate 20 (817) 596-2871

On The Border 114 Interstate 20 East (817) 594-2174

Which Wich 220 Adams Dr Ste 230 (817) 598-0200

Yesterday’s 201 N Main St (817) 599-3903

Logan’s Roadhouse 325 E Interstate 20 (817) 594-5455 Malt Shop 2028 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 594-2524

1503 Fort Worth Hwy (817) 599-7421

Downtown Cafe 101 W Church St (817) 594-8717

Outskirtz Grill 2524 Azle Hwy #101 817-598-0009

Tokyo Seafood & Steakhouse 126 E I-ww20 Ste 100 (817) 596-2871

Fire Oak Grill 114 Austin Ave (817) 598-0400

Pastafina 807 S Main St (817) 599-5861

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