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April 2013



April 2013

APRIL 2013




into the different positions from the upward and downward facing dog to the warrior. I felt lithe and graceful (which isn’t often – I’m quite clumsy) and it wasn’t until later when I was soaking in a nice hot bath that I realized how much of a workout it was. The last I tried was the Reiki. For those who are skeptical, it is still worth a try. My experience was a lot like a guided meditation. I sat in a chair and the practitioner had me relax and close my eyes. As she spoke, I pictured the images she described and between controlling my breathing and how deeply I

was concentrating, I lost track of time in the meditation. I was sitting there for 30 minutes, but it felt like five. I felt refreshed and revitalized. Everyone’s experience is different, and the practitioner is there to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. As you’ve probably guessed, this month’s theme is alternative medicine. We cover different types of alternative medicine including hands-on, physical and spiritual. We hope you enjoy this edition and continue to enjoy the golf, genealogy and other columns. We, here at Forever Young , hope that the information in this issue helps you try something new and alternative. As always, we welcome your questions and comments at foreveryoung@hometownnewsol.com.


sampled was Yoga. The low-impact practice of Yoga and the ability to do it on a mat, and also in a chair, makes this a great practice for both the young and young at heart. My already relaxed muscles felt great as I moved



few years ago, I attended an outdoor fair that allowed me to sample several different types of alternative medicine and exercise. They had Reiki, massage and several different types of yoga. Massage was easy to sign up for. I love massages. Whenever I get a massage, my day is instantly better. I can literally feel the knots of stress in my shoulders worked out, while listening to the calm, relaxing music and that moment of pure relaxation is enough to turn me into butter. Sure, it can be unnerving to get undressed and lay on a table for a total stranger, but every massage therapist I have encountered has made sure I felt comfortable and am able to relax. That is why they are there. So, while at the fair, the next thing I

ST. LUCIE County






April 2013

Battling stress with massage “The muscles have an increased tension because of stress: like tight muscles... range of motion, constant chronic pain and pins and needles.” Sevin Bullwinkle/staff photographer

Gina Campala gives Joanne Augusto, owner of Nutrition World, a neck massage at her store in downtown Fort Pierce.

-Gina Campala

By Brittany Llorente ForeverYoung@hometownnewsol.com

FORT PIERCE —When it’s relaxation you’re after, massage can be the answer. Gina Campala, a licensed massage therapist and owner of St. Lucie Massage, recommends at least one massage a month. “There are so many benefits to massage,” Ms. Campala said. “Muscle tension and blood pressure drops and it balances the nervous system.” Stress can cause many negative effects to the body and massage is a common tool for counteracting those effects. “The muscles have an increased tension because of stress like tight

muscles,” she said. “Also problematic are a lack of range of motion, constant chronic pain and pins and needles sensations, poor digestive issues, high blood pressure, weight gain and extreme weight loss issues, panic attacks and anxiety issues.” Even if you’re ready to relieve the stress, actually getting a professional massage can be tricky. The client is expected to walk into a room, disrobe and let a stranger put their hands on them. However, Ms. Campala says massage should be tailored to the clients’ comfort level and every massage session should start with a lot of questions.

“First and foremost, figure out why you want the massage,” Ms. Campala said. “If you don’t have a goal in mind, you have no idea what to look for.” If a client is looking for a strictly relaxing massage, tell the therapist. If the client wants knots worked out or tension worked out from the body, the therapist needs to know that, too. Other problems and goals can include lower back pain or rehabilitative massage. “Make sure that you find a licensed therapist,” Ms. Campala said. “They’re trained how to read a person’s physical signs of reaction. We study over 500 hours of muscles

and the body.” Ms. Campala often uses a mixture of Swedish and Thai massages. Swedish massage is given on a table with the client undressed to their level of comfort and covered with a drape. The massage is given with long relaxing strokes. A Thai massage is done in loose fitting clothing on a mat on the floor. The client is moved into yoga like poses. St. Lucie Massage is located inside Nutrition World at 200 N. Second St.in Fort Pierce..For more information, call (772) 618-0429 or visit www.stluciemassage.com.

April 2013


ST. LUCIE County




Get moving with Tai Chi By Brittany Llorente

PORT ST. LUCIE — Tai Chi is a martial art that is meditation in motion. The graceful and slow movements that are involved in Tai Chi help a myriad of health conditions, including improving balance and diminishing the effect of Parkinson’s disease. Hilde and Hector Ruiz-Puyana teach weekly classes at the Oxbow Center in Port St. Lucie. Mrs. RuizPuyana has a black belt in karate and taekwondo and through using Tai Chi, has benefitted from having lower cholesterol, less stress and the exercise has helped provide weight control. “The type of Tai Chi we teach is the kind taught by Paul Lam, a highly respected Tai Chi master,” Mrs. Ruiz-Puyana said. “There are different styles of Tai Chi: Yang, Chen Wu-or Wu/Hao, Wu and Sun. Mr. Lam took the best of those styles and created it into Tai Chi for Health.” Tai Chi for Health is easily taught to all ages and all abilities, even for those in sitting positions. T h e physical benef i t s a r e great, but the greatest is t h e i m p r ov e ment to balance. “As you know, with age, balance diminishes,” Mrs. RuizPuyana said. “Tai Chi restores it and

helps to improve memory. It also diminishes the speed that Alzheimer’s disease is developed and helps diabetics.” Another added benefit is to those with arthritis who are instructed by their doctors to exercise. “Most people with arthritis find exercise painful,” Mrs. Ruiz-Puyana said. “Tai Chi is low to no impact, almost like walking. It is a graceful exercise that consists of rhythmic patterns and coordinated breathing.” Mentally, the increase of memory stems from the concentration on the movements and flowing into the next movement. For those who are interested in Tai Chi, Mrs. Ruiz-Puyana suggests simple and loose-fitting clothes, sneakers or something with a thinner sole. No high heels or flip flops. Tai Chi for Health is taught at the Oxbow Eco-Center, 54900 N.E. St. James Drive, Port St. Lucie, on Friday’s at 10:30 a.m. and Saturdays at 3:30 p.m. The cost is $10 per class or $35 for four classes. Reserve your spot at by calling (772) 785-5833 or e m a i l oxbow@stlucieco.org.






April 2013

Experincing the relief of acupuncture By Brittany Llorente


small, thin needles and place them into the skin over the body’s pathways and meridians, areas on the body that carry energy called Qi. “When the body has too much energy or it doesn’t have enough energy running through these pathways, or the energy is not flowing, we say in traditional Chinese medicine that the body is out of balance, therefore, illness will occur,” Ms. Goldstein said. She says that each meridian contributes and gives life force to the organs. “All of the organs are associated to an emotion,” Ms. Goldstein said. “The liver, heart and kidney are associated with an emotion. So when we treat with acupuncture, we are treating the whole body. Not only are we treating

the organ, but also the emotion associated to the organ.” The objective of acupuncture is to bring the meridians into balance to maintain health. Now, time for the needles. Each of the needles are disposable and individually packages. “The needles are so tiny that the patients think that I haven’t even used the needles yet,” Ms. Goldstein said. “They’re hair thin and you don’t really feel them.” The area of the skin is first prepped with a pain relieving cream/ointment. Then the area is swabbed clean with alcohol and the thin needle is placed. Every procedure is individualized. “We diagnose by looking at the face of a person,” Ms. Goldstein said. “We

take the pulse, because there are variations in the pulse in the wrist, to tell how the body is functioning. We listen to the sound of the voice, the tongue and the appearance of the skin.” Once the needles are placed, they improve circulation, allow the body to heal itself more quickly and release endorphins into the body. Western doctors have developed a relationship with acupuncturists. “We work hand in hand. It is not one or the other, it is both,” Ms. Goldstein said. “We enhance each other.” Premier Wellness Centers is located at 10801 SW Tradition Square, Port St. Lucie. For more information, call (772) 3453933 or visit www.premierwellnesscenters.com.

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”

medical directory


-Sophia Loren

Bozana Sijercic, M.D. Board Certified Internist Now accepting patients in her new practice. Dr. Sijercic specializes in General Internal Medicine, Primary Care and Women’s Health All Major insurances accepted as well as flexible forms of payment. 050936

PORT ST. LUCIE – Belonephobia is described as the fear of sharp objects and needles. For anyone thinking of doing acupuncture, this phobia may strike you. But, the differences between an acupuncture needle and one that someone puts in your arm to get blood are very different. “Acupuncture dates back over 5,000 years and it is recognized as a very powerful therapy,” said Alma Goldstein, a certified Acupuncture Physician at Acupuncture of Tradition, located inside Premier Wellness Centers. “Acupuncture can strengthen the immune system, metabolic function and prevents disease,” she said. “It brings the body into a balance of energy.” The practice of acupuncture is to use

Call for an appointment today Tel: Dr. Bozana Sijercic, M.D. Internal Medicine - Complete Care, PA




Location: 160 NW Central Park Plaza, Suite 110 Port St. Lucie, Fl 34986

April 2013





Be prepared for a name change GENEALOGY BRENDA K. SMITH

paper trail with each generation proven with documented sources. However, this does not prove that there might be some irregularities in the bloodline, like an adoption or a stepchild. This is where the DNA plays its part. I gathered DNA samples from close male relatives with the surnames I wanted checked. Eventually, we had matches with other males with the same surnames. Comparing our genealogy records, we found common ancestors many generations back, proving our bloodlines were the same. In other words, the DNA from Tom from Florida and Joe

from California matched each other, and they both traced back to Joshua, who lived in 1775. Therefore, everyone along the male line will have the same Y-DNA gene. This is the way it should work in a perfect world. The next two families have a very different story. James Brown and John Black were both drifters in the 1840s, and no one has ever been able to find their origins. I searched out distant male cousins who carried each surname. There has never been a match for either James or John using their surnames. After several years, I received a note from the administrator of John’s surname project. “Although you have not matched anyone in our group, you do have close matches in the Dunbar Surname Project. We suggest you join their group.” In other words, “You don’t belong to us!”

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John was from the hills of Tennessee and could have used his birth name or changed it, but somewhere along the line, and not too far back, his family was from the Dunbar bloodline, not the surname on my chart. In James’ surname project, it has become apparent that he does have DNA matches. Although, all matches carry the same last name, it isn’t the one he used. So once again, we have changed surname groups, and are now members of the Greene family. So far, we have no way of knowing if James deliberately ran away and changed his name, was adopted, given the wrong name at birth or if it happened several generations back. But in this case, the name seems to be Greene, not Brown. Tom Brown, See GENEALOGY, Page 10

Use the numbers provided in the puzzle below to help you fill in the empty squares.When you are finished, every row, every column, and every block of nine puzzle squares should include each of the numbers 1 to 9.

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Most people believe their surname has been the same forever and spelled the same way, too. The first thing you learn in genealogy is that the spelling of names does not matter at all. Each member of the family may spell the same name differently, and it may vary from generation to generation, document to document, even changing in the same document. It is not unusual at all to find the name spelled one way at the beginning of a will, and signed differently at the end. But as it turns out, at least for me, a complete name change may not be so unusual. I have had DNA tests done on five of my family lines. Two of the five families have proven to have used the exact same surname since the 17th and 18th centuries. How do I know? First, I have a

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Vernon D. Smith Managing Partner

April 2013

Drinks and delicious food on the water Emily Thompson, manager at 121 Tapas on the Water, stands in front of the various wine options and featuring the crème brûlée desserts.

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Staff photo Brittany Llorente

Pat Alton, Glenn Johnston Frank Lamb Advertising Consultants

By Brittany Llorente

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Fort Pierce — Settling into the candle lit 121 Tapas on the Water and listening to the sounds of glasses clinking, the low rumble of conversations and Michael Bublé crooning in the background, it was the perfect place to relax. “We really wanted to have a place that would fit the location,” said owner Livia Wilson. “We wanted it to be a cool place for people to go to, a very social place and for the food to be social, too.” Since it is Tapas-style eating, the food is meant for sharing and served to make it easier. All of the foods can easily be separated amongst friends or eaten by yourself, which isn’t hard to do because everything was delicious. I ordered sangria, though the wine list at Tapas goes on for pages. They have everything on hand from the sweet to the full bodied to the dry. As a fan of sangria, this was a refreshing blend of fresh fruit including strawberries, blueberries and oranges. We started with the ceviche dish.

The white fish was complemented with the cucumber and lemon juices. The toast was crisp and to my delight, found in quite a few of the dishes. One of my favorite dishes was the goat cheese crostini. The caramelized onion and goat cheese are enough to make this dish amazing, but the addition of the drizzled honey was surprising yet welcomed. The tenderloin crisp was another favorite, but to be honest, it was hard to pick just one. The generous portion of flavorful tenderloin was served on toast with light oil and herbs. Stuffed mushrooms were delicately seasoned to let the taste of the mushroom through the meaty filling. The hummus was a surprise, served in an artful fashioned with pita chip spears. The normally rustic appearance of the hummus was transformed, and the unique blend had my companion and I wanting more. At the bottom of the menu are the flatbreads sandwiches. In this

instance, they save the best for last. The sweet ham, prosciutto, basil, mozzarella and tomato combination is a delight to the taste buds. Though they don’t have a dessert menu because the menu is always changing, the desserts that night were incredible. It is hard to find a perfectly constructed crème brûlée, but the chef delivered famously. The perfectly torched dish left a wonderfully textured cream under the shell. Garnished with a raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries, the dish didn’t last long on the plate. My companion had the banana crème brûlée bread, served with slices of delicately crisped banana and a dollop of cream. The menu is constantly expanding and Ms. Wilson hopes to add more dinner options in the future. 121 Tapas on the Water is located at 121 Melody Lane in Fort Pierce. For more information, call (772) 781-0943 or visit www.facebook.com/121tapasonthewater.

April 2013


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TRAVEL There’s a lot more to Orlando than Mickey Mouse A s a former New Yorker, I spent many years traveling to Orlando with my husMIRIAM WOLF band and children. There was always one reason that we went to Orlando, and that was to spend our vacation at Disneyworld. We offers breathtaking views of had heard the rumors that there were other things to do in OrlanOrlando’s world-famous attracdo, but as far as we were contions. Fireworks and romantic cerned, we had limited time every flights are also available. Internafew years and we wanted to make tional Heli-Tours offers multiple certain that we spent as much of tours, including the Celebrity it at our favorite family vacation Grand Tour, where you will fly place. over famous theme parks as well We officially became Floridians as the homes of Tiger Woods and last year and while Disneyworld Vince Carter. still holds a great deal of appeal If you are like me and prefer a for us, it is great to know that little less adventure, there are Orlando and its surrounding wineries, zoos, wildlife refuges, areas have many other options, bike and segway tours, boat most of which you can do in a tours, water sport rentals, horseone-day visit. back riding, fishing, sporting Staying with theme parks, you events, sightseeing tours have Sea World, Uniand dolphin tours. If you versal Studio, like bizarre, the Gatorland and Ripley’s Believe it or Multiple water Not! Odditorium parks. If you will fit the bill. are driving The Lakeridge North and Winery and want to Vineyards offer head a little free tours, as west, you does The Orlancan visit do Brewing Legoland on Company. your way up Chateau St. to Orlando. Michelle offers If adventure is complimentary tours your thing, there as well, along with are plenty of options themed or pairings tastings to choose from, starting for a small charge. with IFLY Indoor Skydiving. The Orlando Zoo is all about Imagine the sensation of skydiving without having to jump out of conservation and protecting wildlife. The Central Florida Zoo an airplane! You will get one-on& Botanical Gardens in Sanford one instruction with a professional flight coach, complete with has a petting zoo, reptile house and botanical gardens. Both zoos flight suits and skydiving gear. Magic Sunrise Ballooning, Bob’s will provide hours of entertainment. Balloon Flights and Orlando If culture is what you are Balloon Rides offer hot-air looking for, there are no shortage balloon options that can include of museums, art galleries and champagne toasts and first flight See TRAVEL, Page 10 certificates. Mauiva Air Tours




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whose DNA sample I used, is still in denial. The name change for case number five is even closer to home and more interesting. The paper trail is beautiful, and goes back to the year 1800. There has only been one little flaw, and that is in the second generation. I had never found a birth certificate for Paul or a marriage record for his parents. Paul was probably born at home and maybe the record was never filed. I didn’t know in which state his parents were married. There was a strange feeling about this family, but I had found them on the census as a family group and even knew Paul and his siblings. Again, there is no DNA surname match. As I’ve always preached, if you wait long enough, the answer will come to you. As the Internet grows so do the records available, and one day, up popped that elusive marriage record. The marriage

took place three years after the birth of the child. Paul apparently had a different father. With the knowledge that Paul was apparently born under a different surname, I once again sent for the birth record under his mother’s maiden name. This time I immediately received it, and found that the father was not named. He had spent his life using his stepfather’s name. Going back to the DNA projects, I find many matches to another surname and the two families all live in the same vicinity. So once again, I have a family with a different bloodline than the surname they use today. Who’s the daddy? Paul’s DNA exactly matches several people in the Walker surname project. Even though I will probably never know who the birth father was, it was most likely the married man who lived down the street of the small town. “Cheat” Walker (yes, that really was his name) lived only a few blocks from the unwed teenager. Brenda Knight Smith

April 2013

Travel From page 9

exhibits, many of which offer entry at no cost or a discounted cost. The exhibits cover everything from local artists to international sculptors. Every ethnic food that you can imagine can be found in Orlando. From bistros to Ethiopian food, there are options galore as well as pricetag options. If you like to combine a show with your meal, Sleuths Mystery Dinner or The Outta Control Magic Comedy Dinner Show both offer plenty of evening entertainment. If you want to travel back in time, check out the Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. One of my personal favorites is the Kennedy Space Center, which is about an hour away





from Orlando and in my opinion, well worth the time in the car. IMAX films, the Shuttle Launch Experience, behindthe-scene tours, and even lunch with an astronaut are all available at this amazing center. Depending on what part of Florida you live in, any of the above can be done as a day trip if you don’t mind a full day. Start out early, allowing plenty of time to fit in all of the fun that you want to experience, or an overnight can be planned for double the fun! There are many hotels to choose from that can fit any budget. Become a tourist in your own state and have a great time! Miriam Wolf is the owner of Cruise Planners/Wolfcat Travel. For more information, call 866606-8249 or visit www.wolfcattravel.com

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GEORGIA LAND SALE! Great investment! Relax & enjoy country lifestyle! Beautifully developed 1Acre-20Acre homesites. Augusta Area. Beautiful weather. Low taxes/Low down. Financing from $195/month.

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ST. LUCIE County


735 Out of Area for Sale

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SEBASTIAN - Updated 2Br/2Ba with New appl. in kitchen. All amenities, (clubhouse, pool, tennis) $850/mo. 772-538-0031

835 Vacation/ Timeshare for Rent

GEORGIA LAND SALE! Great investment! Relax & enjoy country lifestyle! Beautifully developed 1Acre-20Acre homesites. Augusta Area. Beautiful weather. Low taxes/Low down. Financing from $195/month.

Call Owner 706-364-4200

FLORIDA KEYS Marathon. Luxurious Oceanfront vacation homes. 4-6 Bedrooms. Private Pool, hot tub, docks & more! Start Planning Your Fall & Winter Vacation Now! 1-888-564-5800 american-paradise.com


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April 2013



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