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APRIL 2013


few years ago, I attended an outdoor fair that allowed me to sample several different types of alternative medicine and exercise. They had Reiki, massage and several different types of yoga. Massage was easy to sign up for. I love massages. Whenever I get a massage, my day is instantly better. I can literally feel the knots of stress in my shoulders worked out, while listening to the calm, relaxing music and that moment of pure relaxation is enough to turn me into butter. Sure, it can be unnerving to get undressed and lay on a table for a total stranger, but every massage therapist I have encountered has made sure I felt comfortable and am able to relax. That is why they are there. So, while at the fair, the next thing I

April 2013


sampled was Yoga. The low-impact practice of Yoga and the ability to do it on a mat, and also in a chair, makes this a great practice for both the young and young at heart. My already relaxed muscles felt great as I moved

into the different positions from the upward and downward facing dog to the warrior. I felt lithe and graceful (which isn’t often – I’m quite clumsy) and it wasn’t until later when I was soaking in a nice hot bath that I realized how much of a workout it was. The last I tried was the Reiki. For those who are skeptical, it is still worth a try. My experience was a lot like a guided meditation. I sat in a chair and the practitioner had me relax and close my eyes. As she spoke, I pictured the images she described and between controlling my breathing and how deeply I

was concentrating, I lost track of time in the meditation. I was sitting there for 30 minutes, but it felt like five. I felt refreshed and revitalized. Everyone’s experience is different, and the practitioner is there to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. As you’ve probably guessed, this month’s theme is alternative medicine. We cover different types of alternative medicine including hands-on, physical and spiritual. We hope you enjoy this edition and continue to enjoy the golf, genealogy and other columns. We, here at Forever Young , hope that the information in this issue helps you try something new and alternative. As always, we welcome your questions and comments at





April 2013





Medical Doctor sees no ‘alternative’ to restoring health By Dan McDonald For Forever Young


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match different techniques to get optimum results. But no matter what method you’re using, the goal is the same – to get people back to health and to be pain free.” Dr. Gayles said few of the estimated 300 weekly patients he and his colleagues treat are resistant to try the alternative therapies he might recommend. “Some people have a problem trying something new,” Dr. Gayles said. “Most people like the familiar. That includes some physicians, who are comfortable with the procedures they learn in med school and might not want to try something out of their comfort zone.” But, he said, that thought process might be slowly changing. “We’re realizing that these different modalities do have value, and it would be foolish not to try them,” he said. “I’ve had some patients, who were reluctant to try acupuncture. But when I tell them I use, they

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Dr. Richard Gayles, M.D., examines a patient at the Merritt Island office of the Florida Pain Center. Dr. Gayles uses a mixture of traditional and alternative therapies in treating his patients and said he’s more interested in results than method.


Dr. Richard Gayles, M.D., is wellversed in traditional medicine. His curriculum vitae makes that perfectly clear: After graduating with a Doctor of Medicine degree in 1991 from the University of Michigan’s School of Medicine, he completed a residency and Pediatric Anesthesia Fellowship in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Maryland. Dr. Gayles then received clinical experience in anesthesiology at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital in London, England, before completing a Chronic Pain Fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio. Dr. Gayles is board-certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He is also certified by the American Board of Pain Medicine, National Board of Medical Examiners and by the American Heart Association in Basic and Advanced Cardiac Life Support. So, how does one of the founders of the Florida Pain Center, which started in 2003 and now operates offices in Merritt Island and Melbourne handle his own pain? “The first thing I use is acupuncture,” Dr. Gayles said. “I was actually trained as an acupuncturist. I never practiced the art enough to develop real expertise with the process, but I know it works “To me, alternative medicine is using techniques that are not being commonly used by other practitioners. I have no problem with recommending patients to chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, personal trainers, acupuncturists. Anything that will work,” he said. “No one specialty has all the answers, and no two people are going to respond to the exact same treatment. You have to mix and




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April 2013

It’s not ‘alternative’ medicine; It’s ‘natural’ medicine

By Dan McDonald For Forever Young Steve Ryland, owner and president of the Beachside Physical Therapy and Health clinics, oversees an alternative health network that treats approximately 1,100 people a week, at five different locations scattered throughout Brevard County. Dr. Ryland, who has a doctorate in physical therapy, considers himself a health coach and wellness instructor and stresses that the therapies used as his clinics are based on science. “We use what has been proven to work,” Dr. Ryland said via phone from Phoenix, where he is currently on duty as the Director of Rehabilitation and wellness coordinator for the Ladies Professional Golf Association. “Everything is based on sound results,” he added. “Some of these therapies have been used for thousands of years. There is a lot of data to support what we do.” At his clinics, which are in Indialantic, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Indian Harbour Beach and Veira, patients are treated using physical therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, reflexology, Pilates, massage therapy, chiropractic and yoga. “I would say that the average person we see – probably 50 percent – come in for treatment of pain, associated with the neck or back,” Dr. Ryland said. “We are also seeing a rise in people suffering from autoimmune disorders, due to poor diet choices. The National Institute of Health reported that 90 percent of disease can be prevented. I think that our mission is to get the word out that you can lead a healthier and happier life without medicine.” Dr. Ryland says the rise in health issues can be traced largely to poor nutrition and the explosive consumption of processed foods. “More and more people are getting sicker and getting on medications at younger and younger ages,” Dr. Ryland said. “The FDA just approved Statin drugs to lower cholesterol for 8-year-

olds. I’d never give a child those medicines. “We can’t tell people to stop taking drugs or to change medications,” he added. “But we can help make life style changes in diet and exercise and get people on a path where they don’t need meds. To me, that’s not alternative medicine. It’s natural medicine. It’s getting the body to do what it should do.” One patient, who agrees that a simple change in diet can do wonders, is Mike Stafford of Indialantic. The 65year-old father and grandfather of two began his journey to alternative treatment when a severe backache forced him to see a medical doctor. “In July 2008 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma of the abdomen,” said Mr. Stafford, a retired sales manager. “After six cycles of chemotherapy, a CAT scan showed I was free of the abdominal lymphoma. “But, a May 2009 exam found the tumors had returned, and I started my second round of chemotherapy and had a bone marrow transplant at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. All was well until an exam in October 2011 picked more tumors in a different area. I finished my fourth round of chemotherapy in July of 2012 and then followed up with Bone Marrow Biopsies in September. The biopsy revealed a cancer in my blood called MDS(Myelodysplastic Syndrome), a precursor to leukemia.) “The oncologist said that because of the chemo, my body had lost all its defenses and would need another bone marrow transplant. But, Medicare would not cover the expenses for a second one. My oncologist looked to me and said my health and life were ‘in God’s hands now.’” That’s when Mr. Stafford, at the prodding of his daughter, opted for the holistic treatment offered at the Beachside Physical Therapy, where he was seen by Jana Schmidt, ND, PH., a naturopathic practitioner who treats

Photo courtesy of Beachside Physical Therapy

Beachside Physical Therapy Vice President of Operations Sharon Hope Love, who is also a certified Pilates instructor, licensed massage therapist and physical therapy assistant, instructs one of her Pilates clients in using the studio’s apparatus equipment. people with various nutritional remedies. “Basically, I look at lifestyle and heredity and diets,” Dr. Schmidt said. “I deal with the whole person. I say we really don’t ‘treat’ people. We give them knowledge. We educate the person about what they can do to make their lives healthier. “There are many natural foods that influence the body. And, of course, we stress exercise and a wide variety of activities that stimulate blood flow and natural health.” For Mr. Stafford, Dr. Schmidt prescribed a regime of lemon water, cherry juice, bee pollen, organic honey and natural enzymes. “I also doubled my fruit intake and drastically reduced my red meat con-

sumption,” Mr. Stafford said. “But the best advice was on the spiritual side. I was urged to strengthen my communication and bonds with God. “As of today, March 2013, and after my latest CAT scan, my tumors have been arrested and actually have shrunk. I feel great and have a positive attitude about life,” Mr. Stafford said. “I have not taken any chemo since July of 2012. To get to this point is definitely a team effort. A team made up of God, a holistic doctor an enzyme routine, a sensible diet, a positive attitude and a bit of exercise (walking for me) is the route for life!” For more information about Beachside Physical Therapy and Health Clinics, cal l (321)725-2267 or visit

April 2013





Health food store reminds us ‘we are what we eat’ By Dan McDonald For Forever Young

of the same products. Those large stores, with hundreds of outlets, don’t make a change unless they’re sure people are ready for it. When you see them offering organic produce, you know eating healthy has hit the main stream.” Mr. Hendry said the Melbourne store on Apollo Boulevard serves anywhere between 2,800 to 3,000 customers per week, who come in to purchase any of the 2,600 supplements and vitamins, to purchase organic fruits and vegetables or to visit the organic café for fresh made soups, salads or other treats. “There are strict laws against any health claims we can make for our products,” said Mr. Hendry, who lives in Melbourne with his wife and four children. “But, all our products are aimed at supporting a healthy body or,


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MELBOURNE — Richard Hendry, the general manager of Nature’s Market, Brevard’s largest health food store, said he has seen first-hand the shift in people’s attitudes about what they put into their bodies. “There’s no question people are becoming aware that what they eat and what they consume has big impacts on their health,” said Mr. Hendry, who has a lengthy history of promoting healthy nutritional choices in Brevard. “We see it all the time. People will come in and buy organic foods and vegetables, or purchase supplements and vitamins and it’s all in an effort to maximize or maintain their health,” he added. “But it’s not just a small group of granola eaters. The large mainstream supermarkets are now offering many



Health From page 3

of the pain that drives people to seek treatment. Most people know it’s much easier to prevent pain than to treat pain, Dr. Gayles said. “It’s also much cheaper,” he said. “The No. 1 reason for missed work is back and neck pain. It’s much better to stay in shape and try to avoid any problem in the first place. When it’s needed to control inflammation, Dr. Gayles said he has no trouble prescribing medicine or any other medical procedure. “But I also don’t have a problem advising people to try other modalities,” he said. “We’re all working to get people back on their feet.” And given Dr. Gayles opinion of health treatments, it probably shouldn’t be a surprise what is his No. 1 tip for staying healthy and avoiding needing his, or any other medical treatment – alternative or not: “Join a gym!” he said.


From page 5

back to a healthier position. “I don’t think there’s any doubt that people, who are more aware of what they’re eating, or what those choices mean to your overall health, are likely to be overall more healthy,” he said. “You can’t avoid getting hit by a car, or falling or tripping and breaking an arm. But many of our common ailments have a nutritional component. If you’re aware of that, and make good choices, you’re going to be healthier. It’s all about choices.” Mr. Hendry has been preaching that gospel for many years, even before joining Nature’s Market seven years ago, as a consultant and becoming general manager nearly four years ago. He formerly hosted ‘Nature’s Guide Live’ on WMEL radio from 1998-01, and ‘Richard and the Nutritionist’ on WIXC radio from 2001-02. He currently publishes ‘Nature’s Market Magazine’ and

April 2013

promotes farmers markets in Cape Canaveral and Rockledge on Thursdays, West Melbourne on Fridays, Eau Gallie on Saturdays and Cocoa Beach on Sundays. “Those farmers markets are amazing,” Mr. Hendry said. “When you see people coming out to get locally produced foods they know they’re not just getting something that might be cheaper. It’s about being concerned that they’re getting fresher. The less distance your food has to travel, the less preservatives it has. The fresher it is with more vitamins and more nutritional value. “When you see someone try a loaf of our homemade bread, you know they’re not going back to the store-bought bread,” he added. “You can actually taste the difference, and you know it’s got to be a better for you and it will help you promote a healthier lifestyle.” One person who agrees with that is Linda Myers, 56, who lived on Merritt Island for 20 years before moving to See FOOD, Page 9


become less skeptical.” Despite his beliefs, Dr. Gayles said he is obviously not opposed to traditional medicine. “We do surgical procedures here and use X-rays to insert pain pumps and treat compressed discs,” he said. “But, sometimes a good massage is going to be as relieving as a shot of steroids. Giving effective treatment means using what works – whatever that is.” Dr. Gayles said most of his patients suffer back or neck pain, and he said he feels much of that pain can be avoided. “My mantra for everyone is to exercise,” he said. “As we get older, it becomes harder to maintain our fitness. You have to work at it. But, that is very important. The major cause of most pain is lack of fitness. A strong body can help alleviate much


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April 2013

Relaxing atmosphere, home-style cooking

By Amanda Hatfield Staff writer

Lee Mooty General Manager



SATELLITE BEACH — If you’re looking for the new best breakfast and lunch spot on the beach, look no further than Banana River Café. Located along South Patrick Drive in Satellite Beach, the delicious dining destination is housed in what once was the Blue Lemon Café. “When I saw the location was available, I was happy it was on the beach,” said Loren Greenspan, owner of Banana River Café. “It’s part of the local community and I’m a local guy, who wants to bring his style of American food to our community.” Born and raised in Buffalo, N.Y., Mr. Greenspan received a bachelor’s degree in restaurant management, with a focus in hotel, food and travel, from Florida International University in Miami. “After school, I ended up in Atlanta for nearly 30 years in the food business, where I worked for some folks before setting out on my own,” Mr. Greenspan said. During his long tenure in Atlanta, Mr. Greenspan opened and managed five breakfast-lunch restaurants before making the move to the Space Coast in 2011. “Although I enjoyed living in Atlanta, it’s not the same as living in Brevard,” Mr. Greenspan said. “I have a few friends that live here, so I decided to move down and take it easy.” Banana River Café opened its doors for business on Nov. 1, 2012. The restaurant derives its name from the river it sits parallel to, the Banana River. “I love the Banana River, which is why I named the restaurant after it,” Mr. Greenspan said. “I spend a lot of my free time canoeing and kayaking.” Since opening Banana River Café, Mr. Greenspan has constantly worked to encourage the public to give his restaurant a try. “A challenge we’ve faced so far is getting people in for the first time,” Mr.

Staff Photo by Amanda Hatfield

Loren Greenspan, owner of Banana River Café, serves up his Funky Chicken Wrap and homemade pasta salad. Greenspan said. “Especially since we moved into a former local favorite.” While Mr. Greenspan acknowledges the Banana River Café has some pretty steep competition, cooking homestyle meals like breakfast and lunch are his passion. “Owning restaurants that serve breakfast and lunch is what I gravitate toward,” Mr. Greenspan said. “It’s the kind of food I love to cook, and I leave dinner up to other people. I find it’s my little niche — if you will — cooking eggs, breakfast and lunch. You know, gourmet kind of food.” Serving up fresh, delicious meals is extremely important to Mr. Greenspan. Each egg is cracked and every slice of bacon cooked when ordered. “I start out with some of the freshest

ingredients,” Mr. Greenspan added. “I buy fresh, rather than buying a lot of frozen stuff. I try to keep the food simple — comfort, home-style food that you would make at home — and then throw in a lot of fresh ingredients like spinach, herbs, different seasonings that people are used to while throwing a different spin on it,” Mr. Greenspan said. “I even make my own sauces.” One of the most popular breakfast items at Banana River Café is the potato stacks. “People love the stacks, which are herb roasted potatoes, with a variety of toppings,” Mr. Greenspan said. “The stackers are complete with over easy See DINING, Page 9

Dining From page 8

eggs and a homemade cheese sauce.” The egg, sausage, and cheese burrito, as well as the morning quesadilla are also extremely popular amongst Banana River Café patrons. While most people are set in their breakfast routines, Mr. Greenspan enjoys coming up with different specials to offer his customers. “I always want to come up with cool, awesome specials each day so people won’t get bored with our menu,” Mr. Greenspan said. “The specials I come up with reflect food trends, seasons, and most of all, customer feedback.” The Banana River Café menu also features delicious omelets and egg scramblers, with a variety of meats and vegetables for toppings, fluffy pancakes and Belgium waffles served with fruit, eggs, or meat. Lunch-goers at the Banana River Café can select from mouthwatering burgers, classic Philly’s, and hearty salads. Prices for both courses are under $8. “When people come in, I want to make sure they walk out happy, like they got a lot of value,” Mr. Greenspan said.


From page 6

Brooksville, Fla., in 2005, where she is a law clerk for Pasco County Clerk of Courts. On a recent trip back to Melbourne to visit family, she stopped by Nature’s Market to stock up on the supplements she uses to maintain her health. “I became aware of the value of supplements and vitamins about 20 years ago,” Mrs. Myers said. “At the time I had back pain. After an MRI and a short of steroids, the pain was still there. They wanted to put me on Oxycodone. “I was lucky to find someone, who steered me to supplements and vitamins and the value of nutrition. I began using enzymes to clean out my body of toxins, and to get rid of the poisons that were affecting my health. “The pain went away, and I’m more

FOREVER YOUNG After working in the food service industry for more than 30 years, keeping customers happy is the primary goal for Mr. Greenspan. “You’re only as good as the last meal you put out,” Mr. Greenspan said. “It’s important to listen to your customers and be able to change on the fly.” Just like the food he serves, Mr. Greenspan’s business philosophy is full of flavor and compassion. “Maintaining a hometown feel is extremely valuable. My wife is out front and I cook in the back,” Mr. Greenspan said. “I do my best to come out as much as possible so I can get to know our customers.” With a menu full of delicious, reasonably priced options and an owner who cooks from the heart, Banana River Café certainly aims to please. “I love food and people, and I want to make them happy with my food.” Banana River Café is located at 1301 S. Patrick Ave. in Satellite Beach. Business hours are 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, with breakfast only served on Sundays.



Welcome Home to Paradise!! Lamplighter Village AN AGE QUALIFIED COMMUNITY 047434

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For more information, visit, like them on Facebook, or call (321) 622-4381. determined than ever to continue that path,” Mrs. Meyers said. “I’m never going to opt for surgery or conventional medicine as my first choice. I’m not opposed to doctors. I’m just saying, I think you can do a lot to help yourself if you become educated about what you’re putting in your body – either in terms of food or the supplements that are available to you. I exercise and do stretching, I eat probably 80 percent organic food and I know it helped me, and I think it can help anyone.” But Mrs. Meyers does not claim to be perfect. “I’m like an alcoholic,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll fall off the wagon and will eat chips or a big burger. But, I can feel the difference it makes in my body. As soon as I realize what’s happening, I get back to my healthy habits and my health improves. To me, it really is simple. Your health depends on what you put into your body. You are what you eat.”

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wo-putting from long distances is crucial to improving your golf scores. There are three areas that one has to work on to two-putt consistently. Rolling the ball within a three-foot circle from long distances requires the following fundamentals: 1. A long, flowing stroke. 2. Using the correct speed. 3. Understanding how to ‘read’ a green. Let’s look at how to improve each area through practice and drills: Rolling the ball the correct distance from 20, 30 and 40 feet. Assuming that one has putting fundamentals that include good posture, aim and a square stance, there are three critical ‘long-putt’ fundamentals that one must have. First, a long, flowing stroke is essential to getting your long putts


April 2013


close to the hole. Most golfers do not let the putter swing long enough in the backswing to create the speed needed to roll the ball longer distances. As the putts get longer, the backswing should and must get longer. Drill: Walk ten full paces from a hole on the putting green (approximately 30 feet) and put a tee in the ground. Make some practice swings, feeling the length of swing necessary for this putt. Watch these practice swings and then put two tees in the ground, where your putter-head finishes its’ backswing and your follow-through finishes. These two

tees should be about equal distance in the back and through swing, and about three feet total. Now hit three balls and see if the ball gets to the hole. If not, make your swing even longer. Secondly, hitting the putt with the correct speed for the longer putts rolls the ball close to the hole. If your swing tempo remains a consistent and smooth “onnnnnnneeee – two” without any ‘hit’ at the ball with your hands, than it’s easy to roll the ball the correct distance because you’re only using the length of swing to change the speed, not a last ‘nano-second hit’. Drill: From ten paces from the hole, hit ten putts with the ‘onnnee –two’ in your mind. The ‘onnnee’ should be at the end of your backswing, and the ‘two’ at impact. No rushing through with your stroke. Finally, reading the greens is an art

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that one can learn through the ‘pick a spot’ drill. Drill: From those same ten paces from a hole, stand behind the ball several feet and look at the slope of the green. In your mind, splash a bucket of water towards the hole and imagine which way the water would flow to. Then, pick out a spot that if you rolled the ball over, the ball would curve to the hole. Put a tee in the ground at this ‘break-point’, and then hit some putts with the correct speed to see how good your read was. Change the spot if necessary. Do this again and again until you gain confidence on your reads. By practicing these simple drills, your three-putts will turn into consistent two-putts, thus lowering your scores Danny Caverly is the Willowbend Director of Instruction and the 2009 New England PGA Teacher of the Year.

Use the numbers provided in the puzzle below to help you fill in the empty squares.When you are finished, every row, every column, and every block of nine puzzle squares should include each of the numbers 1 to 9.

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How to choose a marina for your boat For Forever Young

Taking to the seas on a boat is a recreational activity enjoyed by thousands of people. Boat owners who are not able to keep their vessels on their properties due to proximity to water or space constraints must seek out a marina in which to moor their boats for the duration of the season. There are hundreds of marinas from which to choose, and in coastal cities and towns you may be facing some difficult decisions. However, keep in mind that not all marinas will be able to offer the same level of services and amenities. Boat owners must also consider cost when choosing a marina. It is important to weigh your marina options carefully because once the decision has been made you often have to commit to a

A boat is not a cheap investment. Because you spend quite a lot on the initial purchase and maintenance, you want to ensure your boat will be safe while it’s docked. Find out how easy it is to get inside of the marina and if there are security personnel patrolling. Safety is not restricted to whether the boat can be vandalized or the marina can be accessed. It also involves how the vessel is protected from the weather.

Electricity and water supply Many boat owners would like a steady supply of electricity and fresh water available at their slip to charge components and also to make cleanup easier after a day on the water. Some marinas offer electrical hookups as part of the monthly fee. Others may have it available as payper-use. It is important to have a list

of amenities available so you can narrow down your options.

Size and type of boat First and foremost, your marina options will be narrowed down by the type of boat that you own. Certain boatyards are simply not able to accommodate larger ships, while others are customized to certain vessels, like pontoon boats or sailboats. Knowing the limitations of the marina beforehand can help narrow down your options.

Location Most boat owners would like a See BOATING, Page 14

Mon.-Fri. 8:00 am-5:30 pm • Sat. 9:00 am-5:00 pm

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Suntree/Viera 6386 US Hwy 1 • Rockledge, FL 32955



6V, 8V, 12V Batteries 6 + 8 Seat Limos Exotic Bodies Custom Alloy Rims Controllers New & Used Carts Covers Chargers Stereo CD Player Upgraded Motors Custom Seats Custom Paint Gas & Electric Carts Enclosures

Is the area safe?

Make sure that the marina is in a wind and wave protected area. Check out the actual slip you can rent and ask about tide variations. Verify how water levels vary based on the time of day and year so you’re ensured your boat will not get grounded.


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certain term of housing your boat there. Certain features available at marinas will help dictate which places will make for a good match.




Herbs for shingles


Shingles typically lasts about six weeks, but for some people, it can last for months or years; then it’s called postherpetic neuralgia. If you should get shingles in your eyes, tell your doctor to prevent damage to your eyes. If you have had shingles before, St. Johns Wort, flax seed spirulina and comfrey strengthen the fatty coating surrounding the nerves (myelin sheath), keeping it healthy, so the virus won’t affect them. Adaptogenic or adrenal-supporting herbs can also be beneficial; if your adrenal glands are overstressed, you

tend to have a weakened immune system. Ginseng, schizandra, ashwaganda and astragalus help you to better deal with life’s stressors. Lemon balm, peppermint, St. Johns Wort and licorice are herbs that specifically help to fight off the virus. You can drink these as a tea or apply the tea as a compress on the sores. I prefer to do both – this way I’m getting the virus internally and externally. These herbs work on the inflammation and soothe the nerves, reduce the pain and they help to fight off the virus. Look in your spice rack. If you have cayenne, ginger or turmeric, you can add a bit of these into a white cream or lotion, applying it to the sores to reduce pain. Just be sure to wash your hands after doing this because it will burn if you get it near your eyes.

Another blend I have gotten good results with is equal parts of St. Johns Wort, lemon balm and licorice; this blend helps reduce pain, plus it has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and nerve-soothing properties. During an outbreak, avoiding arginine found in chocolate, red wine, peanuts, colas, sugars and soybeans helps to inhibit the replication of the virus; and increasing foods, herbs or supplements high in Vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid, selenium, magnesium and zinc, helps to reduce the healing time. Cecelia Avitable is the owner of The Herb Corner located at 277 North Babcock Street, Melbourne. For more information, call (321) 757-7522 or visit

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Shingles is a viral infection affecting the sensory nerve cells caused by the same virus (varicella zoster) that caused chicken pox when you were a child. That virus lays dormant on the nerve cell along the spinal cords and later on in life stress or a weakened immune system causes it to resurfaces as shingles (herpes zoster) affecting your central nervous system. At first you may feel a tingling pain that develops into a rash usually on the trunk of the body. As shingles develops, pain and itching begin to intensify, usually along one side of the body, along a nerve path, branching out like branches on a tree. The hardest part is trying not to itch because shingles can be spread by direct contact with the rash and the more you itch, the greater the chance of infection.

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Woes in the medical field


the general public will overlook almost anything, as long as the lead character has eyes to die for and a slow smile that takes your breath away. I have been lucky enough to work at various hospitals and doctors offices in this area and have seen quite a few doctors in “action,” but my closest contacts are records techs, nurses, lab techs, etc. Those of us in the medical support field have a whole different view of what makes doctors sexy. Doctor Webber happens to be

the doctor saving the day (and night ) on a presently very popular medical drama, and has been rightly voted as one of the hottest men on T.V. today. The truth is he could be bald, paunchy and have halitosis, but if he were ever shown actually SIGNING a chart, he would make the top of the “Sexiest Man on the Planet” list by records tech votes alone. We all cried for his lost loves, but if any of the dreadfully handsome doctors ‘Practicing Privately’ would narrate their ‘H’ and ‘P’s’ clearly just once, they would have the undying adoration of transcriptionists the world over. I guarantee any of the nurses he is “not” chasing this week would be weak-kneed if Dr. House,

curmudgeon of the show of the same name, would document a late-night visit in a patient’s chart just once, not to mention how much assistance would be offered to help either of his first -ear residents with their dilemma dujour should they actually review a lab. As a matter of fact, all the nurses I know would kiss a M.D. Bela Lugosi look-alike right on the mouth should he or she document orders BEFORE they are actually needed. To doctors reading this column, when is the last time you had the opportunity to increase your sex appeal value, without a single push-up, comb-over, tushy-crunch or forward lunge, but rather merely moving a pen across paper?

Put A Little Spring In Your Step Melbourne Terrace provides skilled rehabilitative services for those patients who require skilled needs in order to return to their prior level of function. • Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation • • Stroke & Cardiac Recovery • • Pulmonary Therapy • • Infusion Therapy • • Wound Care • • Restorative Therapy • • Nutritional Therapy • • Lymphedema Therapy • • Pain Reduction Management •

Inpatient & Outpatient Rehabilitation Services



ecause I am a C.N.A., presently working in the medical records of a company happily overrun with doctors and nurses, my friends inform me every time a new medical show appears. These television shows are entertaining, but they promote a slightly slanted view of the medical profession. Knowing they are total fiction makes it easier to overlook the gory parts and adds a sense of surrealism to the whole thing. Common sense will tell you there is not a doctor on the planet who can treat a gunshot wound, “crack” a chest and deliver a baby, sometimes simultaneously…and manage to look “oh so sexy” while doing it, but television execs think



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725-3990 251 Florida Ave. • Melbourne



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marina that is close to home or a rental property. After all, traveling hours to arrive at the shore may negate the benefits of having a boat. How often the boat is in use and the availability of marinas nearby will dictate your decision, as will how easily you will have access to the routes you want to explore on your boat.

Dry docking When the season is over, boat owners prefer to take their boats out of water. Are there maintenance facilities also available to ready the boat for the season?

Other facilities Some marinas have everything from a fueling station to a club house. The marina may offer a snack bar or cafe with a WiFi signal. Each of these amenities will affect the price, so it is best to know what you absolutely need and what is merely a luxury.

THE GREENERY Tips for seasonal fertilization


pring is here and it’s time for every “green thumb” to start preparing their palms for the summer heat, drought and precipitation of the coming months. One of the most important factors in your plants’ health and longevity is when and how you fertilize. For those who live on the barrier island, it is important to begin fertilizing in early April. The island has a more tropical climate than the mainland, where fertilization starts around April 15. I recommend using 12-4-12 nitrogen phosphate potassium fertilizer for palm trees. Apply it in a wide circle, at a great


distance away from the root ball, so as to not damage the roots. This fertilizer is perfect if your palms are showing frizzle top. Where the fronds are not very erect, misshaped or off color, tech magnum should be applied close to the tree trunks. Citrus, mangoes and avocado trees require citrus fertilizer 8-4-8, which is applied out at the drip line. The drip line is the distance furthest from the trunk. You can determine the amount of



Daytrips/Multi Day Tours and Nature Expeditions

Ask about Gentle Float Tubing in Natural Springs.



April 2013

fertilizer to use by measuring the circumference of the trunk and doubling it for pounds of fertilizer. Fertilizer should be applied monthly from April through September. If April is especially dry, wait until June to fertilize again. If you hire a professional to provide this service, make sure they have a license to fertilize. Having a licensed professional is important to protect your landscape and the Indian River lagoon from pollution. Neil Lagin is a FNGLA Horticultural Specialist. He can be reached at or at

“By the time you’re 80 years-old, you’ve learned everything. You only have to remember it.”

And over 200 Social and Group Fund Raising Itineraries available by request. Call Lee Rosenkranz, CTC (Certified Travel Counselor and International Tour Guide) @ Florida Greeters


George Burns “If you’ve got a hobby we’ve got a tour”

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