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July 2012

Returning to school and work a challenge for many


emember the first day of school? It was a little scary, because you didn’t know if you’d like the teacher or if there were mean kids in your class. If you were going to a new school, it was even worse. How would you find you way? Would you make friends? Would you wear the right clothes? What if you got lost and walked into class after everyone had already sat down? What if they all looked at you? Now fast-forward some 30 or 40 years. You’ve been working for a long time and perhaps you’ve lost you job because of the economy. When you look around, you find that the skills you have may not be enough in today’s job market. What are you going to do? This issue of Forever Young focuses on the solutions some people have found. You’ll meet brave souls who returned to school. Many enrolled in Indian River State College’s Office


Administration program. Every one of them said they were frightened that first day. Some thought about turning back. They stayed. The ones who had never turned on a computer learned to navigate the Internet. Then they moved on to sophisticated programs. All of them gained confidence at their ability. Others in this issue looked for programs to help tide them over and prepare them for full-time employment. You will find organizations that help with that process. Still others decided to go into business for themselves. It’s not an easy process. Many went to programs such


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By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

COCOA — Dawn Meyer worked as a software engineer with the NASA Space Shuttle Program for 28 years. She had already decided to leave that career when the program ended.

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couldn’t do this job well if I were much younger. I just wouldn’t have understood that while you may be older, and look a little more mature, you still have a lot to offer. With the arrogance of youth, I probably would have assumed that people my age were “over-the-hill.” I certainly know differently now. We have a lot to offer. Thanks to Donna Gorham at Indian River State College and Donn MillerKermani of Florida Institute of Technology for providing introductions to some of the people featured in this issue. As always, we at Forever Young welcome your comments. Send me an email at For an upcoming issue, if you are part of the “sandwich” generation, caring for aging parents and returning children or grandchildren, please contact me at the above address.

Engineer seeks new venture with end of shuttle program


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as the one at Florida Institute of Technology. It helps entrepreneurs by teaching them those skills necessary for a new venture, such as making a business plan, understanding licensing and other requirements and learning to budget. These days, retirement is not always feasible because of finances. Many people find that retirement is not fulfilling. In any case, people are working well into their 50s, 60s and 70s. We older workers bring a lot to the table. We have a good work ethic, we are reliable, we are polite and we have maturity and experience. These are all desirable attributes and we need to learn how to brag about ourselves and “sell” ourselves to would-be employers. One of the joys of writing for Forever Young is that I am writing about people in my own age group with whom I share a life’s worth of experiences. I

“I decided it was time to do something else,” she said. “I needed something that would feed my soul. Software wasn’t cutting it.” In her early 50s, Ms. Meyer was a Reiki master, a practitioner of the Japanese technique for stress reduction See ENGINEER, 5

ON THE COVER Andy Stefanek/staff photographer

Dennis Childs of Cocoa enjoys the day by making a scenic painting of a house along the river in Cocoa. Mr. Childs retired as an architect to go back to school and learn painting.

July 2012




Unique program lends a hand in senior job search ongoing job search. We do assist them in their attempt to obtain unsubsidized employment so that we can help the next person. We do have a wait list.”

Each client works with an employment specialist to help in the job search. See JOB, Page 8

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MELBOURNE — The Senior Community Service Employment Program is a national program of the U.S. Department of Labor, under the authority of the Older Americans Act of 1965. It helps low-income job seekers 55 and older re-enter or remain in the workforce and find unsubsidized employment. Participants are given a community service assignment in a nonprofit or governmental agency, and that assignment serves as a work-training site. Participants usually work as many as 20 hours a week and are paid the minimum wage to assist the host agency. They also receive training and help with job searches. The AARP Foundation/WorkSearch is a national sponsor of the program. Carolyn Brown is its project director in

Brevard and Indian River counties. Most of her available slots are in Brevard County, with 10 in Indian River County. However, other sponsors can assist those eligible for the program in Indian River County. “Participants have to meet lowincome guidelines, be totally unemployed, able and willing to work and have a way to get to a job,” she said. “Our goal is to help people find employment.” While up to 20 hours of the week is devoted to the community service assignment, clients may also qualify for additional training in such positions as certified nurse assistant or security guard. “While they’re on the program, clients are required to do a continuing job search to achieve the goal of obtaining unsubsidized employment,” Ms. Brown said. “They are responsible for going out each week and doing an

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Associate news editor


By Shelley Koppel



July 2012




Two storms came early this hurricane season


i, everybody. The 2012 hurricane season is almost a month in the making, and we have already seen two named storms. The irony of it is that both storms have formed before the season even officially started. Does this mean we are going to see a severe season? The answer to that question is a definite “no.” For a tropical system to form, there are many complex factors that must come into place. Things like the Bermuda High, sea surface temperatures and upper level winds all have to be just so, in order for one of these mighty weather engines to get started. In all cases, a tropical system forms from a simple cluster of thunderstorms. Once the above conditions all come together in perfect harmony, the earth’s rotation begins to “spin” the system and soon, a new tropical cyclone is born. Once the rotation of the clouds form a closed circle, the storm will be named and advisories will be issued. Once a storm is named and advi-


sories are issued, computer models will start to generate forecast models and wind intensity forecasts. The National Hurricane Center has really done an excellent job at making landfall predictions but intensity forecasts are another story. There have been numerous times where locations have been caught off guard because a storm intensified more then expected. Here is one instance that sticks clearly in my mind: Tropical storm Irene hit the East Coast of Florida in October of 1999. The system was forecast to be a minor tropical storm, and most people did not prepare for anything more then what was forecast. When the storm struck, it brought blinding

rain and high winds that far exceeded what I would of expected. It was the one time I did not put up my shutters, and boy was that a mistake. Irene hit the East Coast that night with a vengeance, and it taught many of us a valuable lesson. Most people were not prepared for hurricane-force winds and in light of the forecast; the winds exceeded hurricane-force in many coastal locations. Irene is just one example of why we need to be fully prepared for the worst-case scenario, regardless of the forecast. Another good example is Hurricane Charley in August 2004. For days, Charley was forecast to hit Tampa Bay, but most people were focusing on the exact track and few were looking at the cone of error. The right side of the cone put the southwest of Florida at some risk. On Aug. 14, 2004, the unthinkable happened. Charley made a sudden right turn and began rapid intensification. Since many ignored the cone, many were left directly in the path with no time to

leave. Charley hit the southwest coast of Florida as a devastating Category 4 hurricane. The system became an inland hurricane event and traveled up the spine of Florida exiting near Jacksonville. Many were caught off guard. Charley was another instance where we learned that if you are in the cone, you must be prepared for the worst, even if the official track takes the system away from your exact location. As you can see by some of the above stories, we must be prepared and do so early in the season. Get your supplies, generators and canned foods now, when there is no storm threatening. These supplies will never go to waste, and even if we have the forecasted ”quiet” season, your supplies will not go to waste. If a storm threatens and you are in the “cone of error,” prepare as if the storm was heading to your doorstep. You can reach Joe Zelenak at


Engineer From page 2

and relaxation involving the use of the hands. “I did not have a massage therapy license,” she said. “I began going to school. I wasn’t sure if I’d do my own business or go into business with a friend.” For the first six weeks after she left the shuttle program, Ms. Meyer took some time off. “I needed to find something I wanted to do where I could make money,” she said. “I didn’t want to just have a job. I wanted something fulfilling. Toward the end of the shuttle program, it was depressing. I had to get clear on what I really wanted to do.” To help her, Ms. Meyer used several websites, including one by Oprah Winfrey that provides exercises to help identify things a person is passionate about. As she thought about what she wanted to do next, Ms. Meyer decompressed from the stressful Space Center environment.

Through Brevard Workforce, Ms. Meyer found Florida Institute of Technology’s program to help displaced shuttle workers. It included information on entrepreneurship. “The Florida Tech program helped me get clearer on how to do it and what I needed to have,” she said. “I had to come up with a business plan,” she said. “I started researching local spas and other massage establishments to find out pricing. I had to decide what services to offer. “I wanted something a little different for other people, so I decided to combine Reiki with massage,” she said. “But I also wanted to offer classes in Reiki, and I wanted to offer reflexology and aromatherapy that require touching. That’s when I decided to get a massage therapy license. You need it to be able to touch people. It opened up so many things I could do.” Ms. Meyer decided to open her business with a partner, Liisa Cull, a cosmetologist and fellow Reiki master. Ms. Cull had been looking for a place to give classes in Reiki. See ENGINEER, 7

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Save money by understanding your home insurance policy


ne of the hottest topics today in home ownership is the cost of the Hazard insurance policy. It is no secret that many people are paying too much for their coverage and know little about their policy. There are many factors to consider with your policy that I will discuss. The truth is many people only read their insurance policy – after a loss. Homeowner's insurance can be very complex and riddled with exclusions. As Florida law changes your policy evolves. Whether its sinkhole coverage, mechanical breakdown or water backup and sump overflow it is important to know what is and isn’t covered. Since Hurricane season is approaching it is time to dust off that Declaration page! So how are policy limits calculated? Dwelling coverage is typically based on the replacement cost of the structure. This figure is not the actual market value as this number changes depending on market conditions. The replacement cost should include tangibles such as debris removal and interior upgrades. When rebuilding the newest Florida building codes also may be required. Fire and smoke alarms, special electrical breaker, receptacles and minimal floor elevation requirements for the concrete slab are factors that need to be considered in the calculations. Another important coverage is contents. Knowing whether you are scheduled for replacement cost or Actual Cash Value when a claim is paid on your personal items is very important! Don’t forget to document these items regularly with video. Don’t rely on your memory during claim time as you will be under enough stress. So where will you stay? Have a plan for your family and pets. Your policy should cover your temporary living quarters through “Loss of Use”. Also knowing your Liability coverage is more important than ever. New changes are being made to Florida’s largest property insurer, Citizen’s Property and Casualty to reduce their exposure. If you have an Umbrella policy you might have a gap in liability coverage because of some of these changes! There are several other ways to save on a Homeowners insurance policy. One of the best ways is to take advantage of wind mitigation discounts. I


July 2012


INSURANCE AGENT FL CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTOR FL CERTIFIED CONTRACTOR have heard many people complain that they had this inspection in the past. Well I am here to tell you there is a new version of the form again effective February 2012 and many insurers are not accepting the older versions. The most recent version is intended to solve issues that were problematic in older forms. The language formerly was too vague and misinterpreted. Also the newest version gives homeowners the advantage to receive discounts they may have not qualified for before. Some of the positive changes made were how Roof geometry type is measured, the number of truss strap nails needed and the ability to certify tile and metal roof systems. More ways to save money is by increasing deductibles or adjusting your policy limits utilizing more realistic replacement costs. Some insurers will allow you to decrease a coverage that doesn’t necessarily apply to your risk. Again it is never smart to pay for coverage that you don’t need. Shopping with other insurers can also be a good idea especially if the company you are with doesn’t have the “appetite” for your type of risk. This can result in you paying too much! Replacing your roof if it is not 2001 Florida Building Code equivalent is another way to save money while Hurricane hardening your home. Realistically with a new roof, secondary water resistant barrier and re-nailed decking you could potentially save thousands of dollars. If you finance your new roof you could nearly save enough on your insurance premium over time to pay for the upgrades! People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan. Start planning today. In short there are ways to save money. In this economy it pays to be frugal and money smart. If you have any further questions on how to save money on your Insurance or wish to compare current rates visit or call me at (321) 253-3100. paid advertising




July 2012

Dealing with the ‘O-word’ in job interviews: Are you overqualified? Job hunters age 50-plus dread hearing this question: “Aren’t you overqualified?” Some suspect this question is really just a code for “You’re too old.” But seen from the perspective of the potential employer, there’s often more to it than that. Because workers 50 or older have a lifetime of experience, sometimes they will have more qualifications than some lower-level jobs actually require. That’s not all bad. Perhaps you’re applying because you want more flexibility, or to return to work that you miss. At other times your qualifications will be exactly right, but you sense underlying concerns about your age. Whatever

the case, remember what your product is – you’re selling yourself as a great hire, and what you can do for your new employer. Anticipate the “overqualified” issue and be ready to respond effectively.

Step One: Adapt Your Resume If you’re applying for jobs at a lower level than those you’ve held in the past, you can adapt your resume in several ways: • Revise your work history to keep descriptions short and high-level. Selecting only those skills most relevant to the job you’re applying for. • Downplay high-level qualifications that aren’t required for the job • Omit degrees and certifications that make you look too educated

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Because workers 50 or older have a lifetime of experience, sometimes they will have more qualifications than some lower-level jobs actually require. That’s not all bad. Dave Bruns AARP Florida for the job • Stress teamwork rather than leadership, using words like “coordinated” or “collaborated”

Step Two: Prepare for the Interview

• Pay may be too low

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If asked about being overqualified, start by asking the interviewer, “Can you tell me more about your concern?” Have an answer prepared for each of the points listed above, and practice until you know you can answer convincingly. Ms. Grabowski offers this example: “It’s true that I have held higher level positions and have experience managing people. I truly enjoyed that part of my career. See OVERQUALIFIED, Page 7

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• You may want a quick promotion • You may want the interviewer’s job

The job interview is often the place where the “overqualified” question comes up. In a recent AARP webinar on job interviews, career professional Camille Grabowski pointed out that the employer may be worried about one of five things: • You will be bored

• You will leave for a better opportunity

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For Forever Young


By Dave Bruns


July 2012



Marketing your business: look locally for help By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

SATELLITE BEACH — Joellen Brennan recently started her own business, A Reiki Heart, based on the Japanese hands-on technique for stress reduction and relaxation. She was introduced to the technique while working as a volunteer coordinator for hospice patients. When she later began working for the Harris Corporation, she started taking classes to learn more. “A couple of years ago, I was in a position to retire, and I spent time figuring out what I wanted to do. The Women’s Business Center at Florida Tech is just an enormous assistance to anyone who wants to start a business. “It gives you an opportunity to work on a business plan. You’re scattered. You know your strengths, but you have to know what you need,

what classes you have to take. With a business plan, you see the gaps. The business plan has deadlines you give yourself and helps you know if it’s reasonable to have a business.” Dr. Donna Miller Ms. Brennan found other benefits in working with experts in business start-up. “They helped me with networking with women, who are starting business or have been successful,” she said. “The staff has a lot of contacts. “They help with pricing, site selection, creating a budget, knowing how much start-up money you need, using social networks as a business tool and creating your own network.

Overqualified From page 6

However, I am at a different stage in my career now, and would like to return to the hands-on part of the job I have always loved. That is why this position appeals to me so much.” Use statements like this even if the word “overqualified” is not used directly. You’ll appear stronger if you address unspoken concerns rather than ignore them.

Step Three: Sell Yourself — but Keep It Light Another tactic is to turn your qualifications into reasons to hire you. For example, if hired, your experience means you’d be able to get up to speed and be productive more quickly than other applicants might. Other advantages might be your proven ability to solve problems, work without close supervision, or mentor others. When you bring up these qualities,

It helps you develop confidence to know what your business is or who to ask for help. “FIT encouraged me to get to know the competition, who else if out there giving the same service. It helps with pricing. Most people have a tendency to under-price.” Ms. Brennan said that the assistance came with a small price tag. “It’s very reasonable,” she said. “Some of the help is free and I went to the free classes first. Others were between $25-50. It’s manageable for people on a budget.” When Ms. Brennan was first starting her business, she met Donn Miller-Kermani, who was then serving as director of the Women’s Business Center. Ms. Miller-Kermani suggested that Ms. Brennan go to the Breast Friends of Florida luncheon. Since then, Ms. Brennan has served as a vendor, with a table showing

do so in a non-threatening way. For example, instead of trumpeting your high-level management skills, talk about times when you successfully collaborated with other team members in ways that made everyone look like winners. Dealing with the “O-word” comes down to showing you are the right “fit” for the job. With preparation and confidence, you’ll help the employer see you not as overqualified but as the best-qualified applicant. For more about the overqualified label and other topics, see AARP’s Job Tips for 50+ Workers at . AARP has created a free live webinar <> ( <> ) about how to use social media to jump-start your second career. You can also download a previous webinar about standing out in a crowded job market. Dave Bruns of Tallahassee is a spokesman for AARP Florida.

people what Reiki was like, and how it can release tension. “Small businesses can’t pay for a lot of ads,” Ms. Brennan said. “There were 300 people there. Where can I go for a reasonable fee to meet 300 people?” Ms. Brennan ultimately decided not to open a site but to keep her business mobile and, at the moment, part-time. “The website is my key contact,” she said. “My goal is to find locations like churches that give space. Massage and yoga centers may have space. I can pay some rent, but I try to keep costs down. I want to be able to give Reiki sessions in Brevard County with minimal cost. This is a retirement career for me.” That said, Ms. Brennan said she wants her business to succeed. “I don’t want to waste my time,” See MARKETING, Page 8

Engineer From page 5

Selecting a site for the business was another aspect of entrepreneurship Ms. Meyer had to tackle. “We looked at various places in our price range – the range we thought would be good for our type of business,” she said. “We found a place in Cocoa Village, across from a spot that offers yoga, and opened at the end of March.” For Ms. Meyer, opening her own business had several challenges, including studying anatomy. “The hardest part was going back to school full-time,” she said. “I hadn’t done book work and tests in a long time. Then there were all the rules and regulations from the city, county and state about licenses and inspections. It took longer than I expected because I thought you could do things simultaneously and they had to be done in order.” Ms. Meyer also had to update

her social networking skills. “I had webpage design from work,” she said. “But I hadn’t done Facebook, and I still haven’t tackled Twitter. You have to be willing to get out there and network.” Today, Ms. Meyer is working on building her business. “We’re building a clientele and getting ourselves known to help as many people as we can,” she said. “That’s what healing practices are all about. I want to make enough money so that the lack of money is not a distraction from what I really want to do.” Dawn Meyer runs the Awareness Center, 633C Brevard Ave., Cocoa Village. Call (321) 261-5975 or visit Florida Tech’s Women’s Business Center provides assistance for women and men seeking to open their own businesses. Call (321) 674-7007 or visit Oprah Winfrey’s “Find Your Passion” exercises are available online at www



From page 3

“The employment specialist assists in writing a good resume, teaching interview skills, helping clients call employers and sending them to job clubs,” she said. “These are group gettogethers where an instructor teaches basic skills like how to dress and interview. They teach people how to go online and attach a resume.” Two other programs in this employment program that assist clients are WorkSearch and On-the-Job Experience. “WorkSearch is a computer-based program that allows clients to go online and we can assess their skill level,” Ms. Brown said. “They can take tests to see if their skills are outdated. It’s a computerbased assessment testing and job search tool.” On -the -Job Experience is a program that allows for-profit employers to try one of our clients for up to two weeks, she added. SCSEP pays the client at the


FOREVER YOUNG employer’s prevailing rate for a limited time while the employer provides job training. Ms. Brown emphasized that the program’s goal is to find participants employment. “We’re your back-up team,” she said. “We can assist you with your job search, coach and cheer you on and help in any way to get you trained and out the door to unsubsidized employment.” “Your goal is to get a job and our job is to help you,” she added. “We assist, but you have to do the work. We have a wonderful program and many success stories.” For more information about the AARP Foundation/WorkSearch program, call (321) 956-1444. For information about WorkSearch, a computer-based skills assessment tool, visit You can also find about SCSEP and additional service providers in Indian River County at the Florida Department of Elder Affairs website www.elderaffairs.state.fl.use/doea/scsep

July 2012

Marketing From page 7

she said. “The first three years are critical for any new business. I teach Reiki, and I’d like to build on that. I want to be a success. I take small steps so it really works. Older people have to learn what technology is available. No matter how intelligent you are, if you’re no staying abreast of technology, you’re almost illiterate.” Ms. Brennan said her biggest accomplishment in the business world is that text messaging has allowed her to develop a better client response, rather than just leaving a message. “Someone told me once that if you want people 30 and younger, you have to text,” she said. “I spend one hour a day on technology work. I found a free class on using the iPad. There are a lot of older people in these classes.” For Ms. Brennan, she said the

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key is always being open to help from people of all ages and perspectives, and then acting on the advice. “There are lots of people to show you the next right thing,” she said. “You have to be focused and want it. Lots of people in their 60s are looking for a career change. I’d rather be doing something I enjoy.” Joellen Brennan owns A Reiki Heart. Contact her at (321) 777-8652 or visit the website for a list of classes. Florida Tech’s Women’s Business Center provides assistance for women and men seeking to open their own businesses. Call (321) 6747007 or visit the website Editor’s note: Reiki is a technique best used in conjunction with medical treatments and medication provided by a physician. Reiki is not a substitute for conventional health care. The goal of Reiki is to provide complementary care in the areas of relaxation and stress reduction.

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July 2012




Ongoing Events North Brevard Democratic Club: at 7 p.m. Every fourth Monday of each month at Royal Oak Resort and Golf Club, 2150 Country Club Drive, Titusville. For more information, call Jimmy at(321) 446-0911 or via email Eau Gallie Framer’s Market: at 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Wednesday, 1453 Highland Ave., Melbourne. The Farmer’s Market Features: fresh produce, honey, jellies & jams, arts & crafts, soaps & bodycare, coffee & tea, baked Goods, flowers & plants and more. For more information, email

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One Senior Place One Senior Club: from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Wednesday. An active senior club serving the Viera area has formed. One Senior Club will offer a wide variety of activities, card and board games, and much more. Coffee is provided, but bring your own brown bag lunch to enjoy. Volunteer positions are available and members desiring to participate in the enjoyable fun of life are asked to join. Annual membership dues are $15 per person. For more information call One Senior Place at (321) 751-6771. One Senior Club Tai Chi: from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Friday. Historically, T’ai Chi Ch’üan has been regarded as a martial art, and its traditional practitioners still teach it as one. Even so, it has developed a worldwide following among many thousands of

people with little or no interest in martial training for its aforementioned benefits to health and health maintenance. Some call it a form of moving meditation, and T’ai Chi theory and practice evolved in agreement with many of the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Besides general health benefits and stress management attributed to beginning and intermediate level T’ai Chi training, many therapeutic interventions along the lines of traditional Chinese medicine are taught to advanced T’ai Chi students. Come and learn the art of T’ai Chi. Yoga with Marcia: from 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. every Friday. Yoga with Marcia, 200 hr. Certified Instructor. Seniors come explore the benefits of Gentle Yoga, focusing on the Six Movements of the Spine. Breath + Movement + Relaxation = Balance. If you can get up and down from the floor, all that is needed is a mat. Suggested Donation of $4 per class greatly appreciated. First class free. For information call Marcia at (321) 725-5179.

Brevard Users Group: from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday, July 2. The Brevard Users Group (The BUG Club) is a personal computer support group meeting the first Monday of each month. This group will offer the basics of learning Windows based computers. This is a great way to learn more about computers in a relaxed environment. For more information, contact via email VITAS Memory Bear Workshop: from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Meeting of memory bear sewers to cut and prep bears and distribution of items. For more information, contact Joanne Barney at (321) 254-8070 or email her at Sit and Be Fit with Watersong: from 10 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Chair exercise. Increase your muscle strength, muscle endurance, energy level and flexibility with this motivating exercise program using weights, exerSee CALENDAR, Page 10

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cise bands and balls. Medicaid Planning Seminar: from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. July 10. Elder Law Attorney William A Johnson, PA will discuss new planning opportunities that are available under the new Medicaid Laws including legal and financial strategies that can help preserve your assets from nursing home costs even after you or a loved one has entered a nursing home. For more information, call (321) 2531667. One Senior Place is located at 8085 Spyglass Hill Road,Viera. For more on the classes offered and seminars that are held, visit or call (321) 751-6771.

Wednesday, July 4 Firecracker 5k: at 7 a.m. Wednesday July 4 at the Honor America Liberty Bell Memorials Museum, 1601 Oak Street,

FOREVER YOUNG Melbourne. Please join to kick off the first race in Running Zone’s Race Series. A fun and patriotic event to celebrate Independence Day! Race Fee: (Before Early Registration Date): $28 (Sign up for series to get discounts). Early Registration Date: July 3. Race Fee: (After Early Registration Date): $31. For more information, call (321) 7518890 or visit and click the calendar tab. Fourth of July Craft Fair: from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, July 4 at the Melbourne Military Memorial Park, 1601 Oak Street, Melbourne. Sponsored by Honor America. For additional information, call (321) 727-1776. Honor America Independence Day Parade: at 10 a.m. Wednesday, July 4 at Historic Downtown Melbourne. Sponsored by Honor America, Inc. and the City of Melbourne. The parade is to begin near the railroad tracks and travel westward on New Haven Avenue to Oak Street, then north-

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July 2012

ward to Honor America’s Liberty Bell Museum. For Additional Information contact Honor America at (321) 727-1776 or visit

Friday, July 6 First Friday Art Walk: from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, July 6 at the Eau Gallie Arts District, Highland Ave., Melbourne. First Friday Art Walk is a free event on the first Friday of each month. All art studios and galleries in the Eau Gallie Arts District will remain open for a free gallery-walk featuring exhibit openings, demonstrations, refreshments, and music. For more information, call (321) 7520463 or visit

Friday, July 13 Friday Fest Family Street Party: at 6 p.m. Friday, July 13 in Historic Downtown Melbourne, 825 New Haven Ave., Melbourne. Activities include live entertainment

for the whole family, food, craft & business vendors, new and classic cars, activities for children, rock climbing wall & more. Admission and parking are free, some activities require a fee. Sponsored by the Melbourne Main Street and the City of Melbourne. For information, call (321) 724-1741 or visit

Saturday, July 28 Tour de Turtles Kick Off Party: at 6 p.m. Saturday, July 28 at the Barrier Island Center, 8385 S. Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach. Tickets are available for advance purchase online or at the Barrier Island Center for $20. The deadline to purchase advance tickets is midnight July 20. Tickets will also be available at the door for $35. To purchase tickets online, visit

See CALENDAR, Page 14

July 2012




Men, women have different health care issues Editor’s note: This column was originally scheduled to appear in the June Men’s Health edition of Forever Young.


ust in case it has gone unnoticed by anyone on this planet over the age of 6 months (and certain politicians), I would like to make it perfectly clear that the male and the female of our great species have different working parts. Before someone calls my kids and declares it’s time to take my typewriter away from me, let me explain. I’m not talking about what the Good Lord put on the outside; I’m speaking of the innards. Being on the caretaker side of more illnesses and injuries than I can remember, I have come to the conclusion that very few of our body parts that we share even function in the same capacity.


During one of my recent midnight “sweat and swear” sessions — compliments of Father Time (and the fact that sleeping next to me was the reason for my latest ‘If I live to be 100, I’ll never understand the male psyche’ statement) — I found these unsolicited hours of contemplation afford me particular insight into a top-to-toe body part comparable assessment. Which is exactly where I and my synapses landed this particular midnight. Menopausal brains do strange things while awaiting the sandman after the forth “head in freezer” treatment of the evening.

The following is my personal assessment, there were no humans injured in the complication of this information (yet — the snoring is now reaching rooftop decibels), nor is this publication responsible for gathering this information in any way. But, I’m pretty sure at least 50 percent of the readers agree with the findings! Beginning at the top with something as miniscule as hair follicles: As men age, they accumulate a gray hair here and there until, finally, they have distinguished gray temples. Women find clumps of gray hair appearing overnight, which we keep at bay by sending our hairdresser’s children to college. The natural progression downward brings us to brain cells: There is not enough room in this publica-

tion to begin to list and explain the differences between male and female synapses and ions. Suffice it to say I have never heard a female declare, “Hey, Bubba! Watch this!” just prior to a trip to the emergency room. If the eyes are truly windows to the soul, all males over the age of 20 must have very athletic souls because their eyes can whip halfway around their heads whenever a bikini is in the vicinity and bounce back before wifey catches them — or so they think. Women must have two souls; one concentrating on the road ahead and the other catching 7-year-old big brother just before he throws little sister’s Bunnypoo out of the window. Moving on down to necks: I have See ISSUES, Page 12


l Specia A e v a H ion? Occas our Book Y re! e Party H

Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Must present coupon.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Must present coupon.

Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Must present coupon.


From page 11

to say in my experience, most of the red ones are male and most of the pain I have had in mine was somehow a direct result of an encounter with a teenage female heir. It is commonly accepted that men’s shoulders are broad and strong, but us ladies carry a bunch of weight, too. Male scapulas easily balance 2-year-olds, 2 x 4s, and repairs on two automobiles. Female clavicles are perfect for snuggling tiny baby faces, accepting blame for everything from off-kilter bank balances to stale bread and weepy girlfriend’s man problems. I believe from a physical standpoint male and female hearts are mostly the same, the pumping action is just accelerated by different fuels – Most of what causes male atrial fibrillation consists of metal, rubber and gasoline. Female cardiac speed sprints are usually

FOREVER YOUNG preceded by a positive E.P.T. reading or the thought of the last child graduating and moving to a college campus. When it comes to knees: I believe both sexes hit them about the same number of times. It has been my experience, however, that a male will begin a conversation with the Big Guy with, “Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings you have bestowed on me,” and end with, “I promise there will be an extra 10 spot in the collection plate this Sunday, but you know what a good mood I would be in if (insert name of favorite sports team here) wins this weekend – so it could be a 20.” Females’ prayers usually follow along the same lines up until the good mood part, she then hits the “Please Watch Overs” as in “Please watch over my baby girl when she takes her finals tomorrow” or “Please watch over me if the little blond in the next cubical once again begins to divulge the details of her latest overnighter. I will need

July 2012

all the help I can get to keep my big mouth shut.” Feet: I respectfully decline to mention aroma of either sex here, I have experienced doozies of both sexes. But, I will say most men are happiest clumping around in boots or tennis shoes, the older the better. And the female of the species works a minimum of eight hours with her feet stuffed into unnatural, oblongshaped, torture devices with the heel angled higher than the toes. On the few occasions when she goes out dancing, she dons another pair, this time forcing her heels even higher. This is all to make her legs more attractive to her date; then spends the whole evening dancing backward! I also truly believe medical science has proven a new strain of cold has developed! It has been named Mancoldismuchworses. Symptoms appear to mimic the common cold, but cause much more intense – and very much more audible – suffering. I guess it’s

a good thing that the nasty little virus only attacks half our population. Diagnoses is done by comparison: The common cold virus usually makes its presence known first thing in the morning, and includes severe headaches, nose running, alternate shivering and sweating. She will slap on a little lipstick, gather/feed/dress children, take them and various homework assignments and science projects to school, then put in a full day at work The Mancoldismuchworses virus is felt sometime during the night, and is symptomized by voracious guttural noises, moaning and gas expulsion, culminating in a rough morning, whereupon he drags his uncombed hair, unshaven face, ripped “comfy” T-shirted body to the living room.Myriad requests (Kleenex, cough medicines and sympathy) preclude locating the television remote and flopping on See ISSUES, Page 14

An exciting new publication From celebrating the active lifestyles of Florida’s boomers! 6 separate local editions, covering each county served by

25,000 copies of each edition will be home delivered and available for single-copy pick-up




July 2012



Protecting your bones Welcome Home to Paradise!! Lamplighter Village from osteoporosis




elieve it or not, your bones are living tissue, constantly undergoing change and renewal. Think of your skeleton as a huge calcium bank. When you are younger, a healthy diet and exercise build a healthy bank account, then somewhere around age 35 your body reaches its calcium peak, accepting fewer and fewer deposits, using up more calcium than it can replace. Calcium plays a major role in the health of your bones, but the lack of calcium is not the only cause of osteoporosis. Lack of exercise, high protein, high fat diets, drinking sodas or alcohol, hormonal imbalances, smoking, low levels of vitamin D and calcium, along with the consumption of refined processed and chemical laden foods, as well as with certain medications are just a few things that can rob calcium from your skeletal bank account. So what can you do to help yourself? The use of herbs alone cannot eliminate osteoporosis, but they can slow its progress. Exercise will encourage your bones to become stronger â&#x20AC;&#x201C; a daily 30-minute walk increases bone density reducing fracture risk by about 30 percent. If you are thinking of using herbs, consider oatstraw, red raspberry, dandelion, horsetail, nettle, alfalfa,


boneset or fennel. These herbs are rich in calcium, magnesium, boron, silica, Vitamin K and zinc, helping to strengthen your joints, muscles, cartilage and bone density. With menopausal women and men (Yeah! Men go through this too!), the increase of bone loss is associated with less estrogen and testosterone being produced. Look for hormonal balancing herbs like Wild Yam, Red Clover, vitex, sage, black cohosh and saw palmetto. These herbs supply the body with isoflavones, phyto-estrogen and phyto-testosterone compounds that help to create the hormones needed for both men and women by increasing bone density slowing down bone loss. My favorite calcium-rich tea contains 3/4 oz. of rosehips, 1/2 oz. of lemon balm, 1/4 of nettle, 1/2 oz. of lemongrass, 1/2 oz. of oatstraw, 1/4 oz. red raspberry and 1/8 oz. of cinnamon. This tea has such a nice flavor that even the kids will like it. Another tea blend that is rich in See BONES, Page 14



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From page 12

the couch. Upon returning home - after retrieving said children from various after school activities - the sufferer of the common cold virus will proceed to prepare the evening meal, bathe said children, help with homework, tuck said children in, toss down a couple of Tylenol and fall into bed. The carrier of the Mancoldismuchworses virus has left the couch three times during the course of the day — twice to go to the bathroom (neither shaving nor combing either time) — and once to find paper on which to pen his new will. Treatment for the common cold usually consists of whatever cough medicine is left over from the children’s last cold and the last few Midol left in the package. Treatment for the Mancoldismuchworses is copious amounts of night-time elixirs, vapo-rubs,

FOREVER YOUNG humidifiers running full blast and three kinds of pain killers. Although the treatments vary, the long-range recovery outlook is positive for both viruses. The common cold runs its course in a week or so. Mancoldismuchworses will continue to worsen for everyone within earshot until the victim’s mommy is called. P.S. While the above was written with tongue firmly in cheek, there really is a difference in body parts and the illnesses and diseases that attack them. I’m asking anyone reading this to please go and get any lab work and tests that you have been putting off, ask questions until you fully understand the results and follow up on any recommendations given by your medical provider. Do it for those you love, watching a loved one suffer and sometimes lose the battle is devastating, and much worse when it could have been prevented.


From page 13

calcium and hormonal properties is 1/2 oz. of alfalfa, 1/2 oz. red clover, 1/4 oz. of sarsaparilla, 1/2 oz. of horsetail, 1/4 oz. of wild yam, 1/2 oz. of red raspberry and 1/2 oz. of fennel. Each of these teas are prepared by using one teaspoon of the herbal mixture to 8 ounces of boiling water, steeping about 15 minutes, straining and drinking. Beyond herbs, try spicing up your meals with garlic and onions, as they contain sulfur, which increases calcium absorption and the strength of your bones. And don’t forget your vitamin D – it can be absorbed from a 20-minute walk in the sunshine, three to four times a week, without sunblock. If you’re concerned about skin cancer, another option is three teaspoons of cod-liver oil twice a day. I’d go with an early morning walk when the sun isn’t as strong.

July 2012

Calendar From page 10

Sunday, July 29 Tour de Turtles Live Sea Turtle Release: at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, July 29 at the Barrier Island Center, 8385 S. Hwy A1A, Melbourne Beach. Join Sea Turtle Conservancy & University of Central Florida researches as they attach a satellite-transmitter on a loggerhead sea turtle as part of the 2012 Tour de Turtles marathon. Visit the Barrier Island Center to see the action live, including the turtle’s release under the Start Gate at 8:30 a.m., please plan to arrive 30 minutes early. From 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., there will be fun family-friendly activities available. This event is free and open to the public. T-shirts will be available for sale for $20 at the event. Parking is limited. If possible, carpooling is recommended. For more information, visit






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July 2012


July 2012




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