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April 2012

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April 2012

ON THE COVER Andy Stefanek/staff photographer

Dave Cheney demonstrates how he measures the size of a turtle. Mr. Cheney works for the Sea Turtle Preservation Society rescuing distressed turtles that come ashore in Brevard County.

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environmental disasters, including an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara, California and images of the Cuyahoga River on fire from chemical dumping. They inspired Wisconsin Sen. Gaylord Nelson to plan a series of teach-ins throughout the country. The goal was to mobilize citizens of political stripes to think about the Earth and what we were doing to it. Millions of people rallied to learn more and send a message that progress did not have to mean pollution. Many environmental laws owe their start to that first Earth Day. See EDUCATION, Page 12


Steven E. Erlanger Publisher and C.O.O.


Education key to conservation t was that old philosopher, Kermit the Frog, who said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” Many of us have tried to help the planet by recycling, avoiding toxic products and fighting to keep air and water clean. Sometimes it seems as if the task is overwhelming. Sometimes it’s hard to see how one person’s effort can make a difference. This month’s Forever Young theme is the environment. Many of us grew up with the environmental movement and remember the first Earth Day, celebrated 42 years ago, in 1970. Today, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year and millions of people around the world try to make the planet a better place. In the 1960, Rachel Carson’s book, “Silent Spring” alerted us to the dangers of pesticides. The 1960s had several

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April 2012

Photo courtesy of Tony Sasso

Kayaker and Cocoa Beach native, Tony Sasso, was recently named executive director of Keep Brevard Beautiful.

Citizens say conservation makes cents By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

COCOA – In Florida, the environment and the economy go hand-in-hand. That is one of the messages Tony Sasso, new executive director of Keep Brevard Beautiful, wants to send. “We’re engaged in this community,” he said. We want to make it a more beautiful place to live. It’s our economic contribution to the county.” Mr. Sasso officially became director of Keep Brevard Beautiful on Jan. 1 and he said that he has a solid organization. “Keep Brevard Beautiful is part of the Keep America Beautiful program,” he said. “We’re one of the stronger affiliates. It’s an awesome, beloved organization with literally thousands of volunteers who provide thousands of hours of litter clean-up, recycling education, and cleaning the beaches and roadways.” Mr. Sasso hopes to build on the organization already in place. “It’s like an old car in the driveway,” he said. “You want to tune it up and maybe later give it a paint job. I’d like to tweak a few things.” One of his plans is to get young people more involved in keeping their communities clean. That includes involving them in existing programs, creating new ones and using social media such as Facebook to reach a younger crowd. Mr. Sasso is extremely impressed with the Keep Brevard Beautiful staff. There are only seven,” he said. “The rest are volunteers. They

get a lot of work done for only having seven staff members. They go into the school and work with children, teaching them about recycling and working on projects. Pelly Can, the organization’s mascot, makes appearances throughout the county, helping in this effort. His motto is, ‘If Pelly can, you can pick up litter.’ Volunteers have always been a big part of the Keep America Beautiful affiliates. “For every dollar we take in, we get $16 worth of work done in the community because of the efficiency of our volunteers,” Mr. Sasso said. “I’m trying to make sure we are doing things the most efficiently.” Education is a key component of the work the group does and that doesn’t end with school children. “When we help out cleaning the beaches or emptying the garbage cans, there is an emphasis on education,” Mr. Sasso said. “We tell some of our guests on the beach that this is our front yard and we want to keep it clean. Most folks just need a gentle reminder. We’re not confrontational. There are gentle ways to educate people and remind them that the roadways and beaches belong to all of us.” Keep Brevard Beautiful is involved with events throughout the year, including the annual Trash Bash and Florida Coast Cleanup. The Easter Surf Festival takes place from April 6-8 and the Secret Garden Tour will be held on Earth Day, April 22. Mr. Sasso hopes to introduce Keep Brevard Beautiful to community and civic organizations so that more people will get See CONSERVATION, Page 13

April 2012




Builder David Barin examines an easy touch screen for operating a shower.

Photo courtesy of David Barin

By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

MERRITT ISLAND – When home builder David Barin of David Barin Homes returned recently from the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, he brought with him ideas for incorporating green technology into virtually every aspect of the home. “By 2015, all new construction will be built to net zero specifications,” he said. “That means that you don’t need power from local utilities to run your home. Homes will be self-sufficient. Five years beyond that, all new construction will be producing more energy than it needs. By that time, maybe cars will be fueled from the home.” If that sounds like the stuff of science fiction, it is the future. “Building products are getting better and as we put them in, we are going to be better able to have sources of energy that can be used for more then the house. It’s using all the renewable angles: solar, wind and water, and choosing ones that are plentiful in an area.” Mr. Barin said that vendors and exhibitors are highlighting the environmental benefits of their products. “In a display of roof tiles, they were quick to point out how it was made from recycled plastic and rubber,” he said. “It also had a wind rating to withstand high winds.” Many of the products displayed not only had environmental benefits, but

were made in an environmentally sensitive manner. “You can do things to save energy, but if I’m shipping it halfway around the world, it’s not green,” he said. “They’re trying to build products and be more sensitive to the environment and making building products locally as much as they can.” One of the more intriguing products was porous concrete. “When water passed through it, it helped clean the water,” he said. “The composite looked like small pebbles packed together. You could use it instead of poured concrete as a border for a driveway or toward the bottom, before it runs off. It begins to clean the water before it drains into the earth.” Mr. Barin noted that a number of products were made from recycled materials. “I liked a lot of the roofing,” he said. “It was made from recycled products, but it looked like expensive slate or cedar shake-style roof. It’s recycled and it has the ability to withstand high winds, so it’s dual-purpose. I also liked carpets made from recycled material.” External construction was also on display. “There was a big push for using interior steel framing versus wood,” Mr. Barin said. “It was all recycled and flame-retardant. The walls are solid poured concrete. The net result is a safer home with insulation build in.” See CONVENTION, Page 14


Builders’ convention thinks green




April 2012

When sea turtles land By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

Photo courtesy of Cheney

A turtle released at Pelican Park on March 18 last year. The turtle had been at Sea World for a year before release.

Heart Care

MELBOURNE – When Dave Cheney talks about sea turtles, his passion comes through. While he has only been involved with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society for four years, he is involved in every facet of it, from education, to rescues to turtle walks. “I read an article in the paper about emergency rescues,” he said. “That’s how a lot of people start.” He became involved with the Sea Turtle Emergency Rescue Program. “When hatchlings hatch, they go out 20-25 miles to the Gulf Stream for the first year,” he said. “The storms in the fall bring the seaweed in to shore and the turtles with it. We call them washbacks. “When we’re alerted, we go on the beach to find and collect them. We take them to a rehabilitation facility for them to rest and then we take them

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back out, by boat. Once they’ve washed back, they don’t have the energy to swim back out.” The group trains several hundred people a year to perform the rescues. Sea turtle preservation is important because all species are on the endangered list, with the exception of loggerheads. They are considered as threatened, but may be reclassified as endangered. “A large part of it is caused by mankind,” Mr. Cheney said. “We’re the largest predators. They used to be killed just for their shells. They were used for buttons, shoes and boots. Green turtles were used for soup.” Brevard County is a natural place to find the rescue operation. “Brevard County is the largest nesting area in the country for loggerheads,” Mr. Cheney said. “It’s the second largest area in the world.”


April 2012



The Amphitheater of the Deltona Library. Building of the amphitheater and learning center onto the library ended in 2009.

Photo courtesy of Jack Rood

Going green a matter of design By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

COCOA – In the classic 1948 movie, “Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House,” a New York ad man takes his family to Connecticut to build the house of his dreams. One of the constructions workers asks another why, if the man had to build on a hill, he chose the windiest hill in the state. The answer, of course, is that in the 1940s, energy was cheap. No one thought about using the wind as an energy source or about situating a house to make the best use of the sun. Today, things are very different. When Cocoa architect Jack Rood designs a building that is environmentally friendly, he categorizes the choices as “active” and “passive.” “Passive features are part of the design,” he said. “That includes the orientation of the building with regard to the sun, wind and elevation. Some building materials are more appropriate to a particular community and have better insula-

tion value. “The design of the roof is a passive feature. Anything that lowers the fuel bill and makes the building energy-conserving is green because it protects our resources.” Active choices, the architect said, include solar energy to heat water and photovoltaic cells and wind turbines to generate electricity. Mr. Rood primarily designs public building and there is great interest in building environmentally sound structures from a conservation and cost perspective. Many local governments want to follow standards set by the U.S. Green Building Council. The LEED designation, standing for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, has a lengthy and costly application process, but many entities adhere to the standards as much as possible without seeking the designation. “It starts with the site,” Mr. Rood said. “It’s better to use existing site, rather than sprawling away. There are also benefits to using existing See DESIGN, Page 11

Photo courtesy of Jack Rood

The Deltona Library features the Lyonia Environmental learning center. The interactive learning center is educational for both adults and children.




April 2012

Greening up your ‘Golden Years’: A few tips to save some dollars, and help the Earth For Forever Young


If you’re 50-plus, you may remember your mother’s system to reduce your family’s carbon footprint. She may have thought she was hanging the wash out to dry on a plain ol’ clothesline, rather than employing “solar-powered alternative energy solutions.” But some rope, some clothespins and some sunshine still worked their magic – and there’s no question Mom’s “solar dryer” saved a little money. Those sun-dried bedsheets sure smelled good when we turned in for the night, too. Some of the principles that we used years ago still apply today. Saving energy and keeping the planet sustainable for our greatgrandchildren are ideas that quite a few Floridians 50-plus are interested in, especially if they save money. Here are a few ideas that national “green” experts – remember when they were called

conservationists? – suggest as a way to save energy, dollars and maybe Mother Earth: • Shed some light. Florescent lighting can be a way to save dollars and reduce energy usage. By now, most of us have become familiar with the Compact Florescent Lamp. These bulbs can save money over the long run, though they are pricier to buy on the front end. LED bulbs can be really pricey, but they last and last. • Get smart. For not much money, you can install “smart” programmable thermostats that help you manage your power load, so you use less energy when you’re not at home. You may already have had a “smart” thermostat installed but you never got around to programming it. If you get stuck, call your utilities provider and ask for some advice. (Or you can just assign the job to a sixth-grader the next time a grandchild comes to visit.) • Watch out. You may have heard that Florida Power & Light is planning to ask

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Or take the bus. • Less is mow-er. Even landscaping can be “green” – in the modern sense – if it uses less water and requires less maintenance. Massachusett’s NewBridge on the Charles, a “green” community for older people, uses low-maintenance, low-water-use landscaping. Of course, plants always need some water, so NewBridge has cisterns that capture rainwater, which is then used for irrigation. Even if you don’t have a cistern, a water barrel can capture runoff from a downspout that can be used in the garden or yard. One side benefit of “green landscaping” is that there’s usually less grass to cut. With summer heat and humidity coming to Florida sooner than we’d like, that’s worth doing for its own sake.


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state regulators to approve an increase in the company’s base rates. That rate increase could increase your utilities costs. Sign up at to join AARP Florida’s Utility Watchdog Team and get updates regarding the FPL rate request, as well as other energy-saving information. • Be cool. One energy-saving tip is to use heat-generating appliances in the cooler part of the day. If you’ve got baking plans, remember that an oven can heat up the whole kitchen. Start early in the morning. Your air conditioner won’t work so hard to counteract the heat. • Cruise on. With gas prices rising, take a fresh look at how you get from place to place. Hybrid automobiles can be so much pricier than gas-powered buggies that you could spend money on the car that you save on gas. But emissions are lower. Even if you choose a more fuel-efficient gas engine, plan errands to combine several trips into one, or share rides with friends and family.


By Doug Heinlen



April 2012



An old faker turns out to be the real deal LAND LINES DAN SMITH equipped to deal with it. That burden would settle on our own eagerly waiting shoulders. But what would prompt the baby boomers to accept the responsibility for the care and cleanliness of our planet? I believe that can be traced to the second annual Earth Day celebration of April 22, 1971. That is the day the anti-littering commercial with the crying Indian premiered on television. By 1971 TV was no longer the luxury it had been in the 1950s and every home in America

Photo courtesy of Keep America Beautiful

See LANDLINES, Page 13

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t is an undeniable fact that the parents of the post-World War II children demonstrated little concern about littering or the environment. To be fair theirs was a generation of little waste. Very few products were packaged in a manner that would significantly add to the burden of the landfills. A lot of food was put into reusable glass jars and many were not packaged at all. I remember my own mother collecting jelly jars decorated with yellow flowers. Those jars would become the family drinking glasses. Mom also bought flour and rice in pretty print muslin sacks that she turned into pillowcases and such. It is little wonder that when ours became an almost instant throwaway society our parents were poorly



April 2012

Using vital records is important for authenticity


Chances are, you are not going to find these records all nice and tidy, agreeing with each other and tied with a bow. You need a “preponderance of evidence.”


wife’s maiden name and his parents’ names. It may give the informant’s name and sometimes his relationship. If you are really lucky, all this information will not only be filled in, but will be correct! But don’t count on it. Often, some data will be missing, or wrong, simply because the informer didn’t know, or in his time of grief was confused. Your next document is a marriage record. Often, there may be more than one marriage. This is where the fun part comes in. Your great-grandfather had 16 children, and the census lists his wife

medical directory


ne of the main goals of the genealogist is to prove the parentage of our ancestors. We can do this with birth, church, marriage, death or Bible records. You must keep in mind that official government documents of these events are often modern records in the U.S. Many states did not require documentation until well into the 1900s. When researching our ancestors, we always work backward. We start at the person’s death and trace backward through his life, which hopefully will lead us to his parents. When we can’t find the parents, we call this our “brick wall.” The state death certificate can be a gold mine of information. It will give the exact date of death and the deceased’s birth date, and sometimes the place of birth. It usually asks for the

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with two or even three different names. What’s with that?? Sometimes it is just one wife listed differently every 10 years. Her name is Mary Ann. She may be listed as Mary, Ann or “Polly” (a nickname of Mary). This is another quirk in genealogy. You must learn all the common nicknames, in order to keep people straight. Children tended to be born in a family about every two years, starting one to two years after the marriage. So you will start looking for the marriage record about two years before the first child was born, or if you don’t know that, look at the time period when the husband was between 20 to 30 years old. Check the county he lived in and all the surrounding counties. The bride may have lived a distance away, or the nearest county seat may have been in another county. Marriage records, when found, can be anything from a simple line in a book to a full certificate with parents and witnesses listed. Each one will prove the marriage legal. If there is a gap in the children’s ages, it can mean two things. The child in the middle died, or the mother die, and the husband remarried and resumed having children. Sometimes he needed a mother fast, and it is hard to tell which children belonged to which mother. If you suspect a new wife, start looking for another marriage record. Actually, it doesn’t hurt to look anyway, as I have found unsuspected marriages, and sometimes the new wife has the same name as the old, as there were many common women’s names. Also, look for new marriages in the older people after the children are gone and the spouse dies. They remarried in old age also; we just aren’t expecting to find it. By now, you should have the family group you are working on, fairly well -

documented. You know the names of the couple and at least their approximate dates of birth, death and marriage. You should have found and traced them through each U.S. census, assuming they were raising their family before 1930. Census records will give you clues for much vital data for each member of the family. You now need a birth certificate or other proof of birth to find your ancestor’s parents. Knowing his birth date or at least an approximate date, you may be lucky enough to have a locality that kept early records. Check records for your locality and possible baptismal record in the local churches. A source most researchers don’t take advantage of is the Social Security records. Social Security started in 1935. Anyone with a job, after that, would have a Social Security number. Search he Social Security Death Index at This will give you the birth and death dates, and Social Security number. Now you can order their original application form. You will receive a form in your ancestors’ handwriting, stating his birth date and place and his parents names, with their signature. Chances are, you are not going to find these records all nice and tidy, agreeing with each other and tied with a bow. You need a “preponderance of evidence.” These are the many pieces of the puzzle we have collected along the way that support each other. If two pieces of evidence disagree, then it is our job to find several more pieces that support one theory over the other. This is the way we prove our case beyond a shadow of a doubt. Brenda Knight Smith Treasure Coast Genealogical Society

Turtles From page 6

Sea turtles are important elements in the delicate balance of the ecosystem. “Leatherback turtles are the largest of the seas turtles,” Mr. Cheney said. They weigh 1,200 pounds. They survive on jellyfish and can eat their weight in jellyfish in a day. Green turtles eat sea grass and help control its growth. Loggerheads eat shellfish. It’s a balance.” The group does a good deal of educational outreach, with booths at local fairs and environmental shows. They also travel to schools. “A lot of our members are families,” Mr. Cheney said. “I’ve trained husbands, wives and kids. We get a lot of young people.” One of the goals of the organization is to promote sustainable seafood, or seafood that regenerates itself and is not over-fished. That includes shrimp. At the Sea Turtles Preservation Society Store in Indialantic, you can even see

FOREVER YOUNG displays of the types of sushi that are sustainable. The nesting season for sea turtles is from May 1 to the end of November, and the society is active in keeping the nesting areas safe. During that time, no lights are allowed on the beach, because any kind of light can disturb a nesting turtle. “During June and July, we have special walks to see nesting turtles,” Mr. Cheney said. “We’re trained to do it without disturbing them. We take up to 20 people. Scouts go and find the turtles. We wait until she’s nested and is ready to drop her eggs. You can see her drop the eggs, cover them and go back into the water.” The nest protects the eggs for the 55 to 65 days it takes to hatch. A turtle will lay 100 to 110 eggs at a time in what is called a clutch. A turtle will typically lay three clutches a season. “We survey nests and check for the number of eggs laid, number hatched and number that did not hatch,” Mr. Cheney said. “Information about nesting and dead and live sea turtles is fed into state and federal databases to look


for long-term trends. We see if nesting has increased or, if there were deaths, what caused it.” The survival rate for the young turtle is not high, with only 1 in 1,000 surviving. Turtles nest at the same beach from which they hatched. Thirty years after they hatch, they return to nest. “If we find an injured turtle and it’s 5 or 10 years old, we want to rehabilitate it so it can nest,” Mr. Cheney said. For more information about the Sea Turtle Preservation Society, call (321) 676-1701 or visit the website Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at the Melbourne Beach Community Center. New members and guests are welcome. On April 5, Dr. Nancy Mettee, head veterinarian at the Loggerhead Marin Life Center in Juno, will talk about diagnostic and surgical equipment used to treat injured sea turtles. The Sea Turtle Preservation Society Store is located at 111 S. Miramar Ave., Indialantic. Hours are 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Saturday.


Design From page 7

structures. We added windows on the south side where the Children’s Library is and we also saved a huge oak tree.” LEED certification involves the outside of the building as well as the interior. “They want to know if there are bus lines or other forms of public transportation serving the site,” Mr. Rood said. “They discourage open, large parking lots with no shade because they absorb heat in daytime and radiate it out at night. They also give points for roofs that are reflective, rather than dark roofs that radiate heat and cause more use of air conditioners.” Water conservation is another important consideration. “It’s important how much water is being consumed,” Mr. Rood said. See DESIGN, Page 16

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April 2012



April 2012


Combating allergies with herbs

From page 3

Allergy triggers are all around us


t this time of the year we are being bombarded by a menagerie of possible allergens such as ragweed, grasses, tree pollens or molds. Basically if it blooms, it’s a possible allergen. The result leaves us with watery, itchy eyes, nasal congestion, a runny nose, postnasal drip, facial pain, headaches and fatigue. One thing that can be done to desensitize you to allergens is before the season begins, start using local bee pollen or honey. They contain the pollens that you may be allergic to. This slowly immunizes you to the local allergens. Honey can be taken by the tablespoonful three times per day. With bee pollen, start about six to eight weeks before the season begins taking two to three granules increasing two to three granules per day. If your allergies’ are really bothering you stay indoors on windy days and use your air conditioner to filter out allergens. If you must go outside wait until after lunch; pollen counts tend to be higher from 5-10 a.m. There are herbs with antihistamine properties


THE HERB CORNER that can block an allergic response. Starting these as early as possible can provide great relief. Some herbs with antihistamine properties are nettles, rosehips, green tea and pine tree bark. To thin out or dry up secretions of the sinuses or eyes and reduce inflammations herbs like eyebright, elder, goldenrod, turmeric, peppermint or thyme can help greatly. Since allergies can stress your immune system leaving you open to infections this is a good time to support both the immune system and the adrenal glands with herbs like astragalus, ginseng, garlic, nettles, licorice, echinacea and shitake. And supporting the liver, lymphatic system and the colon help the body efficiently rid itself of allergens See HERB, Page 17

In the years since, the air and water have gotten cleaner and we understand the importance of protecting natural habitats and preserving species of all kinds. We are trying to save energy, conserve water and save species as diverse as sea turtles and eagles. Still, there is a lot to be done. In this issue, you’ll meet people and organizations who are trying to save their little piece of the planet. Most are volunteers. They do not see their efforts as drops in the bucket, but rather as part of an effort by millions of people to improve the quality of life one person at a time. As always, we invite you to go online to our website and read editions of Forever Young from other counties. There are interesting organizations and people throughout the Treasure and Space coasts. Those of us of a certain age can take pride in the fact that it was our generation, the Boomers, who took the first step back in 1970. There is still much to be done. We hope this is issue will inspire you to get involved in this effort. Happy Earth Day!


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22 New Units NOW OPEN!

• Scheduled Transportation to Shopping, Banking, Appointments, Church & Activities • 24 hour Personal Care Assistance and Medication Management • Emergency Response Systems • Resident Safety Checks and Hourly Rounds • Church on Premises



April 2012

Landlines From page 9

that wanted one could own a television set. I doubt that there is a person of our generation who does not remember that one-minute television spot. It began with a solitary Native American paddling his canoe through water polluted with floating debris. In the background we see the smokestacks of factories belching black plumes toward the heavens. The Indian beaches his boat among the old tires, discarded shoes and paper bags that line the shore. He is a regal figure. Not a typically over dressed Hollywood Indian, he wears simple buckskins and moccasins. Only two braids adorn his head with no war bonnet or any other decorations. He is the real deal. He takes a few steps toward a highway choked with automobiles. As he stands there surveying what has become of his beloved land an occupant of a passing car throws out a bag of garbage that breaks open and

FOREVER YOUNG skids to a halt right at his feet. He stands there in the midst of French fries and hamburger wrappers. The camera pans slowly to his forlorn face where we see a single tear on his cheek. A voiceover says: People start pollution; people can stop it. That ad stopped me dead in my tracks. I don’t think there has ever been a more powerful environmental commercial. At that moment a light went on over the collective heads of young people around the world. The ad was produced by a nonprofit group called Keep America Beautiful. Ironically it was sponsored by some of the country’s worst polluters. Phillip Morris, Anheuser Busch, Coke and Pepsi were but a few of the giant corporations behind the crying Indian. The Indian called Iron Eyes Cody was actually no Indian at all. He was an actor from a small town just 10 miles from my own home in Southwest Louisiana. He was born Espera Corti of Sicilian immigrant parents. Although that fact is a bit unsettling I don’t know how the director could have cast a better looking example of a


Native American. As a young man Corti had gone to Hollywood and found work as a movie extra. He soon found that he was constantly being cast as an Indian. Since western movies were extremely popular he embraced his role and the culture. He would marry a Native American woman and they would adopt two boys from the Sioux Nation. Throughout his life, Iron Eyes Cody would work tirelessly to support American Indian causes. Before his death in 1999 he would be honored by them for his efforts. The Keep America Beautiful group would continue to grow and thrives today. By 2010, more than 3.9 million volunteers were involved in cleaning up illegal dumps, removing graffiti, and planting trees and gardens. Thankfully the post-war children would successfully initiate an awareness that grudgingly prodded our citizens into being proper stewards of the planet. There is little doubt that a TV ad featuring a fake Indian with a fake tear (glycerin water) had as much to do with that as any other single event in history.


Conservation From page 4

involved. He and his staff will be happy to make presentations to groups interested in the work the organization. “A cleaner county is better environmentally,” he said. “We love the environment and we think we help county businesses.” Mr. Sasso, who served a term as a state representative, is involved with the Boy Scouts, the Brevard Cultural Alliance, Lead Brevard and the Surf Museum. His day job is as an inspector for the International Transport Workers’ Federation, ensuring healthy conditions for workers on foreign ships. Flexible hours enable him to do the other things. “A lot of what I do, I do because I love doing it. It’s not like work,” he said. For more information about upcoming events or to volunteer for Keep Brevard Beautiful, visit the website www.keepbrevardbeautidful .org or call (321) 631-0501.


l Specia A e v a H ion? Occas our Book Y re! e Party H

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Welcome Home to Paradise!!

April 2012


Lamplighter Village 013666


Tour Our New & Previously Loved Homes!

New Homes Starting at just


Ongoing Events Sign Language: 7 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Monday, April 16 and every Monday through May 21st at the DRS Community Center, 1089 S. Patrick Dr., Satellite Beach. This class is for both beginners and intermediates. Students will learn basic sign language, which includes finger spelling, numbers and important signing for emergencies. Learning to sign is much like learning a foreign language. The instructor is hearing impaired & communicates by lip reading. Cost is $25 per session and a $15 material fee paid to the teacher at first class. For more information, call (321) 7736458.


Friday, April 6 First Friday Art Walk: Opening Reception of “Dimensions” Exhibit: from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Fifth Avenue Art Gallerty, 1470 Highland Ave, Melbourne. The ‘Dimensions’ exhibit runs from April 6 – 30.

Convention From page 5

Resort Style Living at Brevard County’s Premiere Active Adult Community

Call Today for a tour of Our 5 Star Community - (321) 254-0303 500 Lantern Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32934 Open 7 Days A Week

Water conservation is another area where improvements continue to be made. “There are ways to get to the correct water temperature quicker, so you don’t run it while waiting,” he said. “Toilets have different levels of flushing. There are toilets that you never even touch. They have sensors and you step on a floor light. When you walk away, everything closes.” The focus of electricity conservation has moved from the light bulb to the switches, Mr. Barin said. “It’s easy for all the switches to be downloaded inexpensively to a computer or phone so that you can operate them from any location. You can open the garage door and turn light on in the home or program the air conditioning to come one hour before you get home. It’s all much easier and less expensive

The Fifth Avenue Art Gallery invites all to join for the opening of the exhibit, “Dimensions’. Artist Judy Edwards will be displaying an intriguing and colorful body of traditional encaustic work, as well as encaustic monotype prints. The theme of her exhibit revolves around the concept that often times it is how we look at things that determines our view of reality. We only have to look a little further to expand our possibilities. Encaustics is an ancient, archival medium, utilizing beeswax, pigment, heat and sometimes resin. The reception is free and open to the public. Afterwards continue your stroll down the street to enjoy dinner and other shops, and galleries, as well as the Foosaner Art Musuem. For more information, call (321) 2598261 or visit

Friday, April 13 Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber 17th Annual Golf Tournament: at 11:30 a.m. Friday, April 13 at the Cocoa Beach See CALENDAR, Page 15

than it was.” Of course, many of these “latest and greatest” items are expensive. Many builders don’t want to price their homes out of the market, especially in difficult times. “We’re still sensitive about being cutting-edge,” Mr. Barin said. “It’s true that high-tech green products will cost more up front, but it’s either better for the environment, it will save money in the long run, or both. We (builders) watch the car industry as a barometer of what consumers are willing to buy. Green is here to stay and the home industry is on board.” David Barin of David Barin Homes can be reached at (321) 412-0815.

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April 2012

Calendar From page 14

Country Club, 5000 Tom Warriner Blvd., Cocoa Beach. This tournament is open to the public to participate. The event will begin with registration and lunch at 11:30 a.m. A shotgun start is scheduled for 1 p.m. and an awards ceremony will follow. The entry fee for the tournament is $80 per person with the format being a four-person, bestball scramble. The Early Bird Special is until March 30th, sign up for a foursome & a hole sponsor for $375. This annual event has become one of the most popular tournaments on the Space Coast. Along with playing on one of the area’s best golf courses, each player will receive a good bag, lunch from Sam’s Club Cocoa & beverages on the course. Prizes will be awarded for best team scores, longest drives and closest to the pin during the awards ceremony. For more information, to register as a player or to become a sponsor, contact


Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce at (321) 459-2200, visit www.cocoabeachchamber.

Saturday, April 14 Corvette Show: from 8:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Saturday, April 14 at The Cove waterside dining, shopping and recreation area, Port Canaveral. The show is expected to draw more than 150 participants (last year) from all over the Southeast U.S. in addition to hundreds of spectators. Trophies will be awarded for the best Corvettes in nine classes. There will be rock-n-roll DJ music; a silent auction, a 50/50 drawing, door prizes and many of the restaurants will be featuring special discounts. The Port is a popular venue for the Show because of its backdrop of beautiful cruise ships, the waterside dining establishments, and the Cove Marketplace where unique jewelry and other items are available from artisans and merchants. Many participants stay around after the show for a drink and/or dinner on the


waterfront and to wave bon voyage to the passengers on the massive cruise ships as the ships glide past the restaurants. The Port also has a waterside park with covered picnic pavilions within easy walking distance of the show. For more information, visit or contact Peter Johnson at (321) 794-8096.

Sunday, April 15 Wine and Beer tasting fundraiser: from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the So Good Cottage Café, 902 Florida Ave, Cocoa. This event will raise money for the American Cancer Society and Relay for Life. There will be raffles, door prizes and complimentary wine glasses (while supplies last). Some menu items will be available for consumption. Cost is $20 per person. For more information, contact (321) 631-2030. Serene Harbor Fundraiser: What a

We Buy Buy:


Girl Wants: at 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday, April 15 at the Crowne Plaza, Indialantic. This year we are having a fashion show by Downtown Divas and a wardrobing session by Dillards Melbourne Mall. There will be a chocolate fountain, vendors, raffles, information sessions and a silent auction. For more information, call Nancy at (321) 726-8282.

Monday, April 16 Senior Talkers: at 11:30 a.m. Monday, April 16 at the Social Hall of Temple Israel, 7350 Lake Andrews Drive, Viera. A discussion and social group for seniors. Attendees bring “brown bag” lunch, desert and beverages supplied. Lunch and socializing time is followed at noon by an hour of open discussions on various current and other topics of controversial nature, giving stimulation to keep our minds alert. See CALENDAR, Page 16


Wedding bands, necklaces, bracelets, chains, school rings, charms, silver belt buckles, broken jewelry, earrings, tea sets & silverware!

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Gold mind, llc

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5030 Minton Road NW, Suite B, Palm Bay, FL (Between the Shell Station & Sav-More Autos)

1663 Georgia Street, Suite 100, Palm Bay, FL (Next to Twisty Cone)






The Florida


Designs From page 11

“They want low consumption plumbing fixtures and the catching of rainwater.” The goal with all these measures is conservation. “That’s really what LEED is after,” he said. “It’s about saving resources versus tearing it down. The real success of the green movement is making a new habitat from an older one.” Mr. Rood gives the example of a pre- World War II church in Cocoa Beach he renovated. “We changed it and added on to it,” he said. “We convinced them to tear the roof down and re-insulate it. That lowered the fuel bill for the entire building.” Mr. Rood’s background makes going green natural. “I’m a product of the 1960s,” he said. “I recall the oil embargoes of the early ‘70s. They changed building construction forever. Before that, we took for granted electricity, access to fuel and air conditioning. “The American Indians were wise people in how they lived. They consumed what they needed. Mother Earth is our most valuable asset. We want to leave a smaller footprint.” Architects in Association, Rood, Zwick and Kerr, Inc., is located at 600 Florida Ave., Cocoa. They can be reached at (321) 693-5907.

April 2012

Calendar From page 15

Different moderators lead the discussions each month. Meetings are open to all and all are welcome. For more information, please call (321) 254-5143.

Thursday, April 19 Livingston Taylor Live at the Henegar Center: at 8 p.m. Thursday, April 19 at the Henegar Center for the Arts, 625 E. New Haven Ave., Melbourne. From Top 40 hits “I Will Be In Love With You” and “I’ll Come Running” to “I Can Dream Of You” and “Boatman”, both recorded by his brother James, Livingston’s creative output has continued unabated. His musical knowledge has inspired a varied repertoire, and he is equally at home with a range of musical genres - folk, pop, gospel, jazz - and from upbeat storytelling to touching ballads.

Tickets are $32 and $25 (plus applicable handling fees). Tickets available at Brevard Music Group, call (321) 783-9004 or visit

Friday, April 27 8th Annual Fiesta Brevard: from 5:30 p.m. – 9 p.m. Friday, April 27 at the International Palms Resort, 1300 N. Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach. Get your Fiesta Hat ready, put your dancin’ shoes on and prime your taste buds for some of the best salsa you have ever tasted ‘cause it is time for the 8th Annual Fiesta Brevard. Thirty of Brevard’s finest Non-Profit Organizations are planning the party. Festivities include live non-stop entertainment, Latin dance performances, games, drawings, raffles, salsa contest, fiesta hat parade and contest, lots of food and more! Over $32,000 in prizes was given away at Fiesta Brevard 2011! Tickets are available in advance See CALENDAR, Page 17




April 2012



From page 16

From page 12

for $10 or $15 at the door. Advanced tickets can be purchased at the Cocoa Beach Regional Chamber of Commerce at 400 Fortenberry Road, Merritt Island or through the website at

and inflammations, Cleavers, red clover, burdock, dandelion, echinacea and senna are some herbs that can help. To combat allergies this year instead of reaching for the allergy tablets why not try mixing one part nettles, one part rosehips, 1/2 part astragalus and 1/4 part licorice early in the season to lessen some of the effects of allergy season. Or try blending eyebright, elder, goldenrod, astragalus, echinacea, yerba santa and yarrow to help with a stuffy head, itchy watery eyes, postnasal drip, facial pain and cough that goes along with allergies. The good thing with herbs is you won’t be left feeling tired like you can be when taking some medications.

Saturday, April 28 Bill Maher: at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 28 at the King Center, 3865 North Wickham Road, Melbourne. For the last eighteen years, Bill Maher has set the boundaries of where funny, political talk can go on American television. First on “Politically Incorrect” (Comedy Central, ABC, 1993-2002) and for the last eight years on HBO’s “Real Time,” Maher’s combination of unflinching honesty and big laughs have garnered him twenty-three Emmy nominations. In October of 2008, this same combination was on display in Maher’s uproarious and unprecedented swipe at organized religion, “Religulous,” directed by Larry Charles (“Borat”). The documentary has become the 7th Highest Grossing Documentary ever. Tickets start at $35. Tickets may be purchased by visiting or by calling the King Center ticket office at (321) 242-2219.

Cecilia Avitabile is the owner of The Herb Corner and Learning Center in Melbourne. She has a Master of Herbalism degree from the Australasian College of Herbal Studies and is a member of the American Herbalist Guild.


PARADISE COVE ORIGINAL DUSTED WINGS: Old Bay Seasoning • Blackened Seasoning • Jamaican Jerk Rub • Barbeque Rub • Salt-n-Vinegar • Granulated Garlic-n-Parmesan Cheese • Lemon Pepper Seasoning PARADISE COVE SALADS: Asparagus and Crab Meat Salad • Crab and Shrimp Salad • Spicy Paradise Combo Salad • Paradise Market Salad• Caesar Salad Traditional Caesar Salad • Paradise Garden Salad Traditional Caesar Salad QUESADILLAS: Cheddar Cheese • Pulled Chicken • Steak-n-Cheese • Imperial Crab WRAP IT UP ON A SOFT FLOUR 315 W. Cocoa Beach Cswy (520) TORTILLA: Chicken Caesar • Crab Salad • Seasoned Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 Shrimp • Seasoned Fish • Steak Caesar SANDWICHES: James Jr’s Paradise Burger • Half Lb. Burger • Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich • Paradise Crab Cake Sandwich • Fish Sandwich • Fried Oyster Sandwich • French Dip • Philadelphia Cheese Steak • Soft APPETIZER: Paradise Cove Sear Fillet of Tuna • Shell Bay Crab Sandwich Pan Fried • Shrimp Salad Chesapeake Crab Dip • Chilled Shrimp Bay Cocktail • Sandwich • Sloppy Joe Our House Version Tara’s Maryland Style Peel-n-eat Shrimp• Paradise PARADISE BEEF ENTREES: Bistro Steak • New Skewers • Baked Fresh Oysters: Rockafeller, Casino, York Strip • Delmonico • Filet Mignon • Porterhouse • TBone • Prime Rib of Beef Garlic, Crab Imperial • Shark Bites • Paradise Cove Triple Play • Fried Potato Skins • Garden of Paradise• Chelsea’s CHICKEN AND CHOPS: Paradise Pork Chop • Chicken Breast Buffalo Chicken Dip SEAFOOD ENTREES: Chef Mike’s Atlantic Cod • SOUPS: Creamy Crab Bisque • Soup of the Day Flounder Stuffed • James’s Crab Cakes On The Half Shell • PARADISE COVE JUMBO WET WINGS: Duel Crab Cakes • Soft Shell Bay Crabs • Scallops of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce • Original Buffalo • Garlic Teriyaki • Paradise • Sea Scallops • Skewers of Sea Scallops • Sweet Thai Chili Sauce • Caribbean Jerk Sauce • Smokey Shrimp on a Skewer • Big Joe’s Lobster • Shrimp Stuffed BBQ Sauce. with Crabmeat Imperial




Join our Forever Young focus group Hometown News is seeking input from the public about how we can best serve the Baby Boomer community through Forever Young. If you have ideas or input to share and would like to be a member of our focus group, please contact Tammy Raits, managing editor, at (no hyphen) Please write “Focus Group” in the subject line.

FISH ON!: Yellow Fin Tuna • Sword Fish Steak • Mahimahi • Atlantic Salmon • Grouper • Surf and Turf THE FRIED SIDE OF THE COVE: Ocean Combo • Shrimper’s Net - Jumbo Shrimp and Scallops • The Shrimp Boat • Clam Rakers • Beach Bird ADD ONS: Shrimp • Sea Scallops • 1/2 Maine Lobster • Fried Clam Strips • Jumbo Lump Crab Casserole SAUTEED, SCAMPI’S AND PASTA: Jumbo Shrimp - Alfredo or Scampi Style • Chesapeake Bay Pasta • Cove Mussels • Paradise Clams • Blue Crab Pasta • Chicken with Cherry Peppers CHILDREN’S MENU:Treasure Chest • Slider Dogs • Chicken Fingers • Slider Cheeseburgers with American Cheese • Fried Chicken Wings • Fish Sticks • Fried Shrimp • Grilled Cheese Sandwich • Spaghetti and Meatballs with Tomato Sauce • Mac-N-Cheese SIDE DISHES: French Fries • Mashed Regular or Garlic • Baked Potato • Loaded Baked Potato • Potato Salad • Vinaigrette Cole Slaw • Onion Peddles • Vegetable of the Day • Side Salad Garden • Side Caesar DESSERTS:Cheese Cake • Chocolate Crusted Keylime Pie • Jessie’s Chocolate Cake w/Ice Cream • Ice Cream Bowl - 3 Scoops BEVERAGES: Coke • Diet Coke • Pibb • Orange • Sprite • Lemonade • Iced Tea • Coffee

$5 LUNCH SPECIALS FULL LIQUOR, WINE & BEER (22 TAPS) AVAILABLE HAPPY HOUR 2-6 DAILY 18% Gratuity Added To Parties of 6 or More Ask Your Server for Our Early Bird Special (Mon-Thurs. 3-6)



April 2012

Social Scene Brevard County Commissioner Andy Anderson and his wife, Sybrina, arrive at the Eckerd’s second annual Brevard Walk of Fame charity event March 17 at the Holiday Inn Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa. Mr. Anderson was inducted into the Brevard Walk of Fame during the event.

Pamela and Thom Harrell arrive at the Eckerd’s second annual Brevard Walk of Fame charity event March 17 at the Holiday Inn Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa. Mrs. Harrell was nominated for ‘Children’s Hero of the Year, Time Category.’ The Brevard Walk of Fame recognizes the most prominent and influential businesses and community leaders, as well as celebrities in central Florida, for their community contributions.

Andy Stefanek staff photographer

Andy Stefanek staff photographer


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386-322-5900 BREVARD

321-242-1013 INDIAN RIVER

772-569-6767 ST. LUCIE/MARTIN





April 2012



Social Scene Bjornar and Bjorg Hermansen arrive at the Eckerd’s second annual Brevard Walk of Fame charity event March 17 at the Holiday Inn Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa. The couple was nominated for ‘Children’s Hero of the Year, Treasure Category.’

Andy Stefanek/staff photographer

Television news personality Barbara West, formerly of WFTV-channel 9, and her husband, Wade West, arrive at the Eckerd’s second annual Brevard Walk of Fame charity event March 17 at the Holiday Inn Space Coast Convention Center in Cocoa. Mrs. West was inducted into the Brevard Walk of Fame during the event.

Andy Stefanek staff photographer

Westminster Asbury Carefree Living Nearly Free!!! Located in a serene, park-like setting, Westminster Asbury has a lot to offer. It is close to pristine ocean beaches as well as shopping, medical services, churches and Brevard Community College. Westminster Asbury has been providing affordable housing for seniors since 1970.

Residents 62 Years of Age & Up. Call for an Appointment and a Free Tour Today! (321) 632-4943 • 1-800-545-1833 x922 (TDD/TTY Only) 1430 Dixon Blvd., Cocoa, FL 32922

Part of the Westminster "Communities of Florida Family"


• Library • Laundry • Pet Friendly • Beauty Salon • Computer Lab • Smoke Free Campus • Immediate Availability • Assigned Free Parking • Courtesy Call System • Fire Sprinklers


• Lawn To Mow • Real Estate Taxes • Maintenance Worries

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• Activity and Meal Program • Service Coordinator on Staff • 14 Passenger Bus for Outings • All Newly Remodeled Apartments • Around the Clock Courtesy Officers • Hud Subsized - Rent Determined by Income • Privately Owned and Professionally Managed • Denominational and Non-Denomination Church Services



April 2012

Turning trash into treasure For Hometown News

See TRASH, 21

Waste collection and disposal as we know it could soon become a thing of the past, as developing technology manages waste far more efficiently.

6 separate local 25,000 copies of editions, one for each edition will each county be home delivered served by and availale for Hometown single-copy pick-up News Don’t miss your chance to get your message into Forever Young, a monthly publication dedicated to Florida’s most affluent residents. Filled with information on where to dine, dance, shop, invest and make the most out of the best years of their lives.

Boomers (born from 1946 to 1964) are the Fastest growing demographic in Florida!

TO ADVERTISE OR SUBSCRIBE, CALL TODAY Volusia • 386-322-5900 Brevard • 321-242-1013 St. Lucie | Martin | Indian River 772-465-5656


It's said that one person's trash is another person's treasure. This often applies to discarded items that others find have real value. But it's not just those discarded trinkets that can benefit others. When trash like food scraps and other refuse can be turned into a fuel that powers machines or reduces solid waste, it can be a win-win situation. An innovation called Micro Auto Gasification System, or MAGS, is the world's first solid waste treatment appliance. The technology is being developed by the U.S. Navy in conjunction with Terragon Environmental Technologies, Inc. and the Canadian Department of Defense for use in military applications and isolated habitats. How the process works is that paper, cardboard, wood, plastic chemicals, food, cloth, oils, grease, biological material,


April 2012

Setting green goals for the future For Hometown News

With such a global focus on the deteriorating condition of the environment and how humans contributing to its demise, many people are setting goals to participate in a sustainable lifestyle that incorporates a series of green goals for the upcoming year. It's not just the oil spills or

From page 20

animal waste, agricultural waste, and sludge are loaded into the treatment appliance. MAGS can process up to 40 kg (88 pounds) of as-received waste. The unit then powers a thermal process that "cooks"the waste in a high-temperature, low-oxygen environment, which essentially kills all organic material in the waste. The remaining material is a fuel gas dubbed "syngas." MAGS uses this fuel to run itself. Any residual waste in the unit like carbon is sequestered as a product called bio-char. It is a carbonaceous material that can be safely placed in landfills or used as a soil additive. Terragon says that a MAGS unit can treat the waste generated by a community of up to 500 people in a single day by reducing the volume by 95 percent.


A system of waste management such as this can be beneficial in many applications. Ships that remain at sea for long durations of time, isolated communities without waste-treatment options, resorts, hospitals, and other situations where waste cannot be transferred to other facilities can use a MAGS unit to get garbage under control. The company has also developed strategies for liquid waste treatment that is married with MAGS into one product. The goal in all of Terragon's innovations is to sequester carbon to reduce the release of greenhouse gases and other pollutants that can critically harm the environment. While the technology is still in its infancy, the idea of harvesting energy from trash can have very practical applications beyond isolated markets. Some information indicates that enough trash to fill garbage trucks stretching from the Earth to the moon is generated


every year in the United States alone. In America, 55 percent of waste is buried in landfills and most garbage decomposes very slowly. Relying on this garbage as fuel solves the problem of overflowing landfills and the dependence on fossil fuels. Also, the technology protects the environment in a number of other ways, especially by reducing ground and water contamination. (Although precautions are taken to protect surrounding groundwater, air and rain from landfill contamination, few people can argue that landfills are the most efficient method of waste management.) An offshoot of the green movement has been finding innovative ways to handle many of the problems of waste management around the world. MAGS is still being developed, but could prove an important part of the waste management industry in the years to come.


See GOALS 022



Located in the heart of Brevard County, the newly renovated Holiday Inn Melbourne - Viera Conference Center Hotel is the only full-service hotel in Melbourne, Florida. Our hotel's location puts the best of Florida at your fingertips. Guests know that our Melbourne Hotel off I-95 at exit 191 makes getting to Aeronix, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Patrick Air Force Base and NASA hassle-free. Surf the web at warp speed using our business center or free high speed wireless Internet access. There's a state-of-the-art conference center with 7,000 sq. ft. of space and dedicated staff to provide personalized service for your event. The best Florida vacation begins at the Holiday Inn-Viera Conference Center. The Duran Golf Club and other golf courses surround us. You can experience the thrills of NASA and the Space Coast or simply relax on our world-famous beaches. From Brevard Zoo to shopping at The Avenues of Viera, this hotel has it all. Guests lodging at the smoke free Holiday Inn-Viera Conference Center hotel bask in Florida's sunshine while being refreshed in our tropical outdoor pool. Dine with us at the RendezVous Restaurant & Lounge for a delicious meal from our European-trained chef.Take a vacation from everyday life with our great Melbourne hotel deals.


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Dining with us, you'll enjoy a creative menu from our European-trained master chef with an extensive wine list to complement your meal. And at Holiday Inn, Kids Eat Free.

321-255-0077 • 800-465-4329 8298 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL 32940 •


From page 21

rainforest depletion that's raising concerns for the environment. Even things like the roads we drive on can prove harmful. For example, according to a Carrying Capacity Network conference held in Washington, D.C., every year in the United States roughly 1.3 million acres of unpaved land is paved over. And what's going on those roads? Cars. There are more than 250 million cars and trucks in the United States, and Canadians are not far behind Americans. According to the World Resources Institute, Canada ranks as No. 8 out of 178 nations in production of carbon emissions. Although sometimes the environmental outlook can seem bleak, there are many small- and largescale ways individuals can make a difference. For eco-conscious

people who want to start making a difference, here's a list of ideas to get started. • Raise chickens. There has been a greater interest among suburban and urban residents in raising livestock. Chickens make sense because they are not large and can be a home-based food source, producing eggs or meat if desired. It's possible to get eggs from hens without a rooster, and you may not need a large amount of space to house your bird. They can be kept in a small coop or allowed to roam free in a yard in a bird run. Check with your city or town to be sure it's legal to raise chickens, then do your research on the best breed and space needed for where you live. • Simplify beauty regimens. In many cases, there's no need to purchase costly beauty serums and washes that may or may not contain harmful chemicals. As it turns out, many things can be made at home

from food sources. Dry skin can be treated with a blend of avocado and honey. Cottage cheese can calm redness. There are those who are even proponents of washing your face with pure oil. Chances are even if you don't resort to all homemade beauty products you can significantly cut down on the number of store-bought items you use. • Look for personal hygiene alternatives. Most people already know about switching from disposable diapers to cloth alternatives (almost 30 billion disposable diapers are used and disposed of in the United States each year). But there are other disposable items that contribute to personal waste. Instead of traditional female hygiene products, choose reusable cups or cloth items instead of disposable pads and tampons. Some advocate the use of bidettype toilets to reduce dependency on toilet paper.

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* Rethink clothing purchases. When shopping for new clothes, choose durable or even sustainable products, such as those made from hemp or organic cotton. Another alternative is to buy used clothing or participate in clothing swaps. Consignment stores and thrift stores are other popular places to find used clothing. • Give experiences, not gifts. Does that child need another toy that will end up forgotten after a few days? Instead of gifts that need to be bought and stored, consider tickets to a show, lessons for dance or martial arts, trips to a zoo, or other life experiences that can be enjoyable and build memories. There are many ways to be ecofriendly now and in the years ahead. Think about your lifestyle and figure out the small things you can change that will make a big difference down the road.



April 2012

(321) 723-3355 (800) 820-1441

1441 S. Miramar Ave. (A1A) Indialantic, FL 32903






128 Cemetery Lots & Crypts

HILLCREST MEMORIAL GARDENS Ft. Pierce 2 mausoleums side by side on 3rd floor. Asking $5,000 772-340-3595

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145 Wanted

265 Lawn/Nursery

275 Misc. Items

440 Professional

630 Misc. Financial

LADY BUYS Costume Jewelry. Any or all! 772-344-7250

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270 Medical Equipment & Supplies

GIGANTIC MIRRORS Jobsite Leftovers, Brand New, Perfect Condition, 48”x100” (7), $115 each 60”x100” (8), $140 each 72”x100” (11), $165 each Free Delivery 1-800-473-0619

“HUGE OPPORTUNITY” New Co. Coming to the area, Looking for (3) Professional Sales people w/management skills... Six figure income Call: (302)497-0330 Leave Msg

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405 Domestic CLEANING LADY Wanted For Florida home. Age 18+. No pets/children in home. Receive room, board, wages. Reply: Bheul 140 Island Way, #134 Clearwater, FL 33767

427 Miscellaneous Employment

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NUTRITION COACHES needed. Int’l Wellness Company is expanding. FT/PT Training provided 772-486-3861

ADULT CARE ASSISTED LIVING Lic. Port St. Lucie home. We provide love, personalized care, Dr. Appt’s., shopping, 24hr staff. Great Ref’s. Lic/Ins 772-336-3700 ; 204-1919 ASSISTED LIVING Respite & Daily Care in Viera area. Lic. # 12055 Call 321-637-0842

CLEANING SERVICE SUSAN STEWART Unlimited Clng. & handyman Serv. Res/Comm. Deep Cleans, laundry, ironing, windows, carpet spots, Emergency clng. Specializing in Marble tops & stainless steel Exc. Rates 772-453-8890 Licensed

HOME IMPROVEMENTS COASTAL CONSTRUCTION & REMODELING INC. Repairs & Remodeling at an affordable price. Quality work personally Guaranteed. No Job too Big or Small. 772-781-8184


OKEECHOBEE RESIDENTIAL LOT on deep water canal & lake access. Prime location in Treasure Island! 75x110, cleared, electricity, water, septic. Asking $150,000/obo. Call 863-261-4685 SELLING 20 Texas Acres, West Texas Was $17,900, Sacrifice for $8,900. I will take $89.00 down and $89/month. No credit. Gary 1-888-6532796 SPECIAL FINANCING Available Any Credit! Any Income! Foreclosure Homes and Land View Properties at: or call Rose Land & Finance Corp. 866-937-3557 VACATION PROPERTY For Rent Monticello, NY 2 Bed Co-op. 5/15 10/15. Pool, Tennis, Clubhouse, Live Show Free. Near Raceway & Forestburgh Theatre. Util. Incl. $4,350. 561-699-4723

802 Rooms & Roommates

FORT PIERCE, Retiree has room for rent. Full house privileges $450 per month. Includes utilities, phone and cable. 772-359-4976 PORT ST. LUCIE West House to share, Private Entrance, Gated community. Pool & clubhouse $750/mo Includes utilities & cable 772-332-9194

805 Apartments/ Condos for Rent PORT ST. LUCIE 2 bdrm, 1 bath 24hr. Gym, Gated. $723/mo. includes water + $250 Deposit WAC. Se Habla Espanol 772-335-5000

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SEBASTIAN - Updated 2Br/2Ba with New appl. in kitchen. All amenities, (clubhouse, pool, tennis) $850/mo. 772-538-0031


0705 Condos for Sale

835 Vacation/ Timeshare for Rent

Auto Accident? Worker Compensation? Get Cash before your case settles! Fast Approval. Low Fees. 1-866-709-1100

FT PIERCE S. US1 2/2 High Point 55+, gated, pool, clubhse. Updated. Most util incl. $675/mo. Yr lease or sell $45K. (hold mtg) 772-216-7231

VERMONT SUMMER Rentals, Mount Snow Vermont Timber Creek Townhomes, Tennis, Pool, Activities 1-800-982-8922

www.diplomaathome .com

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GOT LOTS of Debt or Creditors No Amount Too Small or Too Large National Consumer Program Free Federal Debt Hot Line (855)840-6020 Hablamos Espanol

735 Out of Area for Sale

630 Misc. Financial




835 Vacation/ Timeshare for Rent

FLORIDA KEYS Marathon. Luxurious Oceanfront vacation homes. 4-6 Bedrooms. Private Pool, hot tub, docks & more! Start Planning Your Spring & Summer Vacation Now! 1-888-564-5800

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Affordable & Effective HOMETOWN NEWS CLASSIFIEDS Martin County thru Ormond Beach Special Programs for Businesses! Special Private Party Rates! Give us a call! You’ll be glad you did! Hometown News 1-800-823-0466



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April 2012




There is really only one firm in the area you should call. 321-269-9222 North Brevard Funeral Home & Crematory $ 1450 Norwood Ave., Titu...