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August 2012



Becoming organized: not for the faint-of-heart

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make a good first impression. I quickly learn that Lori, although firm, is not a drill sergeant. She’s more like a benevolent nanny, guiding my steps and never scolding. “Clutter is not the problem,” she tells me, although I might differ. “Clutter is the result of the problem. Think of it as the ‘dandelion effect.’ We can make it pretty, like if someone mows the yard and you take off the dandelion tops. It can come back if we don’t cut it at the root.” Now, I know my problem. I think dandelions are pretty. I don’t know a flower from a weed. The first thing we decided to focus on, with hurricane season ahead, is putting my important documents in one place, preferably a fireproof box. I don’t have that, but I do have an old crate where we put titles, insurance papers, Social Security cards, bank statements and the like. “When you know where those are, it’s peace of mind,” Lori said. I know she’s right, but I can’t find one important document that I didn’t realize I couldn’t find. It’s the title to my house. It will be peace of mind – once I find it. Amazingly, the next day, I do. Lori said that mail is one of the biggest sources of clutter. “Most people have no system for what they do with mail,” she said. “Set up files with ‘Bills’ and ‘To Do’ sections. Set a bill paying routine. It takes 21 days to form a good or bad habit. Every day, open the mail and do something. Have a file folder for coupons, and keep it in the car. What good is it if it’s not with you?” “It’s not good if it’s not at hand

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hen I called organizational guru, Lori Hennecke, owner of iDOitALLjust4U, about helping me to organize and downsize my possessions, I couldn’t find my planner to check my calendar. Then, I accidentally dropped the phone. Clearly, I was in need of emergency help. We set a date for the following week for her to come and evaluate my situation, and so, I began cleaning. Here’s my dirty little secret – I would rather have a root canal, than have someone come in and look at my things. And believe me, I have things. A well-lived life is between these walls, as well as boxes unpacked from previous moves and memories of my husband. Letting go of those will be a wrench, even though I know that the former sailor, who believed everything should be “shipshape and Bristolfashion,” would applaud the move. I told Lori to pull her car in behind mine. I think my theory was that I couldn’t run away screaming, if my exit was blocked. Now that she’s almost here, I’m wondering if she’s the one who’s going to run. The day of the appointment dawns. I open my email to find a cheery note from Lori, saying that it’s going to be a wonderful day. I am glad that one of us believes that. I have tried not to do any cleaning because I thought that would be cheating. Now, I’m not so sure. We are going to begin by sorting, she had said. I have spent years avoiding just that. Today begins a new day – I am ready, resolute. I am scared. As I await the arrival of someone I am beginning to think of as my drill sergeant, I begin trying to put things away. Then suddenly, she’s here. She comes in, and we sit at the table, which has nothing on it. That, in itself, is strange, but I wanted to





Photo courtesy of Susan Thompson

Photo courtesy of Susan Thompson

A before picture of a closet that was renovated to be something else.

August 2012

An after picture of a closet that was transformed into a breakfast nook, storage and laundry area.

Award-winning designer tackles space By Shelley Koppel Associate news editor

STUART – Susan Gelwicks Thompson of The Closet Designer is the best at what she does. That’s what her peer says. The designer was named Closets Magazine’s “Designer of the Year” for 2012. Ms. Thomson, who is an interior designer, brings a design aesthetic to the business of closets and small spaces. “My clients are moving into smaller homes,” she said. “They need to multipurpose their areas.” A recent project involved turning a laundry area into an entertainment center as well.

Ms. Thompson removed the bifold doors and put a marble counter top across the washer and dryer. She added baskets and drawers in front of the appliances and new cabinet doors to conceal them. “The countertop can be used for a buffet or serving space,” she said. “It’s between the kitchen and the dining room. Cabinets go above. It doesn’t look anything like a laundry room.” Another favorite project was a “mini man-cave” for a couple where the husband had had a workshop in his garage. “Homes that are well-organized make me feel happy,” Ms. Thompson said. “It’s less stressful. We all have to come to grips with the inevitable, that we can’t

maintain a big home forever. It gets more difficult and people should think about it sooner, rather than later.” When planning a move to a smaller space, Ms. Thompson suggests that her clients go from room to room and list those things they want to keep. “They can take those items and move to a smaller home, surrounded by items they really enjoy, rather than being surrounded by ‘stuff,’ she said. “If they have a collection of candlesticks and they have 200, pare it to a dozen that they can display.” Ms. Thompson said that decluttering should begin in a guest room or garage where there is an overflow of things, but perhaps not the emotional attachment.

Then they should move on to the kitchen. “If there are items you haven’t used in years, offer them to family and friends,” she said. “Give them a cut-off date. If they don’t take it, donate it. Pick out your favorite platters to keep, but you don’t have to keep something just because someone gave it to you.” When clients contact Ms. Thompson, it is for solutions to space problems. “I ask them to list the areas they want in their home,” she said. “That includes a home office, place for house guests, bar, space to exercise, or a workshop and craft area. Once they move, if they See DESIGNER, Page 5


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when you need it,” she continued. “You’ve set it aside and saved it for nothing because when you find it, it’s expired.” We continue setting up files and I exclaim, “Bank Statement!” when I find one, as if I’ve discovered gold. Lori is unfailingly patient and encouraging, even as I begin to flag. After 90 minutes, I’m done for this session. We’ve made a good start, but there is much to do. She agrees to come back in two weeks, and I will press on, putting her smart advice to good use. During the next few weeks, hundreds of old files, notes and other pieces of paper leave the house. I have turned into a filing fanatic. Empty cartons and egg crates are piling up. I don’t want to get rid of them because they will form the basis of the new, improved filing system. I am pumped. I really wanted to get rid of a lot of this stuff, but I didn’t know where to start. There is even carry-over. I have begun clearing out the front seat of my car! Maybe somebody will be able to ride with me soon. As I work at uncluttering, I remem-

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Lori Hennecke Owner of IDoItAllJust4U

ber what Lori told me. “If you haven’t touched it in six months to a year, unless it’s sentimental or an heirloom, you probably don’t need it,” she said. “This is dealing with the root of the problem. If you don’t deal with the problem, it will come back. It’s really so simple.” And that’s why she’s the professional. For me, it’s back to the boxes. I have premises to keep and things to file before I can sleep. Lori Hennecke is a professional organizer, life coach, wedding officiant, planner, singer and songwriter, who has clients throughout the Florida area. Contact her at (772) 242-3436 or For more information about her services, visit her website at


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“Clutter is not the problem. Clutter is the result of the problem .”

have the space for those needs, they’ll be happy.” Ms. Thompson said that many people want a home office, even if they’re not running a business. “They want a computer and a printer and they like a space to pay bills,” she said. “I take a closet that has bi-fold doors and one row of wire shelving. I remove the doors and shelving and build a home office in the closet. It can have a 7-foot desk, cabinets and filing. Once they take the doors off, they can put a chair in front of the desk. It might be off a hallway or the bedroom. There’s a wonderful amount of footage that can be used.” Another space solution is to get pet accessories such as litter boxes and food dishes off the floor. “I like to suggest dog cages, cat litter boxes and food bowls be off the floor, tucked into a closet, so there is more space,” she said. “You can take the drawer out of a lower cabinet and get



the dishes off the floor, to use every cubic foot we can.” Ms. Thompson noted that building up is often the way to go. “If someone has a bathroom vanity and it’s wide enough, I can build storage towers. The vanity can be raised for more storage underneath. If it’s just a countertop vanity, I can turn it all into drawers and cabinets, up to 8 feet tall. You go from no storage to an entire wall of storage. Think tall.” Ms. Thompson never forgets that her original training is as an interior designer. “I’m an interior designer first and then I got into closets,” she said. “I bring artistry and practicality. I like to create customized storage and closets. It’s a stress-free environment, a personal sanctuary. Closets are spaces people can afford to customize in this economy.” Susan Gelwicks Thompson can be reached at (772) 202-3772 or visit the website




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August 2012




August 2012

Organizer sees advantages to going smaller Associate news editor

STUART – Michelle Katzman is not a fan of the term “downsizing.” The professional organizer and immediate past president of the South Florida chapter of the National Association of Organizing Professionals, prefers to use the term “rightsizing” when she helps people make decisions about the lifestyle they want as their needs change. “Downsizing has negative connotations,” she said. “If people are thinking about the way they want to live their lives, rightsizing means time to do what you want to do. “Baby Boomers have a whole lifetime of experiences and collections-our own, our children and our parents. There’s a lot of stuff, especially if they have lived in one place for a long time. People get overwhelmed and wonder where to start.” The first step in rightsizing is to be

realistic about the space you will have in your new home. “If you’re going from a four-bedroom to a twobedroom and no basement, there’s only so much that can go with you,” Michelle Katzman she said. “It’s a hard realization that something has to go. Put a plan in action long before the moving truck shows up. You don’t have to do it all in one day.” Ms. Katzman said that in assessing possessions, it’s important to differentiate between your things and things you’re holding for others, such as grown children. “Sometimes the room looks like it did when they left for college,” she said. “Give the owner the option of deciding if they want them. If the owner doesn’t

want them, it’s time to let them go. Keep one or two. Perhaps save one piece of artwork from each year and pick the best. You still have the great memories.” Books and magazines are also fertile ground for discard. “Go through books and magazines,” Ms. Katzman said. “You tend to fill up the space you have. If you’re not going to read them again, give them to libraries or thrift shops.” Kitchenware and special items used for entertaining are also space-fillers. “Fancy items sit around,” Ms. Katzman said. “If you take five sets of china and crystal, you have to find space. It’s the same for fancy cookware. People don’t entertain the way they used to. They don’t need all the pots and pans.” Ms. Katzman noted that most people have many more photos then they can display or arrange in albums. “Everyone used to get duplicates and so you have doubles of somebody’s finger,” she said. “You don’t know who it

was or what the occasion was. It’s a laborious process, but weeding out is a good idea. For duplicates, label the photos and put them in an envelope and send them out.” For many, dealing with collectibles is an emotional issue. Whether it’s elephants, dolls, or cookie jars, people often have a lot of them. “People got them as gifts and now they have hundreds,” Ms. Katzman said. “Keep the favorite. Honor them and make a representative collection.” Many people who have been overwhelmed by possessions are embarrassed, but Ms. Katzman said that most of us have some difficulty getting rid of things. Moving is often the catalyst for a clear-out. “No one is immune,” she said. “Everyone has something. It doesn’t make any sense to move all of it. There’s a lot of emotion. It may help to have a friend, but not a judgmental one. See SMALLER, Page 8

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By Shelley Koppel

August 2012





Center expands services with help of $100,000 gift Associate news editor

STUART – The Council on Aging of Martin County has announced the receipt of a $100,000 gift from the Joseph C. Day Foundation. The contribution is earmarked for the laboratory at the Council’s Kane Clinic, a new geriatric specialty practice located within the Kane Center in Stuart. The gift was made in tribute to Joseph Day’s parents, Alice and Eric Day. Mr. Day, a Stuart resident, began his foundation in 1991. The former chairman and chief executive officer of a major national manufacturing company, Mr. Day serves on the board of directors of Martin Health Foundation and the Friends of the Volunteers in Medicine. In accepting the gift, Barbara Kauffman, president and CEO of the Council on Aging, said that the gift will enable the center to provide the entire spectrum of health and wellness for seniors.

“Patients with diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, neuropathy, dizziness, fibromyalgia, and a host of other chronic illnesses may actually have an imbalance in their autonomic nervous system (ANS) that is causing all these other symptoms,” says Dr. Tobias. The autonomic nervous system is the network of nerves that are associated with the organs. They are responsible for keeping the body running smoothly, and for providing the energy to respond to external stimuli. Autonomic imbalance can be detected with a noninvasive, painless, twenty-minute test – a test that is covered by Medicare and most insurance carriers. If the test reveals ANS imbalance, a simple treatment may be able to reverse a patient’s disease processes. “I cannot stress enough how important it is for patients to understand and take steps to protect their autonomic nervous system,”

The Kane Clinic, which opened in February 2012, offers geriatric specialty medical care in a setting that offers other services including Meals on Wheels and an adult day program. The staff includes Dr. Laura Beringer, a board-certified geriatrician, and Elizabeth Van Horn, an advanced registered nurse practitioner. Patients 55 and over are welcome to contact the clinic for an appointment. The Kane Center also announced that food for the Meals on Wheels program will be prepared in the Kane Center kitchen. Executive chef Chris Collier said that this offers several advantages. “The meals are prepared freshly each morning and are packed, ready to go, when the volunteers arrive to pick them up. “Because these are the only meals we are making, we can tailor their preparation to fit the program’s delivery timeline. This makes a big difference in the freshness and flavor. Our focus is on fresh ingredients, freshly prepared.”

In accepting the gift, Barbara Kauffman, president and CEO of the Council on Aging, said that the gift will enable the center to provide the entire spectrum of health and wellness for seniors.

A grant from Publix has made it possible for the Kane Center to offer Meals on Wheels to Martin County seniors who have been released from the hospital with a chronic health condition such as diabetes, heart disease or other illness. The service is available free of charge for 10 days. In addition to serving Meals on Wheels, the kitchen at the Kane Center is used for catering. When the Kane Center spaces are not being used for their own programs, they are available for rent for banquets, weddings and other events. “Having Chris on board allows us to offer in-house catering,” said Julie

Miller, who is in charge of facility rental. So far, our meals have been winning raves from the renters.” The Kane Bistro, serving lunch from Monday-Friday, features affordable sandwiches, salads and snacks. That menu is also handled by chef Chris Collier. For more information about the Kane Center, visit the website For information about facilities rentals, call Julie Miller at (772) 2237819. For information about Meals on Wheels, call food service manager Shirley Steeves at (772) 223-7826.

emphasizes Dr. Tobias. “I welcome the opportunity to guide patients through this vital test to help them find effective relief of their ANS symptoms.”

Dr. Tobias welcomes your questions regarding this article or any issues involving memory loss and neurological disorders. To schedule an appointment, please call (772) 283-3414. Neurology Associates of the Treasure Coast is located at 901 SE Monterey Commons Blvd., Suite 200, in Stuart. Hal M. Tobias, MD, is board certified in neurology and pain medicine by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and in pain medicine by the American Academy of Pain Medicine. He completed his neurology residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami.


By Shelley Koppel


the Treasure






August 2012

Clients praise small-space solutions


PALM CITY – When Linda Nicol and Alan Pearce moved into their new home, they found the master closet was both unattractive and inefficient. “The shelves were old and sticky,” Ms. Nicol said. “I was glad to see them go.” Ms. Nicol had met Susan Gelwicks Thompson of The Closet Designer at the St. Lucie Sailing Club. The designer is well-known in industry circles for closet design and was named Closet Magazine’s “Designer of the Year” for 2012. “I knew I had a problem with that closet and I asked her to look at rearranging it. It was a strange arrangement that didn’t (use) the space well. It was large enough, but not efficient.” Through the use of partitions, Ms. Thompson added hanging space and divided one closet into separate one, his and hers. “She created lots of cupboards and drawer space for handbags, photographs, hats and gloves,” Ms. Nicol said. “She put things so I could see

“If you’re struggling, take like items together and look at the sheer magnitude. Pull out all the kitchen utensils and see the duplicates. Pick your favorites. People are often surprised at the number of glasses and coffee cups they have.” Ms. Katzman suggests her clients use the garbage bag trick, where they fill a garbage bag once a week with things that have outlived their usefulness. In a year, that’s 52 bags of linens, towels, clothing and other items to donate to those who need them. The goal, she said, is about making the best use of your life now and not worrying about all the things you might need “someday.” “We miss the opportunity of living in the present when we live for the past and prepare for the future,” she said. Michelle Katzman can be reached at (772) 288-6245. For before and after photos, visit the website

what I’d got. Not only did she make me a lot more space, but gave me a whole new wardrobe of things I didn’t know I had.” In addition to the closet space, Ms. Thompson made room for a mirror, dressing table, jewelry box and ornaments. “It’s so orderly and it looks lovely,” Ms. Nicol said. “Now, when I walk in, it gives me a little thrill and a real feeling of pleasure.” For Ms. Thompson, the challenge was to create two closets out of one. “The master closet I designed for the Nicol/Pearce home was a unique challenge because it was a small closet with two doors,” she said. “The owners wished they each had their own closet. “To divide the space, I designed hanging clothing storage accessible from both sides down the center of the closet. This created a his- andhers master closet, each with its own entrance. The closets were individualized with high-functioning solu-

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tions which created a personal sanctuary for both owners.” Ms. Nicol has great respect for the designer’s talent. “She’s got a very clever eye,” Ms. Nicol said. “She sees things that you don’t. She’s got a definite gift. She has the eye of a designer. The technical bit has to work, but she’s got the designer’s eye, first and foremost. She has a real flair for seeing the unusual. It’s a cliché, but she definitely works outside the box — or the closet.” Ms. Nicol hopes to have Ms. Thompson redesign her utility area and make more efficient use of that space, as well. “It’s about the space, but it’s also about the aesthetics,” she said. “I feel that the remodeled closet has added to the value of the house. It’s fantastic.” Susan Gelwicks Thompson can be reached at (772) 202-3772 or visit the website

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Associate news editor

STUART – When Gail Honey and her husband, Neale, relocated to Florida in 2005, she brought the perspectives of a real estate professional and a downsizer. The Honeys purchased a condo in Stuart, but the search raised questions that she brings up with her clients at Prudential Florida Realty who are looking for smaller places and easier living. “I was shocked that there are so many two-story buildings with stairs,” she said. “I’ve had two knees replaced. Anyone with any sort of infirmity should try to get an elevator building and take into account physical ability.” Ms. Honey is a big fan of condo living, especially for those like her husband, who have chronic illnesses. However, she says that it is not for everyone. “This is easy living,” she said. “There’s no more yard work. We were hesitant to take on too much because we didn’t know how much he could take on. I love the fact that we don’t have yard work.” Ms. Honey also likes having a pool available in the community, but not the responsibility of maintaining it. As with any decision, there are two sides. “We have a two-bedroom,” Ms. Honey said. “We miss not having an extra bedroom for when the family visits. I have a large family. My four daughters all have kids and it’s tight quarters when they visit.” It’s also important to consider the kind of lifestyle you’ve had and the kind you want to have going forward. Perhaps a big sectional sofa is no longer the best choice, but love seats or a sofa that opens into a bed may give more flexibility. “We had a dining room table that sat 12,” Ms. Honey said. “We gave it to our daughter. We brought very little when

we came from Connecticut. It was heavy New England furniture. We renovated the kitchen and bath. If you buy a fixerupper, allocate money for renovations.” Gail Honey For many empty-nesters, 55 and older communities have a lot of appeal. For these, too, Ms. Honey said there are pros and cons. “We do have one daughter with a son and no option to bring them to live with us,” she said. “You give up the ability to have family live with you and there are a lot of rules and regulations, but there are instant friendships and a social life if you want it. “Check the newsletter. There is often bridge and mahjong, dances and singles and couples activities. For a lot of people, it’s important that there are activities they can move into.” It’s also important, as people get older, that relocation take into account proximity to doctors and hospitals. “Ask how long it takes to get to the hospital,” she said. “If there are health issues, you have to be concerned about care.” For those coming from single-family homes, Ms. Honey said that it’s important to realize that you will be changing your lifestyle. “There will be someone on top or below you,” she said. “You are part of a little community. Men that come from houses often miss a garage or workshop and the ability to putter. How important is it to do yard work or garden? If it’s very important, look for a smaller house with a garage or small yard.” Gail Honey is a broker-associate with Prudential Florida Realty, 2363 S.E. Ocean Blvd., Stuart. Call (772) 2832800.



Celebrating 43 Years of Service to the Community


Real estate pro sees downsizing from both sides By Shelley Koppel



August 2012


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August 2012

CALENDAR Stuart Green Market: from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Every Sunday at the city Hall Parking Lot. The best of fresh produce, cut flowers, plants, shrubs & small trees. Take home fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, honey, jams, jellies, preserves, eggs, cheese, sauces, plants, organic goods and much, much more! For more information, call (772) 5288900. Waterfront Wednesdays at Sunset Bay: at 4 p.m. every Wednesday at Sunset Bay Marina and Anchorage, 615 Anchorage Way St., Stuart. The Arts Council & Sunset Bay Marina invite art and music lovers to come by land or sea to Waterfront Wednesdays at Sunset Bay, a weekly arts and fine handcrafts show featuring local artisans. Enjoy art, music and nature’s stunning sunsets over the St. Lucie. This free-to-the-public event includes free parking on and off site, shuttle service, valet parking, and dockage on the marina transient and dinghy docks.

Larger vessels may lay on the fuel dock after 5 p.m. The marina sets a perfect stage for select artisans to display their finest works portraying Stuart and Martin County’s connection to the ocean, inlets, rivers, waterways, bays and lakes. Depictions of boating, fishing, sailing, cruising, kayaking, rowing, foraging, shelling, waterfowl birding and more seem to come to life next to lapping water, bobbing boats and the scent of open water. For more information, visit Brother Judah Drum Circle: from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Sunday at Sheppard Park, 600 SW Ocean Blvd., Stuart. A small gathering of drummers in the park. For more information, contact Jim Chrulski at (772) 288-5383. Still Life Painting in Oil: every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon at F-R Fine Arts, Inc. 2514 SE Willoughby Blvd., Willoughby Business Park, Stuart. This is painting for all instruction levels. Cost is $90 for five classes. For more information, email or call Sharon Raab at

(772) 223-0032 (to reserve a space).

Lyric Theatre Events Gone with the Wind: August 4 at 4 p.m. and August 5 at 2 p.m. Proving to be one of the most lasting and defining movies in Hollywood history, Gone with the Wind is an epic saga that documents the turbulent times of the Civil War and Reconstruction era from the perspective of a spoiled rich Southern girl living in rural Georgia. The story follows the complicated and destructive relationship between the vain, yet intelligent Scarlett O’Hara and her roguish and disreputable lover Rhett Butler. This is a free event. The Lyric Theatre is located at 59 SW Flagler Ave., Stuart. For more information, visit or call (772) 2867827.

Kane Center Events The following events are at the Kane Cen-

ter, 900 SE Salerno Road, Stuart. For further information on the events listed, call (772) 223-7800 or visit Senior Fitness: at 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and 1 p.m. – 2 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays. Senior Fitness is an enjoyable exercise program designed to help those 55 and better live healthy, active lifestyles while getting fit, having fun and making friends. The one-hour class emphasizes muscle range of motion, flexibility and coordination. Cost is $4 for Kane members and $6 for non-members. Zumba Gold: at 9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. on Mondays, at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Zumba Gold is a senior-friendly version of the popular Latin-inspired fitness dance workout. This one-hour class is ideal for beginners and those who want an effective, and fun, lower intensity, low impact workout. Cost is $4 for Kane members and $6 for See CALENDAR, Page 13


Ongoing Events

August 2012




Living with less in an ‘I want more’ society



may be surprised how much less room you can put up with when you have a nice sized bank account. A recently retired couple that I know sold their home and some investment property that they owned and bought a luxurious motor home. Now they live anywhere they happen to be for the night. Those two are seeing America and having a ball doing it. Of course that type of lifestyle does not come cheap and most of us are not quite that fortunate. Even if we must take a part-time job to supplement our retirement there will still be time to enjoy the

community where we live. Here in Central Florida we are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many natural wonders. Most of those require very little cash investment. All you really need is time and that is something we now find we have in surplus. Hontoon Island near DeLand is a place that many of us always planned to visit. Maybe we actually made that trip when the kids were young but going back now could be a totally different experience. This time there will be no snow cones to buy or emergency bathroom trips. Just the two of you enjoying the nature and history of a beautiful spot. If you do intend to do a little driving you may want to consider selling the minivan or that big SUV. A nice little used sedan that gives good gas mileage could be all that you need. Washington Oaks on A1A

in Flagler County is a nice drive and beautiful park and just a bit further north is the state’s first marine attraction at Marineland. Kayaks are great fun, good exercise and inexpensive. If you have an old power boat that has been sitting in your yard since the Carter Administration you may be able to sell it and turn it into a couple of nice kayaks. That little boat can take you to amazing vistas you couldn’t ordinarily see. In the St. Johns River near Osteen the islands are loaded with alligators that don’t mind posing for pictures. The same is true of the waterways off Lake Woodruff near DeLeon Springs. Over at Canaveral National Seashore south of New Smyrna Beach on A1A you can sign up for classes on throwing a castnet, shrimping or shell fishing. All good fun and easy to do. See SOCIETY, Page 14

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ey, let’s face it as we near retirement age our lives are rolling along over roads a little less bumpy. With the kids now on their own, nothing seems quite as urgent as it once did. Perhaps not all of our dreams were realized but all in all it was an interesting journey. The weekly paycheck is long gone and we don’t have as much but then we don’t need as much either. Our wealth is now measured by the time we have to do the things we enjoy. Reading, writing, long walks or just sitting in the yard are a few of the things we never had time for as we raised our children. Many of us scrimped and saved to pay the mortgage on the family home and now it is either paid off or we have a fat equity in that house. If either is true you might consider selling and moving into a smaller place with your profit. You



August 2012

Uncovering the past: land and property records can tell you more than you think GENEALOGY BRENDA K. SMITH

ancestor received a grant or patent, he was the original private owner of that land. After that, the land was transferred between individuals though deeds. Bounty land warrants were pieces of land given free to veterans for payment for their service in the military. These were given between the Revolutionary War and the year 1855. These records can now be found with the military records via the National Archives and Records Administration, There were eight land lotteries held

in Georgia to distribute land that was taken from the Indians. Eligible citizens placed their names in the lottery and paid a small fee. If their name was drawn, the winner took out a grant and paid a fee. If he did not do this, the lot was sold to the highest bidder. These lotteries were held between 1805 and 1832. Buying and selling of property has always been recorded in the courthouses. If the courthouse was destroyed, the deeds were almost always brought back and recorded again to maintain legal proof of ownership. The original document was always kept by the landowner, and was copied by the clerk. Always check the date of the record itself, and not the date it was recorded. Often, it was not recorded or re-recorded until several years after it was originally

signed. Information contained in these records is so varied, you never know what valuable tidbit or mass of information you may find. Starting with the names of the grantor and grantee, their place of residence will be listed. This will pinpoint an exact place and time where your ancestor lived. It may also tell where he lived previously. From there, the record will describe the tract of land, and may name adjacent landowners. They may be your typical neighbors, or they may be named as relatives. The document may list several other relatives such as spouse, parents and children. This would apply especially if this was part of an estate. Also note the witnesses, who may See GENEALOGY, Page 13



and records are probably the least-utilized records for genealogy research. There are many different types of records kept, places to look, and information to be gleaned. It is not an easy task, but untangling land ownership could mean untangling your family history. From the time our country was formed, records have been kept on land ownership. Ninety-percent of the population’s adult white men owned land before 1850. These records come in the form of royal land grants, federal land grants, deeds, bounty land warrants, land lotteries, land patents, homesteads and property tax lists. A land grant, or land patent, is the first transfer of the property. This is the transfer of land from the government to an individual, so that if your

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be related. Other amazing facts may be included for no apparent reason, such as how the land had been passed down through the family over the years. Here is your family tree! As you trace your family back through time, you should always include a search of their property. This will tell you not only how it was acquired, but also how it was disposed of at the end. Did he inherit it through his family or did he move from another location and buy it? How long did he own it? Did he sell it and move away? Was it left as an estate, upon his death, and divided among his family or sold at a sheriff’s sale to cover his debts? The amount of land he owned will give you an indication of his financial and social status. As you learn about his neighbors and neighborhood, you will find the nearest churches, schools, cemeter-


ies, and relationships. You will begin to see a network form between these families as they intermarry and begin to migrate around the country together. As you find these records, and begin to locate the land on the plat map, you will become more interested in where these people actually lived in today’s world. Is it in the middle of a large city, possibly on a main thoroughfare? Maybe it is still in a rural area much like it was in his day. Is the house still standing, or the stream that is shown running through the property on the plat map still there? I have found in my family, what goes around, comes around. Several of my father’s relatives have migrated to the exact areas my mother’s ancestors lived 150 years ago. How odd, to know that they live right down the road from where my other ancestors lived, way back then. They may end up in the same cemetery. Brenda K. Smith


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Friday, August 3 Barn Theatre: Krazy Kamp: at 7 p.m. Friday August 3, at 7 p.m. Saturday, August 4 and 2 p.m. Sunday, August 5 at The Barn Theatre, 2400 Southeast Ocean Boulevard, Stuart. A student production of a comedyfarce about summer camp. For more information, call (772) 2874884.

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Thursday, August 23 Art, Craft & LifeStyle Show at Treasure Coast Square: at 10 a.m. Thursday, August 23 through Saturday, August 25 at the Treasure Coast Square Mall, 3174 NW Federal Highway, Jensen Beach. Visit Treasure Coast Square, August 23 25, and shop from exhibitors offering a selection of handmade art and craft creations and for the latest trends and ideas to enhance your home and lifestyle. Exhibitors will be located throughout the mall and available during regular mall hours. Exhibitor space is still available. For more information contact Huff’s Promotions at (330) 493-4130.

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