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work, and family tradition, all which have been instilled in him from a very early age. His appreciation for his own John Deere B tractor is not only a result of where it came from, but also a result of the connection he feels to his family’s tradition of farming. Through his associ-

to rake hay as well. Samuel has also participated in several public events using his 1941 John Deere B including Plow Days, which is an annual event usually held during the third weekend of April at Harvestore Hill Farm. He has also entered his tractor twice in the Antique Tractor Pull at the Sykesville Ag and Youth Fair held every August, and it has been in the Past to Present Machinery Association’s Antique Tractor Show each of the last five years. Samuel also drove it in the parade for Big Run’s 150th Anniversary. Not only is he passionate about his Samuel Shepler on his John Deere B tractor at the 2013 Plow Days Event at Harvester Hill Farm before he began its restoration. Photo tractor, but he is enthusi- courtesy of Melissa Shepler. astic to share that passion ation with Harvestore Hill Farm and his with his community as well. involvement in events such as those This year, the Past to Present Machinery hosted by the Past to Present Machinery Association’s Antique Tractor Show was Association, Samuel has learned a great held at the Sykesville Fairgrounds from deal about the difficulties which accomMay 24-26, and it featured several events pany the operation of small farms; yet, he which hold special interest among people has also witnessed and experienced the like Samuel, including the Tractor Pulls rewards and the satisfaction associated and the Tractor Games. “I get excited with farming as well. His passion for the [about the PPMA show] because all the outdoors and for everything tractor-reother local farmers bring their tractors lated has fostered in him a strong work and you can see a variety of tractors and ethic and a sense of gratitude for those equipment. And you can see just how small farms which have, undoubtedly, many people enjoy farming and have that helped to shape our community in Punxinterest in this area,” Samuel said. Many sutawney in one way or another. Among local farmers bring their equipment, many farmers in the Punxsutawney area, eager to display it and discuss it with oththere exists a special connection to comers who attend the weekend-long show. munity and an outwardly obvious, simple Samuel said he has uncles and cousins love of farming. Samuel Shepler is cerwho will occasionally come to go to the tainly a prime example of that, and he tractor show as well, making it even more will undoubtedly continue to possess that of a family-oriented event for him. passion for the farm and for his tractor Although young, Samuel Shepler alfor many years to come. ready possesses a great appreciation for ••• local farms, tractors and machinery, hard

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Free Dance performances in Downtown punxsutawney June 27 and 28


Philadelphia-based modern dance company is traveling to Punxsutawney to perform their work Falling Up downtown on the sidewalks on June 27 and 28. Performances will begin on Main (Should this be Mahoning Street?) at 3 p.m. on Thursday June 27 and are free to the public. See below for a complete list of times and locations. Dancers Chloe Marie Newton, Harlee Trautman, Katherine Kiefer Stark, Marisa Illingworth and Sean Thomas Boyt slide, spiral, jump and fall along wood boards laid out on the sidewalk. Composer Ajibola Rivers provides live accompaniment on the cello. This is part of a five-city dancing-in-public spaces tour across Pennsylvania. Falling Up invites the audience to watch up close as the dancers push the boundaries of the small performance space, move in and out of relationships, and try to find ways to help and be helped by each other. Katherine Kiefer Stark, Artistic Director of The Naked Stark dance company, grew up making the drive from Philadelphia to Punxsutawney every summer to visit her grandparents Nathan and Lucille Stark. Losing her grandmother this year, she realized she did not want to lose Punxsutawney, too. “I connect with the world through movement: making meaning, sharing ideas, and asking questions in the dances I make. I envision rooting my work with The Naked Stark in the broader Pennsylvania community. This summer, with support from the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, I am taking the first step towards that dream.”


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8 – Punxsutawney Hometown’s Groundhog Festival Edition – July 2019 - Issue #225

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LIST OF PERFORMANCE TIMES & LOCATIONS Thursday, June 27 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. Main Street

Friday, June 28 11 a.m. and Noon Main Street 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Library Sidewalk

ABOUT THE COMPANY Founded in 2009, The Naked Stark is a Philadelphia-based modern dance company that supports the development and presentation of socially conscious, critical and engaged work by Artistic Director and founder, Katherine Kiefer Stark. Through performances, movement practice, workshops, shared showings, and community events, The Naked Stark works to make dance-making, dancing and dance-viewing sustainable, approachable and accessible. The Naked Stark’s dance pieces are highly physical, featuring complex partnering, dynamic floorwork, and momentum-based movement that propels Katherine and others through time and space. The dance pieces are created through an inclusive collaborative process in which the artists can safely explore complex power structures and intense physicality. She is thrilled to be collaborating with Ajibola Rivers, Chloe Marie Newton, Harlee Trautman, Marisa Illingworth and Sean Thomas Boyt on The Naked Stark’s current project Actor and The Leading Lady / Falling Up. •••

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#225 July 2019  

53rd Annual Groundhog Festival Punxsutawney Groundhog Festival Schedule of Events 2019 Just a Hometown Girl and Her Truck Aimee Rheaume's Pl...

#225 July 2019  

53rd Annual Groundhog Festival Punxsutawney Groundhog Festival Schedule of Events 2019 Just a Hometown Girl and Her Truck Aimee Rheaume's Pl...