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July 2018

Advertise Here Just $99 Deviled Eggs Are A Summer Perennial Nothing sparks memories of family picnics and barbecue gettogethers like a platter of bright yellow- and-white deviled eggs. Sometimes dressed up with a dusting of paprika, capers or fancy sprigs of garden dill and chives on top for the yum of it, they welcome all ages to the buffet table to taste and enjoy. Deviled eggs are a homemade dish involving several steps. You may take a shortcut by buying pre-cooked and peeled hard-boiled eggs at some markets, but for most families, the basics begin with boiling the eggs just right. Here’s my standard method for making perfect hard-cooked eggs: Place eggs in a medium saucepan and cover with cold water 1 inch above the eggs. Bring to a full rolling boil on medium high heat (no lid). Turn off heat, cover the pan, and let eggs sit for 10 minutes. Immediately plunge the eggs in a bowl of cold water (I add a few ice cubes) to chill them rapidly so that the eggs eventually will release easily from the shell when peeling. Remove from water. Donna Erickson’s award-winning series “Donna’s Day” is airing on public television nationwide. To find more of her creative family recipes and activities, visit and link to the NEW Donna’s Day Facebook fan page. Her latest book is “Donna Erickson’s Fabulous Funstuff for Families.”

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Sponsor This Page $99 Weather Vane Tennis started in the 12th

and is worth about $200. continued on pg. 4

Q: I have a tiny bisque doll, which

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century and was played without a racquet. The ball was hit with the hand. It was not until the 16th century that the game was called “tennis” and players used a racquet. By the 1960s, important tennis matches were open to both amateurs and professionals, and winning players got a large sum of money as a prize. But there are many collectibles from early tennis events as well as equipment from the past 100 years. Since about 1870, some steins, vases, plates and even figurines pictured players and other tennis scenes. Old balls and racquets, even appropriate tennis clothing, are wanted. One of the most unusual tennis items sold recently is a pre-1950s tennis-racquet weather vane. It was made of copper and included copper-wire racquet strings. The racquet was attached to a mounting rod with a tennis-ball top. The weather vane sold at a James Julia auction for $1,815. It probably will be installed near a tennis court.

Your doll was designed by Grace (not Sarah) S. Putnam. Born in California, Grace Storey Putnam (1877-1947) was divorced and trying to earn some money when she started designing dolls’ heads. In 1922, she copyrighted a wax doll’s head designed to look like the head of a 3-day-old infant. Within a couple of years, the doll, called “Bye-Lo Baby,” went into production, distributed by George Borgfeldt & Co., a New York importer. The first dolls’ heads were bisque and made in Germany. Bodies were cloth, made by the K & K Toy Co., a subsidiary of Borgfeldt, which also assembled them. They came in several sizes. Later, heads were composition, wood, vinyl, wax or celluloid, made in Germany or the U.S. Other dolls were all bisque, all composition or a combination. They were sold until 1952. Your doll’s value depends on size, condition, age, and head and body type. Your doll was made sometime after 1925

is about four inches tall. It has molded hair, painted brown eyes and rope joints. Marked on the back is “Sarah S. Putnam, Germany.” I’d like to know who this is and the age of the doll. It is in perfect condition.

Unique or unusual items sell quickly at shows and auctions. So this weather vane featuring a copper tennis racquet got bids up to the winning $1,815 at an auction in Maine.

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Advertise Here Just $99 Your Ad Here for Only $19 Per Month Deviled Eggs Are a Summer Perennial DEVILED EGGS (Makes 12) 6 large hard-cooked eggs, peeled 3 tablespoons mayonnaise 2 teaspoons of prepared mustard depending on taste, or 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard 1/2 teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper Paprika (optional garnish) Sprigs of parsley, chives or finely chopped scallions (optional garnishes)

Cook’s note: Substitute mayonnaise with 3 tablespoons plain hummus, or make a half-and-half mixture of sour cream and Greek yogurt. Add a few drops of Tabasco or vinegar for an extra kick. Š 2018 Donna Erickson Distributed by King Features Synd.

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CURRENT PRICES Compact, silver-tone metal, black, red and white paint, strolling couple, tree, hinged lid, mirror and powder puff, c. 1930, 3 1/2 in diameter, $15. Beverage dispenser, stoneware, pale blue crock with “Iced Tea” stamped in navy blue, brass spout, lid, 1960s, 16 x 11 inches, 4 gallons, $120. Golf sign, hand-carved wood, The

Asparagus set, Majolica, rectangular server with handles, eight round plates, scalloped, molded stalks, leaves, c. 1905, 16 inches and 9 inches, $960. Tip: Plastic furniture from the 1950s often scratches. A good polishing with automobile wax might help cover the blemishes. For more collecting news, tips and resources, visit © 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

golfers arms, golfer on course, arched top, multicolored paint, 1950s, 40 x 27 inches, $400.

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Mastered Cell Phones? Step Up To Tablets What do you buy after you have your cellphone but you’re not ready for a full-size computer? Chances are a tablet would be a good next step. Tablets are like oversized cellphones in their capabilities, only better. With tablets you can check mail, watch videos, make a grocery list, share pictures, check the weather, play games and look around the Internet. Some tablets have drawing capabilities with a special pen. If you have Wi-Fi in your house, a tablet can connect to it without incurring additional fees to connect to the phone carrier. Tablets are portable, easier to tote around. If you want to take your tablet out to lunch and read online news while you eat, assuming the restaurant has Wi-Fi, you can do that. If you have a reading app for books you’ve downloaded, you don’t even need the Wi-Fi. Chances are a tablet won’t come with a keyboard, unless you get one fancy enough to attach to a Bluetooth keyboard. Otherwise you’ll type right on the screen. You won’t need a mouse. How to pick out a tablet: • Try to sample different types in stores, such as Apple iPads and Android, and the various sizes. The 9.7- to 10.1-inch display sizes are a good place to start; the 12-inch models can be heavy. • Read the reviews online. You’ll care about battery life, weight, price and ease of typing. Don’t forget to add in the cost of any extra goodies you want, like the drawing pen if your tablet can use it, and a new case. (I recommend the Speck Balance Folio, for the sturdiness and the locking cover that protects the glass front. See them at www.speck- If you enjoy playing music, investigate the cost of Bluetooth speakers. © 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Advertise Here Just $99 The style was very much like Western or Rustic style today. It The Adirondack style started originally was all handmade of with a chair in 1903. Many local wood by nearby wealthy folks from the East carpenters. Sometimes there Coast wanted a cool place to was added paint, or cut-out and live for the summer, so they applied figures like stars or started building homes in the animal profiles. Pieces are Adirondack mountain area. heavy-looking and since they Thomas Lee was vacationing in are made of logs, they are heavy Adirondack town of Westport, to move. New York, and he wanted An Adirondack bookcase on comfortable outdoor chairs for chest was in a Skinner auction his house. He made the chair and sold for from 11 $6,150. It had carved diagonal lines on the trim around the two lower cabinet doors, two upper glass doors, plus a decorated center on each cabinet door and some applied burl decoration. Inside are three drawers and two shelves. It’s definitely homemade and one of a kind.

Adirondack Style 1. Name the only major-league pitcher in the modern era to hit three home runs in one game. 2. Who was the last Baltimore Orioles player to lead the American League in RBIs for a season? 3. Who was the last Heisman Trophy winner before Louisville’s Lamar Jackson in 2016 to win the award despite playing on a team that lost the last two games of the regular season? 4. Name three of the five players in Boston Celtics history to have 50 or more points in a playoff game. 5. When was the last time before 2018 that the Buffalo Sabres beat the Chicago Blackhawks in a regular season NHL game? 6. Name the last American male before Matthew Centrowitz Jr. in 2016 to win the Olympic men’s 1,500 meters race. 7. When was the last time before 2018 (WGC Mexico Championship) that PGA golfer Phil Mickelson won an event? 1. Jim Tobin of the Boston Braves in 1942. 2. Chris Davis had 138 RBIs to lead the A.L. in 2013. 3. Tim Brown of Notre Dame, in 1987. 4. Ray Allen, Bob Cousy, John Havlicek, Sam Jones and Isaiah Thomas. 5. It was 2009. 6. Mel Sheppard, in 1908. 7. It was the 2013 British Open. © 2018 King Features Syndicate, Inc.

This is a bookshelf and cabinet

Q: Can these be sold? I have a

Royal Purple stockings have sold online for $6 to $35 a pair. The empty box has sold for $4.50.

CURRENT PRICES Sugar bowl, turquoise-blue milk glass, relief grapevines with bunches of grapes, footed, dome lid, grape cluster finial, 1920s, 6 inches, $60. Bronze bookends, big rig truck, molded, protruding from arched plaque, flaired rounded base, hammered, 1930s, 6 x 6 inches, $405. Sand pail, Kewpie Beach, Kewpie Castle, Scootles Tourist, tin lithograph, Rose O’Neill, 1937, 3 x 3 inches, $800. Friendship Quilt, red and white pinwheels, 450 embroidered names, made by women of a church in Iowa, c. 1910, 76 x 92 inches, $2,550.

pair of Royal Purple nylons, with back seam, in their original box. It reads “10 1/2 style 704/4 nutria 1/4” on the end of the wood. Its price is $6,150. TIP: Acorn by Georg Jensen, box. Are they of value, or Audubon by Tiffany & Co. and should I just give them away? pieces of wood and finally Francis I by Reed & Barton still A: Collectors of vintage decided on the reclining chair are very popular sterling-silver clothing are interested in with wide arm- rests now known vintage stockings. Royal Purple flatware patterns wanted by new as the Adirondack or Westport was a trademark of Sears & brides. chair. Lee had a local carpenter Roebuck. Silk stockings were friend named Harry Bunnell, fashionable until nylon was who made the chairs to sell. invented. Nylon stockings were Bunnell patented the design in introduced at the 1939 New 1905. Lee never received any of York World’s Fair and were For more collecting news, tips the profits. and resources, visit first sold in 1940. Stockings The houses in the Adirondacks went out of fashion when led to other pieces of furniture pantyhose became popular in © 2018 King Features Synd., Inc. that were made of local wood, the 1960s. twigs and carving as decoration. made for a house furnished in Adirondack or Rustic style. It is 86 inches high and 46 inches wide. The chest is signed “DZ JR” in the

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Genetic Screening May be Helpful for Some DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 62-yearold female who weighs 97 pounds and is 4 feet, 10 inches tall. I’m a non-smoker, nondrinker. I’m a mother of three, take no medications and have no medical issues except acid reflux. My brother died of Ewing sarcoma at 6. My 10-year-old sister died of dysgerminoma. Mom was diagnosed with colon cancer at 47 and died at 52. Dad died of pancreatic cancer at 81 after being in remission from prostate cancer for five years. On Mom’s side, her sister and aunt also had colon cancer. What screenings do I need? What screenings are needed for my two daughters, ages 41 and 43? My daughters’ paternal grandmother died of breast cancer at 72. My other siblings, a 56-year-old brother and 68-year-old sister, are healthy. — G.T. ANSWER: With so many cancers in your family, I would strongly suggest a visit with a genetic counselor.

The combination of colon, pancreatic and prostate cancer suggests a genetic syndrome, such as Lynch syndrome and BRCA 1 or 2, although your history isn’t classic for either of these. There are many less-common familial syndromes that increase the risk for various cancers, and we are gradually increasing our knowledge of them. Some of the cancers you mention are not associated with any known syndrome, such as Ewing sarcoma, a primary bone cancer, and dysgerminoma, a rare type of ovarian cancer. It’s possible that your family has just been very unfortunate. Still, I would recommend getting more knowledge about any genetic risk you may have. With this information, you can learn the right screening strategies for yourself, as well as obtain information that could potentially be valuable to your siblings and children. DEAR DR. ROACH: At first the doctors thought my wife had myasthenia gravis. After a series of tests, it was determined that she did not have that disease. However, the neurologists now think she has mitochondrial myopathy. Can you tell us a little more about this disease, please? — R.R.

ANSWER: Mitochondrial myopathies are a group of disorders of the mitochondria, which are responsible for the production of energy inside the cell. Almost all cells contain mitochondria, but muscle cells are loaded with them. Since they do so much of the energy consumption, muscles are most affected. These disorders used to be considered rare, but it is now thought that 1 in 10,000 people may have one of these disorders (which makes it uncommon, but not rare). Mitochondria come almost completely from the mother, and as a result, a family history of muscle problems in the maternal line suggests this diagnosis. Mitochondrial myopathies range dramatically in severity. They are diagnosed with a combination of blood testing, EKG (since some can affect heart muscle), EMG (a test of the electrical activity of muscle), muscle biopsy and genetic tests of the mitochondria. Unfortunately, I can’t give you any details at all about prognosis or treatment, which require a specific diagnosis. Most of these have no specific treatment, though L-carnitine, coen- zyme Q10 and creatine often are tried. Your wife’s neurologists will give you more information.

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Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. Julia Child

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Is Doggie Door a Safe Escape? DEAR PAW’S CORNER: The article about not leaving pets outside for too long because of coyotes is silly. There’s an easy solution: Just install a dog door! They work great. My dog comes and goes at liberty, and I’ve never had any other creatures follow her inside. — Robert D., via email DEAR ROBERT: That is one solution, so long as you’re confident that your dog will be able to quickly run inside if a threat appears. However, in areas where coyotes have been spotted or where there have been reports of them taking small pets,

owners really should be outside with their pet, especially small- to medium-sized dogs, as well as cats. Coyotes are far less likely to show them- selves when a human is present. Some folks may wonder what all the to-do is about coyotes. In the North- east, they have increased in numbers and are frequently sighted in suburban neighborhoods. In other areas, the nuisance animal may be a black bear or a cougar. In many cases, colonies of feral cats are a risk because they may attack housecats, potentially exposing them to rabies, FIV or feline leukemia. Additionally, all pets that regularly go outside — either accompanied or through a doggie door — need to be vaccinated and have any required municipal license and ID tags. A microchip implant also is a good idea, just in case they escape the yard. Send your questions, tips or comments to © 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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