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Monday, April 30, 2012


Iconix: RV at JCP Holds Potential Transition hits sales, 1Q profit off 12% N EW YORK — The 4% decline in first quarter revenue at Iconix Brand Group resulted from “a few challenges” that in part included the transition of the company’s Royal Velvet brand out to a new exclusive program with JCPenney. But this hurdle is seen as only temporary as Iconix and JCP are working together to rapidly develop the brand into a major home products line. “As we had previously stated the transition of the [Royal Velvet] brand to JCPenney will impact the near term, and for the full year this impact is expected to total $14 million,” explained Yehuda Shmidman, coo, during the company’s quarterly conference call last week. “However, the launch at JCPenney is a positive for the long-term future of the brand, and will be a growth driver for the company in 2013 and onward.” He noted that products have

already st arted shipping to stores, “and the initial response has been favorable.” Royal Velvet at JCP is to grow it into a “full lifestyle presentation,” Shmidman added, “with furniture, tabletop, bedding and bath, and window coverings.” In the first quarter, Iconix’s net income dropped 12% to $27.6 million, or 37 cents per share. Revenue was $88.5 million versus the year-ago period’s $92.4 million. Due primarily to softness of its men’s brands – Rocawear, Ecko and Ed Hardy –and a project in India that the company said it no longer expects to complete in 2012, Iconix lowered its fiscal year guidance. Annual revenue is now expected to range from $340 million to $350 million, down from $370 million to $385 million.


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Juniors in a League of Their Own Hip vs modern, CB2 vs West Elm BY JENNIFER WHITE KARP NEW YORK — In the battle to be the destination for young but discerning textiles shoppers, hip and edgy squares off against clean and modern. Competitors CB2 and West Elm, the junior offspring of the Crate & Barrel and WilliamsSonoma retail families, respectively, are often linked for having comparably similar design sensibility and pricing. However, their identities differentiate upon examination of their merchandising strategies, with CB2 skewing toward a younger and edgier vibe while West Elm aspires to a slightly more established young adult. CB2 on 3rd Avenue, which opened in October, and West Elm on Broadway, both in Manhattan, were visited as part of the HTT series “Face to Face” comparing similar merchandising classifications at pairs of competing retailers.

At right: Silver pebbles, a handtufted wool rug, is part of a vignette at CB2. Below: A basket of Alhambra duvet covers is perched on a bed at West Elm.




Sizing Up the Quilt Category BY JENNIFER MARKS NEW YORK — The quilt category is one that runs hot and cold, every decade or so surging into the forefront of alternate top-ofbed offerings only to be sent back to its corner as cheaper, cut-rate

product floods the market. After a small market share increase in 2011, many quilt manufacturers contacted by HTT expect modest, single-digit growth for the category at retail this year. Some see coverlets becoming more important, relative-

ly speaking, while other see opportunity in bedspreads — once the staple top-of-bed covering in American homes. Suppliers agree that the current health of the quilt category is dependent not upon a particular channel or price point but on

Inside This Issue

individual retail accounts. Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohl’s and Macy’s were cited by many as quilt boosters. The merchandising flux at JCPenney, which is overhauling its broad strategy, has it pulling back on the category at SEE QUILTS PAGE 23

Family Dollar Maintains Discretionary Offerings, Taking “Cautious” Approach 2 Walgate 4 4 Database: Top of Bed 6 High Point Happenings 7 Design 14



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April 30, 2012





Family Dollar Maintains Discretionary Offerings, But Taking More “Cautious” Approach N E W Y O R K — As its lower-

income core customer base continues to be challenged by the economy, Family Dollar is increasingly adopting a guarded approach to its discretionary categories, including home. Howard Levine, chairman and ceo, told analysts and investors at the Barclays Capital 2012 Retail & Restaurants Conference here last week that the company is reacting to external pressures in the economy and the recent volatility in its non-consumable businesses, especially apparel. He first emphasized that Family Dollar considers its business “not just as consumable and not just discretionary. It’s how you blend them.” But he acknowledged that the economy continues to be “tough,

and very tough on our customer. And in some respects, our customer is always in a recession. They have to live with more uncertainty and make all kinds of tradeoffs. Some parts of the economy are doing better than they were, but housing still is not doing well.” Levine explained that negative weather patterns during Family Dollar’s second quarter hurt discretionary product sales, particularly apparel, forcing the company to mark down merchandise and then liquidate goods. “We reduced expenses on our spring/summer side to be a little more cautious, considering the economy [and weather],” he said. But then in March, sales were “favorably impacted by favorable

weather conditions” spurring “good traction for our spring/ summer selling season” in discretionary categories. As a result, Family Dollar is now “working to know how to run that business, especially in the home area,” Levine said. “We are being more cautious about categories that need to be marked down at end of season, and apparel is one of those.” This caution, he noted, is at least a near-term approach in reaction to the current economic environment. “But don’t think for a second that we are leaving those [discretionary] businesses,” Levine stressed. “We have a strong niche because we’ve been able to get more business through those areas” as opposed to grocery stores,

for example, who offer only consumables. “It’s a niche that has proven to be successful for us.” He added that “even with all the skus we are adding to our consumables, we aren’t walking away from our discretionary business. We’re just being more cautious and we’re focusing more on basics.” On the flip side, consumables represent a healthy category for Family Dollar. “We’re seeing tremendous growth in food and all consumable categories,” Levine said, attributing this to “successes we’ve had in those areas, whether it’s our growing cooler presentation, food, HBA (health and beauty), and allowing our consumers to have the items they have been asking us for.” HTT

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Bel-Air Seeking Luxury Licensees L OS A NG ELES – Bel-Air, the historic Los

Angeles neighborhood, is launching a lifestyle licensing program for several categories, including fabrics and textiles. The design sensibility is 30’s Hollywood glamour meets modern California lifestyle, according to The Name Game, the LA agency crafting the licensing program with the Bel-Air Association and The Germ Factory, a boutique advertising and branding agency also located in Los Angeles.

The collection’s style guide reflects BelAir’s classic architecture and landscape such as the neighborhood’s famous gates, the iconic cherub logo and art deco signage. Additional product categories include furniture, lawn and garden, gift and collectibles and decorative accessories. The Bel-Air Association was formed in 1942 to preserve the beauty of the exclusive enclave, which was founded in 1922 by Alphonzo Bell. HTT

PRICES UP, PRICES DOWN Average Selling Price by Category Segment, 2011 vs. 2010

Sheets/ Pillowcases

C ALHOUN , G A . — Handmade

$47.47 $51.34 $29.48 $30.44

Bed Covers $12.73 $13.11

Bath Linens

$4.53 $3.82

Kitchen/ Table Linens

$3.02 $3.04

2011 2010

While many of the home textiles segments saw flat pricing, or slight declines in 2011, individual products like pillow cases, placemats, wash/face cloths, bath towels/bath sheets, and hand towels all saw notable increases in average price. The continually challenged economy, including the fluctuating costs of raw materials, as well as the fact that consumers are spending more time in and sprucing up their homes, are likely impacting average selling price. Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / Consumer Tracking Service

htt120403_002 2

Swatches from the Bel Air collection.


Rizzy Taps Industry Veteran Ragy To Head National Accounts

Tracking Textiles

Bed Ensembles

Manhattan Properties

lieu of America, where he rug, textiles and furniture man- served as svp of sales; Trade ufacturer and supAm, where he was svp plier Rizzy Home has of sales and marketbrought Louis Ragy ing; and most recently, on board as the comSmartful Rugs and Texpany’s new national tiles, where he served as accounts manager. president and ceo. Ragy brings many “Louis brings many years of career experiyears of experience in LOUIS RAGY ence to his new post, sales and product develRizzy Home and a “specialized opment that will help knowledge of internagrow our business,” tional rug and textile markets, a noted Rizzy Home president successful background in mar- Mark Ferullo. “He has both keting and sales, and expertise textile and rug experience that will contribute to the success of in product development,” His resume includes: Beau- Rizzy Home.” HTT

Softline Home Fashions

Surya Rugs

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,I\RX¶UHLQhome textiles New York is the market. And the market in New York is the TEXTILE BUILDING For 90 years, 295 Fifth Avenue has been the leading showcase for the home textiles industry, with the best location, the best value per square foot, services that cater to your distinctive needs, high-profile traffic, high-tech security, a wi-fi buyers lounge and the personal service of a staff of 15. Give your business the best market, in the market. Call Lou Lombardi, President & CEO, Manhattan Properties, Inc. 212-685-0530 ƒ ƒ on-site management

The Textile Building at 295 Fifth We are the market


Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


OPINIONTodaY Walgate



AST W EEK’S HIGH POIN T Market officially wrapped up the winter/spring trade show season that began with the big Heimtextil show in January. Combing through home introductions from key shows, here are a few stand-out product directions. 1. Texture Surface texture is important in every product category. We’re seeing more ruffles, more roushing, pintucking and gathering. Cuffs on sheets and cases are getting wider, in some instances dramatically so. And as part of the whole naturals story, bedding components were showing more raw, unfinished-looking edges, especially when constructed of pure linen. 2. The Good Earth The influence of nature, natural forms and natural motifs was all over the place at the spring shows. If it grows, flies, swims or scuttles along the bottom of the sea — someEDITOR-IN-CHIEF one has appropriated it for design. A lot of textures are mimicking forms from nature. Honeycombs, waves, kudzu, bark, animal hides, skins. Austere elements such as branches were being used to create abstract, contemporary motifs. While botanticals still make a good showing, leaves were everywhere — trailing on vines across the face of duvet covers, down window panels and cavorting across table runners. 3. Color There’s always more than one color story happening, but throughout the winter/spring this year there was a definite movement toward bright, vivid color. The oranges are getting a little hotter. The yellows are getting more sun-kissed. The reds are growing more intense. And purple ruled the day. 4. White On a parallel track to design that pulls from nature, there’s also a growing movement toward white as an expression of purity. At High Point, white was an important part of an emerging trend our sister publication Home Accents Today calls “Marrakesh Modern.” 5. Craft The craft or artisnal movement continues to be important — shearlings, unfinished edges, block printing, traditional and tribal patterns and textiles that convey a handmade feeling. There is more, of course, check out The Trend Tracker blog on our home page for design notes from Maison and High Point. The Research Says blog at sister pub Furniture Today has a free, downloadable report on “The 10 Market Factors” influencing High Point that includes design trends across a range of home categories, among them the aforementioned “Marrakesh Modern.” Happy hunting. HTT

Jennifer Marks

htt120403_004_005 4


’ M S H O C K E D,” A S I N S P E C T O R Renault in Casablanca would say. “Shocked to learn there is bribery going on in international business.” The big New York Times story last week about Walmart routinely bribing Mexican officials as it rapidly expanded its store base in that country — and then covering up its own internal investigation into the matter — can’t come as any great shock to anyone who operates their business in foreign countries. Me, other than lying Warren on some of their beachShoulberg es and drinking a lot of PUBLISHER/ their tequila, I’ve never EDITORIAL DIRECTOR really done business in Mexico so I can’t speak from any first-hand experience. But there are enough anecdotal and confirmed reports of corruption and bribery in that country that would seem to indicate that this is nothing unusual there. Same goes for many other countries around the world, including our very own United States. The Walmart cover-up is another story. According to the Times report, an internal whistle-blower blew that whistle loud and hard to anyone within earshot in beautiful downtown Bentonville. And after some perfunctory knee-jerking, the big boys at the big store pleaded hard of hearing and shut down the entire process of looking into the matter. Don’t you just love independent investigations? All of this nastiness allegedly took place during a period of time when Walmart’s public image was not exactly the yellow smiley face it pretended to be. The company was

getting slammed from every imaginable corner — from workers claiming unfair treatment to environmentalists screaming about the company’s eco-unfriendly processes to cities and towns setting up roadblocks at their borders to keep the Big W from invading their retail environs. It was not a pretty picture. To Walmart’s credit, they have made a credible effort to clean up that image. There have been all sorts of initiatives to try to paint a friendlier picture of the store and win over some of the naysayers. And if some of it has been lip-service, so be it. They would certainly not be the first — and absolutely won’t be the last — to try to blow smoke up the consumer’s whatever. But what’s most disturbing about this Mexican bribery situation is the lack of responsibility … something that continues right through to today. Just last week in response to inquiries about the company’s behavior, a spokesman for Walmart was quoted as saying that these allegations were more than six years old and “if true, it is not a reflection of who we are or what we stand for.” If only that were true. From the extensive Times investigation it appears that at least some of the people who run Walmart today — from ceo Mike Duke to members of the board of directors to other officers — were the very same people involved in the coverup and shutdown of the internal investigation. If that turns out to be the case, then there will no doubt be some serious repercussions in Bentonville, perhaps stretching all the way to the top. Dealing with these kinds of international issues is increasingly part of what’s required in doing business these days. But not dealing with the consequences is what’s wrong with doing business these days. HTT

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Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


Retail Briefs

Surya Turns To Pinterest To Present Fashion Trends, Design Ideas

Burlington Swings to a Loss


urlington Coat Factory posted a net loss of $6.27 million for the fiscal year ended Jan. 28, compared to net income of $22.1 million in the previous fiscal year. Sales rose 5.0% to $3.85 billion. Comps rose 0.7%. Home was among the departments that outperformed the company average.

Lowe’s Promotes Two Into New Posts

L C A L H O U N , G A . — Surya Inc., which manufactures area rugs and home accessories, has launched new inspirational design boards on online pinboard Pinterest. Surya described its Pinterest boards as showcases for the company’s latest trends in home décor. The idea behind this new effort is “to stimulate shoppers’ imagination and drive traffic to Surya dealers. This highly visual social network is being widely adopted by designers and home décor shoppers to create and share virtual pinboards.” In total, Surya has posted 23 décor boards featuring its spring 2012 introductions, designer products, and latest colors and trends. Boards are updated regularly, reflecting Surya’s latest thinking on home fashion. “We have been creating mood boards for years in our catalog, but couldn’t find a simple tool to share digitally,” explained Satya Tiwari, president of Surya. “Pinterest is

what we were looking for all along and we are thrilled to make our virtual pinboards easily accessible to Surya community. I am not surprised to see why Pinterest is being heavily used by its growing user base of over 10 million.” Surya, he added, has been expanding its social media presence under the SuryaSocial brand to connect with its customers. The company posts daily inspirations and design ideas on its Facebook page for its 32,000-plus page fans. The manufacturer also proviced training on social media at High Point Market last week. Just ahead of market week, Surya released its new spring 2012 catalog, titled Surya Square. Surya Square is the 14th edition of the company’s catalog, which is printed twice a year and sent to all current customers the week before High Point Market. The spring 2012 catalog presents more than just product. One section highlights the Surya design

process from start to finish. Surya Square also has an exclusive interview with Candice Olson detailing her style inspirations and design philosophy, as well as sections on Surya’s current colors and style trend inspiration. “We think our catalog should be more than just product,” said Satya Tiwari, president, Surya. “It should inspire our customers in a way in which helps them rethink their possibilities in merchandising accessories.” Surya Square includes more than 2,000 area rugs and 1,000 accessories including pillows, throws, poufs and wall art. The 396-page catalog is organized by style and price point, according to the company. The catalog also highlights Surya’s 350 best selling rugs in the newly expanded Quick Ship program. Surya guarantees to ship rugs in this program — in the 5by-8 and 8-by-11 sizes — within 72 hours. HTT

Carpenter’s Creates Interactive Zzzz Score Feature R ICHMOND , VA . — SleepBetter.

org, Carpenter Company’s consumer-oriented site offering sleep tips, has launched an interactive Zzzz Score that lets visitors score their sleep on a sale to from 0 (Get a Sleep Physician) to 10 (Sleep Star). Visitors pick from one of four “Dream Guides” who help them through the quiz. The inaugural Guides include SleepBetter’s “Paranormal Pillow” characters,

htt120403_004_005 5

Old Pillow and his side-kick Mattress Topper, as well as Abraham Lincoln (an insomniac) and the 8Bit Sandman. “The new Zzzz Score is a fun, interactive tool from SleepBetter. org that helps visitors understand how well, or how poorly, they sleep and then encourages them to take immediate steps to sleep better,” said Dan Schecter, senior vice president of consumer products at Carpenter Co.

The Zzzz Score is being launched with the Zzzz Score Getaway contest, and all-expensepaid trip to Chicago that includes a sleep consultation with Dr. Lisa Shives,’s official sleep expert. The Zzzz Score can be launched from and from SleepBetter’s Facebook page ( The direct link to the Zzzz Score is HTT

owe’s promoted Gregory Bridgeford chief customer officer and Rick Damron to chief operating officer, both newly created positions. Bridgeford had been evp of business development. He joined the company 1982 and has held a number of executive posts. Damron has been evp of store operations since last year and joined the company in 1981. Both report to Robert Niblock, chaiman, president and ceo.

Macy’s Launches Brazilian program with Debut of “O Mercado”


acy’s last week launched “O Mercado, the Market at Macy’s” — a curated shop of Brazilian products and the latest installation of the retailer’s “Brasil: A Magical Journey” campaign. The campaign features exclusive, limited-edition items, both inspired by and made in Brazil, in a storewithin-a-store marketplace covering several categories, including home.

Target To Open Short-run Shop-in-shops Next Month


arget will launch a series of shop-in-shops next month as part of a new design program called The Shops At Target, which was announced in January. The inaugural shops will open May 6 and include home merchandise from Privet House in Connecticut as well as cosmetics from Aspen’s Cos Bar, clothing designed by The Webster clothing boutique in Miami, goodies from San Francisco’s The Candy Store and pet treats from Boston’s Polka Dog Bakery. The five collections will include some 500 products. After a six-week run, they will be replaced by a new roster of exclusive shops.

Belk Ramps Up Ecommerce


ommitted to expanding its e-commerce business segment, family-owned Belk Inc. has launched enhancements to its gift card for its online customers as well as nonprofit organizations and companies in communities served by the retailer. The regional department store chain, which operates 303 units in 16 Southern states, said its gift cards are now redeemable on to provide its online shoppers with “more flexibility and convenience.” The new checkout option allows customers to keep track of the gift cards entered and add up to five cards per order. Customers also can check the balance of their cards before applying it to their purchases.

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Home Textiles Today


April 30, 2012

Top of Bed Shows Modest Gain, Revs Up Fashion





% of the Home Textiles Universe

$25.72B $25.05B

N E W Y O R K — To p o f B e d

showed a modest increase in 2011 as suppliers upped the ante with embroidery details and other embellishments as well as bolder colors/designs as an antidote to the economic doldrums. Increased product prices also offset increased materials cost and helped the



2011 Home Textiles 2010 Home Textiles Universe Universe

TOP OF THE BED “We’re seeing interest in less traditional looks — casual stripes and updated embroidery techniques.”

Merchandise Mix, 2011 Bedspreads/coverlets Quilts



—CHRIS CERTOSIMO, Universal Home Fashions

Duvet covers




category with an overall gain. The price issues also led to retailers and suppliers playing a game of hide and seek with comforter sets. Trying to reach a “sweet spot” price, suppliers reimagined the typical bed-in-bag offering. Some continued adding decorative pillows and other

Comforter, filled bedding sets


Source for all tables and charts: Home Textiles Today market research

TOP OF THE BED Distribution channels 2011 total retail sales: $3,455 million up 1.2% from $3,415 million in 2010 2011

Discount department stores Mid-price chains Home textiles specialty chains Direct-to-consumer Department stores Off-price chains Variety/closeout Warehouse clubs Single-unit home textiles specialty stores Other Total

$1,491 $663 $375 $235 $186 $176 $131 $97 $69 $35 $3,455

Other includes home improvement centers, military exchanges and gift/home accent stores. Figures have been rounded. 2010 figures have been revised.

htt120403_006 6



$1,475 $652 $369 $232 $184 $174 $130 $96 $68 $34 $3,415


1.1% 1.6% 1.6% 1.2% 1.0% 1.2% 1.2% 1.2% 1.2% 1.2% 1.2%








accessories to differentiate themselves; others culled their offerings to three or four pieces. The gold standard in comforters is still the 8-piece set, which is about 40% of the bed set universe, according to a number of suppliers. Other category highlights: quilts showed a small gain; standalone bedspreads were flat. “The beginning of the year was tough, but things picked up the second half of the year” said Keith Sorgeloos, president, Home Source International. “There was sticker shock at first as everyone realized they had to work to deliver on the right price point,” he said. “We weren’t going to duke it out at the promotional level,” said Allen Darwin, vp, marketing and brand development, Triangle Home Fashions. “We didn’t want to look like everybody else.” New designs from Triangle included surface treatments such as different laces over various printed designs to give the products depth. “Our customers want more variety and the right design and color, and they want more than the basics to choose from,” said Michael Kaplan, president, Royal Heritage Home. “We try to stay above the fray when it comes to fads and trends and show unique designs. We’ve done new details in our pillows and accessories and new cut and sew techniques using embroidery and different prints on our products.”

At Royal Linens, new designs moved away from geometric looks to more florals, abstracts and linear designs, according to Frank Snow, vp merchandising and operations. “We’ve expanded our master bedroom offerings with new designs and assortments that we are shipping out of the U.S.,” he said. According to Snow, direct shipment is growing as a part of their business, including its new line from TV

“Our customers want more variety and the right design and color, and they want more than the basics to choose from.” —MICHAEL KAPLAN, Royal Heritage Home

personality Vickie Payne. Royal Linens has also done well with its juvenile designs: traditional designs for boys (which Mom picks out) and more “funky” girls’ designs (which more girls choose themselves.) “We’re seeing interest in less traditional looks — casual stripes and updated embroidery techniques,” said Chris Certosimo, president, Universal Home Fashions. Another growing trend seen by Universal: Euro-sized pillows, which translates into more Euro sham options in bedding sets. Will fashion and style updates keep shoppers coming to stores? Suppliers hope that it can help them push through the economic issues still looming. HTT HTT’s new Database series replaces the long-running Facts series of category sales reports. The next Database report will appear on May 14 and will cover the utility bedding category.

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April 30, 2012

Home Textiles Today


High Point Happenings

Surya Inc. hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony with its staff for the grand opening of its new, larger showroom space at High Point Market. At the center, Seth King, vp of sales and marketing, stands next to company president, Satya Tuiwari, as he cuts the red ribbon at the threshold.

Nourison celebrated the 80th birthday of its Western regional sales manager and its 2011 Salesperson of the Year, Owen Baker, during High Point Market week with a privtate company party at Fleming’s restaurant. Seen here, left to right, are are Gerard O’Keefe, Mina Peykar, Owen Baker, Alex Peykar, Mary Azhadi (standing and on right of Baker), and Sam Azhadi.

htt120403_007 7

Orian Rugs opened a new showroom at High Point last month in time for market, and feted the move with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Seen here, left to right, are: Mike Donovan, vp of sales in the Midwest; Jim Howell, Southeast regional sales manager; Paul Crump, vp of sales in the Southeast; Mikala Moller, director of marketing and merchandising; and Brandon Culpepper, vp of sales and business development.

4/26/2012 4:15:23 PM


Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


Mohawk Home Expands Reach To Consumers With Pinterest C A L H O U N , G A . — It’s been two months since Mohawk Home joined Pinterest, and the company has already garnered almost 500 followers for its online pinboards on the site. Mohawk Home joined Pinterest in late February and set up its page to create and post a series of virtual cork boards arranged by style and by room. The company said it presents categories “set up for easy inspiration,” such as “Traditional Rugs by Mohawk Home” – a board depicting an array of rug images, professional vignette shots or home snap shots of some of Mohawk Home’s most popular traditional rug styles for the home. And Mohawk Home’s pinboards set up by room allow bloggers or other site users to pin their own new Mohawk Home additions to a series of boards, like “Kitchen Rugs by Mohawk Home” or “Home Office Flooring by Mohawk Home.” Mohawk Home’s director of e-commerce Jennifer Palmer noted that “Getting inspiration from others homes and sharing ideas is the new age of decorating. We love to show our followers our new products and how they look throughout the home. We encourage our fans to post and comment on our boards. It’s amazing to see the before and after transformations posted by bloggers for bath rooms and living spaces in their home. Our slogan is ‘Mohawk Makes the Room’, but this truly shows you how.” The company’s Pinterest participation is part of

established network of nearly 70,000 engaged consumers on its Faceboook page, Shaw Floors is further extending its social media outreach with the launch of its new Pinterest account and pinboards. Shaw Floors’ aim on Pinterest is to “provide home design enthusiasts across the country with inspiration and an easy way to save their favorite ideas.” The company’s initial Pinterest page features eight design boards, based on color and style themes and including descriptive titles, such as “Hue Can Do It (Teal),” “Man Cave,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “Ikat Explosion.” Incorporating stylish flooring images as well as other room elements, Shaw’s Pinterest design boards also use inspiring images from fashion, nature and everyday life to create a complete illustration of each specific theme. Its Pinterest The boards, which are

htt120403_008 8

Walmart Exec Thorne to Head NRF’s Communications, Public Affairs WASHINGTON — The National

Mohawk Home’s greater effort to be more involved in social media. In 2011 the company launched a revamped its website at, which it then linked to its Facebook page at www., its Twitter account at, and its YouTube Channel at “Mohawk Home is committed to be being innovative and on the cutting edge of style, technology, and social media” said Bill Kilbride, president of Mohawk Home. “Through our current social media channels we have been able to reach end use consumers and listen to their feedback like never before. We plan to continue to be the proactive leader in our industry through technology.” Mohawk Home also plans to use Pinterest as a venue to host product promotions. HTT

Shaw Finds New Social Media Home On Pinterest DALTON, GA. — With an already-


constantly evolving, Shaw said, “reflect a design method” that Shaw employs when creating new carpet and area rugs as well as hard flooring products like hardwood, laminate, tile and stone. “With the extreme growth of Pinterest over the last several months, we felt it was important to establish a Shaw presence on the site so we can reach consumers where they are,” said Todd Callaway, manager of interactive marketing and media at Shaw Floors. “The visual nature of Pinterest makes it an ideal platform to showcase Shaw products. We’re excited to be one of the first flooring companies in the space and look forward to interacting with consumers on a new level.” Emily Morrow, Shaw’s director of color, style and design, said Pinterest offers the company “the unique opportunity to invite consumers into Shaw’s research and development process.” Before inventing new floor-

ing looks, she said, Shaw’s design team travels the world in search of up-and-coming trends in home décor, fashion, art and more. They collect these ideas via pictures, swatches and samples, then capture the themes on palettes called mood boards, and refer to the boards for inspiration when creating new flooring styles, colors and textures. “Shaw’s Pinterest design boards are online representations of these compilations,” Morrow added. “We hope consumers enjoy this ‘sneak peek’ at our process and will use the boards as inspiration for their own design projects.” Shaw’s Pinterest pins include its own uploads as well as re-pins from other brands on the site, such as Nordstrom, Southern Living, and Elle Décor. The page is continuously updated with new design boards and additions to existing boards, so visitors will have an ongoing source of new images to explore. HTT

Retail Federation has appointed Walmart executive Bill Thorne as the association’s senior vice president of communications and public affairs. Beginning June 1, Thorne will oversee NRF’s industry and public affairs communications strategy, including its Retail Means Jobs campaign, a multi-milliondollar initiative to demonstrate the power of retail to America’s economy and the career opportunities within the industry. Thorne currently serves as senior director, community affairs, at Walmart Corporation. During his tenure at Walmart, Thorne has overseen the creation and execution of campaigns for urban market entry, including budgets, strategy, and planning and development of both long- and short-term cam-

paigns. He also served as the company’s senior director of advocacy outreach, and is credited with having created and successfully launching Walmart’s Corporate, Public, and Political Advocacy Network. Prior to Walmart, Thorne served as vp at DCI Group, where he led grassroots advocacy, public relations, and communications programming for a number of prestigious corporate and association clients. He also spent four years as director of political and legislative grassroots at the American Medical Association. Earlier in his career, Thorne worked in various political capacities at the state and national levels including several years with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and more than five years with U.S. Senator Phil Gramm. HTT

RJM Licensing Signs British Artist Madeleine Floyd MAHWAY, N.J. — RJM Licensing has been named licensing agent in the United States and Canada for British artist Madeleine Floyd and will pursue category expansions into kitchen textiles, fabric, stationery, pet products and home décor. Floyd’s whimsical artwork covers a range of subjects including birds, animals, gardening icons, sports, and special occasions. Her children’s book Birdsong, an illustrated celebration of British birds, become a

best-seller. Her latest book, Chickens, Ducks and Geese, is to be published in August. “When I saw Madeleine Floyd’s work I had to smile,” said Rob Mejia, president of RJM Licensing. “It has a gentle and fun quality to it and I immediately pictured it on a number of products. There are already many strong licensees in the UK and I look forward to developing a similarly strong program here in the states as well.” HTT

Kumar Promoted at Welpsun MUMBAI — Ratnesh Kumar has been promoted to senior vp – global marketing for bedding at Welspun India. He was previously vp for sheets. Kumar joined the company nine years ago.



4/25/2012 10:27:28 AM



April 30, 2012

Home Textiles Today


Face to Face FROM PAGE 1

CB2 opened its first store in Chicago in 2000, followed three years later by Williams Sonoma’s offshoot, West Elm, which opened its first store in the Dumbo section of Brooklyn. With 41 units, West Elm has grown faster than CB2, which lists 13 stores on its website. Both retailers devote tremendous amounts of floor space to vignettes, which tend to be more elaborate at West Elm. There are rustic baskets of duvet covers perched on beds and baskets of pillows on the floor. Bed side tables carry vases, candles, and books. A trestle-style desk has a lamp, basket of folders and an open book, as if someone got up in the middle of reading. SEE FACE TO FACE PAGE 10


htt120403_009_010_011 9

4/26/2012 3:58:47 PM


Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012



Right: CB2’s Skyline duvet cover aims to please urban dwellers. Bottom: A living room vignette at CB2. The displays were more spare here.





Seven styles from $79-$139

Beds, wall

Duvet cover 100% cotton, some in organic cotton Sheets Four styles from $179-$199

Bed, wall

Linen, organic cotton Pillows Wide variety from $19.95-$59.95

Vignettes, freestanding shelves

Five designs from $19.95-$99.95


Two styles bath size $24.95


Shower curtains Towels Rayon/cotton blend Bath rugs One textile style at $24.95


100% handwoven cotton Rugs 19 area rug styles from $199 to $399

Vignettes, racks

One size 48-by-120 at $49.95


Window Linen, five colors * A wider selection available online for some product categories.

htt120403_009_010_011 10

CB2’s more minimal display strategy is more studio, or first apartment, with its beds and living room furniture at close proximity — much like a studio apartment would be organized. At CB2, based on rough visual estimates, approximately 30% of the product assortment is devoted to textiles, while at West Elm, the ratio appears to be higher, about 40%. Nine beds are on display at the West Elm location on 3rd Avenue, while CB2 recently added a seventh bed to its store on Broadway. While both West Elm and CB2 hit the same high price point of $169 for a king-sized duvet cover, West Elm offers a broader selection with several colors at that price point, compared to one style at CB2, and also offers several styles at a $139 price point. A larger selection of colors and prints is available on westelm. com as well. Many styles at West Elm are 100% cotton and made in Pakistan. The $169 duvet cover is for a seersucker style in 100% organic cotton with a 200 thread count. A striking design is the $139 king-sized duvet with a hand-stitched cover made of 100% organic cotton with a 230

thread count. It features pin tuck pleats for a voluminous textured effect, made in southern India. Duvet covers at CB2 run from $79 to $169 and several styles come in 100% organic cotton. The highest price point, $169, is for a citified style called Skyline, featuring a drawing of buildings on a white background. The duvet cover is 100% cotton, made in India with a 250 thread count. Only display samples are on the sales floor at CB2 on Third Avenue — a sales associate must retrieve products for customers. This contributes to a neat, streamlined store. Both retailers offer organic cotton bedding and emphasize being green, drawing attention to it through their merchandising. Organic bedding at West Elm is wrapped in a natural-colored ribbon with a green letter G on it. Brown tags carry the natural theme as well. These also have a picture of a fully-dressed bed for a neat visual. At CB2, signs point out that its duvet covers are free of pesticides and chemicals. And both retailers offer a slim selection of sheets, focusing on organic cotton, with only a few options in stores and a couple

4/26/2012 3:59:12 PM



Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


Left: A fully-dressed bed with an Ironwork pattern duvet cover at West Elm. Bottom: Bath textiles at West Elm are displayed on a table and wall fixture.

additional styles online, driving home the point that as retailers, they are not trying to offer everything that a more traditional textiles retailer would stock, just a stylish selection edited with the urban consumer in mind. In shower curtains, as well as bath towels and bath mats, there is a limited but coordinated selection of products. Decorative pillows, on the other hand, seem to be available in dizzying variety at both stores. While most styles at West Elm tend to fall between $12.99 and $54, for $129, consumers can have a 14-by-36 Mongolian Lamb pillow — but just the cover only. Pillows and inserts are sold separately at this retailer. At CB2, most pillows run $19.95 to $89.95, however, for $299, there’s the poodle poof, made of hand-knotted 100% wool from India. In rugs too, both retailers offer a wide selection, however West Elm is far broader. Both show area rugs in vignettes as well as hanging on rug racks. At West Elm, there are 18 styles hanging on the racks, several priced around $249 for a 5-by8, such kilim and Andalusian dhurrie rugs and some wool rugs priced $349 to $499. Much higher priced rugs are on the retailer’s web site, up to $2,499. CB2 showed 19 styles of rugs hanging from its racks, includ-

htt120403_009_010_011 11

ing some exclusive designs from Liora Manné, who created an innovative layering method called Lamont age. Rugs in store ranged in price from $199 for acrylic pile Lamontage rug, made in China, to $399 for handtufted wool. Several bold rugs were designed by a group called Creativity Explored, representing artists with developmental disabilities. Vignettes are key for cross merchandising. At West Elm, an outdoor dining collection designed by Clinton Friedman, known for his prints of South African flowers, includes decorative pillows with bold, photos of flowers on them. Nearby is an extensive indoor gardening display, with plants and containers for creating terrariums. At the back of the store is a Moroccan-themed display in conjunction with the organization Aid to Artisans. The colorful product display features rag rugs made in Morocco for $499. However, as visually impressive as vignettes can be, there is a drawback for the consumer, who may come in with a singular product in mind and face an unexpected treasure hunt. One sales associate was overheard responding to customer query for particular item with a broad sweep of the hand, “They are scattered all over the store.” Indeed. HTT

West Elm Stores* PRODUCT



Nine styles from $79 to $169

Beds, wall

Duvet cover 100% cotton, some collections in organic cotton Sheets $79-$119 sets, six styles

Beds, wall

100% cotton, some collections in organic cotton Pillows Wide range of styles $12.99-$129


Three styles from $29-$39


Bath rugs 100% cotton Shower curtains Eight designs from $39-$49


Two styles, bath size $19


Towels 100% organic cotton Rugs 18 styles area rugs (5 by 8) $229 to $499

Vignettes, racks

10 styles, multiple sizes, multiple colors


Window $39-$119 for linen, linen/cotton blend, velvet * A wider selection available online for some product categories.

4/26/2012 3:59:34 PM


Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012

Design Today


In-Store Review Program:

Martha Stewart Collection Store:

Macy’s Union Square store in San Francisco shopped


Julian Tomchin Former senior vp for Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s West and Fieldcrest Cannon

Home Textiles Today continues this series critiquing branded private and captured label programs at retail, shopping one particular store as well as the website for a specific store. Rankings are from one star (least) to five stars (most) with the overall score an average of the five individual evaluations. Disclaimer: The reviewer Julian Tomchin worked for Macy’s for eight years from 1993 to 2001 as a senior vice president and a specific area of responsibility for him was the redesign and renovation of the home textiles floor at the flagship Union Square store. He has not worked at the store for 11 years and was not involved in the Martha Stewart program in any way.

1 Design “The Martha Stewart Collection people are pros. There is literally something for just about everybody if you are willing to do the search around the fl oor. The core bedding styles are eminently dramatic, utilizing metallic thread, opulent embroidery, quilting and soutache and even silver bugle beads on the accessories. It can be a pre-packaged hope chest for anyone with bridal illusions. Generally not my taste, but I would have no trouble making selections.” Rating:


2 Visual Presentation “The floor looks great. I can now look at it with relatively fresh eyes, and happily, it’s as I remember it. It’s clean, well-stocked and maintained and there’s enough selling staff to keep offering to be helpful. The only confusion is with the multiple barely adjacent Martha Stewart offerings. Portions of the collection are placed independently so it requires some effort to appreciate the total scope. A better merchandising scheme uniting the solid color offerings could be helpful.” Rating:


3 Packaging “Basic packaging is neat and serviceable if a little vague on fabric content and quality. Collection Bedding at 400TC is labeled ‘wrinkle resistant.’ Does that mean percale?” Rating:


4 Relevance to Store Customer “Macy’s has defined itself as America’s moderate store, so in that context nationally this line is very appropriate. This particular store has always been a grade up from the standard, so it’s a judgment call.” Rating:


5 Relative Value “It seems to me to be the opening price point for ‘designer label’ merchandise so the value is there for what’s being offered. It’s a tough comparison to large spaces for Lauren, Calvin Klein, Natori and especially their own Hotel Collection but I guess it serves a purpose. I personally believe that taking the three very strong and distinctive statements of the Trousseau, solid and quilts programs and merchandising them showing their relatively with adjacency, signage and graphics could create a greater increase in value for this customer and a stronger motivation to buy. If they did that, it could be worth four and one-half stars.” Rating:


Overall Rating: 4

htt120403_012_013 12


4/25/2012 10:30:22 AM



Nourison Launches Butera, Expands Abboud SADDLE B ROOK , N.J. — Nouri-

son feted a new line of rugs in concert with designer Barclay Butera at High Point Market last week and enhanced its Joseph Abboud licensed collection. “Barclay has a unique brand image, design style and loyal customer base that will help us reach a completely new market demographic,” said Alex Peykar, principal at Nourison. “I am very excited with the result of our collaboration. The rugs are all visually stunning and uniquely distinctive in terms of color, material, texture and pattern. Great products are a result of combining new ideas, technology and craftsmanship. I think we have succeeded remarkably in this regard with the Barclay Butera Lifestyle collections.” Butera added: “Meeting with and exploring the potential for

this line with Nourison was exciting from the beginning. This company is explosive in their product development capabilities, their marketing efforts, and their customer service. We look forward with tremendous anticipation to this launch and are thrilled to be able to offer this collection to our customers who have been clamoring for rug designs of this very nature for years.” The Joseph Abboud licensed collection with decorative pillows in a variety of styles, including hair on hide, beaded, leather, shag, and basket weave constructions – all available “in a multitude of textures and fabrications,” the company said. Retails range from $79 to $199 and sizes span 12-inch to 20-inch squares. “This is a logical expansion of our Joseph Abboud line,” said

Peykar. “These pillows perfectly complement the Joseph Abboud rug collections in terms of color, texture and design. Our decorative accents division has grown significantly in the past year and we think it adds significantly to our product offering for the home furnishings market.” The new pillows “are the epitomes of contemporary home fashion and reflect our unique design aesthetic in a wonderful way,” noted Bernardo Rojo, creative director for Joseph Abboud. “I am very excited about this new collection of over forty pillows. Every one of them is a remarkable, hand-made, masterpiece.” In addition to decorative pillows, Nourison’s Joseph Abboud line comprises a range of sophisticated rug styles that are available in a full range of sizes and designs. HTT

Protect-A-Bed Launches Interactive Merchandiser C H I C AG O — Protect-A-Bed at High Point Market last week showed a new interactive merchandising unit designed for furniture stores. The unit offers product information through streaming videos as well as product demos outlining features and benefits. The

module is also stocked with product samples, along with information consumers can take home with them. The module is also on display in Protect-A-Bed’s Las Vegas showroom. “Today’s consumer wants to use technology to learn about new

products, so we’re offering everything from our Interactive Merchandising Unit with its video features and QR codes to smartphone applications to educate them and support our dealers’ sales efforts,” Chris Taylor, director of sales, furniture retail and rental division at Protect-A-Bed said. HTT

Tozai Home, Dransfield & Ross Partner for New High-end Collection of Furnishings E LMSFORD , N.Y. — Home furnishings company Tozai Home joined forces with textiles designer firm Dransfield & Ross to create an eclectic line of home accessories that launched last week during the High Point Market. The new collection spans more than 40 items, including accessories, furniture, wall art and objets d’art. All of the pieces

htt120403_012_013 13

are inspired by the two companies’ shared appreciation for classic design combined with a modern sensibility, they said. “I’m thrilled to work with such well-respected and beloved designers such as Dransfield & Ross, who share our passion for globally inspired and elegant design,” said Tom Gottlieb, president, Tozai Home. “Drans-

Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012

field & Ross brings an eclectic, fun and fresh perspective to our line. Our team is committed to bringing their vision to the marketplace to offer timeless products with lasting value.” The designs and selections this season “express an attitude and direction that has been the forefront of home décor; eclecticism,” the companies said. HTT


Peking Handicraft To Debut New Kitchen Textiles Line With Designer Kate Spain SAN F RANCISCO — Home textiles and furnishings designer Kate Spain has signed on with Peking Handicraft Inc. to create and market a new collection of kitchen textiles in both everyday and winter seasonal looks. Dubbed Kate’s Kitchen, the line is being launched this spring at the various market events around the country, including New York, Dallas and Chicago. Spain said PHI, a longtime manufacturer and wholesaler of textiles and home decor, and company founders the Lo family are “ideal partners in this important and growing area for me. They have a real appreciation for style, an ardent passion for visual detail, and an unflinching commitment to delivering quality to their customers. I’m grateful to be working with them and their established team of pros.” Spain also licenses her artwork and designs to other suppliers as well as major retailers, including Crate and Barrel, Moda Fabric, International Greetings and the Gift Wrap Company, Andrews McMeel, CreativeConverting,, and the Mead Brand. HTT

Survey: Consumers Like Being Green, But Not Paying More For It A USTIN , TEX AS — A new con-

sumer survey upholds a longrunning retail trend: 59% of consumers are unwilling to pay more for eco-friendly products, even though nearly half (46%) said they are more inclined to buy such a product compared to a rival product without an environmentally friendly profile. The Shoppers Trend Report from online coupon site and Ipsos Public Affairs found that while 71% of consumers feel they are aware of the positive and/or adverse environmental impact of the

products they purchase, 43% said that while they are actually making those purchases they are not considering environmental impact. Women are more likely than men to buy eco-friendly merchandise – so long as it’s convenient and the price is acceptable (45% vs. 36%). Demographically, those more likely to buy green include college graduates (55%), Northeasterners (54%), adults under 35 (53%) and households with children (50%). The survey polled 1,016 adults from April 4-6. HTT

Kathy Ireland to Keynote Licensing International Expo L AS VEGAS — Licensing phenom Kathy Ireland – whose products

across multiple product categories generates more than $2 billion in annual retail sales – will be the keynote speaker at this year’s Licensing International Expo here. The event is slated for June 12 at 8:30 a.m. at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. In a speech titled “Brand Building Through Licensing – My Journey From the Beach to the Boardroom and Beyond,” the former model will discuss how she built the company as well as her thoughts on the current state of the licensing industry. Visit for further details. HTT

4/25/2012 10:32:45 AM


Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


PEOPLETodaY HSN Taps Retail Veteran Martin-Vachon to Head Merchandising ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. — Interac-

tive multi-channel retailer HSN (Home Shopping Network) has appointed Anne Martin-Vachon as its new chief merchandising officer, effective May 14. The company said “this addition of a seasoned brand building and product development executive further enhances” HSN’s executive team. Martin-Vachon joins HSN from Nordstrom Inc. where she served as its chief marketing officer, responsible for all marketing, visual merchandising and marketing operations for Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack. In this role, she is credited with growing the department store’s new customer file. Earlier, she served as president and ceo of the international beauty and skincare company Lise Watier Cosmetiques Inc., where she oversaw all aspects of the company including product development

and operations. Prior to that, she was the chief marketing officer of Bath & Body Works LLC. Martin-Vachon launched her career at Procter & Gamble, where she spent more than 20 years and held a variety of positions in beauty, global cosmetic innovation and branding for numerous household and personal care brands in the P&G portfolio. At HSN, Martin-Vachon will oversee HSN’s merchandising and planning teams as well as the product development, assortment, pricing, category expansion and merchandising of HSN brands across all product categories. In addition, she will be responsible for the overall merchandising strategy, development of new product offerings and brand partners as well as work closely with the company’s executive team to determine investment opportunities to expand and com-

plement HSN’s diverse merchandise assortment. She will also work on developing packaging and pricing designed to deliver signifi cant growth and profitability to the company and fresh experiences to customers. She reports to ceo Mindy Grossman. “With robust television and digital video platforms, HSN is uniquely positioned to launch new brands, expand established brands into new categories and bring first-of-their-kind products to market,” Grossman said. “The addition of Anne’s proven merchandising and product development expertise across mass market, specialty and luxury brands will be essential in our ongoing effort to expand our portfolio of differentiated brands and assortment of innovative product to continually engage our customers.” HTT

Loloi Rugs Names Catello Key Account Executive DALLAS — Loloi Rugs has appointed Joan Catello to the position of key account executive.

In her new position, Catello will be part of Loloi Rugs’ key account sales team, and will report directly to Amir Loloi, founder and president, Loloi Rugs. Catello is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She most recently worked as vice president of sales at JLA. Catello has also worked as vice president of national accounts at Surya, and held key accounts and sales positions at Oriental Weavers and Kas. “Joan’s extensive key account sales experience is going to be a tremendous asset for Loloi Rugs moving forward,” Loloi said. “We’re pleased to add her to a growing segment of our business.” “I have always respected and admired Loloi Rugs as an outsider for their tremendous growth in recent years, and now I’m thrilled to be a member of this company and help it reach new heights in the years ahead,” Catello said. HTT


htt120403_014_015 14

Feizy Rugs Taps Hall, Wilkins to Regional Sales Manager Posts DALLAS — Area rug supplier Feizy Import &Export has appointed two new regional sales managers to its staff. Brian Hall is assigned to the Southeast, and Kent Wilkins handles the Western region. Each is responsible for developing business and managing Feizy independent sales representatives in their territories. Both report to Dale Sweary, vp of sales. Hall is a 25-year veteran of the home furnishings industry and was most recently in manageKENT WILKINS ment with Rooms 2 Go. Earlier in his career, he Feizy held sales and sales management positions with Shaw Living. “Brian is a proven professional with strong skills, close connections to the geography and a true passion for the rug business,” said Sweary. “We are excited to have him on our team and know that he will make a significant impact on the marketplace and in building a strong sales team.” Most recently, Wilkins was with Beaulieu of BRIAN HALL America, where he worked since 2007. Prior to Feizy that, he owned and operated his own business for more than 20 years, in which he was responsible for key accounts throughout the Southwest. “Kent is a proven winner and one of the hardest working and most efficient sales professionals I have ever met,” Sweary added. “We are fortunate to have him on our team and know that the client base will connect with his personality and appreciate his work ethic as he transitions into working for the rug industry’s fashion leader.” HTT

TJX Exec is New Burlington Chief Merchant BURLINGTON , N.J. — Burlington Coat Factory will have a new head

of merchandising next week as Paul Metcalf takes up the post of evp/ chief merchandising officer, the company said as it announced its yearend results this morning. Metcalf spent the past six years at TJX Companies, where he was first gmm of menswear and then svp of women’s apparel. Prior to 2006, he held several positions at May Department Stores. During its quarterly conference call earlier this month, Burlington execs said the company is continuing to build out its merchandising, field management and support teams. It also plans to continue the expansion of its vendor base. HTT

4/26/2012 4:06:02 PM



IFDA Founder To Be Honored At Circle Of Excellence Event N EW YORK — Clair Coleman – who founded the organization today called IFDA after she was barred from attending a men-only industry event in 1947 – will be honored when the International Furnishings and Design Association presents its Circle of Excellence awards here May 8. IFDA will also honor Charlotte Moss for interior design; Kravet Inc. for industry CLAIR resource and product design; COLEMAN Bard Graduate Center for education; and the Hearst Design Group of Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Veranda for media. Fashion impresario Simon Doonan and designer Jonathan Adler will be the masters of ceremonies. In 1947, Coleman was just out of college and

working for Fairchlild’s Retailing Home Furnishings when she was prohibited from attending the all-male Drapery & Curtain Club Market Dinner. She and a group of friends founded the National Home Fashions League, which became IFDA in 1988. The organization now has 15 regional chapters in the U.S. and one in Japan. The awards event will take place at the Union League Club at 38 East 37th St. Cocktail hour begins at 6 p.m., followed by the awards ceremony at 7 p.m. A portion of the evening’s profits will benefit the IFDA Educational Foundation, which distributes grants and scholarships for students and professionals in the furnishings and design field. For more information about the event, visit, contact the IFDA office at (212) 686.6020 or email HTT

NYIGF Brings Back “100 Days Of Design” Blog This Summer WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — The New York International Gift Fair’s “100 Days of Design” community-based blog will return this summer with a modified format highlighting the designdriven products at the upcoming NYIGF as well New York City attractions and entertainment. The blog’s summer 2012 edition, which is accessible at, will be published twice weekly beginning on May 1, and will run through August 18-22, 2012, at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and Passenger Ship Terminal Piers. “When the 100 Days of Design blog launched last October, it featured a wide variety of perspectives on design. For summer 2012, it is expanding

htt120403_014_015 15

to include service-oriented content connected with NYIGF and New York City” said Christian Falkenberg, NYIGF director and GLM vice president. “The 100 Days of Design blog nicely complements NYIGF’s design-driven and fashion-forward exhibits, and related education and events planned for the summer 2012 market.” Each week leading up to NYIGF, the blog will spotlight different product categories – such as accessories, gourmet, craft, home furnishings and stationery – as well as market trends, including sustainability, “made in the USA” and more. One weekly post will feature product introductions, as well as related New York City attractions such as exhibitions

Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012

and attractions, hot restaurants, intriguing shops and other distinctive experiences, which are relevant to the theme. A second weekly post will feature perspectives and predictions connected with the theme from invited guest authors. Notable contributors during the winter 2012 100 Days of Design included Karim Rashid, Jaime Salm of MIO, Les Mandelbaum of UMBRA and Alan Heller of Heller Inc. At the conclusion of the summer 2012 NYIGF, 100 Days of Design will feature a collection of NYIGF reports from notable bloggers, trend-watchers and design influencers. It will recap market highlights and share notable NYIGF posts from the blogosphere. HTT


Surtex to Present New “Trend Theater” Program At Upcoming Spring Event W HITE P L AINS , N.Y. — At its

next event this May in New York City, art and design trade show Surtex will launch a new “Trend Theatre” program, where top trend experts from Europe and the U.S. will conduct a series of special sessions exploring the latest trends impacting home and accessories, textiles, tabletop, fashion, paper, stationery, packaging and gifts. Trend Theater will span a total of 17 sessions, each one 30 minutes long. The program is free of charge for exhibitors and attendees. Over the course of the three show days – May 20 to 22, the sessions will feature experts from global trend forecasting companies. “Surtex is thrilled to bring such a wealth of information and creative inspiration from the world’s top trend forecasters to our audience, on a complimentary basis,” said Penny Sikalis, vp of GLM and manager of the Surtex show. “The Trend Theatre and the booths of the presenters will be located in the ‘ReSource HuB,’ so that attendees will have easy access to the materials and services of the forecasters.” The program includes: • Nicki Gondell, principal of Trend House Inc., speaking on the Fall 13/14 Trend Forecast from Carlin International (headquartered in France), exploring key color, fabrics and styling, with an emphasis on home décor and accessories; • Emmanuelle Linard, partner/executive director of New York-based Edelkoort Inc., identifying the growing trend to using textiles as a lifestyle form, bring-

ing warmth into homes; • Nicki Gondell of Trend House Inc., presenting the views of LA Colors from Amsterdam, “which focuses on color, color, color • a passion!” Her presentation of trends for Fall ‘13 highlights the most meaningful color stories, ranges and harmonies for fashion and home. • Milou Ket, founder of Milou Ket styling and design, (The Netherlands), will take an in-depth look at emerging design themes for bedding, bath, ceramics and wallpaper – and will use compelling imagery to reveal colors, prints, materials, structure, design and form that will inspire future product development. • Nicki Gondell of Trend House Inc. presents key trends for Fall ‘13, as defined by Mudpie (headquartered in the U.K.) in terms of mood and color, along with print and graphic direction for the home, textiles, paper and apparel markets. • Jamie Thomas, trend director, Stylesight (New York, London, Hong Kong), will focus on three distinct areas for the coming seasons. • Jennifer Castoldi, founder, ceo and chief creative director of Trendease International, will share key design influencers for the coming years and how various surface art and decoration found at Surtex are in tune with these movements. This line-up of forecasters will be speaking in a theater located on the show floor. The complete schedule of the sessions at the Trend Theatre is available at ReSourceHuB/TrendTheatre/ tabid/297/Default.aspx. HTT

4/26/2012 3:46:50 PM


Home Textiles Today


April 30, 2012

BUSINESS TodaY U.S. Retail Data Dashboard Key Metrics At-A-Glance


hen navigating the roads to that ultimate destination known as “Sales, Anytown, USA”, it helps to have a good dashboard that can tell you how fast various drivers are getting there. And in these digital days a good dashboard can also communicate to others which drivers might need to resupply on the way. The U.S. Retail Data Dashboard compiles important measurements from

some major public company retailers that can help retail drivers keep one eye on the road and another on the competition. It can also let suppliers know which companies might be in the market for a pit stop along the way. While not all inclusive, the charts below are designed to give a snapshot of the current road conditions providing helpful data to manage the trip to Sales. Happy motoring. HTT

Sales per Square Foot

Gross Margin as % of Sales $1,084

1. Costco*

1. Bed Bath and Beyond Inc.


2. Macy’s, Inc.



2. Williams-Sonoma, Inc. $421

3. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.**

3. Big Lots


4. Ross Stores, Inc.


4. Williams-Sonomoa Inc.

5. The TJX Cos.***


5. Kohl’s Corp.


6. Tuesday Morning*



6. Target Corp.


7. Bed Bath and Beyond

7. Bon-Ton Stores, Inc.


8. JCPenney Co., Inc.


9. Dillards, Inc.


10.Family Dollar Stores Inc.



8. Kohl’s Corp.


9. Dollar General Corp.


10.JCPenney Co., Inc.















1. The TJX Cos.

2. The TJX Cos.


2. Ross Stores, Inc.

5. Williams-Sonoma, Inc.


5. Big Lots

6. Kohl’s Corp.


6. Dillards, Inc.

7. Dollar General Corp.


9. Family Dollar Stores, Inc.









Source: Latest SEC Form 10K. *12 mo. trailing data.

htt120403_RetailDashboard.indd 16


23.42 22.42 22.26 21.91

8. Macy’s Inc.


10.Target Corp.


7. Wal-Mart Stores Inc.


8. Macy’s Inc.


4. Bed Bath and Beyond


4. Dillards, Inc.


3. Family Dollar Stores Inc.



Return on Equity

1. Bed Bath and Beyond Inc.

3. Ross Stores, Inc.


Source: Latest SEC Form 10K. *12 mo. trailing data.

Source: Latest SEC form 10K. * 12 mos trailing data ** Data reflect US numbers only ***Data excludes AJ Wright

Return on Sales


9. Williams-Sonomoa Inc.


10. Target Corp.








Source: Yahoo Finance

4/26/2012 4:30:51 PM

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April 30, 2012


March Retail Sales Growth Starts Spring On Positive Note WASHINGTON — An earlier Easter holiday and unseasonably warm weather throughout much of the country were credited with helping retailers post solid sales growth in March, noted the National Retail Federation. According to NRF, March retail industry sales, excluding automobiles, gas stations and restaurants, increased 0.8% seasonally adjusted from February and 6.6% unadjusted year-overyear. “Consumers have demonstrated the desire and ability to spend on discretionary items, further helping to spur economic and retail sales growth in the first quarter of 2012,” said Matthew Shay, NRF president and ceo. “While retailers will wait until the end of April to gauge the success of the spring shopping season, it’s evident that consumers are holding their own against rising gas prices and other economic concerns.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently released March retail sales that showed total retail sales, which includes non-general merchandise categories such as automobiles,

“Consumers have demonstrated the desire and ability to spend on discretionary items, further helping to spur economic and retail sales growth.” —MATTHEW SHAY, NRF

gasoline stations and restaurants, increased 0.8% adjusted month-to-month and 7.4% unadjusted year-over-year. “Moderate retail sales growth in March will help to offset murkier recent economic employment dat a,” NRF chief economist Jack Kleinhenz said. “We expect to see gains through the all-important

summer months, but job and weak income growth coupled with stubbornly high gas costs will continue to force consumers to make tough, price-sensitive choices.” Here are some other findings from the March retail sales numbers: • Furniture and home furnishings stores sales increased 1.1% seasonally adjusted month-to-month and 7.9% unadjusted year-over-year. • Building material and garden equipment and supplies dealers’ sales increased 3.0% seasonally-adjusted month-tomonth and 12.4% unadjusted year-over-year. • Clothing and clothing accessories stores sales increased 0.9% seasonally adjusted month-to-month and 12.5% unadjusted year-over-year. • S p r i n g g o o d s , h o b b y, book and music stores’ sales increased 0.5% seasonally-adjusted month-to-month and 8.9% unadjusted year-over-year. HTT

Valley Forge Fabrics Undertakes Carbon Neutral Shipping FT. L AUDERDALE, FLA. — Valley Forge Fabrics is implementing UPS’ carbon neutral shipping program to reduce its impact on the environment. Every package Valley Forge ships with the global package delivery company will automatically include UPS’ car-

bon neutral shipping option, which is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the most widely used international standard for carbon accounting and reporting. “Shipping is one of the company’s largest emissions sources and makes up 95% of all the

company’s green house gases,” according to Valley Forge Fabrics. Last year, through participation in the GSA Green House Gas Emissions Inventory Pilot, Valley Forge committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 2% by 2012. HTT


Tuesday Morning Gears Up For Launch Of New E-commerce Functionalities

DALLAS — After reporting comp

and net sales decreases for its third quarter and year-to-date results, Tuesday Morning is working to improve sales and launch a new e-commerce site. Kathleen Mason, president and ceo, said the 852-unit closeout chain is “on track” with the implementation of new initiatives to drive sales, and its new online platform is set to debut in the current, fourth quarter. “And we expect our revamped site to be considerably more robust, resulting in improved functionality and customer shopping experience,” she continued. In addition, Tuesday Morning’s marketing efforts also will be strengthened this quarter with the implementation of new point-of-sale software. “We expect these initiatives, in combination with our consistent real estate optimization strategy, to begin to positively impact our business during our fourth fiscal quarter and increasingly in fiscal 2013,” Mason added. “Our balance sheet remains strong with a $33 million increase in cash over last year and no outstanding borrowings under our revolving credit facil-

ity at quarter end.” Net loss for the third quarter, which ended March 31, was $4.2 million, or 10 cents per share, compared to net loss of $3.6 million, or 8 cents per share, in the year-ago quarter. As it had reported earlier in April, Tuesday Morning’s third quarter net sales declined 0.9% to $172.7 million. Comparable store sales decreased by 3.2%, comprised of a 1.8% dip in traffic and a 1.4% decline in average ticket. Year-to-date earnings per share were 14 cents versus 25 cents for the same period in fiscal 2011. For the nine-month period, sales slipped 1.6% to $616.4 million, and comps declined 4.1%, comprised of a 3.5% decrease in traffic and a 0.6% dip in average ticket. The company said it is maintaining its most recent guidance for the full fiscal year ending on June 30, 2012. It includes: net sales for fiscal 2012 to be in the range of $815 million to $820 million; comparable store sales to decrease by 3.0% to 3.75%; and earnings per diluted share to be in the range of 13 cents to 16 cents. HTT

Dollar General Works Hard To Live Up To Name; Vouches For Non-consumables NEW YORK — Even though consumables is its fastest growing business and considered a traffic driver, discount department store chain Dollar General stressed it continues to be an old-fashioned general store retailer where all merchandise categories are created equal. During the company’s 45minute presentation at the Barclay’s Retail and Restaurant Conference here last week, ceo and chairman Richard Dreiling told

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investors that at Dollar General, “we feel consumables are just as important as non-consumables.” He explained that the retailer’s concept, “and what we are trying to be is today’s general store – the kind of place our grandparents or their parents shopped at. [General stores] had a little bit of everything, but no depth in anything, and we’ve tried to be just that.” It’s a formula that works for Dollar General, Dreiling explained.

“Even though we’ve come in and added over 2,000 consumable units to our consumable mix, we’ve managed to widely raise our margins” – a feat achieved, he said, through “better shrink, better warehousing, better private brands and sourcing,” among other efforts. This approach to business has resulted for Dollar General in increased traction in non-consumable areas, like hardware, stationary, home – “we’re seeing a little

more movement there,” he went on. Only in apparel is Dollar General’s business still soft. To remedy that, the company has hired a new vp of apparel who reports directly to the company’s chief merchant, “and also, we think we will need a little more help from the economy to get our non-consumables side up.” While Dollar General’s core customer – the low-income bracket – “is still in a recession”

and is earning less than in better economic times, the retailer reiterated it has seen a boost in “trade-in” or “trade-up” customers – more specifically, shoppers whose annual household income is $75,000 and up. “That’s our fastest growing segment,” Dreiling said, noting that 82% of the retailer’s customers are women. “They like our consumables, but they can still go to J.C.Penney [for example] to buy their non-consumables.” HTT

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Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012


Calendar May


24 – 26

8 – 10

Dallas Holiday & Home Expo Dallas Market Center, Dallas (800) 325-6587

Texworld USA Jacob K. Javits Center, New York (770) 984-8016 ext. 401

20 – 26

24 – 26

Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center, Dallas (800) 325-6587

Home Textiles Sourcing Jacob K. Javits Center, New York 770 984 8016

Proposte Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Como, Italy +39-02-643-4054

15 – 17 Hospitality & Design Show Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas (508) 743-8502

30 – August 3 16 – 20

21 – 24

Evteks CNR Expo, Istanbul, Turkey +90-212-465-74-75

F!NDS Dallas Temp Show World Trade Center, Market Hall, Dallas (214) 655-6116

Las Vegas Market World Market Center and Pavilions, Las Vegas (702) 599-9621

19 – 22 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York (914) 421-3200

27 – 30 & July 4 – 7

20 – 22

10 - 12

Surtex Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York (914) 421-3200

Global Sources China Sourcing Fair Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami


11 – 18


The Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market AmericasMart, Atlanta (404) 220-3000

Interior Lifestyle (Ambiente/ Heimtextil/HomeDesign) Japan International Exhibition Center (Tokyo Big Sight), Tokyo +81-3-3262-8453

3–6 Showtime Fabric Fair Market Square, Textile Tower, High Point, N.C. (336) 885-6842

11-13 NeoCon World’s Trade Fair The Merchandise Mart, Chicago (800) 677-6278

12 – 14 Licensing International Expo Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas (212) 951-6612

htt120403_020 20

New Designers Business Design Centre, London 020-7288-6738

The Atlanta International Area Rug Market AmericasMart, Atlanta (404) 220-3000

18 – 22 New York International Gift Fair Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, Pier 94, New York (914) 421-3200

27 - 30 Textile House South America Anhembi Exhibition Pavilion São Paulo, Brazil (+55 11) 2105-7000

29-31 Intertextil Show Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai, China (852) 2238-9983



Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York At 7W Aug. 17-23 At 230 Fifth Ave. Aug. 18-23 (800) 272-7469

September 7-11 Maison & Objet Parc des Expositions, Paris-Nord Villepinte, Paris (888) 522-5001

August 12-15 ASD/AMD Las Vegas Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas (310) 481-7300

17-23 New York Home Textiles Market Week

9 Home Textiles Today’s New York Winter Market Kickoff Party (646) 805-0226

(770) 291-5400

13 – 15 Indigo (Home Furnishing Edition) Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium +33 (0) 1-70-38-7000

21 – 23 Heimtextil Russia IEC Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, Moscow +7 (495) 721-1058

October 13 – 18 High Point Market International Home Furnishings Center (IHFC), High Point, N.C. (336) 869-1000

November 12 – 15 International Hotel/Motel Show Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York (914) 421-3200

December 2–5 Showtime Fabric Fair Market Square, Textile Tower, High Point, N.C. (336) 885-6842

January 2013 9 – 12

10-13 New York Home Fashions Market Home Fashion Products Association New York (212) 297-2122 (Kellen Co.)

10 – 12 Dallas Total Home & Gift Market Dallas Market Center, Dallas (800) DAL-MKTS

13 – 14 HD Boutique Exposition & Conference Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, Fla.

Heimtextil Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Center Frankfurt, Germany

March 2013 17 Home Textiles Today’s New York Winter Market Kickoff Party (646) 805-0226

18-21 New York Home Fashions Market Home Fashion Products Association New York (212) 297-2122 (Kellen Co.)

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Home Textiles Today

April 30, 2012

News Iconix Quarter

The Foundary Launches Extended-sale Shops O MAHA , N EB . — Flash sales site The Foundary last week unveiled its Specialty Shops concept, where items will be available for purchase from 14 to 45 days as opposed to the site’s tradi-

tional three-day sales window. There are two debut shops as of last Friday. Koko Company offers a range of brightly decorative pillows, floor mats and throws. Outdoor Retreats fea-

tures patio furniture as well as a variety of dec pillows and rugs from a number of vendors. Specialty Shops will feature a new “shop” (sale) each week. The section will add information


about how to re-design and create new looks for one’s home. The Foundary was launched in 2010 by Hayneedle, an online home furnishings and lifestyle products retailer. HTT

Concept Marketing Group Licensing Steadygard Skirt Stabilizer N EW YORK – Concept Marketing Group, a licensing consultancy specializing in home furnishings, is licensing the rights to SteadyGard, a patented bed

skirt stabilizer system. “The bed skirt has been treated for a long time as an afterthought even though it is an integral design aesthetic of finishing

not only the bed but the bedroom,” said Kerry Glasser, president of Concept Marketing. The one-piece product is a modified fitted sheet that fits

over the box spring. The bed skirt, placed over the SteadyGard sheet, is anchored without the need for tacks or pins, he said. HTT

EPS was lowered to $1.48 to $1.57 from $1.62 to $1.69. “With the majority of our portfolio performing well in the U.S. and our continued expansion into new geographies, we believe our company remains strong and is well positioned for growth in 2013 and beyond,” said Neil Cole, chairman and ceo. Iconix is still waiting on government approval for its joint venture in India that had been expected to close in the first quarter. Had it closed, it would have contributed $5 million to $6 million in revenue, or 4 cents to 5 cents in EPS, the company said. Iconix now expects the deal to close in the second quarter. HTT

CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED Director of Sourcing: Textile Importer in White Plains seeks an individual with sourcing experience and strong knowledge of fabrics and production. Vet existing factory suppliers and seek out reliable alternatives. Work closely with the China and White Plains Merchandising team. Frequent overseas travel. Mandarin speaking a plus. Email resume to:



LINES OFFERED Professional Sales Reps Fantastic well established and exciting U.S. Company in Top of the Bed and Sheets, is looking for self-motivated professional sales reps for selective accounts. Company has its own China factory. Please email:

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April 30, 2012

Home Textiles Today


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JCPenney Announces More Executive Moves PLANTO, TEXAS — JCPenney has made additions and promotions to its executive staff across the disciplines of logistics, store design and communications. John Singleton has been appointed evp, chief supply chain officer, and is tasked with simplifying the supply chain processes in the company’s logistics operations. He most recently worked for Abercrombie & Fitch. Prior to that, Singleton held various positions at Ann Taylor Stores, The Stanley Works, Circuit City Stores and The Stride Rite Corporation. He will report to JCP chief operating offi-

cer Mike Kramer. Benjamin Fay has joined the company team as evp, real estate, store design and development. He most recently was senior director of retail real estate, design and development at Apple. He will report to ceo Ron Johnson, also an Apple alum. Kristin Hays has been promoted to svp, communications. Hays joined JCP in 2002 as a litigation attorney and held a variety of leadership positions within legal, corporate communications and investor relations, most recently as vice president of investor relations. She will report to president

Michael Francis. Laura Sandall has been appointment vp of events marketing and publicity after running her own agency, Sandall Marketing. She also served as the director of events marketing and publicity for Target Corporation. In addition, Michelynn Woodard has been hired as vp, philanthropy. Her cause-related experience has included leadership positions at Creative Artists Agency, West Brands, LLC and Be the Change, Inc. Both report Katheryn Burchett, senior vice president of merchandising and marketing integration. HTT

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Ow Brings Softer Side To Vegas Hardware Show DALTON , GA . — Oriental Weavers is for the first time participating in the National Hardware Show with a presentation of multi-purpose rug offerings. The annual show this year is set to take place May 1 through 3 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. OW has leased a new space, #3734, which is located in the Central Hall. There, the company will feature an offering of “this year’s new trend forward indoor/outdoor collections, printed ac-

cent rugs, and utility rugs,” OW said, in addition to many of its new “Made in the USA” woven area rugs, such as the Blakely, Hamilton, and Huntington collections. Jonathan Witt, vp, said the move was spurred by growth in the outdoor home fashion category, “which has introduced a new customer and a new fashion element to traditional hardware and home improvement retailers. Attendees are not only shopping for power tools, electrical and plumb-

ing items, but now looking for vendors that specialize in home décor, kitchen, and patio products.” OW’s indoor/outdoor, utility, and accent rugs represent the company’s fastest growing categories, he continued, “and a perfect fit for these retailers’ business. As the largest manufacturer of area rugs, indoor/outdoor rugs, utility rugs, and accent rugs in the world, we are able to offer the widest selection of designs and constructions in the industry.” HTT

Quilt Category

cycle. But I have to add very quickly that I mean traditional designs, constructions and patterns,” said Mark Grand, chief operating officer of Peking Handicraft. “We’re also seeing more transitional or modern quilts taking up a good portion of the sales. Part of it is aesthetic and part of it is economic.” At Venus Home Fashions, general manager Shiv Shankaran offered: “Pricing on quilts is suppressed like bedding and all other home products. A more traditional look quilt is usually made with 100% cotton fabric with cotton fill and washed to give it a puckered, worn look. This adds to the cost. For our price-sensitive customers,

we tend to offer cotton/poly blended fabrics with poly fiber fill and without the wash.” Mytex sees sets and mini-sets as the way forward. “First of all, it’s a bigger ticket and retailers would rather sell X-plus dollars — and there’s a little bit better margin for the retailer in sets,” said Art Siegel, who runs the company’s U.S. sales operation. For Alok, quilts are for the mass market while more upscale channels have shown a preference for coverlets. “A handmade look and prints seems dominant growth areas,” said Arun Agarwal, president. HTT

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the moment. Some regional department stores are warming up, while mass merchants are all over the map. “It depends on what customer you’re talking about. There are those that really get it. I think it’s one of the best values in top of bed,” said Greg Williams, vp of sales and business development, Nostalgia Home Fashions. “They’re looking at it as an alternative top of bed piece, an alternative fashion piece.” “If you look at the category in the traditional way, quilts are in a down

4/27/2012 3:22:58 PM

Lenzing AG, A-4860 Lenzing, Austria

The fiber brand for the botanic bed TENCEL速 is made from wood and is thus 100 % from Nature. TENCEL速 can be used in lots of different ways in beds, starting with mattresses and mattress overlays, to bed covers and bed linens, through to lingerie. Thus a completely botanic bed becomes a reality. Lenzing Fibers, Inc. 530 Seventh Avenue, Suite 808, New York, NY 10018-3508 Phone: 212 944-7898, E-Mail:

Home Textiles Today April 30th Issue  

Home Textiles Today April 30th Issue

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