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Monday, August 6, 2012


Anna Sui Launches Bedding Collection BY JILL ROWEN N EW YORK — Designer Anna Sui has launched her first bedding collection inspired by a recent trip to India. “I took a fabulous trip to India last summer with my nieces,” said Sui. “I was very much inspired by Indian handicrafts, especially wood-block print cotton textiles. The owner of a famous workshop allowed us to tour his facilities, and said he’d love to work on a project with me. It has been a dream of mine to one day design a collection for the home, so this presented itself as a great opportunity.” The results are a mix of black and purple in a signature floral and paisley print. SEE SUI PAGE 27


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NYIGF: Hope Springs Eternal BY WAYNE MARKS N EW YORK — Despite a foggy economic climate, it’s hard not to notice an optimist shining through to represent the ‘can-do’ spirit at this season’s New York International Gift Fair, which runs from Aug. 18-22, 2012. “This is our very first N.Y. show,” said Amisha Desai Vora, co-founder, The Green Elephant. “Fingers crossed!” The Green Elephant will be presenting handmade home decor items by artisans, which include cushions, pillows, curtains, quilts, bedspreads, table linen, and decorative accessories. Personal accessories such as silk scarves, a variety of bags, gift items and wrapping solutions will also be included. Price points range from $15 to $300. “So, I guess we will be covering all three tiers.” Said Desai. More experienced players in the market also have a fairly positive outlook. SEE PREVIEW PAGE 27

Chortex ComboTextured towels. See page 12 for additional Gift Fair introductions.

Meet the Contenders

Inside This Issue Sourcing at Magic Home Readies its 2 Celeb Confessions 4 Homeland Insecurities 4 The Picket Fence Creates Bedding Sanctuary in Old Church 6 July Comps Positive Results For Most 24

NEW YORK — They all had lives before home textiles. Teacher. Construction manager. TV show developer. Sales rep. Interior designer. Graphic designer. Professional painter. Now they are the principals of six companies that are first-time exhibitors at the New York International Gift Fair this month. They are also contestants in HTT’s new “America’s Next Great Home Textiles Company” series. Industry veterans from the areas of showroom deA SPECIAL REPORT sign, product development and marketing will visit each company during the show, which runs from Aug. 18-22. In subsequent issues of HTT, the judges will share their assessments of each company. To find out more about them, visit pages 8-10.

America’s Next Great Home Textiles Company

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AUG 16 - 19, 2012

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012


Sourcing at Magic Home Readies its Debut LAS VEGAS — The long-running Magic apparel show will cozy up to home textiles this month with the first addition of a Sourcing at Magic Home component, which runs from Aug. 20-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition to a broad array of Chinese manufacturers, the home section will feature exhibitors from the United States, Bangladesh and India. Product categories will include fabrics, materials and components for home application (bed, bath and kitchen lin-

ens, towels, window treatments, rugs and accessories). Magic organizers conducted a survey after the February 2012 event and found that more than 50% of attendees were interested in seeing textiles and gifts add to the program, according to Karalynn Sprouse, vp of Sourcing at Magic. The existing Sourcing at Magic show draws 80,000 attendees from 80 countries, with roughly 15% coming from outside the United States. That includes about 10,000 independent

boutique retailers, said Sprouse. Sourcing at Magic Home was developed in tandem with the China Foreign Trade Guanzghou Exhibition General Corp (CFTE), one of China’s chief exhibition organizations. The show runs concurrently with the Sourcing at Magic section for apparel, which includes an array of daily seminars. Topics include how to sell one’s brand overseas, growing ecommerce traffic, using Google to boost sales, how to open a retail store, sourcing challenges, and

consumer trends, among many others. As part of the core Magic Show, the Buzz Boutique will provide attendees with information about tools for digital fashion marketing, from mobile applications to social media to digital advertising. Participating companies include Google, eBay Fashion,, Handshake, Volusion Ecommerce and Social Radius — each of which will demo their products and present a workshop. HTT

MSLO Remains Focused on Q1 Launch at JCP in 2013 BY CECILE CORRAL N EW YORK — Aside from sharing its second quarter results, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia was quick to use its conference call last week to reaffirm its partnership and plans with JCPenney amid the company’s legal actions with Macy’s. In just over one minute into her opening remarks, president and ceo Lisa Gersh said the company wanted to discuss its recent developments with respect to

JCPenney. First she noted MSLO’s “substantial expansion of the commercial partnership, including additional product categories and an increase in the minimum guarantee.” The company will now receive “a minimum of about $288 million over the course of the 10year agreement — an increase of $110 million from what was originally planned,” she said. Gersh added that “the opportunity to amend this agreement has been in place since the be-

Tracking Textiles SHARE OF TEXTILES MARKET (6/11-5/12) Warehouse Clubs





National Chains

13% Mass Merchants


Dept/ Specialty


National Chains

Dept/ Specialty


By Dollars


Mass Merchants




Warehouse Clubs





By Units

Dept/Specialty, including traditional department stores and specialists like Bed Bath & Beyond and Home Goods, grew 7% in dollars. Mass merchants, including stores like Walmart, Target and Kmart, lost unit share but held dollar share. Discounters, like the dollar and off-price stores, and warehouse clubs both gained share, with double digit increases in average selling price. National chains include Penney and Sears. Source: The NPD Group, Inc. / Consumer Tracking Service

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Manhattan Properties

Martha Home is among many new and existing brands that will be the focus of JCPenney’s turnaround strategy.

ginning. The decision to act on it now is a reflection of the great opportunities we and JCP see as the relationship builds.” The second development stems from the litigation underway with Macy’s, she continued, reiterating the court’s July 13 granting of Macy’s request for a preliminary injunction with respect to certain categories of products. “I want to take the opportunity here to clarify a few facts about this ruling and how it relates to our business both with Macy’s and JCPenney,” Gersh went on. Firstly, MSLO will be launching our products both in store and online with JCPenney in the first quarter of 2013 as planned. “Nothing about this ruling changes that,” Gersh urged. “This case is primarily a contract dispute over how certain prod-

ucts are branded and sold, not about the validity of the partnership with JCPenney.” Secondly, the minimum guarantee under the JCPenney commercial agreement, including recent increase, “is not directly affected by the ruling,” she added. “We are planning to be in JCPenney stores with a wide array of products for consumers early next year. And we are in ongoing development of categories and products, as we typically are with all of our partners.” Later in the call, during the question-and-answer session, Gersh responded to further queries about the Macy’s matter. “It is not a final ruling,” she said, later adding, “We have not had an order settled by judge yet. So it is premature for me to make further statements other than [my prepared remarks].” HTT


Softline Home Fashions

Surya Rugs

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012


OPINIONTodaY Celeb Confessions


CONF ESS I ROLLED M Y E Y ES when I learned last week that Donny Osmond is planning to unleash a home furnishings line late next year. I was not the only one among my colleagues to do so. Hoping to provide my sisters with a laugh, I dashed off an email titled “Are you ready to live the Donny Osmond lifestyle!” Guess what? They are. “I will be very interested to see his products,” replied Chicago sister. “I still love Donny. He has excellent taste. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This is a great idea. Way to go!” wrote California sister. Oregon sister — who was in diapers when the Osmond brothers were at their apex — did not respond. It was a reminder that here in the home furnishings bunker we can get overly fixated on the big names. HTT breathlessly hangs on every twist in the Martha Stewart narrative — and I am the worst offender — while in reality, Kathy Ireland’s licensing empire is far larger ($2 billion at retail compared to roughly $900 million for Stewart, according to Forbes). I can remember scratching my head when Jane Seymour launched a home collection in 2007. Granted, the line has gone through several permutations, but Jane Seymour is still in the home business — these days through a partnership with case goods and upholstery source AICO/Amini Innovation Corp. Lord knows, we’ve seen any number of celebrity brands that failed to get off the launch pad. Doubtless we will see more. (It seems any soul who has spent more than five minutes in front of the camera at HGTV attempts a branded line.) I have another confession. At least eight times out of 10 when I’m presented with an announcement about a new celebrity brand my first response is: “Who?” At least I know who Donny is. And good luck to him. HTT

Jennifer Marks

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Homeland Insecurities


HER E WA S T HIS absolutely spectacular TV commercial on a few nights ago for home furnishings. Maybe you saw it. It focused on the role of the dining room table in the lives of ordinary Americans. It showed a husband and making a major deciWarren wife sion at the table, followed Shoulberg by a son telling his parents he was taking the new job PUBLISHER/ EDITORIAL DIRECTOR he had just been offered. Another scene showed one family member announcing she was moving away from home. Each scene revolved around these important conversations taking place at the venerable dining room table and by the time the spot was over, you got a warm and fuzzy feeling about how important furniture and furnishings are in people’s lives. It was one of the best home furnishings commercials I’ve ever seen. There was just one thing: it wasn’t a home furnishings commercial. It was for a life insurance company touting its role in the modern American family. Actually, anyone could have guessed that this wasn’t an ad for home products. It didn’t mention a cheapo price. It didn’t talk about free financing that would end up costing you more than your mortgage if you read the small print.

It didn’t have a coupon, a percentage sign or any vestige of promotional doubletalk of any sort. Instead it tugged at the emotional sweet spot people feel for their homes and the way they furnish them. That a company pushing life insurance — not exactly the most beloved, admired or sought after purchase people make — was behind all of this is even more disturbing to anyone in the home business. Most shoppers will do almost anything possible to avoid facing up to their life insurance needs, while the majority of them actually like buying home furnishings. This whole rant is just a general lament without either the solution to how home companies can advertise or any real hope that the current situation will change. Specifically, the nature of the home textiles industry — where there are few widely distributed national brands and margins are often measured with an electron microscope — virtually guarantees the status will remain quo when it comes to marketing and advertising to the consumer. But boy, wouldn’t it be great to pick up a Bed Bath & Beyond circular or see a Macy’s TV spot or even find a vendor in a magazine and see them pushing the emotional button for sheets and towels? It’s been a long, long time since the industry mounted any serious effort on this front. And that’s not likely to change. So the only thing the home furnishings industry will ever have in common with that insurance TV commercial is the status of its marketing efforts: tabled. HTT

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Ashford Textiles Launches New Division With Soy-based Poly Foam GARDENA , C ALIF. — Ashford Textiles has created a

new division offering soy-based poly foam that targets fabrics and crafts stores. It has also hired Anthony Mone to head up its fabric, seasonal and crafting division as vp of sales. Mone’s experience in the fabric and crafting market sector “will build on the growing towels, bedding, fleece and private label manufacturing platform Ashford Textiles has built over the years,” the company announced. Ashford Textiles Earth Friendly Foam is made in the United States using an exclusive formula developed through Mone and his team. It eliminates up to 30% of the petroleum-based chemicals and substitutes them with Natural Eco Friendly additives. Ashford will offer retail-ready packaging in all put-ups to service multiple store locations or individ-

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Beth Darragh,

owner of LDP and a well-known textile showroom designer, was featured last week on an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress.” The show, a popular staple on TLC, shows brides and some bridezillas shopping for that special dress for their wedding day. Eschewing the cream colored lace, satin, beading and pearls, Darragh had another idea and went on the show looking for the most untraditional dress. Think black. “They didn’t know what to do with me at first; there was not a lot to choose from,” noted Darragh. “But once they understood what I was going for, it was like magic. We had fun and they were so professional.” The show was filmed at New York’s famed Kleinfeld’s. The dress she ultimately chose was a striking red number. “I told everyone, it didn’t matter what I said I wanted, I’d know it when I saw it,” she said. “I approach design the same way. I have a concept for a showroom, but then you have to see where it takes you.” Her wedding to John Finn (on Christmas Eve in Mazatlan, Mexico) and her reception/party (this past May) continued to surprise her guests with its unusual elements. She and her design team transformed an empty, cavernous

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Retail Briefs Most Zellers Stores to Close Next Spring


udson Bay Company plans to close most of the remaining 64 Zellers units in spring 2013, according to reports from several Canadian newspapers. HBC sold 279 Zellers units to Target last year. Target sold off some of the locations, but plans to rebrand the remainder at Target. It recently announced the locations of 126 stores that will open during 2013. The Vancouver Sun quoted an HBC spokewoman as saying the company might reopen some of the Zellers units under another brand. HBC also owns The Bay and Home Outfitters in Canada as well as Lord & Taylor’s in the U.S.

ual stores. The foam covers a variety of uses from in home projects to commercial applications. HTT

Darragh Says Yes to the (Non-Traditional) Dress BY JILL ROWEN


Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012

room at Historic Catskill Point in Upstate New York into a Venetian Masquerade. There was no first dance, but there was a sugar skull groom’s cake, a popular symbol during Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration. “The goal for every market is to entertain buyers, clients and ourselves. You have to develop a point of view and I think that is something that is so missing from our industry,” she noted. “Everyone agrees that market isn’t when the orders are signed. So why do they come? You have to give buyers something to remember — the display, the smells, the look of the space – the experience … That’s what I wanted for myself and my guests for my wedding, an experience.” Darragh’s experience leading up to her wedding reads like its own reality show. She and Finn found themselves running for their lives from Hurricane Irene last year while at their house in Catskill, New York. (It was August market time.) The rain from the storm drowned both their cars and began flooding the house. With roads blocked, their garage ripped apart and neighbors’ houses literally floating by, they

JCPenney Sells off $248 Million Stake in Property Company


CPenney has raised $248 million by selling off a portion of its stake in Simon Property Group. JCP Realty, a subsidiary of the retailer, continues to hold 205,000 limited partnership shares in the realty group. “Last year, as we began our journey to transform JCPenney, we determined it was necessary to review and, where appropriate, monetize assets that are not core to our operations,” said JCP chief financial officer Ken Hannah, who said the announcement represents the first step toward executing that plan. He said converting the non-core asset into $248 million of cash “enhances the company’s already strong balance sheet and liquidity.” Upgrades Mobile Shopping


lash sale retailer recently released an improved shopping app dubbed Fab 3.0. The app lets users track what their Facebook friends and other Fab members are faving, sharing and buying in real time. It also allows users to login to Fab using their Facebook accounts. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Johnson To Head Sears Spin-offs


ruce Johnson, executive vp of off-mall business for Sears Holdings, will become president and ceo of Sears Hometown and Sears Outlet Stores following their spin-off from the parent company. He was appointed interim ceo of Sears Holding in 2008, a post he held until early 2011. Hometown Stores are independently owned units located primarily in small and mid-sized markets.

Maserati Store Adds Bath Linens ran through the woods, uphill, to another neighbor waiting for it to end. “The water came within two feet of our neighbor’s house. We were sitting in their house, soaked and that’s when John asked me to marry him and I said yes,” she said. Maybe “Storm Stories” will be calling next. HTT


aserati fans can now outfit their bathrooms with Maserati branded towels and bedeck themselves in Maserati terry robes. The official Maserati Worldwide Shop announced the addition for bath goods to its assortment, which includes apparel, shoes and perfume, among other goods. Bath robes retail for $108.58. Towel prices from $42.70 for a pair of hand towels to $69.54 for beach and sunbed towels.

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012




The Picket Fence Creates Bedding Sanctuary in Old Church BY CECILE CORRAL S UN VALLEY, I DAHO — A little white-washed church here in the town of Ketchum has survived many reincarnations. Originally built in 1884 as the town’s First Congressional Church, in more recent decades the site was gutted to become Louis’ pizza parlor. But the restaurant eventually went out of business, and the structure was moved to a quieter spot in town to make room for new retail businesses. About two years ago, the building was visited by divine intervention — again. Cast off and abandoned, the shuttered little church caught the eye of Lynn Simpson, a longtime seasonal resident, and

more recently, the owner of local luxury home furnishings store The Picket Fence. She salvaged the church, had it moved to an empty lot adjacent to her shop, and breathed new life — and quite a different existence — into its walls. The rest, as they say, is history. No pun intended. For almost as long as the 34year-old The Picket Fence has been part of this upscale resort community, it has served its seasonal and permanent residents from a quaint, red-painted wooden storefront. It was only over the past six years that the specialty store experienced a change that took it to new heights. Simpson, who for more than

driven by




Fat Snake by Zoeppritz Since 1828, At Home featuring Home Textiles exhibitor. © GLM 2012

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AUGUST 18 - 22, 2012



new rules.

20 years had been a regular shopper of The Picket Fence, walked in and offered to buy the business one day in the summer of 2006. The owners agreed to sell to her, and Simpson got straight to work on expansion. One priority: Add the church to the property as the bedding showroom, explained Ray J. Gadd, marketing and photography director. A major renovation ensued, as did plans to enhance The Picket Fence’s luxury bedding linens offering and above all, its presentation. “She really infused this business with a lot of inventory,” Gadd noted. “We already were carrying the majority of the lines that we still carry today. Two new line additions were Coyuchi and Amity Home. Our ability to stock inventory and to carry a broader depth of lines came into play. We added one additional display bed and were able to showcase the bedding all in one location, leaving us more room for tabletop and home accents.” Simpson, he said, is inspired by the design and fashion movements she sees on her European travels, and she is “constantly following new trends in the Bay area.” An avid reader of shelter home décor publications like Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, and others, she often attends major markets and shows in Paris, New York, High Point and Atlanta to garner ideas and products for her store. By October 2010, the church reopened its doors, sharing a central courtyard with The Picket Fence’s original site. “People are really drawn to us,” Gadd said. “We are sort of off the beaten path, so it’s hard to get people to the store. But once they recognize the church they are amazed how it has been through so many different phases, from a church to a pizza place and now seeing it transformed into this beautiful showroom. They are

fascinated.” In fact, The Picket Fence forged a partnership with Ketchum’s visitor center “to offer [tourists] not just a great retail experience but also a chance to see a real piece of local history with this iconic church building.” Combined, the neighboring storefronts occupy more than 6,000 square feet, one third of which belongs to the bedding showroom that is the church. Whereas The Picket Fence could only showcase one bedding vignette in its original space, now it can present at least four display beds. Some of the store’s most popular bedding brands are Sferra Bros., Matouk, Scandia, Nancy Koltes and Peacock Alley; in bath, top sellers include

Matouk, Abyss and Habidecor; and in table linens, the line comprises mainly Sferra product. The mix spans utility bedding, including down product; fashion sheets and top of bed goods like coverlets, matelasses, blankets, boudoirs, Euro shams and others; and “a lot of basic white sheeting because that is a staple around here,” Gadd said. The original Picket Fence site is where shoppers can find home accessories like lighting, candles, decorative pieces, accent furniture, tabletop, and even jewelry. In the courtyard, shoppers can enjoy al fresco resting — and shopping, as all of the patio furniture there is also for sale. “We really love our patio,” which the store keeps open during the warmer spring, summer

7/31/2012 4:31:04 PM


and fall months but closes during the winter because of heavy snows, Gadd explained. “It makes for a nice transition point between shops for people to stop and sit outside and enjoy the outdoors.”

With business growing since recent updates and developments to the store, The Picket Fence in July expanded into a two-store chain with the opening of its sister shop in Menlo Park, Calif. — Simpson’s other hometown.

St anding at about 1,000 square feet, the new satellite site takes its cues from its predecessor but offers the locals a different twist that appeals more to its area’s specific flavor, Gadd said. “[Simpson] has been a long-


Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012

time resident of the area and has noticed a lack of a complete luxury offering for the home that didn’t have that supermarket feeling,” he noted. “Our approach is a little bit different there because people have different tastes there

than they do here. So we looked at what was successful here but also added different styles.” Menlo Park is stocked with “a variety of products, including linens, tabletop, home accents and accessories,” Gadd said. HTT

There’s an easier way...

REDEFINING COMFORT. Contact Guy Eckert at for more information.

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Home Textiles Today

America’s Next Great Home Textiles Company

August 6, 2012


Meet the Fresh Faces One of these first-time NYIGF exhibitors will be honored at the January 2013 edition of the fair as America’s Next Great Home Textiles Company.


HedgeHouse USA, Booth 7867

Beata Henrichs-Lieb

After many years spent developing television shows – not to mention marriage and the birth of two children – Los Angelino Beata Henrichs-Lieb decided to become an interior decorator. “I hated it!’ she said, laughing. “Worst job in the world. It was not for me.” She started to think about developing a product — something small that she could carry in her car. What she came up with roughly a year and a half ago was the Throw Bed, a down- and fiber-filled cushion that’s the same size as a twin bed but weighs only 4 lbs. “I started doing craft fairs – but I made just enough to clear the expenses,” said Henrichs-Lieb. But in the process, she also learned how to talk about her product and how to sell it. Her upcoming debut at the NYIGF has an added twist for the onetime New Yorker. “I’ve driven by Javits 10,000 times,” she said. “I’ve never set a foot inside.” That all changes very soon.

Stamattina, Booth 8043

Michael and Stamattina Pappas

Stamattina may be a young company — founded about 18 months ago — but its proprieters are old hands in the home textiles business. Stamattina Pappas began working as a sales rep for premium bed linens since 1986. “I had the opportunity to do product development and I’ve done private label for some customers,” she said. Michael Pappas, her husband, left teaching to get into the home business in 1978. He worked for several rep companies and also held senior sales positions along the way at Sferra Bros. as well as Hacot and Colombier. The Stamattina collection of fine bedding is cut and sewn in the New York area from fabrics imported from Italy. The patterns and palettes are Stamattina’s own. Launching their own company, he said, was about “being in control of your own destiny.” As to making the big step to show at NYIGF, Stamattina said: “There’s no better time than today. We were ready.”


Pyar & Co. Booth 8070

Paula Queen

htt120801_008_009_010 8

Paula Queen started out in construction management and then moved into business development. After her son was born she drew up “a dream business plan.” A couple of years later, the Chicagoan travelled to India for a conference. As it happens, her husband’s family there has been in textiles for several generations. And at the conference Queen met with a number of mill owners. She founded Pyar & Co. last year, making hand-crafted, luxury decorative pillows and ottomans. Pyar’s products are fair trade, and all beads are sourced from the Calcutta markets. She’s established a relationship with one of India’s top three silk mills. “Customization is an elecment I wanted to be able to offer our customers,” said Queen. “To me, this is about their own taste.” Queen handles all the designs and fabric selection. Her goal is to design pieces “that tell stories,” and she is proud of their artisnal grounding.

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012

Wabisabi Green, Booth 8073 In 2007, graphic designer and ceramic artist Jolee Pink was remodeling her home in Encinitas, Calif. Unable to find decorative pillows to suit her taste, she decided to create her own. By 2009, Wabisabi Green was born — offering eco-friendly table linens and dec pillows inspired by nature and the southern California coastal lifestyle. “It was important to me to create a product as sustainable as possible and not contribute to pollution,� she said. Pink sources organic, sustainable and recycled fabrics made in India and Pakistan from an American supplier. She works with a local screenprinter as well as a local cut and sew shop. She continues to do ceramic sculptures and artist installations. Pink is also a foodie, and in June, she organized the first Encinitas Foodie Fest, bringing together San Diego chefs who work with locally sourced food, vendors offering sustainable wares and local artists — all to benefit the Coastal Community Foundation’s Healthy Day healthy snack program.

Jolee Pink

Le CĂ´tĂŠ Français Maison, Booth 8072 A licensed interior designer, Belen Moreno had been working with a large firm before she decided to go off on her own in 2007. Her timing turned out not to be fortuitous. “The market just tanked,â€? she said. The New Yorker also happens to be a dedicated Francophile, so she headed across the pond, bought a pile of home furnishings merchandise and opened up a shop. She soon discovered that accessories sold through more quickly than furniture. “I’ve always loved textiles, and it came to me to make a sculptural object out of textiles,â€? said Moreno. Her line of accent pillows and throws antique and vintage patterns with contemporary fabrics. She has three designers creating exclusive artwork for her lines, most of which are cut and sewn in a New York studio that specializes in couture apparel. “I’m in love with Versailles, Maria Antoinette, Barry Lyndon – all this delusional, escapist fantasy,â€? she said. In addition to expanding into table linens, she is prepared a limited edition Marie Antoinette pillow.

Belen Moreno

Solutions WE PROVIDE MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS. 9e]ja[YfEYfm^Y[lmjaf_Ylalk:]klafgf]Dg[Ylagf =ph]\al]\LmjfLae]$DgoEafaemek :Y[c]\:q0(Q]Yjk=ph]ja]f[] ;gflY[l2Bg`fD]fa`Yf0*0&/(*&0)0)ooo&eookgdmlagfk&[ge


htt120801_008_009_010 9


Digital Printing

Cut & Sew

Pillow Blowing



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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012



America’s Next Great Home Textiles Company A SPECIAL REPORT

Simple Syrup Design House, Booth 7974 Simple Syrup co-owners Danielle Duer and Mandy McNeil were brought together by television after some of Duer’s paintings were featured on a local Nashville program. McNeil began commissioning Duer’s work, and eventually the two started to think about creating a product line featuring the designs. “We both love art, and we both love the idea of art not just on the wall but in different combinations in the home,” said Duer. They made their first foray around 2008 with baby onesies — “because I was pregnant at the time,” said Duer — and managed to get some retail placement. About 18 months ago, Duer turned her hand to decorative pillows. Her mother-in-law — “a crazy good seamstress” — assembled the first pieces. She now oversees a group of women in the Nashville area who handle Simple Syrup’s cut-and-sew operation. The company made its first trade show outing last fall at High Point and followed up at the Atlanta gift show this past January. “Everywhere we go, people say: ‘You should have these in New York,’” said Duer. And so now, they are.

htt120801_008_009_010 10

Danielle Duer, left, and Mandy McNeil, right.

8/2/2012 5:22:39 PM

,I\RX¶UHLQhome textiles New York is the market. And the market in New York is the TEXTILE BUILDING For 90 years, 295 Fifth Avenue has been the leading showcase for the home textiles industry, with the best location, the best value per square foot, services that cater to your distinctive needs, high-profile traffic, high-tech security, a wi-fi buyers lounge and the personal service of a staff of 15. Give your business the best market, in the market. Call Lou Lombardi, President & CEO, Manhattan Properties, Inc. 212-685-0530 ƒ ƒ on-site management

The Textile Building at 295 Fifth We are the market

12 1

Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012

NY Gift/Home Textiles





htt120802_012_015 12

8/2/2012 4:18:55 PM



Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012



9 8


1. Green Elephant’s Applique curtains are handmade by women artisans in the remote village of Rajashthan, India. 2. Couture Dreams’ handmade home textiles include window panels, tablecloths, table toppers and pillows. 3. Contemporary Crafts’ organza curtain panels are hand-blocked in Central India. 4. tag’s Cliff Strip Reversible Rug is available in red, blue, beige, teal, gray, and bright green. 5. Judy Ross’ Celine rug in the cream/pewter/purple haze color is made of 100% Tibetan wool with 100 knots per square foot. 6. Tilonia Home’s quilts are block-printed by hand by rural artisans in Rajasthan, India, using natural cotton and low-impact dyes. 7. Could Nine’s new natural jute pillows are hand-woven and include down feather inserts. 8. Handmade Expressions’ all-cotton napkins are hand-woven by Fair Trade artisans on the outskirts of New Delhi using traditional looms. 9. Cuddledown has expanded into dec pillows featuring flora and fauna as well as abstract designs, cityscapes, Asian, and nautical themes. 10. Kevin O’Brien Studio’s Lobster pillow is made of a 50/50 blend of linen and cotton. It’s available in indigo, sea glass, South Pacific, and yellow submarine colorways.

htt120802_012_015 13

8/2/2012 4:19:21 PM


Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012


NY Gift/Home Textiles









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August 6, 2012

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1. Hipcycle presents Funky Junk, a line of products — including floor cushions — made from plastic bags that have been collected from the streets, fields, and landfills of Cambodia.


2. Jason Products Ltd’s floral coasters and placemats are licensed with Williamsburg and the New York Botanical Gardens. 3. NuKo Creations is introducing the round Ottoman embroidery placemat in white and gold along with the Astek pearl napkin. 4. Chilewich drew the inspiration for Lounge from Calder’s midcentury work. It is available in oatmeal, vintage grey, russet and Portobello. 5. Barbara Shaw Gifts’ hand-printed and hand-sewn table napkins feature a repeating graphic of fresh Jaffa oranges to bring a pop of color to the table. 6. Sybartic’s faux leather Marrakesh placemat comes in six colors and the washable Jefferson napkin is available in two. 7. Jean Vier’s cotton and flax tea towels interpret the spirit of the Basque country in vibrant colors and patterns. 8. Wabisabi Green’s Passion Flower table linens

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are made from a blend of recycled poly and organic cotton, hand-printed with water-based, environmentally-friendly inks. 9. Nine Space’s Khadi Fouta is made of 90% Turkish cotton and 10% bamboo. It can be used as a beach towel, bath towel, table linen or throw. 10. Fab Habitat’s indoor/outdoor rugs are woven from straws made of recycled plastic, can be hosed down for easy cleaning and do not attract mildew. 11. C & F’s Geometrics Collection includes washable hooked area rugs in simple, contrasting colorways. The designs are also available in pillows and kitchen towels. 12. Jack Rabbit is debuting Oh My Peach Pie Aprons made of 100% cotton in exclusive prints. 13. kidStyle, a division of Resource International, is showing amikins throw pillows, which are handcrocheted by artisans using bamboo viscose yarn. 14. Nansu Home is launching the EarthWise collection of hand-woven, organic cotton kitchen and table linens. The company works with Mayan weavers and dyers in Guatemala and organic cotton growers in Peru.

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012



Summer 2012 Rug Preview 2 1

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5 1. The Rug Market America’s latest additions to its Resort collection of weatherresistant, UV-coated polyester rugs for the outdoors and indoors include contemporary over-sized patterns like Suzani, seen here, as well as others like Moroccan Tile and Kiwi Fruit. 2. Surya Inc.’s Lybra collection is a new addition to the company’s Artistic Weavers division. Made to look modern yet timeless, it features a chevron pattern originally found on ancient pottery at the palace of Knosis in Crete. 3. Company C takes Indian- and English-inspired paisley looks of yore and reinterprets them in modern-day hues on its new High Country collection. A series of intricate swirls, teardrops and richly colored paisleys are depicted in bold, over-scaled designs that are less traditional and more artistic than earlier similar styles — as seen here in the Devonshire pattern. 4. Kas Rugs’ new Optic collection comprises shag styles that are hand-tufted of multi-textured polyester and are manufactured in India. There are six designs in total, including this one called Jewel-tone Spiral, and three area rug sizes. 5. Nourison offers a different view on the season’s rugs with its new Vista collection.

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012



Summer 2012 Rug Preview 1





1. Kalaty Rugs’ Artisan Collection, seen here in the sapphire colorway, is a lively assemblage of traditional motifs and patterns with narrow borders for a more transitional appeal. Each piece is hand knotted of 100% hand-spun wool. 2. Jaipur Rugs is expanding its Coastal Living collection with new hand-hooked 100% polypropylene styles for indoor and outdoor use. New looks take their styling cues from the ruggedly chic aesthetic of a casual seaside lifestyle — such as this piece called Wave Hello. 3. Capel Inc. gives a regal air to its line with the addition of the new Eminence collection, which is handknotted in India and made of wool. Available colors include charcoal, red, ivory, and chocolate, the latter seen here. 4. Momeni’s new Suzani collection is inspired by the tribal Central Asian embroidered textile style by the same name. These rugs are made of 100% wool in a hooked construction. 5. Oriental Weavers USA takes an exotic trip to Bali with this new grouping of neutral-colored rugs – in shades of ivory, cocoa, cool grays, and blues – accented with pops of bright gold. Made in Egypt, these rugs are machine-woven in polypropylene and are made in a textural loop construction for added surface interest.

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012



Feizy Taps Jerdon to Head Sales in NE DALL AS — Importer and man-

ufacturer of area rugs Feizy has hired Mark Jerdon as the company’s new regional sales manager in the Northeastern territory, which spans 12 states. He brings more than 25 years of experience working in industry sales. Most recently, Jerdon was

with Capel Rugs, where he served as the regional sales manager for its Mid-Atlantic territory. Reporting to vp of sales Dale Sweary, Jerdon is charged with growing all segments of business within the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New

Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Massachusetts as well as in Washington D.C. “Mark has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of our industry, relationships covering a broad base of customers and a 31-year history of successful sell-

ing,” Sweary said. “I’m certain that Mark will increase Feizy’s business and strengthen our position as the industry’s trend leader within his territory. His passion for the business, solution-based customer service work ethic and integrity make him a valuable asset to the Feizy team.” HTT

IFDA NY and Marazzi to host Summer BBQ N E W YO R K — The New York Chapter of the The International Furnishings & Design Association is inviting the home furnishings community to celebrate summer at a Networking Picnic on Aug. 8 at The Marazzi Design Center. The event will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. at 30 West 21st Street, 2nd floor. Admission is free to industry members, but a $10 suggested donation at the door is requested for the IFDA Educational Foundation toward the Claire Coleman Founder’s Grant. For information or to register, visit, call IFDA’s office at (212) 6866020 or email HTT

Furtex Kenya set for November NAIROBI, KENYA — Furtex Kenya

– International Furniture, Home Textile & Home Supplies Exhibitions will take place here in the Kenyatta International Conference Center from Nov. 8-10. The show, which bills itself as the gateway into the Central and Eastern Africa The home textiles segment of the show will include bed linens, bed spreads, blankets, pillows, curtains, towels, bath robes, table clothes, upholstery, floor coverings and wall coverings. For more information, visit HTT


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United Weavers

Chortex Mills

Contour Products

September 9-13 ,2012

Al Karam

Fall NY Home Fashions Market Week Major Showroom Buildings Throughout Market

For exhibition space, please contact: Joe Carena, Show Manager, (203) 329-9553 Warren Shoulberg, Publisher, Home Textiles Today, (646) 805-0226

Make appointments now with these leading suppliers: AL KARAM T






Exhibitor Space Now Open! Reserve Your Space Today! Untitled-1 1

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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012


PEOPLETodaY Divatex Founder Avi Gross Stepping Down NEW YORK — A change of lead-

ership arrived at Divatex at the end of July when founder Avi Gross stepped down as president and ceo of the company, one of the top home textiles suppliers in the United States. He will retain his seat on the board of directors. Founded in 1990, Divatex in 2007 sold an 80% stake to The Himatsingka Group, a vertically integrated home textiles manufacturer based in India. The leadership transition is in accordance with terms agreed upon at the time of the acquisition, according to the company.

Vice chairman Shrikant Himatsingka will take over management duties previously handled by Gross. “I am happy to be transitioning the management of Divatex at such a strong point in our company history,” said Gross. The company posted record sales for its financial year ending March 31, according to the announcement about the change. “We have been through an interesting period of growth and I am certain that under Shrikant’s leadership, Divatex will continue to hold the top posi-

tion in the industry,” he added. Said Himatsingka: “It has been a pleasure to have worked together with Avi over the years, and I would like to thank him for his contribution toward the growth and development of Divatex.’ Divatex was hailed in HTT’s “Greatest Sheet Constructions” feature in December 2011 for its pioneering role in popularizing jersey sheets. Divatex has ranked among the Top 5 suppliers of sheets to the U.S. market for many years and is among the Top 15 suppliers of overall textiles.HTT

Nourison’s Gina Falsetti is Rugs Direct “Rep of the Year”

Michael S. Smith Gets Creative With Brunschwig & Fils BY GARY EVANS N E W Y O R K — Well-known

interior designer Michael S. Smith has been named creative director of high-end fabric house Brunschwig & Fils. The company said Smith’s exclusive consulting agreement will help guide its product development and reinforce the brand as one of the most prestigious in the industry. Smith will work with Stephen Elrod, executive vice president and chief creative director for Brunschwig & Fils and its sister division Lee Jofa, and the rest of the Brunschwig & Fils team, the company said. “Michael Smith’s experience and advice will be invaluable to the product and merchandising

teams,” said Cary Kravet, president and ceo of Kravet Inc., which acquired Brunschwig & Fils in 2011. “I look forward to his fresh approach to this brand, which I am confident will help to present new collections that match the brand image and equity with the discerning palette of our customers. Michael will be an integral part of the Brunschwig & Fils team.” Kravet said Smith, known for his multi-layered take on traditional interiors, “has redefined American design for a new generation. His influence appears throughout the country, from his classic design for the Oval Office in the White House to the cover of Architectural Digest and many fine residences in between.” HTT

Invista Names New Marketing Manager for Dacron

SADDLE B ROOK , N.J. — Nourison’s Gina Falsetti

was named “Rep Of The Year” Award during the Atlanta market by Rugs Direct, the online retailer of area rugs. The award was presented by Rugs Direct president Randy Kremer and Bill Martin, the company’s national sales director at Nourison’s permanent showroom . According to Kremer, “The rep of the year is awarded to the person that works the hardest to grow Rugs Direct business with their line. It is based on their communication with us, their desire to support us on our marketing and sales initiatives both online and in the stores, and their assistance with

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Gina Falsetti (center) receives the award from Bill Martin (left), national sales director, and Randy Kremer (right), president of Rugs Direct.

customer service issues. This is one award that has the input from all the divisions in our company.” Kremer described Falsetti as “the obvious choice as our rep of the year,” citing that she “has worked tirelessly to help us promote Nourison products to our customers and increase the brand’s well-deserved market share.Gina truly is our partner, not just a vendor rep, and we are proud to recognize her many achievements with this award.”HTT

K ENNESAW , G A . — Invista has promoted Misti Moore to marketing manager for the Dacron fiberfill business in North America. “We’re delighted to have seasoned executive Misti Moore on the Dacron brand team,” said Roberto Fontanillas, global business director for Invista’s Dacron business. “She’ll be working closely with the sales team to identify, pursue and cultivate new business development opportunities that harness the power of the established awareness and prefer-

ence for the Dacron brand.” Moore worked in various marketing roles prior to this assignment. Most recently, she was marketing communication manager for Invista’s Stainmaster brand. Moore joined Invista from Atlanta-based multi-cultural marketing agency Images USA, and also held marketing positions with Blacksmith Promotions, DS Waters (where she led the repositioning of the Crystal Springs Water brand), AOL Time Warner and Anheuser Busch. HTT


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Sponsored by:

For sponsorship opportunities, contact Warren Shoulberg at or 646-805-0226.

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Home Textiles Today


August 6, 2012

BUSINESS TodaY July Comps Positive Results For Most BY CECILE B. CORRAL N EW YORK — Almost all of the

key retailers tracked monthly by HTT enjoyed a comp increase — albeit modest for the bulk of them. But even better news is that the home category had something to do with it. This was especially true for TJX Companies, which saw HomeGoods comps increase “a robust” 11%. Marmaxx comps were up 7%, significantly above plan, with an 8% comp increase for home fashions specifically.

ed the strongest comp gains for Stein Mart in July. Kohl’s 1.7% comp increase was the result of the mid-tier department store chain’s improved inventory levels heading into the Back-to-School season, according to the company. Home generated a mid-single-digit comp increase as did footwear and men’s – all lead categories for the month. Strongest performers in home included bedding and sheets, and bath and towels, the company said. Although its comps were flat for the month, Bon-Ton semi-

JULY SALES FOR KEY RETAILERS Four Weeks Ended July 29, 2012 (dollar amounts in millions) a 2012 SALES

Alco Stores Bon-Ton Stores Inc. Costco Wholesale Corp. b Fred’s Inc. Kohl’s Corp. Macy’s Inc. Ross Stores Inc. Stein Mart Inc. Target Corp. The TJX Companies Inc.

Alco Stores Bon-Ton Stores Inc. Costco Wholesale Corp. Fred’s Inc. Kohl’s Corp. Macy’s Inc. Ross Stores Inc. Stein Mart Inc. Target Corp. The TJX Companies Inc.



2012 year-over-year

7.0% 5.5% 4.0% 2.5% 1.0% -0.5% -2.0%

32.5 $173.6 $6,740.0 $129.7 $1,122.0 $1,611.0 $635.0 $67.2 $4,840.0 $1,600.0



3.3 (0.1) 8.0 5.0 3.4 5.1 12.0 4.0 3.2 8.0

0.1 0.0 8.0 1.2 1.7 4.1 7.0 2.8 3.1 7.0


% CHG.

22 WEEKS 2012


33.5 $173.4 $7,250.0 $136.7 $1,161.0 $1,693.0 $709.0 $69.9 $4,995.0 $1,800.0

2011 SALES

2011 SALES

$235.9 $1,235.6 $47,520.0 $470.0 $8,447.0 $12,262.0 $4,698.0 $579.8 $32,989.0 $11,800.0


$230.2 $1,245.4 $43,110.0 $452.7 $8,410.0 $11,828.0 $4,164.0 $573.7 $31,475.0 $10,700.0

2.5 -0.8 10.2 4.0 0.4 3.7 13.0 1.1 4.8 10.0

(0.1) (0.6) NA (1.0) (1.3) 3.7 8.0 1.6 4.2 8.0

a. Reporting periods vary among retailers. b. Costco’s July comp results are for the U.S. division and do not include the impact of deflation in gasoline prices or the negative impact from foreign currencies. Including those impacts, comps for the month were up 7.0% in the U.S. division, 0.0% in the international division, and 5.0% for the total company.

July Same-Store Sales Johnson Redbook Index

-3.5% -5.0% JUL AUG SEPT OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL Source: Johnson Redbook Retail Sales Average, a unit of Instinet, a Reuters company.

Carol Meyrowitz, ceo, said that in July, TJX’s customer traffic was “up substantially at all divisions and drove most of the comp increase, which we believe speaks to our on-point fashions and brands at great values and wide customer demographic appeal.” Stein Mart’s 2.8% comp increase for the month and second quarter “reflect improvements in our merchandise and promotional approach,” said Jay Stein, interim ceo. “We are encouraged by these sales gains, which are an indication that our merchandising strategy is the right one for us.” Home, ladies’ accessories and ladies’ career sportswear post-

htt120801_024 24

WINNERS AND LOSERS Same-store sales % change

WINNERS Costco Wholesale Club Ross Stores. TJX Cos. Macy’s Inc. Target Corp. Stein Mart Inc. Kohl’s Corp. Fred’s Inc. Alco

8.0% 7.0% 7.0% 4.1% 3.1% 2.8% 1.7% 1.2% 0.1%

FLAT The Bon-Ton Stores


annual home and furniture sales event “posted a strong increase largely due to the successful introduction of new fall goods,”

according to president and ceo Brendan Hoffman. Only Target noted softness in home, which suffered a low single-digit comp decline in July. Overall, Target was pleased with its 3.1% comp increase overall, noted Gregg Steinhafel, chairman, president and ceo. The result “was right in line with our expectation going into

the quarter. Guests continue to respond to our innovative merchandising, remodel program and 5% REDcard Rewards, driving healthy increases in traffic and sales in a consumer environment that remains quite challenging.” Macy’s, which posted the third-best comp results in July among key retailers, managed

a 4.1% increase that met its spring season expectations despite “some challenges from a sluggish macroeconomic environment and a temporary disruption of sales from the remodeling project at our Herald Square flagship store in New York City,” said Terry J. Lundgren, chairman, president and ceo. HTT

Ross and TJX Boost Outlooks N EW YORK — Off-price chains Ross Stores and TJX Companies were both encouraged enough by their ongoing businesses to increase their outlooks for the second quarter. After above-plan sales and strong margins in July, TJX now

expects its second quarter earnings per share to be approximately 55 cents, which is above the company’s recently raised guidance and up significantly over last year. For the full year, TJX now projects earnings per share to be

in the range of $2.38 to $2.44. Ross Stores’ better-than-expected July included above-plan sales and gross margin. The company now estimates earnings per share for the second quarter to be 80 to 81 cents. Previous guidance set EPS at 77 to 78 cents. HTT

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JOIN HOME TEXTILES TODAY & SOURCING AT MAGIC HOME FOR A SPECIAL SEMINAR: THE FASHION-HOME CONNECTION WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22ND | 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM | LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER, ROOM S232 Chaired by editorial director Warren Shoulberg, an in-depth discussion addresses effective strategies for combining home and fashion under one roof: a basic overview of the home industry, easy ideas for integration of goods and a review of retailers who have successfully implemented the model – such as Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&M and Lands’ End. MODERATOR: Warren Shoulberg, Editorial Director, HOME TEXTILES TODAY PANELIST: Laurie Pressman, VP, Fashion, Home + Interiors, PANTONE LLC


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Home Textiles Today

August 6, 2012


Same-store sales

Redbook: Comps up 1.1% in Final Week of July N EW YORK — Same-store sales rose 1.1% in the

MSLO Merchandising Hits a Bump in Q2 BY CECILE B. CORRAL

mand, she added.

fourth and final week of July followJohnson Redbook Index ing a 1.3% gain the prior week, acFourth week of July, year-over-year % change cording to The Johnson Redbook ReWEEK ENDED 7/6 7/13 7/20 7/27 MONTH TARGET tail Sales Index. Month-to-date, July was up Department stores* 0.4 (0.1) (0.9) (1.8) (0.6) 0.3 1.6% compared to July of last year, Discounters 3.1 2.6 2.3 2.6 2.7 2.6 Redbook Index 2.2 1.7 1.3 1.1 1.6 1.8 relative to a target of a 1.8% gain. *Including chain stores and traditional department stores Month-over-month showed a 1.4% Source: Johnson Redbook Index drop, relative to a target of a 1.2% drop. Mississippi was the first of 17 states which kicked“As we close out the month and the second quarter, overall sales registered a slower pace in the fourth week off a tax-free holiday July 27 and stores there reported as consumers continued to shun cool weather merchan- increased weekend traffic, said Levis. Redbook’s preliminary target for August is 1.7% dise,” said Catlin Levis, Redbook analyst. Meanwhile, some retailers reported a strengthening same-store growth, leaving the month about 0.5% besales toward the weekend, especially in apparel, which hind July. This target will be finalized in next week’s rethey attributed to the beginning of back-to-school de- port. HTT

N EW YORK — Lagging sales for its branded soft flooring products at The Home Depot were largely to blame for stunting growth in the merchandising division of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia during the second quarter. “Overall, our growth was offset by the softness at The Home Depot relative to our expectations, primarily in the soft flooring category,” explained Lisa Gersh, president and ceo during the company’s quarterly conference call last week. By comparison, merchandising has “a solid quarter overall,” lead by several contributors, in-

cluding JCPenney, “where we continue our early design work as we prepare for the launch of that partnership in the first quarter of 2013.” Also helpful to sales during the period were strong sales performances for the Martha Stewart home office line at Staples, the pet product line at PetSmart, and soft home products at Macy’s. “The Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s had a solid quarter with strength in textiles,” the company reported. Merchandising was the quarter’s highlight, with revenues up 12% to $14.5 million from $12.9 million a year ago, and operating income of $10.2 million. HTT

CLASSIFIEDS HELP WANTED DESIGNER / STYLIST / MERCHANDISER Well established home textile company with a broad product base is looking for a creative person who is a self starter and able to complete projects on schedule. Customer sales and presentations, along with market trends and product knowledge is a must. Travel is required along with experience in sourcing at domestic and international trade fairs. We are seeking a leader with excellent communications skills who can get the job done, 5 to 7 years experience, and references. Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office, Graphic Design, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Adobe. Forward resume to: Attn. BB173,

One of the most successful online home textile brands in China, Racy’s Home, is seeking cooperative opportunities with home textile studios or designers from Europe and the U.S. • Do you want to show your face on the biggest B to C website in Asia? • Do you want to share your designs and ideas with the most popularity and with more than 10 million from the most exciting market of the world? • The candidate who is interested in this co-operation should have a minimum of 5 years experience in design and/or art or a related field. Candidates will be asked to show their pictures and comments on their own designs to our consumers. • We will introduce your designs together to millions of our consumers in China. • We will offer market prices for your artwork if chosen by our product team.

If you are interested, please forward your studio profile or personal resume to:

htt120801_001_026_027 26

Marketing Manager: Manage activities to market and sell products made by our parent company and monitor markets for new product development, working in our Boston office. Requires master’s degree in Business, English or Marketing, with at least 2 years marketing/management experience in the textile industry. Please send resume to: HR, Harrison & Elizabeth, Inc., 581 Boylston St., STE 304, Boston, MA 02116 or email:

PEKING LINEN INC Home textiles distributor directly supported by its factory in China, seeks: Sales with established accounts in home fashions, and Designers experienced in home fashions. Please send resumes to: Or call: 201-293-4418

small space BIG RESULTS !


LINES OFFERED Institutional Sales Rep – Home Office Carpenter Co. – World’s largest manufacturer of Polyurethane Foam used in a variety of cushioning products such as pillows, bedding, mattresses, furniture, etc. Business Development role for consumer products within distributor networks for hotels, prisons, cruise ships, and other institutions. Some direct selling with major hotel brands. 3+ years experience. and Email your resume to

SPENCER WHITTLE: ph 336.605.1027 fax 336.605.1143

KAREN HANCOCK: ph 336.605.1047 fax 336.605.1143

SALES PROFESSIONALS WANTED Commission based Sales Rep needed for promotionally priced Home Textile Importer. USA Warehouse, 20 years in business. Excellent reputation. Only those with real Home textile experience need apply. All territories available. E-mail resume to or fax to 516-621-9125

w w w. h o m e t e x t i l e s t o d a y. c o m

8/2/2012 11:02:01 AM

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August 6, 2012

Home Textiles Today



According to Sferra president, Steve Schneider, “The first half of 2012 has been very successful for Sferra and we expect this trend to continue during the second half. We have a large number of new introductions that have received rave reviews from customers in Dallas and Atlanta, and we are very excited about the upcoming fall season.” In bed linens Sferra will be introducing new styles in yarn-dyed jacquards, a new piece-dye jacquard, a new entry-level Egyptian Cotton percale, an embroidery expanded to top of the bed in new colors, cool weather Egyptian Cotton sheeting, new decorative pillows and many classics in new colors. Introductions in bath include new colors in Bello towels and Maestro rugs as well as new cotton jacquard bath linens and robes. New styles in table linens will also be on display. Pendleton is cautiously optimistic about the second half, according to Bob Christnacht, director of wholesale sales-worldwide. “Trade accounts reported sell through that was over plan for last fall and holiday. Our premarket meetings with key accounts indicate an increase in OTB allocation for Pendleton Home for Holiday 12 and Spring 13. We are also hearing from accounts who held back fall open-to-buy and are looking for immediate delivery.” Pendleton is introducing two new classifications at the show: jacquard robes that coordinate with the company’s towel programs and infant layette sets within the Chief Joseph collection. Garry Schermann, national sales director, tag ltd seems to agree with the appointment outlook. “Our top accounts continue to set appointments. They realize the value of having time set aside to work with their best vendors.” Shermann said the company will be rolling out seasonal themed collections for spring and summer 2013 and an assortment of new categories for the end of the year. Shermann added that new items in the company’s basic categories such as table and kitchen tex-

Anna Sui Collection


The initial collection is being sold in Sui’s store in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. According to the designer, the company is currently speaking with some of its retail partners about potentially expanding into more stores. Her

Pendelton continues to introduce new colorways in its Chief Joseph pattern.

tiles would also be part of the show. Cathy Deale, founder/ceo of Jacaranda Living, was duly cautious, but had this to say about the business climate: “Overall we are significantly up on our best year, which was 2011, so we expect, and hope, this trend will continue.” She added, “Generally we have found changes in buying patterns. Online wholesale orders have increased. Buyers are going to shows to find new products, to touch and feel merchandise and to establish relationships with manufacturers. Reorders are increasingly being done online.” Deale added some extra texture regarding social media outlets which she believes,“helped to create a buzz around trade shows and have encouraged store owners to attend so they don’t miss out. I expect this to help attendance rates at the NYIGF.” At this season’s NYIGF, Jacaranda Living will be introducing a new combination of hand towels made from a blend of linen joined by a row of ladder lace and embroidered — as well as new cotton sleepwear styles for the fall. In this long, hot summer renowned for drought and blackouts, eco-friendly products might assume more importance. Asked whether customers were inquiring about these products and whether they are viable, Aileen Hagert, business development manager at Handmade Expressions, responded: “Absolutely, the answer is yes on

both counts. The trick is in getting the product right. That is the trifecta: sustainable, stylish and priced right.” Barbara Shaw, proprietor, Barbara Shaw Gifts concurs on the demand side, “There is a demand for natural fabrics, and products that conserve and recycle.” Shaw also share concerns about price. “Clearly shoppers and retailers are cautious, the economic news on both sides of the Atlantic does have an effect.” Shaw continued, “Obviously some areas states and cities are hurting more than others. On the other hand, it is not all gloom and doom and we have moved beyond the worst case scenarios. I believe there are opportunities for manufacturers and retailers alike particularly in the home textile area, as folks entertain and eat at home more often. The home as the hearth is a theme that I think we can capitalize on.” Shaw will be launching new ranges of table linens, design-led heritage products for the Chanukah festival, serving ware for the Jewish New Year as well as zany Yiddish-themed products. So how does business play out at this year’s NYIGF? Chortex USA representative, Eric Vergucht, who will be introducing new towel ranges in Supima Cotton and Turkish Aegean Fine Long Staple Cotton, said: “We do have a few appointments but most are walk-ins.” HTT

eponymous boutiques are in eight countries around the world, and her brand is sold globally. The bedding collection includes quilts, a quilted pillow case, a pillow cover with ribbon, a standard sham, a dorm set, a place mat and canvas travel, garment and cosmetic bags. “All the patterns offered in my new Home Collection are iconic, original Anna Sui prints … reinterpreted and

wood-block printed on cotton in India,” said the designer. “Right now, we are focusing on bedding, but you never know what may lie ahead. I’d love to do more in the home market in the future.” Sui is best known for her fashions and has successfully licensed her brand in cosmetics and fragrances. In 2009, she received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CDFA). HTT

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Home Textiles Today August 6th Issue  

Home Textiles Today August 6th Issue

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