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A more comprehensive PROPOSTE opens with satellites! Turkish fabric industry – quality and trendy


An earlier, wider and better Proposte! We are at Proposte for more than ten years now. Every year we would be en route to Milan from where we would take the Proposte service bus at 12:30 hours to go to Cernobbio of Como. It would always happen on 7th or 8th or 9th of May but this year we are going on 26th to be ready for the show’s opening the next day. Proposte opens on April 27 this year to close its doors on 29th April. It is held earlier because Expo show will be in Milan this year and the management of Proposte doesn’t want to make visits complicated and difficult for its exhibitors and visitors. After continuous requests by the exhibitors, this year management of Proposte has entrusted the task of organizing the presences outside Villa Erba. The most quali¬fied of these companies will exhibit at the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel and at the Cernobbio Shed, under the label of International Observatory. There will be a circular shuttle service from/to Villa Erba. Led by Uludag Textile Exporters Association (UTIB), many Turkish companies will be at Sheraton Lake Como as a satellite of Proposte. We will be there to closely follow up their operations and performance at this only-European show and to cover the event in our next issue which will be the Evteks issue. For over ten years we have a stand at Proposte and for 20 years we are at Evteks to distribute free copies in addition to perform our journalistic works. Once again EVTEKS is ready to set new trends in home and contract textiles at the trend area for the following season. The show which renews its concept each edition, will present the trend area again this year with a rich content to inspire young talents on color, design, styles and more. We wish success to all exhibitors and visitors of both shows!

Group Chairman

H.Ferruh ISIK


ISTMAG Matbaacılık Gazetecilik İç ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti.

Responsible Editor-in-Chief

Yusuf OKÇU

Advisory Board


Editorial Consultants

Prof. Dr. Ismail KAYA Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ali OZBUDUN Ibrahim KUPELI Inkrit BERBEE ( Milou KET (

Trend Advisor

Canan Sonmez CANIK

Editorial Coordinator

Omer Faruk GORUN (

Advertising Coordinator

Emir Omer OCAL (

Advertising Sales Staff

Adem SACIN ( Nazım KARA Yılmaz OZKAN




İsmail GURBUZ (

Artwork Consultant Design&Graphics



Tayfun AYDIN (

Chief Accountant

Mustafa AKTAS (


İsmail OZCELIK (

HEAD OFFICE Güneşli Evren Mah. Bahar Cad. Polat İş Merkezi B Blok No:3 34197 ISTANBUL/ TURKEY Tel:+90. 212 604 50 50 Fax: +90. 212 604 50 51

LIAISON OFFICE: BURSA Buttim Plaza D. Blok Kat:4 No:1267 Tel: +90. 224 211 44 50-51 Fax: +90. 224 211 44 81 KONYA H. Ulusahin IS Mrkz. C. Blok Kat:6 No:603-604-605 Tel: +90. 332 238 10 71 Fax: +90 332 238 01 74

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April 2015


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Sweetest website offers promotional chocolates and many special gifts for home textile products sector!


ikolata burda means, “chocolates are here” in Turkish. The website “” offers real handmade Belgium and Pelit chocolates! This reliable and trustable system assures you to offer gifts online to your beloved ones with full confidence. The company also produces chocolates with company names and logos upon order. They made production and packaging for many leading companies in every sector from mattress industry to automotive, textile, food and others… Among leading names on the company’s reference list are

Akbank, Turkcell, Vodafone, Boyteks, Rixos Hotel, Altınbas, Yunsa, Acıbadem Hospital, Medipol Hospital, Torunlar GYO, etc. Operating in the chocolate and pastry sector for over 40 years, the company has founded its online system to offer its services online to its customers and to widen its clientele. In addition to chocolates the site also offers durable gifts. Possessing Halal Food Certificate and ISO Quality Certificate, renders quality and on time delivery. The most leading online boutique chocolate brand invites you to check it out!

April 2015


Plan with more safety. With the new flame retardant Trevira CS fabrics. Diversify your designs. With the inspiring designs of the new collection. The innovative Acoustic translucent curtains from FIORETE GROUP S.P.A. Expect more.


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Left to Right: Autumn–Watercolor 4552-03, Construct– Fountain 4547-02, Precision–Sunbeam 8112-03, Holbein–Goldsmith 4550-04. Artistically rendered contract fabrics Autumn, Construct, Precision and Holbein perform with eco- conscious finishing and postconsumer recycled polyester contents.

New Brentano Fabrics Draw from Fine Artists W

heeling, Ill. — The works of art that inspired Brentano’s spring Studio collection evoke strong reactions (“If you don’t react, how can you feel and create?” says Design Director Iris Wang), but the artists run the gamut — artists Brentano’s designers have always loved, recently discovered or know personally.

Drawn from the work of watercolorist Raoul Dufy (Autumn), sculptor Naum Gabo (Construct), portrait painter Han Holbein the Younger (Holbein) and the Precisionism movement (Precision) — among many others, Brentano’s new contract textiles perform with eco-conscious finishing and

Artistically rendered contract textiles employ eco-conscious performance features

contents. Woven with 43% to 66% post-consumer recycled polyester, Autumn, Construct, Holbein and Precision all offer GreenShield finishing and abrasion resistance ranging from 50,000 to over 75,000 double rubs (Wyzenbeek, Cotton Duck). The former three are also bleach cleanable for contract and hospitality interiors. Precision, a stripe, and Autumn, Construct and Holbein, all playful, mid-scale patterns, join the Brentano Green line of eco-friendly fabrics.

April 2015


Plan with more safety. With the new flame retardant yarns for Trevira CS fabrics. Diversify your designs. With the current performance yarns from Fil Man Made Group srl for innovative fabric ideas. Expect more.


18 HTE

A more comprehensive PROPOSTE opens with

satellites! April 2015


The European show of world preview of furnishing fabrics and curtains opens at Villa Erba, Cernobbio (Como), with attachments mostly from Turkey, 27-2829 April


roposte, World Preview of Furnishing Fabrics and Curtains, for the first time since 1993 will not be held in May. In 2015 it will take place on the 27th, 28th and 29th of April at Villa Erba in Cernobbio (Como, Italy) as always. The leading home textile manufacturers will exhibit their collections at a show focused entirely on fostering business and international contacts.

Exhibitors Only manufacturers of furnishing fabrics, curtains and trimmings are admitted to exhibit at Proposte. They must share at least three characteristics: the qualification of their companies and products, professional correctness, commitment to research and development in creativity and technologies.


20 HTE

International observatory After continuous requests by the exhibitors, this year management of Proposte has entrusted the task of organising the presences outside Villa Erba to Ascontex Promozioni srl. The most qualiÂŹfied of these companies will exhibit at the Sheraton Lake Como Hotel and at the Cernobbio Shed, under the label of International Observatory. The Sheraton Lake Como Hotel (formerly Grand Hotel di Como) is in Como, in Via per Cernobbio 41/A. The Cernobbio Shed is in Via Manzoni 1 in Cernobbio. Both distances can be walked in about 10 minutes. There will be a circular shuttle service from/to Villa Erba. The entry card for Proposte or, after a quick registration, your business card, are required to visit International Observatory free of charge. 36 are the exhibiting companies: 19 Turkish, 13 Indian, 3 American and one Italian. Operators may visit the show with their personal Proposte entry card or by registering at the reception. Shuttle buses to and from Villa Erba.

April 2015


Carpet Show 2015 During Proposte, same opening days and hours, Carpet Show 2015 takes place at Villa Bernasconi in Cernobbio, Via Regina 7. Two are the exhibitors, both outstanding manufacturers of carpets: Amini - a division of ABC Italia and Mariantonia Urru. Operators may visit the show with their personal Proposte entry card or by registering at the reception. Shuttle buses to and from Villa Erba.

Villa Erba Villa Erba, architectural jewel of the XVIIIth century, was once the summer residence of the “Erba� family. Here, the great director Luchino Visconti, spent many of his summers and the rooms of the villa inspired the sets of some of his most famous masterpieces. Today the villa, with its ancient frescoes, the precious inlaid ceilings and Mannerist rooms, is the ideal location for unique events as Proposte. At Villa Erba, prestige and worldliness live in perfect harmony: from the most formal conventions to the wildest of parties, where music is guaranteed until late at night thanks to the ideal location of the villa away from populated centers, every event is unique.


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Lake Como Lake Como is situated in Como (Province) in Lombardy, Northern Italy. It is part of the Italian Lake District. Popular with visitors for well over 100 years for its combination of fresh air, water, mountains and good weather, it’s still worth a visit. Posing as a necklace The Como Lake has towns on its coasts such as Bellagio, Bellano, Cernobbio, Colico, Como, Griante, Lecco, Menaggio, Nesso, Tremezzo, Varenna,

The Lake is shaped rather like an inverted ‘Y’, with two ‘legs’ starting at Como in the South-West and Lecco in the South-East, which join together half way up and the lake continues up to Colico in the North. The first few kilometers of the ‘legs’ at the southern end of the lake are relatively flat, but Lake Como becomes more mountainous as you head northwards into the Alps. Some of the nearby peaks go slightly above the tree line so the views are really impressive. In the winter, there is skiing in the nearby valleys.

April 2015



24 HTE

The area around Lake Como, or “Lago di Como� in Italian, is pretty characteristic. It has a kind of flair and sense of history that tends to impress its visitors in a sense deeper than only from a touristic point of view. It has been appreciated for its beauty and uniqueness for ages, and even as early as the Roman Times. Its atmosphere and natural surroundings have been the inspiration for an important part of the creation of Naboo, in the Star Wars movies.

April 2015



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European Textile Technology Platform celebrates 10 years at its Annual Public Conference in Brussels

ETP Leaders with EC Director Clara de la Torre


RUSSELS - On 25-26 March 2015 the 10th annual public conference of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textiles and Clothing (Textile ETP) took place in Brussels. Over 150 participants from 20 countries witnessed a very broad overview of key textile technologies which moved from research labs into industrial practice over the last 10 years or which are expected to do so over the next 10 years. It was an impressive demonstration of

how innovative, high-tech and diversified the EU textile and clothing sector has become. Alluding to these developments in his opening address, Paolo Canonico, President of the Technology Platform, stated “Few people would have predicted this incredible transformation of our sector back in 2004, the year when the Textile ETP was launched and incidentally also the year when the last textile import quotas were phased out. While it is true that we lost many companies and industry jobs in the following 5-year period, the companies that have suc-

April 2015


28 HTE

cessfully navigated this phase are more competitive and resilient than before. While holding on to the majority of its turnover, the industry has increased its productivity by almost 50 % and extra-EU exports have risen by one third to over €42 billion during the last 10 years.” Concluding his remarks Mr. Canonico expressed his conviction that the high-tech transformation of the sector would gather further steam in the coming decade making the need for collaboration with the academic and applied research sectors more important and further reinforcing the role of the Technology Platform as an enabler of European networking, knowledge transfer and access to funding. The high-level representative of the European Commission, Ms. Clara de la Torre, director for Key Enabling Technologies, the industrial research part of the EU’s HORIZON 2020 research funding programme, highlighted the successful participation of the textile and clothing sector in EU programmes in the past 10 years. She also stressed the crucial role that the Technology Platform has played in facilitating access to these funding opportunities especially for SME’s as well as enabling collaboration with other sectors. She admitted difficulties in the start-up of HORIZON 2020 mainly due to the massive oversubscription of the funding calls and invited the Technology Platform to help finding better ways of funding research that will lead to economic growth and job creation in Europe. The Presidents of AUTEX, the Textile Universities Association, representing 28 universities with about 3300 students in textile courses, and Textranet, the European Network of Textile Research and Technology Organisations, representing 27 institutes with over 3700 researchers and technicians, Dominique Adolphe and Braz Costa, serving also as Vice-Presidents of the Technology Platform stressed the important role of the academic and applied textile research institutions to ensure that the technologies for industrial breakthroughs for the next 10 years are explored, developed and successfully transferred to industry. They both confirmed that since the launch of the Textile ETP, collaboration between industry and the textile research community has become closer and more constructive, confirming Europe as the world’s “capital of textile technology”.

Celebrating 10 years of the Textile ETP

Throughout the two conference days 20 presentations shared between industry, technology centres and academia explored the most promising new technologies and innovations in areas like sustainable fibres, nanofibers, smart textiles, technical textile applications, advanced fibre and textile processing technologies, digitalisation and new business models. During the closing session Jean-François Aguinaga, head of the textiles and fashion industry unit of the European Commission’s newly created DG GROW reminded participants of the overriding policy goal of the EC under President Juncker of creating economic growth and jobs, the related € 315 billion investment package and various initiatives that will involve individual sectors such as textiles and clothing into the

April 2015

The Boutique Show with a for Fabrics Bringing you Producers of Upholstery + Window + Wall coverings + MoODyarns

September 8 - 9 - 10, 2015

creative textile & surface design show

INDIGO BRUSSELS - HOME EDITION 8 - 10 September 2015

MoOD & Indigo Brussels are organised by Textirama vzw, Poortakkerstraat 90, BE-9051 Gent, Belgium Phone +32 9 24 38 450 - fax +32 9 24 38 455 - email:


30 HTE

Closing panel discussion

practical implementation. EURATEX President Serge Piolat as well as speakers for the French and Italian textile and fashion industries outlined the future strategies of the federations and remarkably all finished on a high note regarding the current business prospects showing positive sales trends based on a recovering internal market and an even stronger contribution from exports. Closing the conference, Lutz Walter, Secretary General of the Technology Platform, provided a glimpse onto the changing environment in which the Textile ETP will operate

in its second decade. While he sees exciting technology and market opportunities and an innovative and resilient industry to grasp them, he was less sanguine about the current EU support opportunities. He vowed to address the current shortcomings of HORIZON 2020 with EU policy makers. He also suggested to better exploit the platform to identify and connected highly specific textile expertise across Europe towards a smart textile specialisation and to develop the Textile ETP into a think tank bringing the best textile minds in Europe together in a common forum.

April 2015


32 HTE

MoOD designs the future of fabrics! Original designs of upholstery, window and wall coverings are first displayed in Brussels’ Expo Center where MoOD takes place. It is held in September to see where everything is going‌

Being at the crossroads of Europe, MoOD has a strong international appeal and a unique fair profile that focuses only on original producers of upholstery, window and wall coverings. Experienced producers come to exhibit their products because they know that professionals from all corners of the world come to Brussels specifically for the show. MoOD is therefore the best place to show the newest creations, innovations, scoops and bestsellers.

April 2015


MoOD selects the path of the “boutique show” MoOD is becoming a ‘boutique show’ as a reference to the ‘boutique hotels’ that are not part of a chain but stand out with a personalized offer, a unique style, passion for tradition and craftsmanship and above all the excellent care in which it envelops the visitor. You will find a broad selection of companies from the midrange and upper segment. MoOD generates an atmosphere with warmth, tranquility and class to differentiate themselves from other exhibitions. •MoOD offers a unique and dedicated brand experience in upholstery, window and wall coverings to its customers •MoOD reflects originality, personality and style •The event is focused on the value seeking buyers


34 HTE

As a boutique show MoOD puts experience on the center stage MoOD pampers the visitor with a number of compelling projects. At the Trend Forum future tendencies and colors are brought to life. Even the Blue Drop Awards and labels, selected by a professional jury, are a helpful guide for visitors to see what’s on offer. The unique innovation platform proposes the strongest innovations each year. There is also room for non-exhibitors there. They are selected by the MoOD partners. Nearly half of the exhibitors are focused on the contract market. MoOD is bundling the real specialists for you in a clearly defined offer. Indigo, the sister exhibition of MoOD, completes the creative offer on MoOD. This is the showcase of future designs. Last year Anita Kars was one of those remarkable textile designers. She brought concept, structure and refined use of color to a higher level. She consistently starts with the materials and embraces numerous innovations in yarns. Anita: “Fancy yarns are literally very fancy nowadays. They provide in the demand for ‘lively fabrics’ and are very difficult to distinct from natural yarns. I am even amazed myself sometimes. So, yarns are where it starts for me. The look and feel of a new collection is largely defined by them. The rest is a matter of time to find the right balance.”

April 2015


MoOD is a nonconformist exhibition with a unique profile MoOD offers textile for window and wall coverings and upholstery in the mid and high segment, supplemented by leather, simulated leather and outdoor textiles. • The visitors of MoOD have a high profile and are mainly from Europe, Asia, the United States and South-America • MoOD is being appreciated in the residential market and is unique in the contract market • MoOD takes place in Brussels, the center of Europe, at a very convenient time. Yeliz Banu Benlice, commercial director of Teksko, an exhibitor of high-quality upholstery and window coverings, describes its customers as follows: “Our customers are mostly editors who prefer to create very nonconformist collections. Our ambition is mainly on the upper segment, where passion and vision can make the difference.”

MoOD projects very well appreciated Two designers, Denise Diane and Usher Mahmud from London, selected for the innovation platform, wanted to discover the exhibition by themselves. And that is exactly what they did: “Kudos for the way the exhibition was decorated! In addition to the ‘old’ and ‘established values’, we literally went from one discovery to the next at the themed exhibitions and seminars. It was an enriching day for us.” The design made by Denise Diane could be admired at the innovation platform. She had just enough time to stand next to it for an hour and encourage visitors to ask for more information and especially to touch the fine textile with Swarovski crystals. Because interaction, that is the strategy MoOD wants to stake the future on.


36 HTE

New Requirements for Certification in Accordance ® with STeP by OEKO-TEX

The information provided by companies as part of the online assessment is validated by the OEKO-TEX® auditors during an audit of the production facilities. The STeP certificate is issued after successful auditing.


URICH – As of 1 April 2015, new requirements have been applicable for the certification of environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in accordance with STeP by OEKO-TEX®. A list of the most important modifications to the STeP standard is given below: • In the future, production sites certified in accordance with STeP must comply with new criteria relating to their wastewater. The following values are applicable:

Parameter Limit Value PFOA µg/l 50 PFOS µg/l 10 Nonylphenol (AP)

µg/l 0.1

Octylphenol (AP)

µg/l 0.3

Nonylphenolethoxylate (APEO) µg/l 1 Octylphenolethoxylate (APEO) µg/l 1

April 2015


38 HTE

• With immediate effect, chapter 4.5.13 of the STeP standard requires all employees to comply with ethically correct behavior. Specifically, this includes: - Companies must provide their employees with a written Code of Conduct which defines the ethical principles of the company and lists corresponding specific directives.

As of 1 April, 2015, production companies in the textile chain must meet new requirements for certification in accordance with STeP by OEKO-TEX®.

- OEKO-TEX® will establish a neutral point of contact for employee complaints from STeP certified production sites. - With regard to the purchase of feathers and down used in bedding or clothing manufacturing, STeP certified companies are required to obtain their raw materials from suppliers who can prove they do not adopt practices such as live plucking and/or forced feeding. OEKOTEX® recommends that companies obtain proof from the suppliers by means of independent evidence such as the Responsible Down Standard (RDS) or comparable statutory certifications. • The STeP criteria for the company area of “Social Responsibility” has been modified as follows: - To exclude the worst forms of child labor, STeP certified companies must, in the future, also be able to provide evidence of compliance with ILO standard C182. - If the employees of STeP certified companies receive additional donations from their employers, it must be clearly documented. - Medical investigations required by law, for example, HIV tests, are not categorized by the STeP standard as discriminatory, but must be documented and monitored. - All forms of slavery and forced labor, such as Sumangali which is practised in India, are categorically excluded. In addition, workers and salaried employees may use the toilets, drink water, and take a break at any time within the extent prescribed by law without fearing any disciplinary action. • Banned processes that have a very negative influence on the environment and occupational health and safety will now be listed in Appendix D4 of the STeP standard (“Banned Chemicals and Processes”). Two new processes have also been included in the list of excluded processes. These are: - Sandblasting for the treatment of jeans and other articles. Excluded from the ban are closed systems, provided that the dust emissions at the workplace do not exceed the limit value specified in Appendix G07 of the STeP standard.

- The use of thickening agents based on aromatic hydrocarbons for textile printing. • The guidelines for production waste have been modified in the new STeP standard so that appropriate storage areas must be provided immediately to ensure that, wherever possible, pollution of the immediate environment and groundwater is excluded. This also specifies that the storage of production waste must be protected from external weather conditions and from fire. The objective for production companies is to ensure that the storage of production waste has no effect whatsoever on the environment. • In the area of “Chemicals Management”, the list of banned and regulated substances for the manufacture of textiles (MRSL, Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) has been updated. The detailed changes are shown in Appendix D3 of the new STeP standard. • Aside from the points already mentioned (e.g. the new regulations relating to the distribution of a Code of Conduct, sandblasting and the storage of production waste), the list of exclusionary criteria, whereby compliance with these criteria is a mandatory requirement for certification in accordance with STeP by OEKO-TEX®, was also expanded to include other aspects. This includes, for example, the specifications that each employee must receive a written employment contract, that the company ensures specific workplace conditions for young employees and that the payment of deposits for the recruitment of new employees is not permitted. The complete list of exclusionary criteria is available in Appendix M of the new STeP standard. • The STeP standard can now also be applied to production companies for accessory parts for textile manufacture with immediate effect. More details on the updated requirements of STeP by OEKO-TEX® certification are available from the OEKO-TEX® Secretariat in Zurich, contact: April 2015


40 HTE

Americasmart Atlanta Summer Event for home, gift and rugs, most influential this year! ®

The Atlanta International Rug Market® : July 8- 11

Showrooms: July 7 – 14 Temporaries: July 9 - 13


TLANTA – The destination of choice for the global retail and design community is set to deliver a show experience unmatched in size, scale and opportunity when buyers and sellers from around the world converge to make The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market® (Showrooms: Tuesday, July 7 - Tuesday, July 14, Temporaries: Thursday, July 9 - Monday, July 13) and

April 2015


The Atlanta International Rug Market® (Wednesday, July 8Saturday, July 11) the center of wholesale trade. The July 2015 Market—with its HOME, GIFT, RUG collections setting a fast pace— again becomes the source for all things new and next as legions of exhibitors stage product introductions among the thousands of lines offered across AmericasMart’s 11 permanent merchandise categories: Home Accents/Fine Linens, Furniture, Rugs, Holiday & Floral/Home Décor, The Gardens.®, General & Specialty Gift, Gourmet & Housewares, Living & Entertaining: Gifts, Tabletop & Accessories, Home Accents & Gifts, Apparel and Children’s World. Leading the July Market lineup are: • The continuing advancement of AmericasMart’s design-driven product resources, with 
new exhibitors joining the Building 1 Floor 15 mix following its January 2015 debut, 
and extensive new lines in the HOME and RUG collections.

• Growth of specialized collections in AmericasMart’s expansive GIFT offerings 
including Made in America products, and baby and children’s merchandise featuring toys, apparel and accessories. • The industry’s most complete product tradeshow featuring thousands of must-have lines showcased in 35 expertly managed TEMPORARY collections including all of AmericasMart’s signature LUXE categories – HD Home, HIGH DESIGN LUXE, Tabletop LUXE, Gourmet LUXE and Gardens LUXE – showcasing must-have luxury goods. The centerpiece of the July Market, AmericasMart’s ICON HONORS 2015 celebrates professional achievements of home and gift retailers, manufacturers, sales agents and service providers at the most important and anticipated night in the gift and home industry. The celebration, featuring a performance by the legendary duo Daryl Hall & John Oates, will be Thursday, July 9 in the Centennial Ballroom of the iconic Hyatt Regency Atlanta.


46 HTE

Powered by Interzum, furniPRO Asia to be a part of the ASEAN Furniture Exhibition Circuit in 2016!

f furniPRO Asia continues to play a strategic role for exhibitors in the woodworking and furniture production industry by facilitating their development and outreach into highly dynamic ASEAN region.

urniPRO Asia unveils its new dates and venue of its 2016 edition. The regional trade exhibition for the woodworking, furniture and panel production industries will be held from 14 – 16 March 2016 at the Singapore EXPO, Singapore. This is the very first time the event is brought forward to the early quarter of the year, to be held in conjunction with the International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS) – Asia’s premier sourcing platform and design-led exhibition, and to be a part of the prestigious ASEAN furniture exhibition circuit supported by the ASEAN Furniture Industries Council (AFIC). “We’re delighted that furniPRO Asia will co-locate with IFFS next year, to strengthen our collective offering to the furniture fraternity – right from materials, to equipment, services, and finished products – all in one convenient location. This move will certainly give our exhibitors much more to look forward to,” said Ernie Koh, Chairman of IFFS Pte Ltd and President of the Singapore Furniture Industries Council. “We are especially excited about the new opportunities we could offer to our exhibitors and

April 2015


48 HTE

visitors with the decision to be held in conjunction with IFFS next year. With the synergy, and additional publicity as a part of the ASEAN furniture exhibition circuit, furniPRO Asia will be stronger in positioning itself as the leading regional woodworking, furniture and panel production trade exhibition in ASEAN,� said Michael Dreyer, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Koelnmesse Pte Ltd. The 3-day professional trade exhibition will feature the latest furniture production technologies from the following key product segments on the showfloor: * panelPRO Asia: Panel Production & Primary Processing * furniPRO Asia: Furniture Production & Secondary Processing * Materials & Components: including Materials & Nature, Function & Components, and Textile & Upholstery. April 2015

DOMOTEX TURKEY Halının merkezi Gaziantep’te! DOMOTEX is in Gaziantep; the center of carpet! 25-28.05.2015 Ortadoğu Fuar Merkezi / Middle East Exhibition Center Gaziantep ■ Türkiye

Hannover Fairs Turkey Fuarcılık A.Ş. Tel. +90 212 334 69 00 Fax +90 212 230 04 80

Destekleyenler / Supporters

Gaziantep Ticaret Odası Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce

Güneydoğu Anadolu İhracatçı Birlikleri Southeast Anatolian Exporters Unions

Gaziantep Halıcılar Odası Gaziantep Chamber of Carpet

Ortadoğu Fuar Merkezi Middle East Exhibition Center



50 HTE

* Others: including Associations, Media and Consultancy Services. Highlights of the event include Innovation and Best Practice Showcases, Technical Seminars and Exhibitor Talks, C-Level Networking Receptions, Hosted Buyers’ Onto its 3rd edition, furniPRO Asia 2016 continues to enjoy the strong support and endorsement of AFIC - The united body of the key furniture industry associations in South East Asia, which is the key success factor for furniPRO Asia 2014’s positive visitorship. This year, with furniPRO Asia 2016 being held in conjunction with the IFFS organized by the Singapore Furniture Industries Council (SFIC), there will be more synergy and coordination towards a concerted marketing outreach program.

Riding it on the wave, furniPRO Asia has now changed its dates to 14 – 16 March 2016 which will be held in-conjunction with International Furniture Fair Singapore (IFFS). More than 20,000 trade visitors and buyers are expected to attend the event.

April 2015

03-06 Haziran | June 2015 CNREXPO - Yeşilköy, İstanbul, Turkey

Döşemelik ve Perdelik Kumaş Evtekstili, Halı ve Zemin Kaplamaları

Upholstery Fabric Hometextile, Carpet and Flooring

Çin Ürünleri Fuarı

China Products Fair

Ürünleri Kalite Kontrolden Geçmiş 200 Seçkin Katılımcı Firma 200 exhibitors and hundreds of high quality brands qualified through a quality control process

/chinahomelifeturkey /ChinaHomelifeTr /+Chinahomelifeturkey

Organizatör / Organizer: Sinerji Uluslararası Fuarcılık Ltd. / Sinerji International Exhibitions Ltd.

Darulaceze Cd No:33 Bilas Is Mrk B Blok D:42 Okmeydanı, Şişli, İstanbul Tel:+90 212 210 99 86 | Fax:+90 212 222 34 96 -



52 HTE

MoOD acquires Indigo Brussels Home Edition

April 2015



s of 1 April 2015, and following ten years of intensive cooperation, Textirama vzw, the fair organization of MoOD- Meet only Original Designs, takes over Indigo Brussels Home Edition from Première Vision S.A. To Textirama vzw, this acquisition is a new step in the strategic positioning of MoOD - Meet only Original Designs.

A strategic choice for both fair organizations Textirama vzw considers the take-over of Indigo Brussels Home Edition as a logical evolution, but also as a strategic choice for the expansion of the unique position of MoOD. MoOD is the only show in the trade fair market that focuses on direct contact with producers of upholstery fabrics and window and wall coverings. In doing this, quality and creativity play a key-role. Therefore, the choice for Indigo Brussels Home Edition, the absolute market leader with regard to textile design, is a strategic asset for the organization.


54 HTE

Première Vision S.A.’s choice to sell Indigo Brussels Home Edition to Textirama vzw is the result of a strategic refocusing of all its activities by concentrating exclusively on the fashion industry. But at the same time, the decision is also the logical consequence of more than 10 years of partnership, in which MoOD and Indigo Brussels Home Edition were organized side by side and during which both fair organizations supported each other intensively. As a result, Première Vision’s management considers Textirama to be the natural acquirer of Indigo Brussels Home Edition and stresses the importance of the strengthened future

synergy between both fairs that will even increase the interaction and the efficiency. Textirama vzw looks back on the constructive, dynamic way in which it has been able to cooperate very intensively with Première Vision. The MoOD-team wishes to thank Première Vision and its team for the successful development of Indigo Brussels Home Edition alongside MoOD. Textirama vzw stresses it will ensure the continuity of this recipe for success and will strengthen it in the future.

April 2015


Historically logical

MoOD’s future begins today

MoOD and Indigo Brussels Home Edition have been inseparable for more than 10 years. The sister fairs were already organized together when MoOD was still known as Decosit. Back then Decosit concentrated exclusively on upholstery. In 2009 however, the product range was extended to window and wall coverings. After Decosit’s name was changed into MoOD - Meet only Original Designs –, both fairs remained linked inseparably. For some time already, both the visitors and exhibitors of MoOD were requesting parties for a strengthening of the synergy. Now, the merger of both fairs strengthens the continuity of what is on offer and it is at the same time a strong signal towards the exhibitors and visitors.

Some months ago, MoOD presented its new vision for the years that lie ahead. MoOD becomes a ‘boutique show’. In short, even more than in the past, the emphasis will be on creativity, innovation, an independent style and a business class experience, full of future-oriented inspiration, color and style advice. Indigo Brussels Home Edition can only strengthen this experience. Thus, MoOD 2015 begins as an investment in the future.


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CIFF, 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) recorded an outstanding success

MOSDER led the way for the Turkish exhibitors


he 35th China International Furniture Fair (Guangzhou) (“CIFF”) was held with a great success in China Import & Export Fair Complex, March 18-21, 2015. CIFF presented with new concepts and new look based on 18 years of history in the industry.

Mr. Ma Chunzhi, vice president of China Foreign Trade Centre (Group) representing the organizer highly summarized the features of the 35th CIFF in the opening speech. “We worked hard to build a global integrated and interactive trading platform.” With a total scale of 680,000 square meters, 2 phases of the 35th CIFF hosted the brands from 32 countries and regions including

April 2015

China, USA, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Korea, Japan and Austria. The exhibits covered a range of themes including home furniture, office furniture, hotel furniture, furniture for public spaces, outdoor furniture, home decor & home textiles, furniture machinery & raw materials. CIFF enhances the exhibition quality, innovates in ideas and works with over 500 global professional media to invite professional buyers. It is estimated that there were more than 140,000 professional audiences from over 190 countries and regions that attended the 35th CIFF, bringing together numerous brands, professional purchasing groups, designer teams and industry authorities in Guangzhou and giving unlimited opportunities. CIFF has become a world-class multifunctional platform for trading, brand promotion, fashion display and industry gathering. It wins a widespread reputation in the industry and provides a platform for exchange based on its good environment and experience. The 35th CIFF continued to promote deep integration of the exhibition with the forums such as the 7th Design in China (Guangzhou), the 6th Office Environment Theme Pavilion, Furniture Design Awards and Global Office Furniture Outlook, which dealt with the hot issues of the industry from different angles, spark ideas and further enrich the platform for information exchange.



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CIFF pays much attention to service details and improves service level and could offer the participants extraordinary service since the organizer is also the owner of the convention complex. The 35th CIFF further simplified the admission badge application procedures and enriched its official website and WeChat functions to facilitate exhibitors’ application and audience’s pre-registration for admission. It also arranged shuttle buses from Baiyun Airport to the complex and around the complex during the exhibition, providing the exhibitors and visitors with a comfortable, convenient and effective experience. Thanks to years of development and innovation, CIFF has become one of the best and most valuable exhibitions in the world furniture industry. Starting from 2015, the September session of CIFF will be transferred from Guangzhou to National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) (“NECC”). The 36th CIFF (Shanghai) will showcase the furniture machinery & raw materials, finished products and decors, connect the upstream and downstream industries from design to production and cover a range of themes in the whole indusry chain. CIFF (Shanghai) will build a large and powerful platform for the furniture industry.

April 2015


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Turkish fabric industry – quality and trendy The Turkish fabric industry has great flexibility and ability to modernize its production, and adapt itself to new technologies.

April 2015



aving the largest share in Turkish industrial production, the textile industry is one of the first established industries in Turkey. The sector comprises 19 thousand manufacturing companies and employs about 441 thousand employees. The fabric industry as a subsector of the huge Turkish textile industry has improved significantly in recent years, since the Turkish clothing and home textile industries have had a significant role in the world’s clothing and home textile markets in the last two decades.

The Turkish fabric finishing sector has a level of processing all the capacity of grey fabric. This sector is equivalent to the European Union in terms of processing capacity, modern technology, qualified workforce, and especially product quality. Today, the Turkish fabric industry has competitive advantages in international markets, particularly in terms of its technology, extensive product range and the quality, design and creativity of its products. In addition to its well-developed


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structure, it employs a highly skilled labor force. Also, the Turkish fabric industry has great flexibility and ability to modernize its production, and adapt itself to new technologies. This ability allows the industry to reduce its reaction time to changes in consumer demand in international markets. Thus, the Turkish fabric industry satisfies its customers by meeting all their needs with the quality of its products together with its strong service ability of quick response and ontime delivery. All these features have enabled Turkish fabric manufacturers and exporters to earn a good reputation in international markets.

April 2015


PRODUCTION The Turkish fabric industry, which produces almost all kinds of fabrics for apparel, home textiles, upholstery and technical applications, has a well-developed structure, especially in production based on cotton, wool and man-made raw materials. A large amount of fabric production is based on cotton. The fabric industry based on cotton consists of two segments. One is composed of large scale companies which have production facilities integrated vertically in all stages of fabric production, from fiber processing, spinning and weaving to dying, printing and finishing. Many of them also have manufacturing facilities for ready-made goods such as clothing or home textiles. The other one is composed mainly of non-integrated companies on a small scale. These companies cooperate with the Turkish finishing industry, which is one of the vital sub-sectors of the Turkish textile industry.


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The sector meets its raw material needs mostly from domestic sources. As an important world cotton grower, Turkey ranked eighth in the world production of cotton with around 858 thousand tons in 2012/13 term. Although Turkey is among main cotton growers in the world, domestic cotton does not meet the production demand of the country. Therefore, Turkey is the second largest cotton importer after China. As well as the cotton textile industry, the Turkish manmade textile sector is also a well- developed industry. Having the eighth largest capacity of synthetics in the world, Turkey has a large production potential for synthetic fabrics based especially on 100% polyester and polyester blends with cotton, viscose, nylon, polyamide, wool, linen and/or multi- blends of them. 62% of the companies in this sector have finishing plants and 75% of their raw material needs are met by domestic production.

Being the third largest mohair producer in the world, Turkey also has a strong wool industry. The majority of wool products meet the demand of clothing producers and exporters. The fabric mills are mainly concentrated in Istanbul, Bursa, Adana, Denizli, Kahramanmaras, Izmir, Gaziantep, Tekirdag, Kayseri and Usak. Many of the integrated mills are located in Istanbul, Bursa, Kahramanmaras, Adana and Gaziantep. Today, Turkish fabric manufacturers are aware of the increasing trend in international markets for healthier and more environment-friendly products, and have adapted themselves to these developments. Many Turkish fabric manufacturers have ecological labels for their products. Many of them have best known eco-labels like Oeko-Tex Standard 100, Organic Exchange, GOTS, etc. Turkish fabric manufacturers are aware of the importance of quality, and many have national and international quality certificates.

April 2015


EXPORTS The total value of fabrics exported in 2013 was about US$ 5.6 billion. The main products exported in 2013 were knitted fabrics, woven synthetic fabrics, and woven cotton fabrics. The export values of knitted fabrics, woven synthetic fabrics, and woven cotton fabrics were about US$ 1.7 billion, US$ 1.3 billion and US$ 1 billion respectively.

"Dilara Güneş, Budget Manage of Güneş Leather Marketing Inc. Ltd. Corp, answered ques tions of Fair World Home Textile Magazine for Evteks volume.

Q - First, could you introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm Dilara Güneş, I'm working for my family business fo two years. Ever since my childhood, I have been in textile indus try and I delight in doing this business because the home texti is a industry that is dynamic and very open to new ideas. As young businesswoman in the industry, it is so exciting for me t follow innovations, then adapt and offer them to market you op erate and get positive feedbacks.

Dilara Güneş Budget Manager

European countries, including Italy (9,7%), Germany (5,3%), Romania (4,9%) and Ukraine (4,3%), and Russia (14,9%) are the most important markets for Turkey’s fabric exports.

Q - As a experienced businesswoman in the textile


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Libeco, pure European, pure Belgian‌

Arrow stitch done by hand and available in pillow shams
100% organic linen, GOTS-certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).

April 2015



ibeco Home announces the expansion of their organic bedding collection for the 2015 summer season. Organic linen and sustainability in general, is something Libeco strongly believes in, so the addition of white sheeting to the Heritage collection seemed like a logical next step. The white sheeting is also GOTS-certified and has one special addition: an arrow-stitched pillow sham.


72 HTE

White available in duvets, sheets, pillow shams and pillowcases. April 2015


With the growing environmetal consciousness and the worldwide concerns about the future of our planet, it’s important to mention flax and its inherent ecological characteristics. Libeco is very aware of the need to protect the environment. The company constantly invests in more efficient material and work methods in order to reduce water and energy needs.

Producing ecologically has always been important at Libeco. To reduce their impact on the climate even further they started working with a research bureau in 2011, implementing an extensive ecological strategy. During the last years, they already reduced a third of their CO2-emissions and in April 2014 they were declared carbon neutral at their production facility in Meulebeke. Each year their remaining emissions are offset through financial support to an international climate project.


74 HTE

In January 2014, Libeco Home launched Libeco Organic, a unique collection of organic bed linen named Heritage. The complete production process was GOTS certified, which guarantees that this collection was produced in the most ecological and socially responsible manner. From raw material to end product, no harmful products were used. Libeco was founded in 1858 by Paul Libeert as a small hand-loom weaving workshop. The region of Meulebeke (between Courtray and Bruges) has - by tradition - always been active in the growing of flax, retting (the Lys river) and the transformation of flax. In 2008 they celebrated their 150th anniversary. For generations they have worked linen with passion and today the 5th generation of the Libeert family is leading the company.

April 2015


Libeco is the leader in Belgium (with approx. 60% market share) and is one of the largest linen weavers in Europe (with annual production of 5 million m2). 85% of the turnover is made from exporting to about 80 countries worldwide. The company currently employs 180 people and generated a turnover of +/35 million euros in 2013. The officials of the company describe their mission as to perpetuate the tradition of manufacturing linen and promoting it throughout the world. The production of innovative linen products with a significant added value is essential to the company. They want to make the consumer dream of a timeless, simple and essential product, in a world seeking true values.


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CIFF’s Shanghai show in September continuing the glory of CIFF’s Guangzhou show Preview of the 36th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)

April 2015



he 36th China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai) (“CIFF’s Shanghai Show”) will take place in National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) on September 8-12, 2015. CIFF will maximize its advantages to do better, connect the broad markets of China and inspire the world with new venue, new opportunities, large scale and high level.

For a quality life With a scale of 400,000 square meters, CIFF’s Shanghai Show will bring together the world top home furnishing and furniture brands such as Ashley, Lifestyle, Chateau d’AX, Jonathan Charles and HTL, reflecting the avant-garde fashion art and lifestyle. The International Brand Hall


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will present a global professional and diversified space. As one of the world’s largest home furniture exhibitions, CIFF-Modern Furniture will build an effective platform to connect the industry and promote its steady development based on specialized product classification and cost- effective quality. CIFF-Classical Furniture will concentrate on displaying strong brands by using the advantages of the venue and greatly facilitate visitors. CIFM/interzum guangzhou covers the furniture machinery, hardware accessories and raw materials, linking the whole industry chain.

To set the design trend The Innovative Design Hall pays attention to the reform of new materials and production process, focuses on humanized design for home environment, showcases innovative creativity and motive force of industry and concentrates on presenting the quality furniture products with design ideas. The Homedecor & Hometextiles Sector sets the trend for changes in interior decoration ideas based on the concepts such as “Whole Homedecor” and “Soft Decoration Sector” and creates a Whole Homedecor environment composed of Modern Style, Classical Style and Country Style. The Outdoor & Leisure Sector focuses on demonstrating the concept of leisure lifestyle, featured by unique integration of “design innovation + engineering construction +marketing strategy”. The Office Show sets the trend of green office, advocates green concepts and offers the “Office Environment Theme Pavilion” that will be attended by Herman Miller, one of US top three office furniture brands. The original design ideas always run through the exhibition. The Design Show, engineered by Mr. Zhu Xiaojie, the world-known master of furniture design who will integrate the industry design elites based on unique views and new design ideas and continue to promote innovation in China’s furniture design, will lead the industry to the new era of design innovation.

April 2015


To stage a good show A good platform attracts good brands while good brands choose the good platform. CIFF’s Shanghai Show has the exhibitor brands from tens of countries and regions including China, USA, Italy, France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Turkey.

To bring opportunities to Guangzhou and Shanghai CIFF has become an important trading platform for Chinese enterprises to go global and for overseas enterprise to enter China market and exploit new international markets. CIFF’s Guangzhou show in March & Shanghai show in September will provide a broader pattern of development of industry and unlimited new opportunities and attract much attention from the furniture and home furnishing industries. CIFF’s organizer also invests hugely in worldwide publicity and promotion. It is expected to attract more than 100,000 professional audiences from over 190 countries and regions to attend CIFF, bringing together numerous brands, professional purchasing groups and designer teams in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai).

To realize perfect match CIFF’s organizer and the owner of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Show) are the same cooperation group who could integrate the resources and maximize the service both in planning and execution providing the furniture and home furnishing industries with incomparably excellent exhibition and opportunities. National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) for CIFF’s Shanghai Show is located in the west of Hongqiao Business District, adjacent to the airport, high-speed


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Heimtextil Russia design contest “Above and beyond” on the best textile decoration of a future hotel Design contest “Above and beyond” on the best textile decoration of a future hotel in style with Heimtextil 2015/2016 Trend Book


nternational Trade Fair for Home Textiles, Floor Coverings and Interior Furnishings Heimtextil Russia with INTERIOR+DESIGN magazine and with the support of portal invite designers, decorators and architects to take part in the contest “Above and beyond” on the best textile decoration of a future hotel in style with one of Heimtextil 2015/2016 Trend Book themes. For participation it is necessary to send a unique concept of textile decoration for a future hotel: graphic print for textile and a 3D-visualization with the example of using this print in hotel interior. Applications are accepted till August 28, 2015. On September 7, 2015 3 finalists will be defined according to the results of independent voting of the Jury board. They will become invited designers to decorate a special trend installation at Heimtextil Russia trade fair on September 23-25, 2015. The installation will be created as Art performance during the fair. Using materials provided by sponsors, the finalists will create interior of a future hotel room.

April 2015


The author of the best decoration will receive the main prize – a trip to International textile trade fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt in January 2016 and a B-Move office chair from the Sponsor of prizes - Bene company. Bene also will provide the second prize – a PARCS PopUp stool and the third prize – a B-side barstool. The finalists will receive other valuable prizes; and 10 best prints, defined after the first stage of the contest will be presented at Heimtextil Russia 2015 in 10 best Gallery. Printing and framing of the prints for the Gallery will be done by the Textile print partner - Kunjut design studio. Authors of 10 best prints will receive Heimtextil 2015/2016 Trend Books with actual colour pallettes of the coming season.

Home Textile Exports - April'15  
Home Textile Exports - April'15