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Tur ks ha ve c om e ! Major interior decoration events in Europe were all phenomena until a couple of years ago. Thousands of professionals would flow into those events for decades but they have ended up with a shrunk volume in last years and it has become more evident this year. I would always outline pinky schemes discarding little fluctuations but it has been very clear this time that we all have to admit the pessimism. Fair organizers had to find positive details among critical stagnancies but there was another very striking and eye-catching reality: Turks have already invaded the European shows. Some of the fairs would not accept Turkish exhibitors at all during last decades or they were extremely strict on choosing some. One Parisian event would not even accept Turkish visitors and magazines but they are now appealing very much and addressing to potential Turkish exhibitors and visitors at their promotional activities. Many of them work to pull even Chinese potential. Which one is more important, money or prestige? Nobody cares for prestige or reputation as they would pronounce when everything was great. Money leads the strategies in the then prestigious events now. Turkish participation is flashed and it is one of the most prestigious and attractive tools for the organizers. We are now in Kiev, an excellent market for the interior decoration industry and Design Living Tendency is the best venue for this in the whole region. We wish all the best for every single company involved!

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Tr e n d s e t t e r He im t e xt il: d e s ig n e xp e r t s p u b lis h in t e r io r d e s ig n fo r e c a s t Lo n d o n t r en d a gen cy Fr a n k lin Till p r esen t s t h e 2 0 1 4 /1 5 H eim t ext il Tr en d Bo o k “P r o gr ess! Revive!”

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eim textil exhibitors as well as designers, furnishers and interior decorators were given a head start in terms of trends and design at the official presentation of the 2 0 1 4 / 1 5 Heimtextil trends. Rep resenting the H eimtextil Trend Table which is made up of six in te rn a tio n a l in stitutio n s, th e Lo n do n -ba se d a ge n cy Fra n klin Till p rovided the first insight into future fields of design. As p art of the trend presentation on 2 6 August 2 0 1 3 at Portalhaus at the Frankfurt, Ge rm a n y, fa irgro un ds, C a ro lin e Till, co -fo un de r o f Fra n klin Till, introduced the new H eimtextil Trend Book and p rovided a forecast regarding the interior design of tomorrow. H eld ap p roximately four months before the commencement of the International Trade Fair for H ome and Contract Textiles (8 through 1 1 J anuary 2 0 1 4 ), the

p re se n ta tio n sign a le d th e sta rt o f th e n e w furn ish in g se a so n . “FranklinTill and all other trend experts involved presented the global industry with an excellent source of information and insp iration for p ro duct de ve lo p m e n t. Th e n e w H e im te xtil Tre n d Bo o k p ro vide s manufacturers of textiles, designers, furnishers and interior decorators with a useful overview of trendsetting develop ments in the field of de sign , � sa ys O la f S ch m idt, Vice P re side n t Te xtile s & Te xtile Tech n o lo gies at Messe Fran kfurt. Th e Tren d Sh o w th at will take p lace during H eimtextil in J anuary will p rovide in-dep th insight into new design top ics. Colors, materials and p atterns characteristic of the new season will be staged during this elaborately designed show at Forum 0 .

O c to b e r 2013

10 HTE

O p p o s in g p o w e r s - p r o g r e s s a n d r e n e w a l Th e tre n d fo re ca st is structure d in to two m a jo r ca te go rie s “Progress!” and “Revive!” - each of which is subdivided into two themes: “Generate Collision!” and “Engineer Nature!”, and “Exalt P urity!” and “Rejuvenate Craft!”, resp ectively - dealing in detail with the exp loration of p rogress and renewal of textiles in interior design. “In sum m ary, the design landscap e of the future will be divided into two op p osing, innovative p owers - one is the desire to look forward and p rop agate tech-savvy advancem ents as our op p ortunity to survive in these times of fast living; the other is the relevance of the look backward and the renewal of p ast traditions in our quest for authenticity,” exp lains Till. Among other themes, th e Tren d Bo o k in cludes curren t avan t-garde p ro jects fro m th e in te rio r de sign , a rch ite cture , fa sh io n , life style , de sign a n d a rts s e c t o r s a s w e ll a s fr o m t h e s c ie n c e s a n d t e c h n o lo g y.

S p lit d esign la n d sca p e: p r ogr ess t h r ou gh scien ce a n d t ech n ology vs. r en ewa l t h r ou gh p a st t r a d it ion s

O c to b e r 2013

12 HTE

H e im t e x t il - a k e y b a r o m e t e r fo r trends As the world's largest trade fair for home and contract textiles, H eimtextil functions esp ecially as a barometer of trends and a ben ch m ark fo r textiles with h igh -quality de sign a n d in n o va tive fun ctio n a litie s. Acco rdin gly, Me sse Fra n kfurt la un ch e d H e im t e xt il T r e n d in 1 9 9 1 a n d h a s expanded it continuously since then. Year over year, the Trend Table, with members from around the world, pins down the key dynamics and provides product developers, creative team s, furnishers and designers with a valuable yardstick fo r o rien tatio n and with reliable trend statements. Every ye a r, a diffe re n t m e m be r o f th e Tre n d Table is responsible for creating the Trend Bo o k wh ich do cum e n ts th e e la bo ra te d t r e n ds. Fo r t h e 2 0 1 4 / 2 0 1 5 se a so n , FranklinTill of Great Britain is in charge o f t h e n a m e a n d t h e la yo u t o f t h is document.

O c to b e r 2013

14 HTE

O ve r vie w o f t h e fo u r n e w t h e m e s o f t h e H e im t e x t il T r e n d B o o k 2 0 1 4 / 2 0 1 5 , “ P r o g r e s s ! Re vive !� P r o g r e s s ! - G e n e r a t e C o llis io n ! To a cco m m o da te th e de m a n d fo r u n iq u e , in d ivid u a lis e d p r o d u c t s , designers increasingly experiment with n o ve l m a te ria ls a n d te ch n o lo gie s. C o m p ute r a lgo r ith m s a n d sim ila r t e c h n o lo g ie s fa c ilit a t e t h e m a s s p r o d u c t io n o f c u s t o m is e d it e m s because, for example, panels of fabric ca n be p rin te d digita lly with o ut th e design having to be repeated. Similarly, playful printing and marking techniques enable uncontrolled artistic expression. C o lo rs a re swip e d o ve r o r dra wn , da bbe d o r sp la tte re d o n surfa ce s. De sign e rs e xp e rim e n t with wa ys to a llo w p r o d u c t io n p r o c e s s e s t o determine the look and texture of the final p roduct.

O c to b e r 2013

16 HTE

P r o g r e s s ! - En g in e e r Na t u r e ! New textile techniques intertwine living systems with and biological and texture technologies copied from nature to form n o ve l fa brics. De sign e rs te ch n icise nature by growing their own materials a n d co p yin g n a ture 's p ro ce sse s. Th is innovative ap p roximation of biology to materiality goes hand in hand with new r e sp o n sibilitie s; de sign e r s a lso a r e beginning to rethink the consequences o f m o difyin g th e ir fo rm e r life style s. Where the design sector turns biology in to a n e w m e dium fo r cr e a tivity, scie n tists le ve ra ge th e co m p le xity o f living systems using technical processes. We are experiencing a design trend that explores the concept of creating natural works using artificial means and which a llo ws itse lf to be in sp ir e d by th e in te r a ctio n o f scie n ce a n d de sign .

O c to b e r 2013

18 HTE

R e vive ! - Exa lt P u r it y! As a resp onse to mass p roduction, the interest in objects that have personalities a n d a re a cco m p a n ie d by sto rie s is in creasin g. In th e quest fo r m ean in g, this movement honors natural materials by em bracing their im p erfections and highlighting their origins deliberately. Th e re sults a re p rim itive ye t m o de rn aesthetics. Wild and coarse nature with its un adulterated co lo rs, textures an d shap es acts as the generator of ideas. In th is wa y, de sign e rs fo cus o n th e h um ble , th e p ure , th e un a do rn e d. . . Pristine, untreated materials are used, a n d r e s o u r c e -s a vin g p r o d u c t io n processes and the longevity of products de fin e th e m a in crite ria . An im ism , e s s e n t i a li s m , m i n i m a li s m a n d reductionism p rove to be the decisive trends.

O c to b e r 2013


20 HTE

Ya s in Bor e kog lu , t h e kid on t h e ot h e r s id e of t h e lin e


is works remind the nature. Thirty of them are to be exhibited in his seventh p ersonal exhibition in Sakarya in November. A world is reflected in the works that both conflicts and conforms the brain and heart, the belief and susp ect. In their mysterious deep ness, the works cause a dilemma of passing by or halting. Colors are eye-blinding forms are charming and conforming. It reminisced both a figure and letters. It is the world of Yasin Borekoglu with all cip hers and symbols of life and the humans.

O c to b e r 2013


Wh o is Ya s in B o r e k o g lu ? A stude n t o f Ma ste r o f Ca lligra p h y Mith a t Top ac and a p ainter at Cengelkoy, Istanbul. Born in Adana and a student of Nini Onozden of Kadans Art Center then Sezgin Shola and Se rka n To run in An a to lia Art C e n te r a n d then Ahm et H ilm i Erel, in Ere_li, Konya, I held my first calligrap hy exhibition in 2 0 0 8 . H o w s t a r t e d yo u r vo ya g e o f p a in t in g ? I decided to live in Istanbul and started to do what I like most: painting. I worked hard and p r e p a r e d a n e xh ib it io n . It wa s h ig h ly p rofessional. Later on I realized that I enjoy the most what I have done. One worked lead to others. The works got me from inside and p ut m e o n e p lace to an o th er, n o w I travel day and night. Wh y d o yo u p a in t s ? At the beginning it was fascinating me. Once I th o ugh t th a t e ve ryo n e ca n do wh a t a m I doing. Now, I paint to learn new things about myself and about the life in general. For me, it is n o w a re gula r wo rk like bre a th in g. O c to b e r 2013

22 HTE

W h a t a r e yo u r p o p u la r t h e m e s yo u lik e d in yo u r w o r k s ? Sufi culture has p roduced a wealthy of works of art and literature for centuries. The beauty of literature has lead the way to the beauty of transliteration and scrip ts, namely the art of calligrap hy. I try to visualize the inner meanings, insp irations, and the concep ts that are blooming in me through verses of H oly Kur'an, hadiths, p rays and sim ilar valuable wo rds with fo rm s an d letters. I wo rk with a h igh le ve l o f lo ya lt y, a d e e p lo ve a n d a n u n s a t is fie d s e lf. Yo u a r e a ls o k n o wn wit h yo u r fa ce a n d b o d y p a in t in g s . Wh a t is yo u r m o o d in t h e s e w o r k s ? Colors are comp osed of the values that we have discovered in the darkness of the universe. There are lots of things that I discovered durin g p a in tin g. I th in k disco ve ry is m y o bje ctive o f m y life . If yo u lo o k a bo ut diffe re n tly yo u m a y disco ve r so m e th in g. When I got brushes and p alette in m y hand, I live an am our with them. With them we started a romance and adventure, then I want to show m y p roduction p rocess to everyone. My aim is not to be p ro ud a bo ut m yse lf, but to sh o w th a t e ve rybo dy ca n p a in t a n d produce art. It is like behind the scene instances, funny, entertaining and insp iring. H o w m a n y w o r k s a n d p e r s o n a l in s t a lla t io n s d o yo u h a ve ? I have been producing since I was 1 3 years old. I did not count them but I held six p ersonal exhibitions for a total of 8 6 of my works. 7 4 of them were sold. They were named as “dervish mesreb”, “p lease love me”, “the p oint”, “taller than me”, “the hands”, and “p lease love me” again in 2 0 1 3 . O c to b e r 2013


Wh a t w e r e t h e r e a c t io n s o f vis it o r s ? Since I tried to unite the classical calligrap hy with modern p ainting, some calligrap hists criticize my style. There are some that reads my works differently. Wh a t is yo u r u n d e r s t a n d in g a b o u t t h e p e r fe c t t h e ir c o m p o n e n t s ? The best p icture is to be original and conform with of its owner. I have a mystical mood, and try to live o f life . Th e re is a n a dvice in ca lligra p h y culture p erfection comes with p ersistence.

p a in t in g a n d the way of life an Islamic way th a t sa ys, th e

Wh a t c a n yo u s a y a b o u t t h e p a in t in g s m a r k e t in T u r k e y in g e n e r a l? The arts in general could not find enough sp ace in p op ular media. H owever, there is a growing trend in this regard. More art schools are opening and buyers, experts and events are increasing. We need more exp erts in art markets. We also should be more keen on the merit rather than the recommendations. O n r e la t io n s o f le t t e r s a n d fo r m s ? For me each letter is a p art of a p uzzle, each color is indisp ensable for a colorful voyage. I try to illustrate what I felt. Wh o is yo u r m a s t e r , if yo u g e t a n y t r a in in g in c a llig r a p h y? I tried to get the most from Ahmet H ilmi Erel when I was a student in Adana. Since 2 0 1 0 I have been living in Istanbul and keep m y tra in in g o f cla ssica l ca lligra p h y fo r m y m a ste r Mith a t To p a รง. O c to b e r 2013


26 HTE

Co t t o n b o x r e a d y t o ne w s e a s on w it h it s 2 0 1 3 Au t u m n / W in t e r c o lle c t io n


ddin g p ure n e ss a n d q u a lit y o n yo u r h o m e life Cottonbox continues to enliven bedrooms with its Autumn/ Winter collection which m akes com forting effect of the new season felt. Dom inated by natural and rural winds the new collection has pastel and powdery c o lo r s, r e d d ish -c o ffe e le a ve shades, grey from light to darker sh a de s a n d th e be st fo rm s o f beige. O c to b e r 2013


Fo rm in g a n un m a tch e d style a t h o m e with its innovative designs Cottonbox meets the season with its p in ky co lo r activatin g to uch in g sen se, with be ige re m in din g brigh tn e ss o f p e a rl, a n d comforting p astel colors. The collection has also e le ga n tly e m bro ide re d p ro ducts. Co n ve n ie n tly fits with every style of life Cottonbox has excellent a lte rn a tive s fo r th is n e w se a so n a s it do e s fo r every season. H ealthy sleep with Cottonbox‌ Since only cotton yarn is used in the Cottonbox quilt cover sets according to quality understanding of the brand, it p revents p ersp iration. Thanks to its p erfect to uch feelin g an d breath in g feature yo u m a y e n jo y e xce lle n t sle e p a n d wa ke up rejuvenated. O c to b e r 2013


30 HTE

S ilky t ouch on your hom e de cor by S e r t e x Dr e a m S e e d

O c to b e r 2013



rendsetting home fashion by its furnishing fabrics produced b y h ig h t e c h n o lo g y, S e r t e x la u n c h e s it s D r e a m S e e d co llectio n , an ideal p ro duct fo r modern furniture sets. O ffering a great many combines with its twenty-two different color alternatives Sertex presents peace and welfare with the silky softness it has. Furn iture , curta in s, a rm ch a irs, sofa sets‌ Everything go through ch a n ge s with th e n e w se a so n . And Sertex is always very active in se ttin g th e n e w tre n ds. Its Dream Sead collection is now in a c t io n fo r t h e n e w s e a s o n .

O c to b e r 2013


34 HTE

De s ig n Livin g Te n d e n c y o p e n s in Kie v Tu r kel Fa ir or ga n izes t h e Tu r kish n a t ion a l p a vilion in t h is im p or t a n t t r a d e fa ir for h om e fa sh ion t en d en cies


esign Living Tendency is th e m a jo r e xh ibitio n o f n e we st ten den cies in th e in terio r area in Ukraine, which p resents furniture, ligh tin g, dĂŠ co r, a n d te xtile s fo r h o m e a n d p ublic in te rio rs. Ea ch year in autumn, sp ecialists from all regio n s o f Ukrain e co m e to Kiev in o rde r to se e n e w co lle ctio n s, in n o va tive so lutio n s a n d tre n ds rep resented by leading Ukrainian and foreign comp anies. Fo r ye a r s o f it s e xist e n ce t h e exhibition Design Living Tendency has widened its number of thematic sections and today DLT is not just a furniture exhibition - it is a global p la tfo rm fo r se a rch in g busin e ss O c to b e r 2013


contacts and signing profitable business co n tra cts with ke y p la ye rs o f th e market. The companies will be offered p rofessionally organized B2 B event, aimed at the develop ment of business a n d p r o m o t io n o f yo ur br a n d in Ukraine and abroad. The exhibition Design Living Tendency b r in g s t o g e t h e r m o r e t h a n 3 0 0 co m p a n ie s th us re p re se n tin g wide range of p roducts to the attention of the 1 9 0 0 0 audience: * Furn iture fo r h o m e (so ft furn iture, furniture for nursery, kitchen furniture, ba th ro o m furn iture , a n d be dro o m furniture) * Furn iture fo r o ffice a n d H o Re C a sector * Ligh tin g (la m p s, ch a n de lie rs, bulb lights) * H ome textiles * Window decor (blinds, curtains, sunp r o t e c t io n s ys t e m s , s u n b lin d s , marquises) The exhibition Design Living Tendency is a demonstration not only of products but a lso th e ir qua litie s. Num e ro us projects realized together with the best Ukra in ia n a n d Euro p e a n de sign e rs become the showcase for creative and even vanguard ideas.

O c to b e r 2013

36 HTE

Since 1 9 9 3 , Turkel Fair O rganization Inc. has been organizing trade fairs on a wide sp ectrum in 3 0 countries of the world across 4 continents. Until now, Turkel has held exhibitions in Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Rep ublics, P o la n d, G e rm a n y, Ita ly, G re e ce , H un ga ry, Den m ark, Sp ain , P o rtugal, Latvia, Ro m an ia, Tun is, Egyp t, Isra e l, J o rda n , Ke n ya , Gh a n a , Sudan, Syria, Nigeria, Venezuela, Canada, South Africa , Sin ga p o re , H o n g Ko n g, Ka za kh sta n , T a t a r s t a n , Ka t a r (Q a t a r ) a n d Ku w a it . Turkel has been develop ing in the last decade sectorial trade fairs with wide participation aimed at leather apparel and fur, textiles and garments, h o m e te xtile s, furn iture , de sign , fa brics a n d g a r m e n t s a u xilia r y in d u st r ie s, je a n s a n d sp ortswear, building, construction, electricity, food, medical, and automotive supply industries. Turkel is working in two ways; one is in a way of organizing its own trade shows abroad and in Turke y, th e o th e r wa y is h o ldin g Turkish n atio n al p avilio n s at th e o verseas exh ibitio n s e n d o r s e d b y t h e T u r k is h g o ve r n m e n t . O c to b e r 2013


38 HTE

Ch a n g e a n d o p t im is m p r e va il a t M o OD


oO D 2 0 1 3 was successfully held wit the p articip ation of 2 0 0 exhibitors of which 6 6 have come from Turkey. Let by UTIB (Uludag Textile Exporters' Association), Turkish exhibitors showcased a wide range of p roduct p ortfolio esp ecially at the smart and value added fabrics segment.

According to the organizers of the fair, MoOD has been a real success when the economic situation of Europe is concerned. Patrick Geysels, General Manager of MoO D was very op timistic about the future of the sector and the show. H e outlined: “Ch a n ge � is th e th re a d run n in g th ro ugh o ut th e te xtile s in dustry. O c to b e r 2013


The economic crisis caused a fundamental re-ordering of the textile landscap e in Europ e, with substantial scale reduction resulting. But for the first time, we are hearing p ositive rep orts. Economists are reporting the official end of the recession in the European economy. The first signs of recovery are now even subtly visible. It is mainly

O c to b e r 2013

those comp anies who invested in innovation and craftsmanship who now have an edge. The p roducts they p roduce often combine a new typ e o f cra ftsm a n sh ip with a dva n ce d te ch n o lo gy a n d in n o va tive materials. Textiles also go increasingly often through a second creative p hase in the finishing.

40 HTE

Th e 'a p rè s' a s th e se p o st-tre a tm e n ts a re o fte n ca lle d in in dustria l ja rgo n , give th e p ro duct a distinctive p ower that goes much further than a soft touchÊ or a 'wash and dye'. So it is evident that the skills of the textile p ro have exp anded tremendously. If not to say revised, even when it comes to company profiling and communication. Not only are these hard times, they are exciting tim e s a n d Mo O D is a wa re o f th e de gre e o f difficulty, but convinced of the p ossibilities that rap id change brings with it. MoO D 2 0 1 3 in numbers With 2 0 0 e xh ibito rs fro m o ve r 2 5 co un trie s, MoO D is the largest international trade fair for up h o lste ry fa brics, win do w co ve rin gs a n d wa ll co verin gs. Mo O D also takes a un ique p lace in Euro p e be ca use it o n ly a llo ws p ro duce rs wh o offer their own collections. Up holstery remains t h e d o m in a n t p r o d u ct wit h 9 5 %. Win d o w coverings are next with 6 6 %. O f the exhibitors, 1 5 % offer wall coverings, but it can be said that th e se co lle ctio n s a r e o f a ve r y h igh le ve l. For every sp ecialisation, MoO D offers the best, highest quality solution. Also when it comes to textile design, because MoOD also includes MoOD Ya rn s a n d In digo , wh e re o ve r 1 0 0 e xh ibito rs o ffe r c r e a t ive t e xt ile d e s ig n a n d s u r fa c e design.MoOD is the pre-eminent contract specialist

O c to b e r 2013


Sixty-six companies at MoOD can be regarded as contract specialists. Th at is ro ugh ly 4 0 % o f th e co m p lete ran ge. Th ey ach ieve m o re than a fifth of their sales in the contract market. And that is not a luxury but a necessity. Innovations in textiles are making their mark more and more on the contract world. Because th ey are virtually in visible in th e p ro duct, th is m arket requires an environm ent of knowledge and trust. That is exactly what MoO D hop es to be for the visitor.

O c to b e r 2013

M o O D is e x p a n d in g p r o je c t s w it h le a d in g p a r t n e r s The XChange Platform in H all 7 combines three p rojects of MoO D: the innovation p latform, the trend forum and the Blue Drop s. H ere both the exhibitors and partners of MoOD show off their contributions. No less than 3 7 exhibitors and 5 p artner comp anies have worked this year on the largest, most cutting-edge innovation p latform in the sector. The p artner comp anies p resent their own selection. This concerns MateriO Belgium, Global Color Research™ Mix Publications,

42 HTE

C ELC Ma s t e r s o f Lin e n , Trendease International and P a r c o u r s T e xt ile “ D e sig n S e p te m be r�. Th e iro n cla d p la tfo rm is sup p o rte d by a seminar programme, offering sp a ce fo r gre a te r de p th . At th e XCh a n ge p la tfo rm , yo u can also exchange ideas with the two guides who will be at your disp osal all day. The trendforum is also at the XChange p latform. H ere the c o lo u r p e r c e p t io n o f t h e them e eMO TIO N is central. Th e co lo urs a re bro ugh t to life by RUBIA Natural Colors. Th is is a p rem iere o f glo bal p ro p o rtio n s, be ca use wh a t yo u will see h ere is th e first la rge -sca le a p p lica tio n with natural pigments. RUBIA had the coop eration of the Royal J ohan van den Acker Textile Factory.

O c to b e r 2013


One theme, FOILS, illustrates the rising trend by means of a clo th co a te d with m e ta l s p e c ia lly d e ve lo p e d b y FINIPUR (BE) and EURODYE (B E). It c o n c e r n s h e r e a sp ecial finishing. The Blue Drop selection can be admired at the Blue Drop sa m p le b a n ks, wh e r e t h e Award Winners have a p lace of honour. An d with H e wle tt P a cka rd, MoOD is taking a digital tour. H e wle tt P a cka rd wo uld like to show you what is p ossible today when it comes to digital wall coverings. Em o tio n Mo O D Media Bar, enjoy the fabrics Belgium has to offer in a cosy atmosphere In th e Mo O D Media Bar, in h a ll 1 1 , Be lgia n e xh ibito rs show their work.

O c to b e r 2013

44 HTE

The latest develop m ents can be exp erienced here in real life. No fewer than 3 1 hassocks were up holstered with as many fabrics from exclusively Belgian exhibitors. And it will get even more Belgian because at the end of every day o f th e tra de sh o w, be twe e n 5 a n d 6 p .m ., yo u ca n ta ste typ ica l

Brussels beers in the MoOD Media Bar. They are offered to you free of charge by 'Moeder Lambic'. We would also like to mention the coop eration with Brussels Design Sep tember and with VISITBRUSSELS, who you can turn to if you want to discover the hotsp ots of Brussels.

O c to b e r 2013


'Mo vin g t o a G r e a t e r F u t u r e ' in 2 0 1 4 Also at Mo O D a ch an ge is at h an d. Fo r fro m 2 0 1 4 on MoOD will be held in Hall 5 , the PATIO and H all 8 . The reason for this move is simp le: hall 1 1 will no longer be available starting 2 0 1 4 . Mo O D to o k th is p ro blem as an o p p o rtun ity to m ove to the p restigious hall 5 , the P ATIO and adjacent hall 8 . Whereas hall 8 will p rovide the connection to the parking, the PATIO will be the connection to hall 5 . The main entrance via the lovely hall 5 will p rovide for a very unique, new a tm o sp h e re a t Mo O D. Th e h a ll is a p e rfe ct example of Art Deco in Brussels and at the 1 9 3 5 world expo was the symbol of progress. 'Le Grand P alais' as h all 5 is so m etim es called, served as the recep tion hall for visitors who arrived at the exp o via rail. Hall 5 is by far the largest hall of the site. Together with th e P ATIO an d h all 8 , Mo O D will o ffer a net surface area that is identical to the surface th a t Mo O D curre n tly o ccup ie s. Mo O D is ve ry proud of this small but striking change, with which we fa ce th e ch a lle n ge o f th e co m in g ye a rs.

O c to b e r 2013


46 HTE

N e w e c o -fr ie n d ly, c o m m e r c ia lly wa s h a b le fa b r ic s B

re n ta n o 's fa ll 2 0 1 3 Rh yth m collection debuts two excep tional fire resistant and com m ercially washable fabrics that are p erfect for hosp itality environments in up holstery, drap ery, to p o f be d o r be dskirt a p p lica tio n s. J uke bo x o ffe rs a live ly p a tte rn a n d comes in 7 rich, jewel-tone colorways;

and its complement, the medium scale pattern Volume, is available in a range of usable colors. Both pass NFPA 7 0 1 Te st 1 , e xce e d 5 0 ,0 0 0 do uble rubs (Wyze n be e k) a n d a re wo ve n fro m a blend of p olyester and fire retardant p o st-co n sum e r re cycle d p o lye ste rm a kin g th e m p a rt o f th e Bre n ta n o Green line.

O c to b e r 2013


48 HTE

DOM OTEX 2 0 1 4 t o s howc a s e t r e n d s o f fu t u r e Ea st An a t olia n ca r p et p r od u ct ion t a kes on t h e wor ld


ne of the DOMOTEX's biggest exhibiting n atio n s is Turkey, wh ich n ext year will use th e sh o w to p resen t an exten sive o fferin g o f h an dknotted and machine-made rugs. For Turkish rug makers, DOMOTEX offers excellent opportunities for tap p ing into new markets and boosting their e xp o rts. In 2 0 1 1 , a n EU-fun de d p ro je ct wa s launched to enhance the competitiveness of Turkish firm s in th e in te rn a tio n a l m a rke t. Th e p ro je ct focuses on five Turkish cities, one of which is the Southeast Anatolian city of Gaziantep. There, the p roject p rovides sup p ort for local p roduction of m a ch in e -m a de rugs - o n e o f th e city's m o st im p o rta n t in dustrie s. So m e 4 0 p e rce n t o f th e wo rld's a re a rugs a re m a de in Ga zia n te p . Ne xt year, an extensive selection of Gaziantep -m ade rugs will be on show in halls 2 to 4 at DOMOTEX.

Ou t d oor t r en d s: n ew d esign id ea s for ou t d oor livin g O c to b e r 2013


Th e in tern atio n al flo o r co verin gs in dustry is watch in g H an n o ver, Ge rm a n y, with ke e n a n ticip a tio n be ca use th a t's wh e re th e n e xt DOMOTEX show will be held. DOMOTEX is the world's No. 1 trade fair for carpets and floor coverings. In 2 0 1 4 , from 1 1 to 1 4 J anuary, so m e 1 , 4 0 0 co m p a n ie s fro m 6 0 n a tio n s will co n ve rge o n th e H annover Exhibition Center to showcase their latest p roducts and

n ew seaso n 's co llectio n s. DO MO TEX p icks up o n key tren ds an d innovations and sets the tone in international interior design fashions for each new year. And with its new Innovations@DOMOTEX format, next year's show will give unprecedented exposure to a select handful of p roduct innovations and design highlights, starting with a major p re-show PR camp aign.

En or m ou s in t er est in In n ova t ion s@DOMOTEX O c to b e r 2013

50 HTE

Exhibitors interested in showcasing th e ir in n o va tio n s in te xtile a n d resilient floor coverings, parquet and laminate flooring and modern handm a de ca rp e ts a s p a rt o f th e Innovations@DOMOTEX format still have until 2 October to submit their ap p lications. Submission is free of charge. In n o va t io n s @D O M O T E X h a s sp arked enorm ous interest am ong DOMOTEX exhibitors and attracted a n im p re ssive n um be r o f qua lity en tries very so o n after it was first announced. “The exhibitors quickly recognized Innovations@DOMOTEX for the great op p ortunity that it is th e o p p o r tun ity to le ve r a ge a c o m p r e h e n s ive p a c k a g e o f communication measures to get their innovations front of mind with their target audiences and hence get more out of their DOMOTEX showcase,” commented Dr. J ochen Köckler, a member of the Managing Board of De utsch e Me sse AG, th e o fficia l organizer of DO MO TEX.

O c to b e r 2013


Ar ch ite ct J ü r ge n Ma ye r H. to d e s ign “In n o va tio n s @DO MO TEX Ar e a s ” The product innovations selected for Innovations@DOMOTEX by the exp ert jury will be staged to dramatic effect in sp ecial disp lay zones known as Innovations@DOMOTEX Areas. The creative design of these exhibition spaces is in the capable hands of the internationally respected German architect Jürgen Mayer H. The Innovations@DOMOTEX Areas

O c to b e r 2013

will feature as central meeting points and design highlights in Halls 6 , 9 and 1 7 . J ürgen Mayer H. heads the eponymous J ürgen Mayer H. architectural firm in Berlin, which works at the interface between architecture, communication and new technology. His work has earned him numerous international awards, including the 2 0 1 3 Mies van der Rohe Emerging Architect Special Mention Award and the Holcim Award 2 0 0 5 Bronze Europe for sustainable architecture.

52 HTE

F u t u r e e x p e r t Ma t t h ia s H o r x g u e s t s p e a k e r a t t h e Wo o d Flo o r in g S u m m it Germany's population is decreasing, but the number of households is on the rise. The resulting shortage of residential development space poses great challenges both for architects and designers. What new modes of home living will emerge as Germany responds to these challenges? What m igh t future so lutio n s lo o k like ? An swe rs to th e se que stio n s a n d more will be provided by Max Horx o f G e r m a n y's Zu ku n ft s in s t it u t (Future In stitute ) a t DO MO TEX 2 0 1 4 . H o rx, a n in flue n tia l tre n d researcher, will be giving a lecture a t th e Wo o d Flo o rin g Sum m it in wh ich h e will p re se n t th e Future Institute's latest study, “The Future o f H o m e Livin g - Cen tral Tren ds Th ro ugh to 2 0 2 5 . � Th e le cture , which will be given on 1 1 J anuary and will be followed by a discussion ro un d, is a n a bso lute m ust fo r an yo n e an d everyo n e wh o wan ts to get an o verview o f to day's key d e ve lo p m e n t s in h o m e livin g . O c to b e r 2013


P la t fo r m fo r t h e in t e r n a t io n a l c o n t r a c t fu r n is h in g s e c t o r With its winning mix of lectures and presentations of innovative materials for the contract furnishing sector, DOMOTEX is also a must for architects, interior designers, planers and furnishing designers on the lookout for creative new ideas for their design palette. The Innovations@DOMOTEX showcase will highlight current flooring trends and new p roduct developments for the diverse range of application areas encompassed

O c to b e r 2013

by the healthcare, catering and hospitality sectors. Thanks to the breadth and quality of the innovations on show, DOMOTEX is sure to put in a strong p erformance worthy of its status as a leading p rofessional p latform for the international contract furnishing sector. Before the show even starts, visitors can research the latest developments in their particular areas of interest - so they know which manufacturers to talk to when the get to Hannover.

54 HTE

O u t d o o r t r e n d s in t h e flo o r co ve r in g s in d u s t r y Th ere's a gro win g awaren ess in th e m arket o f th e immense lifestyle design possibilities offered by flooring solutions for outdoor living. Next year's DO MO TEX will embrace this trend with a comprehensive offering o f in n o va tive flo o r co ve rin gs fo r o utdo o r use in exhibition halls 8 and 9 . The manufacturers of these sorts of p roducts deliver much more than just good looks; they're also big on quality, eco -frien dlin ess an d sustain ability. Deckin g bo ards are available in a wide range of tim ber typ es, both tre a te d a n d un tre a te d. Be in g n a tura l a n d h igh ly durable, they lend a timeless elegance to any outdoor a re a th e y a re use d in , wh e th e r cla ssic o r m o de rn . DO MO TEX 2 0 1 4 will most likely feature more than 2 0 0 manufacturers of p arquet and laminate flooring a n d flo o r in g s o lu t io n s fo r o u t d o o r a r e a s . O c to b e r 2013


56 HTE

M a is o n & Ob je t , r e fle c t io n o f g lo b a l in t e r io r d e s ig n t r e n d s !


etter than the best show of whole home decoration sector, Maison & O bject was held in Paris with new surp rises and changes. In r e s p o n s e t o a p e r p e t u a lly c h a n g in g m a r k e t , MAISO N&O BJ ET adjusts the boundaries of its trade shows each session to remain the most p recise reflection of global interior design trends. In Sep tember, the event covering all sectors of interior design welcomed p rofessionals of interior de co ra tio n to disco ve r la te st p ro ducts o f h o m e fa sh io n . Lifestyles are changing as the kitchen is becoming an inspiration in the home and chefs are setting the tone: dining and cooking are hot topics! MAISON&OBJ ET has offered a new approach t o d in in g a n d c o o kin g in h a ll 3 , wit h c o o k d e sig n . C o o k: be ca use din in g a n d co o kin g be co m e o n e wh e n we co n side r th e p le a sure o f p re p a rin g a n d sh a rin g a m e a l. Design: because creativity and innovation are seen on every dining table and in every kitchen, from new designs to new materials and new equip ment‌

O c to b e r 2013


A co n ce p t de sign e d fo r co o k-sh o p s, concep ts stores and sp ecialists in dining a n d c o o k in g - a ll r e t a ile r s a n d p ro fe ssio n a ls se e kin g cre a tivity a n d tre n ds. An e ve n t wh ich e xte n ds th e p le a sure o f din in g a n d co o kin g to th e r e s t a u r a n t a s w e ll a s t h e h o m e ! The trade show has treated côté déco to a m a ke o ve r. In o rde r to re sp o n d to market changes; côté déco charme, côté déco références, and insp iration jardin had joined together under a single banner - cô té déco - wh ich was in h alls 4 an d 5 A. cô té dé co h a ll 4 fe a ture d style s, exp ertise and high-end p roducts for the most beautiful stores, interior designers and interior architects looking for original solutions. côté déco hall 5 A hosted all th e ch a rm o f co m p re h e n sive in te rio r d e s ig n c o n c e p t s , a p r o d u c t r a n g e reflecting trends and the exp ectations of retailers and the market. O c to b e r 2013

58 HTE

Th e ACTUEL area was flo urish in g, just like th e co n te m p o ra ry style it p romoted. Meticulously designed by J ean Philippe-Nuel and located within th e Busin e ss Lo un ge , th is p o p ula r a re a with sp e cifie rs h a d a stro n ge r identity this time. The ACTUEL area group ed an urban, modern and highend range, p resented in the sp irit of d ive r s it y c h a r a c t e r is t ic o f MAISO N&O BJ ET. The ultra-dynamic home accessories sector contains the l'enfant, moving, fragrance & sp a and objet de m ode secto rs in a fren zy o f creativity an d n o ve lt y. T o p r o m o t e it , s in c e Sep tem ber 2 0 1 2 MAISO N&O BJ ET has highlighted the m ost innovative offers from these sectors in a Best Of identified by a brightly colored carp et in the entrance to hall 6 . Almost 2 0 0 exhibitors were selected each session. Trends to look out for this September in clude d th e re turn o f a uth e n ticity, ca p rice , cre a tivity a n d p e o p le . Fo r th e se e xh ibito rs re p re se n t a re a l groundswell in interior design which was exp ressed bo th at m o vin g, an d objet de mode as well as in the aisles of fragrance & sp a.

O c to b e r 2013


MAISON&OBJ ET offered a highlight for all interior architects and specifiers looking for inspiration, innovation and exclusivity - the raw materials of this trade show dedicated to architectural solutions. Rare materials, exceptional t e c h n iq u e s a n d c u t t in g -e d g e technologies were p resented here by exp ert busin esses active aro un d th e world. The quality of exhibitors was echoed in a sp ectacular layo ut design fro m P h ilip p e Bo isselier o n th e th em e o f citie s, a s we ll a s a co m p le te ly n e w in sp ir a tio n s a n d se r vice s ce n te r , located at the junction with the scènes d'intÊrieur trade show.

O c to b e r 2013

60 HTE

Standing out from other design trade sh o ws de sign , n o w! de sign Ă vivre managed to develop a unique message co m bin in g a h igh -qua lity, in dustrywide p roduct range, including indoor a n d o utdo o r furn iture , a cce sso rie s, lights, textiles and hi-tech solutions.

O c to b e r 2013


A 3 6 0 째 analysis of objects and design territories h a d be e n e sta blish e d with th e co lle ctive exp ressio n o f several co un tries th at ch o o se this p rofessional event to p resent their most p romising talents to international buyers. In the sp otlight this year were J ap an, Thailand, Taiwan, as well as Latvia and the UK, not to mention the new wave of French p roduction houses and the now emblematic design from Scandinavia.

O c to b e r 2013


62 HTE

DOM OTEX M id d le Ea s t b r o a d e n s it s s c o p e Aft er it s su ccessfu l d ebu t in 2 0 1 2 Dom ot ex Mid d le Ea st Ist a n bu l will be m u ch m or e com p r eh en sive t h is yea r . As t h e m ost lea d in g br a n d of ca r p et a n d floor cover in g in d u st r y in t h e wor ld Dom ot ex h a s gr ea t va lu es in st or e for t h is yea r 's sh ow. To lea r n t h e d et a ils of su r p r ises we con d u ct ed a n exclu sive in t er view wit h Alexa n d er K端 h n el, Gen er a l Ma n a ger of H a n n over Fa ir s-Tu r key. Fu ll t ext of t h e in t er view follows:

Wh a t a wa it s vis it o r s in t h e s e co n d ye a r o f D O MO TEX Mid d le Ea s t C a r p e t a n d Flo o r Fa ir in Is t a n b u l? I can say that the fair offers a larger p roduct range in its second year. In addition to carp et, any detail about flooring that you can think of will be exhibited. H and-m ade and m achine-m ade carp ets, rugs and m ats, textile floor coverings (wall to wall), resilient floor coverings, laminate, wood and p arquet, textile machinery and accessories, fiber, yarn an d textiles, artificial grass an d sp o rts flo o rin gs, layin g skills, cle a n in g a n d a p p lica tio n te ch n o lo gie s, n a tura l sto n e , m a rble a n d ceramic tiles will be exhibited. Design products will also be the focusing p oint of the fair this year. H o w wa s la s t ye a r , d o yo u h a ve a n y d iffe r e n t lo ca l a n d fo r e ig n c o m p a n ie s in 2 0 1 3 ? Is t h e fa ir g o in g t o b e la r g e r in s q m ? 2 2 2 exhibitor com p anies from 2 8 countries p articip ated on 7 ,7 7 1 sqm in 2 0 1 2 . 5 0 % of exhibitor comp anies were from Europ e, 4 3 % fro m Asia a n d th e re st fro m th e Middle Ea st. 5 ,0 9 9 p ro fe ssio n a l atten dees visited th e fair last year an d 2 1 % o f th ese visito rs cam e from Iran, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon and Egypt. Very important co m p a n ie s o f th e subsidia ry in dustry o f co n structio n a re go in g to p a rticip a te in th e fa ir th is ye a r. Th e fa ir will be visite d by th e p ro fe ssio n a ls o f th e in dustry such a s flo o r co ve rin g m a te ria ls wholesalers/ retailers, importers/ exporters, architects, interior designers, industrial p roduct designers, construction comp anies and contractors. Alexander K端hnel, General Manager of H annover Fairs-Turkey O c to b e r 2013


Imp ortant enterp rises and p eop le such as p rocurers, executives of p ublic se cto r e n te rp rise s a n d in stitutio n s, h o sp ita ls, e duca tio n a l institutions, sports centers, manufacturing companies, hotels, shopping malls, business centers and yacht production industry will be exclusively invited to the fair. We h a ve h e a r d t h a t t h e c o n s t r u c t io n in d u s t r y s h o w s g r e a t in t e r e s t in t h e fa ir t h is ye a r . H o w d o yo u in t e r p r e t t h is ? According to the consultancy comp any Ernst & Young's “2 0 1 3 Real Estate Investment Trends in Europ e” rep ort, Turkey is one of the p op ular countries for Europ e in terms of real estate investment. The 5 % growth exp ectation of the construction industry in 2 0 1 3 and the government's “Urban Transformation Project” that envisages 4 0 0

O c to b e r 2013

billion USD investment to ap artment buildings and large residential sites in th e n ext 2 0 years activated th e subsidiary in dustry o f th e construction industry. In this regard, the industry has made the right decision by choosing DO MO TEX for floor covering solutions. For this reason, we can say that the products to be exhibited in DOMOTEX will offer a rich variety this year to m eet the sp ecial needs of the construction industry. Wh a t a r e t h e a c t ivit ie s t h a t w ill b e d o n e fo r t h e fir s t t im e t h is ye a r ? Th e “R+ T Fa ir” will be o rga n ize d co n curre n tly with DO MO TEX Middle East for the first time. Construction comp anies, engineering companies, business enterprises, producers, contractors, distributors,

64 HTE

a ge n ts, re ta ile rs, wh o le sa le rs, a rch ite cts, interior designers, the members of the p ress and the media will show great interest in the R + T Turkey Fair and it will be the first and th e o n ly tra de fa ir in Turke y fo r sh a de s, a uto m a tic do o rs a n d sun sh a de syste m s. Visitors will have the chance to visit two fairs with one ticket. Exh ibito rs will disp la y ca rp e ts, p a rque ts, ceramics and resilient floor covering options in the “Creative Flooring Exclusive Section” to be organized for the first time this year. In addition to the halls allocated exclusively to product groups last year, Hall 1 1 has been a llo ca te d to “a rtificia l gra ss” co m p a n ie s. An o th e r n e w a ctivity will be “YES 2 0 1 3 ” “Th e Aesth etics Fo rum in Buildin gs”. Th e forum will be held on 9 November 2 0 1 3 at 2 .3 0 p m in the foyer and will be op en to the p articip ation of everyone. The themes that will be discusse d durin g th e fo rum a re a s fo llo ws: “Wh a t is th e curre n t p o sitio n o f interior designers in the construction industry today and where should they be? What kind of arrangements should be made about this?” The construction industry's expectations from the p rivate sector and the state will also be discussed. In a dditio n to th e se a ctivitie s th a t will organized for the first time; the conference will be o rgan ized fo r th e seco n d tim e an d the meetings with business associations will offer p rofessionals extensive op p ortunities to exchange information in detail. Another activity that will draw attention will be the tra ditio n a l “C a rp e t De sign C o m p e titio n Award Ceremony” organized within the scope of DO MO TEX Middle East by IH IB (Istanbul Carp et Exp orters' Association).

O c to b e r 2013


C o u ld yo u p le a s e g ive u s in fo r m a t io n a b o u t t h e ZGF (T h e F u t u r e o f F lo o r in g F o r u m )? Wh a t w ill b e t h e m a in t h e m e t h is ye a r a n d w h o w ill p a r t ic ip a t e ? The ZGF will be held on Friday, 8 November 2 0 1 3 at 2 .3 0 p m. The fo rum will h o st wo rldwide kn o wn e xp e rts a n d a uth o ritie s o f th e industry and it will be joint organization of Deutsche Messe Worldwide - H a n n o ve r Fa irs Turke y Fua rcılık A._., GET Fo re ign Tra de a n d O RSIAD Newsp ap er. The theme of ZGF 2 0 1 3 that will shed light on the future of the p arquet industry worldwide is “The International O utlo o k o f th e P a rque t In dustry”. S usta in a ble P ro ductio n a n d Sustainable Emp loyment will be two of the top ics to be discussed. Exp erts and exp erienced association p residents and authorities will discuss the issues of the parquet industry at length and the road map of the action p lans for future years will be determined. Aiming to be the address of new develop ments of the p arquet industry, the ZGF 2 0 1 3 will h o st sp e a ke rs a n d a m o de ra to r a n d will e n co ura ge a n interactive session with the questions to be received from the audience. Th e m o derato r o f th e fo rum will be Istan bul Wo o d P ro ducts an d Forestry Products Exporters' Association Board Member Naci Güngör. O ther sp eakers are Yıldız Integrated Wood Industry and Trade Co. Board Member Ismail Hakkı Yıldız, Kastamonu Integrated Co. Parquet

O c to b e r 2013

Sales Manager Ahmet Çetinkaya, EPLF (Europe Parquet Manufacturers Association) Managing Director P eter H . Meyer, Am erican Wood Exp ort Council AH EC Architectural Marketing Consultant Criswell Davis an d P arquet In dustry Euro p ean Federatio n (FEP ) Secretary General François Sougnez. Wh a t d o yo u t h in k a b o u t t h e fa ir 's co n t r ib u t io n t o t h e Tu r k is h e c o n o m y? Turkey is an excellent host for DO MO TEX Middle East with its 7 6 million population, central geographical location and 3 ,7 % economic growth exp ected in 2 0 1 3 and forecasted for 2 0 1 4 . The strategic location of the country makes this fair an imp ortant meeting p oint for comp anies which would like to grow by gaining new customers in Turkey and the Middle East. I am very p leased to inform you that th e re is h uge de m a n d fro m ca rp e t a n d flo o r co ve rin g in dustry rep resentatives to rent a booth in the fair. DO MO TEX Middle East is a must attend activity for everyone who would like to do business in Gulf countries and the Arab peninsula. It makes DOMOTEX more attractive as Turkey is th e wo rld's 1 6 th largest an d Euro p e's 6 th largest economy with a 5 ,5 billion USD share forecast for the carpet industry for 2 0 2 3 .


66 HTE

HP o ffe r s wa ll-t o -wa ll in n o va t io n fo r in t e r io r d e s ig n e r s “Digit a l p r in t in g on wa ll cover in gs is goin g t o be h u ge!”


t might seem strange to see an IT comp any like H ewlett-Packard at a textile and wall coverings show but make no mistake at Mood Fair of Brussels, Sep tember 1 0 -1 2 , 2 0 1 3 . With this initiation the H P stand brought a new p ersp ective to the concep t of Mood, Meet only Original Designs. The HP booth inspired interior designers with its e xte n sive disp la y o f h igh qua lity, in n o va tive digita lly p rin te d furn ish in gs a n d gra p h ics th a t re fle ct th e la te st m a rke t tre n ds.

As a first co m er to Mo dd an d seco n d o f such an exh ibitio n after H e im te xtil Fra n kfurt, H P p re se n te d a ra n ge o f in n o va tive digita l p r in t in g so lu t io n s fo r wa ll co ve r in g s. T h e d isp la y in clu d e d wallcoverings, floor graphics, canvases, and other furnishings printed on glass, textiles, wood, vinyl and PVC. “We can p rint on all kinds of different surfaces and textures”, said Terry Raghunath, Business Develop ment Manager of H ewlett-Packard. O c to b e r 2013


To demonstrate the many possibilities of the digital printing technology, H ewlett-Packard joins forces with several well-known designers such as Karim Rash id. But in additio n to th is p o rtfo lio , co n sum ers are even able to p rint a p icture of their own on wall coverings. Sp ecific software allows them to get an exact look at what the final result will look like. “Digita l p rin tin g o n wa ll co ve rin g h a s e ve ryth in g go in g fo r it to be co m e h uge ”, Te rry co n clude s. “We 're a lre a dy a ble to p rin t o n te xtile s, p a p e r a n d n o n wo ve n s but a lso o n gla ss a n d m e ta l. Th e creative p ossibilities are virtually endless.” Wall decoration - H P has it covered In a dditio n to ca n va se s, te xtile so ft-furn ish in gs a n d gra p h ics, H P Latex Technology and associated solutions are ideally suited to p rint besp oke wallcoverings that cap ture an individual's p ersonal tastes or a brand's unique commercial identity. H P Latex Inks, used in the H P Latex 2 6 0 Printer for examp le, hold a number of indoor air quality certifications(1 ), such as GREENGUARD C h ildre n & Sch o o ls C e rtifie dSM. Th e se in ks p ro duce o do urle ss p rin ts(2 ) a n d, un like so lve n t te ch n o lo gie s, p ro duce n o h a za rdo us e m issio n s. Th e p rin ts ca n th e re fo re be fin ish e d a n d in sta lle d im m e dia te ly, m a kin g th e m ide a l fo r re side n tia l, h o te l, h e a lth ca re facilities, and other sensitive environments, including restaurants and sch o o ls, an d p ro vide a stro n g co m p etitive advan tage fo r m eetin g quick delivery times.

Digital p rinting for wall coverings works is done using two different te ch n ique s. O n th e o n e h a n d, th e re is a so lutio n with la te x in k. “What's so amazing about this”, says Terry, “is the fact that this ink do e s n o t co n ta in dilue n ts. Th is m a ke s it a n e xce lle n t ch o ice fo r living rooms and bedrooms. On the other hand, the ink can be dried using UV rays. This p articular technique enables us to p rint on tiles with a thickness of up to six centimeters!” O c to b e r 2013

68 HTE

“O ne of the biggest trends in the commercial, retail and residential markets at the moment is wall design,” explained Raghunath. “Demand for customised interior design is rap idly growing as both consumers a n d de sign e rs se e k n e w wa ys to re fle ct th e ir ta ste s, va lue s a n d exp eriences in their homes and businesses. The solution p rovided by H P and our industry-leading p artners makes delivery of customised wallcoverings easy for designers and print service providers, simplifying th e e n tire p ro ce ss fro m de sign to in sta lla tio n a n d re m o va l. ” H P WallArt Solution offers an intuitive and easy-to-use design tool that allows p rint service p roviders (PSPs) to either design themselves o r wo rk with custo m ers th ro ugh th e clo ud to p ro duce custo m ised wallcoverings.(3 ) The H P WallArt Solution enables the user to enter precise room dimensions and easily work around windows and doors, givin g de sign e rs m o re tim e to sp e n d cre a tin g with a n a uto m a te d measurement process. Customers can also render realistic visualisations of wallcoverings using their own content for backgrounds, objects a n d te xt with a dva n ce d im a ge qua lity a s we ll a s sca lin g fe a ture s.

O c to b e r 2013


Te r r y R a g h u n a t h Business Develop ment Manager, H ewlett-Packard Terry Raghunath, a Dutch national has been working for HP fo r 1 6 years. H e h as h eld several fun ctio n s in h is career, including marketing, product marketing and sales. Now, Terry is responsible for developing the market of interior decoration. He has collected a wealth of knowledge in how HP technology ca n a dd va lue to De sign e rs a n d Arch ite cts, p rin t se rvice p roviders, and wall covering manufacturers. H P stand at Mood Fair aroused great interest from p rofessional visitors.

H P p artner AVA's design and file p rep aration software, designers can work easily with rep eated p atterns. The software solutions can also improve colour management with accurate screen-to-print colour matching, accuracy between layers and the ability to match digital p r in t s t o a n a lo g u e in a h y b r id p r in t e n vir o n m e n t . (4 ) The AVA RIP gives customers increased colour control, faster ripping times and a seamless workflow from file p rep aration to p rinting.(5 ) Th e RIP in cre a se s co lo ur sa tura tio n a n d ga m ut fo r h igh -qua lity wallco verin gs as well as h elp in g ach ieve realistic co lo urs o n n o n white m edia. As p art of the fully integrated solution, the software also automatically generates cut marks for the Fotoba cutter, a H P p a rtn e r so lutio n p ro vidin g a uto m a tic, a ccura te p a n e l cuttin g. O n ce th e wallco verin g is design ed, custo m ers can ch o o se fro m a ra n ge o f o ve r 2 5 co m p a tible wa ll dĂŠ co r substra te s fro m H P a n d industry-leading media p roviders. Wa llco ve rin g is just o n e e xa m p le o f th e m a n y in sp irin g p ro ducts de sign e rs ca n im a gin e , cre a te , custo m ise a n d p rin t usin g digita l p rinting technology. To learn more about the creative and businessen h an cin g o p p o rtun ities fo r in terio r design en abled by H P digital p rinting, don't miss H P's daily seminar in the Xchange Platform at 1 2 :0 0 . O c to b e r 2013

Mehmet Soztutan, General Manager of Ihlas Magazine Group , visited H P stand at Mood and was furnished with innovative information by Mr. Terry Raghunath, Business Develop ment Manager of H P.


70 HTE

Te xt ile lo o k a n d c o lo r fu l p la in d e s ig n s Vescom u p d a t es vin yl wa llcover in g collect ion


wo n ew design s: Belto n an d P o well with n e w co lo rs fo r th e we ll-kn o wn Ne ro a n d Vigo qua litie s. All fo ur p ro vide th e ir o wn lo o k a n d fe e l. O n e is bo ld wh ile th e other is restrained. Four designs that have been carefully elaborated in 1 4 4 colors and a dde d to th e Vin yl 0 2 bin de r. Th e y a re suitable for use in the contract m arket on structural and p artition walls. Wit h Be lt o n a n d P o we ll, Ve sco m h a s introduced two designs with a textile look but with th e ir o wn fe e l. Th in , ve rtica l m ultico lo r lin e s in a sp o n ta n e o us rh yth m for Belton and a som ewhat coarser effect for Powell. Colors that vary from p eaceful and restrained hues to lively accents ensure s u r p r is in g a c c e n t s in a n y in t e r io r .

Wallcovering - Design Vigo

De sign Be lto n , e xte n sive a n d fre sh co lo r p allet A well-considered color restyling of the well kn o wn a n d p ro ve n Ne ro (5 4 co lo rs) a n d Vigo (5 4 colors) qualities again make these evergreens fully up -to-date. D e s ig n Vig o , fu n c t io n a l a n d s u it a b le Th e un ique co m bin a tio n o f th e co lo rs, business-like design and functional properties make the designs extremely suitable for use in t h e co n t r a ct m a r ke t . Ve sco m vin yl wa llco ve rin gs a re dura ble , fire -re ta rda n t, hygienic (Bio-Pruf), cost-effective, colorfast, scra tch a n d im p a ct-re sista n t a n d e a sy to care for. Wallcovering - Design Belton O c to b e r 2013


S leep Well Exp o in Ist a n bu l Exp o Cen t er , Ap r il 1 7 -2 0 , 2 0 1 4


hlas is one of the biggest media conglomerates of Turkey having three p rivate TV channels, a radio channel, a daily newspaper, a news agency, 3 0 m a g a zin e s , h u n d r e d s o f b o o k s a n d e n cyclo p e dia s, ca le n da rs, a n in te rn e t se rvice providing company, net communications, various n e ws p o rta ls, a fa ir & e xh ibitio n co m p a n y, hospitals, schools and industrial establishments. It has now p rogrammed the first sleep p roducts fair of Turkey: Sleep Well Exp o which covers th e m a ttr e ss m a in in dustr y, sub in dustr y, machinery and equip ment. The venue of this imp ortant fair will be Istanbul Expo Center, which is exactly facing the Istanbul Ataturk International Airp ort and the frequency

O c to b e r 2013


Ih la s la u n c h e s fir s t m a t t r e s s fa ir o f Tu r ke y

72 HTE

will be annually. As the first of its kind in Turkey, Sleep Well Exp o will contribute to Turkey's being a p roduction hub for the mattress industry. Sleep Well Exp o will host a p latform where the latest technologies and p roducts will be showcased altogether. Ever increasing value of mattress and other sleep products fair will be an important organization which will bring leading companies and reps of the industry together.

Many international com p anies doing business with Turkey in this industry have already shown their interest in the fair which will bring together CEO s, top level officials, p urchasing managers, p roducers, co n sum e rs, fo re ign a n d do m e stic de a le rs a n d re p re se n ta tive s. P ro duct gro up s o f th e fa ir in clude Turkish m a ttre ss p ro duce rs, mattress imp orters, furniture and mattress stores, foreign mattress p roducers, sub-industry p roducts, mattress and quilting machinery and equip ment, etc.

O c to b e r 2013

Th e visito r p o rtfo lio in cludes exp erts an d h igh -level o fficials o f th e p riva te se cto r, buye rs fro m diffe re n t se cto rs to re a lize p ro je cts, busin e ssm e n , in ve sto rs, m a ttre ss in dustry a uth o ritie s, de a le rs a n d re p re se n ta tive s, ch a m be rs o f co m m e rce , a sso cia tio n s, furn iture manufacturers, p urchasing officials of tourism, hotel and hosp itality industry, etc. Most p owerful media sp onsors The main media p artners of the fair are Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines. Other media partners and sister publications include TGRT H aber TV, Ihlas New Agency, Turkiye Daily Newsp ap er, TGRT FM Radio, and sector magazines such as H ome Textile Exp orts, DĂŠcor, Curtain & Curtain Accesso ries, Co n tract Textile In tern atio n al, etc. There will be seminars and different activities related to new p roducts, technologies and ap p lications. Istanbul unites its natural beauties with its historical and cultural wealth a n d m o de rn in fra structure , a sce n din g in wo rld le a gue a s th e n e w favorite city for international organizations. Istanbul has an historical and cultural heritage acknowledged by the whole world. Ap art from its h isto rical an d n atural beauties th e city is quite assertive with its hotels, fair, congress and meeting halls at world standards. The visitors co m in g fo r m eetin gs, co n gresses an d fairs h ave th e o p p o rtun ity to exp erience the eastern and the western cultures together amongst the artworks reflecting a history of thousands of years.

Te l Faks E- mail We b

O c to b e r 2013

: +90 212 454 25 03 : +90 212 454 25 06 : info@ihlasfuar.com : www.ihlasfuar.com


74 HTE

Co u n t in g d o w n fo r t h e d e b u t o f HOM E&TEX Fa ir , Is t a n b u l! TETS IAD P r esid en t Ku cu kca lik, “Th e h om e t ext ile a n d d ecor a t ive p r od u ct s h a ve a volu m e of 1 0 billion d olla r s in d om est ic m a r ket . We exp ect a 2 billion d olla r s of t r a d e vo lu m e a t H om e&Tex Fa ir .”


he p remiere edition of H ome&Tex Show of Istanbul, second to Evteks, will be held at CNR EXP O , Istanbul, November 1 4 -1 7 , 2013 O rga n ize d by C NR Se cto ria l Fa ir O rga n iza to n , a C NR H o ldin g comp any, in collaboration with Turkish H ome Textile Industrialists' a n d Busin e ssm e n 's Asso cia tio n (TETS IAD), th e first e ditio n o f H ome&Tex Fair will be held on a wide area as 8 0 thousand square meters with the p articip ation of over 3 0 0 exhibitors to generate 2 billion dollars trade. 1 0 b illio n d o lla r s vo lu m e Talking about the p otential of Turkish home textile and decorative items, TETSIAD President Yasar Kucukcalik said that these sectors have a great volume of 2 0 billion dollars in the domestic market. He stress that the H ome&Tex Fair would generate minimum 2 billion dollars of trade. H e said: “We target a functionality that 1 0 % of this

potential would be generated in our fair. The event will also generate a p ositive p ower for the firms which make foreign trade. We believe that the wholesalers, retailers and decorators who will mainly come fro m Middle East an d Euro p e an d visito rs fro m C.I.S. an d No rth Africa will m a ke ve ry fruitful co n ta cts with th e e xh ibito rs. ” H o m e &T e x g o o d fo r “ C o n t r a c t B u s in e s s ” , t o o ! Pointing out that the comp anies op erating in the fields of contract areas such as office, hospital and housing projects, Yasar Kucukcalik said th at H o m e&Tex wo uld be a go o d ven ue fo r th e textiles an d deco rative item s used in h o tel, restauran t, café, bo at, yach t, etc. industries. Kucucalik said that for the first time in Turkey there would be a trend area p rep ared by Turkish designers. “The world home textile trends are set by Turkey. The fact that the Turkish designers will p rep are the trend area in this fair is a good indication of this,” Kucukcalik asserted.

Cem S en el, CEO o f CNR H o ld in g, “Wh en t h e d evelop m en t s in t h e sect or a n d t a r get m a r k et s a r e co n sid er ed , H o m e&Tex S h o w wo u ld be t h e biggest fa ir in t h e wo r ld in it s field . Th a t 's wh a t o u r t a r get is.” O c to b e r 2013


TETSIAD President Yasar Kucukcalik

Cem Senel, CEO of Fairs Group of CNR H olding

We t a r g e t w o r ld le a d e r s h ip Sp e a kin g o n h is p a rt, C e m Se n e l, C EO o f Fa irs Gro up o f C NR H o ldin g, sa id th a t th e te a m wh o is be h in d th e glo ba l succe ss o f Evte ks h a s be co m e ve ry succe ssful in H o m e &Te x, to o . H e sa id, “Th e re is n o o th e r fa ir in th e h o m e te xtile a n d sup p le m e n ta ry decorative items in Turkey. O ur fair committee, which has TETSIAD in it, p ushed the button in O c to b e r 2013

this field. The fair assumes a great role not only for domestic market but also for foreign trade when the develop ments in the sector and target markets are concerned. We believe that this fair will start a new era in the trade of sectors and design. There will be standard same-style stands for home textiles and contract textiles for the first tim e in th e Turkish exh ibitio n in dustry. We target to m ake it th e largest show of its kind in Turkey.�


76 HTE

P e r s on a l P r ot e c t ion Te xt ile s : fa b r ic s for h a r s h , h a za r d ou s a n d h os t ile e n vir on m e n t s


Text ile Med ia S er vices h a s p u blish ed t h e seco n d ed it ion of P er son a l P r ot ect ion Text iles, wh ich p r ovid es t h e la t est a n a lysis of t h is fa st -a lt er in g in d u st r y.

n e w p ublica tio n fro m Te xtile Me dia Se rvice s Personal Protection Textiles: Fabrics for harsh, hazardous and hostile environments - outlines the global market for p ersonal p rotection clothing in the institutional, workwear and p rivate sectors, and details the most imp ortant legislation, regulations a n d sta n da rds th a t go ve rn th e ir m a n ufa cture a n d use . Featuring a brief overview of the personal protection equipment (P P E) industry and the wide-ranging use of textile m aterials in vo lve d in th e p ro te ctio n o f h um a n s in a ra n ge o f h a rsh , h azardo us an d h o stile en viro n m en ts, th is fully up dated an d enlarged edition exp lains the latest develop ments with regard to p roduct areas and leading p layers, bringing together the key themes that are forecast to play a prominent role in future generations of p ersonal p rotection textiles. Written by internationally resp ected textile journalist Claudia O llenhauer, this in-dep th rep ort, with around 2 6 0 p ages and 3 5 tables, includes profiles of some of the leading global textile companies that supply speciality textiles for personal protection ap p arel. Som e of these sup p liers of heavy-duty textiles are integrated manufacturers from spinning to weaving or knitting a n d fin ish in g; o th e rs co ve r p a rts o f th e te xtile p ro ce ss. Published in Sep tember 2 0 1 3 , the rep ort features more than 4 0 p rofiles of key p layers in the p ersonal p rotection textiles se cto r, in cludin g 3 M, Akin Te kstil, Alo k In dustrie s, Am e s Europ e, Argar Technology, Beijing Global Technical Textiles, British Mille ra in , Burce , C a rrin gto n C a re e r & Wo rkwe a r, C h a p m a n In n o va tio n s, C h o m a r a t, C o n co r dia T e xtile s, ContiTech Elastom er Coatings, Corp orate Fabrics, DuP ont Safety & Protection, Engtex, Eschler, Everest Textile, Formosa Taffeta, Gehring Textiles, Gentex, Gore, Grassi, H ainsworth, Iben a P ro tect, IBQ Fabrics, In vista Co rdura, J CT, Kerm el, Kettelhack, Klop man, Lauffenm端hle, Mectex, Milliken, MSF Gro up , Ne wte x In dustrie s, No ra fin , S a fe ty C o m p o n e n ts In t e r n a t io n a l, S c h o e lle r T e xt il, S io e n In d u st r ie s, S R Webatex/ Guardiantex, Tekstina, TenCate Protective Fabrics, Textiles Omnes, Theodolf Fritsche, Toray Industries and Vimal, t o g e t h e r wit h d e t a ils o f a r o u n d 5 0 o t h e r s u p p lie r s . O c to b e r 2013


80 HTE

Tu r kis h h o m e t e xt ile s e c t o r d e c o r a t in g t h e wo r ld T

he home textile sector in Turkey has sustained its de ve lo p m e n t a s a bra n ch o f te xtile a n d ga rm e n t industry. This venture, which began with the weaving

industry in Anatolia, has become famous with weaving in a number of regions. These include the Buldan Fabric of Denizli, the Silk of Bursa and Corum's Kargi Fabric,

O c to b e r 2013


just to n am e a few. Th e facto ry co n structed in Izm it, o r th e “H ereke Fabrika-i H umayun�, has throughout its 1 5 0 year history p ioneered the p roduction of many towel textile goods extending from silk weaving to carpets, from clothing to socks. With the jacquard workbenches, introduced from France in 1 8 5 0 , p roduction of the fabrics for flooring and curtains today has become an imp ortant and indisp ensable p art of home textile. O c to b e r 2013

82 HTE

After 1 9 9 0 , the home textile sector developed dramatically and Turkish home textile products have reached a position in which they can comfortably compete in world markets. Th e m ain reaso n s fo r th is are a h uge variety in fabric and design, p roduction with latest technology, utilization of innovative and modern design and motifs, as well as a combination of the highest level quality and reasonable p rices. Today in Turkey, all typ es of home textile goods a re be in g m a n ufa cture d a n d Turkish h o m e te xtile p roduction is p rogressing on the road to becoming one of the leading markets thanks to greater p roduct variety and excellence in quality.

O c to b e r 2013


The Turkish home textiles industry has recently achieved success in dealing and combating with the negative aspects of the global economic crisis. Turkey is one of the major centers setting the trends and fashion in the global home textiles industry and Turkey is one of the world's top three exp orters of home textiles, with 5 % global market share. Turkish home textiles possess some critically unique features. Primarily, the sector, having a very strong quality image abroad, has a machinery p ark with the latest technology and an infrastructure with a flexible working style and a highly qualified labor force which can p roduce a wide range of products. The “Turkish Home Textile Sector�, unlike contracting manufacturers of only name brands - as in many divisions of textile; is one of the brilliant sectors with its design, product technology, R&D investments, p roduction cap acity and its worldwide brand names. Today, Turkey is exporting its own special collections to mature markets such as EU & USA and also exp orting to rising markets such as CIS, Far East and The Middle East. O c to b e r 2013

In 2 0 1 1 , it s e xp o r t vo lu m e s u r p a s s e d 3 b illio n d o lla r s . The sector offers highly quality production in a global market with its capacity, technology, quality and trend creating designs and is raising its market share by increasing p romotion and marketing activities. Among the main factors p roviding success in the sector, is brand creation. Today, it is apparent that the companies which truly ascend in terms of their brands become more p owerful in the international arena. Furthermore, adap ting to high value-added quality p roducts, participation in international fairs in order to introduce Turkish home textile p roducts, consideration of intellectual p rop erty rights, human health, environment and total quality management issues also aid in increasing the comp etitiveness in the sector. High scale companies acquire the highest level quality in all stages of production by integrating the production process from fiber and fabric manufacture to p roduct design, p ainting, finishing and sewing. This process has brought the companies acting in the home textile sector

84 HTE

to very key positions in Europe and worldwide. Here are some facts: The machinery p ark established to p roduce embroidery an d guip ure in Turkey is th e largest m ach in ery p ark in th e wo rld. Th e la rge st be ddin g fa cto ry in Euro p e is in Turke y. Turke y is o n e o f th e to p th re e sup p lie rs o f curta in s a n d embroidery in Europ e, and is also one of the top three global suppliers of towels. All of these companies run at high capacity, usin g m o dern tech n o lo gy an d a h igh ly qualified labo r-fo rce with well-trained human resource representatives. The success that this industry has gained in international trade is a result of the hard work of small and medium sized firms as well as la r g e , m o d e r n a n d ve r t ic a lly in t e g r a t e d c o m p a n ie s .

O c to b e r 2013


According to data from Turkish Statistics Institute, more than 5 5 0 0 comp anies are active in p roduction in the home textile industry. The major centers of p roduction are Istanbul, Denizli, Bursa, Izmir a n d Usa k. Co n ce n tra te d p ro ductio n o f n e t la ce a n d sh e e ts a re ce n te re d in Bursa a n d Ista n bul a n d th a t o f bla n ke t we a vin g in Usak.The most important events in terms of providing accessibility to foreign buyers are the various exhibitions and fairs. The trend of growth in the sector is increasing daily with intensified involvement of the sector in the fairs in a greater attem p t to introduce itself and market its p roducts.At the end of 2 0 1 1 , the total exp orts of textile and clothing of Turkey is recorded as 2 4 billion USD. Total textile exp orts of Turkey are 8 billion USD. Total H ome Textile e xp o rts o f Turke y a re re co rde d a s 3 billio n USD. To we ls, be d sh e e ts, curta in fa bric, ba th ro be s, th e o th e r furn ish in g a rticle s, curtains, interior blinds, curtain and bed valances and up holstery fabrics are the main exp ort articles. Main exp ort p roducts among the Turkish H ome Textile p roducts (2 0 1 1 ) * 1 . Towels, 6 3 4 million dollars 2 . Bed sheets, 6 0 0 million dollars 3 . Curtain Fabric, 3 9 0 million dollars 4 . H ome Tex. - O ther items 3 8 7 million dollars 5 . T h e O t h e r F u r n is h in g Ar t ic le s , 3 0 3 m illio n d o lla r s Turkish H ome Textile Exp orts By Country (The first five in 2 0 1 1 ) 1 . Germany, 7 1 2 million dollars (2 2 %) 2 . Russian Federation, 3 0 2 million dollars (1 6 %) O c to b e r 2013

3 . U n it e d S t a t e s o f Am e r ic a , 2 2 5 m illio n d o lla r s (7 %) 4 . France, 2 0 3 million dollars (9 %) 5 . Iran, 1 5 3 million dollars (3 %) *Source: Exp orters' Associations


88 HTE

Bu r s a w in d b lo w s in P a r is ia n fa s h io n fa ir s P r em ier e Vision a n d Texwor ld Fa ir s h ost ed 1 7 6 Tu r kish exh ibit or s of wh ich 3 9 con sist ed of Bu r sa -ba sed com p a n ies.


iannually held at P aris Le Bourget fairgrounds, P remiere Vision and Texworld fairs attracted around 7 0 0 exhibitors of which 1 7 6 were from Turkey. The main disp layed items of the fair were susta in a ble , e n viro n m e n ta lly frie n dly a n d e co lo gic p ro ducts.

The Bursa-based comp anies p ulled attention with their exp erience a n d qua lity p ro vin g th e ir co m p e titive stre n gth a t e ve ry p o sitio n . Particip ating in the fair where Uludag Textile Exp orters' Association (UTIB) also had a stand, Mr. Engin Alemdar, Chairman of the Board O c to b e r 2013


of Fabra Tekstil, stated that the Turkish rep resentatives were very active and efficient at the fairs and that they made very p rofessional p resentations no less than leading comp anies of the sector coming from countries such as India, China, J ap an, South Korea and Italy. Alemdar said that buyers mainly came from Europ ean countries and there was a visible increase in the number of visitors coming from especially Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Austria. The largest fabric fair Alemdar stressed that Tewxworld was the biggest fabric fair of the wo rld a ddin g th a t in a dditio n to its be in g th e m e e tin g p o in t fo r p rofessionals in the textile and clothing world, it also offers a trade atmosphere where quality products could be found for most reasonable p rices. H e further added that p rofessionals had a chance to witness design an d p ro ductio n ap p licatio n s at wo rksh o p s durin g th e fair. Alemdar reminded that the next fair would be held in Shanghai with th e p articip atio n o f o ver 5 0 th o usan d visito rs, March 3 -5 , 2 0 1 4 . Ap p r a isa l fo r Bur sa te xtile p e o p le fr o m Duba i busin e ssm a n Ashok Shewakramani, a businessman from Dubai, said, “I witness that Turkish p roducers in general and Bursa comp anies in p articular

O c to b e r 2013

increase their quality and standards during last decade. Turks have a lo t to sa y in de sign , to o . We , to o , sp re a d th is qua lity to m a n y co un tries o f th e wo rld th ro ugh o ur so lutio n p artn er fro m Bursa.” Green textile on the agenda H ighlighting the fact that the demand for environmentally friendly textiles has been increasing every day, Shewakramani continued, “In addition, this demand is not only coming from big brands who are loyal to organic p roduction but also from young designers, too. With the offering of environmentally friendly suits by more brands every day, this trend is on the increase for the develop ment of the sector. Th e n um be r o f co m p a n ie s fo cusin g o n gre e n te xtile s h a s be e n increasing ever year.” S h e wa kra m a n i n o te d th a t th e n um be r o f visito rs co m in g fro m America, Canada, Chili, Peru, Australia, Africa, UAE, Thailand and J ap an had increased and added, “This edition of the fair was better than p revious ones. Buyers came back. They know what they are looking for. They have bigger budgets. Offering the best quality/ price alternatives the fair, which will direct the future trade, has been a great exp erience this year.


90 HTE

Ho m e t e xt ile a n d d e c o r a t io n w o r ld m e e t s a t “Ho m e &Te x” in N o ve m b e r

Aim in g t o a n swer t h e n eed s of d om est ic a n d in t er n a t ion a l m a r ket s for h om e t ext ile a n d d ecor a t ion wor ld , H om e&Tex Fa ir is h eld a t CNR Exp o, Ist a n bu l, 1 4 - 1 7 Novem ber .

O c to b e r 2013



h e fa ir is o rga n ize d by CNR Sectorial Fairs Co. Inc., one of CNR H olding comp anies in coop eration with th e Asso cia tio n o f Turkish H o m e T e xtile In dustr ia lists a n d Businessmen (TETSIAD). T h e la t e st t r e n d in t h e wo r ld , specially designed single type stands will be ap p lied first in Turkey in this fair.

O c to b e r 2013

92 HTE

With his great experiences in Evteks, Boat Show, ISMO B and similar fair o rgan izatio n s th at to tals abo ve 5 0 annually and with its great network, C NR H o ldin g te a m will p ut th e ir publicity and marketing efforts in the H o m e &Te x Fa ir to m a xim ize th e number of p articip ants and visitors. Be side s do m e stic co m p a n ie s a n d visito rs, wh o le sa le rs, re ta ile rs a n d decorators from Russia, Middle East, Europ e, Countries of Indep endents States and Africa region are targeted for the event. O c to b e r 2013


Th e fa ir is re ga rde d a s a gre a t a d va n t a g e fo r p a r t ic ip a n t comp anies to watch and to exhibit t h e la t e s t d e ve lo p m e n t s a n d innovations in the industry and to g e t t in g t o k n o w a b o u t t h e ir co m p e t it io n d ir e ct ly a n d t h e ir comp etitive p ower.

O c to b e r 2013

Tulle s, dra p e rie s, e m bro ide rie s, a cce sso rie s, up h o lste ry fa brics, kitch en an d din in g ro o m textiles, sleep and bedroom products, towels and bathroom p roducts, floor and wall coverings and lighting fixtures a re m a jo r ca te go rie s o f p ro duct p o r t fo lio o f t h e o r g a n iza t io n .

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