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What to Look For in a Good Dog Boarding Kennel Not every trip is feasible for your pet to accompany you. Although some people arrange vacations based on their dog-friendly features, one may want to visit certain places or go on cruises, which would mean leaving your pet behind. In that case, you need to look around for a good dog boarding kennel where your pet can be tended to while you are away. A good dog boarding kennel can actually be a comfortable destination for your pet. Most of the kennels offer new sights and sounds, the chance to meet new canine companions, fun and frolic in the open, and people who love playing daily with dogs. Some kennels also offer groomers, vets, and nutritionists, as a part of their staff. Now the question arises, how do you find a reliable dog boarding kennel? One of the best ways to find a boarding kennel is through personal recommendations. You can ask your veterinarian, the trainer, or your friends who keep pets. Alternatively, you may also look for kennel listings on the local Yellow Pages. Once you have shortlisted a few boarding kennels, you need to contact each of them, set up an appointment and inspect the premises. The next thing to ask yourself would be how you will evaluate a dog boarding kennel. When you visit the kennel, the first thing that you should consider is whether the premises look and smell clean, and make sure that other dogs are not barking too much, as too much of barking is bound to stress the other dogs in the facility. You also need to pay close attention to the tracks or runs. If they are indoor or outdoor, your dog can have the option to go outside if the weather permits, or stay warm and dry if the weather is bad. Check that the runs are properly ventilated and lit, and that they are maintained at a comfortable temperature. You also need to ask if clean bedding is provided or if you would need to bring your own. Another thing to find out would be how often dogs are exercised. While on a tour of a dog boarding kennel, observe the behaviour of the employees and how they interact with the dogs. The people tending to your dog should be actually caring and not just do a job for the money. Before boarding your dog, find out the required papers you need to submit at the facility, such as proof of vaccinations, or any veterinary prescriptions. With vaccination schedules changing every now and then, ask how they take care of dogs that have not been vaccinated recently. The next thing to find out would be if the dog boarding kennel will feed the food your pet is used to and if you should bring a supply of your own food, before leaving. Also find out if they have a veterinarian on call in the case of an emergency.

In short, don't leave your dog at a boarding kennel you have not properly checked and personally visited. That could ruin your peace of mind while you are on vacation. To know more about Dog Friendly Accommodation and to gain some insightful knowledge on Puppy Day Care then visit our website. This article has been taken from

What to Look For in a Good Dog Boarding Kennel