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What to Know Before You Select Dog Kennels and Boarding When you are away from home on work or taking a break from your rigorous routine, if you are a pet owner, it is not always possible to carry your pet along with you when you travel. Difficult for both you and your pet, the least you can do for peace of mind, is make sure that your dog or cat has a safe and snug place to stay in while you are away. If you plan to consider Dog Kennels And Boarding, it would be a good idea to ask your friends, relatives who are pet owners, or your vet for suggestions and then call the particular facilities for more information. However, before you think of boarding your dog, it is good to know a few things and take a well-informed decision. Most importantly, you need to know what your pet’s temporary boarding place will be like, so it would be best if you could take an inspection tour of the facility to make sure that the environment is clean, hygienic and clutter-free and has well-organized cages or runs. If you dislike the idea of your pet being cooped up inside a small cage, you may also look for pet hotels, pet resorts or in-home pet boarding options that offer more space for your pet to play about, but which are albeit more expensive. Generally, most Dog Kennels And Boarding facilities only allow dogs out twice a day for a short time. However, if you want your pet to get more exposure to fresh air and sunshine, you need to look for a place that offers walking dogs more than twice a day. A sudden alteration in your pet’s diet can affect its system, which could often result in your pet getting sick. Hence, to avoid that, it is better to bring your dog’s regular food to the facility so that your pet eats what it is used to. However, make sure that you leave specific instructions with the boarding facility about your dog’s specific dietary requirements, food restrictions, specific meal times or any medication advised by the vet. Most dog boarding facilities offer daily sessions where the animals are allowed to play together freely, without a leash. This allows some great exercise and fun for your dog, but it is important for attendants to keep a constant supervision on them. All Dog Kennel Boardings need to keep a record of the daily habits of their boarders. Generally most of them keep track of appetite, water intake, urine and faecal output, but they should also be alert enough to immediately detect any abnormal symptoms or signs of sickness. If possible, a daily check by the vet can prevent any major health issues. The most difficult part for pet owners is selecting the boarding facility and interacting with its owners. You also need to enquire about the basic amenities as well as boarding charges before you sign the contract. Once you are satisfied that the facility will keep your pet secure and comfortable, you can go ahead and sign the agreement.

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What to Know Before You Select Dog Kennels and Boarding