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Homestead Harvest was founded in 2003 by Marie Dean

We offer dehydrators from leading manufacturers such as Harvest Saver, Nesco American Harvest, FMA Omcam, and The Sausage Maker.

Homestead Harvest Homestead Harvest, located in the Northwest, is a family owned company dedicated to you the home food preparer and preservationist. Whether you are a novice beginner or a seasoned veteran, our focus is to provide information, along with top quality products for preserving your garden. Our products will help you preserve the natural taste and freshness of everything you have worked so hard to grow. Preserve fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs effectively with state-of-the-art canning, drying, and freezing equipment. Nearly every product we carry is chosen by the high ratings it receives and comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We are launch that product

Heavy Duty Nutcracker List: $500.00 Order Yours: $449.99

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Call 1-877-300-3427 (USA/Canada). To dial direct call 1-360-756-5045.

Homestead Harvest was founded in 2003 by Marie Dean  

Every gardener relishes the splendor of a garden. We, at Homestead Harvest, offer resources for you to continue that enjoyment all year roun...