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Peak Pineapple



Breezy looks for your

OUTDOOR SPACE From the balcony to the backyard

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JUNE/JULY 2016 $4.95 07


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PRODUCT SHOWCASES: Outdoor Living and Appliances

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Spots are great, just not on your faucet. Spot Resist™ finish, only from Moen. Because you have better things to do than clean your faucet.

Š 2012

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Moen Incorporated .

2013-06-26 9:44 AM

5211 Noble Grey

BRING YOUR DREAM KITCHEN TO THE SURFACE. Caesarstone's 2016 collection now surfacing. Get inspired at

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for a


catalog visit us online


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{june/july 2016}




COVER STORY 28  An elegant outdoor design


DESIGN GUIDE 34  The indoor grasses that

IN TOUCH 12 STAY Giveaway: Honeywell

HOUSE TOUR 39  How a designer injects

14 NEWSWORTHY Industry news and events FINDS 19 HOME With summer at our doorstep,

transforms a Vancouver backyard into a sumptuous retreat

dress our interiors

sophisticated style into each room of a country home

DESIGN EXPERTS 44  The eco choices that add substance to style


 DECOR TIPS The perfect mix of cottage touches to an urban condo

BEFORE & AFTER 52  The seamless design from

interior to exterior successfully unifies a Toronto property

Everything for your home under our roof!

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The sun sets on Cobi’s P.E.I. cottage

Air Purifier

indulge in our picks for a fun-filled season outside

DESIGN DESTINATION 26  Stunning architecture and a

vibrant design scene make Chicago a must-see destination

INSIDE DESIGN 36  Samantha Sannella offers tips on creating an ideal respite on a balcony June/July 2016 :: 5

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64 GREEN THUMB 68  Find out the best

perennials to plant in sun or shade


 TREND WATCH Prime summer decor—the pineapple



 FROM THE RENO EXPERT Start with function, end with form


 EXTERIOR BUILDING Long-lasting products are key to outdoor home improvement projects


 BILD All you need to know about building permits


The winning renovations and companies recognized at this year’s Awards luncheon, including the Renovator of the Year


ONTARIO CHAPTER–DESIGN COMPETITION AWARDS Full coverage of the 2016 award-winning kitchens and bathrooms


 NATIONAL HOME SHOW RECAP The RENO & DECOR booth served up solid design advice. We thank all our National Home Show participants

DESIGN/BUILD EXPERT 70  Do you move or


Peak Pineapple



Breezy looks for your

OUTDOOR SPACE From the balcony to the backyard

P lus

renovate? The milliondollar question








PRODUCT SHOWCASES: Outdoor Living and Appliances


6 :: June/July 2016

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A world of possibilities for your bathroom




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Professional means different things to different people. For DCS it’s about design that delivers, construction that lasts a lifetime and performance that is consistent. Introducing the latest generation of DCS high-performance grills; serious outdoor kitchen equipment for people who are made to grill.

DCS EXPERIENCE CENTERS: A&D Building, Suite 361, 150 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10155 T: 888.979.4535 SOFA International Center, 6900 Airport Road Suite 207, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8 T: 905.569.4001

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2016-05-03 11:16 AM

DESIGNED TO MATCH Fisher & Paykel products are designed for every size space from a compact apartment to a spacious family room. With the performance required by both a weekday cook and a weekend gourmet, we have the perfect match for your kitchen and the life lived within it.

Fisher & Paykel Experience Centers SOFA International Center, 6900 Airport Road Suite 207, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8 Toronto, T: 905.569.4001

9660 FP SDA Brand FP AD_Reno Decor_8x10.75_FA_2016-04-28.indd 1 Untitled-4 1


A&D Building, Suite 361, 150 East 58th Street, New York NY 10155, T: 888.979.4535

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No regrets

We look forward to hearing from you and welcome your feedback. Do you have a reno or decor question for our team of experts? Email

building but what happened in it over those precious years. That’s what I’m trying to convince myself as I pack up our personal belongings—that I’ll have those memories forever. I don’t need to say goodbye to them like I do to my view of the harbour. The fact is, our family has grown up and it wouldn’t matter if we had a cottage around the corner or in Timbuktu. This is a classic tale of change; years pass and time moves on. It isn’t our little cottage’s fault that the kids grew up, and aren’t we glad that we had the guts to listen to our hearts instead of our minds for once and make the bold move to own down there in the first place. I’ll cherish those summer holidays and the trips that I made alone in the spring when I jumped in the car at the airport and felt the fresh breeze on my face and a sense of freedom I haven’t known since I was a little girl. And so onward we move to new times and family phases. Of course, it’s cliché but it’s going to help me when I have to close the cottage door for the last time knowing that by doing this, other doors will open, and I’m going to do my best to try to enjoy the excitement of not knowing what’s around the next corner.

Did you know RENO & DECOR is offered free online?


Feel free to write to me about your thoughts of home:



y husband and I sold our little P.E.I. cottage. We owned it for 10 years and although it wasn’t exactly practical, it made all the sense in the world to us. I’ve never had such mixed feelings about anything in my life as I did about this sale. My love of planning for the future usually helps me make decisions with strong conviction and sureness because I’m ready to move onto the next thing. But this time, I don’t know what the next thing will be that will bring us the joy we’ve had from P.E.I. I know why we sold: Our kids have grown to be young adults and although they love the place, they have summer jobs and commitments of their own. We could leave them but 1,700 kilometres is a long way away and that would bring its own set of worries (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). If it was just that, we might have decided to rent it for a few years and not use it ourselves. But, to be honest, it isn’t the building we would want if we were to be there more in our future. Another point we factored in is that real estate prices haven’t gone up in 10 years. As Bob says, “Trust us to find the one place in Canada to invest in real estate and see zero increase in 10 years.” All to say, why carry something that we can replace down the road if we so choose? But gosh we love that place—it’s given us so much. We exposed our kids to a completely different culture and part of their heritage. It’s brought us incredible memories of long days at the beach building castles and digging trenches. It’s given us some of the best sunsets we’ve ever seen, some of the best lobster we’ve ever tasted, and new friends. Great times on the porch playing cards in candle light and sunny mornings where just hanging the laundry out on the line is pure pleasure. I believe that’s why it’s so difficult for me to say goodbye. Some of my best memories of our young family are wrapped up in the place. It isn’t so much saying goodbye to the

10 :: June/July 2016

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Dear Cobi, I loved reading about your trip to Ireland. Believe me, you are not an out-of-shape wimp… and I imagine many would agree… if it helps, my idea of camping is full-on between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.—after that I will be at the closest Holiday Inn—comfy, warm bed and no stairs! D.Clarke Dear D., Thanks for your letter, and for the reinforcement that disliking stairs doesn’t translate into a lack of adventure or an impoverished physical state of some sort. Nothing beats a good night’s rest to face all the new adventures a vacation can offer. My travel diary certainly got a workout! Cobi

PUBLISHER Michael Rosset


CONTRIBUTORS Jamie Alexander, Larry Arnal, Isabelle Boba, Brendan Charters, Rodney Daw, Evelyn Eshun, Sarjoun Faour, Chris Harrison, Sigrid McCandless, Adriana L Mot, W.J. Muniak, Glen Peloso, Colin Perry, Kimberley Seldon, Bryan Tuckey, Andrei Zaretski





A Honeywell Air Purifier Keep your air in your home clean and fresh all year-round with a True HEPA Allergen Remover Air Purifier from Honeywell, retail value $329.99. Capturing 99.97 per cent of airborne allergens, having an air purifier will help keep your home free of odour and certain germs including: dust, pet dander and pollen. Available at Canadian Tire, Home Depot, and Home Hardware.


The winner of the Dec/Jan giveaway, the salad servers from cobistyle is Janis G. from Pickering. Congratulations Janis!


To enter, email by July 31, 2016, and your name will be entered for a chance to win this Honeywell Air Purifier. One entry per person, per issue. Include your full name, address and daytime phone number to be eligible to win. Open to Canadian residents only, aged 18 and over. No purchase necessary. Winner agrees to have their name published in an upcoming issue.

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12 :: June/July 2016

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For GENERAL FEEDBACK, send snail mail to: Silvana Longo, Editor, RENO & DECOR, 37 Sandiford Drive, Ste. 404, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X5. Or email

Ontario/Canada Chapter

2016-05-05 2:14 PM

The first apron front of its kind. BLANCO IKONTM - SILGRANIT®

The first sink of its kind - BLANCO IKONTM collection offers the popular apron front style with all the product features of our SILGRANIT® material. The farmhouse design of BLANCO IKONTM provides SILGRANIT®’s strength, durability and beauty. The unique architecture and natural beauty create a focal point allowing the sink to become the true heart of the kitchen. BLANCO IKONTM SILGRANIT® sink - apron front masterpiece defined.

Made in Canada

Engineered in Germany

Sink: BLANCO IKON TM | Faucet: BLANCO ARTONATM | Accessory: BLANCO ARTONATM Soap Dispenser

RD_BlancoCanada_JunJul2016.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

4/18/2016 3:01:00 PM 2016-05-02 11:21 AM



On March 11, the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) recognized the best of the GTA’s home renovation and custom-home building industry with its annual Renovation and Custom Home awards luncheon. HOMES Publishing Group is the founding sponsor of the event, which includes awards in nine distinct categories, and our RENO & DECOR team is always proud to present the awards to all the winners, and catch up with the industry’s finest. Congratulations to all the finalists and winners who were recognized for their exceptional professionalism and quality of work in 2015. For complete coverage of the award-winning projects, see page 64. L – R: Trish McNair Sutton, Hope McLarnon, Silvana Longo, Michael Rosset, Fay Splett, Cobi Ladner, Jessica MacInnis, Ani Bogovic & Tony Loria

Chihuly at the ROM The breathtaking works of art from Dale Chihuly, the pioneer of the studio glass movement, are coming to The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) this summer. On display from June 25, 2016 to January 2, 2017, CHIHULY will include several astonishingly colourful and dramatic works of art that offer a sensory adventure. Acclaimed for his site-specific installations, the Seattlebased artist has explored the potential of blown glass for over 50 years. “I’m pleased to be able to bring an exhibition of my work to the ROM,” said Chihuly. “Having been on-site at the museum, I’m really looking forward to presenting my work in this uniquely designed space.” CHIHULY at the ROM will be an immersive, visual experience for visitors of all ages.

MILLE GRAZIE PARTY Always an industry favourite, the muchanticipated Mille Grazie party, hosted by Stone Edge Marble & Granite president Vince Pugliese, had party-goers happy, entertained and well-fed throughout the entire evening. This year the party was held on March 4 at the Supreme Luxury Event venue in Vaughan; between the never-ending Italian feast, wide variety of prizes and dancing, Pugliese has mastered the party formula for a fun-filled evening industry peers always look forward to. A big “mille grazie” to Stone Edge Tile…we are grateful to be a part of it every year.

International quartz distributor SETS UP SHOP IN VAUGHAN Vicostone, a leading global manufacturer of quartz with a slab production capacity of over 25 million square feet per year, is proud to announce the opening of their new Canadian head office and distribution centre at 341 Edgeley Boulevard in Vaughan. Servicing over 40 countries worldwide, Vicostone offers cutting-edge technology and sophisticated design with the largest selection of jumbo slabs available to the market, available in more than 50 colours and three distinct collections. Vicostone’s reputation has been built on integrity while providing personalized, customer service. For further information on products, or for job opportunities, please visit them at

INDUSTRY ACKNOWLEDGMENT The National Kitchen and Bath Association, Ontario Chapter, elected HOMES Publishing Group (HPG) into their Hall of Fame at the annual NKBA awards gala held on April 9 at the Universal Eventspace venue in Woodbridge. Our president and publisher, Michael Rosset, was presented with the honourable award by newly appointed NKBA president, Denise Turner. HPG has supported the association over the past 10 years and is proud to be their official media sponsor. Over the years, HPG has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the NKBA in media space with our many print and online platforms. For a look at the winning bathrooms and kitchens, go to page 74.

L – R: Michael Coulter, Territory Manager, Thai Nguyen, CEO, Sonia Parisi, Office Manager, Dyllan Hurd, Territory Manager, Christian Rocca, Senior Architectural & Design Account Manager, Les Graham, Sales Manager, Don Bruce, Territory Manager

14 :: June/July 2016

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Clearance Sale!

LAST CHANCE! Over 650 different ceramic and porcelain wall and floor tiles priced from $0.59/sq.ft. While supplies last. No Rainchecks. See showroom for details.

Inspiration is now waiting for you at 3 locations Ceramic


Natural Stone




Custom Made Medallions/Inserts


discount with this ad Sale items excluded. While supplies last. Offer expires

July 30, 2016

Visit our new 10,000 Sq. Ft. designer showroom located at 35 Dufflaw Rd. X-Tile Toronto North 78 Signet Drive, Toronto (Hwy 400 & Finch)

416.749.7111 X-Tile Mississauga 563 Queensway East, Mississauga (Queensway & Cawthra)

905.949.8453 NOW OPEN

X-Tile Toronto Central 35 Dufflaw Road, Toronto (Dufferin & Lawrence)


XTile_R_JJ16_v3.indd Untitled-1 1 1

Mon/Tues/Wed 9:30am - 6pm Thursday 9:30am - 8pm Friday 9:30am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 5pm Sunday 11am - 5pm (Signet location closes at 4pm on Sunday)

2016-05-06 11:14 2016-05-09 10:25 AM


Whatever your project may be, Benjamin Moore has the paint that’s right for you.

Colour-Friendly Samantha Pynn says oui to colour BY VICKY SANDERSON

Aura® Exterior

For colour that withstands the test of time.


For a stain that protects your deck and siding against the harshest conditions.

REGAL® Select High Build

For fewer coats and quicker exterior projects.

©2016 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. ARBORCOAT, Aura, Benjamin Moore, Paint like no other, REGAL, and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks of Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited.

P14-16_News_JJ16.indd 16

hen Canadians talk about two solicitudes, they’re usually referring to the linguistic divide that separates Quebec from the rest of Canada. A lesserknown sense in which la belle province is different is in its attitude toward colour, a fact that designer Samantha Pynn acknowledged while discussing the line of kitchen, bed and bath decor she designed for Quebec-based chain Simons, which opened its first Ontario store in March. “Quebecers are way more bold. When I worked (at a style magazine), the interiors in the French counterpart always seemed to have more punch and colour,” says Pynn. That, however, is changing. “There’s more homogenization than before. It’s in part because of the web—there is much more overlap now,” she says. Pynn knew that colour would be an essential element of her line. Fortunately, she says, “In my magazine work, I became very comfortable putting together other people’s colours to tell a story. It’s exciting to tell my own story now.” That tale is told in soothing shades of charcoal, navy, lavender, sky blue, blush, ivory and snowy white, colours which are

repeated—either in patterns or as solids—in the bedding, shower curtains, bath accessories, kitchenware, table linens and pillows that comprise the spring 2016 collection. While the rainbow of shades includes nods to fashion—think of the soft blue and pink heralded as Colours of the Year by Pantone—Pynn believes they have longevity. “These colours are on trend, but they will be workable for a long time. And everything in the collection works with the other pieces, and with what people will already have in their home. That was important to me.”

16 :: June/July 2016

2016-05-05 1:57 PM


REGAL Select Interior ®

Designed to resist stains. Only at Benjamin Moore retailers.

BenMoore_R_JJ16.indd 1

2016-05-04 4:06 PM

260 Jevlan Dr., Unit 3 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8B1 905.851.7089

Omega_R_JJ16.indd 1

251 Speers Rd. Oakville, ON L6K 2E8 905.815.0694

7451 Transcanada Montreal, QC H4T 1T3 514.600.4245

2016-05-11 1:15 PM

HOME FINDS Industrial String Lights, from $19.99; Outdoor LED Marquee Sign, $29.99; 3-Piece Acapulco Chat Set, $249.99; Faux Grass in Ceramic Pot, $16.99; set of 6 Coasters, $12.99;

“ We’re really excited about sleek, contemporary outdoor furniture and accessories. Whether you live in the city or not, an urban approach with elements of modern design feels fresh this summer." Tamara Robbins Griffith, HomeSense Design Expert


The early days of summer are like the long-awaited arrival of a cherished friend who is in town for only a few short months. Inevitably, this means we pack in as much summertime fun as possible outdoors with bountiful nature as our glorious backdrop. Here are R&D’s summer-enhancing picks that will dress up your outdoor space and improve upon an already treasured time of year. June/July 2016 :: 19

P19-24_R_HF_AM16.indd 19

2016-05-05 12:40 PM


“ Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Charles Bowden, American Writer

(3) (2) (1)

Summer is Served

From antipasti to dessert, roll out the outdoor dishware for your favourite summer spreads 1. Melamine Plate, $4.99; 2. Debbie Travis Patterned Dinner Plates, $5.99; 3. Canvas Tuscany Plate (white), $4.99; 4. GlucksteinHome Striped Hammered Irregular Salad Plate, $4.99;


NEXT STOP… MARGARITAVILLE Refined old-world shapes shine in two-toned glassware designed by Aaron Probyn. Each handcrafted glass is blown in Mexico of recycled glass imported from France, glass renowned for its clarity, and lack of the green tint typically seen in recycled glass. Blue-tinted glass forms the bowl to which a clear stem is attached. Once cooled, glass is given a subtle, lustre finish. Del Mar Margarita Glass, $15.95;

MOVEABLE FEAST When the merrymaking moves from your backyard to a tailgate party, you need a portable grill with supreme cooking capacity to fire up almost anywhere. Its small and compact design is ideal for travel and its 258-square inches of cooking area is perfect for family-size meal prepping. BBQTek Portable Grill, $198;

Melamine Leaf Platters, small $3, large $6;

Freshness on the Go PLATE ART This sturdy, informal dinnerware set fools the eye with the appearance of handpainted glazed ceramic. Subtly ribbed, as if formed on the potter’s wheel and rimmed in the natural colour of clay, the plates have faux-glazed interiors and colourful floral medallions that look as if they were painted on by an artist. Ideal for outdoor entertaining but elegant enough for indoor use. If you’re invited, they are packaged with a raffia bow for easy gifting for the host. Caprice Melamine Plates, $10.95 – $29.95;

For the ultimate in store-andserve convenience, this generous bowl with a snap-on lid keeps food chilled and appetizing for picnics or a day trip to the beach. The unique design features a freezer disc that, when frozen for 24 hours in advance, keeps food cold for hours. Custom-fitted servers snap into perfect nesting spots on the lid so they’re there when you need them, eliminating the need for extra utensils. Chill Blue Bowl with Servers, $24.95;

20 :: June/July 2016

P19-24_R_HF_AM16.indd 20

2016-05-05 12:41 PM


Untitled-1 1

2016-05-02 11:41 AM


“ I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.”

L.M. Montgomery, Canadian Author


Bring Your Own Chair

Have some fun with your deck or backyard setting by adding a touch of tiki and tropical-inspired decor to your summer entertaining. Hula Beach Umbrella (six-feet), $30;

Easy and affordable hammock chairs and loungers are portable so you can go from the backyard to the beach in style. Palm Leaf Hammock Chair, (available in Palm, Black or Blue Cabana Stripe), $46;

Yellow Leaf Hammock, $369;


Cobi's Corner

Quaint and tasteful, cobistyle carves a stylish nook in her favourite classic summer hues of blue and white and warm touches of gold.

PRETTY RELAXING… Reminiscent of chairs I have seen in outdoor cafés in Europe, this handwoven, all-weather wicker lounge chair is as pretty as it is comfortable. Perfect for sipping pinot and enjoying gelato, albeit under the Toronto sun. Colorblock Woven Lounge Chair, $559;

Admiral Pillow, cotton/ polyester and featherfilled. 16”x26”, $80; larger size, 22’’x 22’’, $90 Glass Hurricane with brass base 6.75”x12.75”, $120; 8”x15”, $170 Square White Tray with glass and white-lacquer finish, $130

Blue-and-white Porcelain Plate. 4 assorted patterns. 5” diameter, $4 each Gold-finished Stainless Steel Spreader/Fork/Spoon. Set of 3. Gift boxed. $25 Blue-and-white Porcelain Platter, $40 Denim Polyester Pillow. Feather filled. 22”x22”, $85;

22 :: June/July 2016

P19-24_R_HF_AM16.indd 22

2016-05-05 12:41 PM

Every Everyhome homeneeds needsaaheart heart TORONTO TORONTO — MISSISSAUGA — MISSISSAUGA — (416) — (416) 516 9500 516 9500 — WWW.APPLIANCELOVE.COM — WWW.APPLIANCELOVE.COM

Untitled-3 1

2016-05-09 12:00 PM


“ The summer night is like a perfection of thought.”

Wallace Stevens, American Poet

CAFÉ SOCIETY FROM NORWAY WITH LOVE Made of an iron, glass and plastic construction with a stylish matte finish, this eye-catching outdoor light fixture provides up to 137 lumens of light and runs up to 1,000 hours. Oslo Chandelier, $89.99;

PRETTY PENDANT Decorative rattan design pendant lights up a gazebo or umbrella. Energy-efficient, white LEDs are a sustainable lighting solution. Runs up to eight hours when charged. Fusion Solar Rattan Umbrella Light, $119;

These café-style lamps will give your outdoor space that vintage vibe and that je ne sais quoi French flair. CANVAS Marais Outdoor String Lights, $54.99;

Night Bright A simple wall sconce or small pendant can be a simple way to make a backyard or porch feel warm and inviting. By placing accent lights at upward or downward angles and using wall-wash lighting, you can silhouette trees and direct shadows. Choose post-mounted lanterns near driveways and wall-mounted lanterns next to doors for ease of access and to welcome guests. For deck stairs or terraced paths, add step lights to aid in navigation. Contact Royal Lighting for pricing and more information on outdoor lighting systems.

The all-important side table Rocha Outdoor Side Table, $299;

GLUCKSTEINHOME Newport-I Set of 3 Nesting End Tables, $399.99;

Blooms & Plumes Both cushions are inspired by art, this whimsical floral pattern was translated from an original watercolour painting into a modern, silk pillow cover. Roar + Rabbit Outdoor Flower Blossom Cushion, $69; The bright turquoise cushion was inspired by an original painting; it is an all-weather, pre-filled cushion with this gorgeous print on both front and back. Roar + Rabbit Thistle Silhouette Capri Cushion, $59;

Flatweave Spartina Outdoor Rug, 5”x8” $89.99. 8”x10”, $139.99;

24 :: June/July 2016

P19-24_R_HF_AM16.indd 24

2016-05-05 12:41 PM





DEK-16000_XGLOSS_Spectra_Reno & Decor_Toranto _8x10.75.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

DEKTON XGLOSS is the new family of polished Dekton surfaces that presents an extraordinary crystalline shine. A unique new finish, this polish offers a radiant sparkle unlike any other, while maintaining the well-known physical resilience of Dekton. THE BRIGHTEST DEKTON PROPOSAL. WWW.DEKTON.COM

4/19/16 2:48 PM 2016-05-02 11:31 AM


shopping expert


a first-class city From the luminous architecture to the award-winning restaurants, design aficionados revel in the city’s best


Chicago’s success as a city is the result of a longterm commitment to forward -thinking urban planning.



here are several theories about why Chicago is dubbed the Second City. One is that a fire in 1871 so completely razed it that a whole new “second” city had to be built. And that it was. Just 22 years later, Chicago was in a position to host a wildly successful World Exposition. The other refers to the city being deemed second in size and stature to that other great American metropolis, New York, which it famously competed with as the site of the Exposition. Whatever the origin, 21st century Chicago will delight lovers of design, art, architecture, and culture. First of all—where to stay? There’s no shortage of great hotels, but The Langham will have special appeal for design hounds. It’s situated in the first 13 floors of the 52-storey AMA Plaza, which was designed in the early 1970s by Mies van der Rohe, the highly influential architect who left Germany and came to Chicago in the late 1930s. Interior spaces are uniformly stunning. The Langham Club includes a library outfitted with exceptional mid-century modern furniture, including Ray Eames’ iconic lounge chair. Suspended from the soaring ceiling of the reception area is a breathtaking installation of more than 500 glass “pebbles” created by Czech design house Lasvit. Sprinkled through-


out the hotel is a fine-art collection that includes pieces by such important artists as David Klamen, Enon Perez, and Jaume Plensa. The Langham is just steps away from the Chicago River, which, as a link between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, ensured that the city became a hub for transportation and industry. The Chicago Architecture Foundation runs several tours, including a 90-minute river tour that passes more than 50 buildings. A visit to the Art Institute of Chicago is a must. A short ride from downtown is Oak Park, home to Robie House, perhaps the greatest existing example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie style. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust conducts tours, which can be combined with a walking tour of the historic Oak Park neighbourhood, where U.S. President Barak Obama has a home. Decor lovers will want to browse the studios in the emerging area known as the River North Design District. If you like the idea of combining splendid dining and superb design, go to Brindille, the Parisian-influenced restaurant that won a 2015 James Beard Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design. Located in a century-old building, its interior is the work of Chicago designer Tom Nahabedian. Silk-velvet wallcoverings, walnut finishes with rich

26 :: June/July 2016

P26-27_R_VS_JJ16.indd 26

2016-05-05 11:52 AM



1 Chicago’s River North Design District has a Canadian connection – a showroom for Montauk Sofa. 2 Subtle references to trees in lighting and hardware can be seen in Brindille’s host area and bar. 3 Chefs work in a glass enclosure at The Langham’s Travelle Restaurant. Photo courtesy of The Langham.

brass accents warm the room, while a large forest-inspired piece by local artist Lora Forsberg plays on the theme of branches (Brindille is the French word for branch). Nahabedian’s cousin, Chef Carrie, already famous for Chicago eatery Naha, oversees the exquisite menu. For a uniquely American menu, and to see walls lined with 600 of a 1,600-long wine list, head back to the Langham’s Travelle restaurant, which overlooks another famous landmark, the circular Marina Towers. After a visit to Chicago, you may be ready to offer yet another interpretation of its nickname: second to none.

Visit Aspen Wood Floors to explore the more than 2000 options of Mercier wood floors available in an infinite variety of colours, widths, and finishes. Bring the richness into your home décor, and book your installation with us for a professional finish.

Hickory Terra Nova

4 Chicago architect Dirk Lohan ­– and grandson of Mies van der Rohe – worked on the design of the hotel’s entrance lobby. Photo courtesy of The Langham.


Art Institute of Chicago River North Design District Frank Lloyd Wright Trust The Chicago Architecture Foundation The Langham Brindille

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Aspen Wood Floors Awarded Retailer of the Year for Ontario by Mercier Wood Flooring

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28 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:46 AM

dream GARDEN ROOM Countless hours of summer fun for the kids, and an enchanting, relaxing respite for adults in this West Vancouver oasis


fter living in their home for five years, the homeowners of this West Vancouver property became intrigued with the idea of adding a garden room. The prospect of a secluded, little spot outdoors where the whole family and friends could retreat to became very exciting. The couple decided to hire a designer who could give them some ideas and eventually oversee the construction of the space. “I saw a big yard with great potential,” says Negar Reihani, the owner and principal designer at Space Harmony, a boutique interior design firm in Vancouver. “We had 600 square feet of space to work with, and my first thought was that 600 square feet is the size of a condo in downtown Vancouver!” “But bigger doesn’t always mean better,” confirms Reihani. She quickly pointed out that large spaces can become very impersonal, if June/July 2016 :: 29

P28-32_R_vancouver_JJ16.indd 29

2016-05-05 11:47 AM


planned poorly. Luckily, the homeowners had a list of requirements, which helped her visualize the space—an elegant outdoor design that would fulfill their garden room dream.

DESIGN PLAN “The goal was to create a modern, elegant yet romantic space that is both low-maintenance and child-friendly,” says Reihani. Instead of creating one gigantic outdoor kitchen, she broke the space in two with the kitchen on one side and the lounging area on the other side to provide different types of seating and a more visually interesting space. One of the main features is the L-shaped kitchen with a large island as a focal point and centre of all the action. Positioning the kitchen at the back, close to the property line, creates privacy and seclusion. The lounge area is positioned next to the yard so the parents can relax and enjoy their beverages while watching the kids play. The kitchen finishes are light and modern. The V-shaped, white rustic-cladding stone is topped with a grey-quartz countertop. “The countertop resembles concrete— which was the look I was going for—but the quartz is easier to clean and much more cost-effective,” says Reihani. “I love the long trough sink in the middle of the island, it’s so

useful and diverse. You could fill it up with ice and your favourite beverages or place herb planters in it for garden parties.”

LIGHTING SOLUTIONS “It was essential the homeowners were able to use the space during the day as well as late at night, making proper lighting crucial,” says Reihani. “The right lighting solutions can be easily overlooked in outdoor spaces but it’s a very important part of the design.” The timber ceiling of the gazebo is partially open through the use of a generous skylight. This allows natural light to flow through to

The countertop resembles concrete but the quartz is easier to clean and much more cost-effective.

30 :: June/July 2016

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4100 Calacatta Vogue

Inspired by nature. With innovative designs, patterns and colours, matching left and right slabs, our quartz surfaces are already garnering rave reviews: “Quartex Surfaces are beautiful.” COME AND EXPERIENCE OUR STATE OF THE ART SHOWROOM 31 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit B, Concord, Ontario L4K 5V5 1.844.9QUARTZ (978.2789) Follow us on: #quartexsurfaces

From our 2016 Collection

3060 Modena Fog

Untitled-3 1

3080 Sweet Mocha

4100 Calacatta Vogue

4200 Chic Statuario

2015-11-03 4:22 PM


the back of the kitchen. There is a long track of lighting hidden behind one of the beams over the island, which provides ample lighting for the entire kitchen. The lounge area is lit by a large, roundpillar candle chandelier to create a romantic ambience. Behind the sectional there are a few dimmable floor-recessed lights that add some drama to the space. “My favourite lighting element in the space—besides the chandelier—is the whimsical moon lights,” adds Reihani. “They are hard-wired and could be moved around and used for seating, or as decorative lighting, or both.”

FINISHING TOUCHES “With Vancouver’s weather, we needed all furnishings and final touches to be fully weather-proof while being inviting and comfortable,” says Reihani. With a 12-footlong sectional and a cluster of pillows, the lounge area is the perfect place to hang out and chill. “The wooden structure and muted tones of the furniture put the emphasis on the lush surroundings of nature, it makes you feel like you are sitting in an elegant tree house,” says the designer. The large fire

table grounds the seating area and adds warmth and sparkle at night. “I added an invisible curtain rod behind the beam where the sectional is for sheer muslin drapes in summer. It’s an elegant feature and a good option to have for special occasions,” says Reihani. The modern, stainless-steel stools by the kitchen island are an excellent choice for outdoor use. When asked about the pond next to the outdoor space, Reihani explained that the homeowner decided on adding the pond once the concrete was poured for the gazebo. He had wanted a water feature in the backyard but wasn’t sure which way to go. Although he considered a pool, safety concerns and the fact that it would have eliminated the grass play area for his two small kids, made him decide against it. A pond offers the best of both worlds, which is both beautiful and fun for the children. “I’m so glad I could realize the full potential of this backyard and turn it into a relaxing oasis for the homeowners to enjoy for many years to come.”

The large fire table grounds the seating area and adds warmth and sparkle at night.

With over 20 years design experience, Negar Reihani is known for her elegant and simple approach to high-end, polished interiors that celebrate the tastes and lifestyle of her clients.

32 :: June/July 2016

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vineyard Collection

DELIVERY & SET UP IN COTTAGE COUNTRY AVAILABLE 3019 Dufferin St. Toronto (416) 551-6055

We supply and install stylish and durable deck tiles, specializing in balconies, patios & terraces. Contact us for a fast, friendly and free quote.

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R+D decor expert



Not just for outdoors, grasses are a growing trend inside the home


SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS This time of year, it’s all I can do to keep my shoes on and resist the temptation to romp barefoot through every patch of grass I can find. Whether it’s a clipped green lawn or the sight of tall waving beach reeds, grasses have a sensuous, summertime attitude that many (myself included) find highly attractive. Fortunately, a growing trend to decorate with natural materials such as grasses, leaves and reeds means that nature’s bounty is nearly as plentiful indoors as out.


FLOORS Consider natural-fibre weaves as an alternative to carpeting. Seagrass, sisal, coir, jute and rush are currently much in demand. Individual materials vary widely in performance so make sure to discuss the merits and limitations before making a purchase. Natural


Paired with linen or patterned draperies, matchstick or bamboo blinds are perennially pleasing and quite affordable.

sisal isn’t ideal carpeting for playrooms, as the coarse texture is uncomfortable to crawl or play on. A wool or synthetic carpet that imitates the look of sisal is a better choice in this case.

WINDOWS Bamboo or matchstick blinds are an ideal window covering in tight places where draperies would take up too much wall space. Not only are these blinds economical, they are also resistant to humidity and moisture and come in either natural or stained finishes; making them highly serviceable and decorative. Natural finishes are typically variegated in colouring ranging from deep brown to pale maple.

Bamboo blinds can be mounted inside or outside the window casing. Inside mounted window coverings, leave room for a valance or draperies. Outside mounting makes windows appear larger. To determine the width for an inside mount, measure in three places; record the narrowest width. For height, measure in three places, and use the longest length. To determine the width for an outside mount, measure from the left outside edge of the frame to the right outside edge. For the height, measure from the top outside edge to the bottom outside edge. Many blinds come in stock lengths, so round up to the standard length closest to your measurement.


Paper walls with grass cloth when a natural and tranquil atmosphere is desired. The intricate texture lends depth and warmth to ordinary walls. Admire the natural variations in colour and texture inherent in woven materials. Grasses, like any harvested material, are subject to all sorts of primitive uncertainties such as bad weather and poor harvesting conditions. These pulls and slubs enhance the artisan quality of the goods. Modern dyes produce a nearly unlimited palette so you’re not limited to neutral colours when making a selection.

34 :: June/July 2016

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SINK & FAUCET With Purchse Of Countertop Min. 40 Sq.Ft. Must Present this ad

)"3%800%t-".*/"5&4t$03,t&/(*/&&3&%)"3%800% From exotic hardwood to quality laminate floors, The Floor Shop has it all! Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the right choice. Each showroom has 140 large hardwood panels for viewing and hundreds of samples also on display. We install everything on display, and remember... The Floor Shop also does stairs! Our business has been built on referrals.








GRANITE Countertops





Kitchen Cabinets w Sinks w Faucets w Backsplash w Porcelain Tiles w Marble w Mosaics w Medallions


8111 Jane St., Unit #8



1862 Dundas St. E.



Experience quality FRANKE products like the FF-2100 at any one of The Water Closet Luxury Bath and Kitchen Showrooms. ETOBICOKE 65 WORCESTER ROAD ON M9W 5N7

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R+D architecture


No Yard …

No Problem


Balconies, as an extension of our living space, can offer a wonderful respite from city living. Here’s how you can create a lovely oasis, just beyond your balcony door

The location of the balcony determines its use. Is it located off a public space such as a living area, or a private bedroom space? What is the view? Can you enjoy a stunning sunrise or sunset, or do you need to shield the view to a neighbouring roof? How much sunshine do you get? This will determine the types of plants that can be used. How

will you use the space—as a quiet reading space, an herb garden, or an entertainment area?

MEASURING UP Can the balcony accommodate only a single chair or chaise lounge, or is there enough space for a table and chairs? Many balconies in new condominiums are “standing-room only” and every

square inch must be considered before purchasing items. Measure the floor space and also the height of the railings and sidewalls. Many condominiums have thin glass railings and sidewalls, and regulations that prohibit making holes into the aluminum frame, which make vertical gardening a challenge.

CONTAINERS Among the many beautiful containers available today, my my go-to places are Planters Perfect or Greenville Planters. Both are Canadian distributors and they offer an extensive selection of modern and traditional planters. Custom options are also available. Many balconies are equipped with hose bibs, which make watering more convenient. In this case, consider self-watering containers that have a reservoir at the bottom—capillary action waters the plants. If you are short on floor space, consider a railing-mounted planter. I’m a big fan of Lechuza SelfWatering Planters. Remember, one oversized container makes more of an impact than several small pots.

The custom table and hand-carved antique at the sidewall add warmth to this quaint outdoor space

PLANTS Once you decide whether you want a food or flower garden, there are still some choices to be made. Do you want to attract butterflies or birds? Is your balcony accessible to squirrels or rabbits? Designing to attract or deter



36 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:35 AM

“Currently, I am in love with


Andrew Richard’s Origin Collection.”

insects and animals is a consideration. Unless you have room in your home or garage to “winter over” plants, you will want to consider annuals. They provide the most colour and often bloom from May to November. Do your research on shade gardens vs. partial sun or sunny gardens. Vegetable gardens need about five hours of sunlight per day. This means food gardens should typically face south or west. The more direct light the plants receive, the better their performance. Easy-to-grow plants include oregano, parsley, rosemary, basil, tomatoes, and peppers. Cucumbers, radishes and some lettuces will also flourish. Tropical plants, such as fuchsia bougainvillea, are a stunning addition to a balcony. However, they can be expensive, so bring them indoors before the first frost. Begonias, hostas, impatiens, ferns and violets are good examples of plants that thrive in the shade. Remember, outdoor soil is not suitable for pots. Choose a soil-less potting mix and fertilize frequently for the best results.

FURNITURE When shopping for outdoor furniture, look for pieces in cast aluminum, teak, stainless steel or faux wicker. Andrew Richards offers a patented woven material called Solartex, which evokes

the look and feel of wicker and can withstand salt, sun and extreme temperatures. Shop around online to determine the styles and prices that suit your taste.

ACCESSORIES Don’t forget about fire pits and patio heaters (if regulations allow), lanterns and screens. Many retailers offer bamboo screens or faux boxwoods that can help with privacy or less than desirable views. They also look great in the winter months and can be a backdrop for holiday balcony decor.

FLOORING Interlocking patio decking modules improve the look of concrete balconies and are easy to install. Deck tiles come in natural-wood choices such as Ipe, teak, cedar, acacia, as well as composite materials, stone or porcelain tiles. Some companies offer sandstone, mosaic and pebble tiles, such as Swiftdeck.

Origin Lounge Chairs

Paris Bench

Outdoor rugs can ground the space and add a pop of colour and style to the area. Because rugs can deteriorate or fade in the summer sun, consider UV-treated, 100 per cent polypropylene rugs. While natural jute or sisal rugs look great, they can get mildew and be difficult to clean.

HAVE FUN Most importantly, have fun with your space! Whether creating an elegant oasis or a fun entertainment space, consider adding personal touches like artwork, garden statues or part of your favourite collection. Battery-operated water features can help mask city noises and create a relaxing environment. Focus on establishing a theme, such as Mediterranean, beach, coastal, forest or fairy pool, and design your space to inspire and delight.

SOURCES: Page 1: OUTDOOR FURNITURE Chairs,; table custom; FLOORING; PLANTS,, Page 2: Origin Lounge Chairs & Paris Bench June/July 2016 :: 37

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2016-05-05 11:35 AM

NOW OPEN 341 Edgeley Blvd. Vaughan, ON L4K 3Y2 CANADA

Phone: 905-760-7888

Vicostone_R_JJ16.indd Untitled-1 1 1


Fax: 905-760-0388



2016-05-05 2016-05-09 12:40 11:13 PM AM




An idyllic rural setting is the perfect backdrop for sophisticated interiors BY EVELYN ESHUN PHOTOGRAPHY BY LARRY ARNAL


iving in the country with all the conveniences of the city is a lifestyle that many of us, including me, dream of. We recently completed a home like this for two people who are living the dream on a secluded and peaceful 25-acre property just north of the city. Using sophisticated finishes, such as antiqued granite, exotic wood veneers and modern fixtures, we created a delicate balance between the comfort of cottage living and the fashionforward boldness of an urban environment. June/July 2016 :: 39

P39-42_R_countrychic_JJ16.6.indd 39

2016-05-05 11:32 AM


Whale Gray 2134-40



A customized sideboard, made with a dual finish of maple and textured veneer for the drawers, provides ample storage in a sophisticated package. The tall mirror hanging above the sideboard is crisscrossed with random dark-wood lines, providing a sculptural and artistic expression while remaining functional for that quick touch-up before heading out the door. Lucite and polished-nickel sconces are shown bare without shades and installed on a dimmer in order to create the look of candlelight when desired.

The linear nature of the exotic wood, mixed with walnut and slate in a very simple, contemporary design, is the focal point in the great room. A television drops into the cabinet at the touch of a button and can appear and disappear as needed. A 52-inch linear fireplace was installed for functionality as well for its contemporary, urban look. The fireplace, designed purposely without a mantel, discourages the collection of clutter and maintains a sleek and minimal look. The addition of a bench along the length of the built-in allows for additional seating during family gatherings.

Stonington Gray HC-170


(accent colour) Stonington Gray, (main colour) GREAT ROOM: Stonington Gray

40 :: June/July 2016

P39-42_R_countrychic_JJ16.6.indd 40

2016-05-05 11:32 AM


Green Tint 2139-60

Wrapping the walls in a navy-blue grass cloth creates warmth in this small space yet remains utterly sophisticated. The floating vanity, made out of exotic Macassar ebony-wood veneer, is topped off with a stone-vessel sink and black faucet to bring in some natural texture and drama. To accentuate the height of the room, you’ll notice that the tall mirror reaches the crown moulding. To balance the urban expression, a slate counter with a wonderful texture adds a casual feel to the room.

MASTER ENSUITE White marble, quartz finishes and a calm water-like wall colour bring that much-desired spa feeling to this room. A large, frameless glass shower designed with a curbless entry is not only contemporary but also practical for the homeowners as they age; the flat surface will make it easier to enter the shower, preventing slips and falls.

MASTER ENSUITE White marble, quartz finishes and a calm water-like wall colour bring that much-desired spa feeling to this room. A large, frameless glass shower designed with a curbless entry is not only contemporary but also practical for the homeowners as they age; the flat surface will make it easier to enter the shower, preventing slips and falls.


Coventry Gray HC-169

A monochromatic colour scheme of soft greys and cool whites is the perfect backdrop with the contrast of the navy-blue bench and accent pillows. The result is a master bedroom that feels like a luxury hotel suite. The accent wall, with its neutralcoloured geometric wallpaper, adds warmth and personality to this large room. Silk draperies with blackout lining allow the room to be completely blocked visually from the outdoors while bringing softness and luxury to the room. June/July 2016 :: 41

P39-42_R_countrychic_JJ16.6.indd 41

2016-05-05 11:32 AM

HOUSE TOUR Cement Gray 2112-60

Stonington Gray HC-170



The kitchen island provides the cook with adequate prep space, and allows guests to gather for entertainment. Acrylic pendants hang over the island and add a touch of city glamour to this country kitchen. The addition of dimmers makes it easy to set the mood for entertaining or simply lounging. Since the kitchen is adjacent to the dining room, the height of the chairs around the island are similar to the height of the dining room chairs offering extra seating should there be a large gathering. Antique glass doors bring sparkle to the kitchen, reflecting light and shapes while visually blocking the items stored inside.

A pastel palette of greys, mauves and blues will keep the overnight guests happy and coming back for more. Two urn-shaped lamps with high-gloss white shades are a nod to the traditional table lamp design, yet they provide a minimal and contemporary look, with a touch of sparkle and glamour too. Sitting atop a pair of mirrored dressers, this is unquestionably the focal point of the room. A side chair with down-filled seat and back is as comfortable as any traditional wing chair, but the dark-wood slim legs give this chair a more city feel with country comfort. The generously sized area rug, with a geometric pattern adds texture and warmth to the room. It also helps to define the bed and sitting area in this large room.

Evelyn Eshun is a Toronto-based, award-winning interior designer with more than 15 years experience creating custom design projects for the residential market. Follow her @evelyndesigner. or visit her website for more information.


42 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:33 AM

Tobi_NSG16_HOMES QUARTER PAGE 2016-02-25 4:04 PM Page 1



of f 3y0ou%r new! k i t ch



Unit# 16 , 201 Millway Ave.Concord, Vaughan. ON L4K5K8 Tel: 905-760-2125 • 647-861-4207


(905) 270 - 2959 /

p043_R_JJ16.indd 1



UNIT #17 , 201 Millway Ave, Vaughan. ON L4K5K8 Tel : 647-862-4207

Canada Home Design Center IMPROVE Unit # 189 , 7250 Keele St, Vaughan. ON L4K1Z8

HOTLINE 647-861-4207

2016-05-03 11:02 AM

R+D design experts

Healthy HOME

Eco-conscious choices in the home give back tenfold


Steel roofs are financially and environmentally sensible and they are more attractive.

There is a small air space between the old tar roof and the new steel roof.

START AT THE TOP For many people, the thought of having to repair the roof is daunting. Not only does it seem unsexy as a renovation but it can be very expensive. However, leaving it too late can lead to all kinds of problems. Typically, a tar roof is what most people select; however, over time, and because of the expense of oil, the amount of tar in roofing shingles has diminished significantly, making this kind of roofing far less effective than other options. For instance, steel roofs are financially and environmentally sensible and they are more attractive. They offer a vast colour selection and range of design; some resemble shingles, slate and clay, and you can opt for the steel look too. When I (Glen) did my roof in steel, I learned that the shingles remain from the previous roof, thereby minimizing the contribution to landfill. There is a small air space between the old tar roof and the new steel roof, which acts as an additional insulator for the house. I selected a Galvalume product because it reflects the sun’s heat remarkably well, and also because it is the colour of aluminum foil. Longevity is another reason I chose Galvalume. It will last for 100 years and continue to function and look just as good. New Steel Roofers, based in Toronto, installed it without any garbage to speak of—no mess and no need to do it again, ever! It benefits the house, my energy bills, and the planet at large.


henever people think of renovating their homes, we find they tend to focus on the “pretty elements.” It is important, though, to ensure that the structure you are busy making pretty is also sound and healthy. At the same time, you should give serious consideration to the effect that your home improvements will have on the planet, as well as your bank account. If these eco elements are pretty too then you cannot lose.

44 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:11 AM

Custom Built Furnishings

Area Rugs • Carpet • Hardwood • Laminate Cork • Luxury Vinyl • Sisal • Bedrooms • Dining Rooms • Sofas • Dinettes


Turning houses into homes since 1978

103 Miranda Ave. Toronto • 416-787-1707

Customizing an IKEA Kitchen? TM

T. 416.636.5496 680 Rivermede Road, Vaughan Ontario Keele St. North of Highway #7

We have the products and expertise. Allstyle doors are crafted to work seamlessly with IKEA’s Akurum and Sektion cabinets.

Allstyle Cabinet Doors 2820 Slough Street Mississauga, ON


* IKEA is a registered trademark of Inter-IKEA Systems B.V. and Allstyle Cabinet Doors is not affiliated with IKEA in any way. UCS Allstyle ad.indd 1

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15-02-24 1:17 PM

2016-05-05 1:37 PM





Along with dual-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads offer conservative water consumption, without losing the beauty of the faucets, because who wants to have a new bathroom without beautiful faucets? Moen has a square showerhead in the Velocity series that is not only a great choice from a conservation perspective, it also has a very chic appearance. The square shape makes it work well, both in transitional and modern spaces. There are also traditional-style showerheads too. As always, form combined with function gives you the best of both worlds.

..the Nest system learns your behaviour and personalizes a schedule for the most efficient energy use.

TOO HOT, TOO COLD MEETS JUST RIGHT As beautiful as any renovation may be, cold drafty rooms, or rooms that are too warm, will limit one’s enjoyment of those spaces. Spray-foam insulation is a great way to insulate but many have issues with the smell associated with spray foam and the chemical makeup. Icynene is a water-based product that seals any cracks that might allow heat and cooling loss, and it increases the R-value (the capacity of an insulating material to resist heat flow) of your home. Areas that are dry and warm (or cool when they should be) can then be designed as spaces you will enjoy spending time in.


Square showerhead, Velocity series from Moen

Icyene is a water-based product that seals any cracks that might allow heat and cooling loss.

SMART THERMOSTAT To best manage the heating and cooling in a home, you need a system that will efficiently control air flow and temperature. Many digital systems can be programmed for weekdays and weekends but the Nest system learns your behaviour and personalizes a schedule for the most efficient energy use. The Nest can be controlled remotely, so if you extend a vacation for a few days, you can turn the heating or cooling down while you’re away. At the end of each month, you receive a report of your savings for that month. Think about your home both inside and out to make sure you have as much beauty in the structure as you do in the furnishings. A healthy house is a beautiful thing.


Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander are co-founders and principals of Peloso Alexander Interiors. They bring 35 years of combined experience to creating environments that merge the client’s lifestyle, personality, and architecture., twitter @glenpeloso & @glenandjamie,

46 :: June/July 2016

P44-46_R_GlenJamie_JJ16.indd 46

2016-05-05 11:11 AM

Cottage in the City


he breeze that carries with it the sweet smell of the lake or ocean, the feel of mother nature underfoot as you walk in the forest, the sound of little birds chirping in the trees, only to be heard and not to be seen, being one with mother nature. These are the reasons most of us gravitate to a cottage life. Just an hour or so outside of the hustle and bustle of the city is a world of peace and tranquility. The rules of life seem different in cottage country. Life is not as fast paced and you can find yourself just taking a relaxing breath. Some people are blessed enough to have a family cottage to retreat to if the rat race in the city gets to be too much. But many of us do not have that luxury. What we can do is create a little bit of an oasis in our own living space. If you can’t go to the cottage, you can bring the cottage to you. These days everyone is talking about city style at the cottage. But since most of us live in the concrete jungle, we should start thinking about bringing the cottage to the city. And one of the easiest ways to do that is by choosing the right hardwood floors for your space. Let’s face it. The first thing you think about when someone says cottage is wood. Wood on the floors, on the walls and everywhere the eye can see. So by using

hardwood floors in your home, and not just on the floors, you can bring a little bit of that cottage feel into your home. Now hardwood flooring can be very luxurious. Not every kind of hardwood floor is going to give you that cottage feel. Here are some pointers for choosing a more peaceful floor for your home and creating that cottage feel.


Choose a difference species: Most everyone will choose a select and better red oak or maple hardwood floor for their homes. If you want a different feel to your home, try using a different species of wood. The options are limitless. You can choose a harder wood like hickory, which has a lot of natural variations or a softer wood with less of a grain pattern like birch. A different species than what you see in luxury homes will give you a more rustic feel to your home.


Choose a texture floor and wider planks: Forget about a high shine smooth floor. Go for a handscraped, wirebrushed, or distressed flooring. These floors have a more rustic and natural character to them. They also usually come with a matte finish and are easier to maintain in the long run. Wider planks will also look more natural and wild. They will also make your space look bigger and more airy.

Avalon from the Couture Series from Kentwood Hardwood flooring.

M2Flooring_R_JJ16.indd 1


Choose a floor with lots of variation: Natural variation within the wood flooring will also enhance the feeling of being one with the elements. Certain brands like Kentwood Hardwood Floors will even offer you floors marked as “Wild Thing”, which denotes a high degree of variation in the final product. These floors are not only beautiful and modern but they are also timeless and would never age regardless of changing trends.


Choose to be outside the box: These days there are so many other uses for flooring than just putting them on the floor! You can use them on walls, or even ceilings to create more of a visual interest in your home. You can create accent walls using flooring instead of using paint. These types of features could enhance the “cabin” feeling of your space. This oxidized hard maple from Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood Flooring is a perfect example of an accent wall using hardwood flooring.

If this is the kind of idea you would like to implement in your home, then contact M Squared Flooring & Design Centre and let us help you create your ideal “cottage” in the concrete jungle. For more inspiration and information visit us at

Chic from the Natura Collection from Lauzon Distinctive Hardwood.

2016-04-28 1:44 PM


By adding rustic elements to city living, you’ll create a space that feels like an escape while your home remains modern and clean.

48 :: June/July 2016

P48-50_R_luxdesign_JJ16.indd 48

2016-05-05 11:05 AM

How to invite some cottage charm into a slick urban space BY ISABELLE BOBA PHOTOGRAPHY BY SARJOUN FAOUR

When city & cottage collide


here is a certain feeling you get when you walk into a cottage. It starts right when you open the front door and are greeted with the smell of the wood beams. It continues as you collapse onto the comfortable couch and take in the view from the lake. The cottage is all about comfort with a connection to nature. It is where you go to relax and reconnect. The city, on the other hand, is fast, elegant and modern. Dominated by chrome and glass, it has charms of its own. It is where things happen, where life is exciting. Most people separate the two worlds, compartmentalizing their city lives and cottage lives into two diverse categories—one for the rush, the other for relaxation. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to combine these worlds, bringing pockets of relaxation to the chaos. By adding rustic elements to city living, you’ll create a space that feels like an escape while your home remains modern and clean.

IT’S VERY NATURAL The main difference in design between a city apartment and a cottage getaway lies not in the amount of food consumed, the location, or any particular furniture piece, but rather in how each piece was manufactured. Although this does not sound particularly interesting, it explains the overall feel of each environment. In a typical urban apartment, most elements are manmade. Polished chrome fixtures, microfibre sofas, crystal accessories, and plastic chairs are all commonplace in a city but none of those materials can be found in nature. In contrast to that, the cottage is comprised of natural elements, mostly wood. Large pieces of lumber, cowhide rugs and stone fireplaces are the norm. Having said that, it’s not about wood-beam ceilings and fireplaces. Covering your walls with wood is not going to make it feel like an escape. Instead, it’s about letting each existing element breathe and express itself. Rather than covering concrete, let the June/July 2016 :: 49

P48-50_R_luxdesign_JJ16.indd 49

2016-05-05 11:05 AM


These personal memories should lead to your focal point. If you enjoy bike rides, place your bike on the wall. veins and texture show. Instead of polishing the wood to perfection, let it be crooked and full of grooves. On a smaller scale, an unglazed ceramic pot, a fur pillow or an unpolished metal light fixture can have the same effect. These pieces lightly hint at their original forms, and thus bring us a bit closer to nature.

NOTICE THE FOCAL POINT Knowing the feeling you want to achieve is important with any design undertaking, and arguably even more crucial in this case. What is it about the cottage that prompts you to go there? Is it that hammock by the lake? The long walks in the forest or the family dinners? These personal memories should lead to your focal point. If you enjoy bike rides, place your bike on the wall; if it’s the hammock, hang a cocoon chair from a rope; if family dinners are important, consider investing in a long wooden dining table. It is not just any cottage that you want to bring into the city, but your experience of it.

THE 80/20 RULE We have all heard of the 80/20 rule as it applies to work, and it applies to this design as well. The space should be 80 per cent city and 20 per cent cottage. The key to bringing in rustic elements tastefully, without overpowering the modern and clean esthetic of urban living, is to maintain the contrast between them. Keep the palette (the 80 per cent) clean and glamorous. Then bring in the cottage (20 per cent) as accents—a few furniture pieces, plants, landscape photography, focal points. The balance between the two works like complementary colours; each element is emphasized and brightened by the proximity of the other.

Having said that, there does need to be one unifying element: colour. In order for the rustic elements to blend into the space, it needs a neutral backdrop. Bright pink and a live-edge dining table should never be found in the same room. For this look, keep to colours abundant in nature. Deep ocean blues, forest greens, greys, browns and off-whites all work as the main palette. There is still a certain type of magic in going to the cottage that cannot be bottled up and brought to the city. But you can bring back little pockets of memories, moments of relaxation and calm. You can get a little closer to nature every time you enter your home, closing the door on the hectic and exciting rush of the city streets, and breathe in a little tranquility.

Isabelle Boba is the Founder of LUX Design, an interior design firm specializing in commercial and residential spaces.

50 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:06 AM

styles that inspire Visit our showroom to explore the new Paradox collection from Riobel.

123 Dartnall Road Hamilton, ON L8W 3N1 905-575-1210 Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm Sat: 9:30am - 3:00pm




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2016-05-03 2016-04-27 11:14 11:18 AM



outside job

How a successful transition from public to private space in a cul-de-sac home elevates lifestyle and delights the eye BY ADRIANA L MOT • PHOTOGRAPHY BY CHRIS HARRISON


oung families always find a home on a culde-sac attractive because of the promise of a safe streetscape. The niche of properties is isolated from busy city traffic, reducing noise to some degree while providing a sense of privacy. This cul-de-sac home located in the Underhill neighbourhood of Toronto was a typical ’60s sidesplit. The purple, Tudor-like façade architecture did not reflect the preferred contemporary esthetic of the homeowners. In addition, the living space was inadequate. For this family of four, keeping two young boys busy and healthy would require a well-planned kitchen and

family room, with many stimulating outdoor spaces to allow for somewhat supervised activities. Such a home would need to cleverly address visual relationships along with functional needs to achieve these objectives.

MAKE THE CONNECTION Exploring the potential links between the outdoor and the indoor spaces became central to our design. From the street, through the main level of the home and all the way to the backyard, we planned areas of activity that are visually interconnected and hold a dynamic, spatial dialogue of proportion, views, textures and colours. The cul-de-sac is essentially a second yard, a

52 :: June/July 2016

P52-56R_dochia_JJ16.indd 52

2016-05-05 11:03 AM

before before

friendly, safe, semi-private environment for playing and socializing. We designed a curved, paved terrace with soft lines of greenery around it that visually balances the modern geometry of the renovated home. It defines a seating area where sleek outdoor furniture allows parents and friends to lounge and watch the kids play. The entire composition creates a welcoming yet usable street presence.

DESIGN INTERRELATION Inside, the kitchen and family room additions are as conducive to entertainment and supervised kids-play as the outdoor spaces. Setting up activity areas and strategic placement of furniture and cabinetry optimized sight lines and extended the auditory capacity. For instance, as you stand in front of the cooktop or in front of the working square island, a vertical June/July 2016 :: 53

P52-56R_dochia_JJ16.indd 53

2016-05-05 11:04 AM


The large window above the sink and the oversized sliding door allows you to see the entire backyard and pool area. window at the corner of the kitchen gives you a glimpse of the front court. Looking the other way, the large window above the sink and the oversized sliding door allows you to see the entire backyard and pool area. This in-between positioning pleasantly integrates an outdoor open feel into the home. A more controlled sense of connection between outdoors and indoors is achieved through the alignment of the glass breakfast table inside and the pool waterfall outside. On a hot summer day when the eight-foot wide sliding door opens, the sound and proximity of the water falling offers a sense of dining al fresco.

PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS In fact, the location of the pool was critical in setting up the backyard to include a cooking and eating area, comfy seating around a marshmallow-ready fire pit and a sunbathing area. As an added bonus, the convenient outdoor shower allows the kids to quickly get ready for dinner without dripping in and out of the house. Sharing a picture-frame window with the outdoor seating area, the family room was treated as a sculptural interior garden. Walls, ceilings alike are painted in highly contrasting colours. They are playful in shape and architecturally designed to solve a practical problem: the dropped barn-board ceiling hides the transition from the eight-foot ceiling of the

54 :: June/July 2016

P52-56R_dochia_JJ16.indd 54

2016-05-05 11:04 AM


The accent colours quite purposefully range from the fresh purples and corals of the front yard furniture to the sleek red in the kitchen island.

older part of the house to the new 10-foot-high family room addition; it also allows access to the new master bedroom above. Continuing the interactive theme between the outdoors and indoors, the bookcase on the back wall, opposite from the window, acts as a reflection of nature; the mixed angles of the vertical gables are an abstraction of tree trunks elegantly stylized and transferred inside. Colours and textures throughout were chosen to reinforce the spatial dialogue and pinpoint key locations. Primarily, the overall scheme is made of soft greys, medium browns and taupes. The accents quite purposefully range from the fresh purples and corals of the front yard furniture to the sleek red in the kitchen island, to the satin-black panels around the television and the rough barn board of the family room ceiling. The soft blue of the water colour dominates the backyard.

The main floor of the house was configured in such way as to achieve visual continuity with the outdoors. The overall effect, from the street view to the inside and on to the back, is a seamless progression that blurs the boundaries of architecture and unifies the entire property. SOURCES OUTDOOR FURNITURE: Andrew Richard Designs KITCHEN: Scavolini INDOOR FURNITURE: Roche Bobois, Suite 22 Interiors

Trained as an architect and interior designer, Adriana Mot has been the principal of Dochia since 2000. Leading a multi-disciplinary team, Adriana practices a holistic approach to design that is centred on individual well-being. A member of The Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), her work has been recognized through various awards and publications.

56 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 11:04 AM

Hiring an electrician? In Ontario, they must be a Licensed Electrical Contractor. It’s the law.

If you’re thinking of renovating, don’t assume your old wiring can handle your new kitchen. Your dream kitchen no doubt includes hot trends like a super pantry, freestanding islands or an appliance garage. But if the electrical work powering all that magic isn’t considered early on, getting it right later could be expensive and complicated. With the latest kitchen ideas from superstar designer Kimberley Seldon and illuminating electrical advice from the Electrical Safety Authority, Power Your Reno will help you make sure that the features you want get the safe electrical work they need. Get inspired at

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2016-05-03 2:30 PM

R+D reno expert

BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE HOMEOWNER Despite personal style preferences, go for products that stand the test of time

STYLE PREFERENCES I’m a traditionalist at heart. For my own house, I built in the New England Colonial style, with dormer windows, cedar shingles on the roof, and a mix of stone and horizontal wooden siding on the exterior. On the inside, there is a lot of trim work, from the coffered ceilings down to the wainscotting and large baseboards. There are a number of aspects of modern designs that I do like, such as the large, open-concept plans. For my next house, I’d probably go for a bit more of a transitional look,


with less trim and more clean lines. But there are limits. I find with a lot of modern designs they try to include too many materials on the front of the house. There’s a bit of stucco, some stone, different types of siding, and it gets to be too much. Sometimes, the modern material choices can actually cheapen the look of the house. There was one house next door to where we were working recently that we called the Tuna Can. It was wrapped in this industrial-looking corrugated steel that made it look exactly like a can of tuna. SHORTCOMINGS Last issue, I wrote about the tiny house trend. One technique people are using to build tiny spaces is to repurpose old shipping containers. Truth be told, I’m not crazy about the look of that. But my bigger concern would be that someone throws some wheels on either end and drives away with your house! Having a good architect and/or designer on the team that understands your style and tastes is important, particularly if you’re considering a more modern design. Regardless of your preferred style, when building a new house or undergoing major exterior renovations on an existing one, you’re going to want the work to last. On the following pages are some of my favourite choices for long-lasting building materials to use.

JIM CARUK RENOVATION EDITOR Stone veneers combine the look and durability of real stone without the weight and difficulty to work with. One line that I really like working with is Canadian-made StoneRox.

I look forward to hearing from you and welcome your feedback. Do you have a reno or decor question for our team of experts? Email



have a confession to make: I’m not crazy about some of the houses I’ve built over the years. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all solidly built and met as many of my clients’ needs as we could with the budget they had. It’s the design itself that, in some cases, just doesn’t suit my tastes.

58 :: June/July 2016

P58_R_JC-letter_JJ16.indd 58

2016-05-05 11:02 AM

Install a bathroom anywhere with our upflush toilet system... without breaking the concrete or your budget. Before

After Upflush toilet system can be concealed behind the wall.

Saniflo is your solution for any bathroom renovation: •

Reduce costs and mess with no need to break the floor or the concrete.

Simple installation allows you to complete your dream bathroom or powder room quickly and easily.

A cost-effective way to install extra bathroom facilities virtually anywhere.

Visit or call us at 1-800-363-5874 for information on our full range of plumbing solutions and to find a certified installer in your area.

1.28 GPF


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R+D reno expert

BUILDING FOR THE AGES Choose durable home exterior products that will stand the test of time


ou don’t need me to tell you that home renovations can be expensive. I’m constantly trying to help clients balance their wants and needs with the budget that they’ve got available to them. One thing I try to encourage people to do when planning a major renovation is to do it once and do it well. Sometimes, that means leaving something out to ensure the main objective can be achieved—say, putting off the powder room makeover so there’s enough money to properly do the kitchen.

ROOFS FOR LIFE When talking about exterior renovations, the choice of materials used is critical to ensure the project lasts. You may pay a bit more upfront for highend materials but over the long-term it will be a worthwhile investment. Here are some of my choices for durable exterior products. Up on top, for longevity, you can’t beat a steel roof. (Full disclosure, I’m a Brand Ambassador for metal roof and siding manufacturer Vicwest.) Whether you’re going for a modern, institutional

look or are a traditionalist like myself, there are a wide variety of colours and styles available, including steel tiles that mimic the look of asphalt or stone. And, with warranties as long as 50 years, it’s no wonder they’re known as the once-in-a-lifetime roof. WINDOWS & WALLS When it comes to windows, vinyl or aluminum are good long-lasting options but, as a traditionalist, I still prefer the look of wooden window frames. A number of companies offer factory-



60 :: June/July 2016

P60-61_R_JCfeature_JJ16.indd 60

2016-05-05 10:59 AM



finished wood windows that will look good 15 or 20 years down the road. When cladding exterior walls, I like using stone veneers. They’re lightweight, easy to install, and extremely durable. Steel siding is another durable option, again, available in a broad range of designs, including wood- and stone-like profiles. Just don’t mix-and-match too many different materials on the exterior. (See my suggestions in “Beauty is in the Eye of the Homeowner” on page 58.) THE ALL-CANADIAN DECK For the longest lasting deck, your best bet is composite decking and railing. There are a number of really good, realistic options on the market to choose from. Many can be installed with hidden mounting clips that give you both a streamlined look and avoid having screw holes in the boards where water will pool.

The framing itself, however, should be made of pressure-treated (PT) lumber for durability. If you’re doing the work yourself, make sure you use PT-approved fasteners. If not, the chemical preservative will corrode the screws. Finally, for landscaping, you’d be hard-

pressed to find something that’ll last longer than natural stone. The granite of the Canadian Shield, after all, is at least a couple billion years old. There is also a wide range of manufactured stone products that will likely outlast your taste in outdoor decor.

Bona Certified Craftsmen for dustless floor sanding.


• Sales and professional installation • Floor and stairs refinishing For more information visit our website or call us

905.669.0779 WoodMood_R_JJ16_v1.indd 1 61 P60-61_R_JCfeature_JJ16.indd

2016-04-20 10:59 11:35 AM 2016-05-05



How to know when you need a building permit


o you’ve decided to renovate. A home renovation is a great way to increase the value, not to mention it adds more enjoyment to your home. Calculating your budget and finding a renovator are both important considerations when thinking about a home renovation but another key component, not to be overlooked, is understanding whether or not you will need a building permit. Building permits are granted by municipalities and are considered a formal permission for the construction, demolition or alteration of a home. Each municipality has its own set of regulations but most major renovations, such as those where structural walls or plumbing components are altered, require building permits. Permits must be obtained before you begin renovating. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $50,000 for a first offense and up to $100,000 for subsequent offenses.

Getting a building permit is a complicated process. It can take several weeks or even months to obtain and, if it seems overwhelming, the best thing to do is to contact a professional renovator who has experience with permit applications. There are a number of online sites to find professional resources, such as the national RenoMark program. It can be accessed by visiting, which features a searchable database of professional renovators, trade contractors and custom builders. A professional renovator will be able to assess your project and explain whether or not a permit is needed, and what it will take to obtain one. Keep in mind that some renovations require the help of a service professional like an architect, structural engineer or electrician. Many renovators have existing relationships with trade professionals. Your renovator is the project manager to bring in the right people, get the necessary drawings and submit the


application to the municipality on your behalf. This is the most efficient way to obtain the permit. Just make sure that the cost is discussed upfront and factored into the contract. Speaking of cost, make sure you factor in the price of the building permit into your overall budget. It is calculated by the size of the renovation and varies by municipalities. For something like a garage renovation, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars while something like building a brand new home will cost upwards of $1,500 or more. Once your application is submitted, it can take as little as a few days and as long as several months to get your permit, depending on the size of your renovation. Simple interior alterations like kitchens or bathrooms may be issued in a few days while renovations of around 1,000 square feet will likely take about 10 days. Meanwhile more complex renovations can take weeks or even months, pending a zoning and building code compliance review. Talk to your renovator throughout the process. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open at all times. Your renovator is your partner in realizing your dream of a newly renovated home so it’s important to work with someone you can trust. Bryan Tuckey is president and CEO of the Building Industry and Land Development Association and a land-use planner who has worked for municipal, regional and provincial governments. Follow him on Twitter @bildgta,, and


industry expert

62 :: June/July 2016

P62_R_BILD_JJ16.indd 62

2016-05-05 10:56 AM

Untitled-1 1

2015-09-03 10:50 AM


BILD Renovation and Custom Home Awards Quality and professionalism recognized at annual awards

BEST RENOVATION UNDER $75,000 MONARCH KITCHEN AND BATH CENTRE The kitchen was integrated into a home’s adjacent rooms to facilitate entertaining while maintaining its “eat-in” functionality.

On March 11, BILD members gathered at the Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place where the top renovators and custom home builders in the GTA were recognized at the Renovation and Custom Home Awards by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD).

The Renovation and Custom Home Awards are an annual program created by BILD in 1999 to recognize professional renovators for professionalism, quality of work and industry leadership. Nominees are evaluated by a team of industry professionals with the Renovator of the Year award also judged based on survey results from previous clients. “This year’s winners demonstrate the importance of working with professional renovators and custom builders while raising the bar for the rest of the industry,” said BILD vice-president of membership and RenoMark program manager, Helen Batista. “As the RenoMark program grows, so does the quality of the submissions we receive every year.”

64 :: June/July 2016

P64-66_R_renoawards_JJ16.indd 64

2016-05-05 10:53 AM

BEST RENOVATION $75,000 - $150,000 CARICK HOME IMPROVEMENTS The main floor of the home was customized to match a contemporary design and open-concept kitchen.

BEST RENOVATION $300,000 - $500,000 GREENING HOMES LTD. The first floor and basement of a century-old Victorian semi-detached home was renovated by opening up the main floor and adding contemporary materials, all while maintaining period details.

BEST RENOVATION $150,000 - $300,000 TIPEQ INC. An outdated, dysfunctional semi-detached house was transformed into a light-filled, energy-efficient, modern home. June/July 2016 :: 65

P64-66_R_renoawards_JJ16.indd 65

2016-05-05 10:54 AM


BEST RENOVATION OVER $500,000 MEN AT WORK DESIGN BUILD LTD. A modest traditional home in Toronto was transformed into a spacious contemporary home designed for daily family life and entertaining.



GOLDEN BEE HOMES INC To renovate a 3,000-square-foot condo suite, walls were moved to alter the size of the master bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living space. Custom floors and upgraded cabinetry were installed.

PROFILE CUSTOM HOMES This new home build reflects the best qualities of modern design. A combination of openness, simplicity and an indoor-outdoor connection made the home stylish and practical for a family of seven.

66 :: June/July 2016

P64-66_R_renoawards_JJ16.indd 66

2016-05-05 10:54 AM



For the third time in five years, Eurodale Developments takes home the industry’s top honour


oronto-based renovation company Eurodale Developments was named Renovator of the Year at the annual Renovation and Custom Home Awards by the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD). This award recognizes a renovator who sets the standard for the rest of the sector in their leadership and commitment to customer service, as well as contributing to the overall image of the renovation industry. This is the third time since 2010 that the Toronto-based company has won this prestigious award.

Jim Cunningham, Eurodale Developments and Steve Deveaux, BILD Chair

Customer satisfaction is a key component of the Renovator of the Year award and all applicants are required to submit a list of previous clients to be surveyed. In the surveys, Eurodale’s team was described as extremely competent, with one client stating that he will not hire anyone else for future projects. “Eurodale Developments continues to demonstrate excellence in all aspects of home renovation year after year,” said BILD vice president of membership and RenoMark program manager, Helen Batista. “Past clients have praised the company’s professionalism,



would like to


transparency and quality of work. It’s rivalled only by their commitment to driving the industry forward, as evidenced by the countless hours the company’s partners spend volunteering for their Association.” The company is an active member of BILD and a regular contributor to the Association’s advocacy and philanthropy efforts. Eurodale co-founder Brendan Charters has served on the BILD Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and was recognized in January with the BILD Chair’s Award of Merit for his contribution to the industry and association.

For more information about previous winners, or to find a professional renovator across Canada, visit

With more than 1,450 members, BILD, formed through the merger of the Greater Toronto Home Builders’ Association and Urban Development Institute/Ontario, is the voice of the land development, home building and professional renovation industry in the Greater GTA. BILD is proudly affiliated with the Ontario and Canadian Home Builders’ Associations. June/July 2016 :: 67

P67_R_RenoofYearJJ16.indd 67

2016-05-05 10:49 AM

R+D garden expert


Perennials MARK CULLEN


SUN • Foxglove ‘Camelot Lavender’ All foxgloves [sp. digitalis] attract hummingbirds, but not all will bloom as reliably in the second year and for as long as this variety. If you enjoy hummingbirds (and honey bees) you will enjoy the extremely floriferous nature of Camelot Lavender with the look of traditional foxglove and the modern benefits of disease resistance, and the earliest flowering Foxglove that I have ever seen. Plant in well-drained, compost-rich soil. • Purple Coneflower ‘Magnus’ Magnus is an extremely winter-hardy plant that matures to a relatively short 60 cm but makes up for its stature by blooming for eight weeks or more on extremely aggressive plants. A butterfly magnet too. • Blanket Flower ‘Arizona Sun’ [sp. Gaillardia] In a sunny position in the garden, you can’t keep this hardy perennial down. Showy, three-inchwide single blooms feature mahogany


red with bright yellow petal edges. Prefers well-drained, infertile soils (in other words, sand-based soils).

PARTIAL SUN/SHADE • Coral Bells ‘Marmalade’ Coral Bells [sp. Heuchera] tolerate half day of shade, thrive in full sun, bloom for several weeks, lend themselves to cutting, and are never bothered by insects or diseases. The chartreuse leaves of Marmalade attract lots of attention during the entire growing season while the soft-coloured flowers bloom for up to seven weeks. Great for hummingbirds. • Coral Bells ‘Palace Purple’ I grow a group of Palace Purple at the front of my perennial border nearest the road. They attract so much attention there that it is not unusual for pedestrians to stop, stoop and look at the name on the tag. This variety is larger than average and maintains its deep, darkcoloured foliage all summer long, even in a sunny location. The flowers are equally dark, adding a sense of mystery to any garden.

Coral Bells

SHADE • Hosta ‘Guacamole’ Any hosta that blooms will attract its share of hummingbirds but this larger-than-average variety outperforms most perennial plants in the Canadian garden. Guacamole matures quickly to 50 cm, adds drama to a shady garden with its wide light-green leaves, and bears creamywhite flowers for an excessive four to six weeks in June through July. • Bleeding Heart ‘Luxuriant’ I discovered this improvement to the traditional Bleeding Heart [sp. Dicentra] a number of years ago and have kept several growing near the forefront of my perennial border ever since. Soft rose/ pink blooms appear in mid-June and continue through September. Combined with its winter hardiness, there is no equal in the shade garden. Other butterfly and hummingbird plants include: bee balm [sp. Monarda], butterfly weed [sp. Asclepias], joe-pye wee [sp. Eupatorium], pincushion flower [sp. Scabiosa] and yarrow [sp. Achillea]. Those listed above are just a few favourites of mine.

Mark Cullen is an expert gardener, author and broadcaster. Get his free monthly newsletter at Look for his new best seller, The New Canadian Garden’ published by Dundurn Press. Follow him on Twitter @MarkCullen4 and Facebook.


When I designed the 10-acre garden around our new home 11 years ago, I planted lots of perennials, right up to the residence, that would attract hummingbirds, song birds and butterflies. Here are some of my favourite perennials for this purpose. All of these perennials are terrific garden performers that provide showy blossoms for an extended period of time.

68 :: June/July 2016

P68_R_cullen_JJ16.indd 68

2016-05-05 10:48 AM

A home is where life is lived. Transform your outdoors with Unilock paver and wall products and create the perfect setting for memories that last a lifetime. From traditional to modern, Unilock offers an unrivaled variety of colors, styles, and textures you can’t get anywhere else. For more outdoor inspiration, or a referral to a trusted Unilock Authorized Contractor, connect with us at or 1 800-UNILOCK. Beacon Hill Flagstone™ pavers, Brussels Dimensional® Wall and Fire Pit

LiveUntitled-1 Life Beautifully_ Reno_Decor_Unilock- FINAL.indd 1 1


10/05/2016 4:08:57 PM 2016-05-11 11:13 AM




SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO? How to decide whether to move or to renovate


or a variety of reasons, homeowners often debate whether they should move in order to have a living space that better suits the changes in their lifestyle or stay in their existing home and renovate. Sometimes they need more space for a growing family, or they’re looking ahead to aging-inplace features for themselves or to accommodate their parents moving in. There’s a whole host of reasons to fuel a debate whether to stay or go. Whereas moving could mean finding a home that needs no work and meets most of your family’s criteria, it can be as costly as renovating but without the mess. Yet renovating means you could have everything you want within the budget you have available. Many people start by consulting the MLS listings, attending open houses, and touring available listings with a real estate agent. They often meet with us too, and other contractors, to see what can be done at their home and for how much money. If this describes what you’re going through, review the process below to see if you can make a more informed decision.

COST COMPARISONS Because the average detached home in Toronto is over $1 million, this will be the figure used to represent the baseline value of the original home; your present home, perhaps. A budget of $500,000-plus is established to apply to the purchase of a new home—resale or a new build—or to your renovation budget. I have outlined the costs to consider if you move up or if you renovate. For accuracy, real estate lawyer Jeff Cowan (Cowan Law) and Glenn Lott (Lott and Associates chartered accountants) have been consulted. The comparison does not account for financing costs, arrangement or other fees to obtain the monies required for the upgrade as they are assumed to be equal sources and rates for both sides of the equation.



70 :: June/July 2016

P70-72_R_Eurodale_JJ16.indd 70

2016-05-05 10:45 AM

Sell the Existing Home {SELLING PRICE, $1,000,000} • Real estate commission (at 5%), $50,000 • HST could be $0. But be careful if you are selling or buying a substantially renovated home, GST may apply. Speak to your accountant and lawyer. • Home Inspection, or 3rd party PDI fee, $500. It’s common for a vendor to show prospective buyers the condition of the home and solicit offers without conditions. • Moving costs based on a 3-bedroom home, $2,000-$3,000 • No utility account transfer fees

Total taxes and fees required to sell could be up to $53,500

Purchase a Resale or New Build

Customize. Only building & renovating yourself lets you select it all


{PURCHASE PRICE TO MOVE, $1,500,000} • Land transfer tax, $25,725 (Toronto), or $26,475 (Ontario) • Legal fees, $1,000-$1,500 • Title insurance, $1,254 • Incidentals (registration of deed, mortgage, title search, postage, couriers, etc.), $250-$350 • HST on purchase price and service fees (including the assumed maximum HST rebate applied; assume the rebate is assigned to the builder; this is common in new home sale contracts), $181,335 new, or $10,335 resale (New home builders’ listed sale prices often include HST, reduced by the federal rebate maximum of $24,000; this is assumed here) • Home Inspection, or 3rd party PDI fee, $500 • Moving costs accounted for under Selling Existing Home • Utility account transfer fees, $500

Total taxes and fees required to buy a $1,500,000 home, assuming you sold at $1,000,000, could be up to $737,639 for a new home, or up to $566,639 to buy a resale.

Renovate the Existing Home {RENOVATION BUDGET $500,000} • Rental fee for 12 months at $2,000/month, $24,000 • No land transfer tax • HST, $49,000. The 13% HST is applicable on renovation costs; if substantial in nature, per CRA guidelines, a maximum rebate of $16,000 is eligible, and is assumed here • Home Inspection, or 3rd party PDI fee is not applicable here • Moving costs, based on a 3-bedroom home, to relocate while reno is underway, $2,000-$3,000 • No utility account transfer fees

Total taxes and fees required to renovate, $576,000.

The Bottom Line Add together the cost to sell and the cost to buy: you could spend $620,139 for resale, or $791,139 if it’s a new build home. To renovate your existing home, you might spend $576,000. You can see how the math plays out.

RENOVATING VERSUS MOVING PROS | You can enjoy a lot of improvements or upgrades with the renovating budget outlined above. And you’ll incur less interest to pay on the reno loan than you would on increasing your mortgage over 20 or 25 years. Renovating also offers you the opportunity to select the systems that you prefer in your home; involvement in the building June/July 2016 :: 71

p070-72_R_Eurodale_JJ16.indd 71

2016-05-11 12:55 PM


process; and you have personal input on layout and the finishes along the way. By renovating, you also retain the familiarity of the area’s amenities, such as schools, walkability of your neighbourhood, the intimate knowledge of and memories you have made in your current home. One advantage of purchasing is timing. In two to three months, you could complete the move and be settled into another home. Whereas, building or renovating can easily take 12 to 18 months to complete, considering design time, applying for permits and waiting for approvals, and the time to complete the work on the project.

CONS | When buying a new or resale home, those options are much less available, if at all. While new homes in the GTA are generally built well, a resale home may have undergone many previous renovations and could be hiding some surprises that become obvious only well after moving in. A hot real estate market is a prime time for cover-ups and emotional purchases. And, take into consideration the ongoing bidding wars breaking the hearts of hopeful buyers across the GTA.

Product vs. process–existing build or build to suit–run the equation to decide

When moving, you also need to consider the costs to make your old home fit to sell: painting, landscaping, staging, all the fixes that need to be made to attract prospective buyers. And if you move into a resale home, you’re likely to spend more money to paint, personalize, and freshen up some of the finishes that are dated or failing, whereas a new home does not require this expense. And, you can’t pick your neighbours; there’s only so much insulation from a bad neighbour that a privacy fence can buy you.

AT THE END OF THE DAY Take your time and weigh the differences between buying a product—an existing home or buying into a process—achieving your perfect home. Do the math on all of the costs involved, and include all the emotional or lifestyle pros and cons that come along with the decision. With both sides of the value equation in hand, you should be able to make an informed decision.

A Family Run Business Since 1979 96 Doncaster Ave., Thornhill, ON L3T 1L6 905.764.2489 •

P70-72_R_Eurodale_JJ16.indd 72

Brendan Charters is co-owner of Toronto Design-Build Firm Eurodale Developments – 2016 BILD Renovator of the Year. Visit or follow Brendan on Twitter @EurodaleHomes

72 :: June/July 2016

2016-05-05 10:45 AM


Y E AR S O FI 100







IT DOESN’T JUST LOOK BEAUTIFUL With innovations like the Star ® Burner, which distributes heat more evenly, Thermador has always made appliances that are as beautiful as they are practical. Real innovations for real cooks – that’s what we’ve been about for 100 years. And it’s what we are going to continue to be about for another 100 years. Learn more at

© 2016 BSH Home Appliance Corporation, all rights reserved.

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2016-05-10 11:35 AM



“Life is just a Blanc Slate, what matters is what you create” BY SIGRID MCCANDLESS, CMKBD, ARIDO, IDC






FRANKIE CASTRO, Co-designer LAURA GOARD, Square Footage Inc.


he National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) Ontario Chapter revealed the winners of the 2016 Design Competition at their 13th Annual Design Awards Gala on April 9. Echoing this year’s theme, “Life is just a Blanc Slate, what matters is what you create,” dress code was optional white, and the white backdrop put the focus on the designers and their accomplishments. Over 30 winners from across eight main kitchen and bath categories and six specialty categories, including the prestigious Pinnacle Award and the People’s Choice Award, were honoured and recognized for their creativity and design excellence at the gala event. Entries to the annual competition were judged by a panel of NKBA-certified designers (CMKBD, CKD, CBD) and industry experts. All qualifying projects were scored on various criteria, including NKBA guidelines, safety and ergonomics, elements and

74 :: June/July 2016

P74-77R_NKBA_JJ16.5.indd 74

2016-05-05 10:35 AM





principles of design, design planning, creativity and presentation. By featuring the winning designers at the awards gala, and in this publication, it brings awareness of the importance of professional design to both the consumer and within the industry. This year’s Pinnacle Award winner was Erica Westeroth CKD, CAPS, ARIDO and co-designer Sheena Hammond, both of XTC Design Incorporated, for their stunning, sleek modern kitchen, which also took first place in the large kitchen category. This prestigious award is selected from all of the first-place winning designs and represents the best of all entries. The People’s Choice Award, a HOMES Publishing Group’s online contest, which was voted on by RENO & DECOR readers as well as industry peers and the general public, was won by Jane Lockhart of Jane Lockhart Interior Design for her beautifully detailed traditional kitchen painted in a soft shade of aqua. Congratulations to all of the 2016 NKBA Ontario Chapter design competition winners. For a complete list of winners, go to




MARK ASHTON AKBD, B.A., B.A.S., Ashton Renovations

SMALL BATHROOM June/July 2016: 75

P74-77R_NKBA_JJ16.5.indd 75

2016-05-05 10:35 AM






NATALIE VENALAINEN, Co-designer KEITH O’BRIEN, Men at Work Design Build Ltd.

FRANKIE CASTRO, Co-designer LAURA GOARD, Square Footage Inc.







MARTIN DE SOUSA AOCAD, Co-designer, ALEX CONIBEAR Intern ARIDO, Binns Kitchen + Bath Design

JOHN O’ROURKE, The Brownstone Kitchen + Bath Design Gallery






JANE LOCKHART, Jane Lockhart Interior Design

76 :: June/July 2016

P74-77R_NKBA_JJ16.5.indd 76

2016-05-05 10:36 AM


NATALIE VENALAINEN, Men at Work Design Build Ltd.


Award-Winning DESIGNERS



SMALL KITCHEN 2nd PLACE: Beverly Leigh Binns BAA ID, CO-DESIGNER: Alex Conibear Intern ARIDO, Binns Kitchen + Bath Design

MEDIUM KITCHEN 2nd PLACE: Steven Comisso OAA, CO-DESIGNER: Mary Ellen Lynch OAA,

Lynch + Comisso: Architecture + Light 3rd PLACE: Natalie Venalainen, CO-DESIGNER: Keith O’Brien, Men at Work Design Build Ltd. HONOURABLE MENTION:

Brad Boswell, Lakehouse Cabinetry





2nd PLACE: Christopher Spraggett, The Summerhouse, CO-DESIGNER:

Brad Boswell, Lakehouse Cabinetry 3rd PLACE: Jane Lockhart, Jane Lockhart Interior Design

POWDER ROOM 2nd PLACE: Svetlana Tryaskina, Estee Design 3rd PLACE: Anastasia Rentzos CMKBD, Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs

LARGE BATHROOM 2nd PLACE: Erica Westeroth CKD, CAPS, ARIDO, CO-DESIGNER: Sheena Hammond, XTC Design Incorporated 3rd PLACE: Mary Dancey CDECA, Mary Dancey Interiors HONOURABLE MENTION:

Cassandra Nordell, William Standen Co.




CASSANDRA NORDELL, William Standen Co.

2nd PLACE: Svetlana Tryaskina, Estee Design 3rd PLACE: Erica Westeroth CKD, CAPS, ARIDO, CO-DESIGNER: Sheena Hammond, XTC Deisgn Incorporated

PROMOTIONAL DISPLAY 2nd PLACE: Martin de Sousa AOCAD, CO-DESIGNER: Beverley Leigh Binns

BAA ID, Binns Kitchen + Bath Design

Ontario/Canada Chapter

Sigrid is the principal designer and owner of Avonbridge Interiors. She is a past president of the NKBA, Ontario Chapter and currently serves as VP of Academic Relations. June/July 2016: 77

p074-77R_NKBA_JJ16.indd 77

2016-05-11 12:57 PM


THE GREAT OUTDOORS A ROYAL ESTHETIC Celect Cellular Composite Siding by Royal replicates the beauty and esthetics of wood while remaining low maintenance and durable on the home for a lifetime. All of Celect’s profiles– 4- and 7-inch Clapboard, 8-inch Board & Batten and 7-inch Shake –are available in 18 fade-resistant colours and feature Royal’s patented interlocking seam design, enhancing the curb appeal of any home. ROYAL BUILDING PRODUCTS

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FACADE With the finest and most complete assortment of wood mouldings and wood sidings, Central Fairbank Lumber offers a range of designs and grades to complement any architectural style. For ultimate variety and versatility, they can even produce wood products based on your own designs. Visit either location at 1900 Steeles Avenue West in Concord or 2296 Gerrard Street East in Toronto. CENTRAL FAIRBANK LUMBER

THE PERFECT OUTDOOR ADDITION Napoleon’s new Saint Tropez Rectangular Patioflame Table is the perfect addition to your outdoor living space. It features a classic, linear design that will match any outdoor decor. With the Patioflame Table you can have the campfire/ fire pit experience in your backyard without the mess and work, or regulations, of a real wood fire. NAPOLEON GRILLS

ELITE COMPOSITE DECKING Veranda Elite composite decking features a distinct variegation that brings indoor design elements to your outdoor living space. This beautiful decking is available in four colours: Brazilian Ash, Exotic Jarrahwood, Panama Grey, and Tropical Kauri. Complement your Veranda Elite decking with the contemporary look of Veranda HP Composite Railing, available in both white and black. With an unmatched look and durable, scratch-resistant cap stock, Veranda Elite decking combines ultra-low maintenance with lasting beauty. Backed by 25year structural, and stain and fade warranties. VERANDA CANADA

BRING THE KITCHEN OUTDOORS Nothing says summer like cooking and entertaining outdoors. Installing a wet bar outside will make this even easier and is simple with Saniflo’s Sanivite. The compact unit fits in a cabinet or under the sink and pumps grey water 16-feet vertically and/or 150-feet horizontally. It connects to a sink or dishwasher, offering multiple design options and comes pre-assembled, saving time and money on installation. SANIFLO CANADA

78 :: June/July 2016

P78-84_R_PSC_JJ16.indd 78

2016-05-05 10:32 AM


OUTDOOR LIVING Visit one of our locations BARRIE 705.737.5500

BRAMPTON 905.789.7796

BURLINGTON 905.631.8281

CAMBRIDGE 519.622.9696

DONMILLS 416.510.8448

HAMILTON 905.318.2356

LONDON 519.963.0350

LONDON N. 519.471.2225

MILTON 905.876.9997

MISSISSAUGA W. 905.569.0066

MISSISSAUGA N. 905.785.1888

ST CATHARINES 905.687.8885

PICKERING 905.427.2025

RICHMOND HILL 905.773.0544

SCHOMBERG 905.939.7979

VAUGHAN 905.856.7204

WHITBY 905.720.2999


KITCHENER 519.576.8887 NEW MARKET 905.830.9600 CLEARANCE TORONTO 416.780.9099

Visit us online!

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2016-05-02 11:31 AM


THE GREAT OUTDOORS THE ULTIMATE PATIO AREA The Cameron resin wicker sectional collection gives you the opportunity to create the ultimate outdoor patio area. This exclusive collection available at DOT Furniture features a unique store option under the seat that can be used to protect your cushions from the sun’s harmful UV rays. D.O.T. FURNITURE

PERFECT FOOD EVERY TIME The Grillson Wood Pellet Grill is available at Appliance Love, a unique retail store. Whether used as a smoker, barbecue or pizza oven, the automatic temperature control will ensure perfectly cooked food every time. Not to mention the app, which allows control of the temperature, timer and selfcleaning function right from your phone. APPLIANCE LOVE

EXCLUSIVE NEW COLLECTION Debbie Travis has launched a new and exclusive collection of Tuscan-inspired home products with Sears Canada. In her line is the Rosseau Seven-Piece Dining and Conversation Set (shown). Built to withstand the elements, this set is made with full weather-proof wicker and has cushions made from Sunbrella fabric and quick dry foam that suit any style. Beautiful and versatile, the chairs in the conversation set are built to also work with the dining set. To view Debbie’s full line of outdoor products and accessories, go to the Sears website. DEBBIE TRAVIS COLLECTION

EXPAND YOUR FLOORS OUTDOORS! Outdoor Floors supplies and installs stylish, durable and affordable deck tiles on balconies, terraces and patios. Your outdoor living spaces will be transformed into something much more comfortable and inviting. Their environmentally friendly flooring is designed to endure extreme climates and remain attractive for years to come. Contact them for a free quote. OUTDOOR FLOORS TORONTO

UPSCALE RESORT LOOK The Madrid Collection is a favourite among architects and designers. The powder-coated aluminum frame and tempered glass table top accommodates six to eight people and effortlessly expands to seat 12 with a wellengineered glass insert. The straight lines and clean edges complement the contoured mesh seating to provide an exceptionally well-made stackable chair. A solid metal top is also available in your choice of pewter or white finish.ARD OUTDOOR

80 :: June/July 2016

P78-84_R_PSC_JJ16.indd 80

2016-05-05 10:33 AM


Add some m to your me time. THE BACKYARD OF YOUR DREAMS IS CLOSER THAN YOU THINK. Immerspa inground spas, minipools and pools are quick and easy to install – and surprisingly well priced!

It’s really just a phone call away!


855.837.7265 or go to

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2016-05-11 5:14 PM


APPLIANCES SMART SOLUTIONS Innovative thinking led to the world’s first Microwave Drawer Oven, an appliance that has helped revolutionize kitchen design and microwave oven placement. Sharp’s next-generation Microwave Drawer is larger, sleeker and more accessible than ever. With more convenience features, quieter operation and a more integrated design, it is the best solution yet for where to place the microwave. SHARP ELECTRONICS OF CANADA LTD.

DESIGNED TO MATCH Fisher & Paykel products are designed for every size space from a compact apartment to a large family room. With the performance required by both a weekday cook and a weekend gourmet, they have the perfect match for your kitchen, and the life lived within it. FISHER & PAYKEL

WATER WALL DISHWASHER The Samsung Chef Collection WaterWall Dishwasher is a true game changer, bringing professional cleanliness into the home. The WaterWall technology’s linear mechanism moves along the bottom of the dishwasher tub to provide consistent high-water pressure throughout the wash, replacing traditional rotary wash systems and creating a powerful wall of water that reaches from corner to corner for full-cleaning coverage every time.

FRESHNESS & FLEXIBILITY Fridge, Fresco or Freezer: simply select the desired function through a Fhiaba Access menu to modify the operating mode of the bottom-drawers. Fhiaba flexibility, available at Appliance Canada, Ontario’s destination for premium appliances. APPLIANCE CANADA

SAMSUNG CANADA 82 :: June/July 2016

P78-84_R_PSC_JJ16.indd 82

2016-05-05 10:33 AM




Everything you need to live outdoors all summer long! We have it all – from outdoor serving to outdoor seating! STRAWBERRY


Great stuff... great prices! Untitled-3 1

2016-05-03 11:18 AM


APPLIANCES DEPENDABLE & DURABLE Maytag’s front-load laundry pairs are better built to deal with all your laundry needs. Driven by the PowerWash system, the Maytag Front Load Washer can handle your toughest loads. With optimized heat and airflow, the Front Load Dryer works harder to get rid of every bit of moisture in your clothes. Available at quality retailers. MAYTAG

UNIQUE FRIDGE WITH COFFEE MAKER The GE Café refrigerator with Keurig brewing system is a unique new product coming to the market this month. It allows you to brew your favourite cup of coffee, right from your refrigerator door. The GE Cafe + Keurig fridge has the coffee maker built right into the water filtration system. Whether you’re using the Keurig K-Cup brewing system, the hot-water dispenser, or simply enjoying a glass of cold filtered water, the GE Café refrigerator with Keurig brewing system features GE’s Master Filtration System. GE APPLIANCES

KOMPAKT KITCHEN The unique Kompakt Kitchen from Euro-Line Appliances features six appliances— dishwasher, sink and faucet, two-burner induction cooktop, glide-out range hood, speed oven and fridge/freezer—all in a six-foot space. The Porter&Charles speed oven, with the versatility and convenience of both a microwave oven and convection oven, offers many features to meet different needs. The unique two-burner induction cooktops offer fast and responsive cooking while saving energy. The ergonomically designed Liebherr 24-inch fully integrated fridge/freezer provides ample storage room and ultimate freshness. A Porter&Charles compact dishwater features near silent operation using less water. EURO-LINE APPLIANCES INC.

ONE-STOP SHOPPING Jenn-Air’s Connected Wall Ovens feature a first-of-its-kind, full-functioning mobile app experience, connecting you with your kitchen, any time, any place. This sophisticated oven allows you to pre-heat, check the cooking status, and even turn off your oven from the touch of your phone. The innovative Culinary Centre is an interactive system with a touchscreen, full-colour LCD display that allows you to easily navigate your way to the perfect meal. Simply select your dish from a menu of over 50 food options, choose your pan and how you’d like it cooked, and walk away. Available at premium independent retailers. JENN AIR

84 :: June/July 2016

P78-84_R_PSC_JJ16.indd 84

2016-05-05 10:33 AM

accessories bath bed drapery fabric furniture lighting

a collection of beautiful ideas for your home Bath and bed at Sears stores and Accessories, drapery, fabric, furniture and lighting at independent specialty stores across Canada.

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2015-10-29 3:05 PM

{RENOVATOR RESOURCE DIRECTORY} SLUG HERE REPUTABLE RENOVATORS AND TRADE CONTRACTORS PROUDLY DISPLAY RENOMARK™ The RenoMark symbol identifies professional renovators and trade contractors who have agreed to follow a code of ethics; meet a demanding code of conduct; and attend regular upgrade courses. For more information visit

A A & A Custom Homes and Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2012 Vaughan 1.855.228.6736 A&R Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2016 Woodbridge 416.677.9316 A. Brown Construction Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.766.9892 A. Lifetime Contractor Ltd. Member Since: 2003 Toronto 416.483.2151 A. Mazzucco Construction Member Since: 1974 Toronto 416.207.0388 AB Renovations Unltd. Member Since: 2005 Stouffville 416.809.5025 Abode Home Building Inc. Member Since: 2014 Toronto 416.689.7473 ADH Canada Inc. Member Since: 2013 Thornhill 905.513.7876 Affordable Woodworking Inc. Member Since: 2009 Toronto 416.831.6741 Alair Homes Aurora/Newmarket Member Since: 2015 Aurora 289.803.2612 Alair Homes Richmond Hill Member Since: 2015 Richmond Hill 416.518.8976 Alair Homes Scarborough Member Since: 2014 Scarborough 416.417.1961 Alair Homes Toronto Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.988.1661 Alan Heron Homes Inc. Member Since: 2004 Toronto 416.642.7651 Alert Restoration Inc. Member Since: 2014 Oakville 905.301.8196 Alexander and Tencate Design Build Inc. Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.561.7384

All Angles Renovations Ltd. Member Since: 2009 Scarborough 416.261.9732 Allyn Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2002 Milton 416.347.7548 Alphyn Construction Inc. Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.737.8607

Balmoral Construction Group Member Since: 2014 Richmond Hill 416.779.8761 Balmoral Custom Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.482.5000 Barbini Developments Inc. Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.385.8883

Amazon Home Improvements Member Since: 2010 Thornhill 905.763.9000

Barry’s Construction & Renovation Ltd. Member Since: 2014 Toronto 1.800.438.5192

Ambia Windows and Doors Inc. Member Since: 2009 Vaughan 416.831.3719

Bayden Homes Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.818.8143

Andes Construction Member Since: 2001 Toronto 416.939.7824

Baymanor Homes Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.781.2866

Anvale Homes Inc. Member Since: 2013 Concord 905.669.0471

Bayview Projects Contracting Member Since: 1998 North York 416.730.8506

Arbourdale Construction Inc. Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.576.0541

Bellcon Interiors Limited Member Since: 2015 Sharon 416.420.6648

Arco Construction Co. Member Since: 2015 Woodbridge 416.890.4488 Argyris and Clinkard Inc. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.717.3396 ArmentaLevy Interiors Ltd. Member Since: 2013 Stouffville 416.561.6204 ARX Custom Homes Inc. Member Since: 2011 Richmond Hill 416.471.0947 Attard Construction Corporation Member Since: 2006 Mississauga 905.824.6300 Avonlea Kitchen and Bathroom Concepts Member Since: 2004 Toronto 416.422.5276 B Bachly Construction Member Since: 2002 Bolton 905.951.3100 Balance Building Group Member Since: 2013 Concord 905.669.4440

Belyea Bros. Ltd. Member Since: 2003 Toronto 416.425.1200 Binns Kitchen + Bath Design Member Since: 2009 Toronto 905.509.5555 Blueprint Renovations Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.878.3272 Blueprint Properties Inc. Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.731.2285 Bold Services Inc. Member Since: 2016 Woodbridge 289.256.0105

BVM Contracting Member Since; 2015 Toronto 416.265.9602 C Calado & Lima Home Improvement Inc. Member Since: 2011 York 416.782.0110 Canlik Kitchens Member Since: 1996 Scarborough 416.412.7828 Carick Home Improvements (Carick Building Products Ltd.) Member Since: 1998 Toronto 416.781.6671 Carmelin Design + Build Member Since; 2014 Toronto 647.292.7682 Caruk Hall Homes Member Since: 1995 Toronto 416.546.8602 CCS Construction Group Inc. Member Since: 2016 Toronto 416.241.9770 Celcon General Contractors Ltd. Member Since: 2006 Markham 905.472.8281 CGGC Construction Inc. Member Since; 2015 Toronto 416.625.2851 Chaplin Home Improvements Ltd. Member Since: 2008 Markham 416.904.6909 Clarke Basement Systems Member Since: 2007 Markham 905.642.4861 Classic Homestyles Inc. Member Since: 2011 Markham 905.477.0441

Bramson Construction Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.625.3943

Clemmensen & Associates Ltd. Member Since: 1982 Weston 416.747.6266

Brock Doors & Windows Inc. Member Since: 1999 Brampton 905.791.2850

Cliff and Evans Ltd. Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.628.7186

Bryant Renovations Member Since: 2000 Toronto 416.260.0818

Cochren Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2003 Oakville 905.842.2462

Built By Pros Inc. Member Since: 2016 Toronto 416.708.3713

Cohn Construction Ltd. Member Since: 1991 Mississauga 905.569.1349

Colewood Construction Ltd. Member Since: 1991 Toronto 416.252.2226 Core Insurance Claims Contracting Inc. Member Since: 1993 Weston 416.740.9400 Craiglee Home Improvements Ltd. Member Since: 1997 Scarborough 416.540.0503 Crina General Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2002 Concord 905.738.7930 D Dalerose Homes Member Since: 1986 Orangeville 519.938.8417 Day Custom Homes Member Since: 2015 Mississauga 647.891.3772 DCAM Homes Inc. Member Since: 2007 Oakville 905.847.3636 Decksterity Carpentry Cont. Ltd. Member Since: 2012 Richmond Hill 905.737.9905 Design-Spec Building Group Ltd. Member Since: 2007 Vaughan 905.760.2225 Domilya Group Member Since: 2013 Oakville 647.300.0282 Doric Homes Inc. Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.226.0724 DreamBuilders (2004) Ltd. Member Since: 1987 Toronto 416.241.8805 Dubose (1865825 Ontario Corp) Member Since: 2016 Toronto 416.747.9101 Dundene Homes Inc. Member Since: 1999 Toronto 416.863.6116 Dupont Custom Homes O/A 1740338 Ontario Ltd. Member Since: 2013 Markham 416.209.0029 Duracon Construction Services & Dura Painting Member Since: 2009 Stouffville 416.688.9191

E Elite Construction & Renovations Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.888.8417 Enmar Homes Inc. Member Since: 2010 Toronto 647.351.2221 Equinox Development Inc. Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.866.8966 Esto Construction Co. Ltd. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.752.3702 Eurodale Developments Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.782.5690 F Fairmont Properties Ltd. Member Since: 1994 Aurora 905.841.6161 Fairside Homes and Renovations Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Toronto 416.721.2224 Fifthshire Homes Ltd. Member Since: 1985 Concord 905.660.7415 Fourth Pig Green & Natural Construction Worker Co-op Member Since: 2015 Baysville 1.888.391.4474 G Galle Construction Inc. Member Since: 2013 Etobicoke 416.792.7591 Georgian Custom Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2013 Mississauga 905.405.7275 Godel Construction Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.484.6096 Golden Bee Homes Inc. Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.768.4771 Goldribbon Homes Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.623.1321 Gorman-Mazzon Ltd. Member Since: 1986 Richmond Hill 416.818.5049 Greening Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.532.6811

86 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-05 10:09 AM

{RENOVATOR RESOURCE DIRECTORY} Grieve Home Maintenance Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Burlington 905.336.0088 H Hadley-Irvine General Contracting Ltd. Member Since: 2010 Georgetown 416.910.8419 Hardcore Renos Member Since: 2015 Mississauga 416.433.5737 Harlequin Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2009 Aurora 416.771.8597 Harper House Contracting Ltd. Member Since: 2002 Uxbridge 416.266.7896 Haylacon Construction Inc. Member Since: 2007 Oakville 416.219.5381 Heidan Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.543.2945 Heres Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2007 Gormley 416.738.1895 Home Art Building Group Ltd. Member Since: 2014 Mississauga 416.888.0265 Home Editions Ltd. Member Since: 2000 Toronto 416.410.7844 Home Reno Direct Member Since: 2015 Mississauga 844.819.7366 House Tune Up Member Since: 2012 Oakville 416.837.5242 Huntington General Inc. Member Since: 2013 Woodbridge 647.258.9315 I Inspire Homes Inc. Member Since: 2008 Caledon 416.765.2020 Integrity Contracting Member Since: 2012 North York 647.738.4395 Invictus Renovations and Construction Services Member Since: 2004 Toronto 416.893.3967 J J. Gray Renovations Member Since: 2004 Thornhill 416.520.6366

Jackson & Associates Inc. Design - Build - Renovate Member Since: 1998 Toronto 416.693.7870 JD Nelson and Sons Ltd. Member Since: 2009 Ajax 647.223.1245 Josh Developments (1996) Ltd. Member Since: 1988 Toronto 416.318.4899 K Keystone Interiors Inc. Member Since: 2010 Woodbridge 905.850.0474 Kayland Construction Concepts Inc. Member Since: 2015 Newmarket 905.836.0090 Keystone Ridge Developments Ltd. Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.901.9426

Lou’s Home Improvements Member Since: 2008 North York 416.931.2664 M MacPherson Builders Ltd. Member Since: 1995 Richmond Hill 905.882.8000

O Ommert Carpentry & Renovations Member Since: 2006 Ajax 416.843.5716

Markay Developments Member Since: 1996 Oakville 905.257.1220 Master Edge Homes Member Since: 2009 Markham 905.201.1054

Mazenga Building Group Ltd. Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.483.4105

Leonardi Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2010 Mississauga 905.277.9085 Leprevo Design-Build Member Since: 2012 Etobicoke 647.893.3283 Leslieville Home Improvements Div. of Nagim Construction Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.465.9410 Lewitt Construction Inc. Member Since: 2004 Toronto 416.383.1221 Lifestyles By Barons Inc. Member Since: 2010 Halton Hills 905.872.5777 Lokert General Plumbing Member Since: 2014 Burlington 905.634.6567

Regal Construction & Renovations Co. Ltd. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.994.8183

Mane Construction Group Inc. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.821.2622

Kilbarry Hill Construction Limited Member Since: 2007 Markham 416.484.0701

L Lakeland Builders Inc. Member Since: 2005 Concord 905.761.6660

Nostco Construction Member Since: 2009 Markham 905.604.4511 Novacon Construction Inc. Member Since: 2015 Pickering 416.881.7176

Mather Fine Homes a division of Beechwood Investments Development Inc. Member Since: 1987 Toronto 416.482.9001

Komon Homes Inc. Member Since: 2013 Burlington 647.402.5740

R Ram Contracting Ltd. Member Since: 2012 Richmond Hill 905.773.0507

Make It Right Construction Inc. Member Since: 2016 Toronto 647.253.0305

Khachi Design Group Ltd. Member Since: 2012 Oakville 905.469.8118

Kingsway Home Improvements Inc. Member Since: 2010 Toronto 647.505.6869

Northern Edge Construction Services Ltd. Member Since: 1997 Scarborough 416.269.1900

Men At Work Design Build Ltd. Member Since: 1994 Toronto 416.763.0763 Method Homes Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.548.5988 Mills Design Build Member Since: 2004 Oakville 905.847.7104 Modular Home Additions Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Mississauga 416.759.4663 Modus Homes Inc. Member Since: 2014 Toronto 416.696.7856 Monarch Kitchen & Bath Centre Member Since: 2013 Pickering 905.686.2001 Myhaven Greenvision Homes Member Since: 2004 Richmond Hill 905.508.8075 N Norseman Construction & Development Ltd. / Norseman Group Member Since: 2008 Toronto 647.435.5433

Renditions Design Build Ltd. Member Since: 2011 Terra Cotta 416.606.9954 Renoco Group Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.402.4843

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Pantera Building Contractors Member Since: 2011 Toronto 416.284.0077

Ridgestone Construction Inc. Member Since: 2010 Woodbridge 905.264.7880

Penguin Basements Ltd. Member Since: 2014 North York 416.633.7180 Perma-Wood Solariums and Additions (1025722 Ontario Inc.) Member Since: 1994 Markham 905.475.5460 Pine Glen General Contractors Inc. Member Since: 2010 Oakville 905.827.1117 Plan A Contracting Ltd. Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.873.6810 Premier Quality Renovations Inc. Member SInce: 2015 Toronto 905.286.0303 Prep ’n Sell Member Since: 2014 Mississauga 416.201.1010 PROBUILT Member Since: 1997 Bolton 905.533.4663 Progressive Reno & Contracting Member Since: 2014 Toronto 416.831.6717 Q Queensgate Homes Inc. Member Since: 1992 Woodbridge 905.264.0600

Serenity Homes Member Since: 2009 Toronto 416.551.6220 SevernWoods Construction Inc. Member Since: 2008 Toronto 416.483.2941 Sheppard Pearl Waterproofing & Renovation (1450434 Ontario Inc.) Member Since: 2008 Scarborough 416.677.0888 Silverado Custom Homes Member Since: 2013 North York 416.823.7018 Silverpoint Fine Homes Inc. Member Since: 2008 Toronto 416.995.4119 Simple Solutions Design & Build Contractors Inc. Member Since: 2013 Caledon Village 905.799.9199 SIR Group Inc. Member Since: 2016 Etobicoke 416.274.4712

Rivet Development Corp. Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.464.2748

Sosna Inc. Member Since: 2012 Richmond Hill 416.452.5259

Rosehill Wine Cellars Inc. Member Since: 2013 Mississauga 905.275.0979

South Light Design/Build Inc. Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.457.4640

Royal Home Improvements Member Since: 1997 Mississauga 416.236.4400 RS Homes Member Since: 2014 Toronto 416.480.0282 Rulestone Renovations Inc. Member Since: 1991 Carrying Place 416.694.6016 S Salerno Custom Homes Member Since: 2011 Mississauga 905.602.8611 Sandgate Construction Inc. Member Since: 1991 Aurora 905.841.6440 ScottRyan Design Build Member Since: 2015 Oakville 905.510.5314 Scottsdale Contracting Inc. Member Since: 2002 Toronto 416.520.8858

Space Converters Ltd. Member Since: 2005 Mississauga 416.219.5533 Spalding, K. Construction Inc. Member Since: 1996 Newmarket 905.898.5503 Span-Co General Contracting Services Ltd. Member Since: 2008 Markham 905.475.6282 Stellar Homes Inc. Member Since: 2011 Aurora 905.726.7778 Stockridge Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2005 Toronto 416.964.6800 Stonemill Developments Inc. Member Since: 2008 Oakville 905.847.5900 Super 7 Group Member Since: 2005 Sharon 416.688.5599 June/July 2016 :: 87

P86-88_R_RenoMark_JJ16.indd 87

2016-05-05 10:09 AM

{RENOVATOR RESOURCE DIRECTORY} SLUG HERE Superior Quality Renovations & Construction Inc. Member Since: 2003 Toronto 416.441.0084 SweetHomeSpaces Member Since: 2012 Mississauga 647.299.3871

Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.463.7433 V Vorcon Group Inc. Member Since: 2012 Etobicoke 416.247.7555

T T. Sena Construction and Management Inc. Member Since: 2006 Woodbridge 905.850.1010

W W.C. Meek Design and Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2008 Toronto 416.690.1919

Templehouse Renovations Member Since: 2000 Toronto 416.932.9099

Walden Design Build Inc. Member Since: 1999 Toronto 416.487.2300 renomark

The English Carpenter Member Since: 2014 Toronto 647.269.3140 The Fifth Wall Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.509.5512 The Gatti Group Corp. Member Since: 2009 Vaughan 905.566.9072 The Toolbox Group Inc. Member Since: 2005 Whitby 416.991.2229 Three Season Complete Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2014 Belfountain 647.968.6455 Timberlea Construction and Roofing Ltd. Member Since: 2007 Mississauga 905.602.5959 TIPEQ Inc. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.623.8159 Tishler Custom Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.785.0060 Toronto Custom Concepts Inc. Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.806.2232 Total Renovations Inc. Member Since: 2000 Toronto 416.694.2488 Town Square Developments Inc. Member Since: 2005 Woodbridge 905.850.9367 U U.K. Construction Member Since: 1996 Scarborough 416.266.5333 Upside Inc.

B Benim Contracting (2055523 Ontario Ltd.) Member Since: 2006 Etobicoke 416.737.5897 Broadway Flooring Centre Ltd. Member Since: 2009 Toronto 416.730.1830 C Cando Pro Roofing Member Since: 2011 Thornhill 416.629.2446

G Gala Energy Member Since: 2016 Toronto 416.886.1721 Garage Door Depot Member Since: 2014 Mississauga 416.424.3400 George Kent Home Improvement Ltd. Member Since: 2014 Mississauga 905.670.2707

Canduit Contracting Inc. (Electrical Specialists) Member Since: 2011 Mississauga 647.236.3050

H Home Corp Services Inc,/ Montwest Mechanical Inc. Member Since: 2003 Vaughan 905.660.8886

WellCore Corporation Member Since: 2014 Thornhill 416.882.4606

Capital Floors Inc. Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.536.2200

Hotwire Electric Member Since: 2013 Richmond Hill 416.553.5533

Whitehall Homes & Construction Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Oakville 905.338.7230

Chislett Asphalt Roofing Ltd. Member Since: 1986 Vaughan 905.738.9433

J JAGG Enterprizes Inc. Member Since: 2007 Caledon 905.838.5244

Willem Contracting Member Since: 2008 Etobicoke 416.579.2724

Conquest Carpet & Flooring (Division of Trust Flooring) Member Since: 1995 North York 416.745.8518

K Kingsway Carpets & Blinds Inc. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.253.0880

D Dalmar Columns Inc. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.747.6945

L Let It Rain Ltd. Member Since: 2003 Mississauga 905.795.0212

Darmaga Hardwood Flooring Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Richmond Hill 905.770.1900

M Marmara Ltd. Member Since: 2016 Toronto 647.865.1062

Dave’s Duct Cleaning Member Since: 2013 Whitby 416.668.4607

Martino Contractors Ltd. Member Since: 1987 Concord 905.760.9894

Dominion Roofing Member Since: 1957 Toronto 416.789.0601

Metropolitan Sheet Metal Ltd. MetroAir Home Comfort Solutions Member Since: 1959 Brampton 905.792.5076

Wilson Project Management Limited Member Since: 2007 Toronto 416.222.9433 Woodcastle Homes Ltd. Member Since: 2002 Mississauga 905.891.0200 Woodsmith Construction Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.937.5874 TRADE CONTRACTORS A A.D.C. Aluminum Contracting Ltd. Member Since: 1993 Concord 905.669.1172 Applewood Air Conditioning Member Since: 1971 Mississauga 905.275.4500 Archer Roofing Member Since: 2007 Mississauga 416.427.2437 Aspen Wood Floors Member Since: 2003 Mississauga 905.281.2900 Avenue Insulation Inc. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.371.3626 avenueinsulationcom

E Elle & Co Construction Inc. Member Since: 2012 Toronto 416.710.4419 E-M Air Systems Inc. Member Since: 1997 Concord 905.738.0450 Erindale Painting & Decorating Inc. Member Since: 2011 Concord 289.588.1810 F Spray Foam & Blown-In Insulation Member Since: 2012 Mississauga 416.893.8712

N N. De Luca Plumbing (1995) Inc. Member Since: 1996 Woodbridge 905.851.9159 New Steel Roofers Inc. Member Since: 2010 Hamilton 905.543.1623 Nusite Waterproofing Ltd. Member Since: 2009 Toronto 416.622.7000

O Ontario Basement Lowering (Div. Of AKG Precision Foundation Group Inc.) Member Since: 2010 Toronto 416.494.3999 Ontario HVAC General Contractor Ltd. Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.831.8646 Ontario Screen Systems Inc./Phantom Screens Member Since: 1995 Mississauga 905.624.0824 P Palmer’s Demolition Member Since: 2015 Toronto 416.315.9715 Pro-Land Landscape Construction Inc. Member Since: 2011 Brampton 905.799.6100 Q Quality Sterling Group Member Since: 1965 Vaughan 905.585.4800

Trevisana Kitchen + Interiors Member Since: 2015 Toronto 647.748.8874 Trudel & Sons Roofing Ltd. Member Since: 1995 Stouffville 905.642.3515 U Uni-Tech Windows Mfrs. Inc. Member Since: 2015 Woodbridge 905.856.4011 V Vacuflo Ontario Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.445.6886 W Watertite Waterproofers Ltd. Member Since: 2002 Toronto 416.410.5326 Weston Flooring Ltd. Member Since: 2004 Woodbridge 416.746.8492

R Ragno Electric Ltd. Member Since: 2000 Brampton 905.793.4663 Raynor Canada Corp. o/s Richards-Wilcox Canada Member Since: 2015 Mississauga 905.625.0037 Raywal Limited Member Since: 1957 Thornhill 905.889.6243 Roussel Eavestrough Distributors Ltd. Member Since: 2011 Scarborough 416.438.4344 S Sure Seal Crack Injections Co. Ltd. Member Since: 2006 Toronto 416.878.7295 Sustain Electrical Services Member Since: 2014 Toronto 647.505.0692 T Tailored Living of Central Toronto Member Since: 2013 Toronto 416.631.7272 tailoredlivingcom The City Wide Group Inc. Member Since: 2014 Toronto 416.283.5500 Timeless Millwork Inc. Member Since: 2014 Concord 905.760.1985

88 :: June/July 2016

P86-88_R_RenoMark_JJ16.indd 88

2016-05-05 10:09 AM

ei ei home ei ei ei ei

The only home service tool you need LOOKING FOR: e.g. Electrician, Plumber...

LOCATION: Choose your city


Find Your Home Service Pro. Canada’s fastest growing home renovation website, is the place to find quality home service pros in your area. Visit us and find home decor tips, inspirational articles and photo galleries, read real customer reviews and more. With over 200,000 Contractors - from Home Renovation Pros to Home Décor Specialists, Landscapers to Lawn Maintenance Service Pros you’re guaranteed to find the best one for your next project.

Media Sponsors



CALL 1 800 668-5439 EIEI 46539 Homes Publishing FP Contest Ad FA.indd 1 Untitled-1 1


16-05-10 9:41 AM 2016-05-10 10:38 AM


series of “Style Spots” created by RENO & DECOR contributors Glen Peloso and Jamie Alexander became the stylish backdrop for this year’s R&D booth at the 2016 National Home Show. From the colours, lighting and furnishings, every vignette Glen and Jamie brought to life was luxurious yet welcoming. After 10 days, 120 hours, 20 design experts and nearly 400 clients, this year’s Design Intervention booth was our best one yet. And so many visitors received knowledgeable design help from the many experts at the booth. None of this would have been possible without the talent and time dedicated by booth designers Glen and Jamie. We were wowed and we thank you. We would also like to acknowledge and thank our amazing suppliers: Glen and Jamie, Peloso Alexander Furniture, Century Furniture, Bespoke My Place, JT & Company, Bousada Flooring, XL Flooring, Marc Antonio Designs, Benjamin Moore, and Metrie. These companies really stepped up to provide us products and services to help bring this feature together.


Visitors Received Solid Reno Advice at the DESIGN INTERVENTION BOOTH

90 :: June/July 2016

P90-91_R_NHSrecap_JJ16.indd 90

2016-05-05 10:05 AM



Paul Semkuley, Margaret Macdonald and Marla Baker


A special thank you to all of the designers who generously offered their time to our booth “speed-designing” for our clients: Glen & Jamie

Melissa Davis

Evelyn Eshun

Yvonne Whelan

Elaine Bergen Terry Edward Briceland Jim Caruk Elsie Cheng Kate Davidson Melissa Davis Evelyn Eshun Erica Gelman Catherine-Lucie Horber Margaret MacDonald Linda Mazur Barbara Nyke Tracy O’Brien Dvira Ovadia Kenneth Paul Tania Richardson Steven Southgate Yvonne Whelan

Century Furniture


Marc Antonio Designs


XL Flooring

Glen & Jamie

JT & Company

Bespoke My Place

Benjamin Moore

Peloso Alenander Furniture June/July 2016 :: 91

P90-91_R_NHSrecap_JJ16.indd 91

2016-05-05 10:06 AM



Specialty Hardware Stores, Architects, Builders, Contractors & Interior Designers


• Multi Point Lock Trim Sets in Brass 18” x 2.5” • Door Hardware • Cabinet Hardware • Gate Hardware • More Than 50 Sizes of Sand Cast Decorative Floor Registers & Air Return Grills/Grates

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• Plumbing • Drain Work • Water Service • Water Proofing • Drain Cleaning • Camera Inspection

416.999.2999 •

Prima Home Hardware Inc. 7171/8, Torbram Road Mississauga ON, L4T 3W4 1 866 691 1122 • 905 908 2550

Let us warm up your life! Amercraft specializes in elegant, versatile, and durable radiators and towel warmers that are available in a variety of colours and styles providing optimal comfort and presentation. Let Amercraft provide you with year round customized climate control in any room of your house. Enjoy a luxurious spa experiences in the comfort of your own home.

Pamper yourself today! 925 Midway Blvd., Mississauga • 416.456.4771 • Amercraft_HP_Reno_AS14_V3.indd 1

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2014-07-03 11:52 AM

2016-05-06 12:29 PM

For advertising information please contact Tony Loria 905.883.9215


VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM AND STONE YARD! 4450 Corporate Drive, Unit 2, Burlington ON (QEW & Appleby Line) Monday - Friday: By Appointment Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm

Tapestry Decor Brings your ideas to life We are a full service interior design and decorating firm from concept to completion, we bring it to life!

Design services • Renovations • Project Management • Concepts • Space planning • Product sourcing Custom drapery, blinds, bedding and shades • In-home consultation

416.710.3086 | 905.264.0635 |

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2016-05-05 1:45 PM


We’ve Moved

A wide selection of natural stone and precast concrete products • Flagstone • Masonry products • Aggregates • Bulk/bag road Salt

• Interlocking • Cultured stone • In-Lite LED Lights • Retaining walls • Accessories • Kichler LED Lights

Your one stop shop for Natural Stone & Cultured Stone Veneers t: 905-886-5787 or t: 416-222-2424

2 New Locations to Serve you Better Main Office & Yard 8081 Woodbine Avenue S/E Corner of Woodbine and 407 Office & Yard

Office and yard: 25 Langstaff Rd. E., Thornhill. Yonge & Hwy 7-407 Manufacturing plant: 12350 Keele St., Maple We Deliver!

125 Langstaff Road East S/E Corner of Yonge and 407

Date: Feb 17, 2016 Filename_ Version# 2296_B V_Reno Decor _w7 x h4.625_CLR 02 Client: 10 Carriage House Court Richmond Hill ON L4E 4V3




Supplier: Trim:

Acct. Mgr: 7" x 4.625"


0" x 0"

File Built at:

100% (1:1)


# Colours: 4C




p092-95_HRC_R_JJ16.indd 94

2016-05-05 1:48 PM


For advertising information please contact Tony Loria 905.883.9215

The Space Discovery People

Superior Closets • Closet Organizers • Custom Furniture • Wall Units • Mirror Doors & More... CALL US FOR A FREE IN HOME CONSULTATION 1-800-670-8666 905-669-8280 CenturianCenturian Toronto Toronto

Centurian Vaughan

Centurian Vaughan FREE SHOP AT 3737 HOME 3737 Major Mackenzie Major Mackenzie


1717Road Avenue Road 1717 Avenue (416) 489-9990 (416) 489-9990 Centurian Toronto 1717 Avenue Road

(416) 489-9990

(416) 998-9993 (416) 998-9993 Centurian Vaughan 3737 Major Mackenzie

(416) 998-993

H2O2 Wine Cellar Design Complete turnkey solution.

From entry level racking to fully custom design, cooling system, stone work, etc.

Showroom (By Appointment ONLY) 32 Cathedral High St., Markham ON

416-388-9388 •

p092-95_HRC_R_JJ16.indd 95

2016-05-05 1:49 PM


If you would like specific information about the products or services advertised in this issue, go to and click on CONTESTS. Simply check the boxes for which you'd like more information and submit it to us. Your request-for-information allows you to enter our Advertisers’ Index contest for a chance to win a prize from Black & Decker!



Greensville Soapstone Company 93 Allan Rug Co. 45 H2O2 Wine Cellar Design 95 Allstyle Cabinet Doors 45 Hide House 51 Alta Moda Furniture 45 Imerspa Inground Hot Tubs and Pools 51 Amercraft 92 Kitchen & Bath Classics 51 Appliance Love 23 Kitchen Stuff Plus 83 Ard Outdoor 33 M Squared Flooring & Design Centre 63 Aspen Wood Floors 27 Marble Clinic, The 43 Beaver Valley Stone Ltd. 94 Moen 2 Benjamin Moore 16,17 My Shades 72 Beyond Marble & Granite 35 Omega Mantels & Mouldings 18 Black & Decker 96 Outdoor Floors 33 Blanco 13 Prima Home Hardware Inc. 92 Caesarstone 3 Quartex Surfaces 31 Central Fairbank Lumber 55 Quick Response Plumbing 92 Centurian 95 Saniflo 59 Cobi Style 85 Scan Décor 21 Cosentino 25 Stone Selex 4 Crystal Design and Decor 93 Sun-Brite Drapery 43 D.O.T. Furniture 79 Superior Closets 95 DCS 8 Tapestry Décor 93 Discovery Dream Homes 94 Thermador 73 Eiei Home 89 Tobi Kitchen & Fine Cabinetry 43 Electrical Safety Authority 57 Unilock 69 Enbridge Gas 100 Vicostone 38 Faema 99 Water Closet 35 Fisher & Paykel 9,10 Wood Mood Hardwood Flooring 61 Fleurco 7 X-Tile Canada 15 Floor Shop, The 35 Fusion Stone 11 Grand Alarms 47

BLACK+DECKER AutoSense Drill BLACK+DECKER introduces its 20V MAX* Lithium Cordless Drill with AutoSense™ Technology, the first drill that is designed to intuitively understand when to stop screws flush with the work surface. It retails for $99 and is available at Lowe’s, RONA, Home Hardware, and across Canada. For more information on BLACK+DECKER products, go to



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One entry per household. Two winners per issue will receive a BLACK+DECKER AutoSense Drill! All entrants will receive a FREE copy of RENO & DECOR.

96 :: June/July 2016

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2016-05-12 9:02 AM

Subscribe Today! Launched in 1990, RENO & DECOR is Canada’s Home Idea Book, inspiring readers with the latest in tips and trends for their decorating and renovating projects.

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Everything for your home under our roof! Untitled-1 1 MagazineSubscriptionAds.indd 1

2016-05-05 1:29 2:30 PM 2015-11-03



(2) (3)


Pining for



1 Pineapple String Lights, $49.99; 2 White Pineapple 8", $30; 3 Pineapple Ceramic Cookie Jar, $24.99; 4 Collector's Edition Serving Platters, Pineapple, $19;

A symbol of hospitality and reminiscent of tropical destinations, what better way is there to welcome summer (and your guests) than to add a pineapple motif to your decor? Although we have seen this cheerful trend peak over the past few years, it is still steadfast popping up in quirky prints in wallpaper, serveware and traditional lamp bases. And nothing quite lights up an outdoor party like a pineapple-themed string of lights. We can’t seem to get enough of the pineapple! Perhaps it is our penchant for mid-century modern or the recent rise of Tiki-type restaurants in the GTA that is keeping this timelessly sweet pineapple a year-round staple around the home.



(7) (8)

5 Multicolour Pineapple Cushion, $35.90; 6 Tropics Collection Outdoor Pillow, orange, $19.99; 7 Pineapple Canister, small - $39.95, medium - $49.95; 8 CANVAS Megan Table Lamp, $99.99; 9 Pineapple Welcome Wallpaper, $228 per roll (30 ft.);


98 :: June/July 2016

p098_R_JJ16.indd 98

2016-05-11 12:51 PM

Test page.indd 1

2016-02-20 4:56 PM

One of the easiest ways to save on your energy costs is by installing a smart thermostat. Using sensors and Wi-Fi technology, smart thermostats “adapt” to your schedule, automatically delivering comfort when you’re there and savings when you’re not. With our new Smart Thermostats Program, you can receive a $100 bill credit applied to your Enbridge account. Simply purchase and install one of the qualifying smart thermostats and apply before December 31, 2016.*

Learn more at

*Offer valid from April 15, 2016 to December 31, 2016. Visit for full terms and conditions.

ERA2066_SmartThermostats_Ad_Homes_FIN3.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

2016-04-14 4:13 PM 2016-05-02 11:32 AM

Reno & Decor Magazine Jun/Jul 2016  

Canada's Home Idea Book! Design, Decor, Renovating, Home Improvement, DIY, Expert Advice, tips & trends, new products and services. Outdoor...

Reno & Decor Magazine Jun/Jul 2016  

Canada's Home Idea Book! Design, Decor, Renovating, Home Improvement, DIY, Expert Advice, tips & trends, new products and services. Outdoor...