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Homes of Hope rebuilds communities and individual lives through housing, economic development and job training.



FROM THE CEO Welcome to our 2015 Annual Impact Report! It is always a pleasure to tell the story of our year to you, our supporters, because you are always a part of the story! Together we write each chapter through rebuilding lives and communities. And God is faithful in it all, to provide His grace and life-changing power! This year we saw significant changes in our state and our culture. Likewise, the landscape for community and economic development work is changing too. We must not only stay relevant in our mission, but remain on the leading edge of innovation and excellence. At Homes of Hope we are committed to continuing

to walk a bold path toward more and more significant impact. The stories, statistics, and programmatic information within this publication will hopefully inform you, but more importantly, inspire you. Together we link arms in touching one life at a time through affordable and energy efficient housing for low-income families, community focused economic development for low-wealth neighborhoods, and job training/mentoring for men overcoming addictions. Please enjoy reading our 2015 Annual Impact Report, and please tell me what you think afterwards! I welcome your comments and suggestions and would love to hear from you! My email address is: don@homesofhope.org




PHILOSOPHY We are very intentional in our housing strategy--taking into consideration the multiple and complex issues that each community faces when undergoing renewal. In the end it is our hope that everyone benefits, not just the families we house, but their neighbors too.


We believe in single family homes and the benefits of everyone having a front yard, back yard and front porch for interacting with their neighbors.


We believe in mixed income neighborhoods comprised of a healthy combination of both affordable rental homes and homeownership units.


We believe in focusing on neighborhood strengths, not weaknesses. By working with neighborhood associations, we help to revitalize neighborhoods. We replace areas where crime tends to happen-like dead end streets-with green space and enhanced connectivity and walkability.


We believe good neighborhoods start with good neighbors. Whether owners or renters, we’re intentional in housing families who are invested in their community.


Catch your breath in our permanent affordable and energy efficient rental housing, and then let’s work from there.

FILLING THE HOMEOWNERSHIP GAP If you’re over-income for other programs, become a homeowner with Homes of Hope.


If you’re transitioning from a homeless service program, we have a permanent home for you.


It’s time for you to have a good option for change. (See page 18 for more info). 5





ne of my proudest moments as a single mom happened on a beautiful summer day in June. My daughter Essence and I were sitting in a restaurant across the street from the Homes of Hope neighborhood in Mauldin where we live. Essence looked out the restaurant window and stared directly at our house and said, “Mom, we live in a really nice home.” Immediately after she spoke those words, I had an “Aha moment,” as Oprah would say. It was in that moment I truly realized that Homes of Hope blessed me with something that I couldn’t do on my own as a single mom and that blessing was providing my daughter with a brand-new affordable home in a friendly and safe neighborhood. A home where she no longer had to bring her bike in the house at night in fear of it getting stolen. A home that she was no longer ashamed to tell her peers where she lived. A home that has boosted her self-esteem and confidence. A home that has set high standards for the type of home she will purchase as an adult for her and her family. But most importantly, Homes of Hope blessed us with a home that has helped mold Essence into the high achiever she is today! Essence is currently enrolled at the South Carolina Governor School for Science and Math where she will major in engineering. Essence has a 4.9 GPA and is ranked #8 in her class out of 590 students. Thanks to Homes of Hope I have been able to teach Essence some valuable lessons in our home. I’m beyond grateful for my partnership with Homes of Hope. Not a day goes by, I mean not one single day, that I don’t look to the heavens and thank God for our “nice home” as Essence would say! We are loving life!

Making an IMPACT in 2015


households maintained stable housing for 2 years and made steady on-time payments

We provide one-on-one and collective financial counseling to each client in the 3 B’s (banking, budgeting, and building savings). Financial wellness training equips our clients to break cycles of generational and situational poverty.


“...A home that she was no longer ashamed to tell her peers where she lived. A home that has boosted her self-esteem and confidence.�



of our clients are

children out of 615 Rental Clients WHAT MY HOME MEANS TO ME

If you ask me, home is a place where you share your feelings. You don’t have to hide your thoughts or shame. Because you have people who care and love you. Home is where your dream blossom, like a tree blossom. You can feed your roots or feed it disgrace. You can chose to stay or go and run away and leave your home or stay and live content. Home is the safest place on earth, wh ere your heart sores for life. Where the laughter of new bor ne stays for a while. Where the gentle spanking of moms happen. You can chose to be grateful or hatef ul. Bloom or shrink. However you chose to explain it, hom e is the most important thing you will ever need. Rebecca, age 10 Housing Client

Rebecca’s essay won first place in the Palmetto Housing Forum’s “What My Home Means to Me” contest. Read more of her story on page 16. 8


Innovation In Housing

We are committed to creatively developing new strategies to ensure our organization’s financial stability and provide lasting impact in the lives and communities we touch.


Mixed Use Development: Venturing into mixed-use development is our opportunity to improve the quality of life for our housing clients and ensure their access to tools vital to life success. Tangibly, this looks like grocery stores, job training facilities, and other businesses related to community needs— developed by Homes of Hope in the same neighborhoods where we’ve also developed affordable housing. Income generated through our mixed-use development is used to offset our costs for producing affordable housing nearby.

New Funding Methods: As one of twenty-five certified Community Development Corporations (CDCs) in South Carolina, Homes of Hope is eligible to offer donors and investors a 33% tax credit. Certified organizations are considered by the SC Department of Commerce to be the highest capacity, financially sound nonprofit CDCs in the state, with the most proven and consistent track records of success. Using innovation to raise capital through the tax credit allows us to diversify our income sources while involving investors in big impact.

Statewide Recognition: In 2015 Homes of Hope was honored to receive the Palmetto Housing Achievement Award in the Creative Partnership category by South Carolina State Housing and Finance Development Authority (SC Housing). The Creative Partnership Award demonstrates innovative coordination of community resources and fund leveraging. Homes of Hope was nominated by the City of Greenville and accepted the award based on the success of our LoCAL Housing program (page 18).

Any investment in Homes of Hope is eligible to receive a 33% tax credit on the investor’s: • SC income tax liability • Bank tax, or • Premium tax for insurance companies

Since 1998, we have made a



investment in Community and Economic Development Greenville - 228 Anderson - 27


Spartanburg - 6 Laurens - 15 *Georgetown coming soon!

York - 47

Homes Rehabilitated - 192

“Homes of Hope is amazing! They are a full partner with the City of Greenville in providing affordable housing. They combine compassion with extraordinary commitment and creativity to get the job done. Homes of Hope is a model for how collaboration makes all the difference!” -KNOX WHITE


We partner with over 25 community human service agencies, neighborhood associations and churches to provide targeted services that benefit each individual, family and neighborhood. Community partners include: • Anderson Interfaith Ministries: Women and Children Succeeding • Community Works Carolina • Department of Mental Health • The Family Effect: Serenity Place • GAIHN

• • • • • •

Greenville County Human Relations Safe Harbor SHARE Triune Mercy Center United Housing Connections United Ministries 11

Making an IMPACT in 2015

18 Men

received specialized job training and mentorship. All men are enrolled in WorkKeys and Financial Wellness Training 12

500 192 180 hours of spiritual discipleship training per man

hours of classroom training per man

days of on the job training per man


Through our partnership with Greenville Tech, our men earn specialized construction certifications.



or as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with a drug addiction. My name is Lee Reynolds and I am thirty-seven years old. In my first year of college I realized that I had a drug problem when I began abusing pain pills that I would steal from my mother. Around this same time period I met the woman of my life and my dreams. Kendra and I started dating in January 2000. I was twenty-two and had not lived a responsible day in my life. In August 2001, Kendra gave birth to our first son, Austin. I thought to myself that once he came along I would straighten up. Of course, that never happened. Instead of slowing down, my addiction took off. For about five years I was in and out of jail. I couldn’t keep a job. I was totally dependent on Kendra’s family to help financially. Kendra was pregnant with our second son, Chase, and worked until she gave birth. Meanwhile, I sat at home everyday wondering where my next high was coming from. Through the next ten years of our lives, I continued tearing my family to pieces. I was released from another stay in jail in 2014 and I reached out for serious life change. I was so, so tired of fighting my addiction. I checked in to Miracle Hill’s Overcomer Center for the second time. During my stay at the Center, God brought Kendra and the boys back into my life. We prayed on what to do after rehab. We agreed that I needed more time to transition. With God’s leading, we as a family decided for me to join Homes of Hope. On August 8th, 2014, I arrived at Gideon’s House, Homes of Hope’s home for men overcoming addictions. I dove in headfirst and my spiritual life really grew. I was no longer weighed down by all of the horrible things I had done in the past. Having the honor to learn from true men of God helped me so much. I continued to grow and really became a true disciple. Throughout my year I helped to build 3 LoCAL homes and earned a Quick Job credential in Basic Residential Construction through Greenville Tech, along with a NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) core certificate, WorkKeys credentials, and so many other things. All of my legal issues were wiped away. I received my license back. Kendra and I were able to get marriage counseling. Now we are currently living in a Homes of Hope house, which we love. With the employment credentials I obtained through Homes of Hope, I was hired by Walker and Whiteside Electrical Contractors. I am continuing my education to become an electrician. My family and I are so, so grateful for the Homes of Hope staff and all of the great volunteers, plus all of those who donate their time and money. Homes of Hope has not only changed my life, but they have also changed Kendra, Austin and Chase’s lives as well.

5 5

men enrolled to earn a Quick Job Certification in Basic Residential Construction (BRC)

My family has their father and husband back as a new creation in Christ. Thanks and God Bless,

men earned National Center for Construction Education and Research Certifications (NCCER)


In our 17 years we have graduated

287 Men


In our one-year residential program we provide specialized construction trade job training, Christian discipleship, life skills and financial wellness training for men overcoming drug and alcohol addictions. We partner with community human service agencies, educational institutions, and churches to provide targeted services that benefit each man. Community partners include: • Greenville Electrical Contractors Collaborative • Greenville Technical College • Greenville Works 14

• • • •

Miracle Hill Ministries New Horizon Medical SC Vocational Rehab SHARE

• South Carolina Department of Social Services • Sullivan Learning Center • United Ministries



4 Pillars of Success

It is our goal that men graduate our program with Education Improvement, Affordable and Reliable Transportation, Affordable and Energy-Efficient Housing, and Employment. These four pillars securely hold up the roof of financial wellness training for each man, with the whole house being supported by the foundation found in the love of Christ. 15




y children and I came to the United States from West Africa (Togo) in November 2012 to unite with my thenhusband in Greenville, SC. We married in 2004 and had two beautiful children: Rebecca (10) and Gabriel (4). Unfortunately, our dream shattered in October 2013. My exhusband started abusing my children and me physically, and verbally. Thank God for a God-fearing neighbor that heard my scream and called the police for help. They took us to Safe Harbor which provided us shelter and helps that brought light into our lives. My children and I were homeless living in the shelter for six months until Safe Harbor took me to Homes of Hope to inquire about housing for my family. On paper it seemed that I did not qualify. There was nothing in my file to prove that I could financially support the house, but Homes of Hope gave me a chance. They encouraged me with the word of God. When I signed the contract, they wrote the scripture for me - Jeremiah 33:6. I will never forget that scripture and I meditate on it day and night.

“I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security.” Jeremiah 33:6 My children and I moved into a newly built, three bedroom LoCAL house. It was a dream come true. I did not expect to live in such a home because of my financial situation, but Homes of Hope made it possible for my children and me. Homes of Hope did not just give us home, but encircled us as family to ensure we receive all benefits. In the Spring I received an email from Homes of Hope that the Palmetto Affordable Housing Forum was organizing an essay contest called “What my home means to me.” The last day to submit the essay, my daughter asked me to mail her essay. I told her that there was no time for me to read and edit what she wrote. She insisted I


should just submit, so I mailed it to Columbia without reading what she wrote. A couple of weeks later Homes of Hope called and said Rebecca had won the first prize for the essay contest!* I was shocked and began to thank God for this miracle. Homes of Hopes helped my daughter to realize that she has the gift of writing. She won beautiful prizes, and during Homes of Hope’s annual banquet she read her essay. A homeless child stood in the presence of hundreds and presented her essay. It is only God that can do such a thing. I was so happy and thank God for making something out of nothing. I am thankful to Homes of Hopes for giving my family a home to live in and the opportunity to accomplish life achievements. People told me “get a simple job, take care of your children” but, I said “no, God has better for me.” In July 2015 I graduated from University of Phoenix with an Associate Degree in Business. Nobody would believe that in a country that I’m new to that I could accomplish such a thing. But if you are willing to give the time, God will give you the grace. Without our peaceful home there is no way I could have studied to earn a degree. I made 3.85 GPA. To God be the glory. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to all the donors, the board of directors, and staff of Homes of Hope. Your gifts have saved a family from shame, and today our life is filled with grace and love. I want to use this medium to advocate for those who think a bad situation in life will prevent them from achieving their dream—no, with God all things are possible. Sometimes God allows a crisis to bring a better life. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you,

*Rebecca’s essay is featured on page 8.






It is Permanent Housing


It is Efficient in Space

In 2015, Homes of Hope completed our 7th, 8th, and 9th LoCAL homes for families in poverty. Through a collaborative partnership with GAIHN (Greenville Area Interfaith Hospitality Network), these homes were quickly available to three families transitioning out of homelessness. LoCAL housing lifts poverty-level families from sub-standard housing to new hope through safe, quality, and energy-efficient homes that they can be proud of. For a family at poverty level ($1000$1300/month income) LoCAL has a target rental or mortgage payment of $350-375/month. Coupled with LEED standard construction, LoCAL homes achieve the highest energy


For Poverty Level Families

efficiency making the goal for standard energy bill less than $75/ month. LoCAL housing is funded through charitable contributions from the community in the form of corporate sponsorships, grants, & foundation awards. Hundreds of employees from sponsoring corporations have enjoyed the opportunity to work alongside our men as we partner together to make LoCAL a reality. Ten families comprised of 21 individuals, and 11 children have been given the opportunity for a new start through LoCAL Housing. Two of these families were escaping domestic violence tragedies. Seven of the families were formerly homeless. Thirty-five men



Our goal is to build 4-6 LoCAL homes each year. A continued pipeline of partners is needed.

L-EED™ Standards

The Highest in Energy-Efficiency

overcoming addictions enrolled in our Men’s Development program have participated in the construction of these homes. Thanks to the job training provided by our LoCAL Housing program, future men will graduate Homes of Hope with a certification in Basic Residential Construction (BRC) from Greenville Technical College. LoCAL Housing is a great solution to Greenville’s affordable housing shortage. Equally important is that men enrolled in our job training program are earning credentialed and employable job skills. No longer draining the community through their addiction, they are rebuilding their lives by building homes for families in need!

“Homes of Hope has taken a vision for affordable housing and turned it into a reality that holds tremendous promise for the future of Greenville. Not only does LoCAL provide an answer for the prevalent problems facing poverty—level families today— it gives the men mentored and trained by Homes of Hope even more of a foundation for future success.” - RUSSELL STALL



FISCAL HEALTH “Homes of Hope is one of, if not THE most, innovative charitable organizations I have seen in terms of its approach to funding its activities. In its quiver are internally generated funds, grant solicitations, fundraising events, tax-exempt bonds, and innovative investment concepts allowing charityminded investments with a real return. They are a true leader!� - TIM GRANT


70/30 MODEL

Homes of Hope is able to produce 70% of our budgeted income. We depend on you for the remaining 30%.



EXPENSES $3,029,187

n Housing Programs $2,219,934 n Administration $501,067 n Men’s Development $251,546 n Fundraising $39,108 n Staff Training and Development $17,532

INCOME $3,212,754 n Housing Activities $2,274,368 n Community Support $539,386 n Foundations and United Way $342,000 n Housing & Urban Development Grant $57,000

MAJOR FUNDING SOURCES OUR HOUSING ACTIVITIES Income from housing developments GRANTS United Way, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, Sisters of Charity Foundation, Government, and Private Donations from Foundations and Corporations

COMMUNITY SUPPORT Board of Directors Individual Giving, LoCAL Sponsorships, Corporate Giving Solid Rock Club Individual and Corporate Monthly Giving Special Events Hope House Dinner and Auction Golf Classic

Bank of America Charitable Foundation BB&T Bike & Build Community Foundation of Greenville The Daniel-Mickel Foundation Duke Energy Foundation Fluor Corporation The F.W. Symmes Foundation Golf for Greenville The Graham Foundation Hollingsworth Funds John I. Smith Charities Jolly Foundation Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation Sisters of Charity Foundation South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development South Carolina Christian Foundation South Carolina Department of Commerce South Carolina Housing Finance & Development Authority South State Bank Suntrust Bank TD Foundation United Way of Anderson County United Way of Greenville County U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Wells Fargo Foundation





In the construction world, the term “foundation” is defined as part of a structural system that supports and anchors a building. Often, the foundation is partly or wholly hidden below the ground as it distributes the load of the building. Though partially unseen, it is the groundwork on which something stands. So it goes with our financial donors. Since our beginning we have relied on our Solid Rock Club as a strong foundation of donors who anchor our work through prayer and giving. Often hidden from the limelight, our donors are faithful and generous. Their monthly financial gifts provide the foundation that allows us to rebuild communities and rebuild lives. Each and every donor is a vital member of our family whether they give monthly or once a year. * Asterisk indicates donor utilized the added investment benefit of a 33% tax credit. See page 10 for more information **Bold denotes Solid Rock Club Member



Russell and Ann Foster* Tim Grant* Carlton Owens* Resurgent Capital Services

$20,000 - $29,999

Boulevard Baptist Church Community Foundation of Greenville – James T. and Ellis A. Pearce Endowment James Stephen McClure*

$10,000 - $19,999

Buncombe Street United Methodist Church Roger and Lisa Stevens* Douglass and Ren Harper

$5000 - $9999

Ackerson-Stevens, Inc* Leighton Cubbage* Downtown Presbyterian Church Hampton Park Baptist Church of Greenville Rob and Paige Haney Rob and Missy Latham* Stuart and Holly McAlister* Serrus Capital Partners* Robert and Angela Thompson

$3000 - $4999

William Jernigan Redemption

$1000 - $2999

Matthew and Virginia Alexander Roger and Patti Brooks Dallas Burnett Brad and Robin Bylenga* Kathy Capps CCAD Engineering Bruce and Florence Colby William and Marion Crawford Daily Bread Ministries First Baptist Church of Simpsonville First Choice Property Management Paul Foster* John and Shannon Gordon Timothy Granger E. Zachary Horton Daniel T. Jones III, CPA, PA* Tim Justice Gregg and Lacey Kaiser Erwin and Nancy Maddrey Mark Maitland-Smith Bruce and Franza McClelland Randy and Marian McCreight Mitch Norville Don and Pam Oglesby P & R Investments, LLC David and Cari Palma Henry and Lillian Parr*

Rick Quinn Ken and Sandie Rawls Andy and Denise Robinson Joshua and Rachel Sack Kirk and Hannah Scogin George W. Sharpton Showcase of Homes Agency, Inc. Signature Pools Craig Sikkelee John and Allison Smith Jr. Michelle Stadler Craig and Ashley Stipes Thomas & Hutton Engineering Thunderbolt Services Dave and Wilma Wagner David and Fran Williams Kimberly Williams

$500 - $999

Bike and Build, Inc. Broadstreet Partners LLC John and Deborah Burnett Seth and Ashley Cain Anne Clark Michael Coggin Countybank Matt Covington Paul and Linda Davis Dawn Dowden Kathy Dowden Fairview Community Church Gerald Scroggs Insurance Agency LLC

John and Cyndi Gullick* Cary H. Hall Robert Hearon Hulsey McCormick & Wallace Myrna Lynne Mathis Bob and Robin Ivins Michael Keaton Bob and Wendy Linn Joshua McClendon Hugh and Elaine McCown New Life of Excellence Park Sterling Bank DeBario and Tomeka Payton Propel PEO Inc. Ken Reed Perry and Pam Sanders Danny and Jennifer Stout Total Quality Home Builders, Inc. Steve and Tina Vicari Ben and Ginger Wallace Gary and Becky Weldon Stephen and Chesley White Leta Williams Cyrus and Laura Witte

$100 - $499

Glenn and Lana Kay Abbott Jim Abbott Les Adams Aetna Foundation, Inc. David and Patricia Balduf Nate Barber Bertha Terry Ministries

James Borck William Brightman Tamika Brock Ryan Burnett Don Bush Kevin Calwise Ty and Cee Cee Cameron Angela Carter James Childers Terry Clark Thomas Clinton Covenant Baptist Church Kevin Cribbs Roy and Jayne Crisp John Daniel Robert and Dienece Dayton Will and Heather Dewitz Sean and Satreva Dogan Ralph Dove Faith Dowden Joseph and Sarah Dowsley Hugh Duck Belinda Earp Sam and Holly Edge Beverly Ellington Gene Erickson The Equipping Center Nathan and Patricia Fleming Todd and Kelly Fusco Kim Galloway Tony and Carol Garland Kenneth Garner Karen Gearhart

W. Gibson Nathaniel Gillard Godshall and Godshall Personnel Consultants Dexter and Deborah Gourdin John and Kathy Hall Denice Harris Roderick and Sonya Harris John Hatfield Brian Hawkins Jack Heckman Gary and Marie Hembree Brian Heinbaugh Heyward and Amy Hilliard Kedar and Paula Hodges Lois H. Holcombe Glenn and Terri Holland Bob Howard Gary Hyman Ben and Delicia Ivins Bob and Robin Ivins Wanda Jackson JK Jay Jake’s Landing Tony and Mardella Jones* Kehl, Culbertson, Andrighetti, Kornfeld LLC William and Tricia Kelly Sims and Kate Key Suzanne King Christopher Laney Bob and Karen Leake Caleb Lewis

Jason and Alisha Linton Nancy Magee Jerry and Nancy Malone James and Phyllis Martin Tish McCutchen Doug and Suzanne McNabb Danny and Keeley Mezzancello Necey Milam Scott and Gayle Morris Zaccheus and Layna Moss Phillip and Deana Mullinax Donna Neeley Aaron Nelson Jonathan Nett John and Sharleen Oden Gary and Carol Oglesby William Oldham DeBario and Tomeka Payton David Peebles Ronnie and Marlene Peebles Mie Potter Vernell Pinson John Pyles Ryland and JP Rainsford Daniel Randall Louis Redmond John Revis Terence Roberts Lena Grace Roper Joshua and Rachel Sack Abram and Lauren Sanders Josh and Megan Sanders Ellen Sechrest

John and Lisa Sherard Elonda Sherman Carl and Sara Shipman Signal Insurance Group LLC Bernard and Sharon Smith Brad and Jane Smith Cheryl Smith Daniel and Cindy Smith Greg Smith David Stair Mike and Bev Swart Abe and Amy Swartz Rachel Swift Taylor Illsley TD Smith Consulting Shannon Temples Eddie and Cricket Terrell Illsley Taylor Robert Thomas Denise Tibedo Jim and Candace Tindal Harrison and Cheryl Trammell Stephanie Troyer Ralph and Judy Walker Rebecca Warth G. Henry and Jane Watkins Jordon Weldon* Clayton and Paige Westbrook June White Hans Wiegert Brian Wildrick Rhonda Wilmore Diane Youngblood


Volunteers help us thrive.

The long-term transformation of neighborhoods, cities, and the lives of the populations we serve is best accomplished through collaboration. Individuals, groups, and corporations lend tremendous support by investing their talents through volunteer service.

600 4,330 $89,000*



CAPACITY INCREASE VALUE *Determined by National Value of Volunteer Time




n a Sunday evening in 2010 at my local church, Homes of Hope shared the vision of rejuvenating neighborhoods in the downtown area of Greenville. Although a new concept to my husband and me, we quickly felt the Lord leading us to become part of this “strategic neighbor” initiative. In God’s time we moved into our new home in Homes of Hope’s Chicora Crest development of the Haynie Sirrine neighborhood and began to look for ways to minister and to be ministered to. We did not have to look very far or very long- the Lord has a way of using you and ministering to you through others if you put yourself in His hands. One of our first contacts was Felsie Harris, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood. Felsie and I clicked, both being interested in getting things done. As president of the Haynie Sirrine Neighborhood Association, she encouraged me to become the secretary of the association. A garden space was developed by local residents, traffic humps and calming islands were installed to slow traffic, residents are working on improving the street lighting in the area, and a new gazebo for our community green space is in place. It has been so fun to get to know our neighbors through birthday parties, bi-monthly meetings, porch times, July 4th celebrations, and a fall ice cream social. Our anticipated move into the neighborhood also led to our first attendance at Homes of Hope’s annual Dinner and Auction. The client stories we heard at the dinner were inspiring and our fellowship around the table was great. We heard about the Solid Rock Club, and knew that was a good place to put a portion of our monthly tithes and offerings. As we have attended these annual dinners, we have enjoyed serving as table hosts and introducing others to the ministry of Homes of Hope. In addition to living in a neighborhood and being a donor, I am a weekly volunteer at Homes of Hope. I have learned so much about the housing world by volunteering in the Client Development department – helping the staff work with families from day to day. Living and working with Homes of Hope clients and staff has increased our love of their mission to the under-served, to men in transition, and to the city of Greenville. What a joy to support this ministry with time and money.

We are privileged to be strategic neighbors working alongside Homes of Hope. -

Thank you to the many individuals as well as groups that donated their time to Homes of Hope. Advent United Methodist Church AJ Whittenberg Choir Brushy Creek Baptist Church Christ Church Episcopal Christ Church Episcopal School Covenant United Methodist Duke Energy Retirees

First Baptist Greenville First Baptist Simpsonville First Presbyterian Church Fluor Corporation General Electric Grace Church Greenville Rotaract Greenville Health System Hands on Greenville Heritage Fellowship

JHM Hotels – Hyatt Regency Downtown Mauldin United Methodist Church Redemption Resurgent Capital Services Riverside Baptist SHARE We are the Church



help us connect. Through our 2015 events we raised


HOPE HOUSE DINNER AND AUCTION The Hope House Dinner and Auction is our primary way of welcoming over 500 new and continued supporters to learn about our work. The event includes dinner and dessert, a focus on our ministry, as well as silent and live auctions. There is a diverse mix of the Upstate community at this annual spring fundraiser.

ANNUAL GOLF CLASSIC The Annual Golf Classic is our fall opportunity for the community to get involved. Sponsors have a great opportunity to play a top-notch course, as well as showcase their company to 130+ business and community leaders from the Upstate.







Tim W. Revis

Hasker Hudgens


Ed Good


Rosa Byrd



Baxter Wynn


Russell Foster

Tim Brett

Denice Harris

Kim Galloway

Ginny Hughes



Cyndi Gullick

Tim Grant

Janice Blankenship



Jordon Weldon

Wanda Jackson

Steve Vicari





David Peebles

Jack Jamison


Bob Ivins


Tim Justice


Stuart McAlister

Julia Schmidt

John Smith

Belinda Earp

Roger Stevens


Carlton Cruell


Anita Rodgers


Sonja Murray



Abe Swartz


Sonya Cunningham



Nathan Fleming




Craig Stipes


ACCREDITATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Certified CDC with SC Dept of Commerce South Carolina CHDO Greenville County CHDO City of Greenville CHDO Upper Savannah CHDO Member of SCACED Member of SCANPO Member of SC Affordable Housing Coalition Member of Upstate Homeless Coalition


Natalie Lagger



OUR HISTORY Seventeen years ago Homes of Hope began with the dream to provide families in poverty with housing that they could afford and be proud of. A collaborative effort arose to pair men overcoming addictions enrolled at the Greenville Rescue Mission with the training needed to reconstruct donated mobile homes that could be sold to disadvantaged families. As a result, men’s lives were restored through sobriety and job training, and families in poverty found a housing option they could afford. In order to improve impact, mobile homes were phased out and the development of newly constructed energy efficient stick-built homes became our primary focus. Today, Homes of Hope’s impact has expanded statewide with the development of 515 affordable homes and the graduation of 287 Men’s Development interns. Men overcoming addictions are now equipped with specialized job training and life skills to lead restored lives. Greater impact begets greater responsibility and Homes of Hope remains dedicated to strategically rebuilding communities and rebuilding lives.

Learn more about Homes of Hope

You can reach us at: 864-269-4663 3 Dunean Street, Greenville, SC 29611 Stay Connected www.homesofhope.org :/homesofhopesc : @HomesofHopeSC :/ homesofhope

2016 COR PORATE CHAMPIONS Cover photo courtesy of Rainsford Photography