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January/February 2019 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Rick Vierkandt - Bark Gallery

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019




id you make any resolutions for 2019? Making New Year resolutions is a time-honored tradition (over 4,000 years old). The majority of people make resolutions yet over 90% who make them fail at keeping them. Still another year begins and with great resolve we plan to do things differently in the coming months. Some of the popular resolutions are to be a better person; lose weight; get healthier – exercise more; spend less, etc. Why do we fail at keeping them? Sometimes they are too unrealistic; we just don’t have enough time, money, or energy to do it all. Maybe making resolutions for the entire year is overly ambitious? Maybe we need to be kinder to ourselves when we fail and resolve to begin again (and again). We hope that one of your resolutions it to help make a difference in the lives of pets and animals. Our slogan for our adoption page is “Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life” and we believe this is possible. There are many ways to make a difference – donate, volunteer, educate, and if possible, open your heart and home to a rescue pet by adopting or fostering.

Wishing you an awesome new year! Your Friends at the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

“Take great comfort in knowing that all great feats are accomplished one small step at a time.” – Og Mandino


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019













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Willow from South Korea

Louie received a professional photo session with Bark Gallery and is on the cover of this issue!

Each runner up received a $50 Gift Certificate to Lazy Dog Restaurant.


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Stopping pet overpopulation starts with you! Spayed and neutered pets are healthy and happier.


• Spayed/neutered animals tend to live longer. • Spayed females do not suffer from uterine or ovarian cancer. • Neutering males drastically reduces chances of prostate difficulties. • Neutered pets are more loving and better tempered. • Neutered cats are less likely to mark or spray their territory. • Spayed females do not experience messy heat cycles. • Neutered pets are less likely to bite. • Neutered males are less likely to run away or fight.

Plus… It’s the Law. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019




Tips To Keep Your Furry Friends Safe When Riding In The Car By Elizabeth Parker


ver the years and after having the opportunity to share my life with many dogs, I’ve also taken many road trips with them. Most were enjoyable, but some could have ended up a disaster. Thankfully, the end result was valuable lessons learned and never forgotten. As a pet owner, you can try to plan for everything, but there’s always one little thing you may not have thought of. I believe sharing these tiny, but potentially life-saving tidbits of information can help all of us have safe and fun travels when we bring along our pets! One item I had never used in previous years was the doggy seatbelt. Since my dog Goldie had gone blind a few years back, the doggy seatbelt proved to be a life-saver! It’s very simple to use and is comfortable for your pooch. It’s simply a harness that has one loop on the top of the back portion. That loop gets connected to a hook that is attached to your actual car’s seatbelt. It not only prevents your dog from propelling forward should you stop short or worse, get into an accident, but it also prevents them from jumping out of the car once you have stopped and open the door to let them out! A doggy seatbelt is a wonderful way to prohibit your dog from getting loose and/or jumping out of the car and hurting themselves, especially if you have a truck that is high off the ground. When traveling with cats or small dogs a carrier provides for their safety and prevents injury when stopping short or in an accident. It also prevents them from escaping when doors are open. You’ll need to make sure the carrier is securely fastened. Next is the window lock mechanism. Dogs love to stick their heads outside the window whiffing the new scents that zip by. It’s very easy for a dog to step on the button that controls the window WHILE their heads are sticking out of the window! If not caught in time, the window will keep rising up resulting in a very hurt puppy, or even worse, death. Once you are comfortable with the height of the window, press that window lock button to ensure your pooch cannot raise or lower the window on their own! 6

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Whether you are taking a short trip to the park, or a trip across the country, always make sure you have the essentials covered. It’s a good idea to not only have your dog micro-chipped, but also for them to be wearing a collar with accurate contact information on the ID tag. Even the best behaved dogs can get loose and having their collars on can ensure your dog gets returned to you should they escape. In addition, be sure to have water and a bowl with you as well as some extra treats. Many dogs get excited when they go for a car ride, making them thirstier and hungrier than usual. Even though you only intended to go on a short trip, things happen, cars break down, and unfortunately, accidents happen too. Be prepared for the “what ifs.” Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, never leave a dog in the car unattended. This doesn’t just go for the hot summer and cold winter months. A dog can get anxious when unaccompanied and anything can happen, from them having an accident in the car, to destructing your seats, to even moving the gear shift! Even five minutes is too long. If you have to go into a store “real quick” be safe and drop your dog off at home first, or have someone stay with your dog to ensure they are safe.

! s l e v a r T Happy Elizabeth Parker – Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Bark Out Loud!, Paw Prints in the Sand,Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished, Unwanted Dreams, Phobia, Evil’s Door and Faces of Deception.

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*Oil *Lotions *Lip Balm *Soap Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019




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Lily, Meika & Tank Boys: Greyson & Colton



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

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Animal Emergency Center ����������������������������������������������� 25 Animal Inn ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ 31 At Your Service Pet Supplies �����������������������������������Back Cover Bark Gallery Pet Portraits ���������������������������������������������������4 Canine Bodywork & Aquatics ����������Inside Back Cover Chloride Tour Company - Ghost Expeditions ���������� 37 Compassionate Pet Cremation �������������������������������������� 21 Desert Diva Dogs ����������������������������������������������������������������� 19 Doors 4 Mutts ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 21 East Charleston Animal Hospital ���������������������������������� 36 Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc ������������������������������������������������ 15 Geico ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 24 Gibson’s Canine Classroom �������������������������������������������� 29 Happy Tails Pet Sitters �����������������������Inside Back Cover Healthy Tails ������������������������������������������ Inside Front Cover Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas ����������������������������������� 9,43 ImPETus Animal Training ������������������������������������������������� 23 JFK Financial, Al Lizarralde ��������������������������������������������� 49 Jim Pickett Window Repair + Pet Doors ������������������� 17 K-9 Allure �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 35 Kelp Products of Florida ��������������������������������������������������� 29 Lake Las Vegas �������������������������������������������������������������� 26-27 Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community ��������������� 17 Las Vegas Valley Humane Society ������������������������������� 12 Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center ����������������������� 50 Lazy Dog Restaurant ���������������������������������������������������������� 30 Love, Bark, & Purr Pet Services ����������������������������������������9 Modern Pet Mobile Grooming ��������������������������������������� 35 PawTree PetPro - Bret Hjerpe ���������������������������������������� 13 Pet Loss Support Group ��������������������������������������������������� 32 Pets Remembered �������������������������������������������������������������� 32 Priscilla’s Pantry ������������������������������������������������������������������ 23 Rah! Raw! Rah! Pet Foods ��������������������������������������������������4 Realty One Group - Samson Gurule ���������������������������� 37 Scentsy Consultant, Ms. Lightfoot �������������������������������� 21 Safe Doggy - Pet Sitting Services ��������������������������������� 14 Sin City Dog Training + CBD Oil ��������������������������������������7 SNAPPS ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 23 Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation ��������� 47 Summerlin Psychic – Katherine ������������������������������������ 33 Sunshield Patio Covers & Sunrooms �����������������������������7 This Stuff Is Good For Your Pet ������������������������������������� 11 Town Center Animal Hospital ����������������������������������������� 29 VE+CC Veterinary Emergency Hospital ��������������������� 50 Vegas Rock Dog Radio ������������������������������������������������������ 14 Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club ������������������������������� 15

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


HEALTHY CHOICES A new year represents an opportunity to begin anew, to make choices for a healthier and happier year for you and your pets. It isn’t about making huge lifestyle changes; it is about making minor choices that will create major benefits for you and your pet in 2019. Choose a few from the following ideas: SPEND SOME EXTRA TIME EACH DAY PLAYING WITH YOUR PET Enjoying your pet is a stress reliever for you and is an excellent way to strengthen the bond with your pet. Dogs love to chase and fetch balls and play tug of war. Cats love to pounce on toys or chase laser toys. Spend a little extra time with your pet; they love and enjoy being with us. ADD A FEW EXTRA MINUTES TO YOUR DAILY WALK Dogs need their walks to stretch their legs, explore their environment, and sniff out new smells. Walks for dogs are multi-sensory experiences. Walking is great exercise and allows a dog to use all of their senses to investigate the larger areas outside their home. PROVIDE CHALLENGES BY EXPLORING NEW ACTIVITIES Regular walks, fetching games, trips to the park are essential for the physical and emotional well being of your dog. Yet new activities provide physical and mental challenges for your pet. High energy dogs might enjoy Flyball or agility training to help direct and discharge their excess energy. Other activities are hiking adventures, swimming or aquatics, or dog training classes. If you love biking and have a high energy active dog you might want to consider biking together. It is important to know your dog’s energy levels. Low to medium energy dogs don’t require the same physical challenges but will benefit from visiting new places and having new experiences. DEVELOP A CONSISTENT GROOMING ROUTINE FOR YOUR PET Regular grooming is essential to keep their coats shiny and healthy. Pets love the attention and loving touch strengthens the bond between you. Plus an added benefit for us – studies have shown that stroking and massaging a pet lowers our blood pressure. Full body grooming includes checking for any lumps, bumps, or other areas of concern. Don’t forget to check their feet, eyes and ears for any changes. Dental care is often an overlooked area. This might be a good year to make teeth brushing a habit. Consistent grooming will help your pet look and feel great! 10

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

DEVELOP A FEEDING SCHEDULE AND PLAN It is estimated that over 50 percent of cats and dogs are overweight. Health problems such as heart disease, joint problems, diabetes and decreased life expectancy are linked to being overweight or obese. First, it is important to know how much food your pet requires to maintain a healthy weight. Second, make sure you consistently measure their food and feed them accordingly. Avoid the all-day buffet style of feeding. Choose high quality food and treats. Many commercial pet food and treats contain fillers or additives that offer low nutrition but are high in calories. A healthier diet will result in a healthier and happier pet and quite possibly extend their time with us. That is certainly worth the extra time and effort it takes to maintain a feeding schedule and plan.

I almost forgot the most important one... LOVE YOUR PET! Choose to spend quality time with them and show them how much you love and appreciate them. We are their world; pets spend their lives entirely devoted to us. Take the time to lavish your pet with the love and attention they need and deserve.

Wishing you and your pets a fantastic year!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Las Vegas Valley Humane Society cordially invites you to our


Sunday, February 10th

12pm to 3pm Raffle, Silent Auction, Lunch and Entertainment WHERE: Canyon Gate Country Club - 2001 Canyon Gate Dr. 89117 (corner of Sahara & Durango)

TICKETS: $75 per person or $700 for a Table of 10

*Complimentary Cocktail & Glass of Wine - Cash Bar


By February 1, 2019 via email at or call 702-434-2009 for more information.

e Mistress of Ceremonies f Denise Valdez, News Anchor from Channel 8 To donate an item for our silent auction or for more information email: *All proceeds benefit the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society - a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to improving the welfare of animals.

Whiskers on Kittens... These are a few of my favorite things!


ave you ever had the lyrics to a song repeatedly play over and over in your head? Well, “whiskers on kittens” kept playing over and over for me. My curiosity was piqued – besides making cats look cute and adorable what else do whiskers do for cats? Whiskers are more than just longer hairs. They serve as an important navigation system. They are deeply rooted in the cat’s body and are connected to the nervous system. There are sensory organs at the base of the whiskers (proprioceptors) that provide cats with information about their surroundings, how close they are to objects, direction and can even detect air movement. Also, have you ever wondered if fat cats can get stuck in small openings? Interestingly, a cat’s whiskers grow to the

width of his body. This helps them determine if it safe for them to enter a space; if their whiskers touch the sides of an opening the cat knows that he probably won’t fit through the opening. Whiskers can help us determine their moods. When a cat is calm and relaxed the whiskers are relaxed and sticking outward. If they are pushed forward almost in a fan shape in front of the face it indicates that they are excited and alert. An angry or scared cat will have their whiskers pulled or flattened against their cheeks. Can you believe that these are only a few of the interesting things whiskers do for cats? These were just a few favorites that satisfied my curiosity.

CALL FOR FREE SAMPLES Bret Hjerpe 602-696-1604

We’re Shaking Up Mealtime For Your Pets! You don’t like to eat the same thing every day, and neither do your pets! pawParings Superfood Seasoning adds a boost of delicious nutrition and variety to every meal. Each variety includes a concentrated source of 8 fruits and vegetables – Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Kale, Tomatoes, Carrots, Cranberries, Pomegranates and Blueberries.

*Be sure your EZ Ship order has at least 3 Qualifying items and you will receive free shipping on your ENTIRE order (beds and bowls are not eligible for free shipping). Qualifying items include anything except dog and cat food (wet or dry).

Give your pets a break and just shake, shake, shake… Surprise Me! Seasoning $14.99

10 VARIETIES to choose from

Don’t know what to choose? Let us choose for you wit hour Surprise Me! Seasonings. Imagine making delectable recipes like Turducken or Surf & Turf for your pet – it’s easy wit hour pawParings “sprinkles”. It’s a fun surprise for you and your BFF (Best Furry Friend).

Makes a great gift idea!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


CHANGE A PET’S LIFE DAY ADOPT Save the life of a loving pet today by adopting them into your life and home.

FOSTER Frees up space and resources at shelters and rescues and gives homeless pets opportunities to experience a temporary “home”.

SPONSOR Many shelters and rescues provide sponsorships of specific pets. Sometimes this includes


a day created to raise awareness of the plight of homeless pets and to encourage adoption. Here are a few ways you can help to change the life of a pet:

monthly support or possibly sponsoring the adoption fee to encourage a loving forever family to adopt your “pet”.

VOLUNTEER There is always a need for extra hands to provide care at shelters and rescues. DONATE On-going support is necessary to provide services for homeless pets. You can provide financial support or donations of food and other supplies.

SPREAD THE WORD Share about the need for pet adoption with your social media friends and contacts; encourage your family and friends to adopt, foster, sponsor and donate.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER! Non-Profit Organization Spotlight

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The Poppy Foundation, named after an abandoned Siamesemix cat named Poppy, who was brought to Bonanza Cat Hospital with a severe head tilt. After examination, she was also FIV positive (feline AIDS) and was therefore unadoptable because of her lifetime daily medication regimen. Bonanza Cat Hospital became her home. Over time, she developed the reputation as their “official greeter” and several clients began to donate money towards the cost of her medical care. Sadly she passed away in 2001, but will always be remembered and the foundation carries her name. Their mission is to provide food, medical care, and shelter to abused and chronically ill cats. They also provide low-cost spaying and neutering to the community. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization they rely solely on donations; typically they have 120-150 cats in their care. You can contribute by volunteering your time (cleaning, fundraising events, or petting kitties), donating food and supplies, or money. They also participate in the Amazon Smile and Smith’s Food and Drug rewards program. They have several fundraising events throughout the year. Their events are promoted on Facebook and Instagram: @PoppyFounation.

Website: Email: 14

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

DO YOU HAVE SPACE IN YOUR LIFE FOR A FURRY VISITOR? Fostering a dog or a cat on their way to their forever home is fun as well as rewarding. As a rescue organization without a facility, FUPI relies on foster parents to care for animals on their way to new lives. Try it with just one animal. But we’ll bet you can’t stop at just one!

Training For All Breeds & Mixed Breeds Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club

(Approved By The American Kennel Club) CLUB FOUNDED IN 1964

We offer: Obedience Training A


Puppy through Advanced Levels


pr ofi to

rg a

ni za



The fun of you learning how to train your dog and the close bond this will create!

OBEDIENCE CLASSES: Three sessions per year – 6 week classes January – April – September REGISTRATION: January 10th, April 4th

and September 5th at 7:00 pm.

PROOF OF SHOTS REQUIRED! Please do not bring dogs to registration.

WHERE: Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

CLASS PRICE: $95 per dog (cash or check only) (subject to change) H Ask about Senior & Military Price

CLASS DAY/TIME: 1st night of class will be held the following Thursday after registration 7:00 to 8:30 pm All following classes are from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

CLASS LOCATION: Dog Fancier’s Park (Behind Horseman’s Park) 5800 E. Flamingo Rd.

Bring this ad to registration and receive

$10 OFF Our 6-Week SPRING 2019 Training Session! *Limited to one discount per registration.

Monthly Meetings:

For more information or an application go to

The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Audi Las Vegas 6335 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146

For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 702-368-0656 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Happy 2019 Everyone!



By Gail Mayhugh

Ideas & Tips


t seems there is never enough storage in our homes, no matter how large they are. We struggle to find enough space for our things, let alone our pet’s stuff. Between their toys, dishes, leashes, grooming supplies, and clothes (if you’re so inclined to dress them up) things can go from being organized to being scattered all over your home. So let’s look at some ideas to create pet stations for walking, feeding and playing. The first place to start is to say goodbye to those things you no longer use. I still had my very first pup’s leash. Yes, it had sentimental feelings, but it was in the closet for 20 years. Every time I get a new fur baby, they get their own leash and collar. Same with food bowls. How many toys have you bought that they only played with once or not at all? Plus, I’m sure you have collars they have outgrown. If they’re in good condition, donate them to a rescue or shelter. A pet waiting for their forever home would love it. Just take a few minutes to clean them. Now that you sorted through your pet paraphernalia put them in the place that is most convenient for you. Why have their leashes in the hall closet when you always go out the garage door. Make a pet walking station with their leashes, potty bags, drinking bottles, toys, as well as their coats and booties. Those tiny pups do get cold. We give our pups supplements, and Miss Matilda has her medications. Instead of having them on the counter, there is a dedicated drawer for them right where we prepare their food. We store their food, bowls, and treats in the cabinet underneath creating a one-stop feeding station. If a drawer doesn’t work for you, use a shelf in your pantry. Clear plastic boxes are great to keep things that are not boxed or too small to stack. Use a separate box for each type so when you need something you can take out that box, instead of having to shuffle things around. Now let’s talk about their toys. I’m sure your pets are as spoiled as mine and have a pile which makes its way around the house 16

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

How did another year get past us? My Mom always said that as you get older, the years go by quicker. I know there are the same 24 hours in a day as when I was 10 years old but now it sure doesn’t seem like it. With all the pulls from the different areas of my life, one that I like to keep in semi-order is keeping things organized and put away. Now I may not have time to clean, but at least it looks neat and tidy. and yard each day. What you need is a play station. There’s really no perfect way around toys being on the floor. You want them to be able to keep themselves occupied and play when they want to. So you can either have them where they can get to them, or you pull a couple out each day. I like mine to be able to pick what they want to play with and figure what’s the difference between picking up two toys or ten. Having containers within easy reach makes it convenient to put away their toys at night. A quick grab and drop is better than stepping on one of their squeaky toys in the middle of the night and almost scaring yourself to death. There are all kinds of attractive containers. If you don’t have a chewer, baskets and vintage wooden crates look nice. If you get one with a handle, you can carry it around with you when doing your toy run. How about a large decorative ice trough? Cut down a wine barrel. A trip to an antique store can get your creative juices flowing to find something unique. Want them out of sight but easy to get to? Storage ottomans are perfect and dual functional. Pull out their toys out and put your feet up after a long day. Vintage suitcases can add a nice touch. They stack, close and are very chic. You can even sort their toys by suitcases. One for bones, one for plush toys and one for their squeaky toys. Picnic baskets come in all shapes and sizes. I love the old time ones.

Hope this give you a few ideas to help get your pet’s stuff organized in the New Year.

Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design, has been designing in Las Vegas for over 25 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit,

Active Senior Living

Apartments in Las Vegas! Escape to Las Vegas Manor and soak up a little piece of paradise. This 55+ active senior living community is packed with amenities and is a wonderful place to call home.

Our Community is Pet Friendly! We offer many amenities including: a Studios, One and Two bedrooms apartments that are all single story! a Free, Shuttles to Casinos, Walmart & Smith’s a Free Bingo twice a week a Free Luncheons every Friday a Free Movie Days

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Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community 1700 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019





Over 62 percent of households in the United States have a pet according to the American Pet Products Association*. It appears that Americans recognize the benefits of having one or more pets in their home. It is no surprise that dogs and cats consistently rank as the two most common and popular pets in our homes. People choose pets other than dogs and cats for many reasons; sometimes cost, size, housing restrictions. Rabbits, canaries and fish are the next three popular pets. Responsible Pet Ownership starts with choosing the right pet for you and your situation. Here are a few tips to help you decide.

Rabbits are the largest animal in the small pet category. It is the third most

popular pet. Their size makes them perfect for people in smaller homes or apartments. They need a cage large enough for hopping and exercising. Rabbits should not be left in their cages for long periods of time; it is recommended that rabbits have several hours of playtime outside of the cage every day. Be especially careful selecting a rabbit if you have children; not all breeds are good with children. Like cats, rabbits are constantly grooming themselves and can create hairballs. Regular brushing will reduce the amount of hair your rabbit swallows. They can be very affectionate and cuddly but require regular touching and handling. Rabbits are small pets with “large pet” requirements.

Canaries are very popular birds. Their space requirements are relatively

small, their music is beautiful, and they are low maintenance. They make great pets for children, seniors, renters and new bird parents. The recommended size cage for a single canary is 20 inches wide and 24 inches long. Canaries need to fly so a longer cage provides them the room to fly. Other accessories include toys designed for smaller birds, nesting materials, treats, birdbath, food and water bowls. Interesting historical tidbit: The most popular pet in the middle of the nineteenth century was the caged songbird… they provided a source of entertainment and companionships. On a more practical level the birds were cheap, plentiful, and relatively easy to care for. The canary, the most popular songbird, was known as the ‘universal parlor bird’. (Quote from the book – Abe & Fido by Matthew Algeo)


The last one is . One category that is becoming extremely popular is Nano aquariums (small tanks). The growth in this category makes it possible for people to have small aquariums in almost any location – on their desk, on the kitchen counter, or in a small apartment. Advances in LED lighting have opened up new possibilities in aquascaping or adding plants to aquariums. A few varieties that do well in the smaller tanks are tetras and danios; these do well in small fish communities.

Pets come in all sizes, shapes, and colors to fit your lifestyle, personality and pocketbook. Make your choice wisely and responsibly. For them, it is a lifetime commitment. 18

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

*2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey – American Pet Products Association, Inc.

We Help Rescues Desert Diva Dogs collects and donates pet supplies to animal rescues, provides pet related educational information and resources, and assists community organizations to help pets in need.




New & gently used pet supplies.

Help us make a difference for pets in need. Join us!

We have many ways for business & individual donors to help those in need. Contact us to find out ways you can help!

February is


Our pets depend on us for food and shelter, and deserve much more. Here are a few ways to be a P-awesome Pet Parent! • HAVE YOUR PET SPAYED OR NEUTERED. Responsible pet owners help control the pet population. Homeless and unwanted pets are a serious problem. Plus, spayed and neutered pets tend to live longer! • PICK A PET THAT FITS YOUR LIFESTYLE. Make sure you do your research and planning before getting a pet. • PET PROOF YOUR HOME. Keep your pet healthy by making sure products and foods that can harm them are kept in secure locations. • CARE FOR YOUR PET. Regular visits to the vet and groomer are important to your pet’s health and well-being. • ALWAYS KEEP AN ID TAG ON YOUR PET. It’s also a good idea to get your pet microchipped to help identify them if they are lost or stolen. • TEACH YOUR DOG GOOD MANNERS. Dogs should at least understand basic direction like “sit” and “stay”. • KEEP YOUR PET ON A LEASH. Unless your pet is in a secure, fenced area keep them on a leash.

• GIVE YOUR PETS THE EXERCISE THAT THEY NEED. All pets need regular exercise to stay fit and healthy. Pets who do not get enough exercise tend to develop behavioral issues. • FEED YOUR PET PROPERLY. Keeping your pet on a regular, portion controlled diet will help with weight management and prevent health-related problems. • PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG. Carry dog waste bags with you on walks and keep your neighborhood clean. • SOCIALIZE YOUR PET. Meeting people and other pets improves the confidence of your pet. • KEEP YOUR DOG FROM BARKING EXCESSIVELY. Constant barking often signifies boredom. If your dog’s a barker, try to determine the cause. Keep your neighbors happy. • LOVE YOUR PET! Your pet craves your love, attention and care. Show them the love and devotion they show you!

Owning a pet is not just a privilege – it’s a responsibility. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Puppy Socialization

Written and Photographed By Veronica Selco

So you just got a puppy and people keep telling you that you need to socialize her. What does this really mean? These days, breeders and rescue groups are sending their puppies to their new families as early as 7 weeks young. This is prime time to continue the puppy socialization that the breeder or rescue volunteers already started.

PUPPY CLASSES Starting your healthy puppy in a group class with other healthy puppies as early 8 weeks young can provide a great opportunity for social learning. A well structured puppy class should facilitate socialization with people, puppies, sounds and novel objects.

Puppy parents who invest time by properly socializing the puppy help nurture a confident, well adjusted dog that learns to be a great companion.

Puppy parents should also learn about normal puppy behavior and development and should learn to use positive reinforcement to communicate with their puppies, setting a path for a lifelong partnership built on collaboration and trust.

According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior the most important time for puppy socialization is the first 3 months of age. Proper socialization can reduce the risk of problem behaviors later on in life and is considered a vaccination against behavior problems just as puppies are vaccinated against diseases.

In supervised social play, puppies should learn how to appropriately interact with other puppies too. Puppies should meet puppies of different breeds, appearance and play style. This early exposure can help reduce the fear of dogs or aggression later on in life.

POSITIVE SOCIALIZATION Positive Socialization teaches puppies important social skills when exposed to new situations. It builds familiarity and confidence and should include supervised setups where your puppy has the opportunity to appropriately interact with:

People Puppies Adult dogs Other animals Exposure to sounds/novel objects/movement

Be careful not to overwhelm your puppy, however. Too many social experiences close together or one bad experience can result in an adverse effect. Any negative life experiences that occur early on can also make a life lasting impression.

The more positive lessons learned at the beginning of your puppy’s life, the better equipped she will be in handling new and stressful situations. Puppies who are not properly exposed to new experiences, often lack the necessary social skills to cope with unfamiliar things and are more likely to show signs of fear, anxiety or aggression later in life. Clearly, genetics play a role in a dog’s temperament, however puppy parents can minimize problem behaviors by ensuring that positive socialization continues as soon as the puppy arrives home. Get started with the right paw forward!

Veronica Selco, MSW, KPA CTP, CNWI – Lead Trainer at imPETus Animal Training, a training studio for dogs and cats. Co-founder of Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas, a non-profit dedicated to helping domestic animals secure forever homes. 20

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Puppy Mischief AND HOW TO HANDLE IT:

1 2

I Heart Dogs/Cats Warmer Go all-out adorable!

My puppy bites me!

Nipping and play biting is your puppy’s way to get your attention. Redirect and provide her with appropriate items to chew on. Teach her how to play with toys when she is calm as well.

My puppy pees as soon as she comes back inside!

3 4 5

To successfully house train your puppy you will need to manage and supervise potty time by going outside to make sure her bladder is empty when coming back inside. Restrict access around the house when your puppy is unsupervised by closing doors or using baby gates. Overly frequent urination can indicate a bladder infection. See your veterinarian to rule out urinary tract infections, if necessary.

My puppy is destroying my furniture!

Puppies explore the world with their mouths. Manage your puppy’s environment by providing appropriate chew toys and restricting access by using gates and play pens.

My puppy barks in her crate!

Most puppies suffer from some initial separation distress when confined or left alone. Take the time needed to introduce the crate when you are with your puppy and build a positive association to confinement.

Nightlight Mini-Warmers

Home Is Where My Dog/Cat Is

“Order from Ms. Lightfoot and I will take a check to The Animal Foundation to help pets in need.”

Put your love for animals on display!

~ Wiley E Coyote

Independent Scentsy Consultant

“Scentsy makes your house smell good… I have four dogs and no pet odor!”

A true friend leaves

Paw Print s on your heart.

Compassionate Pet Cremation, LLC You Love Them – We Care! Personal, Professional & Confidential

My puppy is scared of loud noises!

When your puppy is frightened of a loud sound, such as the vacuum cleaner, leaf blower or an appliance, it’s important to condition her to know the scary thing is something good. Start by adding distance from the scary thing that makes noise and reward her with a yummy treat when she hears the noise.

Get started with the right paw forward!


• Walk In, or Pick Up at Home or Vet with our Hearse • Individual Cremation with ID Tags • Memorial Urn and More MEMBER IAOPCC

• Servicing Entire Las Vegas Valley & Boulder City

401 Mark Leany Dr., Henderson, NV 89011 • (702) 565-5617 Email: Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Did you know that your dog can save lives?? By Kelly Tantalo, LVT, VTS (ECC) Every day owners are surprised to hear that their healthy dog can be a hero and save a life by being a blood donor for the Las Vegas Animal Blood Bank. It’s true! Your dog can save as many as 12 lives a year! We supply blood to the veterinary hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley as well as our own Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care locations and Las Vegas Specialty Center. The only way we are able to do this is with the help of our owners and canine companions. Every day, pets are admitted to the hospital due to trauma and many life threatening disorders where they require the blood from our donors. Your pet could be one of those heroes! Not only will your pet be saving the lives of those in need, they receive their own perks for being in the program. We are always looking for new donors but we do ask that your dog meets the following requirements to be considered. ü Between the ages of 1-6 years. ü A minimum of 50 pounds. We love our giant breeds! ü Current on vaccinations (Bordatella not required). ü Not currently on any medications with the exception of heartworm preventatives. ü Has not had a litter of puppies. ü Has not had any previous blood transfusions themselves. ü Good temperament.

Your dog can save as many as 12 lives a year! How does your dog become a donor? It’s very easy! If your dog meets the requirements above, call the Las Vegas Animal Blood Bank and ask for one of our friendly staff on the blood bank committee. We will set up a screening on a day and time that is convenient for you. The screening takes a short 10-15 minutes, where we will pull a small amount of blood and one of our doctors will do a full physical exam on your pet. Once your pet is accepted, we will call you when we are in need of blood. Some of our owners are available anytime for emergencies, others participate by scheduling appointments only. This is an amazing opportunity not only for you, but for your dog to become part of something that makes a difference in those lives of the sick animals that seek our veterinary care every day. Our donors are very special to us and we would love to continue to grow with this program and our community. Please contact 702-262-7070 for more information or to get started with the process. We are located at 8650 W. Tropicana Ave Suite B-107, Las Vegas, NV 89147.

We look forward to hearing from you! 22

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Keep Your Dog



Obesity leads to disease. Feed high- quality dog food (less filler) but measure portions and limit treats.


Regular activity boosts mental & physical health. Take your dog for a brisk 20-30 minute walk once or twice a day.


Annual check-ups are a must for senior dogs. Remember dental care!


Brains need exercise too. Yes, you can teach old dogs new tricks! Try interactive toys and feeders – like balls that dispense food one piece at a time.


Dogs need interaction with people they love. Keep taking senior dogs to the park; they still benefit from socalizing.


NOW OFFERING Puppy Social Hour Puppy Preschool & Kindergarten Canine Good Citizen Program Free Community Classes Studio Membership


WE OFFER PRIVATE & GROUP CLASSES DAY TRAINING NOW AVAILABLE BEHAVIOR CONSULTATIONS AVAILABLE IN HOME OR IN STUDIO TRAINING BY PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED ANIMAL TRAINERS The New Year is a great time to start training your new puppy, your newly adopted dog or that companion you’ve had for a long time but haven’t had the time to train.

6315 S Rainbow Blvd, ste #106 Las Vegas, NV 89118 (702) 952-9400

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1 FREE visit with a min. of 4 visits. New clients only. Excluding holidays.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


January Is National Adopt a Rescued Bird Month!

Have you ever thought about opening your heart and home to a bird? They make wonderful companions for the right person. Birds are amazing, amusing, loving, beautiful, fun, social, intelligent animals. The focus of this month’s theme is to help make people aware of the need for bird adoptions and to promote a deeper understanding of the requirements that being a pet bird parent requires. Birds deserve a home where they will have proper nutrition, exercise and enrichment opportunities and a clean habitat.

Bird veterinarian, Dr. Laurie Hess, recommends the following five as birds you might want to consider adopting as your avian companion:

1. Cockatiel

2. Caique

3. African Gray Parrot

4. Amazon Parrot

5. Cockatoo

For more information:

Savings Warm up with some

Contact your local agent for a free quote and see how much you could save!

(702) 643-0057

3315 West Craig Road North Las Vegas Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko Image© 1999-2018. © 2018 GEICO


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019



– Using LIGHT ENERGY to heal dogs and cats


aser therapy has been around for decades, but in more recent years it has become increasingly available for use on our pets and is being applied as adjunct therapy for a vast array of conditions. Scientific research is ongoing in order to better understand laser therapy applications, specific dosing for each condition and full possible benefits. LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. There have been many terms used to describe laser therapy such as ‘cold lasers’ and ‘low level laser therapy’ in order to differentiate them from surgical lasers. However, the most accurate term is Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBM); modulation means change or variation, bio means living organism and photo means light; therefore photobiomodulation describes the effects that specific types of light will have on living tissue. The three main effects of PBM are pain relief, reduction of inflammation and an increase in microcirculation; these effects promote healing and tissue regeneration. PBM therapy has been used for the treatment of wounds, dermatological conditions, soft tissue conditions, osteoarthritis and joint disease as well as during post op incision management, among others. The dose of laser needed to achieve an effect varies between two major categories; superficial tissue and deep tissue, with deep tissue requiring higher doses of energy. If treating skin, the laser will be applied using a non-contact head (not touching the skin), and if treating a deep organ or muscle/bone condition then a contact head will be selected. Your veterinarian can review your pet’s specific treatment needs. 28

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Our pets are part of our family and keeping them healthy and happy is a priority. When any of our beloved companions get injured or sick helping them feel better becomes imperative; in many cases a multimodal approach gives us the best results. By Dr. Monica DeVilbiss, DVM Town Center Animal Hospital

When doing PBM therapy on a pet it is important that the veterinary team has clear and easy access to the affected area; this means your pet will be standing during treatment, lying down, sitting or on his/her side. The treatment itself is not painful; however movement of the area being treated can cause some mild discomfort. The effect your pet will feel during treatment is a warming effect from the laser itself. The color of your pets coat and skin can have an effect on this warming sensation. The length of each treatment largely depends on the type of condition being treated, the size of the area affected and how damaged the tissue is. For wounds, for example, treatment should be performed daily or every other day for 3-5 treatments, followed by twice weekly treatments until wound is healed. Some conditions may require a maintenance phase. Chronic conditions will need longer treatments. Unfortunately, full resolution is not always possible and therefore management of pain and discomfort are the goals of therapy. Your veterinarian will guide you on how to best manage your pet’s condition. The one absolute contraindication of PBM, or any laser therapy, is direct or reflected exposure to the eyes (pet or human). For this reason wearing protective eye gear is imperative; most pets seem to tolerate the eye protective goggles surprisingly well.

In the event that your pet has a condition that would benefit from pain control, decreased inflammation and increase in blood supply ask your veterinarian about photobiomodulation.

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6 ires Exp


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3460 W Oquendo Rd • Las Vegas, NV 89118 2 miles west of Strip & McCarran Airport Mon-Fri 8am-6pm, Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

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Winter A great time to dress up your pet!

Short-haired dogs and older dogs especially need extra protection from the colder weather - consider getting them a sweater or coat.

STAY CONNECTED with Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine

lasvegaspetscene @lvpetscene lvpetscene lvpetscene Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Pets Remembered In Loving Memory Of

Flossie Noel

12/15/2003 Y 10/06/2018 “Flossie and Rogan” is one word to me... Flossie was a calm, patient angel. She took everything in life with sweet grace. I think all dogs are a connection to God, but Flossie always seemed like a special emissary. She was the most patient and sweet dog we have ever known. I love painting all of God’s creatures, especially my favorite Bichons. A loving tribute from artist, Teri Gailey of Summerlin. Painting presented to Dr. Gregory Jones at West Charleston Animal Hospital who cared for both our dogs, Flossie and Rogan since they were puppies.

Submitted by Paul and Gail Grover and Flossie’s brother, Rogan – Summerlin Residents.

In Loving Memory Of


6/26/2017 Y 12/14/2018 Buster was more than any ordinary bulldog. He was a momma’s boy, daddy’s best friend, and the life of the party. Every day was a great day for Buster. He did anything and everything. He was loved by many with his friendly personality, squishy face, and slobbers. He filled our hearts with so much joy and we’re forever thankful. Rest easy our giant potato. We will see you again someday. #longlivebuster

Love, Victor and Melissa

You remember your pet in our magazine. For $75, your Pet’s Remembrance includes a photo of your loved one and approx. 75 words. It will appear in the Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine for one issue (2-months). Email us at

Pet Loss Support Group Pet Bereavement & Grief Loss

(702) 735-5544 Call 24 Hours Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc. 34+ Years of Community Service Providing free, weekly, on-going support group programs. Non-profit 501-C-3 Organization


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

“Animals are like little angels sent to earth to teach us how to love. They don’t get angry or play silly games. They are always there for us.” - Whitney Mandel

Katherine Spiritual Counselor Psychic Advisor


I am a professional animal communicator/pet psychic. This means that I can telepathically talk to animals. If you think you know or understand your animal, one session can change your life forever. Understanding your pet is not always the most easiest thing to do, with my help you’ll understand your pet like never before.

Call 310-504-4365 to schedule a consultation. *I also help people.


Love Your Pet Day February 20th

We LOVE our pets every day; however, National Love Your Pet Day is a special day set aside to show your pet some extra love and appreciation.

PAMPER Give them a massage or belly rub,

or extra grooming

CUDDLE Spend extra time holding them BUY

Get a new toy or special treats


Take a leisurely walk

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019



WINTER FUN Sometimes the cold, blustery days of winter keep us from getting out and enjoying the outdoors with our pets. Although we do not typically have to deal with the snow and ice that many people do, our shorter, colder days still compel us to stay inside. Thankfully for both pets and people, there are still many fun activities that can be enjoyed indoors.


No matter how MANY toys your pet already has, a new toy can provide hours of enjoyment for both pets and owners. Without a doubt, some of the most entertaining toys are those you can make yourself! With a little creativity and items you already have around the house, you can make all kinds of fun toys. Since dogs always seem to enjoy sock-type toys, dig out an old large sock and stuff an empty plastic soda bottle in it without the lid. (The lid could be a potential choking hazard.) If the bottle opening is wide enough, put a hard-crunchy dog treat inside. (The tighter the treat fits, the better. You don’t want it to easily fall out.) Then, sew up the end of the sock or tie it tightly. The rattling of the treat inside the bottle will peak your pup’s curiosity when you throw it across the room. If they do manage to get the treat out, at least it’s edible!


If you have enough space indoors, you can build a dog agility course using everyday household items. You can make tunnels out of tables and sheets, followed by a row of chairs to weave around. Couch cushions also make great obstacles to jump over. See how many cushions your dog can successfully jump over before the cushions topple over. For cats, you can also create an indoor play area using old shipping boxes. To build a cat tunnel, gather up your old shipping boxes of similar sizes. Cut the tape on the bottom of the boxes and opens them up completely. Using boxes of similar sizes, open them up and slide them together so the flaps overlap each other. The length of your tunnel will be determined by the number of boxes you choose to use. Reinforce the spots where the boxes overlap with some strong, heavy-duty tape. Use long strips of tape that cannot be easily pulled off or swallowed by your cat. (You may have to re-tape it a few more times after vigorous use.) Sometimes cats enjoy having holes cut out in sections of the tunnel as an alternative exit. You can also use the holes to pop in their featherduster toy from time to time. Tossing in their favorite toys will help them discover how FUN your newly created tunnel can be! 34

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Alluring Fun For Your Dog

1st Run FREE!


For an afternoon of fun and good conversation, invite a friend over to help you make some homemade dog treats. There are many great dog treat recipes available online and most are incredibly easy to make. You might try making 2 or 3 recipes of different flavors so your dog can determine which one he likes the best. Since most recipes only require mixing and baking, you and your friend will have ample time to plan your next Puppy Party together. Consider inviting a few friends over with their dogs for an afternoon of playtime and taste-testing your new dog treats. Your 4-legged guests might also like to try your indoor obstacle course while they await the dogtreat sample platter. It shouldn’t take long to determine which homemade treats are a hit and which ones should be scratched from the recipe book. You can even prepare some treat-filled goodie bags for each of your guests to take home with them.

Whether it’s making toys, building tunnels or baking treats, indoor pet activities CAN be fun! All you need is a little creativity and a willing, playful pet participant.

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MPH M V D , larde

. Julie Y r D h t i w

Specializing in Animal Behavior Medicine Member AVSAB



FOR ALL BREEDS, SIZES, AND TEMPERAMENTS Do you want your dog to listen to you? u Do you want him or her to walk by your side without pulling on the leash? u

u Do you have training or behavior concerns with your

best friend or just want a well-behaved dog?

Well you have come to the right place!

Treating All Kinds of Behavior Issues of Dogs + Cats

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Custom designed for you and your dog. Many studies have shown a well-trained dog is a healthier and happier dog, not to mention a happier owner. We want to help you have only the best possible life experience with your best friend.


EAST CHARLESTON ANIMAL HOSPITAL 601 East Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89104 702-386-0901 •


Buy or Sell with my Papa! He’ll find you and your furry family members the perfect home! pawsome SERVICE from start to finish

Samson Gurule (Sammy G.) REALTOR®



Lincoln’s Love of Animals and the Touching Story of His Favorite Canine Companion by Matthew Algeo Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809, the 16th president of the United States, best known for his roles in preserving the unity of our country and emancipating slaves. His love of animals and humane approach to their care is not as well known. As the title indicates the story of Lincoln’s love for Fido is a central theme running throughout the book. Lincoln adopted a mutt named Fido that he kept as a pet. It was unusual at that time to keep an animal that had no financial benefit other than as a pet. His name, Fido, is Latin for “faithful” and was Lincoln’s faithful companion. Some of the book deals with Lincoln’s dilemma in deciding what to do with Fido when he was elected president and was relocating to the White House. The book reveals Lincoln as a man who deeply respected and was compassionate about all life including animals. The author includes information on the personal and political aspects of Lincoln’s life. It is a historical picture of the inhumane treatment and attitudes toward animals that were common in Lincoln’s time. It traces the history and development of humane treatment of animals.

If you’re an animal lover, Lincoln reader, and enjoy history this is a “must read” book. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019





Wrigley Murray



Miah Marie





Harley the donkey Alvin


Rocky 38

Hershey and Harley




Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019



Jazzy and Emjay





Keona, Leilani & Kai

Lahaina Luna







PETS Las Vegas

Fiona & Frankie


Show Off Your Pet!

Email: By submitting a photo, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.

One photo per family please!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


The Kids Scene

Enter The Contest!

1. What is one toy you can make for your pet? 2. Name a new activity you can do with your pet.

Submit by 2-28-19. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

E-mail your answers and you will be entered to win! (Please include name and a phone number so we can contact you if you won.)


pizza, drinks, game tokens

& ride tickets for 5 GUESTS ($100 value) Delicious Pizza!! 1401 N. Rainbow Blvd - Las Vegas, NV 89108

(702) 259-7000 - The Best Birthday Party Place In Town!


While dogs and cats are two of the most popular pets in America, there are many other pets that people enjoy. Can you find the names of these other popular pets hidden in the puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.

➠ Poultry

(Chickens, Turkeys & Geese)

➠ Ferrets

➠ Rabbits

➠ Fish

➠ Reptiles

➠ Guinea Pigs

➠ Turtles

➠ Hamsters

➠ Horses

Bonus Word: Pet Scene 40

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

Answer Key on Page 48

➠ Birds

Four Things Pets Teach Children

A Pet’s Unexpected Contribution By C.A. Ritz

Within two blinks and a wink of an eye after heading to an animal shelter, often a new pet is loaded into the family car headed home. Parents justify their own desire for this pet by announcing it will be good for the children to learn responsibility. Truth is, the family is about to grow in unexpected ways as we open our doors and hearts.


From the first few moments of looking into your pet’s eyes, your child takes a step toward adulthood through compassion. Caring for a furry friend seems to trigger nurturing skills and some understanding of your heart as a parent.


When we think back to childhood, we remember qualities of a best friend who accepted us as we were. A pet can give that unconditional acceptance a child needs to develop healthy confidence. Simply put, pets don’t judge the ones they love.


There is nothing like a furry friend intent on gaining attention or getting fed! We can appreciate their resilience which makes our efforts to train great fun and rewarding.



Healthy living results as pets encourage play and exercise. They teach children (and us) to be consistent with eating schedules as well; a habit most humans lack.

With pets, the family can be strengthened through responsibility. With responsibility, positive habits are learned.

Consider taking a pet adventure. C.A. Ritz ~ Author and Illustrator

Non-Profit Organization Spotlight The primary focus of Louisa’s New Leash On Life Rescue is on dogs that have been abandoned or surrendered because they are old, need medical attention or have behavioral issues. Since 2015 they have helped place over 400 dogs into permanent loving homes or into forever foster homes. Dogs in their rescue immediately begin a training program. They provide free additional training for dogs that are adopted or fostered through their rescue on a case-by-case basis. This keeps their return rate very low. A secondary focus is their outreach program. Owner-assist programs are available that allow owners to keep their pets during difficult times. They help owners as much as they can by providing dog food, assisting in paying medical costs for their dog or for temporary boarding. These services help dogs stay with their families during difficult times. Call 702-406-9550 for more information about them or to donate, rescue or volunteer. ADOPT




Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


E P T A ? D E T P ADO 5 Tips For Bringing Home a New Rescue Pet By Sheryl Green

There’s nothing more exciting than bringing home a new rescue pet. Oh, the cuddling you will do! There can, however, be a bit of stress as the pet gets used to their new surroundings and you and your family adjust to a new fur kid in the house. Follow these tips to limit the stress.


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If possible, bring a second person along when you pick up your pet. A frightened dog may bounce between the front and back seats and even hop into your lap in the driver’s seat. A second person can sit with the pet or drive so you can start the bonding process right away. If you have to go alone (or you’re adopting a kitty), bring a crate and make sure it’s secure in the car.


This may come as a surprise, but animals occasionally wreak a little bit of havoc (in a cute way, of course). Just like you would child-proof your home when your toddler starts moving around freely, you’ll need to do the same for your new pet. Pick random objects up off the floor, make sure that all medications, cleaning supplies, poisonous plants, and anything else that might look delicious to your new pet, have been removed. For cats or pups that can jump or climb, you’ll need to be concerned with things on top of the furniture as well.


Having these on hand when your dog or cat arrives will make the transition easier on everyone. You’ll need: • Food and water bowls • Food and treats. Ask the shelter or rescue if your pet has any dietary restrictions or if you should continue feeding them the same food they’ve been eating to minimize tummy troubles. • A collar and leash. You should also pick up a tag with your pet’s name, your name, phone number, and address. • Toys • Baby gates to block “off limits” areas and a crate if you’ll be crate training your new pet. • A litter box and litter for cats. • Scratching posts in multiple locations to keep your kitty away from your couches. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

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• Stain and odor removers. Potty accidents are inevitable. Prepare for them ahead of time to keep damage to a minimum.


If possible, take a few days to bond and train your new family member. If you can’t take off from work, limit your time away from home as much as possible and arrange to have family members, friends, or a sitter come by to check on the pet during the day. (You’ll want to introduce them to the pet before they randomly show up at your house.)


This is the most important step to bringing home a new rescue pet. You may not know what kind of life they lived before you rescued them. There may be accidents, behavior problems, or just some anxiety. With patience, you’ll create an unbreakable bond and give Adopting a new family your new member can be quite pet the an adjustment. But with best home some preparation, the possible. right supplies, and a dose of patience, your new furry friend will be a full-fledged member of the family in no time. Sheryl Green is an author, writing coach, and passionate animal advocate, serving as the Director of Communications and Cuddling for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas. Find her at


THRIFT STORE benefitting non-profit animal rescue Open Wed, Thurs, and Friday 10am - 3pm Saturday and Sunday 9am - 4pm

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019







Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life. Eckhart is an amazing three legged fellow looking for his special someone to call his own. Eckhart is so full of love and affection. He could run around the yard playing fetch for hours. He has an affinity for piling up his toys as trophies and will be at your beck and call for treats! Eckhart would do best as the only dog in the home but will give you the love of 100 doggies in return! (male - 10yrs -bully mix) Y


702-873-7722 • 4800 W. Dewey Drive


The Churchill Foundation Roe is a 4 year old spayed, fully vetted female boxer/fox hound mix. She is wonderful with well behaved humans and dogs. No cats! Roe knows many commands and is house, doggie door & crate trained. Visit our website to see awesome videos of Roe training and playing! Y

Shelby is approx. two years old and looking for her forever home. Shelby is excelling in training and her foster parents think she is super smart. She loves to play with toys and balls, and enjoys playtime with her foster fur sister. Shelby loves going swimming and going on walks. Y

The Animal Foundation Call 702-955-9501 or visit 655 N. Mojave between 11am and 7pm daily.

Animal Help Alliance Contact Poppy at 702-904-2274 to meet Shelby

Brutus is 7 years old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He was with a family with young children for the last few years. He has a calm personality and is looking to bond again to a new family. He still has plenty of energy too for those long walks or hikes. Brutus is looking for a Life Partner. Y

Just over a year old, Tulip weighs in at just over 100 lbs! She is a bit spoiled, thank you Jackie and Charles… we love our rescued pets spoiled! She gets along great with all animals. She’s a hefty eater and a happy, very smart little girl. If you qualify to adopt a pig, please call Annette Thomas. Y


Nevada SPCA No-Kill Animal Sanctuary

Raelynn is the sweetest 4 year old paralyzed Shih Tzu. She gets along well with other dogs, cats & kids, but would absolutely love to be the center of someone’s universe too!! She is wheelchair trained, but prefers to run around on her own. Rae loves laying in laps and getting all the attention and love anyone has to give! Y

Eight-year-old Emma came to The Animal Foundation as a stray on Oct. 31. She is an independent girl who likes to spend time curled up in her bed, but she’ll actively seek love from you when she needs it. She’ll also welcome head and chin rubs when she’s A1045058 in the mood. Emma would do well in a quiet home with adults. Y


Lone Woof Rescue 702-469-1913 •

Beautiful black mare seeks steady work with Intermediate+ rider, sound and healthy, ready for arena or trails! Y


Louisa’s New Leash On Life Rescue 702-406-9550 •

Delilah Local Equine Assistance Network For more info:



Pawsitive Difference Pet Rescue 702-435-6422 •

Five year old Antigua, is a big beefy cat! Seems to enjoy attention and will make a great companion for your household. She is amazing, sweet and adorable. Y


Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc

702-272-0010 •

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019



Events PET



Therapies for horse demos, lesson demos, horse brushing, and Bemer sessions. Everyone is welcome to this free event! Spirit Therapies – 9140 W. La Madre Way

7pm. Register today for VVDOC’s winter classes that will start on January 17 at Dog Fancier’s Park. Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School - 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

Spirit Therapies Open House 11am–2pm. Join Spirit


Holiday Hangover Featuring The Dan Band 7pm–10pm. Ugly sweaters and costumes encouraged! Complimentary admission with donation to Nevada SPCA. Guests who donate on site will receive a free ticket to The Dan Band and all other Holiday Hangover activities. House of Blues Las Vegas – 3950 S. Las Vegas Blvd.


Vegas Passion For Paws Spaghetti Dinner 4pm–7pm.

Hot Spaghetti Dinner along with a Fresh Salad, Italian bread and drink of your choice. Adult meals are $6.00 & Children’s meals are $3.00. They will have a few unique items for sale with 100% of the profits going to our rescue. Call 702-910-5885 or email for more information. Vegas Passion For Paws - 3940 N. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club’s Winter Classes


Kinesiology Taping Demonstration 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Join Canine Bodywork & Aquatics for a FREE Kinesiology Taping Demonstration. Kinesiology Taping can decrease pain, increase muscle strength, improve blood & lymph circulation and add stability to joints. Canine Bodywork & Aquatics - 2563 Wigwam Pkwy.


SNBRF Chili Cook-off 2pm–5pm. Join Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation for their 2nd Annual Chili Cook-Off. $15 per chili entry free (includes tasting). $10 tasting ticket. Vote for your favorite - Top 3 Win Prizes! Beagletopia (SNBRF Headquarters) – 285 Irwin Ave.



workshop, hosted by The Humane Society of the United States - Nevada, will provide participants with a shared language and understanding of the causes and symptoms of Compassion Fatigue. RSVP’s are required. Go to: for more information. Jewel Box Theater, Clark County Library - 1401 E. Flamingo Rd.

for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.

Compassion Fatigue Training 5:30pm–7:30pm. This FREE


PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun evening of bowling & socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center - 4500 W. Tropicana Ave.

Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join LV Bird Club


Reading with Rascal Program – Valentine’s Day Celebration & Costume Party 10am–12pm. A fun

morning of reading and socializing with their therapy dogs. Everyone is welcome – all ages! No reservations needed. No church affiliation is necessary. Refreshments are served. Desert Springs United Methodist Church – 120 N. Pavilion Center Dr.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. 46

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


A 50’s Sock Hop 7:30pm–10:30pm. Ladies put on your

best poodle skirts and guys put on yoru letterman sweater or jacket. All proceeds will go to help homeless animals here in Southern Nevada. Visit for more information.


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting

7pm–8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more info visit, Audi Las Vegas – 6335 W. Sahara Ave.


Kinesiology Taping Demonstration 2pm-3pm. Join

Canine Bodywork & Aquatics for a FREE Kinesiology Taping Demonstration. Kinesiology Taping can decrease pain, increase muscle strength, improve blood & lymph circulation and add stability to joints. Canine Bodywork & Aquatics - 2563 Wigwam Pkwy.

Events PET


Heart to Heart Valentine’s Luncheon 12pm–3pm.

Raffle, Silent Auction, Lunch & Entertainment. Mistress of Ceremonies – Denise Valdez. RSVP by Feburary 1st via email at or call 702-434-2009. All proceeds benefit the Las Vegas Valley Humane Society. Canyon Gate Country Club – 2001 Canyon Gate.


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm–3pm. Join LV BIrd Club

for their monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.


PINS for PAWS Bowling Fundraiser 6pm–9pm. Fun

evening of bowling & socializing with other animal lovers, goodie bags, great silent auction and raffle prizes, bowling contest prizes, and more! $20 online/$25 at door. The Orleans Casino Bowling Center - 4500 W. Tropicana Ave.

Join us for the 2nd annual

SNBRF Chili Cook-off

to Benefit The Southern Nevada Beagle Rescue Foundation

When: Saturday, January 12th, 2 PM to 5 PM Where: Beagletopia (SNBRF Headquarters) 285 Ir vin Ave, Las Vegas 89183 $15 in advance ($20 at door) per chili entry fee (includes tasting) $10 in advance ($15 at door) tasting ticket Beer Bar $5 Soda and Water Provided Cornbread/Biscuits/Rolls Provided

Vote For Your Favorite Top 3 Win Prizes

Contest Entrants: Please bring chili in crockpot with ladle to serve and label your chili “with meat” or “vegetarian” or “vegan” Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019


Non-Profit Organization Spotlight The Churchill Foundation, founded in 2013, is a local rescue group specializing in rescuing dogs with major medical issues especially ones with heart conditions and behavioral issues such as reactivity or aggression. It is a completely volunteer run and foster home based rescue; none of their animals are kept in boarding. Proper lifestyle matches and placements are incredibly important so they do extensive medical testing. Their animals all receive blood work and fecal testing in addition to the basics: vaccines, microchips, and spaying/neutering. Each animal is temperament tested by a professional trainer to help ensure safe placements that will last a life time. Behavioral cases go through rehabilitation before being placed in knowledgeable forever homes. All Churchill dogs have free training available to them at any time. For Life is one of their main slogans; they accept returns of any of their animals no matter how much time has passed since the original placement.







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ry itchy skin is a common problem for both people and pets during the cold winter months. The cold dry air of winter combined with the warm dry air in our homes leads to one thing – Itchy, dry skin. While we have the luxury of lathering on the lotion, our canine friends are not so lucky. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to help your dog with the constant itching.

Providing your pet with plenty of water is one of the best ways to help relieve dry skin. Although it seems very basic, we don’t always monitor their water consumption during the winter. Dogs should drink at least one ounce per pound daily. Keeping an eye on their water bowl for cleanliness and monitoring the amount of water they consume will help you determine if your dog is drinking enough. Using filtered water or an automatic water fountain can be helpful in increasing their water intake. In addition to getting more water into our pets, it is also helpful to get more water into the air. Humidifiers put moisture back into the dry air; helping both pets and people with dry skin. You may try running it at night in the bedroom where you sleep. Adjusting your pet’s brushing and bathing routine in winter is also important in combating dry skin. The simple rule: Brush more, bathe less. Brushing your pet helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates the hair follicles to release natural oils in the skin. Bathing your dog strips the body of the natural oils that keep the skin hydrated. In the winter, keep baths to a minimum and use moisturizing shampoos with ingredients like aloe vera and oatmeal. If your pet continues to suffer from dry skin without relief, it may be a symptom of an underlying condition such as a skin allergy, a parasite, or an infection. You should always consult your veterinarian if your pet’s condition persists. 48

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • January/February 2019

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