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March/April 2018 FRONT COVER PHOTOGRAPHY: Rick Vierkandt - Bark Gallery

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



– the season of renewal and nature’s gentle reminders of new beginnings as spring flowers bud and bloom. Springtime in Las Vegas is a wonderful time to enjoy outdoor activities: walking, biking, jogging and running; activities that we can enjoy with our pets. The Events Calendar fills up quickly with many fun-filled pet events for all members of the family including our furry children to enjoy. There are also pet-themed holidays that increase our awareness of specific pet issues of importance. March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month. April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month and National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. We hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We included information and articles that we think will inform, inspire and encourage you as they have done for us. Our tagline is: Dedicated to Las Vegas Pets and the People Who Love Them. We desire to make a difference for pets by providing quality information for you. We’re connected by our love for pets. What is truly important is cultivating and celebrating the incredible bond that exists between our pets and us! Spring is when life’s alive in everything. - Christine Rossetti

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Wishing you and your pets a glorious spring!

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

PREVENT PET SUFFOCATION By Samantha Radcliff-D’Arrigo – Vegas Rock Dog Radio

Pet suffocation happens every day and it’s a shock to pet parents who lose a pet in this manner. But what is it that’s causing pets to needlessly suffocate? Would you be surprised to learn that the main cause of suffocation is something that you have in your home? I’m talking about snack bags, chip bags, and other food containers like yogurt pots. Pet parents who discovered their pet had died from suffocation are devastated to find out it was something as simple as an empty bag. Pets love the smell of food and a snack bag that’s easily accessible is a tempting danger. When a pet gets hold of a potato chip bag and put its head inside to lick it, the pet may be unable to get the bag off its head. The pet then panics and hyperventilates and the bag tightens around the face and neck. The scared cat or dog starts to run around in a frenzy and often defecates itself before succumbing to suffocation. This tragedy happens in a matter of minutes and this is completely preventable by implementing some simple precautions.

Snack bags are deadly

Transfer snacks into locking containers high on a shelf, always eat snacks from a bowl, not a bag, cut up your snack bags and food wrappers, buy a locking trash can, and get pet CPR certified.

Suffocation happens within minutes

If you have company staying or use a pet sitter you will need to educate them on the dangers of pet suffocation and show them what do to keep your pets safe. Small changes to you and your family’s daily routine will help prevent your pet from becoming a statistic.

Don’t let your pet be a statistic

For more information about pet, suffocation listen to my interview with Bonnie Harlan, founder of Prevent Pet Suffocation, at or visit Bonnie’s site at



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K-9 Allure specializes in lure coursing for dogs. This is a great sport and entertainment for not only dogs but you as well. It’s a fun way for your dog to exercise not just their body but also their natural instincts. By keeping your dog’s mind and natural instincts stimulated, you have a happier, healthier and younger feeling dog.

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Cutest Pet Photo Contest

Enter your pet’s photo for a chance to win $50 Gift Card to Lazy Dog Restaurant. Email your photo to with the following information. All entries must contain all of the information below to qualify (one photo per pet or pets/one entry per person):

• Pet’s name • Your name • Your email address • Your phone # Submissions must be received by April 30, 2018. Please note: By entering the contest, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our magazine, emails, and social media/facebook.



Cocoa & Bronco

Kiki & Kana

Niall 6

Congratulations to our Previous Winners!


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Each winner receives a $50 gift certificate to Lazy Dog Restaurant with dog friendly patios!

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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



• Addiction • Depression • Trauma • Grief • Anxiety • Communication Skills • Family Dynamics • Life Skills Our Corporate Team Building Sessions Are


Laura Higgins (702) 768-2326

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The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) initiated a campaign to raise public awareness about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence and to highlight the seriousness of animal cruelty.

Go Orange for Animals

Non-Profit Organization Spotlight

Noah’s Animal House Noah’s Animal House is a full service pet facility on the campus of The Shade Tree, a domestic violence shelter. Their beginnings can be traced to an experience in 2005 with a 19 year old girl whose best and only friend was her cat. She arrived on the doorstep of The Shade Tree with a garbage bag full of clothes and a cat carrier. When she was told “no pets allowed”, all of the courage that led her to make this first step evaporated and she said: “I made every mistake possible, was abused as a teenager, ran away only to pick men who abused me and introduced me to drugs. The only one who never left me and always believed in me was my cat. If she can’t come with me, I will just go back. I guess it’s the life I deserve.”

This experience created a determination for Staci Alonso, a Shade Tree Shelter board member, to remove the “no pets allowed” barrier and became the driving force behind Noah’s Animal House. Since 2007 they served over 1400 pets for almost 90,000 boarding nights. In 2017 they introduced their 2nd location in Reno to serve both Northern and Southern Nevada.





– Animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than are individuals without a history of animal abuse. – Animal abuse in the form of neglect is often one of the first indicators of distress in the household. – Children who abuse animals are more likely to have conduct disorders. Their behavior is more likely to escalate to other violent behaviors. – Between 71% and 83% of women entering domestic violence shelters reported that their partners also abused or killed the family pet. And another study found that in families under supervision for physical abuse of their children, pet abuse was concurrent in 88% of the families. Source: The Documented Connection •

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sponsors the month of April as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. The aim is to raise awareness of animal cruelty and to promote the prevention of animal cruelty. A few suggestions for observing the month: u Support our local shelters and animal rescue organizations by volunteering, donating, and fostering. Attending fundraising events and functions is another way to support and encourage our local organizations. u Become a conscious consumer – purchase products that are cruelty free and humanely raised. u Choose and promote pet adoption. It is estimated 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Each year, it is estimated that 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized. u Be a responsible pet owner and have your animals spayed or neutered.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.

• Free Mobile Showroom • Free Delivery on Minimum Order • Rental Turf Available • $2/SF Rebate from Southern Nevada for Replacing Your Lawn

Mention ad at store and get 5% discount. 7375 Commercial Way #135, Henderson, NV 89011 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


IS ADOPTING A RABBIT Right for You? By Michelle Barbosa


aster season is approaching, making it the perfect time to talk about what wonderful indoor pets rabbits make. However, because rabbits are not as common a pet as a dog or a cat, people tend to be less informed about what to expect when adopting a rabbit. Rabbits typically live to be at least 10-years-old and can survive into their teens. As with any pet, adopting a rabbit is a long-term commitment.


Rabbits are highly inquisitive, social animals who love to play. They have very distinct personalities and are quite expressive – some are easygoing and relaxed while others are active and thrive on attention. Rabbits are prey animals and may be a bit shy or fearful when you first bring them home. It’s a good idea to let them come to you, get down on their level and set the pace as you get to know them. Although rabbits are affectionate, not all rabbits are comfortable being held (although they can be quite happy sitting next to you).


Bunnies are very curious and when unsupervised will find ways to get into places and situations that are potentially unsafe for them or destructive to your home. Because of this, rabbits require their own space for their unsupervised alone time. Make sure, however, that the space is not secluded, as bunnies are very social animals that need social interaction, exercise, and enrichment activities. Whether you choose a rabbit condo, a rabbit cage, a puppy pen or a bunny-proofed room, your rabbit will need a place to relax with access to food, water, a litter box, and enrichment activities. 10

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Rabbits can be litter box trained, just like cats. Choose a low-sided litterbox with no top. Recycled paper litter will neutralize odors and absorb wetness and is a better choice for bunnies than pine or cedar shavings, clay or clumping litter. A thin layer of litter will suffice since droppings are small and unlike cats, rabbits do not bury their droppings. Rabbits are very clean and do not like a smelly, soiled litter box so plan to empty it at least every other day.


Rabbits will find their own entertainment if they’re bored so it’s very important to provide them with stimulating diversions. The bunnies at The Animal Foundation love seagrass balls but find empty toilet paper rolls and cardboard egg cartons filled with hay equally fascinating. Pinterest is full of ideas for inexpensive enrichment toys you can easily make yourself for your bunny.


Rabbits also have their own unique nutritional needs that include hay, vegetables, pellets, and occasional treats of carrots and fruit. As with dogs and cats, people food (and certain plants) can be toxic for your bunny. Be sure to do your research and consult with your vet to keep your rabbit trim and healthy. As with any animal, the best way to choose a companion rabbit to adopt is to meet and spend enough time interacting with him or her so you can get to know their personality. Visit for more information about adoptable rabbits in a range of colors, sizes and ages. Michelle Barbosa is the Quality of Life Manager at The Animal Foundation, located at 655 North Mojave Road in Las Vegas.

Active Senior Living

Apartments in Las Vegas! Escape to Las Vegas Manor and soak up a little piece of paradise. This 55+ active senior living community is packed with amenities and is a wonderful place to call home.

Our Community is Pet Friendly! We offer many amenities including: a Studios, One and Two bedrooms apartments that are all single story! a Free, Shuttles to Casinos, Walmart & Smith’s a Free Bingo twice a week a Free Luncheons every Friday a Free Movie Days

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Las Vegas Manor 55+ Senior Community 1700 N. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89108

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


• Place pressure with gauze or a clean cloth to stop bleeding. • If there is debris, flush the wound with saline or clean water. • For deep wounds, or severe bleeding, keep pressure until until you can get your pet to a veterinarian.

• If choking, hold upper jaw open with one hand, and look for a foreign object. • Unless you can clearly see and grasp the obstruction, do not put your fingers into your dog’s mouth or throat. • Lift smaller dogs’ legs into the air so gravity can help dislodge the obstruction. • If you can’t remove the foreign object, using the heel of your hand, deliver 4-5 sharp blows on the dog between the shoulder blades.


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

• The most important thing to do is to protect your pet from self-injury. • DO NOT place your fingers or any object in your pet’s mouth. • Clear the area around your pet to help prevent injury during the seizure. • DO NOT attempt to restrain your pet, but you can place a hand on their body. • When the seizure has stopped, contact your veterinarian for further instructions. • If the seizure does not stop within 3 to 5 minutes or if your pet comes out of the seizure and goes into another one within an hour, transport the pet immediately to the veterinarian.

• If you suspect poisoning, seek care immediately. • If you cannot get to the vet immediately, are waiting for a ride, or are stranded, you can call either of these 24-hour emergency hotlines: ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-4-ANI-HELP or 1-888-426-4435 National Animal Poison Control Center 1-800-548-2423

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


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The Cat Café Craze is Coming to Las Vegas! Meow or Never Café & Rescue is opening sometime this April. The café will feature pastries and coffee in one area and another area will have a playroom which will serve as a temporary home for between 15 and 20 cats. The cats will be available for adoption. While volunteering for the animal rescue community, owner Rhiannon Gladney, realized how many cats are in need of loving homes. The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society estimates that there are more than 200,000 homeless cats in Clark County. Meow or Never will be working with the Nevada SPCA. Most of the cats staying at the café will have limited experience with people. The café will give them lots of opportunity for social interaction, developing trusting and caring human relationships, and finding forever homes. Also, cat cafes have converted many “I’m not a cat person” into “cat lovers” when they have opportunities to meet and connect with cats! We’re sure this will happen at Meow or Never. The cat café concept originated in Taiwan in 1998 when the world’s first cat café, Cat Flower Garden, opened. The concept quickly spread to Japan and other countries. Eventually in 2014 the U.S. had its first cat café when Cat Town Café opened in Oakland, California. They’ve become popular in many large cities such as San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Minneapolis, and soon Las Vegas will be added to the list. The café will be located in Downtown Las Vegas at East California Avenue, around the corner from Makers & Finders and Hop Nuts Brewing.

We wish Meow or Never Café & Rescue success in their new endeavor! Looking forward to the announcement of their grand opening! You can get more information at


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


We Help Rescues Desert Diva Dogs collects and donates pet supplies to animal rescues, provides pet related educational information and resources, and assists community organizations to help pets in need.

New & gently used pet supplies.

Help us make a difference for pets in need. Join our team of volunteers today!

Sponsor/ Support


We have many ways for business and individual donors to help those in need. Contact us to find out ways you can help! • 702-706-3796 • Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018














A Guide For Poison Proofing

Your Home By Gail Mayhugh


So as you start your spring cleaning take time to check around your house, garage and yard for anything that might be poisonous; you might be surprised.

So What’s In Your Purse? How many times have you

found Sparky nosing in your purse? I know some of you may be saying, well, mine never does. Well, what about when you’re visiting someone? I had a habit of putting my purse on the floor with my briefcase at my clients’ homes. Until it was almost emptied by my client’s pup as we were walking through the house.

realize how poisonous vincas, tulips, daisies and lilies are. There are really too many to list, so please take a few moments to check out the list on the ASPCA website, it may just save your pet’s life. Along with plants, watch out for pesticides, lawn and pool chemicals. I’m sure you’re not leaving them out and around the yard, but be careful when you have the shed door open. Pets are curious and often can’t resist smelling, tasting and sometimes swallowing foods, plants and other items that interest them.

So What Else Is In Your Home? You might not even

think about your remote controls or phones, but some dogs love to chew and batteries if ingested can cause serious chemical burns.

Be aware of, cigarettes, change, vitamins, prescription drugs, overthe-counter medications, sugarless chewing gums and mints with xylitol and of course chocolate. Along with these things being in your purse, take notice on where you have them at home. Your pets can easily get to your night stands from the bed and Fluffy may like to jump up on your counter.

I know instant hand warmers are not a staple in Vegas homes. But what about people who go skiing? The metals within hand warmers contain amounts of iron that can be toxic if eaten. There also are the instant cold packs for our coolers. The ammonium nitrate in them can be toxic and cause chemical burns.

It’s Cleaning Time. There are very few people I know that

An Ounce Of Prevention… Proper training of basic

look forward to cleaning the bathroom. With the many products on the market to make things easier, many can be toxic. That pretty blue water most likely contains toxic substances and bleach. Watch the spray foam cleaners. You might do a quick spray and walk away to let it work for a few minutes. That’s all it takes for your pet to take a lick or two. Fabric softener sheets make everything feel so nice, but the chemicals in them can cause kidney failure if ingested. We don’t all fold our wash right out of the dryer. They may go into the laundry basket to fold later with that softener sheet for Fido to steal. You may also want to skip using liquid fabric softener when washing their bedding as many of these products contain the same harmful chemicals. Other items making cleaning easier are soap gel packs for your laundry and dishwashers. The anionic mixtures in them can be toxic. They’re small enough that they can easily be grabbed and ingested if dropped.

Let’s Go Out. We all know there are many toxic and life

threatening poisonous plants. I had a friend whose pup died from chewing on a Sago Palm. This year I re-landscaped my backyard so spent time researching plants. None of my pups had touched anything in the past… but what about the next pet? Well, our new Maya is a plant-eating, bush-trimming, flower-picking pup. We could have been in some very serious situations with her with some of our old plants. I knew about oleanders and poinsettias, but I didn’t 16

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

commands of leaving items alone can be lifesaving for your pet. But they’re just like kids and sometimes push the boundaries, especially when we’re not looking or around. Always keep in mind that not everyone’s pet is trained the same as yours. Be careful and aware when visiting friends or when having a furry friend over for a visit. Ninety percent of poisonings occur in the home, so if you think your pet has ingested something poisonous, stay calm and find out what to do before acting on your own. Making your pet vomit may be more dangerous than getting them to the veterinarian immediately for treatment. Its best to not take a ‘wait-and-see’ approach since time plays a significant factor in treatment and recovery. There are pet poison hot lines and websites to check. Each pet is affected differently just like us. I may have a mild reaction to peanuts but someone else can die from ingesting just one. There are numerous after hour and 24 hour emergency clinics in town. Find out which one is closest to you now, so in the unfortunate situation that you need to go immediately; you can just jump in the car and go.

March Let’s make your madness in me. about poison-proofing your ho Gail Mayhugh, the owner of GMJ Interior Design has been designing in Las Vegas for over 25 years. She also supports animal rescues and shelters through her non-profit, Enriching the lives of older adults and helping animals one project at a time.

Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Community Meeting Room @ Desert Toyota, Scion – 6300 W. Sahara Ave.

CGC Class will be offered. See our website for details!

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Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club

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pr ofi to

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WHERE: Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd.

CLASS PRICE: $95 per dog (cash or check only) (subject to change) H Ask about Senior & Military Price

CLASS DAY/TIME: 1st night of class will be held the following Thursday after registration 7:00 to 8:30 pm All following classes are from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

CLASS LOCATION: Dog Fancier’s Park (Behind Horseman’s Park) 5800 E. Flamingo Rd.

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Monthly Meetings: The first Tuesday of the month 7 PM. Audi Las Vegas 6335 West Sahara Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89146

For More Information Visit Our Website or Call 702-368-0656 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018




FOSTER By Sheryl Green

“I could e never giv ” them up!

Hands down, that is the most common reason people give as to why they can’t foster an animal. And while it’s true that letting an animal go to his forever home can be difficult, the benefits of fostering far exceed the negatives.

Why Foster?


Shelters are overrun with animals waiting to find their forever homes. Sadly, many of those animals will never again know the love of a human family. Many will either live out their lives in the shelter, or be killed because there just isn’t enough space. There are rescue groups throughout the valley doing their best to prevent this. However, without a physical space, they rely on foster families to care for the animals while they search for a permanent home. Fosters are the difference between life and death for these displaced pets.


Help them become more adoptable by teaching them basic skills like potty training, commands, and walking on a leash. They have the opportunity to socialize with other animals, and humans of all ages, which will enable them to adapt better to their forever home. Plus, they master the art of snuggling!

What Does It Take To Foster?


Being a foster parent means providing a safe, nurturing space for an animal until they find their forever home. This could be as short as a few days, and as long as a year or so. While you are fostering, all of the pet’s medical expenses will be covered by the organization and they will provide food for the pet.


Many pets can be left alone in the home, and often times can be crate trained so you can feel comfortable leaving them alone for a few hours. If you have other pets, you’ll want to make sure that you have space to separate them, and that your pets are vaccinated.

While you’re saving an animal’s life, they’ll be saving yours right back. You’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who become not just friends, but family. Caring for an animal gives you a purpose and can help improve your emotional state.

There’s no better way to teach your kids about love and responsibility, than to open your home to an animal in need. Give your kids age appropriate tasks to help care for the animal and give them plenty of cuddle time.

What are the Benefits for the Animal? A SECOND CHANCE

Many shelter pets have been abused, neglected or, abandoned by their previous owners, and find it difficult to trust humans (understandably!). They may suffer from anxiety, depression, and a lack of socialization during their time at a shelter. The longer they are there, the worse their symptoms become, making it more difficult to find them a forever home. In a foster home, the pet will slowly regain trust for humans. 18

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Afraid you might “foster fail”? It happens, and there’s nothing wrong with deciding to keep a new fur baby. If you have room in your home and your heart to save a life, please reach out to your local animal rescue and give a dog or cat a second chance at love.

Sheryl Green is an author, writing coach, and passionate animal advocate, serving as the Director of Communications and Cuddling for Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas. Find her at

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


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Kitten season is the time of year when cats give birth to litters of cute, cuddly kittens. Shelters and rescues become overwhelmed with an influx of kittens that need lots of Tender Loving Care! Because of our warm weather our Kitten Season is almost year-round with peaks in March, June & July, and again in October & November.

Ways to help…



Do you love cats – especially cute kittens? Do you have lots of love to share with the cute little fur balls who require lots of TLC? Yes answers mean that our local shelters and cat rescues need you!

ADOPT AN OLDER CAT Everyone loves kittens and unfortunately older cats often get overlooked in the peak seasons when kittens are available for adoption. Adopting an older cat helps shelters and rescues deal with the arrival of kittens and you get an awesome feline friend!

If you’ve been thinking about Volunteering, Fostering, Donating, Adopting – Kitten Season is the perfect time!

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By Dr. Charlotte Pulliam, DVM • Town Center Animal Hospital •

ver have one of those super stressful weeks? your veterinarian, followed by a complete blood count, Just imagine if you couldn’t get rid of the chemistry profile and urinalysis. Your veterinarian may source of the stress!! Although it’s not identical, also recommend a urine culture. Once these screening Hyperadrenocorticism (or Cushing’s disease) tests have been performed, your veterinarian will discuss has similar effects on our four legged friends. Cushing’s the changes they see as well as confirmatory diagnostic disease develops when there is an excess amount of the testing. These tests include an ACTH stimulation test or stress hormone cortisol in the body. It is a fairly common a Low Dose Dexamethasone test; your veterinarian will disease diagnosed in dogs and is characterized by the select the one that best fits your pet’s condition. effects of steroid on the body. It has pretty significant clinical signs you can notice at home. The source of the Once your dog has been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, steroids can be from an internal source or an external the management is a once to twice daily-dosed medication source. The most common complaints that your pet will be on for the remainder or clinical signs are increased drinking, of his or her life. Monitoring is very SYMPTOMS OF increased urination, increased eating important and must be done every 6-12 CUSHING’S DISEASE and increased panting. Keep in mind months, and developing a treatment these clinical signs may not be as plan with your veterinarian is essential. • Increased Thirst straight forward as they sound, and While Cushing’s disease may decrease • Increased Urination can be seen one at a time or together. your pets overall lifespan, it is a fairly Increased Hunger • For example, you may start noticing manageable condition. Catching this Increased Panting • accidents in the house, food aggression disease early can be very beneficial in Weight Gain in the • or increased incidents of “counter the management of this disease, as well Abdominal Area surfing” or “dumpster diving”. Other as possibly delaying common associated Symmetrical Hair Loss • less common clinical can include: disease conditions. symmetrical hair loss, exercise • Exercise Intolerance intolerance, and muscle atrophy. The best way to catch this disease early is • Muscle Weakness through scheduling yearly physical exams Although making a diagnosis begins coupled with blood work. Catching this with noticing clinical signs at home, the above mentioned disease, or any other disease, early may change the overall clinical signs could be secondary to many other diseases. outcome of your pet’s life and allow them a few more years The first step is a through physical exam performed by as our best friends. 22

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

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re s

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Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2018. © 2018 GEICO Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



Does your favorite furball seem to be looking a little shaggy and unruly lately? Is it time to get out the brush? Yes! In fact, developing a good grooming routine can be beneficial to your pet’s overall health and happiness.


thorough brushing is a quick way to make your pet look good and feel better, but there are other components of grooming that are equally important. Examining and caring for their skin, teeth, nails, eyes and ears are also vital parts of a good grooming practice. Most cats and dogs enjoy being brushed, so brushing is typically a good place to start your grooming routine. They will love your undivided attention, as well as the feel of the brush against their skin. While you are brushing them, pay close attention to their skin and anything that looks unusual; dry flakey patches, lumps or sores. (These are things you should report and review with your veterinarian.) Matted fur is also something that can be very problematic. Pets with matted fur can become very uncomfortable because of the constant tightness and pulling on their skin. Often times, such matts need to be removed by an experienced groomer or veterinarian. (You should never attempt to cut matted fur off with a pair of scissors or other sharp instrument.) Keeping up with a regular brushing routine can alleviate the problem of matted fur. While it may not be as fun as brushing, it is also important to take a look at your pet’s teeth and nails. When inspecting your pet’s teeth, pay particular attention to the gums and anything that appears unusually red or inflamed. Bleeding gums, uncommonly bad breath, or unusual bumps along the gum line should be reported to your veterinarian. Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth can greatly reduce the chance of tooth decay and gum inflammation. After your tooth inspection, 24

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

take a look at your pet’s nails. Do they look too long? Are they curling under or hitting the pads of their feet? If so, it’s definitely time for a trim. Nails that are too long can impede your pet’s ability to walk comfortably and can eventually pierce into the soft pads of their feet. It can be very painful. Trimming the nails is necessary, but can be difficult if you are inexperienced in trimming them. Since cutting the nails too short can be extremely painful to your pet, many people opt to have a groomer or veterinarian take on the task. As a final step in your grooming routine, take a look at your pet’s eyes and ears. Eyes should be bright and clear of tear buildup. Many dog breeds tend to have a lot of tearing which can ultimately turn into a hard, gummy mess around the eyes. It is important to remove as much of this material as possible to prevent eye irritation. A warm, damp wash cloth usually works the best. For the ears, look for any signs of redness, foul smell, or dark discharge. These symptoms may indicate an ear infection which will need to be treated by your veterinarian. For dogs primarily, look for any hair that may be growing into the ear canal. Besides being uncomfortable, it can also lead to a painful ear infection. Since trimming this hair can be difficult, it is usually safest to have a professional dog groomer do it for you.

A regular at-home grooming routine help pets remain happy and healthy. You and your pet will enjoy your extra time together and you will gain first-hand knowledge of your pet’s overall health.



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Initially the book shares the author’s struggles with her dog Oliver who suffered from debilitating separation anxiety. Her research took her on an amazing journey to understand mental illness in other social animals. I was tempted to stop reading the book because Oliver’s story was so depressing. I’m glad though that I continued reading it. The author states that Oliver was “one anxious dog who brought me the entire animal kingdom. I owe him everything.” She in turn, opens the entire animal kingdom to her readers. Perhaps by understanding what contributes to mental illness in animals we can better understand how to contribute to better mental health in animals?


702DOGS Say You Saw It In The






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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Spring Break Adventures DAY HIKE




Springtime in Las Vegas is a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors– hikes, camping, water activities and picnics. Mt. Charleston and Red Rock Canyon are wonderful places for day hikes. There are opportunities for camping at Mt. Charleston or check out places in Utah, California and Arizona that are only a few hours away. Lake Mead National Recreational Area offers scenic trails, water fun and camping. The parks in Las Vegas and Henderson offer picnic areas and many feature other amenities as well for enjoying the beautiful outdoors!

For some things to consider if you are bringing your pet on an outing, see article on page 28.

Rattlesnake Avoidance Training for Dogs! Upcoming S. Nevada Classes: March 3, 2018 Bark In The Park @ Cornerstone Park

April 7, 2018

Smarty Paws, Location TBD, North Las Vegas

September 15, 2018

Smarty Paws & University of Nevada Cooperative Extension


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018 Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR DOG PART OF THE FAMILY? DO YOU REFER TO THEM AS YOUR BABY? IF SO, YOU’RE NOT ALONE! MANY DOG LOVERS (MYSELF INCLUDED) CONSIDER THEIR DOGS TO BE A VERY CHERISHED RELATIVE! By Elizabeth Parker Long gone are the days when dogs are expected to find a comfortable place on the floor. Many have a dog bed, but even more prefer to nap atop of the plush couch you just bought or sleep right alongside their humans on top of the big cushioned bed. You didn’t think that bed was just for you, did you? It’s safe to say that dogs have happily strolled into our lives and the masses are enjoying their company so much that they include their pooches in many human activities! If your city is dog-friendly, you might be well-adjusted to observing dogs accompany their family to outdoor cafes, stores and even some pubs! Some waiters and waitresses may even “serve” your dog with their very own water bowl and treats. Along that vein, baby showers take on a different meaning when it comes to dogs. When someone adopts a new dog, there are plenty of friends and relatives who are happy to throw a party to welcome that pup into the family. Instead of rattles and diapers, gifts include dog toys, treats, training tools, beds, dog baby books, leashes, collars and the like. For the humans attending, they may be served a real cake, but for the guest of honor, there are dog-safe cupcakes, cookies, and layer cakes! Everyone gets to celebrate! Many times, some of the guests are of the canine variety. 28

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

When the weather cooperates, it’s common to see families with their dogs enjoying a nice hike, picnic or cruise on the boat. Often, dogs are invited along on road trips as many hotels are dog-friendly as well! Since the weather should be getting warmer soon, here’s some things to consider if you are bringing your pet on an outing. sure you have a leash on your dog, as even though 1. Make your dog might be dog-friendly, other dogs might not be quite as amiable. Always ask if another dog is friendly before allowing your dog to approach. The last thing you want to do is get involved in a dog fight!

have fresh water available for your pooch. 2. Always They can get overheated rather quickly. treats for your pup. Just as we get hungry, so do 3. Bring our pets! Plus they love being rewarded for their good behavior.

where your dog sniffs. Dogs can ingest many toxic 4. Watch things and they often do it quite quickly. Better to be safe than sorry!

want to please you so they’ll never complain, 5. Dogs but if you see them slowing down, it might be time to take a break.

Your dog enjoys your companionship as much as you enjoy theirs. The mental stimulation is exciting for them and your time together creates an even more intense bond.

Have fun!

Elizabeth Parker – Author of Finally Home, Final Journey, My Dog Does That!, Bark Out Loud!, Paw Prints in the Sand,Paw Prints in the Sand: Mission Accomplished, Unwanted Dreams, Phobia, Evil’s Door and Faces of Deception.

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GO GREEN with your pet 4 Use eco-friendly pet accessories 4 Use biodegradable or flushable poop bags. • Leaving pet waste outside is an environmental & health hazard. • For litter boxes, consider organic, plant based kitty litter.

Ways to reduce your pet’s carbon “paw-print”

4 Use natural/organic shampoos to bathe your pet. 4 Use eco-friendly supplies to clean up after your pet. Celebrate Earth Day April 22

4 Reuse leashes, collars, and other pet accessories. 4 Feed all natural pet food.

4 Adopt – Don’t Shop. 4 Spay or neuter your pet.

Non-Profit Organization Spotlight

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas The mission of Hearts Alive Village is to secure loving and stable homes for dogs and cats at risk of being lost in the shelter system. In their 4 years of operation they have rescued over 1,000 animals. The majority of the dogs and cats they care for are in need of medical intervention. In 2017 they spent over $50,000 on veterinary care. One goal is to provide safer and happier lives for animals. To accomplish this they realized that they needed to focus on the existing relationships with the animals and their humans. Their aim is to reduce the number of dogs and cats lost in the shelter system by promoting owner retention programs that provide food, veterinary care, and training, and other support services. Each month they feed approximately 300 pets in low income homes. Recently, Hearts Alive Village opened a donation center and thrift store located at 4275 W. Bell Dr. #6 which helps create additional revenue to support the rising costs of their rescue, retention, and education programs.

Website: • Email:




DONATE Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Non-Profit Organization Spotlight

Rockin 4 Rescues, is dedicated to the health, well-being and safety of animals across the United States. Their main goal focuses on keeping Animal Rescues Funded. They provide emergency funds for medical, food, boarding for homeless animals, and any other needs to better their lives. Rockin 4 Rescues enables rescues to concentrate on saving more lives while they aim to alleviate their financial burden. “I love that we get to produce creative fundraising events like our annual 80’s Hairball. We’ve built a community of supporters who love animals as much as we do. They enjoy attending our events, helping animals in need, and having fun at the same time. There’s no better feeling than knowing the support we offer to rescue organizations enables them to save more lives.” - Sam Ratcliffe-D’Arrigo

Dr. Laurie Hess, a veterinarian for birds and exotics, says that birds generally learn to speak by repeating what they hear, but it can be hard to get some birds to talk. With enough practice she feels that many species can be taught to speak even if it is just a few words.

“I love being an organization that helps other organizations. We’re one-ofa-kind, helping multiple animal rescues on a continuous basis inclusive of all breeds of animals.” - Pam Webb




Why Do Some Birds Talk and Other Birds Do Not Talk?


So if you are determined to have a talking bird, have a lot of patience; use a short word, and repeat it over and over in the same tone. Give your bird a reward even if it is not remotely clear what the sound is. Before you know it…

LVAS Bird Mart & Craft Fair Sunday, May 20, 2018 9:30am - 4pm Henderson Convention Center 200 Water Street, Henderson Admission is $7 pp. Kids 10 & under Free

Facebook: Las Vegas Bird Club For You: Arts, Crafts, Jewelry, Fashion, Décor and more For Birds: Food, Toys, Seeds, Treats, Stands, Cages, etc. LVAS is a 501(c)3 non-profit group whose mission is the study of foreign and native birds and their care in captivity. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



By Rick Vierkandt

PETusing PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS a cellphone camera

There is a quote that says “The best camera is the one that’s with you”. This means that every day my iPhone is in my pocket. I just checked and I have a little over 7,200 photographs stored on it currently. I frequently back those up and save them to an external hard drive.

1) Shut the flash and HDR options off

The first thing that you should disarm or shut off is the flash on your cell phone camera. The flash is not powerful enough to light a subject properly. The flash on the cell phone works great in the bar, or at a party at night to illuminate you and your friends. If you need to add light to the image try to do it with natural light, the effect looks more appealing.

2) Take several photos, try different angles, the “film” is cheap

If you were to hand me your cell phone and ask me to take a photo, I would immediately take 2 to 3 photos of the same scene. If you are trying to get unique photos keep taking photos and review after the moment has passed. Animals are constantly moving and the different angles and multiple images give you several photos to review. Once you have taken several shots, select the one that stands out the most.

3) Edit the Photos with an App

This is the one part that makes cell phone images stick out from the others. All of my cell phone photos get a once over in a photo editing app. The app I personally use is called Snapseed. It has wonderful options for editing photos and I frequently adjust shadows, clarity, and saturation of the cell phone images that I post.

4) Look for great natural light

Is your cat sunning in the window? Is your dog on a long walk with you at sunset? These are wonderful times to photograph your pets with a cell phone. The cell phone cameras are advanced and respond really well to the light at these times - adding a dramatic look to the overall image. I am sure you have seen a great sunset, maybe once this week, maybe once 32

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

this month. So, the next time you see a great sunset with beautiful colors, grab your cell phone and photograph your dog on his nightly walk.

5) Timing

When taking photos of pets always try to think ahead. I know that if I throw the ball and Bear is getting tired, eventually he will lay down and I can get a few photos of him with my cell phone. I also know that while he is running the cell phone camera will not capture the great images that I want. If you found a lost dog and you are trying to get a few photos to post on social media, give the dog a few minutes to get used to you. Once the dog is calm, snap a few photos, I would recommend not making a noise with a dog you are not familiar with as they may move too fast for the cell phone camera. The best cell phone photos of pets are generally when they are at rest. The cell phone camera can not handle subjects that are rapidly moving and the photos can be extremely blurry if the animal is moving fast. I know how Bear will react to the majority of situations and I use that to my photographic advantage. Cell phone cameras are great for capturing a moment in time that would be missed otherwise. They are great for the little moments that can be cherished. Y

Rick Vierkandt is the sole proprietor and photographer at the Bark Gallery. He continues to give back to the community through his volunteer services at a variety of rescue centers throughout Las Vegas.

CALL TODAY ~ For your pet’s fun filled stay!

Premium Dog & Cat Lodging Fun Doggie Daycare Pet Grooming


The Kids Scene

Enter The Contest!

1. What is one thing you can do to prevent pet suffocation? 2. What should you bring for your pet when going on an outing? Submit by 4-30-18. (Hint: Answers in this issue!)

E-mail your answers and you will be entered to win! (Please include name and a phone number so we can contact you if you won.)


pizza, drinks, game tokens

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New Attraction! The Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix has a new attraction - a 2100 gallon, 20ft long racetrack shaped tank; 4ft wide and 4ft tall. The Lost City of Atlantis themed tank – as seen on Animal Planet’s “TANKED” – is home to over 100 saltwater fish. All pieces inside are hand painted – truly a work of art!

Fill YOUR Tank! ¯ Angelfish ¯ Damselfish ¯ Butterflyfish ¯ Firefish ¯ Chromis ¯ Hippo Tang ¯ Clownfish ¯ Neon Goby ¯ Coral Beauty ¯ Wrasse ¯ Bonus Word: Pet Scene 34

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Answer Key on Page 47

Can you find the names of these colorful saltwater fish hidden in the puzzle? The words may be in any direction: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards.




Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? Send us your stories and tell us what you think they would say. We’d love to hear them! • Contest is open to children 15 years and under. • All stories must have fewer than 200 words. • Entries must include your name, age and email address.

Entries must be received by May 15, 2018.

Email entries to - OR Mail to Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine, 5785 W. Tropicana Ave., Suite 5, Las Vegas, NV 89103. PRIZE: Fame & glory! Winners will be published in the July/August Issue.

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Alexis Young - 702-704-3135 - I love helping people find their dream home! Our furry friends deserve to find their forever home too! Ask me how I can help you and your furry family find your dream home today! One of the non-profit rescue organizations I work with in Las Vegas, Street Dogz, work very hard to save as many abused and neglected pets as they can. They work with Sunrise Hospital to foster pets for owners that are in need. They also help with animal emergency medical treatments, surgeries (including spay and neutering), fostering, home placement, and anything else that an owner may need before surrendering their pet. Donations are always appreciated! Many things that are provided for those in need are blankets, food, leashes, winter coats, boots, water bowls, and bottled water in the middle of the hot summer. Street Dogz has a second team, Street Catz! They have had an overwhelming response, and now they are feeding 800 feral and housed cats, 600-1,000 lbs of cat food every month! Many of the cats are victims of severe abuse and neglect. If you would like to donate, they are in need of cat food and litter to help all of the cats on their growing list.

Street Dogz saved this sweet angel!

Ad o p t Me

Hi, my name is Molly! I am a very sweet girl, I am 3 years old. My original owners just kept breeding me, and did not take care of me. I grew to be very unhealthy and I was eventually abandoned. I am spayed now. I am good with other small dogs with the right introduction. I need a little more time to have a feline friend, but I would be able to learn to love them, if I have some training with them. I just want a forever family with a loving home!

For more information about how you can adopt, foster, or donate‌ Please contact Cheryl at 702.277.8836 Follow us on Facebook! @StreetDogzLV @StreetCatzLV 36

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Sasha & Yuna




Hi’ilani & Pômaika’i


Monkey & Megan

Zaboo & Azriel



Rocky & Xena

Caesar & Vi



Nugget & Bailey

Ginger Snap Rogers




Opie 38


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

Cerberus & Payson









Luna & Okmai

Star & Baby Girl




Tulip & Luna



Reyna & Luna



Las Vegas


Nami & Chopper


Ms. Licky Lips

Duke & Jamie

Show Off Your Pet! Email: By submitting a photo, you are giving Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine permission to use the photo in our m agazine, emails, and social media/facebook.

One photo per family please!

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


s a g e V s La PETS






Mr. Man

Nami & Chopper


Duke & Jamie

Non-Profit Organization Spotlight

Las Vegas Valley Humane Society The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society has been serving the Las Vegas Valley for over 25 years. It is an animal rescue and advocacy organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals and improving animal welfare. Their commitment is to four areas: Rescuing; Rehabilitation: Re-homing; and Reducing. They are engaged in rescuing stray and abandoned animals. Unfortunately, many of the dogs and cats that are rescued need medical treatment. Las Vegas Valley Humane Society works through local vets to provide veterinarian care for the animals. Once the animals are medically ready for adoption they are placed in foster homes until forever homes are found for them. One of their goals is to reduce animal over population by providing spaying and neutering for both feral cats and owned animals including financial assistance. The organization is also involved in advocacy work to improve animal welfare laws at both local and state levels. Their hotline is staffed from 9am to 5pm seven days a week 702-434-2009.

Website: • Email:




Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


You Can’t Buy


Otto & Snoop Say…

Are You Looking for a Pet Friendly Rental Home?

Choose Our Mom, She’s a Doggone Good REALTOR®!

Patty Fuller The Pet Friendly REALTOR®

(702) 789-8866

We Give 5 GOLD PAWS to Our Mom for Being Las Vegas’…


PROPERTY MANAGER Call Patty To Find Your Next Pet Friendly Rental Home!

(702) 789-8866


Tivoli Village 410 S. Rampart #390, Las Vegas, NV 89145

Looking for a Property Manager? Patty Can Help! Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


Animal Assistance, Rescues, Shelters 42

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018




YODA!! This boy shines

with people he knows but is a little fearful of new people. Once he warms up to you, it’s love. He is recovering from severe neglect and his progress has been amazing. Single dog home with adults/older kids needed. Yoda has an extreme passion for tennis balls! He needs a hero that understands his breed and will continue to contribute to his tennis ball addiction!! He is a staff and volunteer favorite! Y


Nevada SPCA • 702-872-SPCA

4800 W. Dewey Dr., Las Vegas, NV 89118

Bonded Pair! BAILEY & NIKKI are inseparable!! Bailey is a 7 year old Yorkie. He loves to sit next to in his favorite chair. He can easily get chilly so he loves to dress pretty in winter. Nikki is 12 year old Silky mix. She is young at heart, and she acts like a puppy. Both dogs get along with cats, kids and dogs. Y




CHEYENNE is a four year old English Mastiff who is sweetheart. She takes time to warm up to people, but once she bonds with a person she is an incredible companion. Lovable, cuddly, playful, TV watching pup. She gets along well with older children and good with passive dogs. Needs patience and time to build a bond and trust. She is good on leash and housetrained. Spayed, microchipped and UTD on her shots. Y


Big Paw Rescue

(702) 635-2760 •

Lucy & Linus

Lucy, 6 months, and Linus, 7 months! These babies are Red Point Short-Hair siblings who are playful and yet timid and have been looking for a patient forever home. They are both UTD on vaccines, microchipped and spayed and neutered! Y

Pekes, Paws and Tails Rescue

Forget Me Not Animal Sanctuary of Las Vegas

Hi, my name is SANCHO! Sancho is a mid-age adult male black & tan schnauzer. He is full of energy and personality! He would do well in an active adult home as a single dog. He requires a doggy door to a yard to throw and chase balls. Call today and meet this absolutely awesome boy! Y

My name is PAPAYA. I am a very trusting little girl despite everything I been through being homeless. I want to belong to something great… a family that will help me experience life to its fullest. There is a big world out there and I hope to see some of it while I have the security of a warm home, loving family and food when needed. That would be a dream come through for me. Y


Adopt A Rescue Pet

702-354-7311 •



Donate Look who is making their debut, PRINCE HARRY! This 12-week old spunky, little pitbull mix is looking for a family that loves to have fun! Prince Harry is extremely intelligent, focused, and loves people. This little charmer knows he’s got it and is not afraid to flaunt it. Prince Harry seeks a mature and experienced new owner who can meet his every need and spoil him beyond his wildest dreams. Sound like you? Fill out an application! Y

Prince Harry

Tails of The Forgotten Fill out an application at

Meet KAY KAY! She is extremely loyal and bonds with her human. Kay Kay loves to play and just wants a family to call her own. She is a little dog selective and has special needs with her back knees. She will need a home without children. Y

Kay Kay

Rottweilers of Las Vegas

If you are interested in meeting Kay Kay please visit My friends call me KODA. I’m a 3.5 yr. old Dutch Shepherd mix with lots of energy. I like to run the show but will let someone who is assertive take control. Lots of exercise & mental stimulation is my cup of tea. I enjoy playing with a selective few of my four-legged friends, the big ones. My “faves” are attention, love and more attention. I’m just waiting for my forever family to spoil me unconditionally. Y

Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc. 702-272-0010 or Fill out an application at



Heaven Can Wait Animal Society (702) 227-5555 or Email:

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


CAT GRASS An Indoor Feline-Friendly Plant Interesting… growing an indoor plant for cats?

Perhaps growing plants indoors for guinea pigs and rabbits is a great idea – they’re herbivores and eat plants but aren’t cats considered carnivores? They eat meat and fish! Yes, that is correct but those of us with plant-eating cats have often questioned that carnivorous label. Many cats have a natural craving for plants. Not all cats eat plants but the ones that do either graze and nibble or greedily devour. A devouring cat can destroy any plant within its reach in a very short time. Providing them with cat grass is a safe and easy way to satisfy your cat’s cravings and possibly save your other houseplants from being attacked, torn, tattered or completely devoured. Plus lacking a safe alternative your cat may nibble or devour a toxic houseplant and suffer some serious health issues. I had to give away many of my houseplants because they were on the “toxic to cats” naughty list. I was able to keep my prayer plants (Maranta plant) because they are on the Safe List. Normally the plants and cats coexist beautifully. They are, however, on my cats’ list of plants to be attacked when cat grass is unavailable for a few days.

Is cat grass beneficial for cats? There are a number

of theories about cat grass; one suggests that it is harmless for cats but provides very little nutritional benefit for them. There is other research that indicates that there


Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

are numerous benefits of cat grass. It acts as a laxative and is great source of fiber. Cat grass can aid in digestion by helping to remove indigestible materials or fur from grooming or other items they’ve ingested. The most common type of cat grass contains many nutrients such as vitamins E, B6, Riboflavin, Niacin, Zinc, Maganese, and folic acid.

What is cat grass? It is a mixture of oat, rye, barley,

and wheat grass seed. It can be grown easily indoors. I recommend using organic seeds and organic dirt. Most seed packets have the directions on the back. I usually have a couple of containers started at different times to make sure they have a ready supply of cat grass. You can also buy the seeds and grass at most pet stores and garden centers. A note of caution: Cat grass can be a great addition to your cat’s daily diet or as a treat. Normally, cats consume small amounts of grass but some will eat too much. Watch your cat carefully if you start giving it cat grass. Offer it slowly to see how they respond to it. My cats would eat too much if it was always available. It is their morning treat and they literally stand on their hind legs and meow in anticipation. They need their morning cat grass “fix” the same as I need my morning coffee.

What’s New Pussycat??

A CFA Cat Show

Where & When Pussycat?? Flamingo Hotel & Casino – LV

April 28-29, 2018

Sat 10-4pm, Sun 10-4pm

Sponsored by

Las Vegas Cat Club

not-for-profit 501(c)(3)

FOSTER HOMES & VOLUNTEERS NEEDED For more information to volunteer please call, 702.272.0010 or visit our website

See many of the finest pedigreed cat breeds (and household pets) from all over the world.

Visit our vendors who offer wonderful toys, treats & supplies loved by all cats.

SAVING LIVES ONE PAW AT A TIME! SNAPPS members are licensed & insured!

Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services


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One call to SNAPPS referral phone line or a quick email and your needs will be taken care of! Southern Nevada Association of Professional Pet Services


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Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

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Weekly Support Groups

35+ Years of Community Service

Non-Profit Organization

Divorced & Widowed Adjustment, Inc.

Call: 24 Hrs. (702) 735-5544 • Divorced & Separated – Support Groups • Widowed Bereavement – Support Groups • Pet Loss Bereavement – Support Groups • Suicide Grief Loss – Family Support Groups • Murder Victims – Family Support Groups Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018


upcoming SATURDAY, MARCH 3

Rover Run 5K 9am. Bring your favorite companion to the City’s newest 5k Fun Run. The first 350 registered participants are guaranteed a T-shirt and finisher dog tag for your dog’s collar. Cornerstone Park • 1600 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson.


15th Annual Bark In the Park 10am – 2pm. This free event features fun for you and your dog. Watch demonstrations and visit informational and vendor booths, take part in fun contests, and meet lots of beautiful dogs looking for forever homes. Cornerstone Park • 1600 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson.


Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs! 10am – 2pm. GetRattled training will bring you peace of mind that your dog will avoid a dangerous rattlesnake encounter. Bark in the Park Event at Cornerstone Park • 1600 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson.


Pizza For Pooches 2pm – 4:30pm. Join Metro Pizza and Squatters Craft Beer for specially prepared menu to compliment Chasing Tail Golden Ale! Pizza, Salad, Brioche Ice Cream Sandwich. Tickets $20. Benefits Foreclosed Upon Pets, Inc. Call Metro Catering for tickets and more info at 702-256-3719. Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast • 6720 Sky Pointe Dr.


Essential Oils and Your Pets 11:30am – 1:30pm. Come for the class and take home a companion. Learn how to safely use essential oils on your pet. Those Left Behind Foundation will be onsite with some fur babies up for adoption. Come on out and enjoy! YMCA of Southern Nevada • 4141 Meadows Lane.


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm – 8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more information visit, Audi Las Vegas – 6335 W. Sahara Ave.


Pup Run Las Vegas 7am – 12pm. The Pup Run is a 5K run/ walk for people and pets! You may participate with or without

Events PET

a pet. All pets must be on a NON-RETRACTING leash and have proof of age-appropriate vaccinations. Sunset Park • 2601 E. Sunset Road.


Reading with Rascal - St. Patrick’s Day Party 10am – 12pm. Everyone is welcome - all ages! No reservations needed. Treats, handouts, decorations - the works! It’s FREE!! Desert Spring United Methodist Church - 120 North Pavillion Center Dr.


Pet CPR and First Aid Certification Class 1pm – 4pm. Canine and Feline CPR and First Aid Certification Class. Fundraiser for Farmanity Project. Registration fee is $69.95 per person. Pima Medical Institute • 3333 E. Flamingo Rd.


St. Pugtrick’s Day 11am – 2pm. Bring your pug (or other small dog breed) and wear green to our special meetup with costume contests, games, prizes, and gift baskets! Free entry, but donations appreciated. Hosted by Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. Barkin’ Basin Dog Park • 7351 W Alexander Rd.


2nd Annual Country Tea and Fashion Show 1pm – 4pm. Join us for an afternoon of tea and fashion! Fashion show, tea, lunch, door prizes and raffles. Tickets $30 on Eventbrite or $35 at the door. Paint Party Night • 450 S. Buffalo Dr. #109.


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm – 3pm. Join us for our monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors and birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.


Family Festival – Pet Pavilion 10am – 4pm. A festival that’s fun for everyone - including your pets! Meet with pet rescues, pet vendors or visit the petting zoo. Kid’s activities, bounce house, free samples, prizes & giveaways! Galleria Plaza - 1300 W. Sunset Rd.

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. 48

Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

upcoming SUNDAY, MARCH 25

Lucky Pup Trivia Pawty 4pm – 6pm. Bring your dogs and your friends for our Love Your Dog Trivia Pawty benefiting The Animal Foundation presented by Bark Happy! Play doggy trivia, participate in a kissing booth for the pups, and enter to win free giveaways. Stephano’s Greek & Mediterranean Grill • 6115 S. Fort Apache Rd.


Giant Spring Tack & Yard Sale 8am – 1pm. Semi-annual LEAN/HCON community tack and yard sale continues to grow! LOTS of sellers means lots to choose from - saddles, tack, barn supplies, equipment, furniture, jewelry, hats, artwork, decorations, and MUCH much more! Desert Pines Equine 5000 N. Jones Blvd.


Easter “Begg” Hunt 10am – 12pm. Join us for a fun Easter “Begg” Hunt. This is a FREE event for the entire family! Three Dog Bakery - 2110 N. Rampart Blvd.


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club – Monthly Meeting 7pm – 8pm. Public is invited. Upcoming guest speakers and topics to be announced. For more information visit, Audi Las Vegas – 6335 W. Sahara Ave.

Events PET

and birds welcome. Henderson Convention Center – 200 Water St., Henderson.


Reading with Rascal - Easter Party 10am – 12pm. Everyone is welcome - all ages! No reservations needed. Treats, handouts, decorations - the works! It’s FREE!! Desert Spring United Methodist Church - 120 North Pavillion Center Dr.


14th Annual BEST IN SHOW 12:30pm – 4pm. More than 50 amazing shelter dogs will compete for the title of Best in Show… and your heart. All dogs will be available for adoption at the conclusion of the show. Thomas & Mack at UNLV Center - 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.


CFA Cat Show 10am – 4pm. Sponsored by Las Vegas Cat Club. See many of the finest pedigreed cat breeds (and household pets) from all over the world. Visit our vendors who offer toys, treats and supplies loved by all cats. Flamingo Hotel & Casino • 3555 Las Vegas Blvd South.


Vegas Valley Dog Obedience Club’s Spring Classes 7pm. Register for VVDOC’s spring classes that will start on April 12th at Dog Fancier’s Park. Cynthia Cunningham Elementary School – 4145 Jimmy Durante Blvd. Visit for more info.


Rattlesnake Avoidance Training For Dogs! 8am – 3pm. GetRattled training will bring you peace of mind that your dog will avoid a dangerous rattlesnake encounter. Smarty Paws, 4161 N. Rancho Dr., North Las Vegas.

Let's Make

THIS SPRING Memorable!


Las Vegas Bird Club Meeting 1pm – 3pm. Join us for our monthly meeting with a focus on Avian education. Visitors

Visit our website for event flyers, more events, updates and information:

Please confirm event details with the appropriate venue as dates, times and locations may change without notice. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018



Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • March/April 2018

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