Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine, May-June 2013

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Bradley Colacion with his mom, Kathy Now I’d like to introduce you to Bradley Colacion, an 11 year old French Bulldog with a fighting heart and soul and his mom, Kathy, who is amongst the most committed of pet owners. Just prior to the diagnosis of bladder cancer in late 2011, Kathy noticed Bradley straining to urinate and his urine appeared to have some blood in it which prompted her to make the first visit to her veterinarian. After a series of tests by her veterinarian and referrals to oncologists (cancer specialists), Bradley was diagnosed with the most common cancer that can affect the bladder, a Transitional Cell Carcinoma. The cancer had severely invaded his bladder and urethra making it difficult to urinate and he was initially given months to live. Mrs. Colacion took every recommendation from her veterinarian and the specialists. Currently Bradley is on a course of medications that help control his symptoms so that Bradley will have a greater quality of life with his family for a longer period of time. He has already beaten the odds. Bladder cancer will eventually take its toll on Mr. Bradley Colacion, but until that day, Mrs. Colacion and her family are dedicated to monitoring his quality of life and assuring he is happy and pain free.

Cancer is an unfortunate process that has cut so many lives short. If we cannot fully prevent cancer in our loved ones, we can at least exhaust our efforts to decrease the chance of it happening. The more we know about the health care of our beloved pets, the better lives they live and the happier we all live together. If you have any questions regarding the information in this article or would like more specific information on a particular type of cancer in pets, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit your own veterinarian. Las Vegas Pet Scene Magazine • May/June 2013