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Goals & Objectives

Social Media Marketing Campaign Goals and Objectives

A Social Media Marketing campaign can address several business challenges. A customized social media campaign can be designed to achieve specific objectives. Following is a list of some of the prominent campaign objectives, which may be selected and prioritized based on client’s business requirements. a. Increase online brand awareness b. Increase awareness about the company c. Increase awareness about the servicesd. Increase direct site traffic e. Promote newly launched products/ services f. Increase website visibility g. Established company’s management as industry experts h. Increase website visibility i. Increase sales leads j. Increase conversations on website k. Increase sales l. Establish company’s reputation as a source of useful information by republishing content & articles m.Mobilize HR recruiting n. Change company’s perceived image/ public opinion o. Popularize company’s re-branding p. Establish company’s image as: I. Socially Responsible Company (Corporate Social Responsibility) II. Best employer / better career path / better employee development III. Best place to work IV. Best / good paymaster V. Customer – Student oriented company/ offers good customer – student care VI. Good product / Service quality VII. Financial stability VIII. Strong Management IX. Good corporate governance q. Damage control / reputation management / minimizing negative feedbacks on social networks r. Popularize viral marketing / word-of-mouth publicity schemes s. Increase incoming links through social media / initiate link-bait schemes Based on the campaign objectives indicated by the client in the Project Objectives & Scope Survey document, HLM digitalwould design a customized social media marketing strategy to efficiently address the client’s business challenges. HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l





Facebook—Targeted Connections

Facebook can be an amazing space; if you have a clear idea of what brings people together, what people love to share and where you want them to go and how to get them there. Facebook marketing is an essential tool to connect with existing and potential customers and build long-term relationships that generate repeat business. Get found by people who are searching for your products or services. Connect and engage with current and potential customers. Create a community around your business. Promote other content you create, including webinars, blog articles, or other resources. Generate leads for your business.

Process to create a successful business page

Build Your Page Your Page is the central place to grow your business, build your brand and develop relationships with your customers. Connect with People Once your page is buildt, its time to reach your current and potential customers. We connect with people who are the right fit for your business. Engage Your Audience When you post content and have conversations on your Page, you’re building loyalty and creating opportunites to generate sales. We create content that will keep your audience intersted. Strategy in a nutshell: The focus of this phase is to expand your target market on Facebook using a re-occurring contests and updated content strategy. These contests can be targeted to your top target locations or demographics. This process will give you more Page Likes and more engagement on the Page and more traffic to your website. HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l




Twitter —Traffic and Reach

Twitter is used mainly for its ability to move traffic to a site. 90% of the tweets are designed to engage interest and make the click to the site. After that, the site needs to manage the interest and move people to the sale. Twitter will work for you when you make the tweets as down-home and authentic and as non-sales-y as possible. This is done through quotes from presentations and presenters, images from the site, facts and figures, and conversations. What to Tweet: teaser text for the products, parts of testimonials, statement of benefits, vocabulary that captures the voice of your company, 80% with links Voice: The most important part to define is the “voice” of the tweets; highly energetic, forceful, sweet, etc. The voicing will be the emotional mover in the tweet creation process. A global list of hashtags will be developed that will increase the reach of each tweet beyond the Followers of the accounts. The most important aspect about using Twitter for marketing is the voicing, frequency and landing Strategy in a nutshell: - tweet at least 25 times a week on all designated accounts (TBD) - tweet during peak online attention of targeted potential customers - use the top hashtags for the product in most tweets - connect with top Twitter Chat hosts to schedule Twitter Chats - Optional: Twitter ad campaign – budget to be determined – suggested $10/day HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l




Linkedin - Finding New Business

LinkedIn needs to be ranked among the big three of social media sites, right with Facebook and Twitter. But LinkedIn is in fact more valuable for your small business because unlike its rivals, this social-media site focuses specifically on business.

Four Top Benefits of Using a LinkedIn Company Page for Marketing:

1. Company Reach - Your employees who are on LinkedIn are already listing your company in their profile. If you have a Company Page, now your employees are linking to it. So anytime someone views their information, that is an opportunity for them to also view you. 2. Product Awareness - “You can list multiple products/services on different pages and see which pages are getting the most visitation and interaction”. 3. Search Engine Optimization - Did you know that LinkedIn Jobs appear in search results and on Twitter? LinkedIn is its own job search engine as well. If you’re not listing jobs there, you could be missing valuable employees. 4. Lead Generation – LinkedIn Company Updates allow you to link to marketing offers or content to drive traffic to your website. Also, the Products page has the ability to include calls-to-action for offers such as research reports or whitepapers, adjacent to

Strategy in a nutshell: Developing a campaign that drives a related series of status updates on your company page, increase engagement and keep the conversation going and expand your company’s visibility as followers share and like your content. Create a campaign that poses an interesting question to a group of influential bloggers in your industry who can respond via their own blog post. HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l




Pinterest - Traffic Enhancer

The images that are developed for Facebook can be re-purposed on the website and then Pinned to Pinterest for increased traffic. Pinterest generated more referral traffic for businesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. (Source: Benefits of Pinterest Social Marketing Unique Approach - Pinterest’s unique approach of using images to convey messages represents a chance for companies to speak to their customers in a new way. It provides a unique avenue of advertising and allows users to identify with the brand. Product Placement - Many businesses are seeing the benefits of finding interesting ways to share their products on Pinterest. Users can easily share the products they enjoy with their friends without it feeling commercial. Share Your Message - Because the content on Pinterest is directly tied to other social media content and blogging, it’s a great way to boost traffic to your company blog or website. Simply include this information in your image descriptions and users who enjoy your products will find their way to your message. Market Yourself - If you are a small business that relies on word of mouth, what better way to show off your skills than by posting pictures of you work? Customers will get a first hand look at your experience and the end result of the projects you post. This is the kind of exposure that can lead to more clients. Strategy in a nutshell: - Create Pinnable images on the website - Inform your fans - Announce your Pinnable images to all your other social sites - Create a Group Board for wider reach – and hand-select the Pinners HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l



Twitter Costs

Twitter Marketing Costs Our Twitter marketing campaigns consitst of creation and design of the social media space & the montly marketing efforts. Each campaign is taylored to your company and industry. HLM Digital is deticated to focus on your brand and customers needs and buying habits. Twitter Monthly Marketing Tasks Facebook Page posts auto-post to designated Twitter accounts

Monthly Cost: $700

Manually following other targeted tweeters to grow your following. Following a minimum of 50 new people per week targeted by keyword 5- 10 tweets/day Actively Re-tweeting and commenting on your behalf Actively using the designated hashtags

Twitter Account Creation Open account(s) with agreed upon username and full name 160 character bio developed with keywords and extra URLs Photo uploaded, background image uploaded Optional: If you need a background image created +$125 Follow up to 400 people on your behalf by keyword and/or location Create three Twitter Lists to organize the people and brands you Follow and for the extra reach and marketing juice Research and suggest 10 hashtags for marketing based on your business niche

HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l

(One-Time Fee) Cost:$600/per account



Facebook Costs

Facebook Marketing Costs Our Facebook marketing campaigns consitst of creation and design of the social media space & the montly marketing efforts. Each campaign is taylored to your company and industry. HLM Digital is deticated to focus on your brand and customers needs and buying habits. Facebook Monthly Marketing Tasks 3 Linked Facebook posts (image + text + link) per week, M-W-F, to the Page.

Monthly Cost: $1200.00

These are posts that have already been created on a blog or website. If you need Content creation, please discuss this with us. 2 simple posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday, to the Page. These are simple questions and fill-in-the-blank types of posts Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the Page Interacting with other targeted Pages as your Page for increased visibility and Facebook Page growth once a week. A list of these Pages, or a keyword to find them in search is needed for this task. Optional: Running one Facebook Ad campaign per month for more aggressive Facebook Page growth and e-mail optins. Monitoring the ad campaign to ensure the cheapest price per click and delivering a monthly report on the stats. You can decide on a daily budget and the cost would go on your credit card. Change cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule

Facebook Business Page Creation $800

(One-Time Fee)

5 Cover images developed with your existing images and agreed upon text. These will be rotated once a month or agreed upon schedule

Cost: $800

3 custom apps installed and designed (email capture, webinar announcements are examples) All settings adjusted, Admins connected, username created Instructions developed to be sent out in all your marketing tracks to garner new Page Likes (newsletter text, newspaper ads, radio text) HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l



Pinterest Costs

Pinterest Marketing Costs Our Pinterest marketing campaigns consitst of creation and design of the social media space & the montly marketing efforts. Each campaign is taylored to your company and industry. HLM Digital is deticated to focus on your brand and customers needs and buying habits. Pinterest Monthly Marketing Tasks Adding 5 pins a week from existing content

Monthly Cost: $600

Re-pinning 5 pins a week from other people/business Boards Replying to comments, adding 5 comments a week

Pinterest Account Creation Fee) Creating a new account with the business name and description

(One-Time Fee) Cost:$400

Creating up to 10 Boards; title and descriptions will need to be approved Populating those 10 Boards with existing content Following 50 people targeted by keyword

Special Note for this social site: The prices listed do not include the creation of visuals or images. This assumes you already have images you own, free of copyright, that are part of your regular blog posts. We Pin directly from the website/blog, so these would already need to be posted. If you need images to be developed, that is a separate cost. HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l



Terms & Conditions 13

Campaign Implementation Process Service Agreement:

HLM Digital will sign a Service Agreement before service initiation. A typical Service Agreement covers NDA terms, mutual indemnity, service cancellation and payment terms. Payments are made in advance on a monthly basis. Initial contract is for a 4 month period. However, the client can cancel the Agreement after any quarterly progress review. After the 4 month period a new Agreement will be negotiated.

Campaign Activity Plan & Timeline:

A campaign activity plan and timeline schedule will be prepared before service initiation and shared with the client.


Abide by the rules of the community or social network upon which you are active. Be respectful when engaging in discussions, forums or responding to comments. Remember, not everyone will share your point of view. It is important to not engage in ethnic slurs, obscene or abusive language or personal insults. Be mindful of how your responses may reflect on yourself and the company.

Profile Creation Information:

HLM Digital will survey the client about company information before profile creation so that profiles reflect accurate information about the company and its people where applicable.

Profile Chart:

An Excel sheet containing all the profiles created on various sites along with their loginpasswords will be shared with the client.

Content Topic Approval Form:

Prominent articles, posts and press releases need to be formally approved by the client before publishing.

Campaign Tracking Reports:

All programs include detailed monthly Success Tracking Reports. The reports will outline all the activities carried out for the campaign. The campaign may be tweaked and altered as per response or as per client requirements.

Campaign Tracking Reports:

A social media marketing campaign is accumulative. What we do the first week and the first month, increases the benefit and the value of what we do the next month and the next year.


We appreciate the opportunity to work for your campaign and look forward to understanding your business challenges so that we can develop and process a strong social media marketing strategy. Please request a Social Media Marketing Survey and Project Objectives Scope Survey so that we can take this discussion forward. HLM Digital l Brett Benning l 480.717.1310 l

Hlm ditital media kit  

Hlm ditital media kit 2013

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