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Direct Intracoastal/Riverfront in Ormond Beach presented by

Clarence Cloak of Adams Cameron & Co., Realtors & Auctioneers

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50,000,000 Homes & Land annually distributes over 50 million magazines. That’s enough magazines to reach from Florida to Alaska and back again. Our website and toll free number are included on every magazine cover. Relocating homebuyers can call or email us and request a free magazine from your area. We pass the inquiries on to you as leads at no additional charge.

Homes & Land’s extraordinary reach means extraordinary exposure for you and your listing inventory.




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Unplug and unwind. It turns out that 24/7 can be too much. At some point you want to turn off your glowing rectangles (computer, TV, phone) and do something else. Maybe that’s why 93% of all Americans read magazines. And younger Americans 18-34 read more magazines than any other age group. Best of all, consumer response to magazine advertising has increased too. Contact your HOMES & LAND Publisher and discover how magazine advertising can help you connect with your target audience.








Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace Establishing an Internet presence is easy and inexpensive. There are thousands of agents in every market with websites and online listings. This is an important point to consider when you’re competing for listings. Every agent will throw out at least a few websites in a listing presentation. You need to differentiate yourself. Imagine how impressed home sellers will be if your presentation includes Homes & Land’s print and online products. You’ll win quality listings by showing home sellers how their property can stand out in a crowded marketplace.


AdEssential Our Advertisers receive a comprehensive website with a user ID and password. Here, they can upload all of their listings, recieve leads, check their web stats and more. We’ll even create an EZ-Tour to post on YouTube to help a listing “go viral”. With our control Panel, it’s as easy as just a few clicks.

Ad Copy Homes & Land offers the easiest method of ad submission yet. Online Admaker, a web based program, will be furnished to all advertisers for the ultimate in ordering ease. It’s quick and easy to use through their AdEssential site.



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Value at a glance. Homes & Land Syndication Partners Company **

Monthly Uniques

Individual Site Cost

Monthly Uniques

Individual Site Cost


$69 per listing for two weeks.


Free for Realtors速 and sellers.


All listings must be updated every 5 days and submitted through XML, XLS, ODS or CSV.


Single ad - $59 Three ads - $119 6 Month run


$59.95 per month or $149.95 per year.




$199 per listing for 4 months or $1,495 per year.


$129 per month.

Listings priced $600, 000 & above

Listings priced $750, 000 & above


** 17.3 million*

$453 per month for 5 listings, outside the tri-state area.



$712 per month for 5 listings, outside the tri-state area.

Listings priced $600, 000 & above

Listings priced $600, 000 & above



No single listings. Partners with Brokers and Agents only.

1.5 million*



Single ad - $59 Three ads - $119 6 Month run

3.6 million*


1.3 million*

Monthly subscription plus referral fees. Only accepts listings from Brokers and Agents.


Free. Cost per lead program.


Call directly for pricing information.

3.7 million*

Free for real estate agents.


Only accepts listings from Realtors速 and Partners. Free for real estate agents.


Free standard listings.

1.5 million*

Free for 31 days.

3.2 million*

Free single listings.


$34.95 for 30 days.

1 million*

1 listing for $250 for 30 days. 1 listing for $350 for 60 days.


$99 or more per listing for two weeks.

6.1 million*

Agents single listing for $49.95. Free for Broker/MLS Vendors.

4.9 million*


Listings priced $600, 000 & above

Listings priced $500, 000 & above Monthly Uniques: 1.1 million* Most Qualified Visitors: 23% of visitors have household incomes of excess of $150,000. Also attracting likely first-time buyers making $30,000 - $60.000. (

* Monthly Uniques from,,, Google Analytics or Company resource. Updated First Quarter 2011 ** The New York Times and its affiliate sites do not accept listings from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.


g n i t e k r a M e n i l n O y r u x u L Havi ngt r oubl efindi ngbuyer s f oryourl uxur ypr oper t i es ? Per hapsyou’ r enotr eac hi ng t her i ghtaudi enc e. Homes&L a ndoffer sauni quema r k et i ng s ol ut i onf ory ourl ux ur ypr oper t i es . We aut omat i c al l yupl oadyouradver t i s ed l i s t i ngst owebs i t est ha tf ea t ur ehi ghend r ea l es t a t ei nc l udi ngt heNewY or kT i mes , Wa l l S t r eetJ our na l a ndduPont RE GI S TRY . hes es i t esa t t r a c ta ffluentpr os pec t swho T c a na c t ua l l ya ffor dt obuyy ourl i s t i ngs . Cont actyourHomes&LandPubl i s her andfindouthow youcangener at e qua l i fiedl ea dsf ory ourl ux ur ypr oper t i es .

List. Click. Share.

No matter how you connect with your social network, Homes & Land can help. Now you can share your listings on Facebook and Twitter directly from the Control Panel. You can even post an EZTour on YouTube to help a listing “go viral.” It’s never been easier to market your services and your inventory — just upload your listing, click to select it and share it online. Talk to your Homes & Land Publisher or go to to learn more.


What are industry leaders saying? Marty Rodriguez

Century 21 Marty Rodriguez

Peter Duluca

Top Producing Century 21 Agent in the United States 1990-2000, 2004, 2008, 2009 Advertises in Homes & Land of Glendale/Burbank/Pasadena/ the Foothills (CA)

Long Realty Company Ranked Top ½% of Agents in the Nation Advertises in Homes & Land of Tucson and Southern Arizona

“I started advertising in Homes & Land in 1989, and the very next year, I was the top-producing Century 21 agent in the United States. Last year, our team was again No. 1 in the Century 21 family, and we are still in Homes & Land. Coincidence? We don’t believe in 20-year coincidences. But we do believe in the enduring value and tremendous marketing exposure we receive from Homes & Land, which literally puts us in front of millions of prospects generating leads through its excellent print and online channels. It’s been a great relationship!”

“I have been advertising in Homes & Land since 1999. Homes & Land helps me brand myself as a top, experienced Realtor®. My sellers love being included in the highest quality magazine and appreciate the marketing resources made available to help get their property sold. The comprehensive marketing program including print, online and direct mail give me the best return on my investment. It is an easy choice to remain with Homes & Land because of the tremendous value it adds to my business.”

Creig Northrop

Patrick Stracuzzi

President, The Creig Northrop Team Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

RE/MAX of Stuart, Patrick Stracuzzi Real Estate Team

Ranked #1 RE/MAX Team in Florida Advertises in Homes & Land of Florida’s Treasure Coast

#1 Team in Maryland Advertises in Homes & Land of Howard and Carroll Counties

“Being in Homes & Land magazine is excellent – it is everywhere you look. The high-gloss, quality magazine is a draw for homebuyers. Plus, we also benefit from being on and all the other websites they export to. Advertising in one publication puts you into multiple marketing channels and broadens the avenues for leads. Homes & Land has helped make the Patrick Stracuzzi Team #1 in Florida and #15 in the nation within the RE/MAX system.”

“Homes & Land is such a powerful magazine. It outshines the competition. I get a number of calls directly from the magazine each month. I also get 5-10 listing calls a month because sellers want to list their home with an agent who believes in marketing! We have a two page spread on the inside front cover. I want buyers to see our listings first! We sold 714 homes last year and Homes & Land definitely helps keep our name in the forefront of people’s minds.”









4-COLOR ADVERTISING RATES PER ISSUE Standard Agreement Rate Requires 30 Day Notice of Cancellation

Single Issue Rate 1/4 Page ............................... $277.00 1/2 Page ............................... $437.00 Full page .............................. $732.00

1/4 Page ...... $197.00 1/2 Page ...... $317.00 Full page ..... $557.00 RATES INCLUDE A WEBSITE ON HOMESANDLAND.COM (

TERMS: NONE. Payment must be postmarked by the copy mail-in due date or delivered to our office no later than 3 days past the copy mail-in due date. WE ACCEPT ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS

The FRONT COVER is available for $799.00, however you must have at least a full inside page. Rates are based on standard layouts and standard size photos. (6 photos per 1/2 page, 12 photos per full page). Each photo over the standard amount will incur an additional $20.00 fee.

• First ad set up fee - $50.00 • Redesign ad fee - $50.00 There may be additional charges not mentioned above. These will be discussed when the ad is submitted.

386-668-5933 office 386-668-4804 fax 07.07

82 Spring Vista Drive Debary, Florida 32713

2011 DAYTONA OVERRUN PRICING In order to keep cost as low as possible, we have an OVERRUN section in the magazine. • This means when the magazine is at the printer, the overrun section is printed in enough quantity to fill the magazine at print and the next magazine. Running enough copies of the same section to be placed in two magazines is less expensive because it is on the printer only once. • If you have an ad in the overrun section it has to run for two consecutive issues without any changes. • You still have the ability to change anything online as much as needed at any time.

We’ll keep your listings live on and on multiple internet sites.

All of this and huge savings, too! Overrun Full Page - $415.00 each issue / Standard Contract: $557 each issue Overrun 1/2 Page - $225.00 each issue / Standard Contract: $317 each issue No Quarter Pages at this special rate.

Call today to take advantage of this great opportunity. 386-668-5933 • Always taking care of our advertisers!


Homes & Land’s Integrated Marketing System Quality Magazine With Homes & Land you have the opportunity to reach active homebuyers, provide an important marketing channel to home sellers, and build your personal brand.

Virtual Tours We automatically create an EZTour of your listing when you submit six or more photos. These tours can be shared through email or your personal website. Your listings get instant exposure on our high-traffic website, Our site provides the rich media tools home shoppers need including neighborhood, school, and comparables data.

Personal Website Homes & Land advertisers receive a personal website at no additional charge. This is a great way for you to promote your inventory and link to other websites. Digital Magazine Show clients and prospects your listings before the magazine hits the street through our Digital Edition of Homes & Land magazine.

Online Syndication We syndicate your listings to over 20+ high traffic partners including Trulia, Zillow, Yahoo! Real Estate, GoogleBase, HomeGain, FrontDoor and more...

Featured Listings Featured Listings gives your properties higher placement in search results, which means more views and more clicks. Any listing can be featured on and

Luxury Listings We upload your luxury listings to,, and, websites that effectively reach households with high incomes. In addition, attracts some of the most affluent traffic in real estate. Targeted Direct Mail Our Direct Mail programs put your listings into the hands of consumers actively buying and selling real estate.

Listing Flyers Our listing flyer templates are easy to use and give you a professional quality flyer to help market your listings. Magazine Requests

@ Relocating consumers from across North America can

Client Contact Program We send a copy of Homes & Land to your home sellers and include a letter from the President of Homes & Land endorsing your marketing efforts. Mobile Devices Americans are on the go so delivers data in a format designed for mobile devices. Buyers can even use their Twitter account to receive property data from

request a magazine from your area. These requests are passed on to our advertisers. Banner Ads Advertisers have the opportunity to purchase Banner Ads on Banner ads are a dynamic way to keep your name, your brand, and your message in front of motivated consumers. Online AdMaker Control Panel Take advantage of everything we offer through our Control Panel. Create ads and manage your listings for both print and online marketing.

Take advantage of everything Homes & Land offers: HL7137

2012 Daytona/Ormond Ad Copy Deadline & Magazine Distribution Dates Payment / NEW ads / Changes Deadline

Distribution Dates

Vol. 24 #10

January 6, 2012

February 3, 2012

Vol. 24 #11

February 3

March 2

Vol. 24 #12

March 2

March 30

Vol. 24 #13

March 30

April 27

Vol. 25 #1

April 29

May 25

Vol. 25 #2

May 25

June 22

Vol. 25 #3

June 22

July 20

Vol. 25 #4

July 20

August 17

Vol. 25 #5

August 17

September 14

Vol. 25 #6

September 14

October 12

Vol. 25 #7

October 12

November 9

Vol. 25 #8

November 9

December 7

Vol. 25 #9

December 7

January 4, 2013


Reservations due two days before ad deadline. *** Dates may change slightly due to printer holiday schedules.

Homes & Land of the Daytona & Ormond Coasts Office: (386) 668-5933  Fax: (386) 668-4804 Email: 



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down, I had to cut ed rn tu et rk ma te ta es al When the re - including Homes & Land. g in is rt ve ad my of me so tal back on und that I missed the to fo I . ck ba me ca I r, ve Howe mes & Land provides. marketing package that Ho n branded. Everyone in Aspe m I’ , ne zi ga ma e th of e Becaus s me I do. Print also enable at wh d an am I o wh s know ully and I’m able to successf to reach my past clients, importantly, Homes & Land st compete for listings. Mo my website. That’s very to c fi af tr es iv dr ne magazi important to me. t website. They have ea gr a so al is om .c nd HomesAndLa vital for my sellers in is h ic wh c, fi af tr nd high-e other e my listings to over 20 at ic nd sy so al ey Th n. pe As listings go to major my at th ct fa e th ke li websites. I com, l. na ur Jo et re St ll Wa e th sites like and with more activity. I know that In our market we are seeing & Land’s hands-on service, mes my hard work and with Ho d national advantage. we will secure a local an Sincerely, Carol Dopkin

Real Estate, Inc. President of Carol Dopkin

Carol Dopkin Real Estate is celebrating 29 years in business and boasts an impeccable reputation throughout Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley of western Colorado. Carol’s slogan “you’ll love the attention” epitomizes the relationship she maintains with her clients. To benefit from the suite of services that Carol enjoys, contact your HOMES & LAND Publisher.




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Daytona and Ormond Homes & Land  

Information for advertising in Homes & Land of Daytona and Ormond Beaches

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