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Need a better way to communicate? Make sure your message reaches active home shoppers by using Homes & Land’s online banner advertising. Banner ads give you more opportunities for branding yourself or promoting open houses in your local market. Get motivated homebuyers and sellers to your website with a direct link from a Homes & Land banner ad. Contact your local Publisher for more information today.




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Display advertising is among the most dynamic and powerful ways to communicate your marketing and advertising message. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach a targeted group of active homebuyers and sellers viewing over 18,500 pages on Homes & Land of Orlando each month. • • • • •

High Visibility 24/7 Exposure Immediate Measurable Results Build your brand Introduce yourself to newcomers

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Announce new listings Promote events or open-houses Reinforce your print message Try out new ad campaigns Provide a direct link to your Website

Leaderboard – $500 per month 2 Customers alternating for run of site 728 x 90 pixels

Skyscraper – $500 per month 2 Customers alternating for run of site 120 x 600 pixels

Serving and Reporting All advertising on is served via an independent third-party ad server. Advertisers can request scheduled reports to be sent via e-mail.

Clearly seen when the page opens, what better way to get the exposure for your advertising message

For sales and marketing information contact: Homes & Land of Orlando (386) 668-5933 •

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Integrated Advertising that Delivers

Technical Specifications Homes & Land reserves the right to ask for revisions or reject any advertising it deems, in its sole opinion, not in keeping with its standards.

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Banner Specifications Ad Unit Specifications Banner Insertion & Design Requirements Rich Media Support

Banner Specifications What We Accept We will accept ads in GIF, JPEG, animated GIF and Flash (SWF) formats. Other formats must be tested and approved on a case-by-case basis. Formats that require the user to download plug-ins other than Macromedia Flash will most likely be rejected. General Requirements:

• • • • • • • • • •

Each frame of an animated gif must display for at least 2 seconds. All banners should have a hard 1-pixel border. All banners must be sized at 72dpi resolution. Homes&Land reserves the right to reject advertising based on content, user impact, distraction factors and other situations as determined by the staff. Banners may not "Flash" messages that may overly distract the user. All banners that are submitted to Homes&Land via e-mail must be uncompressed (not zipped). ALT (Mouseover) text should be no greater than 10 words. Advertisers must understand that all banners, when clicked, will launch the linked site in a new browser window. Banners must be designed so that interaction with the user only takes place if the user places the mouse within the advertisement area. Advertisers may make banner or other creative changes or additions every two weeks, following the time guidelines below, although we prefer advertisers to send us multiple banners at one time and have them scheduled any way you would like throughout your campaign.

Flash banners must be Netscape/IE 4+ compliant as well as published out as flash version 5.0.

Ad Unit Specifications Size Requirements Advertising Unit


Max File Size

Rich Media









Banner Insertion & Design Requirements If Advertiser Provides Banners Note: If the creative is anything other than an animated gif or jpg (for example: Flash), the creative must be received one week (five business days) ahead of flight date to allow for proper quality assurance testing. Please notify us at time of insertion order signing or ten business days prior to the launch of the campaign if you are planning to use Rich Media. Deadlines

• • •

Creative for a run of site campaign must be received three business days before the start of that campaign. Creative must include list of URLs that each banner will be directed to as well as ALT tags for each banner. Creative for a section sponsorship or fixed position location must be received four business days before the start of that campaign. Creative must include list of URLs that each banner will be directed to as well as ALT tags for each banner. Creative received late will have to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. In some instances, another campaign may be booked to start immediately following your campaign and additional days cannot be added to the initial campaign.

Rich Media Support What We Accept We will accept ads in most formats, including HTML and Flash. Other Rich Media formats must be discussed and tested on a case-by-case basis. When submitting a rich media banner, a conventional GIF or JPEG banner must also be submitted, within the size and file requirements as a normal comparable size banner. This alternative will be served to visitors who cannot view rich media. Tracking Standard Flash Banners The top layer within the Flash banner will be the layer that communicates with the sniffer code associated with each banner. The layer will only contain a transparent button in which a "Get URL" action is assigned to it (for Flash pop-up windows, see special instructions). Instead of inserting the actual destination URL, it must be assigned the expression 'clicktag'. The 'clicktag' expression is referred to within the sniffer code, where the WDIG tracking script and resolving URL are encoded. The action script, which must be used with the ad’s button layer, is: on (release) { getURL(_root.clickTAG, “_blank”); } Please note: The action script for the button layer in your Flash file should look exactly as it is above. Do not insert your URL where the "http:" is above. This revised action script simply checks to make sure that "http:" is contained within the URL we pass into it. This is updated action script is based on security measures recommended by Macromedia. According to Macromedia, "The verifying that the clickTAG URL begins with "http:". This is an important security measure. If you do not take this precaution, a malicious HTML page could source your SWF and pass a clickTAG URL that begins with "javascript:" or another scripting pseudo-protocol. If your ActionScript code were to call getURL with a maliciously crafted JavaScript URL, it would be possible for the site serving the malicious HTML page to obtain the contents of your HTTP cookies or perform other actions on your site's behalf." Final Files Required All advertisers wishing to use Flash creatives must supply the WDIG Advertising Account Manager with all of the following before the three-day testing period can begin:

• • • •

Flash SWF (version 8 or less) Flash FLA file (version 8 or less) Default GIF Click-through URLs

Tracking Flash Instructions To assign a clickTAG for your advertisement:

• • •

The Flash File (.fla extension) must first be modified The clickTAG is the tracking code assigned by the ad serving to an individual ad. The clickTAG allows the network to register where the ad was displayed when it was clicked on. This click through data is reported to the ad-serving servers so advertisers may determine the effectiveness of their campaign. The code below will allow ad-serving networks to dynamically assign a clickTAG to their ad.

Flash MX/Flash 6 ONLY Accepted

In this example, a getURL action is being assigned to a button that will navigate the browser to [clickTAG]. The getURL(clickTAG) statement appends the variable data passed in via the OBJECT EMBED tag and navigates the browser to that location. It is the tracking code assigned by the ad serving network, which allows them to register a user's click on that advertisement. The expression box must be checked for the clickTAG variable to work properly. See picture below. In order to have a new browser window open when clicking on the banner, choose "_blank" by the window option in the action window. See picture below. on (release) { getURL(_root.clickTAG, “_blank�); }



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