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FALL EXHIBITIONS Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Jeff Dawkins, Susan Spencer Gervais, Instructors FALL PROGRAMS Fall 2018 program schedule is now available SCHOOL & OUTREACH PROGRAMS Curriculum based visual art and history programs


eel the presence of spiritual beings and unlock mysteries from the past, present and future at Homer Watson House & Gallery’s Psychic Soirée. Book a 15 or 30 minute session with one or more of our psychics featuring tarot cards, mediums, angel cards, palm readers and more. Fun and entertaining stories of Homer Watson’s spiritual past will be told while you enjoy tasty beverages and sweet Halloween treats.

Psychic Soirée

$20 per 15 minute session $35 per 30 minute session Please call the Gallery to reserve your session.

October 20, 2018 | 7 - 10 pm

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BOARD MESSAGE Are you an Artist?: An Interview with Marcus Drasdo

Marcus Drasdo

Have you always been interested in or passionate about the arts? Did you have other interests growing up in Kitchener? For as long as I can remember, influential figures in my life have all assured me I couldn’t draw, sing or play an instrument. I was pushed to the point where I excelled in sports, thanks to my tall stature, but no matter the success sports brought me, art was always in the back of my mind. The two continued to overlap as I grew up and sports were always presented to me as the obvious choice. Growing up as the son of a bricklayer, and later a custom home builder, I was raised in the construction industry and this seemed to be my path. But, the travel bug hit early, and I spent many years travelling the globe.

Is travel what fueled your interest in the arts then? Travel inspired me. As I worked as a tour guide across Europe, I received a crash course in arts and history. Through this experience, I discovered the beauty of ancient ruins and modern buildings creating breathtaking skylines. This changed my perspective and I began immersing myself in every detail of other cultures and customs. What I found resonated with me the most was the architectural work. The local elements and cultural influences found in even abandoned buildings were inspiring and unique even in just a glimpse as I pass by. How did these experiences impact your work, your life, your career? I came back to Kitchener with a new found love for architecture and began to build new homes and work on renovations. I enjoyed this more than expected, as it challenged me daily. Bringing together the old and the new sparked my creativity and gave me a sort of freedom in my design. I enjoy every moment and challenge a new build or renovation presents me with, pushing me past my comfort zone. Walking into my version of a blank canvas and capturing the visual elements of the house is unexplainable – my mind races as the possibilities come in. It was through my latest project that I found my interests overlapping again, only this time I was able to make the connection between the construction industry and the art world. The first step of this project was to throw out all of the “rules” I learned and go with what I felt was right. Maintaining a modern look and feel; I challenged myself to choose finishes that I would not have gravitated towards in the past. I looked for the unconventional and focused on shape, line, and flow. My vision turned into reality, from the broad strokes of the sledge hammer to custom seven stain steps. What continues to inspire you and your work? Over the last few years sitting as a Director on the board of HWHG, I have been continuing my art education by osmosis. At the Gallery, I am continuously surrounded by local artists and given the opportunity to listen to them speak with passion and enthusiasm as they discuss their work. The artists, staff and volunteers at the Gallery always amaze me with their dedication and the love they bring to the community - it’s prevalent in everything they do. It still amazes me how a simple encounter with a piece of artwork can shift my design perspective. Even with this new found connection, there is still a part of me that wonders; Am I an artist? I’d say I’m just a builder who likes to think outside the box. - Marcus Drasdo, Board of Directors Candidate Elect Ward 1 Kitchener


Discover the power of partnership! The Gallery offers options to support our programming on a one-time or a monthly basis. Call the Gallery at 519-748-4377 to find out how you can become a partner!

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EXHIBITIONS In Celebration of the Sesquicentennial of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), Homer Watson House Foundation presents: Science and Art: 150 Years of Astronomical Imagery featuring Landscapes and Night Sky Photography by Jeff Dawkins Exhibition Dates: September 9 – October 21 | 2018 Opening Reception: Sunday, September 16 | 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Meet the Artist Talks: September 22 | 2:00 – 3:30: Meet Gerald Bisset Ed.D with a tour of the exhibition and a 101 lecture of how the Universe evolved from Big Bang to now. $29/$32 October 3 & 19 | 7:00 – 8:30: Gerald Bisset Ed.D will explain and illustrate how astronomers take picture of various celestial objects then process their data to generate beautiful astro-photographs. $29 - $32

Images from top to bottom: Quinn, Matt, Silent Lake, photography, Dawkins, Jeff, Prelude Lake, Aurora, digital image, Dawkins, Jeff, Valley of the Gods, Castle Butte, digital image.

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Since the creation of a modest, like-minded, reaches of time and space somehow group in Toronto in 1868 Canadians have humanized the endeavour of representing recorded their astronomical imagery the cosmos. through art. This exhibit will introduce us to drawings Elements of a shared vision of the optically from as early as 1868 to those images reachable universe can be observed in the captured in current years by specialized and images of this exhibit. The viewer can technical equipment. As Jeff Dawkins explore individual pursuits of particular explains in his show, Landscapes and Night phenomena, and the cultivation of different Sky Photography, “Capturing images from technical means of representation. This unusual & diverse locations, or that show the exhibit, Science and Art: 150 Year of world in a way that is difficult to see with the Astronomical Imagery, takes you on a journey naked eye is something I enjoy. through space and time. Astrophotography and night sky landscapes are a big part of this for me. Advancements Time as a shaping element in our relationship in equipment and processing techniques to the universe, plays several roles in this help to bring out details & create exhibit. The finite speed of light temporally compositions to accomplish this, and I hope determines the appearance of the objects in you will enjoy my work in this area”. the sky and many of the objects may have under gone radical changes unseen by Currently RASC has about 5,000 members either artist or viewer while other objects from 29 centres across the country including may simply have ceased to exist. Time on a 130 in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding different scale, is witnessed by the changes areas. The tradition of imaging and sketching in the style and means of representation of the night sky continues to this day. the celestial objects over the past century Throughout their 150 year history new and a half. Images on exhibit will explore technology has always been embraced by the appearances of the universe. Through the enthusiast. As a result, they enjoy an ever sketches, painting and photography these flourishing list of potential objects to artists practice a wide tradition of fidelity to discover. Despite this, many are still drawn to the appearance of phenomena in the sky. traditional targets explored from the early The “Scientific Eye” can produce works of humble beginnings. aesthetic appeal, which have the power to This show is part of the year-long celebration raise unsettling reflections on what we can of the sesquicentennial of the Royal and cannot know about what we observe. Astronomical Society of Canada ( www.rasc. Imaging vast objects across astronomical ca/2018 ).

EXHIBITIONS Celebration of Visual Arts Education 2018 Instructor’s Exhibition: Paradigm Shifts Featuring Solo Artist Susan Spencer Gervais: TRANSFORMATION 2018 Miniature Exhibition: ARTON 151 Exhibition Dates: October 28 – December 2 | 2018 Celebration Reception: Saturday, November 24 | 6:00 – 8:00 pm Join us for a look into our studio artists’ work. This exhibition is a chance to see the work of the artists that dedicate their lives to Art Education and work tirelessly in our studios to improve the skill of others. Mentors bring to their students the enjoyment of creating and the exhilaration of working through a process to complete an exceptional piece of art work. Together with their proteges, they capture the sense of life in the visual realm and portray the moments that make our lives exceptional. This year they explore the idea of Paradigm Shifts within our lives, and how they affect our perspectives.

Spencer Gervais, Susan, Onlooker, clay, mixed media

This year we highlight the work of Susan Spencer in her exhibition TRANSFORMATION. This exhibit, consists of a group of vignettes based on different transformative events. Some events are based on life experiences, others on the process of the art material physically: the journey that the block of clay takes to become a piece of art. Sometimes

“simple” natural items can become transformed into art while other times a design emerges that captures the essence of a life experience. Spencer takes a look at the transformative energy that surrounds every living thing and how that energy envelopes the pieces she creates: “Thru intuitive work the process begins, and I never know truly what a piece will be until it... IS. I am trying to push boundaries, energy and experiences, transforming clay, photography and batik to create to an inquisitive, unique art exhibit”. Spencer lives and works in the Waterloo Region with over 30 years experience in the arts and uses her own personal transformations over the past two years to inspire her work for this exhibit. In the spirit of art history and education, Homer Watson is hosing its second miniature exhibit, ARTON 151. Anyone in Ontario can donate one or two 5x7 inch pieces of artwork. Each original work will be signed by the artist. The finished pieces received by October 22 are submitted for the miniature awards, best in show - miniature, curator’s choice - miniature and Homer Watson Legacy award – miniature. These will be awarded at the Celebration Reception Saturday November 24, 6 – 8pm. The proceeds from sales of these art pieces will be donated to the Homer Watson House Foundation for preservation, education and exhibition of the visual arts. This is a perfect way to own an original work, buy a gift for someone special, and help support your local charitable art foundation! -Faith Hieblinger, Executive Curator

A big THANK YOU to all the amazing donors that helped to make our Summer Colours Exhibition: Imagination Island, a great success. Invited guests submerged themselves in creativity and wonder during the closing reception, with students and parents exploring sandy beaches, dark caves and the deep seas of Imagination Island to discover art activities, prizes, refreshments, and more. Laser Quest Stillwaters Plate and Pour Jack Astor’s Bar & Grill Kitchener CC Alexander Party City Kitchener Galaxy Cinemas Kitchener Farm Boy Kitchener Midtown Kitchen & Coffee Co. Canadian Tire Splatzone homerwatson.on.ca

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COLLECTIONS In Light, Space and Time Space. Can it be considered an object, a relationship between objects or an abstract idea with scientific foundations? According to Encyclopedia Britannica, space is part of a boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Around the same year Homer Watson began the construction of his Gallery at his home in Doon, 1906, Albert Einstein had published his special theory of relativity, which led to the concept that space and time can be viewed a single construct known as spacetime. Homer, eager to find out the component parts of any object, so that it could be understood in every particular, became acquainted with Gustav Hahn (1866 – 1962). Hahn, a painter in Toronto, was also an amateur astronomer. With the idea that space is directly related to time and Homer’s knowledge that an object appears to us by the way light is reflected and interacts with that object, Homer was able to create many moonlight paintings. While Hahn painted the night sky as close to actual as he could,

Watson’s approach was more about the relationship of the moonlit sky with nature. Both painters captured the sense of wonder and mystery that surrounds our human experience with our universe with almost a timeless quality. Watson reflected: “To me nature speaks of a mighty region outside man, a great spirituality that vaguely flashes through space; and the wish to grasp this unfathomable mystery more firmly and have it repose on canvas became my greatest endeavour’. 1 Commemorate the sesquicentennial of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada this fall with a visit to the Homer Watson House and Gallery to view and reflect, as we highlight some of Homer’s moonlit scenes alongside one of Gustav Hahn’s infamous night sky paintings and other tools of astronomers from Homer’s lifetime. -Faith Hieblinger, Executive Curator

Letter from Gustav Hahn to Homer Watson, 1935. Library and Archives National Gallery of Canada.

1) Homer Watson quoted in Carol Moore & Ede Myers, Lives and Works of Canadian Artists (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 1970), 13.

Untitled (River by Moonlight), oil painting on board, 11.5” x 15.5”, c.1880’s is one of the infamous night scenes that Homer Watson enjoyed painting. Homer Watson was interested in the healing properties of the moon during the height of the spiritualism movement. This early painting depicts vigorous water tumbling over rocks, surrounded by the moonlit earth and unsettled skies. These natural elements seem to be drawing energy from the moon itself and highlight the impending power of a storm. The painting is well preserved in its original frame. A gift from Callie and Fred Israel, The Israel’s are avid art appreciators whose collection includes several Homer Watson paintings.

Untitled (River by Moonlight), oil painting on board, 11.5” x 15.5”, c.1880’s

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thanks for your support PRESIDENT’S CIRCLE ($10,000 +) Federal Economic Development Agency for Southwestern Ontario Fred & Lila Kathleen Isreal Ontario150 Community Celebration Program

CURATOR’S CIRCLE ($1,000 - $9,999) Anonymous Michael Benton Catalyst Equitable Life Douglas Fearman

M & T Printing Group Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport Mac Voisin & Marcela Bahar Waterloo Region Record Community Partnerships Program

ART ASSOCIATES ($500 - $999) Abe Erb Brewing Company Marion Anderson Colleen & Paul Bulla Bill & Vi Marentette Gordon Nicholls

WATSON FRIENDS ($100 - $499) Carolyn Anderson Jane Ayres Susan Bloomfield Belinda Burt Jeanette Chippindale Derek Coleman Ken & Susan Cressman Barbara & Rae Crossman Dorscht Family Gerry Engel Richard & Nancy Farrar D.D. Gadjanski Penny Grace

Board of Directors

Cathy Gregory Anatoli Guelfgat Gary Hauser Dayle Hayhoe Amber Hieblinger Mary Lou Hiller Lorna & Larry Hundt Susan & Zlatko Janakovic Susan & Samantha Johnston Christine Karas Beth Kasik KWSA Tracey Lawko

Elikem Deley - President Christine Feniak - Vice President David White - Treasurer Jane Sleeman - Secretary Marion Anderson Colleen Bulla

Dianne Lee Katie Lewis Bi-Yu Lin Frances McIntosh George & Dora Pepall Harold & Lynne Russell Jane & Rob Sleeman Robert Tattersall Gail Tedford Ole J. Olsen Rose Vanderkruk Amy Wadley

Doris Cowan Marcus Drasdo Councillor Yvonne Fernandes Susan Janakovic Mary Anne Melanson


Helena Ball - Executive Director Faith Hieblinger - Executive Curator Paige Downey - Director of Education & Public Programs Pierre Lemieux - Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator Kristine May - Educator, Education Coordinator Ralf Wall - Marketing & Administrative Assistant Scott McNichol - Educator, Artist homerwatson.on.ca

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NEW Registration System Coming in 2019!

2019 brings exciting new changes to Homer Watson House & Gallery! In the new year, we will be using to a new p will improve efficiency, will be more user-friendly and will cost the charity less money in an effort to provide mor If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact Paige Downey, Director of Education & P


*Supplies are required for adult programs. Prices are listed per session. 18152 YOGA in the Gallery Surround yourself with beautiful, local art while practicing the Art of Zen throughout this 6 week yoga class in the Main Gallery. This program is beginner friendly, but all skill types are welcome! Adult Program with Marg Hull from Queen Street Yoga Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:00 pm...$75/$83 Session I: September 11 - October 16, 6 weeks Session II: October 23 - November 27, 6 weeks 18153 Artists Corner: Open Studio This open studio program allows each student to work in a comfortable, supportive and creative atmosphere while developing visual art pieces of interest. Bring your photography, painting, drawings to work amongst other artists. Professional advice and critique is provided upon request. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$10/per session September 12 - November 21, 10 weeks *No class October 10, 2018.

18157 Intro to Body Casting Learn the basics of body casting, how to make fast simple molds in plaster as well as a variety of casting techniques to make a final copy of any from hands, arms, feet legs and faces. Great fun and excellent for Halloween ideas. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$83/$93 September 18 - October 2, 3 weeks

18163 Further Concepts in Watercolours Enhance your ability while bringing your watercolour knowledge to the next level. This course will teach students how to move into their own interpretive style using basic and intermediate knowledge in watercolour. Adult Program with Brett Holmes Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm....$119/$132 October 23 - November 20, 5 weeks

18158 Advanced Painting 30 Minutes a Day Back by popular demand, Elvan will expand on painting techniques in this advanced class. Students will learn one or two acrylic painting methods every week and will create multiple small paintings. These small reference paintings can later be worked into a large scale painting. Adult Program with Elvan Suzer Tuesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm...$119/$132 September 18 - October 16, 5 weeks

18164 Colour Theory Students will learn colour theory through painting still life in different monochrome combinations. Great program for beginners or practiced artists. Adult Program with Ana Vatres Wednesdays, 2:00 - 4:00 pm...$95/$106 October 24 - November 14, 4 weeks

18159 Fall Reflections in Acrylics Students will learn how to solve problems and work with the vibrant fall colors. Students will explore bodies of water, and the techniques used to portray texture and movement. Adult Program with Ana Vatres Wednesdays, 2:00 - 4:00 pm...$95/$106 September 19 - October 10, 4 weeks

18154 Introduction to Figure Drawing Students will focus on the concepts of traditional figure drawing to understand proportion, perspective, and shading techniques. This course will create a greater understanding and appreciation of how to draw the figure and objects we see in the world. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$95/$106 September 13 - October 4, 4 weeks

18160 Abstract Acrylics Students will practice a variety of brushstrokes, complete a structured drawing and a finished acrylic still life painting. Technique, composition, local colour and selective observation of the subject are the main focuses of this program. Adult Program with Atena Ganea Wednesdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm...$142/$158 September 19 - October 24, 6 weeks

18155 Watercolour Florals Explore a variety of techniques and styles to paint expressive florals in watercolour, including wet on wet, glazing and negative space painting. There will be opportunities to paint en plein air if weather permits. Adult Program with Candice Leyland Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$142/$158 September 17 - October 29, 6 weeks *No class October 8, 2018.

18161 Back to Basics Drawing This course will create a greater understanding and appreciation of how to draw the objects and ideas we see in the world. Students will gain stronger proportion skills including figure and portraits, understand perspective, and shading techniques in pencil work. This is a good foundational course before exploring painting and sculpture classes. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$119/$132 October 16 - November 13, 5 weeks

18156 Learn Traditional Hand Quilting This class teaches the essentials of fine hand quilting traditionally used on antique quilts. The rocking stitch will be taught for both right and left-handed quilters, and with the use of a hoop, a design will be stitched onto plain fabric. Discussion of needle, thimble, thread, batting and fabric choices is also included. All skill levels are welcome, and no sewing machine is required. Adult Program with Wendy Chow Tuesdays, 2:00 - 4:00 pm...$95/$106 September 18 - October 16, 5 weeks *Additional $45 for supply kit.

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18162 Black & White Photography This is an excellent program for those with some experience as well as those who never knew how to make a non-digital photograph and print. The methods of processing and how to take a quality photo will be covered. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$95/$106 October 18 - November 8, 4 weeks

18165 Traditional Oils & Acrylics This class will explore the basic foundations of oil and acrylic painting. Specific concepts, visual language and techniques will be examined throughout. Students will also learn about materials and the pros and cons of each media. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Mondays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$142/$158 October 29 - December 3, 6 weeks 18166 Beginner Painting 30 Minutes a Day Students will learn one or two acrylic painting methods every week and will create multiple small paintings. Participants will have the opportunity to constructively critique the finished artwork each class. These small reference paintings will help you decide on whether you want to transfer these to a larger canvas. Adult Program with Evan Suzer Mondays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm...$119/$132 November 5 - December 3, 5 weeks 18167 Watercolour & Ink Learn the unique techniques of combining ink and watercolour! Students will learn various watercolour and ink techniques, and combining the two methods into original artworks. Simplify your object, and add contrast and detail using ink. Adult Program with Atena Ganea Thursdays, 6:00 - 8:00 pm...$142/$158 November 8 - December 13, 6 weeks 18168 Beginner Sculpture Surface tension, hidden lines and action, are all elements of a strong sculpture. This course will examine these concepts while creating a dynamic clay sculpture. Excellent for the beginner and those with some experience. Clay works will be fired. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Thursdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$119/$132 November 22 - December 20, 5 weeks *Plus $15 material and firing fee.


processing system that will enhance program registration. We want our customers to know that this new system re children’s programming. If you have an existing credit memo with Homer Watson now is a good time to use it! Public Programs at 519-748-4377 ext. 222, or email programs@homerwatson.on.ca. 18169 Intermediate Figure Drawing Students will expand on beginner techniques learned in the introductory course. This course will create a greater understanding and appreciation of how to render the human figure. Adult Program with Scott McNichol Tuesdays, 7:00 - 9:00 pm...$95/$106 November 27 - December 18, 4 weeks 18170 Still Life in Oil This program will explore the many possibilities of oil paint. Still life concepts that will be explored are; shape, light and patterns using various oil techniques. Adult Program with Ana Vatres Wednesdays, 2:00 - 4:00 pm...$119/$132 November 28 - December 19, 4 weeks


*Supplies required for adult workshops. 18171 Astronomy 101 Go behind the scenes and learn about the Gallery’s current exhibition in depth as Gerald Bissett presents how the Universe evolved from the Big Bang to now. Adult program with Gerald Bissett, Ed.D. Saturday, September 22, 2018 2:00 - 3:30 pm...$29/$32 18172 Astro-photography: Challenges & Rewards Join feature artist, Gerald Bissett as he explains and illustrates how astronomers take pictures of various celestial objects then process their data to generate beautiful astro-photographs. Adult program with Gerald Bissett. Ed.D. 7:00 - 8:30 pm...$29/$32 per session Session I: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Session II: Friday, October 19, 2018 *Both programs provide the same instruction, repeat students welcome! 18173 Halloween Wizard Sculptures In this workshop you will learn to create a wizard sculpture using textile and non-toxic textile hardener (Paverpol). You will be able to shape the posture of the statue and it will dry rock hard. Your sculpture can either stay outside through all weather or become a perfect decoration for your home. Adult program with Elvan Suzer Saturday, October 13, 2018 10:00 am - 4:00 pm...$60/$66 *Plus $50 supply fee to be paid to instructor. 18174 Christmas Tree Decorations Students will create a handmade, unique and personalized Christmas tree ornaments. You can either place the ornaments on your Christmas tree or hang them on an outside tree all year around. These ornaments will have embellishments with your own colours. Come and enjoy a night of creativity! Adult program with Elvan Suzer Saturday, December 1, 2018 10:00 am - 1:00 pm...$45/$50 *Plus $50 supply fee to be paid to instructor.

CHILDREN & YOUTH PROGRAMS SCHOOL’S OUT! *Supplies are included for children’s programs.

18175 Drawing & Painting Fundamentals This program will have students working in acrylics, learning both traditional and contemporary painting techniques. Students are encouraged to follow themes they love and will produce several paintings end at the end of the course. Ages 6 -10 with Scott McNichol Saturdays, 10:00 am - noon...$85/$94 September 8 - 29, 4 weeks 18176 From Studio to Gallery Pt. 1 This program is designed for youth who are interested in visual art and wish to build their portfolio for high school, college or university. With the guidance and tutelage of a current professional artists, students strengthen their artistic skills and will learn the process to become an exhibiting artist. Ages 10 - 14 with Scott McNichol Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:00 pm...$85/$94 September 8 - 29, 4 weeks 18177 Maestro Italiano Jr. Young Italian artists went to a “bottega” where lesser artists, apprentices, or students learned by participating in the work. Students will have the chance to learn Italian culture, through art topics, creative techniques and studying the masters. Ages 6 -12 with Elisa Franceschini Thursdays, 6:30 - 8:00 pm...$95/$106 October 4 - November 8, 6 weeks 18178 Exploration in Cartooning Kids love cartoons, storytelling and action. This course teaches the important elements of creating a strong cartoon/comic such as composition, character creation and, of course, how to be a strong storyteller. Fun and great for building the essential skills to any budding young artist. Ages 6 -10 with Scott McNichol Saturdays, 10:00 am - noon...$85/$94 November 3 - 24, 4 weeks 18179 Academy Arts: Into the Gallery Pt. 2 This program is designed for youth who are interested in visual art and wish to build their portfolio for high school, college or university. With the guidance and tutelage of a current professional artists, students strengthen their artistic skills and will learn the process to become an exhibiting artist. These students will have the opportunity to install, curate, and market their own show! Ages 10-14 with Scott McNichol Saturdays, 1:00 - 3:00 pm...$85/$94 November 3 - 24, 4 weeks *Continuation class of 18176, new students welcome!

*Supplies are included for children’s programs. No extended care will be provided. 18180 PA Day Programs Dress in your paint clothes, bring your imagination and head to the Gallery! Students will spend the day submersed in art exploring a variety of media. Each PA Day brings new activities, repeat students welcome. Ages 5-11 with Kristine May & Katherine Olenic 8:30 am - 4:30 pm...$48/$54 per day Friday, September 21, 2018 (Both Boards) Friday, October 26, 2018 (Both Boards) Friday, November 16, 2018 (Both Boards) 18183 Holiday Art Days There are few things better than a whole day submersed in art. So bring your imagination and enjoy a day creating and exploring a variety of materials! Each day of the program offers different instructional content so repeat students are welcome! Ages 5-11 Instructor TBD 8:30 am - 4:30 pm...$48/$54 per day January 2, 3 & 4, 2019


*Supplies are included for family programs. 18184 Fall Colours This vibrant exploration into painting techniques and colour mixing will have all creating the feeling of Fall. Techniques in watercolour and acrylic will be taught and styles such as the group of seven and French impressionists will be explained. Fun for the Family with Scott McNichol Sunday, September 16, 2018 1:00 - 3:00 pm...$35/FREE for Members 18185 Clay Angels This hands-on clay class will have students shown how to create holiday centerpiece angels in clay as well as hanging ornaments as well. Great way to create a gift or just for one’s own decoration ideas. Fun for the Family with Scott McNichol Sunday, November 25, 2018 1:00 - 3:00 pm...$35/FREE for Members 18186 Handcrafted Jewellery This exciting program will have students learning more than just stringing beads. Techniques in wire crafting and even molding and making one’s own jewellery pieces will be the focus. Fun for the Family with Scott McNichol Saturday, December 8, 2018 1:00 - 3:00 pm...PWYC *This program runs during our Annual Maker’s Market; suggested $10 donation.


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School Programs!

Building a strong community-school partnership in arts education is the goal of Homer Watson House & Gallery’s curriculum-based visual art programs. Bringing teachers, students and artists together in a historical setting strengthens the link between museums, galleries and schools.

THE HOMER WATSON EXPERIENCE While participating in a school program with Homer Watson House & Gallery, students will have the opportunity to think and feel as they explore, problem solve, express, interpret and evaluate. Students will receive the opportunity to expand their knowledge of both art and cross-curricular topics. Classes will be able to participate in a full-length lesson with one of our dedicated professional artists in which elements of design are discussed. Additionally, they will receive a tour of our Gallery and a lesson about the life and time of Homer Watson. Students will be given the opportunity to learn about the rich history of our region and witness some of the tools that Homer Watson used to create his masterpieces. Participants will view many of Watson’s painting and local artists’ exhibits before creating artwork of their own. *Please note that most programs can be modified into an outreach program.


Plate Printmaking Create your own printmaking plate by relief carving into foam! Students will learn how Making Paint: Be the Technician negative and positive space is important when Where do paints and pigments come from? creating these monotype prints. Students will experiment with chalk pastels to create their own paint and make their own GRADE 3- GRADE 5 pastel paintings. Focus is on colour and contrast. Element of Design: Colour, Space, Line, Form Canadian Landscapes in Plasticine Back to Basics: Watercolour Techniques Learn to paint like Watson using rhythm, colour Art, history and the environment are yours to value and tone. Students will explore the many discover! Students will practice methods techniques of brush work and application of developed by great Canadian painters to build watercolour as they design their own landscape. the ultimate landscape. Contemporary and historical oil paintings are explored. Painting with Plasticine Colour, texture and design are essential when 3D Casting (Onsite Only) painting with plasticine. Students will create Pattern, shape and form are key when learning dramatic effects as they learn to manipulate how to make a mould. Students will discover the primary colours of plasticine into a the art of casting as they construct their very own plaster relief sculpture. Proportion and colourful landscape. balance are considered.

Elements of Design: Colour, Texture, Value

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1 Point Perspective Students will discover and practice the techniques of 1 point perspective and will gain a greater understanding of how to properly map out houses, buildings, windows and doors. Metal Figure Sculpture Mould your own sculpture! Students will sculpt foil into an array of figures that can be mounted on a base and painted. Proportion and threedimensional designs are explored. Expressions in Cartooning Facial expressions, body movements, and action lines create excitement! Students will learn the techniques in creating a strong layout and stimulating cartoon characters with an anime option. Landscapes in Watercolour Students will learn to paint a lush blooming landscape using watercolour techniques. Brushstroke techniques and the watercolour medium will be explored.


Principles of Design: Unity, Harmony, Movement NEW Armature and Plaster | $11/person Students will create a wire armature, inside support and work plaster over it to create a unique and expressive artwork. The essentials of sculpture will be taught, surface feeling, light and shadows and dynamics of line. 1 and 2-Point Perspective Students will use proper measurements and drawing tools to create a realistic image of a building or street corner. Foreground, middle ground and background will be used to create a sense of distance in their completed drawing. Drawing Foundations Improve your drawing with fun techniques such as line, shadow and contrast. Students will discover how to use pencil, charcoal, conté and special tools to develop their own landscape drawing or portrait. Body Casting | $11.00/person (Onsite Only) Transform yourself into a work of art using your feet, hands or face! Students will work to create finished plaster moulds. Program extension: These moulds can be filled to create a positive plaster form at your school! Animation Basics (Onsite Only) Create your own video, characters and plot! Students will be encouraged to use their critical thinking skills as they produce an animation short. *Max. 22 students - finished videos will ba available 2 weeks later. Plastic Printmaking Printmaking will be explored through traditional etching techniques by substituting copper and metal plates with contemporary plastics. Students will create a printing plate which they will use to make copies on paper. Acrylic Explorations Let your imagination carry you with impressionistic and abstract art. Students will use their imagination to enhance the visual world around them, as they create their own acrylic painting in a unique style.

HIGH SCHOOL PROGRAMS Meet a Professional Artist & Tour the Gallery Students will be given the opportunity to tour the Gallery and learn the function of public art galleries within the community. A working professional artist will be on hand to discuss the realities of working in the art field including; public relations, self-promotion, business practice and creating work. $5.00/person

Meet the Curator through an Onsite Tour $5/person Students will be guided by the Curator, through three contemporary galleries dedicated to local artists. They will have the opportunity to explore each artists’ statement and understand the importance of contemporary artists work based on current issues. Students will continue to learn Homer Watson’s significant contribution to Canadian Visual Arts on this tour. Figure Drawing Students will be taught to explore the fundamental elements of life perspective. This program will also explore the impressionist movement’s attitude toward light effects and the fleeting moment. Students will engage in a variety of drawing exercises structured from quick studies and progressing to sustained renderings of the human form. *Additional model fee applies. Public Sculpture Students will learn how to complete a proposal for a public commission by creating a wax maquette. Learning considerations are size, dynamics of sculptural form and casting. Relief Sculpture Create a medallion using a press and mould process. Starting with a master and ending up with a plaster copy!


Landmarks: Past and Present Discover the unique stories and history of Homer Watson’s childhood days on this neighbourhood walk, led by a local historian Groups will meet Jean in front of Homer Watson’s birthplace on Tilt Drive in historic Upper Doon. Students will understand why landmarks are significant to our community and gain an increased awareness and appreciation of their place in the world. This walking tour is one hour in length and concludes with an art activity of your choice at the Gallery. Walking tour bookings are available during the following months: September, October, April, May and June. Weather permitting. Homer’s Traveling Trunk A tactile museum kit consisting of historical objects related to the life and times of Canadian landscape painter, Homer Watson, is presented for students to explore and handle. This program stimulates the senses of sight, sound, touch and smell to teach students about an older time.


25-30 students can be accommodated per session (some programs exempt), teachers are encouraged to bring three parents per class. A POTTERY PROGRAMS minimum of 15 students is required or a flat rate (All grades, available in fired or air-dry clay) Select a pottery program of your choice! Each of $90.00 applies. Complimentary admission is class is asked to bring labeled boxes for finished provided to teachers and parent volunteers. A pottery pieces. Teachers are required to pick up 10% discount is offered to schools that register fired pottery pieces from the Gallery. Please for two school programs or more (discount choose from the following pottery program applied on second booking). Per student rates as follows: options: Onsite: $6.00 | Outreach: $7.00 | Tours: $5.00 Mask Making Students will be given a mask making Pottery (fired clay): $11.00 demonstration before creating a unique mask of their own. Personal expression through the For more information on these programs, please call Kristine May, Education & Administrative use of clay is encouraged. Assistant at 519-748-4377 ext. 233, or email Pinch Pots education@homerwatson.on.ca. Students will apply hand-building techniques such as coiling to create unique pots!

Back to School Special!

Book any school program in 2018 and your class will be entered into a draw to win a FREE in-class visual art activity of your choice with one of our talented instructors for the 2019 school year. Draw will be held on December 17, 2018. Please call the Gallery for more info. homerwatson.on.ca

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SENIORS OUTREACH Homer Watson House & Gallery is pleased to offer Seniors & Community Outreach Programs that are designed to enrich, entertain and stimulate. Participation is encouraged through structured visual art activities or museum based programs that are both accessible and rewarding. Community Outreach Programs are designed and delivered by professionals who are skilled in the areas of social services, therapeutic art, education, and fine arts.


$87.50 per group *Programs are typically $175, but are being offered at half price with help from the Ontario Community Grant Program Group Size: Minimum of 5 – Maximum of 12 Program Length: 1.5 – 2 hours

Reminiscent therapy stimulates the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and even taste to connect with past life events. This form of therapy promotes the curative powers of communication, social interaction, and increased self-esteem. Homer’s Travelling Trunk A tactile museum kit consisting of historical objects related to the life and times of Canadian landscape painter, Homer Watson, is presented for participants to explore and handle. Stitch & Fish Spin and skein some yarn or tell the best fish tale while reminiscing with the help of objects in this unique kit. View buttons of all shapes, sizes and colours, sewing patterns for vintage styles, or fishing tackle, reels and lures – there’s something for everyone! Childhood Days Reflect back to a simpler time with this collection of fun childhood toys, clothing, images, and more. Participants can peruse photos, hold and play with a slingshot, and hear the springy sound of a Slinky. Mini Kits Ask about borrowing one of our specially developed locally-themed mini kits for selfguided reminiscence sessions! Perfect for family members, friends, and staff who want to engage or communicate with their loved ones.

$175.00 per group *10% discount for programs booked in multiples Group Size: Minimum of 5 – Maximum of 12 Program Length: 1.5 – 2 hours Therapeutic art programs are designed by professionals in their field of study. The programs benefit participants through the process of socialization and self-expression. They are developed to evoke emotion, enhance the power of thought, and increase stimulus through a creative source. Artistic Exploration in Drawing Guided by an experienced instructor, participants will create drawings using various media. Drawing increases confidence and prompts storytelling through pictures. Play with Clay A professional gently guides participants to express themselves through clay, providing hand-over-hand support. Clay is a medium that provides the participant with control, enabling self-exploration. Botanical Drawing This drawing and watercolour course helps participants engage in observation of the organic forms found in nature. Botanical drawing students are encouraged to explore the technical and experimental possibilities of the materials. *Fine motor capabilities are required Wonderful Watercolours Participants are encouraged to explore and experiment with paint and colour to stimulate emotion, happiness, and a sense of well-being.

To further support Senior’s Programming please contact Paige Downey, Director of Education & Public Programs at 519-748-4377 ext. 222, or programs@homerwatson.on.ca.

Ask about our On-Site Tours! RATES

12 participants can be accommodated per session. A minimum of 5 participants is required. Please call the Gallery directly for larger group bookings. Complimentary admission is provided to care providers for on-site bookings. A 10% discount is offered to institutions that register for two or more outreach programs. $175.00 per Therapeutic Art/Reminiscent Therapy session | $200.00 per Air-Dry Clay session | $30.00 extra for kiln and delivery charge of Fired Clay Please contact Kristine May, Educator, Education Coordinator, 519-748-4377 ext. 233 or education@homerwatson.on.ca Page 11


GIVING TUESDAY Join the Global Giving Movement on November 27, 2018 – there are lots of reasons to give! When you give your money, time or voice to HWHG you help us to: • • • • • • • •

support visual art education programs for children, subsidize programming for senior’s and dementia patients, continue to conserve our local history, Watson’s legacy and his artwork and artefacts, share Watson’s art and legacy through offsite exhibits in your community for everyone to enjoy, offer free or subsidized visual art programs to community members as well as fellow notfor-profit organizations in our community such as Big Brothers Big Sisters Waterloo Region, maintain our site and grounds so we can share Watson’s passion for the environment with our community, support local artists who share their talents and expertise with our community every single day, provide free or subsidized family workshops that enrich the time families spend together.

How can I give to HWHG? Get social. Talk about the charities that are part of your community and how they give back. Sharing with friends and family is important! Invest. Invest yourself in your community, you get what you give. Cash might be tight, but you can always consider investing your time; volunteering is a great way to give back to the community as well as develop meaningful relationships with others in your community. Value your community. Value your friends, family, neighbours, and the organizations that exist to support you, your children, your parents, your family. Every gift counts. Let’s face it, it is an expensive time of year. Don’t feel pressured to empty your wallet, give what you can because every dollar counts!

Black Friday Sale!

Join us on-site or online for this special limited time offer between November 23-26 to receive special Black Friday Promotions. 40% off all Fall 2018 and Winter 2019 Programs 15% off all gift shop items For the first time ever receive 15% off Exhibition Artwork

Membership Sale!

Take advantage of 2018 pricing and receive a $30 gift certificate when you purchase an individual membership or renewal, or a $40 gift certificate when you purchase a family membership or renewal. Begins October 1st until December 31st. January 1st memberships will increase to $25 for individuals and $40 for a family. homerwatson.on.ca

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jing leM I N G L E AND

Jingle & Mingle Makers Market December 8, 2018 11 am to 4 pm please join us for a

HOLIDAY PARTY november 24th | 6 pm live entertainment tasty hors d’oeuvres festive spirit

Join us for a one day Jingle & Mingle Makers Market at Homer Watson House & Gallery! This is your chance to cross everyone off your Christmas list in one day. 15 plus vendors will be on site, with locally handmade items ranging from jewellery to pottery. Support local artists this Christmas by shopping at our Jingle & Mingle Makers Market.

laserquest.com | 519-579-9999 Page 13




Lunchtime Lounge Series Join us for our Interactive Speaker Series every second Thursday of the month from Noon - 1:00 pm FREE for Members | $10.00 for Non-members Please call ahead to reserve your seat.

September 13

October 11

November 8

En Plein Air Painting

Tarot Card Reading

Clay Ornaments

Ralf Wall is a practising artist in Kitchener and is known for his palette knife technique and pen and ink landscapes. Taking inspiration from his deep appreciation of the Canadian landscape, Wall paints predominately en plein air as the energy of his surroundings has always played an important role in his work.

Psychic Medium, Linda from Ur-Nrg, will be our guide during the October installment of the Lunchtime Lounge series. Linda is naturally gifted and professionally trained in numerous metaphysical and spiritual classes by prominent mentors, with over 25 years in dedication to the spiritual arts.

Create clay ornaments just in time for the holiday season. Director of Education & Public Programs, Paige Downey, will provide all materials and instruction for this workshop. You will have the opportunity to create ornaments to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

Learning from his experience painting outdoors throughout Southern Ontario, from local city parks to the Algonquin wilderness, pick up tips and tricks for painting outdoors; where to paint, what equipment to bring, and how to prepare for sun, rain, snow and windy days. For beginners and experienced painters.

This presentation will lead you in a hands on exploration of tarot cards and tarot card readings. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the meanings of each card from existing decks and will even have the chance to create a set of their own.

This November workshop will be a hands on workshop. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic hand building techniques, such as slab rolling, coiling and pinch pots to create unique ornaments. All ornaments will be fired and available for pick up to two weeks after the workshop.


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Homer Watson House & Gallery is a registered Canadian charitable organization, No. 11896-2174-RR0001 and is proudly managed by the Homer Watson House Foundation. The operation of the Gallery is partly funded by the City of Kitchener, the Ontario Arts Council Foundation, Ontario Heritage Foundation and Service Canada. Generous support is also given to HWH&G through donations from corporations, private citizens, and foundations.

This issue of WATSnew is proudly sponsored by:

Ask about our sponsorship opportunities and add your logo to this space.

Registration Procedures & Policies Registrations are accepted in person, by mail, phone or online. Full payment must accompany your registration. Post dated cheques cannot be accepted. There will be no refunds when cancelling 10 days before the first class or the event. Cancellations prior to that period will be subject to a 10% administration fee. We do not make arrangements for refunds for missed classes, events or transfers. Official receipts are issued at the time of registration. Any request made for tracing past payments/receipts will be subject to a $25.00 administration fee. The Gallery reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop or event which does not receive sufficient enrollment. Cancellations normally occur one week prior to the start date. A full refund will be issued for classes or events cancelled by the Gallery. Instructors and content may change without notice. Registration and attendance are subject to the condition that the City of Kitchener, Homer Watson House Foundation, officers, and employees, are released from all responsibilities for injury, loss or damage, however caused, that may be sustained by any person attending a class. The student gives permission for Homer Watson House & Gallery to use photographs, video and audio of the student, taken during the workshop, courses and events for publicity purposes. Visit our website for our full Privacy Policy.

Registration Form and Membership Application Support the Gallery by becoming a member! Your membership helps to serve the community through numerous programs such as exhibitions, studio learning experiences, children’s activities and much more. Members receive a 10% discount on all classes and workshops, discounts at Curry’s Art Store, free admission to Lunchtime Lounge Series, and regular updates on all programs and events. Family Fun Days are free for those who hold a valid family membership with the Gallery.

Registration Form and Membership Application o Individual ($20.00)

o Family ($35.00)

o Corporate ($120.00)

o Donation

Name Address City Province Telephone Email Course Name Date

Age Postal Code

Please make cheques payable to Homer Watson House & Gallery | Tax receipts available for donations over $10.00 Mail to: 1754 Old Mill Road, Kitchener, Ontario, N2P 1H7 | 519-748-4377 | homerwatson.on.ca Page 15


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