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Ultimate Soldier is a card game for two to six players. Each player commands highly trained soldiers that engage in combat against the other players. Your mission is to earn seven Victory cards the fastest and become the Ultimate Soldier, which is a fast paced strategic card game. Included contents 178 cards 1. Soldier Cards (16) 2. Training Cards (Common) (32) 3. Action Cards (Common) (60) 4. Weapon Cards (Common) (10) 5. Sniper Cards (Common) (2) 6. Intensity Cards (Common) (4) 7. Special Cards (Common) (8) 8. Victory Cards (40) 9. Rules of Engagement: Combat Reference Card (6) 10. Game Manual (1)

Soldier Cards There are sixteen Soldier cards, they represent many different types of soldiers, and each has a unique skill set. Each soldier has a preferred weapon, and when it is used, it adds an extra level of force or defense during combat. If a soldier uses their power weapon, it can only be defended with another Weapon and Intensity card or the opposing players’ power weapon. The soldiers included are: Navy Seal, Special Forces, Green Beret, Marine, CIA operative, MI6 operative, Gorilla, Ninja, Swat Team, Ranger, Delta Force, Night Stalker, Genetically Altered, Robo-Soldier, Commando, and Falcon

Training Cards These represent Academies of Training. Playing one of these cards face-up during a turn allows you to accumulate skills to earn a new soldier. When you play four training cards on top of each other, you can select a new soldier. There are training multipliers that double or triple the strength of a Training card.

Action Cards These cards initiate combat or issue a response to an assault. Combat is between two players. The goal is to defeat your opponent. The loser in combat must surrender the soldier that was defeated. There are six kinds of Action cards: Advance, Assault, Block, Retaliate, Deflection, Stun, and Retreat. Weapon Cards These cards can only be used in conjunction with an Action card. Using one of these cards during combat increases the power of your assault. There are ten weapons: Glock, Dagger, Grenade, M16, M4 Carbine, Throwing Stars, Sniper Rifle, Sword, Bazooka, and Smoke Bomb.

Intensity Cards These cards can only be used in conjunction with an Action card. They can be used with a Weapon and Action card, or alone with an Action card. There are two kinds of Intensity cards: Superhuman and Adrenaline.

Sniper Cards These cards are used strategically to defeat a soldier without entering combat.

Victory Cards To win the game a player must earn seven Victory cards. Victory cards are drawn at the end of each round. Players are allowed to draw one Victory card for each soldier they have alive at the end of a round. Players are allowed to look at the Victory card and then lay them face down in front of them. Victory cards are worth different point values. If multiple players have seven or more Victory cards after the last round, the cards will be turned over and victory points are added up. The player with the most points wins.

Special Card Special cards allow the player to do something extraordinary during a game. These cards include: Interfere card, Radio for Help card, Mirror card, Bomb card, and a Dud card.

Rules of Engagement Each player gets one of these cards to use as a reference during the game. The card shows the strategies and responses allowed in combat scenarios. Player A Player B Move Retaliation Result ______________________________________________________________________________ Assault

Block Retaliate Stun Tie, Player A loses next turn Retreat Tie, lose 3 cards to Player A and lose next turn Deflection New soldier must respond to assault No Response Lose ______________________________________________________________________________ Block

Assault No Response Lose ______________________________________________________________________________ Retaliate

Block Retaliate Stun Tie, Player A loses next turn Retreat Tie, lose 3 cards to Player A and lose next turn No Response Lose ______________________________________________________________________________ Stun No Response Tie, Player A loses next turn ______________________________________________________________________________ Weapon’s, Intensity, & Special Cards ______________________________________________________________________________ Weapon Weapon Superhuman Superhuman Adrenaline Adrenaline Weapon & intensity card Weapon & intensity card Soldier’s power weapon weapon & superhuman or adrenaline or soldier’s power weapon

• When the Assault card is played, the response is to use a Block, Retaliate, Retreat or Stun card. If you can’t respond, you lose. • When the Block card is played, the response is to use an Assault card. If the player doesn’t have an Assault card, the combat is a tie. • When the Retaliate card is used, the response is to use a Block or Retaliate card. The response to the Retaliate card is the same as the response for Assault. If the player is unable to respond, they lose. • When the Stun card is played, there is no response. The combat ends in a tie and the player that loses forfeits their next turn. • When a Weapon and or Intensity card is played, the response needs to be a Weapon and or Intensity card first, and then the player needs to respond to the Retaliate or Assault card.

Game Set Up Select a dealer. Collect the Soldier cards into one stack and deal one Soldier to each player face up. Deal each player a Rules of Engagement card to use as a reference. Separate and shuffle the Victory cards and place them face down in a pile in the middle of the table. Take the remaining common cards and shuffle them, then deal eight cards to each player, one at a time, left to right. Place the remaining deck face down in the middle of the table.

Soldier Draw Pile

Victory Card Draw Pile

Discard Pile

Common Draw Pile

Game Play The game is played in rounds. If a player earns three victories in combat in a single round, the round ends. The round also ends if a player earns four and holds them all at the same time. Each round starts the same way. To become the Ultimate Soldier a player must earn seven Victory cards, or earn nine Victory cards if they have not won a round. To begin, the player sitting to the dealer’s left will start by drawing a card from the common deck. On every turn, a player draws one Common card, (two cards are drawn if the player has more than one soldier) and makes one of the following moves: 1. Play a Training card 2. Initiate combat 3. Discard a Common card face down in the discard pile. Playing a Training Card A player may only play one Training card per turn. When a player has the equivalent of four Training Academies face up in a group, the player earns and selects a new soldier from the top of the Soldier deck and places it face up in front of them. The Training cards are returned to the discard pile. Note: There are three kinds of Training cards, each is respectively worth different values: one Training Academy, two Training Academies, and three Training Academies. If you play two Training cards on top of each other, both are worth three Academies, and they must all be discarded when you draw a Soldier. Academies do not carry over to a new stack. Initiating Combat To initiate combat, a player must have at least one Soldier card and be holding an Advance card and an Assault card. The player announces the Soldier they will Advance with and the Soldier they are going to Assault. After the announcement, the player then lays the Advance card, followed by an Assault card in the middle of the Soldier. A Weapon or Intensity card, or both, can be added on top to add strength to the Assault. Only two players are allowed to take a turn in the fight, unless someone outside the combat is holding an Interfere card. Anyone can play an Interfere card at any time and give two cards to the player of their choice in the combat. If one of the players in the combat has a Radio for Help card, they can play that card and draw two cards from any player not in the combat, and use them to fight with. The other player must let them

draw the cards. Combat continues according to the rules of engagement until the combat is won, lost, a tie, or retreat. Note: If a player uses an Interfere card, or has cards drawn out of their hand by a Radio for Help, they draw cards to replenish their card total to eight. If they already have eight or more cards, they do not draw more cards. Playing a Deflection card If a player is attacked, they can deflect and redirect the attack to the player and Soldier of their choice, by simply laying down the Deflection card. They place the Deflection card on top of the Assault and announce the Soldier that the Assault is deflected toward. The Deflection card can only be played after the initial Assault card. Discard If a player is unable to complete an action, they are required to discard one Common card face up onto the discard pile. Note: Discard pile cards may not be used again until they are shuffled and put back into the draw pile. Playing a Sniper Card The Sniper card can be used at anytime, even during an opponents’ turn. The game pauses after a Sniper card is used. When the Sniper card is played, they announce which Soldier they are shooting. The Sniper may be used against any Soldier except those engaged in a combat. If the player being shot has a Mirror card, they can use it to blind the Sniper and avoid losing their Soldier. If the Sniper is successful, the Soldier is surrendered and discarded to the bottom of the Soldier pile. After the sniper action is completed, play resumes where it left off. Playing the Bomb Card The Bomb card can be used at any time, even during an opponents’ turn. The game pauses after the card is played. The player announces the Bomb card and lays it down in the center of the table. The bomb eliminates one soldier for everyone in the game. The only defense against the Bomb is the Dud and Super Dud cards. The player holding the Dud card can save their soldier from exploding. The player holding the Super Dud may choose to play the card or let the bomb explode. If the Super Dud card is used, all of the players are spared and play returns where it left

off. Both of the cards are discarded face up in the middle of the table and cannot be used again during that round. If the bomb explodes, each player discards one Soldier face down to the bottom of the Soldier pile. Replenishing Common Cards Anytime cards are used, the player is allowed to replenish their hand to eight cards. If a player already has more than eight cards, they do not draw any more until their next turn. If the common cards run out, shuffle the discard pile, and add the cards to the bottom of the draw pile. Lose a Victory Card If a player is defeated three times in one round, they must surrender one of their Victory cards. The player fans the cards out, and the last player to defeat them selects one of the cards and returns it to the bottom of the victory card pile. End of the Round When one of the players earns three victories, or holds four Soldiers at one time, the round is over. The winner of the round gets to draw Victory cards first. They draw one Victory card for winning the round and one for having a soldier that survived. If they have two or more Soldier cards, they get to draw one extra card. Following the winner, the player to their left, and so on around the table, draws Victory cards, one if they have a soldier alive and two if they have more than one Soldier card. Winning the Game If a player’s Victory card total reaches seven or more after a round, the game ends and points are tallied. However, a player cannot claim victory with seven Victory cards unless they have won around. If the player has not won a round, they must collect nine Victory cards to be eligible to win the game and force a point tally. At the end of the final round, if there is another player with seven or more Victory cards, the player with the most Victory cards wins. For card totals, if there is one player with nine cards that did not win a round and one player with seven cards that won a round, they are considered tied. In the case of a tie, the points on the Victory cards are added up and the player with the highest total wins. If there is a tie after the point total on the Victory cards

are tallied, the players will face off in sudden death combat. The deck must be shuffled and the players draw a Soldier from the top of the Soldier pile. Both players are dealt ten cards; a coin flip decides who gets to go first. The player that goes first gets to draw a card and proceed. The game continues until one of them mounts an assault and wins. Note: For instance, each additional card after nine and seven are still considered tied if there is a player that did not win a round with ten cards and a player that won a round with eight cards. Included Cards: Soldier Cards (16) Training Cards (18) Double Training Cards (8) Triple Training Cards (6) Victory Cards (40) Advance Cards (14) Assault Cards (20) Weapon Cards (10) Block Cards (8) Deflection (2) Retaliate Cards (10) Sniper Cards (2) Stun Cards (2) Retreat Cards (2) Mirror Cards (2) Bomb Card (1) Dud Card (2) Interfere Cards (2) Call for assistance Cards (2) Rules of Engagement Cards (6) Superhuman Cards (2) Adrenaline Cards (2) Scenario Combat: To see scenarios for combat go to The game Ultimate Soldier and all art and characters are solely the property of Home Run Games trademark and copyright 2012

Ultimate Soldier Rules  

Fast paced game for two to six players. Use power ups, weapons, and skills to defeat all challengers to become the Ultimate Soldier.

Ultimate Soldier Rules  

Fast paced game for two to six players. Use power ups, weapons, and skills to defeat all challengers to become the Ultimate Soldier.