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HOMERTON ROLL MEMBERSHIP The Homertonian is sent to every member of the Homerton Roll for whom we have a current address. Please help us to keep in touch by letting us know of your new address, telephone number and email. In order to keep costs down we are sending an increasing number of invites by email. It also helps if you remind Homerton friends that we need to know where they are too. We also welcome new members. If you know of a Homertonian who was in residence before 1980, is not a member of the Roll and would like to join, please contact the Keeper of the Roll, Dr Ian Morrison. Life membership for these former students is still £15.00 and covers the cost of the annual mailing. All other services, including the annual publication The Homerton Roll News, are provided on a break-even basis. Current Roll members are automatically on the University alumni list. As members, you should receive copies of CAM Magazine, which is published three times each year. You are also entitled to a CAM Card, which identifies you as a member of the University, and allows you to visit the Colleges on the Backs without paying an entrance fee. Discounts are available in some shops, including the Cambridge University Press Bookshop. If you need help, do contact us. When in Cambridge, members are entitled to use the following facilities [please bring your CAM card with you when visiting College, unfortunately College has had to increase its security measures]: • The Dining Hall, Buttery and Bar; • The Library for reading purposes; it is not possible to borrow books; • Members can attend Formal Hall which is held every Tuesday during term time; the Roll hopes to identify one Formal Hall a term which, linked to the seminar at 6pm, will particularly attract Roll Members. Please contact Alison Holroyd in the Roll Office if you would like to attend a Formal Hall, information is available on the website at Dr Ian Morrison

Ms Alison Holroyd

Keeper of the Roll

Roll & Alumni Secretary

THE HOMERTON ROLL NEWS The Homertonian focuses on the College, its present activities and future plans. It also contains information about the Roll and its activities. The Roll News is a newsletter for members of the Homerton Roll. It concentrates on news sent in by members of the Roll, news about Branches and reports of the Reunion. It includes death notices and obituaries. We also welcome longer accounts from Homertonians of their work, travels, publications awards and achievements. The Editor, Dr Janet Bottoms, really does encourage articles under the general heading of ‘After Homerton’. By publishing in November, we are able to include so many more of your updates, and also accounts of the Reunion. The closing date is 30 September. You just have time to include Reunion reminiscences and photographs. Do keep us busy; it is your NEWS.

Tel: 01223 747270 Email:

ROLL REUNION PROGRAMME This year’s Reunion programme has been changed to allow more choice. Last year, in the brilliant sunshine, the numbers opting for tours, and especially the garden tour, were overwhelming. So the garden tour and tour of the College will occur twice. Dr Peter Warner will talk about the History of the College, important at this time of transition to full College status. Our music exhibitioners will be making music in the comfortable surroundings of the Combination Room. And you are invited to join in the music making. To help us with the arrangements, please fill in the last section of the booking form; but we will not hold you to your choice.

Music in the afternoon/ The Old meets the New

Talk: New images of Homerton College

Current exhibitioners will offer a selection of vocal and instrumental pieces.

Dr Peter Warner, Senior Tutor , has been researching Homerton’s past, and has unearthed more of the History of Homerton in London. He can tell us about the staff, the students, and the buildings.

Former Homertonians are invited to sing/play. Please tell us what you would like to do and the timing of piece(s) so that a programme can be drawn up.

A Musical Interlude: a chance to relax in convivial surroundings and listen to music, not necessarily in silence. Haydn and Mozart, Schubert and Beethoven wrote string quartets and played piano as a background to salon conversations! Venue: Combination Room – comfy furniture and the possibility of opening doors so that the music can drift outside and be enjoyed by people indoors or out.

Do contact Barbara Pointon on before 14 September. A tribute to past and present talents.

Boat Club fund raising dinner We are holding a dinner on the Saturday evening when we hope to bring together as many former Boat Club members as possible. The price for this dinner includes a donation to the Boat Club. Ann Muston has written about this earlier in the Homertonian. We realise that not everyone can make the Reunion Dinner on the Friday evening, so, if you are not a former rower but want to have a dinner on the Reunion weekend you also will be very welcome.


Homertonian - Number 13  

Homertonian - Number 13

Homertonian - Number 13  

Homertonian - Number 13