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Pingxi Lantern Festival taiwan BY HOMER RUIZ


Lantern festivals represent the celebratory end of culture for more than two thousand years. With a bl through the fifteenth day of the New Year, colorful rice paper, and silk or satin brighten up Chinese tow

the Chinese New Year and have been a part of the laze of luminous glory that lasts from the twelfth l lanterns made from sheepskin, bamboo filaments, wns across the land. This is also known as Chinese

According to the elders of Pingxi, the tradition of setting off heavenly lanterns began during the Ching Dynasty. At that time, bands of outlaws frequently raided villages around Pingxi, forcing local residents to seek refuge in the mountains. The heavenly lanterns were signals used by the village watchmen to inform the refugees that their houses were safe again. When those hiding in the mountains saw the lanterns in the sky, they knew it was time to go home.


Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan  

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