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How to Get Rid of Nasty Rats – DIY Pest Control Ideas Rats are one of the most common pests found in any home. They are a big nuisance as they create disturbance to the everyday routine and spread bacteria and germs everywhere they go. The question is: why do they like to make your home their habitat? Well, rats like to live where they can easily find plenty of food and can stay away from their predators. Rats are possibly the most dangerous pests in your home because they carry countless germs and bacteria with them that are harmful for humans. They can spread diseases in our homes through their contaminated presence.

• Homeowners find rats to be the most annoying pests who are very active unlike other pests who are passive and quiet. Rats chew on electrical wires that can be dangerous and make squeaking and bruxing sounds that can be quite a nuisance to the ears. Moreover, once they get access to your kitchen, they spread germs and lay bacteria on food and flooring through urine and feces. If you have rats in your home, then you need to get rid of them immediately to make your home safe and clean. Here are some helpful tips to do away with these monsters:

Seal all entry/exit points • Seal all entry/exit points to prevent any rats from coming in to your home. Check small spaces such as beneath your doors, windows, in the attic and other possible places.

Set mouse traps Set mouse traps to lock them in or kill them. Make sure not to poison them as it can worsen the situation; they can move about and spread poison too. Use wooden traps; they are affordable and work well. Load the trap with butter and cheese to act as bait and see the results overnight.

Clean your home Clean your home the next day when you’ve gotten rid of the rats. Clean and sweep your home with an anti bacterial liquid to get rid of germs and bacteria before other pests come to feast on the dirt and germs.

Keep your home tidy • Keep your home tidy and clean at all times to prevent any pests from sharing your home. Make sure all edibles are covered and stored in airtight jars, and the trash is disposed off in trashcans. Also, keep your countertops clean and dry to prevent any other bugs from infesting your home.

Keep predators in your yard • Keep predators in your yard to prevent coming into your home. Rats never venomous snakes, cats, hawks or owls, so be one of the best ways to keep the rats out of your home.

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Apply these DIY tips to successfully get rid of these irksome pests in your home or lawn. These tips can keep away rats if you are consistent with the efforts. However, if you have a dire infestation at hand, then you need to get in touch with a professional pest control service company that can provide effective and long term solutions to get rid of these monsters.

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How to get rid of nasty rats  

Rats are one of the dangerous pest we face every day in our life. Here are some tips by which you can get rid from these dangerous diseases...