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Stearica Oltre - CD Homeopathic / Cargo UK

Italian reviews

ROLLING STONE (IT) Stearica is a trio proposing a solid and dynamic instrumental rock that, despite a very long experience around Europe venues, has just published its first record. Within the “Oltre” 10 songs, the three multiinstrumentalists are accompanied by guests like Dalek and Amy Denio creating always changing atmospheres, supported by a strong and insistent rhythm section. Stearica songs are real mini works of art in which music draws refined or convulsive landscapes without falling into self-satisfied prolixity as many post rock bands do. An awesome debut. Giuseppe Fabris (June 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ROCKIT Stearica are one of those fine chapters in history of Italian independent music that represents an anomalous reality within an underground scene that daily produces disposable musical products. The Turin trio has been growing up through a process that it is not so common in our 'alternative' scene: developing musical preparation, creative experimentation and years of true experience on stage. [...] All of those experiences come together into 'Oltre', their first full-length album released by Homeopathic Records, newborn label that intends to 'cure music through music' and that presents the band to the public in a remarkable way. Recorded in Turin and mastered in New York, this first work strikes for musical complexity and sound strength. [...] The record is characterized by the alternation of jazzy episodes (“Beyond The Red Bells I've Heard Gold Bulls”) and distorted outbursts ("Up East"), hallucinated atmospheres and fluctuating lightness. [...] "Oltre" is a sort of musical entity in which you can find different rhythms, sonorities, styles and languages that manage to keep their own characteristics without fighting with each other. This record is free from composition bonds, being absolutely not common or linear. The interplay between these three multi-instrumentalists is eclectic, incisive and never staggering, able to easily pass from electronic atmospheres to psychedelic parts, reaching melodic poetry created in some of these musical ‘rooms’. The presence of many prestigious guests enriches the album: Dalek, Amy Denio, Jessica Lurie and Nick Storring are some of the guests that with their musical experience (strings, saxophones, vocals etc.) helped to create masterly phrasings, refined atmospheres and essential compositions that contaminate the incisive and metropolitan sound of the trio. After all "Oltre" is an ambitious album -sound wise kaleidoscopic- that inflicts strong and violent strokes. This is an important result for a band that has been able to wait, gain experience and in this way giving to this definitely convincing first production a lot of personality. Ester Apa (19th March 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------KATHODIK Stearica is a trio form Turin that during the past 10 years has been playing gigs supporting historical international artists. After such a long experience, Francesco Carlucci, Davide Compagnoni and Luca Paiardi, previously appeared in the cd collection PO BOX 52.6 by Wallace Records, released this record called “Oltre” -so spot-on title, in English meaning “Beyond”- that shows the musical evolution experienced during the years. Their musical philosophy is a never-stopping contamination: within the ten tracks this philosophy is showing itself as numerous sonic facets; avoiding to produce a conceptual standstill that could leave the acoustic landscape unchanged within all the tracks. [...]

A philosophy that, in addition to an always changing instrumental post-rock and a prefect cinematic note overlapping, in the end of the work presents Dalek, confirming through “Occhio” their mastery in contamination. [...] A never-stopping mind trip and philosophy of life. A due and repeated listening. Marco Paolucci (19th April 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SENTIRE ASCOLTARE It is really beyond the debut of this trio from Turin. Beyond the rushed customs, as they have been touring for 10 years before coming to this first record. Beyond the obvious labels, as the work is very heterogeneous and it easily moves from genre to genre. Beyond the self-inhibiting concept of Italian rock, in virtue of some really great collaborations (for example, Dalek, Octopus and Amy Denio). Structures usually very complex and free from stylistic bonds, ability to subvert the expectations mixing influences, open-minded attitude which is able to balance rock instruments, ambient passages and almost neoclassical openings, furious distortions and emotional atmospheres, never falling into banality. The basis is a solid nineties rock, perpetually driven by such an omnivorous attitude that sometimes it seems to be the antechamber of unconsciousness. Francesco Carlucci (guitar, bass, farfisa, piano, vibraphone, loops), Davide Campagnoni (drums, piano, marimba, loops) e Luca Paiardi (bass, electric piano, synth) has developed a sound that, despite the influences, results to be very original, personal and particular. Stefano Pifferi (May 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MUSICCLUB Music that renews itself through a kind of non-stopping circular movement, that ranges -connecting to itself as if it was made of electromagnetic rings- from indie pop to ambient, from jazz to math rock, from post rock to electronica, through fascinating instrumental pieces that in many passages are able to create poetry. This poetry rises from its authors ability to redefine in a creative way the meaning of a musical material that has been received, metabolized and in some way made inert by the numerous hearings. Only thanks to this process of recycling and reinvention together Stearica give birth to this kind of sustainable and post-modern work of art in which post rock seems to meet ambient music. Ian Della Casa (March 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ROCKSHOCK.IT Stearica “Oltre” despite being their debut album it is at the same time a mature work, result of the delicacy and ability of the three musicians in the band. “Oltre” atmospheres easily move through facets of the human heart, deep and superficial ones. [...] 10 tracks completely (or almost) instrumental emphasizing Stearica musical qualities.[...] Among the best songs I would like to mention the long Bolero on Botero and the beautiful and hallucinated Beyond the Bells I've Heard Gold Bulls that after a sublime piano intro opens towards sonorities passing from pop to a psychedelic acid-rock. Paolo Sutera (25th March 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------LASCENA.IT Such a complex and articulated record could not come from anywhere else then Turin, a city full of social, political, cultural and thus musical resources. [...] Just like the city they belong to, these three multiinstrumentalists –after having supported in Italy and Europe bands such as Nomeansno, GirlsAgainstBoys, The Ex, Karate- released these ten instable, diverse and in some way orchestral tracks. In this record where everything seems to be faultless the musicians reach the highest point with the 7 minutes and 39 seconds of Bolero On Botero, where we can find all genres into an harmonic interlacement

(sweet ballad guitar, a passage through a complex and articulated electro-rock and a change into an orchestral post rock with a vibrating experimental noise ending) Due to mention: for “Oltre”, almost completely instrumental work, Stearica made use of many international artists' collaboration, such as Dalek, Amy denio, Jessica Lurie and many others. Vittorio Lannutti (20th March 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ARTISTS & BANDS “OLTRE”, first full length album for the Turin band Stearica, sounds like time, experiences (10 years of history and live gigs around Europe!), visions, and sounds like what brings you inside and outside yourself. [...] The three multi-instrumentalists are able to open up to classical instruments sonorities (strings, horns etc.) and to elaborate them through a completely played paradigm, definitely looking for a natural feedback and not for an artificial one. [...] Among these ten all instrumental (except for some moments) compositions, there are different noteworthy episodes. “BOLERO ON BOTERO”, being 7'39'' long, shows all of the above-mentioned characteristics. “SKY SMOKES CLOUDS” is remarkable too, with its acid sonorities and rhythms in between a panoramic break beat and tribal grooves. “BEYOND THE BELLS…” developing through a circular and fascinating way; from a lonely and meditative piano intro take off through a harmonic crescendo that arrives to a truly devastating prologue.[...] At the end of the track list you will find “OCCHIO”, a slap in the face of ‘song structure’, episode in which harmonies and acid sonorities perfectly merge and let the listener fall into a pleasant limbo, hanging between Turin rivers and glacial atmospheres, waiting for an explosion that does not come, but at the same time leaving the listeners equally stunned. Andrea Morsero (27th December 2007) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------MUSICBOOM.IT From Turin with emotion Coming from the industrial and esoteric Turin, Stearica -a rock / ambient trio born back in 1997- appears from nowhere. But do not be misled by that ‘nowhere’: after more than ten years of intense live activity touring with bands like Nomeansno, GirlsAgainstBoys and The Ex, Oltre debut is full of indie culture but it sounds genuinely innovative, and at the same time it can not be labelled as a certain genre. Oltre is a collection of sounds being antithetic between one another: overlapping lines, each one free to follow an own way, able to converge and to go away from one another when it is necessary. [...] Francesco Carlucci (guitar, bass, farfisa, piano, vibraphone, loops), Davide Campagnoni (drums, piano, marimba, loops) e Luca Paiardi (bass, electric piano, synth) are an excellent example of how originality comes out exactly from where you did not expect -from one of those cities that is always churning out new talents- and of how the artistic vein develops itself every time a good album is produced. Giulio "Julius" Cisamolo (19th March 2008) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------INDIEZONE First release for Homeopathic Records, label that wants to produce non conventional and innovative music; so, producing Stearica is definitely a spot-on choice. Stearica is a trio from Turin which ably combines distortions and guitar phrases with oneiric electronic inventions. The Hispanic suggestions ready to explode into saxophone squealing and strong distortions of Bolero on Botero are probably the highest moment of Oltre, even if there are other remarkable tracks like Beyond The Red Bells I've Heard Gold Bulls, with its quiet piano intro evolving into jazz atmospheres (also supported by a trumpet) with a final free noisy part, or the more linear and distorted Up East. This is a completely instrumental album -except for the final Occhio [...]- skilfully structured and very personal, enriched by remarkable collaborations which add depth to many tracks. Stefano Ficagna (28th February 2008)


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